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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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getting ready for freedom. hey guys welcome to showers hell on the on a shelf we've heard our guests talk to say on the topic now i want to hear our audience just go on to you tube the video response are to twitter for thought of a question that we've hosts on you tube every monday and on thursday to show your responses we play more of what he had.
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pearl. you know so good to see the story of the siege so you think you understand it and then you give them something else here's some other part of it and realized everything you thought you know i'm sorry. all right it's time for tonight's tool time award the united states postal service is a little bit embarrassed this evening oh stop is issued a new lady liberty forever stamp and take a good look at it do you notice anything strange about it it's not the statue of liberty that's the problem it's actually
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a replica that's located outside the new york new york as you know in las vegas now personally i don't really understand how it's possible the united states post office picked the wrong picture to be placed on the spam i mean wouldn't you contact the person who took the photo to get permission to use it and then i don't know find out exactly where that picture was taken well tonight we have a quick little history lesson for the post office to help them avoid this problem in the future here's a picture of lady liberty in vegas next to the statue of liberty in new york now as we all know the french gave the u.s. the statue of liberty it was officially dedicated on october twenty eighth eight hundred eighty sick. but president grover cleveland presiding over the event and the vegas lady liberty that was built in the one nine hundred ninety s. as part of a major theme showcasing new york city on the south end of the vegas strip big difference you guys now the post office has already printed three billion at lady liberty stamps and they're in circulation and the agency says they have no plans to pulled remaining stamps from the market but let's face it this is pretty
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embarrassing for a government agency and recent years the post office has fallen on hard times the agency lost eight point five billion dollars last year they've cut more than one hundred thousand jobs over the past two years and they've closed offices around the u.s. they've even proposed cutting mail delivery to five days a week instead of six all in an effort to save money now for its part the post office says the bill going they're going to read examine this process to prevent this from happening again and i would hope so a spokesman person said that the post office was honoring not just one great american institution but in reality it was honoring to the statue of liberty and las vegas only one stamp going to the biggest was an american institution right i was just the place where people went to go to gamble and to hook up either way the post office really screwed up here their attempt to pretend it was on purpose is a very convincing and that's why they are tonight's two all time winners. so the
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media world it seems as if one of the most pressing issues isn't the budget it's not the wars that were officially or not officially fighting help it's nail polish kids holding hands and easter eggs this ad in a recent j. crew magazine shows one of the heads of the company paying her kids tony else the problem this kid is a boy and the nail polish is pain oh my god and that's right a lot of people out there are very very concerned about this one hitting someone still is painting a five year old boy's toenails hot pink. neon. gender bending to do it with a five year old boy just significantly crosses the line media research center or to claim the ad was quote blatant propaganda so liberating transgendered children does that ad cross you bet it crosses the line gender distinctions have a place in society i think it's
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a message she meant to say and it's an attack on masculinity. i'm sorry but when it painting her toenails growing up the larger issue trans gender confusion oh and for the record if we're going to be concerned about nail polish colors then off already is should arrested justin bieber months ago when he announced he was releasing his own light of bright colors of nail polish maybe he'll be to blame for all these tall there's growing up with transgender confusion right when all else fails his blame the bieber let's go back to j. crew i do have a question for everyone who's really concerned about this who cares if a kid has colored nails you point six years old look people a mom is actually having fun spending time with her child which is more than what i can say about a lot of parents out there who tended to like their children and have pain european style and else is a way for a child and parent to connect and have at it but sadly the attack against children's advertising just does not stop there mcdonald's released this ad showing a young boy and girl who are you know reading each other and warning you this one
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comes from the philippines. and so what happens is the girl asked the boy if she can be his girlfriend to which he replies no girlfriends are too much work and they're too expensive i say smart boy for catching on so soon to that of the catholic church said oh no you did not they released a statement saying this ad gives the wrong message children that it's all right to enter into courtship and it could pave the way for the very young to be lax and carefree in fact one of the priests took to the radio over this travesty saying that the ad needs to be replaced because it plays with kids' emotions and cheapens relationships i'm sorry what the hell is wrong with this world i hate to break it to the priests out there but kids do in fact have boyfriends they have girlfriends
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no they're not serious and no they're not anything worth worrying about so let's just all take a collective deep breath and leave the children out of our political agenda why don't we all just back off it's called playing frankly i don't see anything wrong with that and when speaking of play you know a lot of little kids across the country are going to be ready for easter and there's nothing more innocent than children hunting for easter eggs but wait a minute they've already found a problem in the politically correct they're going after their one yet i will mention school calling easter eggs i can't even say you. fear. oh my god the evil liberals have expanded their way to easter too and these two news anchors in boston are like really upset about it a smear is eat he basically a three dimensional rather three dimensional circle we're teaching the children that the spear isn't a tree which is wrong so this is your issue because this is because this is the
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spirit an egg isn't a severe illness. you can't you can't change history or let's. great to hear that now the kids are going to know their shapes ok america let's take a moment here let's step back who the hell cares if they're easter eggs i mean i almost have to agree with fox i said it i agree with fox there is such a thing as too much political correctness you know so let's get back to the important issues let's let the kids and the parents in the easter interact however they want. now this week the message on our limited days or weeks but not months kinetics scope humanitarian intervention in libya officially changed president obama british prime minister david cameron and french president nicolas sarkozy wrote an op ed that appeared in a number of newspapers around the world and in it they wrote that so long as gadhafi is in power nato must maintain its operations so that civilians remain protected and the pressure on the regime builds this meets they won't stop until
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gadhafi is out for get this is what the u.n. resolution allowed for death and they give no explanation for how they'll make him go and title libya's pathway to peace this sounds more like a march to all out war have discussed this with me is michael o'brien author of america's failure in iraq michael thank you so much for being here tonight nice to be you are you with me here and that this op ed which i do think is very ironically titled livia's pathway to peace sounds like they're building up the war sounds like they're preparing us for boots on the ground whatever it takes well it's it's a cell it's the it's the preliminary round of selling the operation to the world to their constituents at least with the three of them the fact of the matter is as you just said a moment ago with violates the u.s. u.n. resolution one thousand series we have it with you and which calls for taking any links to protect the people of libya well if any links it is required to protect the people of libya then that would mean going all out but they don't want to go
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all out they want to get rid of gadhafi but that's not the mission in one of the talk turns of the international diplomacy and international policy is war is the inner instrument of policy so we're we're at war needed was at war with their official policy at least in this room in this op it is their policy is we're not. seeing that we that we are objective is to get a get rid of moammar gadhafi and they say we want we want him to go we want him to leave but that's not our objective tapping that's all they're doing is he is going in circles that's what they really want they're just not saying it are they also just telling us that you know what the rules really mean nothing they fly out the window the second we want first we have the debate of whether this u.n. resolution really allow the selling of weapons right to the rebels and then somebody found a loophole now as i imagine as you mention the u.n. resolution it does not in any way allow for the removal of gadhafi from power so
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what are they going to do when somebody i don't know finally brings that up if they do indeed try to take it out the fact is that bush obama has the united states let's start with the united states has there been a declaration of war no we don't do that anymore it's too inconvenient because they know they wouldn't get it has there been even a vote in the u.s. congress on this interaction and you know the united states is leading the u.n. excuse me is leading the united states by the nose into this thing into this because of globalization the united states is as forfeiting its sovereignty to the united nations and we are now getting sucked into this war the leaders of these three or the three countries that wrote the software. have all sorts of political backlash in their respective home countries they don't know what to do they want to come across as being tough but they don't want to put in the forces necessary to do what they really want to do but they can't say which is get rid of gadhafi and then of course we're supporting the rebels that are here of al qaida and them so it's
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just around and around and around and it's not looking good it's looking more stable idea in this op it just made it even more so do you think that we're seeing money start a player on this tour because of course all the nato leaders are meeting and berlin there's been a lot of kind of failures in that nobody really knows that the french and the brits have been saying that not everyone is necessarily. pulling their weight within nato and you know u.s. general are admiral excuse me james top right has said that nato had to increase the amount of aircraft by ten percent and yet not eight eight eight place flights not one single nato member volunteered to do it and it added to that is the head of nato i can't the gentleman's name he said his father asked me is that yes he said he said oh well you know we're we're working on it i got some positive thought that they would contribute nobody wants to contribute nobody wants anything to do with this and again it's all relative with everything that's happened with iraq and
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afghanistan especially for the people of the united states now libya if nothing it happened militarily recording or country for the last fifteen or twenty years it would be a different but different scenario it would be a different climate but after iraq and afghanistan and we were both still there we're not there i want to bring our friends in the region that we know world. out of wednesday laid out his deficit reduction plan right for the next twelve years it is he said that we can save four hundred billion dollars in defense spending over the next twelve years but at the same time obama is expanding the war in afghanistan he hasn't yet told us that all that withdrawal is going to look like he's gotten us involved in a war in libya and now the possibility of us containing or keeping a permanent military presence in iraq is also on the table so is it all a sham is he lying how it's going to be going to cut he's only expected smoke and
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mirrors to police his political base that's all iraq oh if i could if i may segue just a little bit into iraq he promised during his campaign that he'd get us out of iraq and out of iraq on a. he said to get elected i firmly believe that he said to get elected is peace just what you fork over there were still there. george h.w. bush read my lips no new taxes that was one of the things that got him defeated by bill clinton in ninety two when a president makes that makes claims like this and doesn't follow through. it's bad for the american people if you're going to say that and that gets you will work to then the american people have said you said you do it now do it and he's not what's happening is he's getting sucked into the political world that military industrial complex that machine that keeps these wars going on and on as as well as the u.n. you would the u.n. is based in new york but they don't really care what the american people think it's
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definitely become never ending like he said you know he said i probably didn't mean it you can look at george bush an example. i'm fortunate the american people are getting used to this these days broken promises michael thank you so much for joining us thanks for having me now coming out we have our friday fireside chats and it's time for happy hour tonight obama's true feelings are caught on an open mike r.t. producer jenny churchill and alex science hall reporter and blogger for think progress or join me for some fun in the. snow we are in a park right. i think. on the well. we haven't got the show there for him safe get ready because.
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it's i'm arriving here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. new website with twenty four seven live streaming news towns what to do about the ongoing financial heart unlimited high quality videos for download.
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and stories you may never find a new. me. post you aren't. welcome to shower and tell me alone to show the part of our guests how to say on the topic now i want to hear audio just go on to you tube to video respond or to twitter for part of the question that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response when we let your voice be heard. to tonight's biocide with your hooves. if you look at wall street or the bush administration and its torture program or those who destroyed cia interrogation tapes it's become very clear that some people in this country are considered to be above the law those with enough wealth power and influence the our
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gutless politicians have made them too big to sue but we did have one semblance of hope at least symbolically in spain you see the one nine hundred eighty four un convention against torture which by the way was side and ratified by the us requires states to investigate allegations of torture committed on their territory by their nationals or at least requires them to extradite those people to stand trial elsewhere in the spanish national court became a focal point for civil liberties groups as a place where a universal ruling could have been made. and justice might be attained and one of the biggest cases was brought against the bush six six officials within the bush administration the top legal minds people like john yoo and james by the but of course second tier in comparison to the president and vice president but the legal minds that created a justification for torture the architects of the torture program if you will now this case was originally filed in two thousand and nine numerous requests were sent
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to the obama administration asking whether they were doing their own investigations or which of that administration never applied later of course it came out in a week the leaks cable but although the obama d.o.j. had never responded in legal language diplomatically they were pressuring spain to drop the case but then this year this january we thought of second with hope papers were filed again we thought that maybe this time its case would go somewhere but guess what it didn't this week spanish judge lloyd the last go dropped the case and you want to know what his reasoning was in the four page ruling he said that the united states had informed spain that it was carrying out its own investigation on the issue meaning that. anymore that's rather odd isn't it have you heard of an investigation into the bush six going on here at home there was a former case not against these six men just a big blanket look and eric holder informed us that john durham was leading this investigation but that he was already wrapping it up and he told us that last year
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around the time that we found out of the investigation into the destruction of cia interrogation tapes have been dropped so please if somebody out there explain to me where any evidence is of the obama administration investigating torture remember this is the same obama who said that he would rather focus on the future than look back at the past so if you ask me this is a great and load of b.s. it states and we don't need another wiki leaks cable to tell us what really happened was that when there was more arm wringing and pressuring behind the. let's face it justice for all that term and no longer applies in this country we have a two tiered justice system too big to sue mentality and a spineless white house who refuses to take that on.
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happy friday everybody it's time for happy hour and i have with me our two producer jenny churchill and alex sites all reporter and blogger for think progress dot org and the progress report are you guys so obviously burger media has been sweeping the country we know the dollar is on board arizona is now also on board they decided to pass a burglar bills actually saying that if anybody wants to run for president they have to first prove that they're a citizen but this is what i love is they decided that you know it maybe having the real long form birth certificate is a little bit too much to ask from people so they made a few exceptions and one of the things that i can't believe is enough is a circumcision paper is enough to couldn't vince people that you were born in the united states we are all alive certificate of birth from obama that doesn't count as circumcision beepers ok i don't know if you need us but circumcision makes you american i mean it just does it's like
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a rite of passage if you're not circumcised you're clearly not american and you definitely cannot be i mean you cannot be president not an option just an option you can also do that about just both things so you know we get the christians and the jews covered but if you're an atheist or a muslim maybe not allowed but i guess what i mean you know how do we know that the circumcision certificate is authentic are they going to check that i mean it was you know the whole document by the way i never knew why the legal document but then you run into the other problem right if they actually go to check the evidence then that also brings up all kinds of legal issues because you can't just flash people when are you going to go out on them. it's really just absolutely absurd if you ask me what oh if you going on you know my favorite burger story has nothing to do with arizona donald trump or obama it's the trade or there is some story yes yes the trayvon angle far my favorite one of your mind and well ok so basically the story is that. a professor at n.y.u. thought that the trig birth there is
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a. philosophy conspiracy theory if you will was not getting enough attention by the media so he laid out an entire you know kind of report on this is the evidence here are some photos you know this is why sarah pailin a great lady will be trig's mother not hurt or is it. the actual the other three rigs mother that she was covering up for bristol because bristol was too young to then check pregnant anyways it's all kind of mess then i have the real illegitimate child that's just awful all right let's move on to the next story shall we obama has been i don't know rather soft as of late but now people are saying that you know we hear the campaign rhetoric picking back up and obama was actually caught when he didn't know the mike was on and there was a little. talking involved let's play a clip of that. so you what you want to do you want to repeal health care or all of it will have
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a vote and you're looking through that part. of the culture you think we're stupid . what you think we are is stupid and then he goes on to talk about paul ryan how he's acting like america's accountant right now that he voted for two wars there and paid for i don't like that obama i mean do you wish that we saw more of that you know when he was in the oval office or wherever he is that he's giving a speech i think gone like really a mike left on and that's all you get that's what i mean this is just what world do we let ben where temple and he is running for president the most boring person ever and obama gets caught with a mike on at a fundraiser and says nothing really controversial yeah i mean this is everything that we knew he already believed oh my god he doesn't like paul ryan like oh my god he doesn't want health care repealed but you know i think the behind the scenes that was hit in the audio recording adds a kind of sexiness to it but i do if you raise it on purpose you think they planted
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this clip to make it look like obama again i see where you go i wouldn't go that far but i will say that i go to my house and mark knoller the c.b.s. news reporter who was the only reporter who stayed in the press room and heard this entire thing all you know reporters had left and he just happened to be hanging around for some reason realize that obama's speech was coming over the p.a. system and recorded it one of his huge scoop but i mean you know it's if it wasn't behind the scenes i don't know how exciting it would be a big f. ing deal i guess joe biden style but we already have one you know guy that messes up and says things he's not supposed to in the white house i think obama has to be a little bit darker that's what i want like an extended open mike with biden is what i want i mean i'm craving it i need it and i like the conspiracy theory that's good bits can be like conspiracy theory haggard now this is obama's way of trying to reconnect with the youth who you could say i guess a little just a disenchanted these days let's move on to this part of this find this really hilarious you know there are a lot of indigenous languages out there that are dying out and there is one in
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particular in mexico called. and there are only two people in the entire. i or world that speak this language anymore and this is the best thing about it is that they refuse to speak to each other because they just don't like each other and one of them has got to be the world's biggest fool because there has got to be something massive keeping these two from talking to each other they don't live that far to their like in the same village yet that five hundred yards are according to the guardian newspaper so they must pass each other you know every day. you're the only person who speaks this language there has to be something really deep and direct you there sound like ron she sex scandal from way back in the day one of them slept with someone's mom or brother was it was or yes it was very gay on father but it doesn't matter because it shows what simple creatures we all are how little logic flies out the window at the end of the day it all comes down to our emotions i don't like proper since i don't give
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a crap if they're the only other person that speaks this language in the entire world i just don't want to have to talk to them i mean i think that you know this language must not be that great in the first place because they have no interest in teaching their children grandchildren other people in the villages language or talking to each other so i think the language probably sucks ok fine let's let them kill it all are you guys thank you so much for joining me tonight happy friday and that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and makes me come back on monday it's tax day for the analyzing who's paying who isn't and where your money's going in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other you know he's probably due to the comma slash the last show or post the interviews as well as heidi coming up next is adam versus the bat .
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rachel martin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. he.
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