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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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the biggest issues get the human voice ceased to face with the news makers. terrorist attacks wreaks havoc in the center of the bell russian capital killing twelve and injuring more than two hundred people. and while filled lots of rocks the macho here in means all the latest details and reactions following monday's bloody violence not coming up in just a few moments. radioactive wasteland in libya claims of merger allied forces have been using i mean nation containing depleted uranium poison that can cause cancer and mutation nato denies the allegations. and celebrating
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a half century of manned space exploration fifty years ago today a russian cosmonaut made his name a legend becoming the first man to reach out to the stuff that's. on russian deputy prime minister a go since she resigned as chairman of roles not for name president of the state officials to leave the state companies will join me in about twenty minutes time. bringing you news around the clock from around the world i'm matt trezise good to have you with us here on our team it started out as any other normal monday in the belorussian capital minsk but ended in carnage and horror a terrorist bomb ripped through the metro at the peak of the evening rush hour killing twelve and injuring more than two hundred police say they have now put together a fits of the two suspects suspects believed to be involved in the attack parties
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are catarina grouch over reports from its. it is a day to remember solemnly here in minsk the morning after the tragedy you can see piles of flowers candles and icons later on to the entrance to the act of risqué metro station here by the explosion during evening rush hours on monday obviously emotions and feelings are running high as people want to be together on this day and maybe before going to work make a stop over here to observe a minute of silence five years what kind of feelings did you have when you woke up today terrible feelings i couldn't expect anything like that happening in this country it's such a crime it's not just wish that we would come thinking they don't have to pay tribute to those who died and wish a speedy recovery to those who are currently in hospital among those who remember solemnly on the stair also witnesses of the attack some of them how those injured the first minutes after the tragedy by those one of them. no you have to be
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injured how many of them while they're. there were a lot of help one person to get upstairs three others joined in that person was seriously wounded he was all covered with blood there was also a man who had five people to get out it was blood all around i still have it on my . witness the same minutes after the blast they saw hardly wanted people being carried out all these natural station including those with missing limbs elbows injured remain many of them remain in intensive care units in hospitals across the city to give you an idea this blast happened during evening rush hour was where there were so many commuters on the macho system and the station is the busiest in means this is where two lies interest so there was so many passengers that this hour after this blast president got its start on the
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question cause a terrorist attack was the made version being considered he also said that he would turn to russia for a helping hand with all that russia has a huge experience in dealing with the after months of similar tragedies well it's the first bloss to hit the means camacho and it's also the first fatal terrorist attack in the country's more than history. thirty's and the metro blast was aimed at undermining peace and stability in the country. from the british conflict resolution group of london believes the explosion could be part of a pattern of attacks across european capitals. clearly those is not immune to these kind of incidents that we've seen in moscow that we've seen in london but we've seen in mother weird and in other places and so this would obviously be a number of alarm bells among the authorities it would raise
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a lot of questions because. there's not an obvious target. and i would dismiss that this is somehow connected with internal belorussian political situation because diversion political situation moves in a different way and we have never seen examples of this kind of violence so it could be that this is something very specific connected with something very specific and this will perhaps emerge in the course of the next days here explosion tore through a metro station i was just meters away from president lucas shakos main office in residence alexander nego and he a political expert from the russian newspapers arthur says this appears to be an attempt to oust the authorities. i think it's course external groups which is trying to manipulate the mystic situation in belarus of course it's not very clear. who these people are in reality but in my
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view this is a radical extremist group who are thinking. imposing a new regime and being used to look at him as a very strong security system and greedy may be several weeks they will find the major sources of this terrorist attack. will be following developments in minsk bring you the latest updates throughout the day and there's plenty of other stories coming your way this hour including this reaching crisis point hands and battle nuclear plant has declared a maximum state of alert as radiation continues to spread. and fifty years since mankind first washed it off to the stars the world celebrates hearing historic out of this world achievement. with libyan rebels rejecting an african union peace
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plan there seems to be no end in sight for the conflict in the country the opposition still relies on coalition forces to help its cause but it seems that could prove more of a hindrance in the long run as some have claimed allies have used ammunition containing depleted uranium a substance known to cause cancer and mutations in those affected cheeky on takes a look. these leave young men cheer on top of a tank hit by coalition forces unaware of the silent killer they could be breathing in as they celebrate though the western coalition denies using depleted uranium in bombings in the country others say there is a good chance weapons with the highly poisonous radioactive element have been used that kind of damage. there's a really good chance it was a dream you around. and ninety percent sure that was ground that's used to anybody who was on it. was giving him exposure to the level of the wind blowing
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all the rules the particles are in the air. so all these people in those cars would be. lisa styria served in the u.s. military during the first gulf war in the early ninety nine clearing out battle fields in kuwait back then the u.s. dropped more than three hundred fifty tons of depleted uranium over kuwait and iraq pictures of bombings from libya seen all too familiar and see how there's touches of red that's the. see how we. instead of a cold streak and you get a flare at the bottom that's the day you explosion depleted uranium in military terms is highly efficient relatively cheap and powerful enough to penetrate the heaviest armor nato flatly denies its use in libya even though the u.i. and human rights commission has called for a ban countries who refused to sign up including the u.s. the u.k.
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friends and this will the smallest particles of uranium nano particles are the most dangerous ones inhale they get into the blood and can spread into any organ including the heart brain liver that's the particles penetrate your cell commissioner this is when you get all kinds of kinetic new patients and people in iraq for example grieving that contaminated air every day and experts say there is no way to fight it in fallujah or in iraq where the u.s. dropped thousands of declared you renia rounds after the two thousand and three invasion a quarter of all babies are born with a range of horrendous and normality higher rates of cancer leukemia and infant mortality have been found here then after the it tommy bombs were dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki the u.s. and the british military admitted widespread use of depleted uranium in bombing boston a nineteen. ninety five for
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a legacy felt today with cancer and leukemia rates several times higher than normal we've gotten medical confirmation all around pollution or rock but the health effects of the radio where we see it for our rock are saudi arabia kuwait afghanistan somalia the balkans and again now we're seeing a movement into a libya dr dog rocky who was a leading specialist in the cleanup after the gulf war says there is no way of actually decontaminating affected areas but i was given a written memorandum to lie about the health and environmental protection re-emission he in south was exposed to depleted uranium almost all of the members of his team are now dead some theory that the suffering of those bombed in areas where there will be no western troops will go unnoticed and i think happens in. i suspect this was a mistake and find it as an equal then why did you start saying hey look everybody
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is dying here they go over cancer. patients and so forth i don't think anyone will listen them completed you rhenium has a hoff life of four and a house dealing in years hence it's the scription by some as the silent killer that will never stop killing. our t. washington d.c. . japan has a created the severity rating at the paralyzed fukushima nuclear plant to seven arrival only ever previously assigned to the sure noble disaster officials say it's been raised because high radiation has been recorded in the air ocean and out water but japan's nuclear safety agency is still reluctant to compare the dangers to what happened that chernobyl saying the radiation leak is smaller earlier a powerful aftershock shook eastern japan this came exactly a month after the devastating quake and tsunami hit the country killing more than thirteen thousand people robert jacobs from the hiroshima peace institute believes the authorities have been keeping the official severity rating at fukushima low to
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avoid panic. the dangers extremely severe right now and one of the problems is that the level of danger in syria he is still uncertain unknown you still have three implants in the cores and partial meltdown you have for the plant with heat spent fuel on getting off quite a bit of radiation and at this point there is no clear path towards resolving it ending this situation so it's really it's truly dangerous because we could end up with a complete meltdown of several of the reactors or we could end up with just an ongoing release of radiation for a few months that would be good scenario at this point i think that from the start they are going to be very close to trying to make it appear as though that since it is smaller they are noble. they've kept the evacuation zone two smaller than that of chernobyl they tried to keep in upper lower than that of no one i think that had
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largely to do with public perception. but ultimately because the situation was not controllable and events forced the whole two. to see but i don't think a lot of radiation was entering the environment so the japanese government was no longer able to contain this with public relations efforts i believe that it's entirely public relations reasons that did not raise the level i think that when they raise the level to a five which is equivalent of the three mile island accident in the united states it was clearly all right to seven but by the time they even raised it to five there was an extremely large and that's a radiation into the environment at fukushima. commentary from robert jacobs with our russian apiece university talking about the rising radiation levels at the fukushima plant. fifteen years ago mankind could hardly imagine we'd one day be able to stare down at the earth from above where april one thousand nine hundred sixty one changed all that when yuri gagarin was propelled not only to the stars
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but also to a global celebrity when he became the first man in space. visited the place where history was made i'm here in baikonur where many significant events in space history had taken place not least of which was the first successful manned space flight well it all began here because on this day fifty years ago cosmonaut utica got aboard his bus stuck one capsule and blasted off into space well that launch pad where he had taken off from is now called the garden start it's the very same launch pad used by the a so used to be twenty one crew when they left for space on april five course in a spacecraft that had the image of god and to mark this anniversary well since then a lot of there's a long list of achievements in terms of space exploration what different countries have done in that field well we have been speaking to the astronauts and for them one of the biggest progress they've seen really is the cooperation among countries
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the international space station this is an example a clear example if you will of the global effort in that regard now of course there are a lot of celebrations planned to to a mark the anniversary here in baikonur famous personalities are expected to be here and also a special guest who will be joining in the celebrations for a variety of reasons is a band called utica got it. and i have the honor of taking the vostok a great strace craft to space first i was very happy to have thoughts on it it was only the beginning. april twelve thousand nine hundred sixty one the day you to go got it blasted off into space orbited the earth and made history. a feat celebrated across the globe. it was incredible it was hard to believe that this actually happened the less chilling course my school but for this
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man it was also the day his name shakti thing you heard it is not a quote but here's didn't know where i was serving they only knew our graduation from pilots academy and that the facility was working it was top secret you only heard that you regarded being sent into space a c.v. it was me janice came to our house in female parents with a mean nothing i think they could have had a heart attack. he had met the utica god in one thousand nine hundred sixty three while working at the launch pad he ended up face to face with a man and introduced himself to the fullness of their it you ask me what month i was born i said march and it seemed to me like he's going to collapse or even stretch out my hands to hold him up it turned out he's gone in march as well moderates like this one will serve as a reminder for future generations of man's first journey into space but for now there are still those who can tell the story of eureka got it and that momentous day from memory adding another layer of color to history adequate off scale was
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a doctor who prepared the garden for his first flight she recalls that very day fifty years ago. when. i'm going to look more pale than usual he was unsociable and quiet which was not like him and i know he would answer by nodding or a short yes to all questions sometimes he would start humming some tunes this was a different guy in your two months and hunt and i sound yuri everything will be fine and he nodded back. as soon as he got in return to earth he was a superstar a hero for his compatriots those who knew him admit they weren't quite sure how to act around him. and what we were playing volleyball in the garden and a little guy approached us we all moved away in dearest he was very surprised he said what song was pretty good it was those who played against him were giving way to govern noticed this and it was offended he said let's play fair ok if he would.
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he be hard pressed to find someone he knew who got it and has a bad word to say after all he was chosen not just reason abilities as a cause or not but also for his demeanor and signature smile certainly not a bad reputation to be associated with for this he got it to star celia artie. just over an hour was taken in new york as you know people there are marking her darren's monumental journey with a massive un exhibition. but i thought it was fantastic and i thought it was about him and i was very jealous of the exhibit houses images and films the telling man cards first trip to space elsewhere in a big space fans got their best galactic gear for a stellar dance party coming up in the next hour so stay with us here on our. mitri medvedev is also reaching out to the stars of the ultimate long distance phone call russia's president can graduate of the current crew of the international
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space station for continuing and started a half century ago in a teleconference held at star city mission control near vasco. president said cause may not it's a bright future and mankind will continue exploring space medvedev was out of the mission control center to see where and so if the specialist was going on there he also headed out awards to a number of russian and foreign cars may not send astronauts for the remarkable achievements in the industry. r.t. caught up with yuri gagarin's daughter who shared some memories of her legendary thought it perfectly. as soon as he stepped out anywhere he was immediately recognized when they were here arrived at any place crowds of people would gather around him asking questions or greeting him and even today people that i've never seen in my life come up to me with stories about my dad how and where they met him and what a cheery impression he always made and always find more on all the stories we're
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covering including our special coverage on our website r t v dot com to see all of the images in our out of this world design competition dedicated to him. check out this amazing entry actually created from the original newspaper of all of the story no surprise it got worse than our online poll and many more that we gathered from all over the pool of everything from collage and charcoal sketch there's even an oil paintings exclusive images made by you our viewers log on and take a look for yourself dot com. this is. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe in ivory coast internationally recognized winner leader although sunday ouattara has urged peace after his rifle was finally captured dog bo had been refusing to step down since last november's elections plunging the country into a conflict that claimed almost
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a thousand lives causing around a million just delete criminal investigation will be opened on his wife and their entourage which has promised them fair trials the president now faces the huge task of reuniting the country. in peru the presidential election will go to a second around putting a left wing former army officer against the daughter of a jailed former president or launch a who won the first round but didn't get fifty percent needed for outright victory the runoff will now happen june fifth. dozens of people have been injured in renewed violent clashes in syria the opposition claims pro-government gunman opened fire with automatic rifles in two villages near the port of bani us many arrests have been reported almost two hundred people have been killed in weeks of protests demanding reforms in the
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region. just a few minutes our very own financial guru max pizer brings you the latest economic news with his own unique twist but first our business bulletin with yulia. welcome to business thanks for joining us the deputy prime minister has decided to step down as chairman of the country's state run all major all snaps he's going to follow the presidential all of the top officials should leave the goal of the state companies one of the reports now from the most next headquarters here in moscow. because of his role as deputy prime minister igor search in his heart to step down from the port of los never know this was because of a presidential really meaning that no senior government officials could be on the boards of major companies now just how this will affect the major dealy sixteen billion dollars share swap deal between rosneft and b.p.
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remains to be seen section was one of the key architects of that deal he'll now be replaced by thirty ish ition who's the senior vice president at v.t. b. bank it's no mystery shushan job to try and make sure that deal goes through. and kosky from north council says the timing of such an announcement could who have been more passive proscenium is one of the companies which were announced for their privatisation this year or probably the next year the timing extremely well for us near before their finish of their call the easing program in the states but there are a lot of cash in the market the could be a simple and more so for for in buyers for four for those who are back which is going to be sold to therefore it has to be done very quickly and i think this is a very timely action. and more top officials are removing themselves from the boards of big space companies russia's economic development minister and director
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of the winner and presidential and according to our coverage will be stepping down from the board of the bank of the country's biggest turned out there is still a number of states companies with top officials on their boards among them finance minister could trim things that's done and produce our roster and he's given and energy minister. are there potentially additional problems for b p c's and russian partners are playing to the oil majors for up to ten billion dollars for its failure to invite ten k. b.p. to participate in the auction explore ation deal with ross net that's according to records in the business press and both london and moscow but in ivory legal. b l p believes dispute goes does have a silver lining for the russian government. well i think that the point that i missed in western circles is this is actually great news for russia and great news for legal system because. you have
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a great example here of where the parties are contracts in the course of said you've got to contracts you must obey. the fact that you have to call them you're trying to do something with. the russian government is irrelevant the reality is you have a contract we have a rule of law russia so actually and i think this is a point that western media circles admit stuff and it's a great day for the russian legal system. to knock it's now the japanese polls have closed in the red of fresh concerns over the post great we cover a risky think we're going to aftershocks and the news of thought that the fukushima plant shares of top different results her make up two years at most one point four percent of the report that the company wants us to do is approach a significantly impacted supply this summer shares of hong kong brands have fallen down after the citizen monetary authority said it will step up monitoring of the members of business plans and funding strategies for the rest of the year as credit was surging at a much faster rate than the growth in deposits. in europe the markets are also down
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this hour european stocks dropped after japan raised the as severity level of its nuclear crisis related stocks are coming under the habits pressure as all the metal prices keep ornate. the year in moscow the markets that are extending guess days and losses by the austere seven my sex shopping around one point five percent of negative news from abroad and four points. has now taken over some individual share of news and she majors. significant losses with buyers gascoyne andros now down around two percent the south american stocks are also in the red was bad bank losing over one point five percent on the price six. and finally german truck maker and i am is expected to announce a plan to launch production in russia st peter's by the investment agreement between. and they add on the region's officials as a sponsor to be signed later this week and they say the plant is rising to some goal the trucks use already existing infrastructure which will help with
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a great start to production. and that's the business news for now tell us next hour from are. hungry for the. we've got lead from. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. wealthy british style the sun the
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sun is not on the tires on that. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. morning news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule today.
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