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so to build closer to the radio to leave the g.o.p. hopefuls church in new delhi who took the most babyhood to free elections removed the clothes of the maiden's hotel and believe that particles of medicine shift the world's finest potatoes promise. the russian authorities on the hunt for the mastermind behind a terrorist attack on the capital's metro that killed twelve people and injured more than two hundred. blots rocks the macho here remains all the latest details and reaction following monday's bloody violence that coming up in just a few moments. war veterans warn of looming danger in libya claiming the western coalition's using depleted uranium a poison that's been deployed in other military campaign. plus a trip to remember russia marks fifty years since the first human spaceflight that
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turned soviet cosmonaut yuri gagarin into a legend and a household name the world of. six pm in moscow i'm not treasure good to have you with us here on r t our top story the goal of the metro attack in minsk is to destroy stability in the country according to the bella russian prosecutor's office the explosion that iraq the subways busiest station at rush hour killed twelve people and left more than two hundred injured several suspects have been detained in connection with the blast artie's academy graduate spoke with those who witnessed the bloodbath in the heart of. it is a day to remember solemnly here and means good morning also the child you do you can see piles of flowers candles and i comes later rounds of the entrance to the. station he. by the explosion during evening rush hours on monday obviously emotions
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and feelings are running high as people want to be together on these day and many before going to work make a stop over here to observe a minute of silence. five years ago how are you feeling this morning after the blast terrible feelings i couldn't expect anything like that happening in this country it's such a crime it's not just woke up thinking that i have to pay tribute to those who died and wish a speedy recovery to those who are currently in hospital and among those who remember solemnly on the stair also witnesses solve the attack some of them how those injured the first minutes after the tragedy i was one of them. paddled you hard give first aid how many did you assist. there were a lot i helped one person to get up stairs three others joined view but person was seriously wounded he was all covered with blood there was also
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a man who had five people to get out it was blood all around and i still have it on my. witnesses say minutes after the blast they saw how the wounded people being carried out of these natural station including those with missing limbs now those injured remain many of them remain in intensive care units in hospitals across the city to give you an idea this blast happened during evening rush hours where there were so many commuters on the macro system this metro station is the busiest in the capital of meals this is where too much reliance intersect so this is why those so many passengers securing this evening rush hour also it's only one hundred meters from the republican palace where lots of state ceremonies take place and from the central square of means an hour after the after these last president aleksander the question close up but
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a terrorist attack was the made version being considered he also said that he would turn to russia for a helping hand with all that russia has a huge experience in dealing with the after months of similar tragedies apart from russia he's well and the u.k. will be also assisting belarus in investigating into the causes of these bore me well if the first bloss to hit the means can matter and it's also the first fatal terrorist attack in the country's more than history. as the bellerophon authorities work to find out who is responsible there seems no clear motive behind the attack retreat babbage a political analyst from russia the real news agency says it's on rightly that internal political tensions are the way. but if there is a big temptation to blame it on their legal position i don't think it's possible because most of the you know really prominent members of the legal opposition are in jail or they're going through a trial. because of events so you sound like
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a. visitor these people have no interest in this kind of a disaster. and. evil people some of them may be nationalists some of them may be incompetent but they're not there. so everyone i think is lost in the. oval office to get the story of the. most of the opposition members they started their careers on the soviet union. they we know they have been no notice and political fight. but most of them are peaceful people in general the russians are peaceful people and i don't expect amy all these a position members to get as desperate in this kind of a course that they. stay with us here on our lots more headed your way including japan on high alert these raise the severity rating of its nuclear crisis to the
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highest level but in the emergency on par with the sure noble disaster. but first military experts are accusing coalition forces in libya of using depleted uranium in their airstrikes that deadly substance can lead to cancer and mutations in those who come in close contact with it claims are surfacing as the ongoing nato led campaign is being stepped up with no clear end in sight. he ahd investigates just a word some of the viewers may find some of the images in this report disturbed. these leave young men cheer on top of a tank hit by coalition forces unaware of the silent killer they could be breathing in as they celebrate though the western coalition denies using depleted uranium in bombings in the country others say there is a good chance weapons with the highly poisonous radioactive element have been used that kind of damage. has a really good chance it was
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a new round. in ninety percent sure that was due around a few years to anybody who was on it was getting a little richer exposure to the level of the wind blowing. the particles are in the air. so all these people in those cars are being exposed and lisa siri served in the u.s. military during the first gulf war in the early ninety nine it's clearing up battlefields in kuwait back then the u.s. dropped more than three hundred fifty tons of depleted uranium over kuwait and iraq pictures of bombings from libya seem all too familiar you see how those touches of red that's the burning see how it shoots out instead of a cold streak and you've got the flare at the bottom that's a do you explosion it cleared it you rein him in military terms is highly efficient relatively cheap and powerful enough to penetrate the heaviest armor nato flatly
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denies its use in libya even though the u.n. human rights commission has called for advanced countries who have refused to sign up include the u.s. the u.k. france and this will the smallest particles of uranium nano particles are the most dangerous ones in hail they get into the blood and can spread into any organ including the heart brain liver the particles penetrate your cell tissue this is when you get all kinds of. medically patients and people in iraq for example read mean that contaminated air every day and experts say there is no way to fight it in fallujah or in iraq where the u.s. blocked thousands of depleted uranium rounds after the two thousand and three invasion a quarter of all babies are born with a range of horrendous abnormalities higher rates of cancer leukemia and infant mortality of things found here then after the it tomic bombs were dropped on
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hiroshima and nagasaki the u.s. and the british military admitted widespread use of depleted uranium in bombing bosnia in one thousand nine hundred five for a legacy today with cancer and leukemia rates several times higher than normal we've got trodden medical confirmation all round pollution a rock with the help a picture of the radium earlier and we see it throughout iraq or shortly rater kuwait afghanistan somalia the balkans and again now we're going to move it into a libya dr dog rocky was a leading specialist in the cleanup after the gulf war says there is no way of actually decontaminating affected areas i thought i was going to remember around a lot about the health and environmental protection re-emission he himself was exposed to the cleated uranium almost all of the members of his team are now there some theory that the suffering of those bombed in areas where there will be no western troops will go unnoticed and i was in. libya expecting
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this because it was going to find a cat and. just start saying hey look everybody here they go quick answer. the masons and so forth i don't think anyone who isn't a good pleaded you rhenium has a hoff life of four and a house dealing in years hence is this correction by some as the silent killer that will never stop killing. his chick on our washington d.c. . japan has raised the nuclear alert level at the quake hit fukushima plant to the maximum level of level of seven it's puts the disaster on par with the sheer noble catastrophe that is a city and it was based on new data showing that more radiation had leaked from the damaged plant than previously thought but officials say that the upgrade doesn't mean the situation has become more critical the operator of the plant appears to be no closer to restoring cooling systems at the reactors and other powerful
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aftershock across eastern japan to force the operator to evacuated staff this comes a month after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the country leaving more than thirteen thousand people dead atomic expert christopher simons for me international christian university in tokyo says japan's nuclear disaster is much smaller than for another. the push him and daiichi reactors have not released that much in radiation until now so over the past twenty four to forty eight hours the total amount of radiation that is leaked into the environment has reached the point at which the i know has rating is equivalent to the highest rating that is level seven the same as chair noble amount of radiation is measured in barrels and in order to be classified as a level seven the event you need to have several tens of thousands of terror about earl's that is a million million backwards or radiation released into the environment now japan's
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own nuclear safety agency and the be nice out estimates that approximately three hundred seventy thousand tera back roles have been released into the environment since the crisis yeah three hundred seventy thousand these levels are quite different in terms of the type of material the racing and i know it's raising depends on the type of material the population into which it's released only sorts of different factors and the important thing is that the disaster is still going on in fukushima daiichi is substantially smaller than the one the chair noble disaster. as christopher simons on atomic expert from the international christian university in tokyo take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe this hour nato is quote not doing enough to destroy heavy weaponry used by moammar gadhafi forces
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in libya from the french and british foreign ministers libyan civilians remain at risk. to pay said despite the ongoing nato led bombing campaign u.k.'s william hague called on colonel gadhafi to step down libyan rebels opposing khadafi have been pushed back despite the foreign bombing raids the country's been ravaged by civil war since february with thousands dead and injured. the palestinian authority now largely able to govern a state according to the united a united nations report will be submitted to the palestinian donor nations meeting in brussels wednesday but the report warned it would be difficult for the authority to make any additional progress while these rarely occupation continued and peace talks remain stalled dialogue between both sides been on hold since last year over the issue of jewish settlements in the west bank. and i've rico's internationally recognized leader on a sunny what tara has urged peace after his rival was finally captured though had
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been refusing to step down since last november's elections leading to a conflict that claimed almost a thousand lives a criminal investigation will be open to the actions of his wife and their entourage president ouattara is now faced with the task of reuniting the country. pakistan has asked the u.s. to reduce the number of cia agents in the country and to limit drone strikes along the afghan border according to u.s. media reports quote unnamed officials and come as u.s. and pakistani spy achieves need at the cia headquarters in virginia relations between the two countries of struggle to recover after u.s. intelligence operatives killed two local men in the city of lahore earlier this year. fifty years ago today mankind opened our grad new chapter of its history by ushering in the manned exploration of space people across the globe are marking the anniversary of yuri gagarin's pioneering flight. of course from the
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cosmos you're on that launched the first man to space i'm here in baikonur where many significant events in space history had taken place not least of which was the first successful manned space flight well it all began here because on this day fifty years ago cosmonaut you to go got aboard his bus took one capsule and blasted off into space well that launch pad where he had taken off from is now called the garden start it's a very safe launch pad used by the is so used to it may twenty one crew when they left for space on april fly go into the international space station they were of course in a spacecraft that had the image of god into mark this anniversary well since then a lot of there's a long list of achievements in terms of space exploration what's different countries have died in that field well we have been speaking to the astronauts and for them one of the biggest progress they've seen really is the a cooperative them on countries now of course there are
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a lot of celebrations planned to to a mark the anniversary here in baikonur famous personalities are expected to be here in a not so he will be holding one of big yuri's night party that way you got it made that flight did nine hundred sixty one he made a name not just in russia but all over the world. as for accomplishment by one brave soviet cosmetics commemorated at the united nations fifty years later we got in the first man in space for the exhibit unveiled to a crowd of roughly one hundred guests among them americans honoring a cold war era for whose achievements in becoming the first man in orbit delivered a huge space where he said victory to the u.s.s.r. i thought it was fantastic and i thought it was about and i was very jealous of this is a showcase for soviet science and technology and it's nice. from the russian perspective . that the russians opened up space for the rest of the world still images and film
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document yuri gagarin's preparation for the first flight the world fame upon his return and the trail he laid for further soviet victories that followed over the next three decades was the first his russian the first person to go into space is ours the first is ours so there really are things to be proud of this is a new. guernsey monumental achievement is now officially marked worldwide the u.n. general assembly has adopted a resolution declaring april the twelfth the international day of human spaceflight just south of the international stage. new york is hosting a yuri's night themed dance party to mark the anniversary american fans clad in costumes live out a garin lactate dream think he is seen as a hero because what he did with something nobody had ever done before nobody knew
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what would happen whether he would come back in one hundred eight minutes the twenty seven year old orbiting the planet and return to earth as an international hero in the nation's capital officials attending a gathering at the russian embassy spoke of garlands inspirational feat now as a reason. we have become incredible partners on the international space station i think you know what he started we now try to finish with the international space station and then subsequently will will explore beyond the earth orbit together it was such a gigantic achievement for all humanity and the records of course we're very proud of their role in this and having him be the first person here you garlands courage and curiosity blazed that path for cars menards around the globe while outer space odyssey may seem like something of a common occurrence today five decades ago the world was rejoined saying as a soviet legend went where no man went before or in
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a fortnight artsy new york yuri gagarin's daughter shared some of her memories of her famous father with ora t.v. . as soon as he stepped out anywhere he was immediately recognized when they were here arrived at any place crowds of people would gather around him asking questions or greeting him and even today people that i've never seen in my life come up to me with stories about my dad how and where they met him and wanted cheering impression he always made it so with us as we continue our coverage of the fiftieth anniversary of yuri gagarin's for this flight wrote the day on our t.v. our correspondents are so you know we'll bring you more in an hour from now. she's been looking at the story of the man behind the legend stay with us to find out what it was really like the people who knew him best cos the story of a man mistaken for him was front door open to see the country is waiting video coming your way of hours time here on r.g.p.
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. the fiftieth anniversary of manned space flight also being celebrated high above the earth aboard the international space station russia's president stopped by mission control center near moscow to make a special phone call to those in orbit. president medvedev congratulated the five men and one woman as they were the eye assess praising them for carrying on what could be started medvedev says the flight program remains one of russia's top priorities and i would mankind should keep moving deeper into space later at the kremlin with medvedev handed out awards to a number of russian and foreign space explorers for their achievements in reaching for the stars. later this hour watch the full interview with soviet cause not victor good about who trained with good guy and he gave our key insight into those pioneering days of space travel and into the character of the first man to go there here's a pretty. you put the video at it was the sort of man that would not let you down
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even baccalaureate normal life he had a talent for guys they shouldn't have good heads he had more experience than us in life he had been through a school a college the aviation club and the academy before he even started serving in the northern battalion one of his positive qualities was that his superiors and his friends and his subordinates liked him that was important he had a strong sense of juicy suit he said off to his fights that his goal was for every pilot who came with him to fly into space but he did his tests to make that happen you've seen every pilot from the group of twelve who were not eliminated you to pull health we'll call it discipline or the old gods to make this space flight. or you can find latest on everything we're covering on our t.v. at our website r t v dot com here's what's on the line for you right now. heading to cad a short film made by a russian teenager in just one day makes it big with a screening at the famous film festival. and just friends
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a russian woman the links to the allegations dogging italian prime minister silvio berlusconi says it's lies all rise scribing their relationship as strictly with a platonic. i'm korean american joins us next with all the latest from the world of business stay with us here on our. for welcome to business r.t. thanks for joining me this hour to be prime minister sachin has decided to step down as chairman of the country's state run well major ross have he's the first of all the presidential or other top officials should leave the boards of state companies are all reports on the roster of headquarters in the us. he go to such an
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announce to shareholders that he will step down as the head of the company no this is due to a presidential ruling here in russia it says that no government official can also hold a position on the board of a major company and is the surgeon is also the deputy prime minister here which means he has to step down from that position as the head of rosneft now although they have no and this was going to happen it was expected presidential ruling only came in around two weeks ago so it hasn't given much time to to settle in for roughness this could cause some of the certainty surrounding the sixteen billion dollars share swap deal between next and be paid now this deal hasn't had many many snags in the past t.n. k p p p p's russian partners at the moment to try to oppose it at every turn and they've even suggested that. they take
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a billion dollar lawsuit could be filed by t.n.t. b.p. against b.p. and the loss of earnings that they could make from the expiration of arctic boil fields. the russian government does not appear to be getting its way with b.p. ross deal laura and i really believe this could have a silver lining. but i think the point that it's been missed in western circles is this is such a great news for russia and great news for legal system because. you have a great example here of where the parties have contracts and of course to say if you've got a contracts you must obey there's. the fact that you have a conflict that you're trying to do something with but by the russian government is irrelevant the reality is you have a contract we have a rule of law russia so actually and i think this is a point the west to me just as mr things a great day for russian you know system. that's what fishes are leaving the boards of other big state companies economic development minister to get only be one of
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their presidential aide our guys got caught which will be stepping down from their banks supervisory council there are still a number of state companies with top officials on their boards among them finance minister could really dying produce. energy. now that the members and kosky from north capitol says it's a right time for officials to quit the boards of state run companies given the upcoming privatization program. obviously the states on the two major privatization of the state owned companies this is a generally very difficult task however the biggest challenge is that it has to meet certain criteria is otherwise there wouldn't be successful in selling their packages to overseas to foreign investors here in the investors they're kind of upset there seem so many state officials in the board of directors basically. certain cleanup didn't work and this cleanup needs to be done sooner rather than
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later therefore i think i believe. other companies will pull the suit. was to correct the markets u.s. stocks fall after alcoa kicks off runnings where lackluster sales after japan's aids and measure of the severity of its nuclear crisis to the highest level of course had laid on monday it would turn to first quarter profit it said revenue grew to just five dollars ninety six five point nine six billion dollars instead of its it's been sixteen billion dollars the analysts expected. wealthy europe where markets dropped after japan to raise this average level commodity related stocks are under pressure as oil and metal prices keep falling shares in total over why i have decided paris has topped over we have to stand in london. for the markets extended losses in evening trading the r.t.s. and the noise exceptionally over to have percent respectively negative news from
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abroad and lower prices now let's take a look at some individual shareholders energy majors meet significant losses with focus on a ross they have done over green and two percent respectively banking stocks are also in the red with burbank losing nearly three percent on the rise. ukraine could see a benefit of six and a half to nine billion dollars a year if it joined the customs union with russia belarus and kazakhstan that's the estimate. but the put forward by prime minister was visiting however causing wars that if you create a form of the free trade zone with the european union also be obliged to take protective measures against cheap commodities coming across the border on a separate issue ukraine's prime minister of response again raised the subject of gas prices saying a bigger discount that it's card to get. and actually are out there for this hour but don't forget you can always log on to our website dot com slash but there's an all star is there that's watch.
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