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are you watching r t let's take a look at the headlines now a terror attack at the very heart of the other russian capital was killed twelve people and injured more than two hundred a powerful blast rocked the metro in minsk at the peak of the evening rush hour. claims emerge that coalition forces have been bombing libya with depleted uranium which causes tents patients and nato denies the allegations come to the rainbow heads producing the news like us and robert can write and.
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on the world is marking hof a century of space travel and a cold cold one hundred sixty one russian cosmonaut yuri gagarin became the first man to reach out to the stuff that's being propelled into orbit. we'll stay tuned for our special reports about the legendary cosmonaut next here on alt. march twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred sixty eight. drone of aircraft in the skies over moscow region. rescuers look for a training jet didn't disappear from radar screens. as soon as they spotted the crash site it was clear nobody could have survived. the aircraft was piloted by flight instructor fly diminish city go get an engineer to
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go got it defers to ever man in space. seven years prior on in full twelve thousand nine hundred sixty one rescue helicopters flew over the plane around the city of sit on top of one thousand kilometers from moscow they were looking for the spot where you did got in and successfully landed after his first space mission. that trip took an average soviet pilot to international fame. the flight control place seven years later cut short the life of the world's first cars man what happened in those few seconds after contact with got in was lost what caused this disaster for forty years later no theory is conclusive an important question still remain. on the morning of april twelfth one thousand nine hundred eighty one you got and woke up at half past five in the morning is breakfast space food from tubes even
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joked about it saying it was the only thing for a man in orbit meanwhile that was still crockett was sitting on the launch pad ready to catapult him into outer space. crushing stiff the night lost track of that nice as it gradually blended with don't. normally i would have woken up in the morning and headed for the launch site. where you. but that night i didn't sleep when you're needless to say of so at any rate many myself included were found more agitated than a year ago got a shim usage good enough for final medical checkups got in was helped into a space suit a bus transported him in his back up to the rocket this film footage shows got in chairman of the state commission rudeness and me walking from the bus towards the spacecraft's chief designer sygate cut off crew and other members of the commission
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seated around a table carlos got in and wishes him a good journey i take a got in by the hand and take him to a ladder leading to the lift that's now about fifteen steps separate him from the lift. on march twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the last morning of good got in his life and mishaps plagued him from the very stark after boarding a bus taking him to the airfield and remembered he'd left his pass at home he decided to return to pick up the document although we knew full well everyone in the air force regiment recognised him like many pilots he was superstitious and the first cause may not certainly considered this a bad omen. there were also other troubles in store for good got and would have to fly tandem with flight instructor city ogun even though he was authorized to pilot aircraft on his own. we were flying to. cloud. he did a very good job piloting the aircraft showed a good command of the radio equipment. also stayed well within the flight zone
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together we did a very good job and. he was given x. little marks and allowed to pilot airplanes unassisted. vet a good gotten was to fly three times he was slated for two solo flights after the outing with instructor city. he injured got into seats in the cockpit of a mid training jet several minutes passed before they were allowed to take off. they reached what we call the point of turnaround in accordance with the flights pilots must reach that line before going into the flight so after that they go through an air corridor and enter the zone and only then did it begin to ascend. the full twelve thousand nine hundred sixty one just a few minutes past nine in the morning you got in is already in the cabin of the bus stop rocket final preparations and checks are being made all that remains is to
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shut the hatch. it is a nerve racking operation full associations of cause it's an unpleasant moment because of the consequences of the hatches law as it should be the cabin is hermetically sealed and the flight is normal but it was conditional not the cosmonauts life might be in danger but he had a man. with a hash lock down in engineers ready to leave the launch site the chief designer called from mission control he said sensors had indicated the cabin was not reliably sealed the hatch had to be checking mediately. how we felt isn't hard to imagine good at the technicians knew the job well. they unscrewed the knots and removed the hatch in no time and snowed. look. the alliance paid to the connection with signals whether or not the hatches properly
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sealed you knew everything there was a. button on march twenty seventh one thousand sixty eight got in straining to read takes off from the runway color scheme military airfield and heads eastward towards the flight so the training exercises to last fifteen to twenty minutes the plane includes a barrel rolls hooked turns and vertical loops but only thirty minutes later flight controllers here's good got an report heading for base. joining the third turn i heard could gerunds voice. was there he was so quiet. right after that i reported to the commanding officer that i had heard the voice of number six two five. the flight commander was not alarmed by the early message found nothing strange about hearing good god and not the instructor said yogen choking over the air with. britain's record would be his rawest words that reach
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the flight command. april twelfth one thousand nine hundred sixty one nine o seven am the first man busto procket takes off from the launch pad. radios back a phrase that we did a few hours would be known around the world as his signature line. the first flight lasted one hundred eighty minutes this spacecraft begins to descend after orbiting the earth and that was one of the most complicated phases of the mission because when i was to object from the descent module several kilometers above ground. zero the special features was the seat. of the mechanism was powerful enough to eject. wearing a space suit. another unit with it at
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a certain altitude the entry which was jettisoned because that made it possible for the cosmonauts to eject from the spacecraft and cure. even though this time there was no forest here there were only three things in this field they have since grown into a tall trees on the morning of april twelfth one thousand nine hundred eighty one reader chris conover was a six year old girl out playing protégé toes with her grandmother they noticed two spots in the sky they grew larger and larger until she saw an odd looking creature wearing bright orange overalls. my grandma they kept off consumer questions where he was from i remember his head she was from a ship with a puzzled so there was no one to anywhere near the place but then he said i'm from a spaceship. her grandmother was the first humans to seek a god and after his return from outer space half an hour later a search party found a landing site in the south of regent only
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a handful of people knew got it when he woke up on the morning of april twelfth when he went to bed the same day he had acquired global fame. garron an eye in the flying club this picture shows us near a yacht eighteen airplane only a short distance separates the place where the first cosmonauts flight began and the place where he finally touched down both are in the set up a free agent guide and. carolyn september noisey fifty four when both of us were going through a course of training at the club there are several others are graduated from school training young people for jobs in industry. thank you to me just as great fans of aviation as myself who did it together at the globe. in sharing classroom desks and sitting examinations together. it just so happens that we have the same instructor used to. around noon on march twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred eighty eight
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the flight controller of the airfield was desperately trying to contact a fighter jet trainer number sixty five got in the pilot and reported ten minutes before in theory the aircraft should have appeared over the runway two minutes after the radio exchange time passed but who got an inside you didn't respond to calls to contact ground control it became clear half an hour later the fighter had been involved in an accident. the air force regiments second in command were told me to report to the general. he told me that something had happened to pick our years ago. rescue teams were dispatched to locate the crash site around three pm one of the crews noticed a deep charring hole in the ground amidst the birch trees it was later established that it was five meters deep the disaster meant the two men had no chance for
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survival the question immediately coming to mind was why such skilled pilots had been unable to eject from their cockpit. here's a day everybody wants to know why they didn't to chip in but in my day don't understand a pilot psychology good chicken or something goes wrong with his airplane in the pilot tries to get things right rather than egypt. simple and is a former test pilot he was a member of the commission looking into what caused your guidance death according to one of the initial theories bad weather could have been responsible for the crash yoko's idea of big trouble was that they were flying between clubs when an aircraft isn't thick clouds the snow from difficult to put it was good though it matters become even worse considering that the pilot might make any mistake in such conditions. no other air crash investigation in soviet history and receives such attention even the tiniest plane fragments were collected from the site but
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investigators could glean only a small amount of information from the wreckage besides in the one nine hundred sixty s. an aircraft were not equipped with flight recorders and the lack of data gave rise to a multitude of theories explaining what had caused the tragedy. space is the backbone of our national security there is no substitute and there is no alternative to military dominance in space. bombs on target real time element. that's all about the natural leader able to deliver through space ship
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claims she can make it better. company pilau to build capacity count. and we must. be. several hundred billion dollars of investment in the peaceful uses of outer space. and this incredible investment from the united states and from the european union can add their countries like this this is completely in jeopardy if we start putting weapons in outer space. that this is moscow radio station so view soviet union aren't here.
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on april twelfth one nine hundred sixty one people across the soviet union were glued to their radios they heard a stunning message for the first time ever a man had broken out of earth's gravitational call and gone to outer space. the first man to do so was the soviet union's very own good he got in. practice can lay in some of my friends were in college getting ready for an exam in higher mathematics. and undergrad got kharkov got all of a sudden a fellow student burst into the classroom. and says someone by the name of karen hughes had been launched into space article. we asked him what the patronymic over this pilot. save if he said no we knew that he was yuri gagarin.
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there was a red carpet rolled out on the airfield of a moscow airport on april fourteenth nine hundred sixty one in ceremonial steps major got in march toward soviet leader nikita khrushchev without noticing that issue aces to come undone still he made his official report. comrade first secretary of the communist tulsi of the soviet union it is my pleasure trip to see you at the world's first place fly to both of those stocks spaceship ended on the twelfth of a cruel nine hundred sixty one. ship systems and equipment has been working like clockwork without fail on an excellent healthy and ready to fulfill any new assignments by our county and government. right major garrett in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight who's a good god and death spread around the country almost as fast as news of his
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spaceflight seven years prior and that was despite the fact that the announcement had been long delayed and was couched in very terse phrasing. the commission to investigate the cause of the tragedy was already in full swing. we were provided with reports in by panels of scientists who had established a flight c. exact trajectory we used to reports to pass judgment on whether the two men had done the right thing during that flight what the. lack of information was the main problem facing the commission apart from the collins reports from the flight zone there were only readings from onboard instruments the investigators were not sure that they were reliable. in the event of a serious accident the eighty creators of on board instruments we've been imprinted on the remaining quarter of data inexplicably as a rule it's possible to locate the position of the pointer at the time of the
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crèche. triggered got and smile was a vivid soviet symbol without precedent a symbol that had great appeal across the world newspapers around the globe featured front page pictures of who got in for several days after his first flight the world's first kuzma not was no longer an ordinary man he become a national icon. after his first spaceflight good got in began to travel widely and round the soviet union and abroad each time is visited attracted thousands of people this is how he was welcomed in japan. this is how it was visit to britain got underway. the russian photographer by the scope and remembers very well how his first famous photograph came to pass he'd been assigned to cover the soviet visit of italian film star gina lollobrigida got in was among the guests. to say suzanne emerged from onto the table which i shared
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with horror and if the thought that i would be unable to take any pictures at all for that i saw that the bear crow was occupied by a venerable recorder's where there was no place for a voice like me anyway so when i talk right beside him he showed nori action and only when the slide is just your will you be just the one constant going to use when he finished speaking and i finished taking pictures of them he turned to me and said so every be unable to take any pictures of which there is nothing special about this photograph except that of gaar instance side by side with the lola brigitta they still make reprints of it. oleksandr calls that he sees the crash site from an altitude of four hundred meters for the first time. standing at the site where the world's first cosmonaut guide is
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hardly visible. it's been established to the weather was bad during the flight there were two layers of clouds. like some of the father is a well known designer of the aircraft engines he says it's the aircraft's motor that caused the disaster. of course the situation unfolded as follows. for me when the pilots found themselves in the lower level of clouds and announced a huge of one thousand five hundred meters the engine failed a little bit i need believe they tried to keep it going by forcing it to work at maximum capacity. don't brought it to an abrupt halt in flight. this theory that the engine was responsible for the crashes based on beings obtained from onboard instruments the velocity gauge recorded a high speed on impact with the ground this means that the pilots made no attempt to pull the aircraft out of the spin otherwise they would have cut down on the
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thrust according to timothy cause if we've gotten in city oregon became aware of the slowdown they tried to restart the engine. some of the new could under normal conditions but in this engine can be restarted in front rather. regressively. the situation during the good god rings last flights are good it was such that the pilot was short of else achieved on time and they couldn't react because they had no time for that. in the mid one nine hundred sixty s. got any indicated his desire to get back in the cockpit when piloting turbojets was too much of a risk because such airplanes had not been properly tested these were new models the country's leadership didn't like the idea of putting the life of the first cars are not in jeopardy for a long time gotten was denied a chance to pilot planes instead he was offered executive jobs he was appointed to the post of deputy head of cost not training center. still he attended classes at
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an air force academy and wrote a book. war i first met him out of publishing have is frankly i had not expected a lieutenant recently promoted to the rank of major to be a great fan of books. going came to see valentino's support the publishing house a few days before his final flight he brought the latest version of his book to be published just a few months later. with this is the book. in his he tells about how he feels when he gets into this craft alone or together with others to put up. this street commission investigating the cause of gun in his death did not come to a definitive conclusion its report said briefly that some unclear circumstances include the aircraft into a tailspin the pilots couldn't pull it out of the spin because their graphs altitude was too low and they'd run out of time. all the
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materials relating to the investigation were kept under lock and key even commission experts were unaware of the results of the commission's work with some of them suggested their own theories. would be up and pull as a lot of version is that they hate it whether balloonist even if some six hundred kilometers an hour of it of just would that if they're going to feel like the impacts equivalent must have been eclipsed three times that if the data from under . my left them out i concealed the crime in and sent the aircraft interested in it i viewed it through thought of the film. version is based on speculation that the fighters cockpit had already come open before it hit the ground in other words the pilots were not in control of their plane after losing consciousness when it hit a weather balloon. violator yes the cough is
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a flight instructor he was up in the air on the fateful morning of march twenty seventh he says faulty on board instruments may have caused the tragedy. that's normal and i don't wish to draw parallels with a low disasters i knew they felt. into a spin after finishing the exercise a tumble and a steel door and with a tilt of sixty degrees. there were no clouds when they started their report. it was soon as they entered the clouds they lost their bearings. a lot. fifteen years after guns death professor billet sort of course g.m. cars are not like c.e.o. no put forward yet another theory for the disaster according to them the fighter entered the turbulence left behind by a supersonic aircraft that had been in the area shortly before the crash turbulence put got instead into a spin the pilots were unable to pull their aircraft and now they needed two hundred three hundred more meters two or three more seconds. all pilots
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agree that an eight craft can fall into a spin when it answers turbulence that special tests have proven that there is no spin in such situations that it's that you have been in surveillance many times during tests when you answer turbulence your aircraft just you just saw it but you need it fully regain control of that it's the product. of the remains of could got into their craft just kept in some twenty sealed barrels this standing orders to keep just several tons of twisted steel that used to be a training fighter jet for ever though a state commission has not conclusively established the cause of good god instead. chances are these will someday be open so that people can once again search for answers behind the dead to defer some into cross the space frontier.
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descent until flying club duty get in springboard for his rise to fame has been renamed after the first cause may not young people who dream about flying high come here today as they used to in the mid one nine hundred fifty each. thank you. like a first cousin not a future pilot shall off we go as their training aircraft leave the runway. hungry for the full sleep we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. . when the news is not enough. when it's something really
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crucial. when you want to get down to brass tacks we bring you our special coverage years of research and construction for all to hear the famous. for the first human blasting off into space. and returning as they hear a. question a mole on the potty.
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