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parties available in grant original europe grand hotel emerald marco polo club small circles photo elliptic gold. caribbean escape this radisson. kempinski might go twenty two. park in. the publisher of a finnish place website which supports terrorism escapes prosecution over his links with extremism but also on trial for helping chechens enter finland illegally. the actions of nato in libya should return to a diplomatic level off to going beyond the limits of the un resolution says russian foreign minister sergey lavrov at the summit with the alliance in. the global financial system must be overhauled to prevent future disasters says the russian president of the start of an economic meeting in china the asian.
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international news live from our studios here in central moscow this is just past eleven pm here in the russian capital and ten pm in finland where the publisher of a finnish based website affiliated with internationally wanted terrorists was caught on trial over authorities in helsinki are turning a blind eye to his extremist links and instead prosecuting short for allegedly smuggling chechens into finland and he said now he is following the story from outside the court in helsinki. i'm hearing has begun in the criminal case against me who is the founder and main editor of the website center this is a site that according to international law and most certainly according to russell falls into the category of terrorist propaganda that is not what this hearing is about. is accused of smuggling illegally individuals into finland some hundred
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people which he himself has said are militants here of course calls them freedom fighters charges for smuggling have also been brought against the brother of chechen terrorists show me all but. he was on the internationally most wanted list for many years. is the mastermind behind many terror attacks in russia including the best school siege and he was killed five years ago by russian security forces so prosecutors focusing on illegal immigration here are many critics wondering why it's being ignored that this man runs a site that spews propaganda about a man that has made it very clear that one of his main goals is to take as many russian lives as possible he may not look like a supporter of terrorism but. founded and runs this website. a propaganda mouthpiece for one of the world's most wanted terrorist and declared by the u.n. to have links with al qaeda go to morrow is responsible for some of russia's most
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horrific recent terror attacks the moscow metro blast and the dome and out of the airport bombing which in total killed almost eighty people and injured nearly three hundred cycles do kumar of president transmits messages about those he views as his enemies and carries ads for books about the wife of a mujahedeen islamic fighter situation is that. the standard. and he's associated they are working for the politicization of islam used to bring feel about europe they want to make radicals stores or is being prosecuted not for a. terrorism bought for illegally smuggling some one hundred individuals into finland people who he calls freedom fighters the with the rights about the situation. contaminating the finnish media. writing of the same way.
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around the world what are they writing rewriting of it's correct to make there are terrorist attacks in russia this is the company that houses the website located right in the center of how simply meanwhile opponents of islamic extremism or those was speaking out against it are being persecuted by finnish authorities for allegedly violating minority rights you had maury a finnish pastor was defrocked fired from his ministry with no severance pay and forced to divorce his wife to protect her from death threats he received these came from joe kumar himself who said the pastor and his loved ones would have their heads cut off the clerk's church decided he was threatening a legitimate website and criminal cases for inciting racial hatred have been launched although he says he's trying to make something positive out of losing his job because although not been busy with my work i know have
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a very concentrated perception and spread awareness about a site that has ripped his life apart burning propaganda about a man who's torn apart the lives of thousands and he says now r.t. helsinki. well if you've ever wondered where speaking your mind can land you you can check out the special section on our website it's called attention never criticize terrorists there you can hear the exclusive confession to r.t. of the front finnish priest you just saw there in that report pastor. in hot water with the police right after that very interview with us here on t.v. you can also enjoy the work of our cartoonists who have their own take on the story and you can find all of this at r.t. dot com also there are a lot of moments. of me i can't even explain what i felt inside when i met him he gave me when i saw him. that's how russian a problem shell describes how she fell under the charms of another other than the
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italian prime minister the full revelations for you at r.t. dot com online all the time. the situation in libya has once again become a leading issue at the nato conference in berlin with russia joining the discussion foreign minister sergey lavrov has stressed that moscow's stance over the military operation saying that the protection of civilians is the main priority however he was critical over some of the methods of thought to fight the alliance the talent is invalid. russia and nato don't seem to be quite interesting page regarding the operation being carried out in live with our air strikes continue on simply secretary general rasmussen has called those countries to provide their fighter jets in order to complete the mission which in his view of nature is for colonel gadhafi to step down but this is not quite what the u.n. security council resolution initially suggested now the nine hundred seventy three resolution is just that the mission would be in that section of civilians in libya
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and is now asserting into a bloody massacre. today we witnessed. during the framework defined by the security council it's already been discussed the resolution three could also be used to ground operations resolution does not provide for such actions and does not approve them nor does the u.n. general support regime change in libya and president barack obama and president sarkozy together with the british prime minister have written a letter to colonel gadhafi to say that the only way that nato forces are going to leave the country if is that if he steps down in fact so far france and britain have been the most active in carrying out. in the way and they have going for other countries to also join the operation for saving just billions there however so far only six out of twenty eight member states of major have participated in the
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operations ratio of integration which gives you an idea perhaps of nature itself in what is not actually manners in making the decisions about libya despite a very generous with some statement that's member states are on board meanwhile russia believes that if what rebels and nation want to achieve in libya is to form a new government and for a doctor to step down that the only way to achieve that should be to put the two sides to the negotiating table. determine libya's future we need both sides of the conflict to stop chasing one another with heavy weapons and come to negotiations table that would be far better than resorting to ultimatums which endangered the lives of a huge number of civilians. russia has also said that it is no watchdog to what's happening in libya and that insecurity council should be monitoring whether the resolution it's implemented it into it is being implemented correctly. or for more on this let's cross live to political writer and professor at the university of
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california peter dale scott also a former u.n. diplomat thanks very much indeed for joining us here a lot. let me ask you firstly the calls to rebels in libya attempts to remove gadhafi from power russia as we've just been hearing says that these notions contradict the u.n. resolution how would you describe the current methods nato is using to protect civilians there in libya. where are we seeing that they're different they are benji's they're responding in different ways and is your are your terrorist plans and pointed out only six of the twenty eight only fourteen relays are countries are involved at all and only six are in the bar or chin in the ground and i think that clearing the attacks on the ground becoming involved in the current church that's
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where the rebels say they're playing. is well enough it's being done which means that parents are pretty she words being done by nature which works for them. i think said meta level with the russian foreign minister is on. for a political solution because particularly and after the recent polling and. more clear there isn't a quick military solution there is containing and grass increasing suffering on the ground so what we need is a political solution where i think the un security council should meet him because this is ensuring. the military situation. expanded in either because borders. prove that with a permanent solution and a proof of. hu jintao in china also appealed to cosy who was
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visiting and peace is the way to go ahead as all knowing when to a room in cairo the u.n. secretary general has said it's time for a cease fire and political discussion. for most of the world let me just interrupt you had because you are saying you congratulate and you admire and support what people are saying about a diplomatic solution hand but let's have a quick listen now if we can to what president obama had to say earlier today about the next step for the campaign in the b. and that's of innocent. absence of actual soldiers on the ground. gadhafi is forces are still going to be able to at least. defend their current positions particularly when you're working certain about collateral damage civilian casualties we don't want to just indiscriminately bomb. tripoli and result in
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a lot of deaths of the very people that we said we're going to protect that doesn't sound much about troops so diplomacy dialogue perhaps many might say this is a suggestion of a u.s. intention to launch a ground operation in libya what do you think. well i think that obama is genuinely reluctant to become and loyal to the u.s. a roof on the ground because americans are already overextended in afghanistan and there's talk that they may not in the end kolo to iraq. what he's offering the world of three. heads of state. cameron circles here and obama is certainly one sided they want codepage of kobe for more on the cities where there is conflict but he after is nothing they offered nothing in return they and other countries so you it will continue. their support for their
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rebels and i think that is becoming a where all here in the world are. there's an expression in america mission creep there when you start doing right and saying that the pressure builds up to do more and more because no general likes to admit that he did something that failed and so then they are for something more and. not a total surprise that we're getting trucks. troops on the ground and in england somebody has said there should put predator. troops in there which is a terrible suggestion because these people have very little discipline and it led to all kinds of atrocities and ninety's in croatia and possible so i very much hope that. they don't put any of the excess coalition troops finally from
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your experience as a diplomat how do you see this ending do you think a path he could actually stay on how do you see all this coming to an end if it will come to an end where i have a rather eccentric who are this as a canadian or as a canadian i warrant i put a very high priority on. stopping. so or i would like to see a ceasefire and i think they were reasonable the americans don't want to see a star is a very likely consequence will be partitioned. libya engine east and west i think would actually be a good way of calming things down because it's it represents the most of the. divided support right now and it also represents a return to where it is being the usual historical figure libya libya was only
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united by the attorney until one eight hundred thirty four or. least tripolitania in the west and as a temporary measure i think it will be good to. pollute all across the seas going on each of their. former u.n. diplomat and political writer peter pale scott joining us live there in the states thank you very much and the town and i thank you. britain is reportedly hiring private contract to protect big corporations in the event that could happen is the part of an experience of previous invention shows that mercenaries can become cold thinkers in volatile areas just like libya. homeless and displaced people disrupted water electricity supplies decimated infrastructure to the world tragic scenes of the destruction of lives but to britain's large private security sector a gold mine in two thousand and nine the u.k.'s ministry of defense spending eighty
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two million dollars on hiring private security firms and now insiders say they're hiring again for libya whereas for the rest of us and for most people these wars these conflicts are just a cause for concern and of course a great grief for these companies this is a bonanza time private security really boomed in iraq and by two thousand and four the global industry was estimated at one hundred billion dollars private security is an industry populated by ex soldiers where regulation is entirely voluntary that's led to numerous human rights violations this footage leaked in two thousand and five apparently shows a team of u.k. security contractors taking unprovoked pot shots at cars on a road in baghdad. formally in the elite s.a.'s both paxman did ten years as a contractor in africa and iraq while working undercover paxman says he's even had
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other contractors open fire on him he got loads of security contractors coming into your village. getting paid. amounts of money in comparative terms to what the locals would be paid of course it's going to be you know for a bit of. a bit of friction between the groups and i repair it of choice and that can be exploited quite easily boy external groups such as terrorist groups and security companies are typically hired by defense ministries and multinational corporations to protect people and property from insurgents because of the dangerous nature of the work it can easily get out of hand by the securities i think. libya increasingly looks like being a volatile state while to come and a new conflict zone means a new cash cow for private security companies the reality of modern warfare is that
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private contractors are now doing the work stoppage military forces used to do without many of the rules and regulations that govern the engagements that could mean a new round of human rights violations in an unstable country and while it would be libya that would bear the brunt of that cost for security contractors it only brings in more business. loans and. the russian prime minister has warned against getting too excited about his role in the upcoming twenty troll presidential election race becomes as president putin met with political heavy hitters from the country's leading united russia party sean thomas as the latest. it certainly has been a very interesting week in russian national politics in terms of speculating who will run for that top position of president but end of state will it be made yet again for a second term or will it be the current prime minister vladimir putin who has held that position in the past this of course prompted him to go to the united russia
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party of which he is the head of to speak with top party officials and say look guys it's surely bad election isn't until two thousand and twelve it's still a ways away and we still need to focus on the state duma elections which are coming up this year on december fourth of two thousand and eleven but let me give you a little bit of history about why this is been such a big deal this week and particularly ahead of the brics summit meeting in china we did have met with the chinese media and in that he was asked about possible divisions in policy different ways different directions that he might be pulling away from him or put it in terms of how the country is being run he said yes there are some areas where they disagree but this is part of a healthy democracy it's part of a system that works now the two of them have been friends for a long time this interview confident that i did much of the party to start hinting if you will that they would be in support of a vladimir putin presidency come two thousand and twelve this leading to today's
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discussion so very interesting we can be and of course in the international community the world likes to see these two pitted against each other or say one of them is weaker than the other but to strong leaders of the world's largest country it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. now time for a brief look at some of the stories making headlines around the world given that his business with kareena a u.n. tribunal has convicted and he could have been a top croatian general to twenty four years in jail for nine counts and you will crimes against in the ninety five people in general was sentenced to seventeen his jail member accuse. the mastermind of the operation that source and two hundred thousand serbs for study croatia hundreds of civilians who refused to leave were brutally executed in croatia would be generals are viewed as heroes a large crowd gathered to hear the verdict in the capital booed and denounce the trial. for three people being taken to hospital after clashes between police and demonstrators in the greek town of kind of tear gas was used to disperse the crowd
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protesting against the construction of a rubbish dump in the area the locals who claim the future site is too close to the residential buildings opposing the plan for several months. only changes will help the global financial system avoid future trouble to be timid have sent a clear message during an annual economic forum in china event has been dark ages dad was as it brings together the political and business elites of the region silly reports now from the venue. do viewers of the a brics countries have come to be a blowout for him would be a consensus they have reached the summit that they want to see reforms both maybe if you national financial system as well as those are global governance in order to reflect what they see as a stronger reality of the power of music and not removing from the west the role of they have brought up the bring up an article part of it to be a global reserve currency because apparently at dominated by the u.s.
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dollar nothing gets put into detail but they do want to see reform in that as well another thing they did bring up is the a situation in japan i think for profit president may get a blunt and see our cooperation in the pursuit of a nuclear energy especially safety mechanism in dealing with the past these as they had seen in japan and i think today that they are who you bring up is the issue of social inequality that could arise from their t.v. economic growth so they don't want to see the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming for that gap widening therefore they don't want to sacrifice the ability in their pursuit of their economic goals or let's get more insight now i'm joined by mark mason from goldman sachs asia thank you very much for joining us now we have seen and you can assess this from the brics summit how do you think their consensus is going to impact the economic and political will so i think this is a very positive development for the world i think the fact that these five major economies across all major of consonance the world now come together in
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a coordinated fashion is very positive this being a general understanding of the rise of the economic power of the four countries and also now with africa included it's the rise of these five areas and so i think europe and the us have been acutely aware of the the inevitable economic strength and rising strength of these areas and thinking carefully on how to how to interact and deal with that but it's it's a reality thank you very much to these economies certainly looking for. more cooperation and coordination economically but not all of the political equal incidentally all five countries are members be a u.n. security council they do want to see more influence impact council and therefore they want to see be a pursuit again of their economic power in line with their political parties well. and our show is coming your way in about seven minutes toy clips twenty three minutes past the hour and also going to be next with the markets and all the other
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business news here in moscow that's next. our welcome to our business parlance and good to have you with us. doubly met the head over us i have to knock on friday in a bid to personally salvage the shared between the two companies that are missing his paper reports the russians part has won forty billion dollars to get out of the way. i have a story. for b.p. wouldn't tell us what robert dudley was in town to talk about but i think it's fair enough to assume that the sixteen billion dollars share swap deal between b.p. and ross next might have cropped up somewhere in the conversation what is the future of that deal out the moment well it lies in the hands of p.p. they've got to come to an agreement with their current russian partners. to buy out their shares in the joint venture t n k b p now a also said they're willing to listen to what they call sensible proposals for
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their shares that what is a sensible proposal to put a valuation of eighty billion dollars on t n k p p twenty billion dollars more than the company was valued at on the stock exchange at the beginning of the week now they'd be looking for half of that forty billion in order to relinquish their stake in that company now forty billion spawn more than the twenty seven billion that was offered by bt on wednesday so both sides seem to have set out their starting points for negotiations they'll be looking to try and come to an agreement somewhere in the middle for this deal to go ahead the russian shareholders of g.m. k b p have said that they want to see a deal between t. and k.p. and ross next over the the all important exploration of oil in the arctic now this is where we have a problem because ross never said they want to deal with pre-paid notes with k.p. the head of ross never said that they'd already turned down a bid for ten k.
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be free to buy into ross never they no interest in doing business with them they only want to deal with. three nights repeal nobody it seems because they have to also ruled out doing any deal with shell so it seems to be creepy have to get their heads together come up with some kind of solution so they can put this put this this all going so get to bed and come up with us all important offered to their russian partners so they can go ahead and do that deal with rosneft and explore for oil in the arctic. and more and rostam companies head suggests the firm should be privatized in three to five years and not next year as the government is planning he says the state will make more money if it breaks as the company will double in value by two thousand and sixteen the government wants to sell around fifteen percent of raw snafus part of the largest proposition drive the country's history. and look who has hit out at government plans to increase the tax burden on oil companies speaking exclusively to business r.t.
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the company's president mike and warns it may reduce investment in production. which of them support the current tax system is a heavy burden for oil companies the projects we are doing abroad a more profitable for us in the projects we're doing in russia and the increase in taxes may lead to a decline in oil production and investment. and let's have a look at the markets u.s. stocks are rising as encouraging signs of the economy overshadowed disappointing corporate earnings reports work and company and eighteen to help pays gains on the dow and sizable losses for google highlighted weaker trading in tech stocks the internet giant shares fell nearly seven for side calling first quarter earnings call short of wall street's estimates hearing russell stock exchanges close next on friday the r.t.s. and higher and the eyes experienced in the red here are some of the knock its movers on the i six locals best in the black on news of its involvement in travis and t.'s of expiration date if you bank was down after reporting
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a seven percent fall at net profits for the first quarter under russian accounting standards and precious metal producers enjoyed a good day on the back of strong gold and silver medal game over thought it sucked . that's all for me in the business team here in our teeth but you can always find just log on to our website that's r t dot com slash business thanks for. the you know the.
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culture is the same of charging into regulatory women. but i believe that they nothing less than yet another legal intervention approved by the u.n. now in the ivory coast a former leader is isolated at the expense of hundreds of civilians hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. of. middle east soon which brightened a few about sun from funniest impressions. his friend starts on t.v. dot com. if.


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