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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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coming off a response to economic inequality and interference in libya the leaders of the world's biggest emerging economies put their heads together to draw a couple approach to globalization. united they stand at the brits want to build a new world economy and start needless deaths of civilians in libya all of the details from hi now i'm coming your way shortly. facebook twitter that kind of gotten a good look at the technology being used to spread democracy in the arab world but all the intentions are really on. pakistan
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a demand for us to cut its activity in the country as relations sour by drone attacks and civilian deaths at their lowest level since nine eleven. also all jains b.p. and also have had extended by month the deadline to complete that share a small band the oxy the exploration deal strongly opposed by b.p.'s a russian columnist more in twenty minutes. a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow now the world's emerging economy giants showing a united front in their push for reforming the international monetary institutions at a pivotal meeting the leaders of russia brazil india china and south africa all but so-called breaks but also the cry did the use of force in the water on libya it's
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all part of their efforts to gain greater clout in global affairs and. i was in the chinese resort sagna when the gathering has been taking place. in essence what they really want is greater influence both in the sphere of economics as well as politics where economics is concerned they really do want to see major changes in the financial model that is existing today in order to benefit the developing countries which if you just look at the numbers is a significant portion of the world's economic growth they did mention this the believe for a new currency well this is they want a broad a broad based reform reform corsi system which basically means if you want to see another a currency is as a reserve currency rather than just the u.s. dollar or the euro of we know that china is really pushing for the you want to be in that position they do want more say in the i.m.f. for example and the world bank china certainly wants more voting shares in the
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world back now are they did so i think is the vision that they want in these regard had they have come to a consensus let's hear what president yvetot had to say on these. brics countries have a common approach to the reform of the international monetary fund and the bank we discussed and. we've reached a united position on this issue is what is bringing down the volatility of prices of agricultural products. they are quick to point out that this grouping is not in any way to replace the existing groupings in the world especially with developed countries it is not to be against any of the organizations. were engaged in efforts to create a multiple institutional order with new supremacies. areas of the. rich does newt organized against any group of countries in fact work corporation and governance mechanisms in line with the twenty first century they have come out quite strongly with regard to the libya crisis are they really do see that the efforts being there
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by nato is against what they feel is the limits of that matter that you have a solution by two seventy three let's hear from our president medvedev who to speak after the break summit on the side. to sort through some journalist to elaborate more on. the u.n. resolution must be fulfilled in accordance with the wording and meaning and not with free interpretations of some states because what we greeted was a no fly zone to stop the escalation of the conflict so that we can separate the two sides but what we have now is a military operation it may not be on the ground yet but it's certainly going on up above a number of countries were taking part and then nato steps in but the resolution doesn't say a word about it that's why when i hear the resolution is i disagree the resolution is absolutely fine but it must be fulfilled without exceeding the mandate it's based on because mr. have also did bring up the issue of the ivory coast where
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there are two conflicting sides and the you were stepping in to bring in peacekeeping troops however went far beyond that and had taken sides to what the president had said and this is something he calls a dangerous time for the sentiments echoed by president medvedev was certainly also echoed by the other members of this group certainly in brazil wanting a bigger say the u.n. security council not the permanent seat why simply because they really want a stronger voice and they want to recenter when it comes to big political decisions such as the ones in ivory coast and in. as i said your reporting right there let's go let's get some more details now on the bridge summit and talk to. the editor in chief of the moscow based international affairs magazine good to see you so that brics countries getting pace that they're certainly being slightly more vocal over recent years and obviously seeing a shift of influence away from the west or are i slowly started to focus more on the east. well i think this shoot started long before the truly big source
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said that although you're right if you will bear in mind that no brics countries population is over forty percent of the of the planet population and do produce more than fifty percent towards output but of course it's a very natural challenge to the old sun does it all for you can always say we think we're seeing an increasingly increasing maturity with the economy as are all of these major players. called me because in terms of political wit and military we should be at a sort of it's not indigenous but you can normally the matsu that many countries like china are being moved through prizes switch much much more directed than. we can dance to countries and that of course that's to be influence of the whole union so as we're seeing here these these economies continue to bolster and the brics communities here the leaders are are trying to be more vocal on the global stage
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but there's a there's a there's a comet out there because members they know that they're not striving for world domination or anything like that but they are trying to get a better foothold on the world stage are they not i do not think that as a union as a community works country somebody should put normally in the world but some countries within the e.u. may be trying to that well let's let's talk about one of the major bones of contention at the summit here are some of the brics states are saying that they support an idea to get rid of the u.s. dollar. or as the main global reserve currency i could not be realistic at all and if indeed that is realistic what currency would you recommend. of course that britain would system it's not in the soap's it's very shaky situation. because of euro signaled for the there is a kind of rouge of this monopoly over all the world economic system thing in the
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united states the more and more realize that's what it will take time before and i think the more reasonable. all to come would be because i would join got skittled says it does mean that you are in for that enjoy your muscular current us so it was a mix of different currency and i think this is what would be a reasonable approach and you deserve very possible development but at the same time. again china and their concert can be a regional meeting that so you can solve if a major shift gears here and i apologize i'm running very very low on time so the five countries that is brics summit they all are condemned the ongoing use of force in libya can you out of four million in the short amount of space of time we have left here do you think their concerns will at all be heard acknowledged or even anything acted upon by those in nato they would be good but would not be here because. this comes as a stick to the guns and the doom to want to lose the freeze because the went
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too far in front of the situation right out of my not going to see the editor in chief of the moscow based international affairs magazine thank you. now the differences over the operation in libya stack up among nato members today's meeting of its foreign ministers in bergen promises to be a fiery one but u.k. and france have been pushing other allies to increase the military pressure on mcconnell could have a head of the meeting a specially formed contact group on libya called cricket afy to step. down and let the people terminate their own future meanwhile the u.s. is training anti-government activists from the middle east and north africa on how to spread democracy with the help of technology but it's not easy guy nature can reports it could be a hidden agenda. the u.s. is providing high tech help with the innovations for anti-government activists in a number of countries throughout the world one of the latest developments is the
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panic button according to the state department the application can be uploaded on activists cell phones should they be detained the software instantly raises the contact book in their phones and sends a warning alert signal to other activists sounds great one push of a button and it's all gone probably mungo's thanking the u.s. government for the quick knowledge you are going to be drug dealers and terrorists but american officials of course claim the best of intentions saying. it's to protect pro-democracy forces in other countries to help use the technologies more effectively the u.s. has organized training sessions for thousands of activists the one held just weeks ago in the middle east including anti-government campaigners from the media syria and lebanon and as the newly trained and equipped activists return home the u.s. is once they department official put it counts on the ripple effect for any
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interference doesn't have to be a military invasion a bombing campaign or you know some kind of special operation on the ground in that country it can also be the training and funding and the political support given to individuals who then promote those foreign interests and that's one of the newer strategies that the u.s. government has successfully been executing in different countries around the world that it doesn't consider subordinate to their agenda and it's a way to do it subtly it's harder to detect it it's harder to denounce it and it can often be more effective the u.s. perceives the internet and social networking platforms as major cool's for spreading democracy and pumps millions of dollars into developing systems to help people in the middle east and china get around internet blocking far walls but at the same time american companies provide. bahrain saudi arabia and kuwait with the technology to effectively block websites when the us government purports to be spreading democracy it's simply a sham it's a pretense it's a lie the goal of u.s.
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foreign policy is to put people in public office and in foreign countries the u.s. military has recently launched an online management program which enables it to generate multiple fake identities on social networks the false personas or designed to contribute to the flow of conversations on facebook twitter and other websites people are using social media for cyber warfare i mean that's what we're going to see more more and more of i think from from whether it's governments or non-state actors they're going to try to find ways to use the internet and social media to gain an advantage in their own battle the recent turmoil in libya's suggest orchestration of twitter with fake users only around five percent of libyans have access to the internet and the number of twitter users there is so small that analysts couldn't even calculate it yet in february of this year
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a surge of lead in twitter accounts of peer reporting in english and virtually all begging for intervention we know. since the beginning of the war but libyans still going to access a bit but those people go check this essential fact and they take all this information coming so be there are three spare you which is the real purpose but repeat it that you trained activists provided with panic buttons and other technologies scores of false identities on the air and spreading certain ideas the u.s. says it's all about promoting democracy but who these declared in cancun is justify direct interference in other countries the mastic affair. i'm going to check our reporting for watching our team. and you want without seeing still ahead for you this hour in the program reaching out. or you look at mothers who children not only
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to suffer from a red disease put they also have the added burden of fighting for government health and financial support. plus i'm not really huge mystery to look for us to back up left on the doorstep it was in russia's far east are stories coming shortly. now of relations between the u.s. and its ally pakistan in the fight against al qaeda seem to be on the brink of collapse covert cia operations drone attacks on civilian deaths have prompted as lot about to review washington and demand it reduces its presence in the country it's easier if an option in our courts from the pakistani capital. here in a slum of ours officials say the relations between the u.s. and pakistan are today and it's war since nine eleven and there are many reasons behind these teary ration a case in point is that of raymond davis
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a cia spy who shot his dad in brode daylight earlier claiming they were trying to rob him this incident exposed huge concerns over the activity of us private security firms similar to those operating. and iraq others claim the real work was neutralized in the trees nuclear arsenal which is to become the world's largest pakistani officials here in islamabad say they have no idea how many you asked contractors are currently functioning in pakistan and what their identities are nor their purposes and unacceptable situation the u.s. obsession with firing drones into pakistan also threatens to critically destabilize the situation in pakistan targeted militants in the northern part of pakistan near its border with afghanistan march seventeenth drone strike is reported to have
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killed forty innocent civilians prompting a month long break by the us but despite these casualties and a bloody experience in both afghanistan and iraq and now in pakistan here there seems to be no sign of a policy change from nato its part pakistani officials here in islamabad in the capital of pakistan warn about. a seriously strengthened not only anti american sentiment but also to military sentiment in this sensitive region making it increasingly hard to justify the continuing war on terror that is trans prime minister in an interview with r t can. u.s. drone strikes are causing huge anxiety for pakistan i created more problems rather than solutions in fighting terror the rules or progress. created in
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the military and against the government and the military there are problems like this and it is not in favor of either military strategy or critical strategic. work different despite u.s. immunity undermining the pakistani government's top officials here in the capital and keen to smooth over divisive issues to stress the key point is a stable pakistan is in the interests of all regional chanelle t. islamabad pakistan. there's always are plenty more stories and blogs and i was just a click away on our website of course but it's dot com has a face of what's waiting for you one line right now and it's a never ending nuclear nightmare in japan as crews continue pumping highly radioactive water from the damaged fukushima reactors. and fred let's take a look at a facebook campaign that's sprung up after a president was caught red handed there years taking more than here to sign up for
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. now more than half of children in russia suffering from a rare forms of almost as they die at an early age without ever getting any help from the government but cost of the treatment they need is normally impossible for parents to meet but the money is available and it's not always so easy to access. reports. they're all the same age billie when one country and they have the same debilitating condition the only difference between them is that one was born in the capital and another one lives in a small town and is this zip code lottery it's already defined who of them believe and will die live moment some others ask me if it's all worth it all this expensive treatment and the nurse told me look he's ten he's unable to talk and still wears diapers what's the point of spending so much in his treatment but i love him regardless of whether he was diapers or not i just love him the way he is this sort
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of questions is pursuing mothers of children with the huntress syndrome all the time but only because these genetic condition is impossible to cure but even more so because treating it is prohibited really expensive so expensive that for many years children in russia countries syndrome didn't stand a chance of living to middle age that is until sneezed and mothers like her forced moscow authorities to pay for treatment yet the russian constitution doesn't say that if the treatment is expensive then it shouldn't be provided that if a child was unfortunate to be born in a small town you should be abandoned to allow nature to take its course. yet this is exactly what's happening with the two hundred fifty children countries syndrome in russia less than a half are receiving lifesaving drugs forty year olds followed it is not one of them the build up of toxins that his body's unable to recycle has left him unable
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to walk and talk of the last few months he's been rapidly losing his side and hearing a lot is treatment that is estimated to cost more than eight hundred thousand dollars that's an exorbitant amount that could all favored dozens and hundreds of people with less complicated conditions but the bell this money will load it may not leave concede next summer and the circus thing. that apart from his world nobody seems to care about that even as husband left her when he learned of their son's disability local authorities refused to help citing the lack of money but he lives thankful for small mercies bodies still alive comes hope. i'm happy just a week and see him breathing sometimes he smiles and it's the greatest gift for me i know the treatment is expensive and i know this money could help me other children but he didn't choose his condition and he also deserves to live the
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russian president recently suggested that the hunter syndrome be added to the list of illnesses treated exclusively at the expense of the federal budget and move many in the medical community say is long over due the bill when there are between six thousand and eight thousand threat on a search and the treatment for many of them missed you either nonexistent or too expensive a garage of the owners definitely shouldn't be a criteria for providing medical assistance to these kids and so much pain and then title to treatment just like children with food or chicken pox bursting bubbles is something that these mothers have longer to use to when they give birth to their children they all dreamt of them becoming someone grade and it was only after the killing diagnosis they realized their children bridges that great some point are artsy moscow. oh noes take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world at this hour obama's call for tax increases on the rich and cuts in government spending he said it would
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help to slash the u.s. budget deficit by four trillion dollars over the course of twelve years the republican party sharply criticized obama's plans claiming it's the start of his electioneering cuts announced for the country's defense projects you see a low cost around seven hundred billion dollars it's all about to be spent on the country's military. supposed to do action president hosni mubarak and his two song of the supreme detained for fifteen days the former leader is under detention in a hospital short of all shape after reportedly suffering a heart attack his sons have been jailed in cairo prison for a number of their regimes former leaders are being held that mubarak will appear before a judge next tuesday for questioning over accusations of corruption abuse of power and the killing of protesters. italian a lower house of parliament has approved
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a justice reform which would cut the length of many trials and may end a robbery case against the prime minister as part of a broader review programmed into the judicial system critics say it is a plan to keep silvio berlusconi out of jail and move still needs the approval of the senate the italian pm who has just confirmed that he won't be seeking another term is now facing four separate cases including one that he allegedly paid for sex with an underage prostitute. when the workers as they would rush as far east woke up one morning the last thing they expected to find on their doorstep was a pair of baby bears in a box but without a second thought about the pups were immediately taken in and quickly won over the hearts of every single person and how could they not these adorable bunches of a furry just. babies they are no more than three months old. they see brothers are enjoying almost unlimited freedom are scaling trees and checking out the nearby
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forest and territory of the zoo and of course as you can see here they are getting to know the other residents of zero. anyway so much play soon because of the large appetite these two need six meals a day that includes milk and apologise with honey of course you can check out this video and other exciting videos on our see you tube channel. four news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world seeing from the streets of canada are.
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you up to date on all the headlines when i see what's happening in the world of business with you. this is business all see hello and welcome to the program ross snap has given p.p. another month to get hitched but first the british all major needs a divorce from its current russian partners the deadline for the sixteen billion shares for between ross snapped and b.p. has been extended to may sixteenth this is to give b.p. the time to resolve its differences would be on the heart of b.p. currently blocking all news and threateningly took a show. b.p. currently find themselves stuck in something of a quagmire when it comes to doing business in russia but there is a way for them to get out of the trouble and continue their sixteen billion dollar share swap deal with rosneft if they can come to terms with their current russian partners they are now to do that they're going to have to buy a are out of their current venture g n k d p l the russian partners put the value
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of that company at around seventy billion dollars us twenty billion more than the current market price ok so b.p. is going to come have to come up with their own thirty billion dollars in cash or an equivalent in assets or a combination of the two if they're to try and buy the buy their way out of the trouble that they find themselves in now and continue with that deal with russia the all important deal russian if they say they want that deal to go ahead they want to do business with b.p. and explore oil in the arctic the simple thing is this deal is just too big to be allowed to collapse it involves too much so much more than just business it's also incredibly important politically and it won't be allowed it would be a big embarrassment for all sides involved if this deal was to fall apart so that really isn't an option now one thing that definitely will happen is that the heads of b.p. is going to face some very serious questions at their annual general meeting on
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thursday not just concerning the the rosner deal of course in the the problems with there how they're going to get out of the the trouble they find themselves in they're also going to be facing questions on the oil slick in the gulf of mexico so a hard day ahead at the office for the heads of b.p. . and chris we've chief strategist at euro seed believes the deal will still go through and that's just a matter of what prize the russian partisan chain keighley people get that reportedly valued that company at fronted billion dollars if they get it. well it's a lot higher than the market value of the company has been trading at about fifty billion dollars on the stock market so this is obviously a substantial premium to that level. but again we were only hearing from reports we haven't heard from is a confirmation of this from my group the p. r but when assumes that you can you say look the market values are at fifty there for several years do i but clearly we're
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now into the point of negotiating the valuation or some mechanism for that makes up the difference and i think that's what we center of the fact that a deal is going to happen and i would expect also given the if you like the severity of this dispute between b.p. and the shareholders i mean there's much more serious dispute than we saw in the middle of her weight then would be very difficult to see yours you know existing arrangements are pretty disputed arrangement could survive so something has to break as it were and i think we're now looking at just the valuation of the compensation terms good mechanisms to logout happen. a quick look at how the markets are performing this our european stocks the banking sector slums after it's place. a reported twenty six percent decline in that profits in the first quarter also the u.k. the main stock index dropped as a friend considering the houses the retirement of the chief executive and then other markets. morgan's first quarter results which we're not going to ask
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ourselves here in moscow the stocks edge lower echoing negative sentiment across other global exchanges they are c s m i six said dropping almost two percent. of the market movies all my think this hour and a few majors are among the main loser this hour but gas probably down over two point five percent banking stocks are also retreating more than one point five percent in the red. that was our chief business update join us for more. thank you to all of you.


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