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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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market. has gotten. wind of what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert on no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report on. russia and poland a market fatal accident that tore two nations apart but at the same time saw that unite. peace in libya depends on the rebels as the african union suggests a resolution to the conflict but the opposition says there will be no troops until paid off he is out. of trouble brewing in france as a law banning the burka goes into effect with many accusing the government of
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discrimination and racism against muslims. for pm in moscow as a very good to have you with us here on r t our top story russia and poland are marking one year since a plane crash killed the polish president and most of the country's political elite a memorial ceremonies are underway in western russia at the site of the tragedy where ninety six people died last april our correspondent alice hebert joins us there live from the site as that crash has been described as poland's worst tragedy since world war two what events have been taking place there at the site of the accident. will the president. today to
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commemorate a year since the plane crash that killed the polish president lech kaczynski it was of course one year ago on the tenth all day for all of about flight took. off from warsaw. lens and crashed in the trees just behind me a two hundred niece's short the smith airfield to which it was aiming and to make matters even more poignant the purpose we were stuff like was taking off was so that the polish delegation could attend the seventieth anniversary of the massacre when over twenty thousand poles were killed by soviet secret police a fact which for many years the soviets refused to admit so that event was to be a real symbolic mile zone in the easing of previously tense russia polish relations all on board our flights died including of course that kitchens he his wife the chief of the polish air fields and its army chief well today the chief presidents
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are here to commemorate that crash they get down the day with a working lunch and will shortly be attending a small a memorial service at the size of the crash itself i understand that will begin within minutes before moving on to the site of the county memorial. the investigation to be accident has caused some tension between poland and russia should we expect to hear a final verdict. on the twelfth of january the interstate aviation commission the i see it was a group set up by president medvedev in the immediate aftermath of the crash headed by prime minister putin and including aviation experts for russia for the united states it delivered its final report and concluded that pilot error was mostly to play mostly seems to be compounded by cooler weather dense fog and very poor visibility and psychological pressure being exerted from passengers on the planes to land as soon as possible but and. eventually pilot's error was mostly said blame
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but many in poland refuse the findings of that report saying that they think more needs to be undone to investigate the conditions at the airfield here and also in the role played by ground stealth could they have done more perhaps to prevent the plane from landing but according to normal aviation practice as stated in a c. reports ground rules the juneau have the rights to the applied it was all school the mission that so lands so the i.a.c. has delivered its final verdict poland has all sports six month extension on its independent investigation so we do expect to hear the final budget from poland and around the table. our teams our as ever thank you very much. for the crash has certainly had a strong impact on russian and polish relations political commentator and time best part of the voice of russia radio joins us now to talk more about this good to have you with us so before we get into the implications of what this accident has on the
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country's cooperation just talk about poland for a second how much of the country changed since this all the since this tragedy took place well it was an extraordinary event you don't have your president member sophia release from political really dying in an air crash so it was unique in the history for it for any european country and to poland it was especially painful because it's a place where it's militarily to. sixty years before so. at the beginning when you spent a few. reached problems there was a sense of unity among known political arena patience but later it was supplanted by you even stronger rivalry between the two main right wing parties the ruling platform the injustice and now the struggle of the rescuers ever do you think there are many in warsaw who are having. trouble accepting the results of the
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investigation watching we have the broth of the. president lech kaczynski who believes that it was a plot and who believes russia does not want to recognize its guilt or even. complicity i think over it and there is a milder option represented by run circles. in fact ready to accept the results of the russian investigation because technically accurate and reason nothing to you. he's under pressure from. from the right from the injustice and from a part of the public opinion so even if you wanted to accept these results he's in no position to do it due to this domestic pressure so where does this leave the state of russian polish relations well actually the last year's crash took place i made a warming of relations that had begun several months earlier after the meeting
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between prime ministers can pull to me in warsaw in september and in fact the relations are in better shape now than they were two free years ago so i believe it was a test for who the bilateral relations and the two countries had most of the past that. the prime minister has stressed that stirring up anti russian sentiment isn't going to do anybody any good and that there are some those still questioning the relationship in warsaw between poland and russia what do you think it's going to take to change that mindset. well the situation is complicated due to this pressure of mash and. the reason there is good news that it's a minority all for the polish public opinion that believes there was a real plot to kill president kaczynski. it's unfortunate fact that it actually exists because to outsiders it's mostly it also looks like some
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paranoid idea but a majority is tired of the struggle and even more tired of for the political movements trying to exploit the tragedy of the sentiments of the push public and the polling itself is going to be assuming the presidency of the e.u. coming up and there's also a lections coming up in poland so there's a lot politically that's very important going on there right now do you think this will have a this will in any case have any impact on russia and its relations with europe and with poland so how important do you think is it for russia and poland to have good relations well poland is one of the biggest countries in europe not only in the central east and you are about europe as a whole and the european union and is going to have its influence grow in india the coming years due to its into a political position and strategic position and maintaining good relations these good in any case and in neighbor and in poland especially because it's also.
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besides being a major country of europe and this region it is also a kind of preview presumably leader of the central european countries. is going to have some impact on its neighbors so i think it's a major part in. overcoming the difficulties that have standing relations these important and how best to live from voice of russia radio thanks for joining us. coming up the battle of the burka find out how the latest developments in france have the government facing accusations stirring up racial tensions. and turning first to libya where an african union delegation is attempting to convince the rebels to embrace a cease fire and start negotiating with colonel gadhafi state representatives are now in the opposition held city benghazi after holding talks with the libyan leader
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in tripoli gadhafi has urged he has agreed to the union's proposal for a truce and says he's prepared to negotiate a peaceful solution with the rebels but insurgents maintain they won't accept any deal that would see the colonel and his family hold on to power there meanwhile of nato stepped up its assault against gadhafi sunday destroying more than a dozen tanks in the largest air strike in weeks libya has been a ravaged by civil war since february with hundreds or ported casualties are. more from the rebel headquarters benghazi. pilot's hasn't spoken with his wife two months she is in misrata it's now in the west surrounded by gadhafi forces and he is in the east i can't even call my wife i don't know whether she's alive or dead but the front has been moving in both directions was become clear is that without needle support the rebels don't stand
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a chance against the superior firepower going after anti-government fighters were killed by mistake in need no interest rates across the alliance was it as what. the african union had sent a top level delegation to tripoli which was a road map for peace he calls for an immediate cease fire and political reform surprisingly he has supported me there's not the least of the ation not because you can't even if it was just said. but the question is can we have as extended by the plan to take a year but even though the road map includes plans for reform it's not clear whether it also calls for god he and his family to abandon. the way the political system in libya works is that officially god is not the head of the state he's more of a formal figure or a moral leader as he likes to call himself in reality this man is built
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a giant power web which is wrapped around business and the government and is built on a circle of chosen people feels personally close to god our feet and his family. turkey also propose a peace plan which was rejected by the opposition even though you envisage the elections the deal did not rule out the sun taking part in them. we couldn't agree with the initiative because it didn't guarantee they could avi's entire family would leave without that guarantee negotiations are pointless but this is. the african union delegation is now in the rebel stronghold in gaza but if the opposition leadership did pledge to listen to their proposal it doesn't seem the rebels are ready to put their guns down how can we live in peace with this bloody tyrant charged. with more civilians rebels and his troops killed each it's clear a cease fire is needed fast but unless the latest road maps plans involve
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considerable changes to leave us political system this deadlock is unlikely to end anytime soon you got this one of the guys we leave here. stay with us here on are still coming your way setting the rounds right moscow on washington on the verge of an agreement designed to protect the rights of a doctor the russian children in the u.s. find out why a few minutes. but before we get to that a controversial law banning full face veils in public places in france has come into force anybody caught doing so could be fined up to one hundred fifty euros in order to attend citizenship classes at least two women wearing a muslim veil have already been arrested after taking part in an authorized protest against the ban as are he's daniel bushel of course with a country in a country with europe's biggest muslim population the risks igniting further social tension. didn't you just become a criminal from today in new french northlands covering your face in public is
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designed to make muslim women integrate in society but the softly spoken single mom says it's had the opposite effect. my friends have simply stopped going out and all the new rulings made some scared to speak out which many value not to change the way they dress the move on the minds what the french republic stands for says this is this when he pledges to pay the hundred fifty euro fine anyone who continues to wear a veil and is taking that is paid for that also we are seeing france in the european court of human rights that's about freedom of expression. the right that was fired this nicolas sarkozy's integration implies the last month of criticizing the president's approach that he now calls on french muslims to wear a star similar to the one forced on jews by the nazis the most
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these government should learn how to negotiate opinion polls still record low approval rate for the french government with thank you zation it liberally stirred into racial tension friday prayers in paris muslims are falsely worship on the streets and mocks the building of basic public prayer rooms more discrimination say worshippers against the muslim population from the scenic noice in recent years against government policies there are signs of more brewing it is a distinct possibility especially when the domestic. decisions and events in foreign decisions and events come together those foreign events so full so outraged partners in europe joining planes from illegal to politicians of roma and sending north. it's in the police the international ngo that
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splits the frame cochairman. drives this. axis as as it has been called sometimes is not functioning and let's be a front to make sure we agree with the pixel it's over it's like minorities why should we stop persecuting christians if you have persecuting muslims saying you have absolutely no credibility or the reliability to tell us what we should do let's create so called we. call it one. simple truth for politicians if you wish peace holds the last week we will retreat to do the see in the coming days then you see. a powerful aftershock struck northeast japan exactly a month after march's devastating earthquake and tsunami killed more than thirteen thousand people their pictures from local television show the moment the seven
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point one magnitude quake hit and while the government is extending their twenty kilometer evacuation zone around the fukushima nuclear plant over risks of long term radiation video journalist had sewer jumbo well within one and a half kilometers of the facility to document the dangerous levels of radiation there he says the radiator the region around the plant has been evacuated in case of further explosions as well as contamination concerns. this is a very air we are circling around in a reactor. even if. you know radiation level but rather that something terrible happened with a reactor such an exploiter in the south of the twenty kilo is a minimum be something you need in order to escape from you know the nuclear particles so. really. there. it's from one place to place and actually a much higher. place much further from the reactor but.
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only based on the you know government assumption that the radiation is high even that area though. in kilometers from the reactor is radiation is really high in every step you just just so absolutely zero i can i can see that you know you really need to have actually simply based on the radiation level. a preliminary child abuse hearing is being held in alaska after an american woman appeared on a t.v. show using harsh punishments against her adopted russian son calls for better adoption regulations between the two countries russia is set to sign an agreement with the u.s. next month ensuring the safety of children are dotted into u.s. families at least seventeen adopted child russian children have died in the u.s. since one thousand nine hundred two parties got a shaky on reports on this worrying friend. what is with me.
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was a tape which caused outrage across america and beyond an american mother recorded a video of how she punishes her adopted washington boy and sent it to a popular t.v. show nothing else but ramming hot sauce into seven year old christophe's mouth did not seem enough for jessica bigley a freezing shower was next year our cameras right now. we've turned a lot of different things to punish the kids spanking we've learned does not work because it was only after the television show that authorities looked into the well being of the adopted russian boy jessica beagley was charged with child abuse the adoption system in the u.s. is such that once a child is adopted by american parents the government does not provide any oversight as to how they are doing some believe because of the absence of supervision the suffering of many adoptive children remains on her adoption
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agencies contrie are set up as a business because of the fact that they are killing with human bodies here they're not selling cars or toasters it certainly seems to should be a lot more oversight more than sixty thousand russian children have been adopted by u.s. parents since one thousand nine hundred one fortunately most of these children live in. american films however sealants and children dozens harmed and hundreds who disappeared. losses in the be just below one of the recent incidents that sent shock waves throughout the world was the killing of the seven year old scarab i got of was beaten to death by his american adoptive parents last year the russian authorities suspended options for us herons out to an american woman little russian boy should adopted on a plane back to moscow on his own with
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a note saying she will. a lot of him now russia and the u.s. are working towards an agreement which would provide better government oversight on the wellbeing of adopted washing children in american families something that would mean regular visits to the families by social workers from both countries some say the biggest obstacle to an agreement is the overall secrecy surrounding adoptions in the us any united states of america wants an adoption finalized that child is considered the same as if you want to hear dr parents a birth certificate gets reissued listing the adoptive parents they never would have to tell the child that they were adopted but russia says americans privacy issues should not be an argument for leaving thousands of adopted children without any oversight and protection they knew were understands that you cannot transport a big put peterson across the border result in a concert but small children will be taken but thousands without any reference in
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the u.s. people wanting to adopt pay private agencies or assessments as to their suitability as parents this of course raises questions as to how objective those assessments can actually be and once a child is abducted there was no follow up on how they are doing it jessica beagley had not sent her video to a t.v. show would have known about her punishment that that's just as we don't know about how many other it up to children are now subject to the message violence in the u.s. i'm going to shut down our t. washington d.c. or there's plenty more all the stories we're covering on our web site click over to our team dot com any time for features opinions and videos is what's waiting for you there right now. as i'm trying to earth years up to mark fifty years since mankind first flew to the stars of a new team has arrived aboard the international space station and out how they're preparing to celebrate our anniversary. plus find more of find out more about the life of yuri gagarin american humble beginnings jester. to go down in history.
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for. the. first. russian security forces are at this hour hunting down a team of armed terrorists in the country's republic of the english they're linked with russia's most wanted man doku umarov who could be among the group a gun fights already broken out with one militant said to have been killed another wounded official say the terror group number is up to six people whom are of has claimed responsibility for a number of terrorist acts in russia including last year's moscow metro bombings he's been on the run from security forces for several years. three now to some other stories making headlines across the globe ten people were killed more than thirty wounded in two separate car bomb attacks in the city of fallujah in iraq the bombs went off near a school in a crowded market the first attack came from
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a car parked from a parked car full of explosives a minute later a second bomb targeted people gathering at the scene of the initial blast illusia is a former stronghold of iraqi insurgents. and i've read coast french troops have entered the city center of abidjan un helicopter gunships are firing around the incumbent president in iraq magos residents this after a series of un and french air strikes just right heavy weapons near the palace is continuing to cling to power from a bunker in his residence he's been refusing to cede control to the internationally recognized president alassane ouattara. italy's prime minister silvio berlusconi he says attending i hearing of his trial in iran would be a waste of time energy resources made a rare appearance in court monday to battle tax fraud charges the latest in a series of trials facing a politician relates to accusations that berlusconi's media set broadcasting
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company read schemes aimed at avoiding taxes a host of charges were brought against the prime minister including bribery and sex with a minor role as tony accuses magistrates of abusing the justice system to go after him for political reasons. and the yemeni president is welcoming a proposal by gulf arab nations for him to step down at the end of the countries to end the country's political crisis but the a dualist indicated he would only do so when his term ends in twenty four teen a condition already rejected by protesters calling for his immediate exit the proposal also included protection for him and his family from prosecution for any crimes committed under his leadership another condition that was rejected by the opposition. joins us next with the latest business news stay with us here on r.t. . and. i want to welcome to the
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business update thanks for joining me b.p. is preparing to biologists russian partners in tank a b p that's according to a report in the financial times the british company is trying to save its deal with russian oil a major role sniffed to explore the arctic shelf archies correspondent laura and that has won the story. we're saying the deadline for this deal being resolved loom ever closer it's still thursday the fourteenth of april that leaves just around about three days to get this all sorted out we're seeing various rumors coming to the floor most notably one in the financial times where sources say that b.p. and potentially rosneft as partners could be preparing to buy out the russian shareholders stake in t.n. k b p now they may be going in and doing that together and it's the stake which could be worth up to thirty billion dollars now the various parties are desperate to have this situation resolved and in fact it's likely that we'll see more state intervention come during this week more pressure from the state which has been
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conspicuously absent in the days leading up to this wants to remain the world's biggest energy producer and to do that it needs to open up new exploration in territory like the arctic it also wants to be at the forefront of arctic exploration because it sees the territory very much in its own backyard but it doesn't have the expertise or the technology to make that happen on its own so it needs international partners also b.p. wants this because russia is one of the very few places that it can now go for new production growth its reputation is increasingly in the u.s. and it's not at risk having it downgraded and threats of a new takeover so there's a lot to lose for all sides in a very short time in which to lose it it seems that they are might be interested in having it stake out just because if we didn't spend it would be left with a century of dollars investment into a b.p. oil company that's essentially would have no growth potential if this deal did
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indeed go ahead although having said that they are is in a very strong position thanks to these rulings by the arbitration court. or process of these slightly amid reports that libyan leader moammar gadhafi has accepted a peace plan to end the conflict in the country brant crude is trading around one hundred twenty five dollars a barrel while the. suite is over ahead of a hundred and twelve dollars per barrel this hour now let's turn over to the markets the european markets are mixed at this hour the german dax is losing almost point two percent as high oil prices fuel concern over the impact of the global growth meanwhile mining shares are rising along with metal prices with b.h.p. billiton up over two percent here in moscow the markets have given up gains early in the session both reality s. and isaacs are currently losing almost one percent with energy and metal sectors leading the fall. and that's the tease update for this hour but you can always find most always just log on to our website lucky dot com.
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when you see is not enough. when it's something really crucial. what you want to get down to the process as we bring you our special coverage years of research construction all the.


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