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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the report. with us you live from moscow where it's now at five thirty pm on friday the headlines the publisher of a finnish race website which supports an internationally wanted terrorists goes on trial for helping chechens and so finland illegally however the country's authorities continue to turn a blind eye to his links with extremists. nato forces will continue their operations in libya as long as gadhafi is in power because according to the
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alliance of secretary general anders fogh rasmussen this comes as a some accuse nato of going beyond the u.n. resolution to protect civilians with a simple no fly zone. and the global financial system must be overhauls to prevent future disasters such as according to the russian president of the start of an economic meeting in china the asian dogs. right now here are not serious the latest edition of the culture show must go out by this time we'll be exploring german influence culture in the russian capital.
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and welcome on this week's muskrat program we're taking a look at german influence on culture here in the russian capital and three countries had strong links for centuries and battles the size to the positive connections between the two are only apparent so joining rotterdam is as we start this week's program here i think institutes operating in more than eighty countries worldwide it for me it's the study of german i was abroad and provides information on the country's culture society and politics to live here place thousands of books and everything plus the recent german philosopher karl marx to russian travel guides and cities. and munich to sweden since i'm very happy that people around the country are interested in our work here at the center we have german language classes organized various cultural events together with her partners and also inform people of our country. there are thousands of german expatriates now living in moscow and with the business links growing stronger every year entrepreneurial
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muscovites once a part of it there are usually ten to eighteen students language classes the majority of whom are russian the three month calls cost around ten thousand roubles the brown three hundred fifty dollars. the institute opens the doors to the arts education science and development and the sens also promotes cross exchanges social and academic and friends with the aim to bring the two countries politically and culturally closer together. and pausing to take a look at this piece entertainment news show. office one of the most famous for design is known for the use of traditional russian prince and soviet symbols in his designs. create. to raise the bright recognisable trees and some. very russian. introduce this iphone is not only painted a tile but also has the. backside
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created in collaboration with a company that registers websites with the addresses. alphabet. exhibition of the famous photographer. has been working with. other glossy magazines for decades has opened in. the world's top museums such as the metropolitan museum of. the victorian albert museum in london. and i must have the chance to see dozens of celebrities photographed by the artists. ask foreigners what they miss about the country and most of her really say something regarding food so if that's the case then bring your own later hosen and come to this day with the very the restaurants. on the nifty prospect set to serve the best breakfast in town. of course no one goes to a restaurant without a recommendation so why not give two well known politicians
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a cool to see probably take oh it's impressive enough brings us to this week's guest robert hello larry three new features i couldn't talk with entire i don't tell you where you from in germany i'm from a small city called lunsford. and what brought you here to moscow interest your interest i was. you hear all about russia are unfortunate model read the best things. i think russia has a very bad p.r. broad and so i wanted to come and see for myself. due to my job i had the possibility to come here and so i just decided to come to moscow. regarding germany and russia you know over the past five hundred years it's been a roller coaster of a relationship has no yes from the early second months here in moscow where peter the grades who open the russia are basically through you're all right oh and catherine the great is while the german princes being the emperor is a rusher the relations between russia and germany things have been always excellent
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apart from some areas where we did not but other than that sorry i think there are there almost like two million germans living in russia before the revolution yes i've joined it then after the illusion of cause it went down but now and now a days after the leave the soviet empire fell into going up and up again i'm not sure makes if he's going to enjoy it here in moscow until it is it's like there's no special drum and i've tried to do so again this is very active of organizing cultural cultural programs there's like a month to call votes and where you can draw and they take you to be standing by incurring the guns or they organize a christmas market for example the women the very active room ball so they call their into play broom bowl different teams so that's really like a small little festival and there's some social activity around the national day in germany for example on the isthmus mall and things going on but there is no particular. however we apologize for interrupting our regularly scheduled programming here on our team let's go back to one of our main stories here and over
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to bud lin now where the russia nato summit is taking place the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is holding a news conference that's a listen his majesty it was yesterday in which the russian president took part in as well as has a major state it's either greek still to. fulfill their goals or set its response which is that which is to president as long as you did it was tough to teach a partnership based on individual security and chill trust transparency and predictability in the study. assumable surly says that we have agreed to fulfill the sticks goal of creating a government space for stability and security in the year atlantic region just on the good of the poor thirty percent of all the countries on the nato russia quick out so of course we'll hold it as a high priority that till it's hellish a safe and secure environment for you in
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a world in which to solve the economic tasks which are both russia and the nato countries are chasing we have stressed the importance. of reinforcing our trust. we're about to construct even the dancers the developments of a constructive in my journey thirteen year along the way your because what's in the man today are not defense plans for for there were no shreds that might exist in our region but his creation just because of secure guarantees is in most of them just tomato and you countries and russia not act in their military potential against each other and i was doing so through the shift the process of going you was more than in that sphere where you were a peacekeeper which we have discussed the creation of a couple of extra russians and nato and say missile defense were used a year ago was easy and projects which school were yours as
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a test. to see whether we were all ready to start a partnership that would take all of our interests into account we're those of us and we believe all the issues in this fear should be solved that the problem that you know with our legal basis but i think we have agreed to step up our experts were put to develop the conditions are far future or the future anti-missile defense cooperation more than the sold out just what it's a future sessions of the council or how something to look out for in terms of the results we have achieved this year also discussed the situation in libya as russia . is aware of nato his decision to. provide the fulfillment of the way weapons embargo in libya with the no fly zones going through. we should blame primarily. ensuring the safety of civilians was.
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we believe that this situation what it took the public interest in what we call it which should be diverted seriously. into political discussion so that a political settlement by the against the russians supports danish to go there with you again when you was an architect of the problem you believe in the notice guards you. know our trees knew we were you in the sewer because sides should be in the car aged through the use of military force which would only lead to civilian casualties which it is our priority to. pretty sure we have all four of you several. which are practical steps aimed at developing our cooperation in the battle with terrorism which today and piracy ordinary future. as well as our cooperation and their reaction was to manmade or natural disasters the problem so
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we have discussed in detail his drug issues related to the situation in afghanistan we have noted this about successful implementation of the russian aid to program for once and for staff training in central asia to counter to border to stop the flow of drugs we have agreed that will be possible to try to step up our forward so commission will be of some guns on the resolution this year off of issues that puts in the laws to be operating with increase our corporations and i think we have got more drug threats still in this lights we are sincere it's important to improve the corporation between nato which is as up was the stronghold of the country a lot of resources in the region it is really sound russian security structures around the goals of the model we have for the top of list of which are due to. probably in the way of so agreements on what translates are implemented as
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apparently decisions of the last sponsorship deal so they have approved another important decision today so you will forgo which is to create to feel good to have to cut it off with your notice on the way when you're fond of it for staff training with that will train staff to service russian made helicopters if we afghan army is using in this helicopter of course we'll start well commence at work in the near future so actually let them get used as we can go over the city oh look at all the countries of the russian nato council you have got to see what was said fourth the figures of hard core hollywood isn't much they're willing to contribute to that fantasy for us see i was discussed the battle of terrorism our potential for a cup regime this is very serious and we're trying to use it to be obviously were as efficiently as we can those are the results of today's meetings but also that i
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consider them good results which we will continue to russia believe in this a smart move for along the path that our leaders have set out at the sun to lisp on questions plates these with public radio mr minister love of russia seems to play the watchdog referring to real usually ninety seven point three m. measuring what goes too far what goes ok so what is your judgment so far do some countries engage people engaged in libya go beyond that revolution or not. i was there to see you here but the c.e.o. of russia's narco trying a super bowl a special role in this matter. awards those awards because the rule of watch the guards of yours that has been this resolution or in any other resolution it doesn't buy the u.n. security council this role pertains to the use of curry council itself kids
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mandates it authorizes member states for certain actions like the use of force in this case it was short go to war use of force with clear english or new targets clear objectives like in libya where this object to was to enforce arms embargo throughout his own libya's territories to support in forcing the no fly zone so that. airspace is not used to launch airstrikes against civilians and the main objective is to protect civilians to protect that is a peaceful secure border population and the u.n. security council is the body that should carry out the political leadership how of all the actions that you would visit students or resolutions and monitor the situation so that the parties don't go beyond this resolution to date we have discussed i said it is earlier the president of the russian federation yesterday
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after the brig's summit in china the stick with it made a statement against two d. we seeing some captions going beyond the limits of what the united nations security council outlined in the resolution of some ari was talking about using resolution one thousand nine hundred three for a ground operation no this resolution does not sanction a ground operation and we said this frankly to our partners meaning russia nato council to date was that we pointed out that i don't know this but you know nato secretary general nudes. anders fogh rasmussen has presented a correctness and yet the vision regarding the proper way to do it and we welcome the fact that nato secretary general rasmussen has sent a detailed report to the u.n. a socialist secretary general of concerning the way nato is implementing this resolution the discussion of this report in the u.n.
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security council and you definitely help us come up with a unified position in the security council. the way that's a boost to have taken upon themselves to carry out this mandate of the highest body using mission night in the united nations are doing it and what we need to do to ensure that this mandate is implemented fully to its guidelines. as the flames sole days ago before the russian and his. council session a large group of republican senators. think it was a canadian address to the u.s. government they said that. corporation it in russia need to my becoming thirty u.s. national security they demanded to be assured that russia does not have the right of their to them was how could you comment unless. i think their opinion that there are a solitary sions in any country that was like to remind the public about their existence
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including very extravagant movements i cannot imagine a situation where russia would get at the right of veto some matters related to me sole defense is your wish but also the united states cannot have the right of veto on the plans in this area or in some other areas that russia may have us so that should. be objective so i'll be cheering good security with this is something totally different we're not talking about mused each other from doing something we need. value of the situation in the world that seems we need to assess the existing threats and challenges that we have string would miss out proliferation we need to consider together how we could neutralized closer risks together that's the case they become realistic it was that how we should counter those threats look to the log of the regular perforation of missile technology
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a fair to the security of both russia the united states europe and many other countries so there is no reason here at the woods to consider this situation. as a confrontation with everybody when our we share the same interests because we all believe that you should read then give it up with friends that come from outside your atlantic region go with the india your budget regional nobody poses a threat to anybody and we should watch and recognise this or in our work that we are starting now we quarry it was due to decisions based on the decisions made during the lisbon summit that we should come up with a joint european missile defense system but. i'm not allowed inside. you talk about a political solution being preferable for libya could you name the conditions that have to be fulfilled to come to such
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a political solution and what the net next steps are being to there and i passed this bill because you know that's it there is only one recipient here. to go will we need to engage everybody in the togs we support the militia like they says or use the african union dispatch severe look at unfortunately it was unable to arrive in libya right away the exchange for the quick reasons that goes beyond the scope of your post possible post. of stance but still at this point it's the rebels are not ready to discuss your peace proposals neither why the african union to you they demanded that the gadhafi should step down immediately and that there should be no contact with his regime whatsoever then it is not clear what kind of dialogue we are talking about the best wish and i think that most countries most people realize. that the future of libya is different than human
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what it could you know it has been focused on the socialist level of as well as possible the way libya has been developing with the worst of it for the shasta but to define a future it would be better not to use ultimatums from outside you we should encourage all the parties who want to see them you libya got to come to the negotiating table and start talking to each other a little bit not fighting each other it would have us since the nice to show or any other weapons would you trying to damage your opponent of a commission you're looking natural a lot of civilians are. being killed in this grosses so there is no major caressa to be in this case of i don't think anybody has such a recipe of what i believe that is such a role should be relayed by the countries in the region especially the african
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union is an organization of leiby and its neighbors are all members of the europe when you and i think this organization has a clear realization of what the consequences might be unless the situation is resolved. which approach there were two questions your answer last week was the first is what each was saying at them can we talk about any significant progress you would apply to. russia or to sort of the person roster of russia's purchase a patient and the european defense system and it appears to you and your partners have a vision on how is this project it will develop what's the second question is not that we get the situation developed in such a way that made tails of us just one exceeds the un security council resolution which. affects russian eight relations will require. while actually
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covered both subjects look at if you will be more specific if you want descriptive whether your sense earning the prospects for the progress into developing a joint european missile defense system i believe that criteria much especially as follows our ability to reach an understanding about the existence that would be truly collective with a good candidate in this system would be guaranteed that no element of the system can be used against any of it so members i mean so your price you know any members of the russian nato council before that is why later because we believe that this conversation stops should start by harmonizing our concepts concerning the architecture of this future systems like assessing the threats that we have as regards missile proliferation so that the us europe in the russian nato council you know we have to develop in the south with peace proofs and visage this kind of approach that at the first stage we should pay special attention to developing the
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artist here for sure and the concept of this whole venture and i just used your real look at this huge system question what should be the next. piece something that the military will. so they have to harmonize their technical and geographical parameters that will ensure you know problems including legally google that when you know any of the components of the system can be directed against any of the members of the russian in a council so you now concerning the situation in libya and nato's are all their leaders are all in implementing u.n. security council resolution resolution one hundred seventy three like i said this role should be very responsible those of us whether it's some of them this role should be strictly implementing this resolution calling for that to the guidelines of the u.n. security council today ahead in our center to talk about this at the meeting of the
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russian media council list is the first operation that nato is carrying out with your possible grafter last fall in the after and just because through that with its news strategic concept last fall which is these concepts we've got societies based on that including after consultations with the russia this concept reflects the objective international law should be respected us and that the u.n. security council decisions have story already and whether the alliance will follow those guidelines strickly or we'll show us the east and how effective the coup she will polish or this key provision of the new strategic concept is. and they are the cleaning correspondent of the tahlia newspaper let it go bigger for central europe mr minister as you know
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the nato foreign ministers yesterday and then president obama prime minister cameron and president sarkozy in their he'll say in the substance that cathy cathy abandon of our cafes renunciation. of power is a precondition in their opinion for a political solution in libya. does the russian federation a pre share share this view or not and a second question nato secretary general rasmussen say yesterday that needle needs more combat planes to enforce the opening of a political sort of solution do you share this view or not but your point of view on that thank you so bizarre to. the u.n. security council has not sanctioned any activities that would have changes its objective this is my answer to your first question what now as regards your second
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question. because this is the school of thought that we have seen many times in order to bring somebody to the negotiating table first you have to pay him a lot. it is not often any time that the dislodge a password but i think that everybody should be interested in an immediate cease fire and greening the parties to negotiating the table has been union including talks. possible changes in the political system in libya. you know he's skeptical from german television city if. nato is discussing at least internally to support the rebels with their weapons or at least with the military and know how how does you evaluate this approach.
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that the pit was a push and there's a looser this is just mr aujali do you know my solutions as usual recount is a solution that's the simplest including resolution one hundred seventy that was adopted by consensus that we everybody wouldn't favor off with i have heard about this kind of talks this kind of considerations and i heard that there was one know how that has been already handed over to the rebels and i heard that somebody some people are already supplying arms to libya both facts are violations of the huge security council resolution there is only one way but it. yes the foreign minister. like to. i'd like you to state russia's stance on the use of the initiative to send humanitarian aid to libya because many experts say this might become the first had. military intervention on the ground that's the point another question about russia's participants and helicopter
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trust fund for afghanistan. what kind of funds is russia going to provide. it as regards your first question at this point because we have received no appeals from the european union and what's. causing it growing up in order to provide humanitarian aid to leave here. but it was more than that it's and this is in this it's it's directly in the u.n. security council resolution first we need to discuss in what way this humanitarian aid will be provided that we have the security council and there is a special comedian there that. it works on their regime all forms embargoed these bodies authorized to make exceptions for humanitarian aid and they should talk to this body now your second question about the helicopter fund for again is that we're ready to make our contribution to train personnel so the ship
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and off our training programs in russia for a dad can pilots. of the one wing of the afghan air force which and we're also providing ports of an instruments to poor helicopters specific unmanned will be defined during our consultations with our of partners and and those factories that will provide those services and i can see that our contribution will be comparable or even greater then the contribution by germany which is core dating this project. some broadcasting corporation mr lover of russian television party has been reporting that nato aircrafts are dropping depleted.


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