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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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today in the big picture a. new website with twenty four seven live streaming news times what to do about the ongoing financial heart unlimited high quality videos for download. and stories you may never find mainstream news. of the. week in the. post you are too dumb to say. hey guys welcome to shell and tell me alone a show we've heard about our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear audio just go on to you tube does video respond or the twitter first part of the
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questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long responses and we let your voice be heard. all right it's time presides tool time award and tonight it goes to michele bachmann. the minnesota congresswoman and possible twenty twelve presidential candidate has been i was this week trying to woo social conservatives and she was speaking at an event and thanks voters that helped oust three i was supreme court justices who ruled the gay marriage was legal in the state which is listen to michelle as she spoke about prohibiting judges from enforcing equal protections in the constitution it is lol when our home articles reports article three of the united states constitution we in. this. justices.
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we have with them are already decided what should just. so michelle who claims to love the constitution now want to take away the power of judges maybe she's confused about the three separate branches of government let's just recap for michele here first there's the legislative branch made up of the senate and the house of representatives their job is to make the laws for our country michel you are part of that branch of government just in case you're confused then we have the executive branch of government that's the law that made sure that the laws of the united states are obeyed the president is the head of the executive branch and he's also the commander in chief of the armed forces then we have the if you do so branch of government which includes the court system and the supreme court is the highest court in the land and you see courts decide arguments about the meaning of laws how they're applied and whether they break the rules of
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the constitution so sorry michelle but you can't just take away the rights of judges who rule on issues that you disagree with that's not really how it works that my dear would be unconstitutional president or of congress shouldn't you already know that hell you've been organizing weekly constitution classes at the capitol we're going to do with the n.f.l. does and what the baseball teams do going to practice every week if you will our craft which is studying and learning the declaration the constitution the bill of rights just to school when it's graciously agreed to kick off our class half hour before we cast our first vote in congress will meet in a camp little will have a class on there are a seminar and some segment of the constitution will have a speaker will have questions and answers. oh michele bachmann a whopping contradiction in today's political world and that's why she is tonight's tool time where. now here on the show we. showing you how terrorists have used all
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sorts of means to spread their message and how they're trying to do in more innovative and modern ways and we've told you about the hardest magazine inspire we mention the hottest magazine for women. are the so-called cause for jihad it's but they're not just using magazines they're also expanding to other means as well like the music world now we touched that hot water sutra hottest musicians in the past although frankly not of their were anywhere near grammy worthy but check out this guy his name is omar hammami a.k.a. months or all i'm really and i'm ari is an american born in mobile alabama he converted to islam and they joined the somali al qaeda organization al-shabaab and this guy is a self-proclaimed jihad is he thinks there is musical talents are going to inspire other westerners to join the jihad movement so we just wanted to put hamami to the test so we snagged a copy of his latest album the beginning of the end and all right let's test out
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his rhymes with his first track send to be a cruise as in cruise missile. penetrated . with it is. send me a quiz like my limited. sammy a couple times likes of. me if you like a. special forces and that and he say meo for say me much much more i prepared to head to the store seventy four seventy more that's what i implore and let me as you noted unless straightforward. i mean what the hell was that if that is made tripe i would say this album is going to be a bust but let me give him one more try because besides make a high with me. it's actually written already. we've taken.
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some good at doing it. and then. we breaking. away. is it just me or does his rap album sound more like excerpts from a book on tape certainly i'm not convinced and i hope that means no one else is going to be either all right so now we know that it's singing rapping skills oh they're not that good but mommy does have an interesting story turns out that he's a well known hottest in military circles and recent reports actually claim that he was killed back in march as are my do any other rappers out there i don't know believe there is not even a chance in hell that he'll ever reach the same success as to or as big eve but maybe the rumors of his death are going to help get him some credit and some music circles unfortunately i think the jihad is martyr type of circles might actually be into that but let's step back here let's take note of how the jihadist movement has grown it's plain to see that they have absolutely no problem bre and gracing modern
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media methods just for their method message but examples like that females are hottest magazine and now militants working diligently to have their voices heard throughout so i just wonder what's next for the movie a boy band only time will tell but hopefully their efforts aren't going to work hopefully anyone modern enough to be a giraffe or glossy mags is going to appreciate the freedoms of the world and reject you. now debt is something that has in many ways become a constant in america the buy now pay for it later mentality our government has fourteen trillion dollars worth of debt and i'd only keeps on growing credit card debt i think we've all been there but now student loan debt is becoming one of the biggest problems for young americans in fact for the first time last year student loan debt outpaced credit card debt and according to the new york times it's likely to. a trillion dollars this year and the complications are immense this comes at a time when state budgets are being slashed or intuitions going up and pell grants
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are in the middle of a budget debate on capitol hill the economy is in a recession unemployment is high and now an entire generation has to ask themselves whether it's worth living the rest of their lives in debt just to get a degree earlier from our studio in los angeles i caught up with and because perry and host of t y i t university now by the way the young turks regular show they've been nominated for a web ease so we wanted to send our congratulations but back to this topic i first asked and tell me what college students have been saying about this on the young turks t y t university show. yeah but what you're hearing and not just in the united states but also in the u.k. is that students are not only outraged by it they're frustrated and they feel discouraged they feel like you know education is no longer an investment because they're hearing all these stories about how to wish in is increasing they're taking out these loans at the same time they're getting less for their money because of the fact that all these universities are cutting programs student budget cuts and
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by the time they graduate they enter this job market that is terrible they're not able to find work and they're left with these massive loans and you know the new york times just reported that the average college student graduates with twenty four thousand dollars in student loan debt and steve four thousand dollars is actually a very small about when you consider some other students actually the majority of students who graduate with almost one hundred thousand dollars and so a lot of students are now saying that they don't even want to think about getting a graduate degree because they have so much debt by the time they get their undergraduate there that they don't feel like it's an investment they're willing to make they don't feel like it's worth it it's very depressing to one of the statistics that the new york times noted or not it's a distance but just piece of information is that a lot of these people are still going to be paying off their own student loans when they're ready to send their own kids to college so it's something that's going to keep lasting that so depressing but it becomes this double edged sword as you
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mentioned it becomes so expensive that people start questioning whether you know it's even worth it to be in debt for the rest of your life just to get this degree but then if you look at the situation that our economy is in right now and employment is much lower when it comes to those people who have college degrees so the students ask you on your show to you know for her advice to ask you should do i go to college why do i not go to college. you know some students have e-mailed me and they've asked whether or not it's even worth it to make that investment and i do think it's worth it but students need to start looking at student loans differently and they need to look at it in education differently the days where you get higher education and you get to study what ever you are just because it interests you you can no longer look at it that way you can't go to us c. and major in philosophy and think that's a good investment that's one of the worst investments you'll ever make ok you've got to look at what the tuition costs are for certain schools you've got to decide
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whether or not that major is going to make you money by the time you graduate you have to think of it as a business investment and i know that that's a really sad thing to think about but it's look you don't want to graduate with a philosophy degree at one hundred fifty thousand dollars in debt you're going to you're going to lose in the long run you know in the new york times article they actually talk to barack obama and brothel bamma talked about how when he graduated from law school he had about sixty thousand dollars in debt which by the way in today's terms is a bargain ok and he said that his student loan payments each month were more expensive than his mortgage and a lot of students don't want to get caught up in that situation and they shouldn't and a really good way to prevent it is to really do your research ahead of time make sure you know how much the tuition is i went to a state school and i loved it i think i got a great education and it was affordable and i was able to graduate without student loans and i was able to graduate thankfully
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a decent job market and i think some students should really consider less expensive schools even if it's not their first choice just look into it yeah i'm with you on that one too i'm also from california i think they were lucky in that sense to california in that we have good public schools i think the u.c. system is great of which you know i was a part of two but it's really sad. right that you can't go to college and study philosophy investor around and do it you watch and use those years to find yourself and just think anymore everything does have to be a business but you know on the i know you mentioned that people really need to investigate what they're getting themselves into and one of the things that i think is so under reported in this situation of student loan day is that these for profit colleges these kaplan's. university of phoenix schools they go for people that often you know might want night school because they have children they work around their schedule but these people are the ones that are most likely to actually not
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only have student debt but then to default on their debt as well. you're right a for profit colleges have been investigated by the federal government a great deal in the past year and it is something that's under reported so i'm glad that you brought it up just to give you an idea of how often students default on their loans after they graduate from for profit colleges keep in mind that only twelve percent of students go to these institutions that that includes the university of phoenix kaplan i.t.t. tech to fry all of these for profit institutions that are popping up all over the country only twelve percent of students go to these institutions but you also have to keep in mind that nearly fifty percent of all student loan defaults in the united states are from students who attend these colleges ok so a vast majority of which already of them graduate there are unable to find work and they're unable to pay their loans back and keep in mind that
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a lot of the funds that these colleges get are from taxpayers it's federal money that is going into these colleges so they can in turn give this money to students so they can be able to attend these schools so it's your taxpayer money and i really like the fact that the obama administration now is attempting to pass something known as the gainful employment act which would basically hold these for profits accountable if students are graduating from these colleges and they're unable to find work and they're unable to pay their loans well then all of a sudden the federal government is not going to help them with aid and i think that that's a really important regulation to pass. i think that's important because there are unfortunately you have so much federal money going to these for profit schools and at the same time we see budgets being slashed in states across the board and cuts being taken out from education the places where i think people could really use it and i think so much for joining us. thank you so much. coming up next it's
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a bipartisan effort to keep you safe when you're online i'll tell you about a measure proposed to protect your privacy from companies that want to collect their data and we'll hash out all the details on this bill first and it's the kind that. we are going. to. be the one. we never got the chance to get to safety get ready for freedom.
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hey guys welcome to shellings tell me alone a show we've heard are just sad to say on the topic now i want to hear audio just go out to you tube the video response our twitter profile to the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show longer sponsors please log on to the.
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it also gives you a story of the scene so. you think you understand it and then you give something else here's the part of it and realize that everything you saw. boating closes tomorrow on the time magazine online poll that's allowing online users to vote on the world's most influential people for the year and guess who's on the list in fact guess who's in the top ten that's u.s. army private first class bradley manning who currently as is at number eight on
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this list now manning as i'm sure you know if you watch our program on a regular basis is accused of leaking classified documents to wiki leaks and he's currently being held in solitary confinement in quantico virginia pending a military trial as we reported several times on this show manning's treatment quantico continues to gain worldwide attention for the u.s. and definitely not include a way just this week alone the u.n. and china have all called out the u.s. government for of course the manning is being tortured while at the military base manning is reportedly being left in a cell for twenty three hours a day under constant watch and forced to sleep naked at night and his harsh treatment is not only led to outrage from around the world but also led to grassroots support on the internet and numerous protests so appears that manning supporters are now using this time magazine poll to draw more attention to his abuse outright the man who has made it so high on the list i think speaks to how much support he really does have and just about everyone ahead of him on the list
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is something the singer and actor i mean. radia type but manning is still clinging on to number eight all of all in prison without any communication with the outside world and interestingly enough manning is now ahead of julian a son who's coming in right below him at number nine now was manning's alleged leak of more than a quarter of a million diplomatic cables but turned wiki leaks into a household name and made julian assange enemy number one of the u.s. government so let's hope that manning continues to move up in the poll before the voting ends tomorrow i think any publicity about his treatment will help draw attention to this case and the u.s. abuse of one of their own citizens so they go out and vote. yesterday senators john mccain and john kerry introduced a bill establishing an internet privacy bill of rights something that consumers and civil liberties organizations have been waiting for for a long time now this measure would create rules that would force internet companies
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to explain to users how they collect their data who's going to be able to view it and how they intend to keep it safe so for those companies wanting to get their hands on your info think of your name their e-mail address maybe even your credit card numbers they won't be able to do that without your individual consent and web companies would also have to offer users the ability to opt out of data collection and all tech giants find even a microsoft intel and h.p. are all signed on privacy groups are saying that this bill isn't going far enough so let's figure out what the pros and cons are here are the scots are with me is the technology reporter for the hill and thanks so much for being here tonight now you know like i said this is something that i think has been a long time coming a lot of groups have been waiting for this but when i hear that microsoft intel the h.p. that evade all of the biggest tech firms are actually happy with this legislation in the in a way as opposed to hamper some of their abilities that's when i start to have a few questions that's when i start to wonder because usually when industry is
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happy with regulation i mean something's a little off so what can you tell us about possible loopholes or shortcomings within this bill well i think it's early to discuss the shortcomings but there's definitely some concern among privacy advocates there's no hard do not track provision included in the bill and that would essentially be a list of consumers that are chosen not to be included in any targeted advertising or information collection by the firms elected by the law so it's kind of like right now you can be on a do not call bill and. call option i guess and nobody's going to call you any of the telemarketers but at the same time they're saying that within this bill you do have the option to opt out but how does that actually work does that mean that i have to dig. through a web site i have to find the correct link and it's going to be somewhere buried deep in the bottom well that's the concern obviously senator kerry held a press conference yesterday where he argued that a do not track list would not be necessary if there was a good effective opt out procedure but of course the devil's in the details so it
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really depends a lot of people don't read the sorts of disclosures that you see on the website which which often do articulate exactly what a company is going to do with the information then later they find out that their information has been used in a way that they didn't anticipate and so a lot of it will be how the laws and force the federal trade commission will be in charge of that and of course there are companies lined up behind this that might also be a recognition that some form of online privacy legislation is all but inevitable and these maybe terms that they're willing to live with now so supposedly it within this bill if it does go through they're supposed to tell you why they want to use your information who they might give it to how long they might track it for but same thing if we talk about the logistics of it let's say i'm surfing online and i go to a web page is it going to be in this tiny terms of agreement still or do they have to make it more pronounced i mean are there any rules here that really has to be in the face of the consumer of the user well that's the thing again the lawmakers are really trumpeting and there was a new bill introduced today in the house again where they say it has to be clear
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that these things they have to be interpreted by the courts companies it may not be reasonable in all cases for them to spell out in twenty point exactly what they will be doing with their information so the law does say that they have to clearly communicate exactly what they're going to do what form that will take remains to be seen and i think it's something that privacy advocates are going to be paying a lot of attention can go on they're already paying a lot of attention to and i don't blame them right because if they're going to create these regulations to supposedly protect my privacy on my i don't want to have to do all the work i want to be able to just sign up on a list and know that it's already taken out care for me now you said that the f.c.c. is going to be tracking this supposedly there could be fines of up to three million dollars but what i do for. interesting is that apparently private lawsuits and class action lawsuits in that case won't be allowed by is that there are some provisions to limit liability i wouldn't comment authoritatively and say that there are no lawsuits allowed but again that's not a concern the bill is not final so this is open to debate there are concerns about
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liability with with firms obviously they're very concerned that if they are found to be in violation of consumers privacy that this could be something that spirals you look at some of the social networks they have millions of users so if if a user agreement or for user information is going to be using directly what exactly the scale of any awards judgment remains to be seen again that's one of the reasons why privacy legislation and internet regulations in general are so difficult is because we really can't anticipate what technology and the law and our user marketplace are going to look like in a few years i mean just imagine what a class action lawsuit with look like with something like like facebook or some type of a web browser mean this is something that millions hundreds of millions of people use on a daily basis really around the world so it seems crazy to me now i do know that microsoft mozilla goulet google they're all working on do not track the teachers on their own browsers right now do you know how effective those are going to be hear anything about them well the federal trade commission basically put it out there
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late last year that browser manufacturers should really be looking at this technology if they don't want it to be mandated from the book and that's what you're seeing is a recognition from microsoft and google that this is something that's going to come down either way how effective it is again that remains to be seen i have toyed around with a little bit but personally it's not foolproof yet in terms of being able to block all the online ads again this is one of those things where if they're not found to be satisfactory by the f.c.c. we could see a lot mandating that they work better well hopefully we'll actually see that what do you think the chances are for this law to actually go through i mean it's a bipartisan bill the moment you have john kerry you have john mccain on. board is there any type of. anybody aside from perhaps privacy advocates which i wouldn't really say any of our lawmakers are these days so is there any defiance from other lawmakers out there i wouldn't call it defiance to be honest online privacy is one of those areas where lawmakers are really eager to see especially in this partisan
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climate look we're going to get together we're going to do something on this we're going to protect consumers it sells well and there are more and more people worried about how google how companies like facebook what they can do with their information so this is one of those things that could be touted as a political achievement and for that reason momentum has been building as i said we saw a new bill in the house where we've seen several efforts in the house to do privacy legislation i would be surprised if we don't do something passed this year i really think that we're going to see laws in this area along one had i want to say that i'm happy about this i like the idea of the government is finally tie clean this issue on line privacy for users that finally maybe somebody can tell us that we don't just have to have all of our information collected and stored and then give it away to advertisers but i always am skeptical considering it's the same government that wants to wiretap the internet and get all of our information out there too and terms of when it comes to these regulations i thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me now before we go tonight it's time for our tweets of the day as we told you earlier not everybody was inspired by obama's
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speech on reducing the nation's deficit over the next twelve years vice president biden in fact was caught sleeping in the audience so tonight we wondered what would a sleeping joe biden between in his three we thought we say sorry barry this speech was a big. snow or that's a pretty night's show thanks for tuning in make you guys come back tomorrow a fellow at the joint special operations university will be on the program to discuss whether relations between the u.s. and pakistan if it is sour note now meantime go forget you can a band of the alone show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of the night's show or any other night you can always catch him. dot com fast they want to show larry because the interview as well as the cell in its entirety coming up next is our new show actresses the man. the big.
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