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market trying to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause report. bringing you the top news and headlines from around the world live from moscow this is r.t. surely. soaring oil prices cast a shadow over e.u. energy security as conflicting supply routes by for european customers turmoil in the arab world is causing a spike in prices at a time when brussels looks at alternatives to russian energy. blaming the victims the u.s. is accused of failing to protect the innocent children trapped in prostitution are
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being jailed instead of health official reports and say there are at least one hundred thousand child sex slaves and america. and not in my backyard britain is a largest gypsy community compares it to battle a veteran from its decades long haul the egyptians that claim excuse me the gypsies claim they are being persecuted by all others who say the drivers of pride and drives down house prices. next it's all about german beer sausages and culture and the russian capital that's coming up in moscow.
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hello couldn't target and welcome on this week's mosque while program we're taking a look at german influence and culture here in the russian capital and see countries have had strong legs for centuries and battles the size so the positive connections between the two are only apparent so joining a lot of anger is as we start this week's program here at the gutter institute operating in more than eighty countries worldwide it completes the study of german language abroad and provides information on the country's culture society and politics the library here close thousands of books and everything from the theories of german philosopher kamarck to russian travel guides and cities. and munich to sweden sometimes very healthy that people around the country are interested in our work here at the center we have german language classes organized various cultural events together with her partners and also inform people of our countries and. there are thousands of german it's patricks now living in moscow and with the
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business links growing stronger every year entrepreneurial muscovites want to consummate their usually tend to eighteen students part time which class the majority of whom are russian three month cool schools around ten thousand roubles the brown three hundred fifty dollars. the institute opens its doors to the arts education science and development and the sens also promotes cross exchanges social and academic events with the aim to bring the two countries politically and culturally closer together. and posing to take a look at this week's entertainment news listen it's. office one of the most famous for design is known for the use of traditional russian prince and some of the symbols in his designs bra not only create clothes express the reason bright recognizable trees closer transom gadgets very precious recently a new device we introduced this iphone is not only painted a dial that also has the machine let is meeting russian federation of this is the.
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backside created in collaboration with a company that registers websites with beatrice's. alphabet. exhibition of the famous photographer roxanne lo it has been working with. another glossy magazine for decades has opened in moscow for the world's top museum such as the metropolitan museum of art in new york the victorian albert museum in london exhibit the works by roxanne allow moscow audiences have a chance to see dozens of celebrities percy crafts by the artists. ask foreigners what they miss about the country a must for her really say something regarding food so if that's the case then bring your own later hosen and come to this famous the very the restaurant business truck on the nifty prospect said to serve the best breakfast in town. of course no one goes to a restaurant without a recommendation so why don't give two well known politicians
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a cool to see one take oh it's impressive enough brings us to this week's guest. hello larry three year mysteries i couldn't talk couldn't arthur i don't tell you where you're from in germany i'm from a small city called lungful of some unique and very well i'm what brought you here to moscow interest your interest i was. you hear all about russia are unfortunate model read the best things. i think russia has a very bad p.r. broad. so i want to come and see for myself and my job i have the possibility to come here so i just decided to come to moscow. i mean regarding germany and russia you know over the past five hundred years it's been a roller coaster of a relationship hasn't it yes from the early settlements here in moscow where peter the grades who open the russia are basically through your old and katherine the great as well the german princes being the empress of rush or the relations between
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russia and germany and things have been always excellent apart from some areas where we were we did not but other than that sorry i think there were around there almost like two million germans living in russia before the revolution yes i'll try to get them off the delusional cause it went down but now and now a days after these leave the soviet empire fell off going up and up again and what's your big cities can you enjoy here in moscow exhibit is what it's like there's no special drama negativity just the embassy is very active organizing cultural cultural programs there's like a months lupul wilson where you can draw and they take you to be standing by in korean flag on sky or to organize a christmas market for example the women and the very active and groom bowl so they go there to play ball different teams so that's really like a small festival and there's some the social actually you are on the national day of germany for example and there's some small things going on but there is no particular german team that i would say that was there because mr prince of as your
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security you know he's got this huge space in front of his with good old beer here what's that's a russian there was you have a well i have to say german beer because it is it is stronger for those who like it i think the russian view is a bit lighter is mean you're lager beer so those who like it and i think russia has some great beer it's not the only german to be able to do nothing for the germans pm i'm from the various or as for me i like my listen you better eat you. up. moving away from him. german style and creativity also holds its own in the russian capital. such as honest throwing themselves into the russian market wives girlfriends or mistresses of all the cocks need if you're being russian. over the past ten years there's been a laws influx of german companies i think outlets here in the russian capital b.s.
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and all those old fashion houses like this one here that applied to design a has won numerous awards for his chic and creative collections and this store here located in the treasure cove closet near red square is extremely popular with the russian elite and various celebrities. who designs first store opened in his home city munich born in one nine hundred seventy eight he's famous for his any metal influenced featuring glitz and scold the signs of a closing and glamorous presses the t. shirts here are expensive it fifteen thousand rubles around five hundred dollars but move it in my bunches and with russia emblazoned jewels on the my fabric in true rock'n'roll style you can see the german design and knows the kitchen cooking i'm profitable places to be. if you fancy shopping for some high quality german clothes and one button hole in your pocket there are several brands represented in the russian capital and voted for
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example you can find men's and women's collections which combine poshest sports and fashion brands started in one nine hundred thirty two and a small production side in munich into his later developed into a label of caution inspired spools where with dozens of stores around the world. was coming to one of the most famous and different prints from russia but still be it is also why the popular here you are still sometimes appear almost on anybody's menus in the house yet the atmosphere of eighteenth century germany is recreated october fest is celebrated privileged and sixty five days a year. thirty six of germany's most popular and read these can be found here in pretty directly from european birds. the german historical it's cheek is an organization in moscow supported by the ministry of education and science in germany such institutes also exist in london paris washington and other cities worldwide one of the main aims of establishments in moscow is further research into
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russian german history it was a specializes in cooperation between young scientists from the two countries and supports joint projects in various studies and publishing to fans of the old pick we have a library here which opened in two thousand and five unearth there are thirty thousand students archive if we don't have any fiction books most of our visitors are people who study history and signs properly and we can provide material being used for the research and work. the people of various confessions the places to gather and worship the first lutherans came to the russian capital in the sixteenth century and many of them were german crossman and merchants they started a church here and by the beginning of the twentieth century the congregation of the evangelical lutheran cathedral of st peter uncool council the first seventeen thousand people fourteen thousand of whom were germans in the soviet times the
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cathedral was closed the last decade it finally reopened stores. well come to both areas. it almost looks as if it's been transported straight from the next october facts gemma music plays in the background costumed waitresses carry fistfuls of lisa size be a mugs and the smell of sauerkraut lingers in media. very nice welcome to the restaurant of r.v.'s located right in the heart of moscow in the i'm back health drive metro and with this perfect location. fun and friendly atmosphere things in serious costume stuff i'd say seafood that went to this restaurant the site popular. with the fancy trying to show during compazine will simply want to sample german b.s. the far east movement disappoints my words a response specializes not just any german cuisine but in dishes and drinks from
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various there are many regions in germany each with its own kouri harlots who we've decided to have a piece of the variable names. to be served in many different areas the restaurant is a maze of different rooms and levels pass and my food is ready at the table while just look at this food oh i live near this is all things germany for two years for me it's you thousand so why should no one could share my food in should taste like it . is this. so have spit on it we've just spent a good. time some time it's still very very young. young. to plant. closures by the time since they see oh as they say in germany is that not enough that's what i love about the russian capital a diversity of the restaurants on offer here but fortunately that's all the time we have of the space program on german life culture and influence of the russian
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capital so you get the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the very hungry crew by an hour. they come in thousands. so long to play with.
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just see others wants to take her spirit. but she is the diva of the river. is in her stashed mood celia river. chasing adrenaline on our tastes. chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission. a mission he successfully accomplished. became the first ever in outer space. hero of the soviet union one of the best known persons in the room with. all his thoughts were
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focused on smoke. could he ever think that his life's work was costumes his last. one happened in those few seconds. and what seems good season sealed the barrels still hold. your regarding. our genie. soaring oil prices cast a shadow over the new energy security as conflicting supply routes for european customers turmoil in the arab world is causing a spike in prices at a time when brussels looks at ultra. it's russian imagery. of blaming the victims to your eyes infused over failing to protect the innocent as children trapped in prostitution or being jailed instead of official reports say there are least one hundred thousand child sex slaves in america and. not in my backyard britain's largest gypsy community prepares for battle with addiction from its
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decades long cold the gypsies are claiming they are being persecuted but local residents say the crime rate is high and the house prices are down because of the camp. and if you're a sports fan you're in luck because kate is here next with all the latest and supporters. hello welcome to the sports fans here are the headlines the champions tell about your lie of win three two at home to outlands listen to guarin cup the first time. while almost game seven much favorites russian leaders lead to nil in their cup semifinal in moscow. and fight that's up from about missed the chance to go top of the russian premier league and punish dame football across europe. first the
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ice hockey whistle about you lie have beaten atlanta streets so when they go up the first time the regular season runners up the favorites to lift the trophy and i mean to this not just host and leaving just one more victory of the a three one lead in the best of seven series and great title to think judy i think for them after eight minutes and the school remain the same and so four minutes into this a period and the underdogs level three not it this sets up a frantic final five minutes andre can take in but still about back in france minutes later xander splits off maybe it's really one of the game wasn't about within twenty six seconds alex a little thought maybe treating yes in a nail biting last three minutes it's all about holding on and sure they lifted. championship trophy. got the little bit of both of my guys were for eternity against good players i think we played it morally i'm proud of my team we fought until the last minute i want to think of land only the people who'd done such
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a great job i want to thank my players he was a pleasure we almost did it. everybody saw us everybody knows that we have a very strong squad all four lines were working like one machine and the results came by itself. i can't find the words this is incredible we're the first and we proved that there. we're a lot of critics and speculation but we tried to ignore it i want to thank everyone that played and those who didn't those who were injured and also the wives of all the while he has all the fans and the last off with the best we've come a long way for this and now just look around this is why we play hockey this makes life worth living. but now a verizon or a that is not so far won their respective singles matches here in moscow to give the host a tuna lead in the semifinal between russia and italy italy are missing star players plantaris the spear very sloppy a platter can start right at night light worth of wild number forty three star
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irani russian took the first sets allowed followed up by winning the second six to number three was pleased with her performance. definitely because i expect it's a very tough mercian. i would say it was i had to fight for every point i made a very clean image from the first point of the last point and i. have very good game in the level of the game was very high and i didn't drop it i generally get didn't really give her any chances to get into the game and find her rhythm and i'm really satisfied and happy and mostly i'm happy that he gave the first point to make him. however to sign a grand slam champion because that cyber how to talk that's fast against religion even cheek favorites took the first set six team in the neck and neck second eventually finally to get our time breaking the russian then fine time and then sent this to six one to take the match to russia in the lead and i say that she
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always knew she had enough to be tried. here for sure i mean it was. kind of easy marks because a finger over the bridge level. in circles so. you wanted to stay in the same level as i was of course a political tradition first serve but second should. never got very. high level of all time so i. put pressure on her and. so russia me just one more win from sunday's matches to reach the backup file that's not channel was filled with his team's performance. will definitely play tomorrow and then we'll see. the day he was in fantastic form physically i have no doubts because it's old i would be able to win her much but i'm a lot calmer now than i was when we played france i would love to down off of first
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day i'm really happy with how the team played. and meanwhile world number one rafael nadal remains on course for a seventh straight monte carlo masters title after coming through a stern test against andy murray in the semifinals marty was a down to the match an elbow injury which might have played a cost to the dolphins much the stronger in the final says it's trying it won six court two six six one in just under three hours to set the final against patrick david ferrer the earlier defeated austria's yoga not set six three six two examples that extended his unbeaten record on to college for thirty six matches and has not lost on clay since two thousand and nine. for all that and second place cousin of al missed the chance to go top of the russian premier league after being held to a goal straw a curious about some of the visitors who remain unbeaten did go level with lead as well that are ninety points that are behind the goal difference on radio three places to make me want ten months of on the road to the bird after reading two
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minutes on frost thought a season try or eight months in the backyard school in the first half of the state because a lot of them send off after an hour plus the slip to thirteen and find a route put it straight out through the mill they'll attempt another last go at it from one place to twelfth and i won't stay seven. and over in england united streams of repeating their domestic and european trouble are over after they lost one nil to rivals manchester city in the semi final of the f.a. cup when they were both sides missing the start right united fourteen dimitar berbatov the suspended wayne rooney on thirty eight well you don't have to be honest tevez because that midfielder yacht's you're a true scored after fifty two minutes tops rising poor michael hart cost the from monday's village to start time when twenty minutes later united's task was made harder to miss scholes for a straight read from iraq this time the problem is the latter city who now have a chance of winning that first trophy since the late prime
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a nine hundred seventy six with a win up three bolton's is also facing each other out wondering. on sunday. and in the premier league first place chelsea narrow the gap to leaders united to eight points after coming from behind two or three one of the restaurant but at the bottom of birmingham dave out of sorts sunderland so you know what batting wigan greater than seventeenth place safe vital three one win at blackpool for some the seaside is the relegation zone ever so beat struggling brands won't see they'll they will have one of four grab a chrysler stoppage time when a. contract when two one last house dr stockmann wasn't meanwhile also who are second in the post little call on sunday to the transposing the car for united to four points we haven't met up with. the distance from the new nike don't we want of course to take it. you know political game on monday night we have won before sure of course and promises to be a very exciting game being able to differentiate for shmoes current. and we are as
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well no offense of teams and promotions can be. an interesting game. formula one now and red bull sebastian vettel has trained his third straight pole position from three races so far ahead of this sunday's chinese grown praying battle was on pole for the first two races of the season which he was made to have tricked with a blistering lap he finished seven tenths of a second ahead of mccann's cancer but i confronted teammate lewis hamilton sadie's before rosberg was fourth ahead of the ferraris. run no ground to a halt as he had a problem with his peers mark webber also had mechanical problems and starts eighteen's at least his teammates happy. with the today we did a good job one more time but all that it is a beautiful morrow so you know obviously we're looking to score some points tomorrow and there will be a long race i think we can be as happy as we can be with the car with with
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everything you know around us and we finish where we started on the ice as the best junior hockey players from russia took on the rising stars from canada here in moscow but it was a one sided contest as the russian red star enjoyed a thumping ninety when. the red stars for eastern all star team of the british columbia hockey league and if an appalling where is a make believe in his jersey is sure rivalry can be expected no matter what league they're playing it was. a great opportunity to play international hockey i know the russians like him is a highly highly skilled team and i think it's a real wake up call for a guys standards than that when it's russia canada you're going to see the best no matter what meanwhile the hose just returned from a tour to be formed with a win in the defeat and the russians produced an electric start breaking through and dominating two world again really know what to expect and i think the spirit of the year we kind of got caught off guard a little bit you know it's a talented team and you know they they were down they be just brilliant team canada
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seem to be confused and just didn't know what to do on the bigger size ice rink which proved an obstacle for. but it's just a lot bigger than the speed of the game is so much higher and there's so much more space it makes a very tough to defend. and obviously the office supplies that we used back. don't work out here so it's going to take a little bit of adjust them but that's what the exhibition games for while the red stars put up a really good effort if one of goals was just a matter of time in the on the home side thresh their rivals nine to the final score team canada one furious with a devastating defeat and a hard game turned out to be harsh one with several very painful body checks what could spell injuries for the russians. among. frankly i haven't even heard of this canadian league but we stayed focused on every moment we should always be very careful with the canadians and keep your head out as well was played soften try to
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several of our guys got serious hits to show some depth despite the seven goal cushion the match proved once again that any encounter between russian can illness is always a real correcta complain about out of our team. and
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the. wealthy british soil. sometimes. market.


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