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there's mojo east west it's almost goes into nobody knows yet image of an air force general of sky rather some mysterious sloviansk on books in soldier's historical who tells of its culture in the city so rich in the sky calls more mila made their elegance of until the club is struck for this little become the hutto. are back you're watching our new life in moscow here's a look at the top stories the world's fastest growing economies call for peaceful solution to the libyan crisis through dialogue and reform avi international monetary system so-called bricks were a come together in a bid to have their say on global affairs. and the latest technological advances are being used to spread democracy in the arab world anti-government activists are being trained in the hope of triggering
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a ripple effect but some say intentions may not be so few. and relations between the u.s. and pakistan have their lowest levels since nine eleven sama bob demands washington cut cia operations in the country as drone attacks continue to cause casualties among civilians. that we travel to a galaxy far far away to check if outer space can avoid becoming a see it or for real life star wars art one of our special report is next year in our. nothing. comes.
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come up. on. russia look we want the u.s.s.r. to watch it the world's first earth satellite but nick won. the cold war launched a space race that would capture our imagination and feed our dreams of cosmic
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exploration for decades to come. but crossing the front year the i'm still into space would also revolutionize life on earth. out of sight hundreds of kilometers above our heads a fragile network of satellites manages are interconnected society. of the one thousand satellites in orbit today almost half along for the united states not only making the united states the most advanced space nation but also the nation's most dependent on its assets in space space is the backbone of our national security there is no substitute and there is no alternative to military dominance in space and this conviction should drive our course for the next fifty
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years. the us air force academy in colorado springs where the military space elite of tomorrow he's trained seizure and. people in rome you better caesar augustus than can any empire earth during previous time. roads improved pirates no longer threatens ships on the high seas is why it was so good during this time. that the period acquired. it was and is still referred to you yes the parts room on which means the roman peace another period he says acquire it. it is cold the pox americano. or the american feeds.
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you refer to the period with the period of. time where the world has. come about. nothing it seems the past summer time this thread. most of us only feel we were none. the less. they were mourning and civil wars and. the lord will take you out of the shadow. you. so says and i see if you know them as shaken in the hills lose my little. bit of.
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my name's fair first class called saw america the air force academy i graduated in forty four days and i'm just going to my part to make sure that everyone here can enjoy the freedoms. pax americana is a political view which simply says that because america is currently the sole superpower it has not only the ability but their response ability into the far future to maintain while peace. right. america now has the chance to establish an american empire a pax americana that will last for many many decades and one of the ways to do this is to establish strong american control of space china.
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anti-satellite weapons. weather satellite about five hundred miles according to u.s. government officials after three misses trying to succeeded in shooting. weather satellites the test may be part of china's efforts to establish a military presence in space does this mean the spy satellites the united states depends on could be shot down. left behind a trail of garbage circling in orbit now after the fall of the satellite. it could cripple us what they're up to. the test of a chinese anti-satellite weapon in january two thousand and seven alarmed many observers of both the vulnerability of america's satellites. the united states and particularly its intelligence services worry about an attack on the united
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states it is not nuclear weapons it is not chemicals it is not biological but it is technological. a surprise attack against satellites is a catastrophic. scenario studied by the u.s. forces by knocking out fifty u.s. military satellites the chinese could literally cripple the u.s. . they could prevent the military from being able to communicate with its forces they could blind the u.s. intelligence community which uses electro optics satellites to determine military force movements around the world and they could also cripple the guidance systems that are used on precision guided munitions. in many sense you could be a kind of an electronic pearl harbor. without
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space the u.s. would be unable to conduct any type of military operation in an effective way. the civilian space industry generates more than two hundred fifty billion dollars every year the destruction of even a single orbiting satellite could put at risk the economy daily lives and millions of citizens. if you look at space lots of times you think. most people. when you open yourself. from. satellite t.v. and live news from around the globe. to use the. system.
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you can. weather forecasting faster monitoring. our entire life and satellites are sensual and we're not consciously antilles. there's a tremendous premium on the united states being able to provide other people for tracking our assets in space and to ensure that we can continue to work exercise for use of them and if necessary also to be able to deny others and use of similar assets for their own purposes. the world is changed as more in the more countries develop a presence in outer space possibility of a space battle the longer science fiction. the first few solutions the
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us air force comes to. this elite forces of the earth is a science gone keeping watch over our interests higher for the brain. i'm the only person head of the department of astronauts who is the earth force academy we've been continually teaching the fundamentals of astronautics to our guests and every ship that is graduated from the air force academy almost forty thousand now have taken at least one course in order to purchase this area right here what's that all about stock right and superimposed on this of course we have a hero. iley elliptical orbit military strategy it shows that if you want to control the battlefield he'd be the first in seizing the high ground the most
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advanced frontier whether be land sea air and now space the person that controls it has the advantage so made sure that we can deny our enemies space is a huge advantage. military forces have always relied upon high ground technologies to gain advantage of. general and civil war in the united states. troops in the army especially in the union army used hot air balloons to get above the trees and see where the enemy was and of course the first airplanes to be used in world war one were centrally reconnaissance craft they were designed to fly open book and she really only played. space that has been called the ultimate high ground and the advantage to the state that can seize and maintain the high ground is the same as holding the high ground throughout history
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whether there was a hill a mountain or in the latter half of the twentieth century the aerospace. denial implies the use of force weapons from space to crown is true sharing the protection of american satellites in the face of potential threats is the responsibility of the us air force the united states is going to become the world's policeman does that title resonate with you do you have any reaction to that do you think is accurate if you were accurate how would it play out if you look at numbers on the first roles of the united states navy when it was established was commanded piracy let's look at if you look at. potential commerce in space law enforcement and things like that are going to be. an important mission was more and more countries start using space for security purposes and military purposes sooner or later they're going to collide and sooner or later the space we
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come into the arena for will fit for good or bad and the same kind of ethics that we apply its military force in other environments will apply to space a job stretching the analogy to the breaking point but the space the analogy i think is one of the more useful. as the dutch controlled the season the seventeen hundreds as the british tended to police and control the seas from the eighteen hundreds in one thousand eight hundred and as the united states has done in the twentieth century and will do in the twenty first century and that is to ensure that commerce is unfettered pirates and others should they be out there are taken out of. we can do the same thing for space we can do so in a way that is good for everyone and is good for ourselves it is policing the heavens for the good of all going up here just which may our. view of jack for the united states maybe deploys hundreds of heavily armed warships in every one of the
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world's oceans no one accuses us of contributing to the weaponization of the sea because they know that the presence of our weapons it sure is free transit for all who pursue their peaceful interests us systems based in space could similarly patrol the commons for the good of all the us air force has been charged with the mission of ensuring space access and space access in times of conflict. can the united states air force do this mission without weapons. and i thought oh americans tonight we're launching an effort which holds the promise of change in the course of human history i ask for your prayers. and your support. thank you and i when i joined the staff of the committee on armed
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services in the u.s. house of representatives back in one thousand nine hundred five my first assignment was to investigate and oversee the strategic defense initiative this was president ronald reagan's star wars program and this new national strategy represents a break from the dangerous. destructive at the height of the cold war. also known as star wars was a program conceived to destroy only missiles by relying on orbiting systems u.s. interceptors are fired as level one depends goes into action. at the time the prevailing view was that this was going to work that the technology was almost in hand and that this was going to change everything i remember the briefing i got from my staff director who said not just anti-missile systems but
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all major weapon systems were going to move to space that space was the new high ground even then we talked about in that way where we're all major military operations we're going to be by the end of that century it was a debate of stellar proportions the nation's number one star gazer vs the pentagon's chief of star wars it cannot protect the population of the united states it can be but the soviets overwhelmed outfoxed underslung i for one am not willing and able to just accept the idea that it can't work this day i never got off the drawing board the project was too far ahead of its time and the anti-ballistic missile treaty prevented the testing on which the successful development of the. bombs on target real time management that's what we're about. in that's what we are able to deliver through space air land and sea and the
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capability of all those to come together we started the storm we've done that in each conflict since then we get better and better and better. though planning to arm the heavens was put under wraps the use of military satellites for global communications and getting weapons to their targets was relied on more than ever. since the first goal for the military presence in space is only continued to grow becoming the keystone of all operations during the air campaign on baghdad in march two thousand and three seventy one percent of all weapons launched against the iraqi capital were guided by satellites. at the beginning of the twenty first century star wars resurfaced under a new name this solid defense. then allowed
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to build a missile for the cowards there are threats of today's world to move forward ballistic missile defense cooperation must go and we must deploy affect the missile defenses. that interest felt when president bush took office here and here's how great people that surrounded him if you walk away if you could go rumsfeld yeah i think of it cheney. really really had said well i'd like to get rid of saddam hussein but second westerveld a result of that. good morning. i just included a meeting of my national security council. we were viewed what i've discussed with my friend president vladimir putin the course of many many meetings. and that is the need for america. to move beyond the one thousand seventy two.
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anti-ballistic missile treaty. when george w. bush became president and mediately he gave six months notice to russia that we are pulling out united states is pulling out of the a.b.m. treaty anti-ballistic missile treaty that limited the united states's ability to test and deploy anti-satellite weapons so-called missile defense systems and other space technology at the pentagon today a warning that space will become the next big battleground to meet the challenge defense secretary donald rumsfeld is making space a top pentagon priority putting a four star general at the head of a new air force space command to take charge of all military space activity including any new anti missile defense pay careful attention to protecting and promoting our interest in space pentagon officials say is the first step toward eventually putting weapons into space. the united states is the leader of the
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search and development of space weapons possible secret and in the black budgets of the pentagon these covert programs cost many billion dollars a. month technology has benefit from this financing. starfire has been used primarily in the past to do research on satellite tracking also they've done a lot of work in astronomy with range finding of stars he use the laser to be able to help tell you where the star is and how far away. in the budget documents from the air force there's also been mention of the use of star fire for anti satellite weapons. the air force told congress that it had no intentions of using starfire for anything related to you and he sell it weapons however they are doing it's just. to make the laser beam very skinny. and make it stay very stable as it goes up and they're going to target that on
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a solid. if you're tracking it sally you don't need a very skinny laser beam in fact you want kind of the light because you want they think she catch it in the top right. so. many of us here are concerned that this kind of a test is actually an anti-satellite weapons test and discussed. in april of two thousand and five the air force launched an experimental satellite its name was the tax s s clever. theoretically this experimental microcephalic has the ability to disrupt other nations satellite.
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as a done so no. could do so will pressure ok but in reality. until. one of the things i think people need to know is that most technology that's used in space can be used either for weapons purposes or it can be used for totally benign good purposes lasers for tracking good idea more precise tracking small micro satellites that can go around a big cell it take pictures good idea as it helps you figure out what went wrong with your satellite and that's hard to do right now good idea that same little microcell aid that's going around the big seller could be set up to go around another person and run into it and kill it. the technology doesn't know whether it's a weapon or whether it's you know a benign use the question is going to come down to the intent of the people who are
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building these systems. to the anti-missile shield is regarded by some critics as being the visible freeze of an urgent space weapons program. soldiers hold it by critics of building. in military war games this is the nation's launch ballistic missiles on american cities. for possible impact of san francisco shores but in reality who is capable of pulling off such an attack against the usa the interesting thing is that the threat is actually shrinking not increasing the ballistic missile threat is declining there are far fewer ballistic missiles in the world now than they were fifteen years ago there are fewer countries with ballistic missile programs there are fewer hostile countries to the united states critical is to coastal programs.
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when you start when you look at it it really comes down to work to a handful of states whose programs we we worry about north korea and iran basically and they own. we have medium range missiles that is they can't reach the united states. from ronald reagan on birds every president as third funding for missile defense under different guises various funds costing at least two hundred billion dollars. are u.s. taxpayers getting what they pay for if it's a con it's a con and useful defense is the greatest fraud in the department of finance and believe me it's had a lot of competitors. i really i really believe this i'd. missile defense is the longest running fraud in the in the history of the u.s. department of defense. if the listed strikes are so improbable
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why seek to repel many such cots and from space. what if missile defense is a disguise for envision beyond simply destroying this site. there's going to be an inherent in the satellite capability with any ballistic missile defense system regardless of whether it's located in space or elsewhere. and i think that that's effectively on oh boy the. ballistic missile in some senses is more difficult than targeting a satellite and therefore targeting a satellite is almost always ok filippi that's associated with missile defense system. in february two thousand and eight the united states destroyed a disabled satellite of its own using missile defense interceptors. in the us
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demonstrated at these interceptors also called kill vehicle and obliterate any satellite in the earth orbit missile defense is a trojan horse that has nothing to do with defense whatsoever it's all about projecting power it's about off and i've been to the bases in colorado springs that i've personally seen over the door where it says master of space. and i read the documents vision for twenty twenty and a whole array of other military space command documents that have said for years the u.s. will control space that we will dominate space good we will deny other countries access to space we five percent of the world's population in the united states are going to deny other countries access to space i mean absolutely provocative i would tell you that we are so. so dominant in space that it's a. pretty a country that there would come up against just. the synergy with air land and sea
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forces and in our ability to control the battle space and seize the high ground is devastating.
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