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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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the issue is that so much a lot of people are hearing i will personally. brings brazil russia china india and south africa their plan is simple turn it into a western centric world. look out the other ones are growing but don't worry your fearless leaders in washington are busy regulating the internet out of existence but wait until gore invent the internet join us tonight as our special guest alex jones a man who has built one of the largest audiences online with his message of freedom and refocusing our fears towards the government also joined us to discuss the government's latest attempts to control the internet is not only editor of chief editor in chief of stop net regulation dot org i guess so intimidating he scared away our other guest the internet is not just a big truck that you can dump stuff on it's a series of tunes you're watching out for says the man.
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on capitol hill yesterday republican senators john mccain and democrat senator john kerry came together to do something that the leadership of both parties wholeheartedly agree on taking away your freedom and put it in my sounding title on the bill is the two thousand and eleven commercial privacy bill of rights act intended to protect your personal information. there's just one catch it doesn't apply to the government that's right it only applies to private entities would apply but not to say the department of defense which already has a database of nearly every high school child in america for recruitment purposes.
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or the n.s.a. or the cia or the f.b.i. all of whom have committed violations of americans privacy and rights supposedly protected by the fourth amendment of the us constitution the real privacy bill of rights is already in the bill of rights so say to look at that fourth amendment the right of the people to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place is the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seize so this is supposed to protect us from government not private entities that we deal with voluntarily supporters of this bill might say that we need the government to protect us from corporations but what we really need and what our founders knew even before the internet is protection from government
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senators mccain and kerry couldn't care less about your personal privacy as they do nothing with this bill to address the real threats to privacy that come from our government but it gets worse just today democrat senator dick durbin from illinois an ounce of legislation he'll be announcing after tax that it would impose a sales tax on internet purchases his justification why should out of state companies that sell their products online have an unfair advantage over mainstreet bricks and mortar businesses out of state companies that aren't paying their fair share of taxes are sticking illinois residents and businesses with the tab no sorry senator you're sticking those businesses with the tab and now you just want to stick it to some more businesses how much you want to bet some of the sponsors of his campaigns are going to profit from this legislation. he even
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had the audacity to call his bill the main street fairness act but who would really be pain this tax you that's because those online businesses will simply pass the cost on to the consumer as a sales tax added to the total of the purchase so it's not even businesses that would be bearing the cost but we the people as always and if senator durbin really cared about tax fairness you think he'd do something about the sixty seven thousand two hundred four page long i.r.s. code or the fact that after reporting a two thousand and ten profit of fourteen point two billion dollars general electric didn't pay any taxes last year he only cares about taking care of his sponsors book was it our good friend former senator al gore who
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invented the internet no but in what will generously call a slip of the tongue he did take credit for in an interview when gearing up for his presidential run. to be initiated creating the internet our leaders have no shame and little conscience here senator jay rockefeller chair of the senate committee on commerce science and transportation all using the internet to raise fear of a cyber attack on the pentagon in order to advocate for more power for the secretary of commerce to go around any legal restraints on limiting online access in case of an emergency it really almost makes us to question what is good but if we never do that is the internet. and do you a paper and pencil or whatever and that's a stupid thing to say but it is it has genuine consequence that is a stupid thing to say of course his pitch was not complete without raising foreign
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threats you know people we could bomb. but if you don't question a guy i just the other day and i am. going to fight yesterday. why because you got the same thing going on the air marshal i was given had a little bit there but senator rockefeller raised the threat of even some kid in latvia coming to take down the pentagon ok ok please take my freedom and here it is please don't let some kid in lab uranus so another tragedy another attempt at regulating the internet won't seem to go away as you heard in that formal clip that was former chairman of the senate commerce committee republican senator stevens from alaska may he rest in peace he was an opponent of net neutrality but i'm not really sure he understood what he was advocating so what we have from people like
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this is just more typical government a reaction to problems that the government itself might just be responsible for in the case of senator stevens he had one of his internets the late couldn't find it who knows the answer to the problem more government and that that time he was advocating for the communications consumers choice and broadband deployment act one hundred and fifty one page bill perhaps his understanding of the internet was let's just say a bit incomplete. is not something that you get something. good if the shares of. that speech spawn an internet me and numerous remake says here's one of my favorites. is.
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that shows. joining me now to discuss net neutrality in the government's latest attempts to regulate the internet is seen not only editor in chief of stop net regulation or and i have to say we wanted to have a another guest during the segment cory right of free press and at the last minute decided to decline to appear on a panel simultaneously with see not only here paula gys if there was a miscommunication there but it certainly says something about seton if he's such an intimidating guest that representatives of free press and i had originally thought it was craig air and we didn't want to appear on a panel with you but our guest your seat and probably is apparently so intimidated . that we couldn't get any representative from free press i shower i think they
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know it i don't know i hope i don't because if you did i'd say yeah that's necessarily i don't know what the but i don't know the problem is all right well the case for net neutrality is one of the things we hope to hear from the other panelist because it's something that you oppose a specific kind of regulation and i should just explain that what they're trying to do with neutrality is ensure that companies are not able to charge based on usage fees sounds like a good idea right i mean they've got two million signatures for their petition to save the internet which is a fraudulent tally but ok they take every they take every signature from every petition they've ever had and add them all up ok there was a story it was great sort of like riggs of the daily caller where he actually called sudden the senate for his glove the signatories on the last letter they sent were like were like the dr pepper museum in texas and this is my favorite operation catnip which is a stand neutral place in florida and like one of these have to do a poll of public policy so rigs call these people and said what do you know. what
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this letter what you know about net neutrality my favorite quotes were a lot of the more like i didn't really know about this letter i didn't sign on to it i mean i vaguely kind of know about net neutrality but not really they signed a petition online so for us kids it's a lot to do with because the point of it is the guy from cooperation as it was i can't talk to you very much longer friday spay day and i really am focused on that so i can't talk about net neutrality right now so these are the two million supporters free presses get all right so now neutrality yeah it seems like there's a there there is a genuine public sentiment of support behind it whether or not they have two million signatures there are people on the internet who are saying we need this but it seems to me like kind of the typical liberal mentality of saying heaven forbid we pay for our use of force corporations those who are the people who are providing some of the service to take care of a certain way let's use the government to demand something from service providers is that a fair court it's fair and it's also it's bizarre because there are it's not just
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that they're attacking corporations it's crony capitalism they're favoring some big corporations at the expense of others a.t.v. arisan comcast who provide the backbone and build the backbone for the are getting slammed by net neutrality to benefit companies like google who by the way remember how we all heard how great obama's two thousand and online presence was it was one whole blocks like in peril by google it was a google online operation so now google wants the net neutrality there so as they start using more and more ben with. the companies that build the bandwidth can't charge the more which at the end of the day hurts the consumers of free press and company are supposed to be helping because the only people left to charge if they can charge people using the in the broadband and with is us sounds like a crony capitalism is kind of a byproduct of the government intervention as it was of all that's what kind of capitalism is it's the government saying i've got buddies who are corporations and i'm going to use my power as the government to help them and hurt their competition
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their opposition people who are in their way of making more money but you're saying that with net neutrality with this kind of government regulation what we'd end up with is barriers to entry into the market absolutely and it's stifling of competition which is so essential for the internet right it's dramatic. there's a term called sunken cost which is the last you have to dump into an investment business that you won't get the attention for everything about basically you can't make it because it's so big and that you can't charge the rates that would make it up instantly that's a long time because something costs for internet is huge building right to do you know holes it's very expensive so by raising this threshold you're really limiting the number of companies that can invest as this is going to prosper because when i think of these economic issues all the time on well what would it take for a new company to jump in here what would it take you know for like facebook for example there are a lot of you go on facebook is bad because or you tube any site that really dominates right into the internet well there's video there is you know not really
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my space that he will you know there's that competition so if a school got to the point where it was too onerous and it's violations of privacy rights there would always be that competition and it's the same thing with services and the scares me a lot to hear that there is going to be that barrier to entry in the marketplace and along with this kind i mean they did it with the december vote at the f.c.c. on wired broadband and they were backing it up in the bill and free press the company went nuts because they didn't hit wireless hard enough so last thursday they went back and voted themselves been sort of them so. isn't it the data roaming process for wireless companies which put with your price cap what companies that have built networks can charge to lease i well i got to put you on the spot here for the second scene because you're not for a completely unregulated market but in the case of the internet you are and there are people who would have to say well where do you draw the line if you say that there should be no regulations whatsoever on the internet era but there should be some in the economy at large what is the role of government in the economy in general and why do you cut out the internet well i don't cut the internet what i
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what i don't want is any internet specific laws like net neutrality and there are plenty of laws on the books right now to deal with someone like that in a sort of water blocking content which is the allegedly problem which doesn't exist . for net neutrality due to exist is going to stop you guys piece going to sort of rise from blocking content well there's all kinds of unfair trade practices laws all sorts of things like that at the f.t.c. the federal trade commission at the department of justice there are existing statutes that deal with bad business practice you don't even the internet specific laws you just need business bad business practice laws which already exist just like you don't need an internet bill of rights or provide for propriety civil rights and we've already got we've got a little rights and that all you do is add more and cheapen the original bill writes thank you so much for joining us and thank you for having the courage so at least they on t.v. and face anybody that might disagree with you and stand up i would give you want to write on that was editor in chief of stop net regulation dot org seton motley when
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we come back we'll explore the education of a true third with luke without injury and alex jones to explain how he's been able to reach so many people using the internet and. fight. for. feel. let me get that we met in a park right here right here. i
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think iraq may be the body well. we never got the look says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you're going to hear freedom. and. what drives the world is the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions . made who can you trust no one. is you view it with the
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global missionary see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called natural so when nobody dares to ask we'd give our tea question more. you know sometimes you see a story in the scene so. you think you understand it and then you give them something else and here's some other part of it and realize everything is ok you don't know i'm sorry to the big picture. it's just. thank you. thank god i know.
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how am. i thank you you. thank . that was none other than lucrative founder and leader trouble maker of we are change confronting the pittsburgh police at the g. twenty meeting there in two thousand and nine i sense a confronting really the police there were confronting a group of peaceful protesters while with courage and eloquence educated them on the constitution and the bill of rights he was just fourteen years old on nine eleven living in new york city and after questioning the official government story about that day the essence greatly expanded the scope of his activism and evolved both intellectually and in his tactical approach activism. thank you so much for joining us so you were fourteen were nine eleven happened you were living in new york city huge impact on your life tell us about how that day impacted you and how
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you ended up questioning the federal government story well there was a lot of hysteria there was a lot of panic it was it was very scary to be in new york city i'm not i've been but i remember watching the news reports days and days out that propaganda of the towers coming down a lot in space tiresome and gamble on its face and i was i was born and sold i mean i went to the recruiting station i was fourteen and i tried to sign up to the military with a god ok fourteen and i didn't have to you know i was unable to sign out some rules are in place for a reason and they're very good and and then when i was about sixteen or seventeen i was hanging out with the kind of role of crowd in brooklyn new york city i got beat up by the police department and ever since that happened i tried to press charges i had witnesses i had pictures of bruises so this was our city with that some sixty something to it was a couple years later and between nine eleven and then and this catalyst event you didn't really you weren't politically engaged you weren't questionable not at all i
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was just i was playing bars of the basketball and so you had so you had a run in with the police and i remember the person appointed to my case said i was never beat up by the police department because there was no video proof of it. ever since then i've been on a search for answers a bit of video camera around my neck twenty first i've been brought on now he started really representing some of the people that were ridiculed in the american political dialogue as truth there is a conspiracy theorist and i don't know what would your take is on on what happened that day and frankly it doesn't matter because i know from from our personal conversations you don't have a theory that you're saying well this is it i know the truth but there are enough an answer questions that you want to challenge the power structure that it's keeping some of these secrets so tell us how you've gone because i think really the the entire nine eleven truth movement has gone through an evolution from focusing on the explosives in the building and building seven and then at the end of.
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norad and all these all these all these and hologram places because people threw out all sources rather crazy to discredit you really evolved and your thinking and your perspective on the world as a result of that can you tell us about that and what is it that now motivates your activism drives you i mean not eleven is only one small piece of a larger picture there's a lot more going around the world right now that elites have been using to benefit them and their goals for global consolidation of power and they've been doing it simply behind the scenes in the mainstream media has not been talking about it and since the mainstream media really isn't doing their job it's only appropriate if we the american people use the internet or full potential and be the mainstream media and we slowly are becoming that with our videos with you tube and facebook and twitter we are slowly getting more views more attention more respect and credibility is more relevant than the mainstream media it is more relevant because i mean she media never asks the hard question and they never they don't have the
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courage to talk about secret societies or the players behind you know all these crazy quotes and all these crazy things people are doing and it's up to us to pretty much be the media so tell us about some of your influences in that process. it was deafening us to be one of them i mean the man predicted not eleven before it happened he successfully infiltrated the be humane grove secret society and documented how our christian politicians do mock child sacrifices run around robes and have male prostitutes they've been into their. retreat so he did that he was just a little it's hard to believe but it's hard to believe it is the video when you see alex jones coming in there videotaping the lockout sacrifices our politicians our elected officials and people in power in a robe still in these crazy i love you again in your group and pass things like that too because it's not so important what the superclass does in their off time in the crazy stuff they do to get away from the rest of us pee on all we know is that there's a lot that we're not being told there are well i think what we all have
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a common concern with is that there is a super class of people in the world if you want to count it as a few hundred or a few thousand of people that have an extreme concentration of wealth and power but it's great that you are that you bring up alex alex jones we have him on the line here from texas let's bring on alex jones alex thank you so much for joining us on versus the man and look it's great to be here on your new show congratulations thank you sir now you've had an incredible influence on our generation the millennial those of us born and who grew up with the inner thought i'm twenty nine and i'm kind of on the leading edge of that the older of it but guys luke's age especially who grew up with the internet and have it hard wired in a way and you've been very effective at reaching them can you tell us a little bit about how you've been able to wield that in influence in the significance that the internet has had as a tool for you. well it's been absolutely essential but i never really had a battle plan except to tell the truth and because i've been on the air now for
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more than sixteen years and because i was reading globalist planning documents declassified and leaked documents i was aware of this shift to a global private corporate dictatorship dominating through ten to one sovereign nations and so the real reason we've seen exponential growth in people visiting infowars dot com in prison one of dot com is and listen my radio show and when watching my films is because it's evergreen what i talked about fifteen years ago you can see one of those old access community goes or one of my old radio shows or some of my old news stories on the web and it's very pertinent to what's happening today so i think it's the message and the alternative media is growing while the establishment mainline media who so rigid and basically repeats government corporate talking points they can't compete and so they're basically panicking and now coming in with the internet kill switch and regulations and jay rockefeller
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saying would be better without ever having internet and they're announcing e.a.'s federal takeover of radio t.v. and they're putting in telescreens at wal-mart's where the homeland security says spy on your neighbor the system is really panicking because they were very arrogant and thought that they could sit back in their ivory towers and call people like myself ten years ago conspiracy terrorist that we're talking about the plans to implode the economy through the end of last eagle and to read it and then to establish a new global private banking cartel that would issue a new digital currency and now all that's being proposed george soros just last week the u.n. and so people are like whoa these guys really laid this information out i'm saying well yeah i had the documents fifteen years ago when i said all babies at birth in the western world have their blood taken for forty years and put a secret database now that's in the associated press and so the mainstream media is playing catch up but it's already too late plus. the mainstream media the dinosaur media tries to spin it and because of the alternative media on the internet leading
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the loony channels like archie that show a wide spectrum of ideas they are also through traditional platform bringing wide spectrum analysis in a full debate and it's crushing the establishment well as secretary of state it's right here where and as hillary clinton came out directly with it we are the ones at our two year winning the information war but we're going to get a cold and it's i've got a quick question for you because i know you're personal friends with charlie sheen we heard you talking about him on the view and it would he see as as you said and you showed he shares a libertarian world view a perspective at least in the good seems like it's similar to ours and to see some of the stuff he's doing almost as a representative that it's a little bit disturbing now i'm a little troubled by it is there any way that we can reach out and perhaps channel his energy to more productive activism because he said himself why are people paying attention to me when we have a i think he said of the revolution in egypt he said he was more concerned about
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what have final what happened with building seven then the fact that he's sleeping with two porn stars i mean how can we how can it be do you have any plans for channeling his energy into into more productive activism. this is a very complex issue i don't know how much time i have to charge just a second here. the charlie i've known for over six and a half years was just drinking coffee and smoked cigarettes about a year ago he fell off the wagon and went through a seven month very dark time now he's a little bit manic the last three months i've been to his house talking on the phone. you know i warned him that i thought that c.b.s. would cancel the show and he didn't believe that that happened i mean i've really tried to give him my advice but he's really been in kind of a unchained mode and we saw a little glimmer of that when he went public for nine eleven truth when he was on top of the world you know six years ago and now you're just seeing him really unchained just you know basically having a good time and saying i don't care when you think about me and now he's settling
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down you know a little bit but i got to know charlie through nine eleven truth and i didn't think this whole controversy would start on my show when i had him on that day and i've been at his house of the week before and he was working out in shape and off drugs i was there to say good job attaboy and he kind of melted down attacked his bosses there and then the whole controversy started that was not my intention well i hope we can find more opportunities to bring out some of his political passions and really channel the attention on him to the more important issues but i'm so that's all the time we have and i you really set a whole lot but peg so much for joining us alex thanks for having outstanding. that was radio host alex jones it seems we have a government based on the suction and euphemisms and the greatest tool to cut through the crap propaganda we get from capitol hill is the internet so it's no surprise that is being targeted for regulation you have to be careful about who your share your personal information with on i'm but the government might just make your efforts meaningless when you give your info to
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a private entity they have an interest in maintaining your trust in order to keep your business the profit incentive means that they will want to use the info to better serve you and you always have the option to not give them your info in the first place or only give it to companies you trust meanwhile law enforcement agencies are asking for your information from service providers in violation of your privacy rights supposedly protected by the fourth amendment and government has been described as a solution looking for a problem doesn't sound like a solution to me government is the mechanism by which controls schemes are imposed on us when we allow ourselves to be convinced that we don't need it i don't think that the government will ever be able to effectively stop the internet from allowing us to figure out how to accomplish all the things we've been convinced we need it for but as abolition abolitionists wendell phillips said and turn a little it's is the price of liberty that's our show thank you so much for tuning in to our third episode of adam vs the man please check out our own.


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