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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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do you believe the sun stands for. the right. the future or. some developing news we're following of last annabella ruth subway station this bringing up bad memories in moscow now the metro there is on a high alert we'll have the very latest on this deadly blast in advance. and the u.s. state department releases its annual report on human rights but as they point the finger at everyone else what about the human rights abuses happening in our own land of the free. and billionaire george soros called a meeting of the mind this to remake the global economy but why now is the system
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meant to fix the financial fallout failing. unveiling the burka a new ban in france is forcing women to integrate into society but it's revealing more in women's faces. it's monday april eleventh five pm in washington d.c. i'm christine frizz now you're watching our t.v. well we are following some developing news a lot of questions this evening after a deadly blast at a subway station in minsk. as you can see here minsk is the capital of bel roof in eastern europe so far reports say the blast has killed at least eleven people injuring more than one hundred others this happened just before the height of the evening rush hour just as people were rushing to catch two trains arriving at the station a criminal investigation has been launched as to who or what caused the blasts we
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will stay on the story and continue to update you throughout the evening. switching gears to the two thousand and ten human rights report published by the u.s. state department it came out friday and this is an annual report but one that comes three months into a year marked by dramatic changes across the middle east and north africa the governments of some of the very countries criticized in the report have seen some changes but still much of what is in this report echoes sentiments from years past well talk about some of those points in venezuela the government is criticised for using courts to intimidate and persecute activists in russia attacks of murders and murders of journalists and activists their criticisms of china where lawyers writers artists intellectuals and activists are arbitrarily detained and arrested and pakistan for repression of racial ethnic and religious minorities all right so
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let's talk about what wasn't in the report well there wasn't any acknowledgement that many of the criticisms of the other countries are for so-called crimes committed right here to talk more about this is now a key kilbride and eve time was of the national campaign for nonviolent resistance a lot of things in this report i was looking to print it out and i decided not to because it's very very thick goes through every country in detail except the u.s. but every country about a lot of the atrocities that the u.s. sees as happening there and i know you guys were out outside of the pentagon on friday when this came out talk a little bit about what you were doing and what happened even start with you. group of protesters were simply there to present a letter to secretary. gates to acknowledge our grief. resistance to the. horrible slaughter of innocents.
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perpetrated states through. weapons of mass destruction we're talking about some of the drone killings of. us in iraq in afghanistan that's right that's right. and several other people have already protested the drone piece of the drone but. the pentagon we. approached secretary of. the secretary of war. now i'm violently and exercising our constitutional rights i think first amendment which says that every citizen has a right to an approach that i meant for requests. so you want to handle letter to secretary gates where you holding signs you know we were
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actually. seeking a meeting there was another group in an area that has been cordoned off with a free speech zone and those people had puppets many of them were associated with the ongoing school of the americas protests that were going on this past week and weekend there were other people with signs but we were a group of citizen activists and we have copies of the letter that was sent to secretary gates back in march and we were following up because we had not heard anything about the possibility of a meeting so what happened was that well no sooner had we arrived we were basically attacked by the pentagon police there is hidden video of this and some of the people in our group were showing this video here right now and some of the people in our group were hurt and we will be following up with this incident of police brutality i find it interesting that in the report that the us puts out that they
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are criticizing venezuela for their use of the courts to suppress dissenters but we're using our legal system in the united states to go after peace activists in the mideast i mean the midwest of the united states over twenty peace activists are now resisting the special grand jury that was called to go after them and so we have this problem in the united states to i know the united states also just now criticized for something that a lot of people see as a human rights abuse and that is the case of first class bradley manning. united nations representative on torture i'm talking about one mendez he just issued a reprimand to the united states and this is something that's where this is something that doesn't happen in terms of the u.n. issuing reprimands to the u.s. usually it's to much more authoritarian countries and it says you know he wanted to meet with bradley manning and the u.s. refused to let him so that's that's one case that's going on here but it's
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interesting when you look at this report this human rights private came out and talk about some of the finding activists like yourselves journalists detained and arrested talk about some of the sort of what you see as hypocrisy in this report that the government here criticizes but also in strange ways follows well as a personal experience having been incarcerated in jail. i just have a very small experience of the kinds of treatment that the general population. is is experiencing all over the country what do you think is the thing that few people would find most shocking about what i'm doing where you start when you're in jail i think the denial of the humanity of each and every one of those. prisoners for my own experience my the people that i spent time with and in the general population these were by and large people of color
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very poor without any support system no no safe place to live and so for them many of them jailed because a revolving. door because once you're in the system it's hard to break out of here in this system because once you're released how are you going to support yourself and your children how you can put food on people i want to get really quick too once this human rights report came out i think a lot of people might be shocked. to learn that china which is one of the most criticize countries for their human rights abuses they came out with their own sort of rebuttal and actually came out with some things that they criticize the u.s. for and i'm talking about some of those civilian casualties that we already talked about in iraq and afghanistan prisoner abuse scandals that we continue to see this is not just abu ghraib this is still happening today also you know as the u.s.
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calls for countries like china for egypt to have unrestricted internet access there's a lot going on here in terms of wiki leaks and in terms of the u.s. government wanting to crack down on it so talk a little bit about that sort of rebuttal reports maliki that cheney came out and we have the most prominent case in the united states which is bradley manning and many many prominent people have spoken out against his treatment he's sort of the star case in this regard he has been held since last june last year he is being heavily watched he has very little privacy he has been kept in conditions in which he is forced to be naked his access to news has been curtailed he can only see a handful of people and. what he is alleged to have done which is to leak
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information on war crimes which everyone i would imagine is against but also large numbers of people in the united states are now against the war in afghanistan unfortunately we are out of time there is so much to talk about especially when it comes to reports like best maliki kilbride an aide to times of a national campaign for nonviolent resistance. and sticking with this topic of human rights and with some of the decisions made in this country regarding them i want to move on and talk now about the case of luis posada u.s. because that cuban born venezuelan national former cia agent who has been linked to bombings in havana as well as the downing of an airliner back in the one nine hundred seventy s. who thought has been living quietly with his family in miami florida since his two thousand and seven release and just went back on trial in january in a texas courtroom he wasn't tried on terrorism charges he was tried for perjury immigration issues many people from around the world see this as an insult to the
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cuban people and especially to some of the families of the victims for more earlier i was joined by attorney jose paired together he says the u.s. should extradite realize to venezuela if they want him to be held accountable for his actions. the evidence is very strong. the prosecutors played it tapes of course not everybody is his own or it's already admitted being the mastermind of the bonds that exploded in iran in one nine hundred ninety seven where he lamented the fact that we will bombs killed in an alley and by the name of our really tell me because he said the bombing was in the wrong place at the wrong time but he went on to say on that tape that the jurors heard that we can't stop and say they can't stop he said we can't stop and there are many many instances during the course of recordings were those are bodies that made it being the
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mastermind. of this campaign of terror and the last in error and cheery system is a very complicated and delegates and delicate system it is prone to manipulation by. lightly defense attorneys and that's exactly what happened here if you watch the proceedings you see that when this will take the stand the government would direct examination for it and it offends attorney would add on the stand for what we can and cross-examine him and convert them really. a mini trial character assassination of that particular witness and it seemed like to have arias wasn't even on trial on trial was the new york times when the people talk every sense some of the witnesses and some of the evidence and the character of of the witnesses them selves and unfortunately they worked and pulls out at least was acquitted the greatest protection of all is that when he came to the united states
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illegally consultant and this will file the request for a situation we filed it on on june of two thousand and five and still the united states government has failed to act on that request for extradition despite overwhelming evidence that he was not only thought it was a mastermind but it down with the plane as a spokesman for the government just. said that the united states was very disappointed about here in the middle and as well i would suggest that the united states should not be disappointed that you can stay an extra day than could act as i'm sure either disappointment will be over but no one that's the first thing that they should do the only charges now that are pending against them aren't going to swallow for those seventy three thousand which we murdered and that's what the united states read on. there are seventy three counts of first degree murder ending against this man in caracas and the united states has so far not happened on it
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instead of acting on the exploitation requests i thought of these charges of lying to an immigration officer in the united states and it's it's really the wrong charges and i don't think this jury took the case seriously and you can even remember this is an order to tap into mexico in the united states and people here it cannot be an adult three months trial because you lied to me or even want to hear the laughing. and that was attorney jose parity era. well the original bretton woods conference of world leaders created the global economic framework still in place today the one that took place over the weekend put on by the institute for new economic thinking bankrolled by billionaire investor george soros but together some of the economic elite to take it apart so where is the global economy and specifically the united states have it now argues loyalists or reports. if these hills could talk. the economic theory they would expound upon it.
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ladies and gentlemen please welcome ideas that could change the world in future is . predetermined or at least billionaire george soros bringing together ph d's and nobel prize winners with the backdrop of historical bretton woods would suggest someone is hoping it will be what you have it was here allied nations came during world war two with an economic system in crisis they came searching for stability they formed the international monetary fund the world bank and established the u.s. dollar as the global reserve currency it's here that decades later in the wake of the financial crisis a group of influential economists and former policymakers have brought together to try to rethink that very framework to reflect a different world so everything that we have taken for granted for almost two centuries american and european dominance is no longer
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a factor and in adjusting to that fact in cleaning up the mess of the two thousand and eight financial crisis in the us to do the country forward critics here paint a picture of near continuous failure of u.s. policymakers to do the job of president barack obama's former right hand economic man so the stimulus should have been bigger well the decision was political i mean the judgment was we wanted to get as much fiscal part of fiscal stimulus as we could meanwhile the wall street bailouts of the time and federal reserve reaction favored finance they saved the big banks but they have not really gotten our economy going again. the financial reforms passed by washington supposed to end too big to fail haven't big still aren't required to hold enough cash that's just one reason critics like this former j.p. morgan exact cite putting the country on course for another disaster. it turns on what one says about crisis but i have to say yes the concentration of power in
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finance is greater today than it was before this crisis and that's courtesy of the cash flow from wall street to politicians and lobbying corrupting real reform and belief in the leaders top to make it despite some with noble goals i think there are others who are taking too much money from wall street and they are doing what you say whatever the folks want and they are contributing to the direction we are in of confidence deterioration coming amidst an increase in inequality in the u.s. where the top one percent are getting richer while everyone else is lagging behind with frustration starting to pour over into the streets recently but public union workers and wisconsin. nobel prize winning economist joseph stiglitz believes it's all sending the country in the wrong direction that's right and that was what was brought home so forcefully by what was happening wisconsin he has high hopes the mix of thinkers and policymakers here will lead to new priorities all others are experiencing their own crisis of confidence that new economic thinking will turn
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into direct action anytime soon the more things change the more they stay the same the one mr r.t. new hampshire. and i want to bring lauren lyster into this discussion she just got back from that conference lauren really interesting ideas here really an interesting concept about what was happening but what i found interesting in the piece we hear this talk by these definitely huge elites in the financial world in the policy world about the deterioration of the middle class and this is something that we often hear from you know work from activists and from people who are struggling why do you think of this is a focus for these people it's something that really stood out to me because as we cover on our shows all the time we often hear about the deterioration of the middle class and inequality that is risen in this country but we usually as you said we hear it from activists we hear from people who are suffering as a result of these i feel like you haven't really heard this very much from mainstream high level political economic elite and that was really
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a theme of this conference and i think really what was the tipping point that some of these people cited was wisconsin because people are finally taking to the streets and they see this is possibly a tipping point where social unrest is building and i think that that's why it's finally on the radar of some people that maybe would have been removed from it and where data is becoming an actual real life issue on the streets in the united states and i think that that was a really big takeaway from this conference and some of these people that you how here i mean these are some of the most intelligent minds also some of the wealthiest people around these issues that you don't usually hear from wealthy people talk about exactly what they're trying to accomplish here and you know what you found interesting well i mean that is one thing that they're trying to accomplish is to figure out a way to i mean i think redistribution of wealth is something that audience automatically people freak out about on the right and think socialism but i mean they're talking about how being. just more intervention that benefits the people
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that are struggling as opposed to benefiting wall street banks and finance which many of the people that's conference are critical of. those bailouts and critical of policies that. bennett it benefited finance and not average folks and not something that they really a tribute to our political system campaign donations a lot of people citing citizens united the supreme court case that allowed for corporations to essentially give unlimited donations to campaigns and by policy lections and that sort of thing and just real quick i know you have an anecdotal you want to share well i just wanted to share because one of those themes is was the inequality in that was such a major issue on so many people's minds but it kind of this story just highlighted the real kind of way that these issues are so systemic here these high level people are talking about how the working class person the middle class is being squeezed mean while i was talking to the security guards who were talking about how last year and what's typical is you know they work twelve hours on twelve hours off and
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how now they were working fifteen hour days very little time off in between and really just getting so you know squeeze for productivity at this very conference that is supposed to be about how workers are being squeezed unfairly for a product you know and it's kind of a blind spot it shows these i think blind spots oh isn't he going to go to these conferences to talk to the people you know working in the kitchens working as you say in the security guards because they sometimes have a sort of a real inside i want to talk more about the timing of this if it's really interesting i know you said wisconsin i was sort of a tipping point george soros has been talking for several years though about doing something major especially since the two thousand and crisis and the idea why they chose now to hold this conference and to talk about these kind of big ideas well i mean i don't want to go too far down the path of speculation i heard one of your guests andrew go and marshall and he had some strong thoughts on that you know they do all this conference every year but this does come ahead of some major meetings we have and i and that's
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a meeting coming up of course this group one of the kind of foundations of this conference was that the international monetary fund is outdated and needs to be rethought there's a meeting of the g. twenty coming up and this whole conference was about how globally. that governance needs to change it needs to reflect the realities of the world today which were not the realities of the one nine hundred forty s. when it was created you know today i.m.f. and the world bank of course created this conference in one thousand nine hundred four but it makes fun of that things would need to be rethought in two thousand and eleven especially when so much has changed in terms of everything what do you think are some of the points that they really want to get accomplished and what will the challenges be getting accomplished i think globally it was a lot of focus on the u.s. and europe role and the declining and how developing economies the great nations brazil russia india china have had really risen and driven growth and maybe the rebalancing of the global economy and that this needs to be more reflected in global economic governance which is not the situation with the i.m.f.
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or in you know some of these organizations the g seven the g twenty there are presented but i mean it's pretty well known that the united states plays a very heavy role and has a heavy hand the u.s. dollar is the reserve currency was something that was a big big issue a big talking point you know george soros saying that the u.s. dollar essentially isn't the reserve currency more anymore others have are are kind of playing a role and stiglitz calling for a global reserve currency which is not the united states dollar and he had a really interesting thing that he said to me you know back in one nine hundred forty four the u.s. dollar became the reserve currency because essentially the u.s. was the power and said it needs to be the reserve currency and signal to saying if that conference was held today the u.s. wouldn't have this power not with china holding all of the securities and the trillions of dollars in u.s. debt that it holds certainly people are kind of squirm when they hear world currency and things like the dollar not being. the main source of currency in the world but certainly a reality we have to face i want to say real quick laura lister thanks so much but
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we should mention keep your eyes open because lauren has an in-depth interview with joseph stiglitz some really interesting stuff and we'll be airing that in the days to come. all right i want to tell you now about a new project we here at r t are very excited it's a new show that's launching tonight this monday it's going to be in our seven pm slot monday through friday it's called adam vs the man and this is the show that hosted by none other than adam koch you may recognize his name he is a very outspoken anti-war press protester also a former member of the united states marine corps ran for congress the last time around we talked him out of santa fe new mexico and brought him here to d.c. to do this show we're very excited to have had him out and just wanted to have you on for a few minutes tonight to let people know what this show is all about it's about making sure that my generation the millennial is i'm twenty nine i was born in eighty two but really people my age and younger those of us who grew up with the internet rabbit hard wired in a certain way that gives us no tolerance for the kind of problems that only exist
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for lack of information and making sure that we have a voice in the mainstream dialogue that's not just representing our generation and the potential of the internet but also empowering my generation to be engaged and look at my younger brothers and my little sister who you know who are in high school now but who have smartphones and it's like these are the ones that are going to change the world the challenges before our generation are like none that have existed before some human history but the capabilities before us as well are unparalleled in terms of the information sharing that is available to us is our generation our generation it's one that seems to be at least for the majority of our adult life defined in part by the wars that this country has supported i know that you've been a part of that i tell me a little bit about your time with the marines how that experienced shaped who you are and where you are now well having served and flues in two thousand and four and joined the military aged seventeen i might even be a little too old for this to be part of jaded so to speak i want to be very careful
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not to speak on behalf of my generation but i mean i'm talking so what it's going to civilize it's kind of like war is accepted. as part of society but when you ask why are wars being fought there are never any good answers and so from my perspective i've learned that what general major general smedley butler learned decades ago war is a racket it always has and always will be and my generation with when you can look back at the historical record of the internet it's like everybody's got a perfect memory and you can you can hear the propaganda for a new war and be like wait a second this is no no we've heard this before somewhere and it's the same lies in the same crap in the same excuses and with that perspective that the internet gives us and we're seen pass a law propaganda and the reaction to war the processing of that the seen through the lies is happening at a much faster rate even at the beginning of the war in iraq we saw the high point
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for the anti-war movement was before the war began it was the biggest rally we have here on the mall in d.c. so now i think we're going to be able to be more proactive the looking at obama starting a war in libya we're on top of it already let's make no mistake though viewers should know that you know despite the fact that one of the entire world movement is often associated with the liberal movement you're not somebody that considers yourself a liberal do something quick for his her viewers compare yourself to for example if i've got a few decades ago i one of the most prominent faces of the anti-war movement also a veteran now senator from massachusetts john kerry a little different from senator kerry i resent that comparison definitely well for our for our generation seen it you know i'm a conservative constitutionalist i ran for congress as a republican because i believe in smaller government i believe in more freedom i believe that the potential of the internet is the potential to figure out how to do
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all these things that previous generations have turned to the force in the violence of government for in order to solve problems we're going to be the ones that find a way to do it peacefully who are going to find a way to do it through cooperation information sharing. not reliant on well progressivism which is ideas so good they have to be forced on people and that's john kerry that's really his stick you know and i've met with him i really admire a lot of the work that he does i think it took a lot of guts when he came home from vietnam to do what he did i think it took a lot of guts for him to do what he did in vietnam and i respect him for his service but ideologically we really couldn't be further apart in a meeting that i had with him a couple years ago in his office here on capitol hill he was talking about a center for veterans and so we certainly share the need to take better care of veterans of the past and for that but when i left the meeting one of his senior staffers turned to me who didn't know about any of my political orientation back in the time before i was outspoken on issues other than foreign policy and veterans' issues and said that the world slowly turns to the left. there's nothing there was
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nothing scarier he could have told me that they have this certainty that we're going to have more government we're going to have more power we're going to have more concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few because that is the never the result of giving this idea of government the monopoly of force more power in society i think we need to go in the opposite direction and real briefly i know that your program is not going to be all about just talking about war and issues related to two senses or last what should people know about your show that's right here tonight it's not just about what you need to know but what you need to do about it and so i need examples of people who are doing good work and showing that we're going to be challenging authority but also empowering our viewers to be more engaged in society and persons all right adam kokesh host of our new show adam vs the man launches tonight here on our t.v. at seven pm you can watch it every night monday through friday seven pm right here on our team and we are out of time and i want to apologize i know with the beginning of the show we told you we would have a story about the burka ban and.


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