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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. bringing you the top news headlines from all around the world this is our chain on to this week's top stories right here are a bomb attack on the metro system in the belorussian capital minsk kills thirteen and injures over two hundred president lukashenko announced about five people have been detained but as of yet the motive of the attack is on no. poisonous intervention and nato is accused of endangering civilians in libya by using depleted uranium shells against gadhafi forces the weapons are thought to have a long term residual effects including birth defects and cancer. the man
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behind an extremist web page that promotes terrorism against russia goes on trial in finland for smuggling chechens into the country but not for his support of moscow's most wanted terrorist earlier a finnish priest was defrocked and prosecuted for inciting racial hatred after he gave an interview to r.t. or he spoke out against the website. called next pakistan's prime minister talks to r t where he explains the war on terror is impossible to win until his country is seen as part of the international solution and not the enemy. parties joined by pakistani prime minister yousaf raza gilani thank you very much for s.n.c. for being with us. for years terrorists and has been the major challenge for your country more than thirty five hundred people have been killed about four hundred
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terror attacks in the last four years last march the white house once again accused pakistan or failing to defeat innocence how do you respond to that. global challenge. to the frontline state and you have mentioned. prizes not only. rather in film. and i. know you know. is convinced. we are part of solution core terrorism. not part of problems your own clearly struggling fighting a war against terrorism and therefore. feel there were also feared that we are fighting jointly therefore we have
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a difference cooperation and intelligence cooperation united states and the water would be credible and actionable information is passed on. certainly. but at the same time. to have a joint strategy. be conned feel alone be free and united which terrorist organizations are measuring people in your country are they i mean religious based are they for and or homegrown who are these people who have no boundaries and they have no ideology into. and. they're working on thought i may depend on foreign funding and they have the full backing of the support of. drug barons and. drug money here as strikes mr prime minister killing more pakistanis almost every day including innocent
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civilians but there seems to be no sign of a policy change on nature's part why not we have been the success would be. awarded to strategy. militarily and politically on both sides we have to isolate the militants from the local tribes and be have been successful and the local tribes are supporting us they are not supporting the villagers. then the simple plea is the created for. the local tribes for the military. problems and the counterproductive and it is not in favor of. strategy or political strategy. work difficult we have shared with the united states if there is any information actionable information or something
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really. concrete you share with us and we'll hit. because this is our own war not a proxy war. have the drone attacks there the sympathies are created in the military and against the government and the military there are problems. for a greater military presence in your country what are the acceptable limits from your point how far will you allow them to go. and they are having. more presence in afghanistan and we have nothing against their presence in mind his time as far as they are going to sterilize products time and be more concerned on national security and we have all of the. president pleasure i.
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stayed with him and we have discussed with him and people realized there to. be sacrificed a lot and we must fight against the problem and the me therefore we realize the big paradigm shift between pakistan and pakistan and therefore we have agreed. so i should not be used against each other and at the same time be could respect the united states and other countries are prospectus all good and it. makes us diplomatic cables point corruption in border controls between afghanistan and pakistan through. why more has not been done to tackle cross border corruption i want to explain to you with that one. big and it's sort of difficult. country in the water can fight against
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it and we know the country can fight them. and therefore part of the solution they mention and therefore on the cross border movement there are three point five million different living impacts time and cross border movement of thirty to forty thousand people every day and the people who are living in that if you would use the camps for the last fifty years. had been an intermarriage of impacts time and they have good businesses and parks time studied in pakistan and they are almost. parks time therefore hardly nor somebody the militant or somebody is not permitted therefore. the security at the border. or for it to run is time government through the united states there should be a biometric biometric system so what there would be the cross part of movement is
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taking place between border countries should be. no. who's not a generalist but. since we are discussing with them if they are to use accepted the biometric system gold a lot of control on the. us like a ticket two point three billion dollars towards establishing a sustainable tribal area on. the border with afghanistan where poppy cultivation is intensive for our international donors an increase but so does terrorism as well unfortunately do you suspect to suggest that some of that money. could reach the hands of terrorists. first we haven't received the money as yet and whatever the money to give it is through. through the international n.g.o.s and they're not system of pakistan and for the political support fund for the military side
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there will be have delivered their dispersement therefore there is hardly any thing which you can see the leak. of the military or the military much more. sophisticated weapons with the drug money prove the drug and the international support your country is a nuclear power how safe and secure is your nuclear weaponry from falling into the wrong hands. in the hands of terrorists. nuclear program is quite secure and. their nuclear plant friends are in washington and even president obama. to. washington. programmers in say france and
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rest assured the credit for them come on top of nuclear program and lock into the legislation according to the constitution. and therefore to be able to prove and is a very organized system. a modern control since i'm from russia and not from russian television where the relationship between pakistan and russia we had struck you know relations since nineteen forty eight and it had been top ups and downs in the relationship. after the nine eleven and again be struck with the fight against extremism and terrorism and that is a lot of cooperation on international and regional for us and we are also members of the sea org and. the interaction with russia all of the relationship between pakistan and india right now one
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incident by. the peace treaty relations became strained. again. and be have realized that we. are facing common threat and. extremism therefore if we don't go for dialogue that benefit she would be that out of this. nation that would sit together and work together and fight against a common enemy and all sort. of mutually assured reach out and we have. poor issues with india. very good mr prime minister very often key politicians become the target of terrorist in pakistan. and one of your predecessors benazir bhutto was murdered in two thousand a year later and so far as i know you escaped two assassination attempts to feel
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scared both for yourself and for your big family. since the people of their proposed confidence in. us and therefore we are privileged prime minister thank you very much for a time we wish your country in your people peace and prosperity thank you so much nick. going to. space is about all of our national security there is no substitute and there is no alternative to military moments in space. the bombs on target the time element among cultural about the less will easier able to deliver through space shuttle landings. better to good frame.
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of the film her cash cow or her. book. and we must employ. the. several hundred dollars of investment in the peaceful uses of body space. and this incredible investment from the united states and from the european union to canada other countries like business this is completely in jeopardy if we start putting graft and soon outerspace. wealthy british style. that's not on the.
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says. the week's top stories right here on our team a bomb attack on the metro system in the belorussian tumble kills a thirteen to end it injures over two hundred president bush and co analysis of the five people have been detained but as of yet the motives of in the times are no. poisonous intervention nato is accused in danger and civilians in libya by using depleted uranium shells against about the force of space weapons are thought to have long term residual effect putting birth defects answered. the man behind an extremist web page that promotes a terrorism against russia goes on trial in finland or for smuggling the chechens
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into a country complex and offer his support of moscow's most wanted terrorist leader after the priest was caught and prosecuted for inciting racial hatred after he gave an interview to our t.v. but he spoke out against the website. and all those stories come in fifteen minutes but first kate on the sports desk. hello welcome to the sports fans here are the headlines trading places discovery tribute in the fall defending champions and it's going to top of the russian premier league. wow mission accomplished here's one our overwintering singles match the national one off easily reach the final perfect cup in style. and shanghai surprise lewis hamilton grabs his first victory of the season at the chinese plum creek after a thrilling battle sebastian vettel. the first of football and his guy have lead
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from defending champions and it's to go top of the russian premier league for the first time this season the only man remain unbeaten after winning to go into non-routine mark gonzalez first half deflected shot food goalkeeper study music off the fence and then. ben so you do leah is in the right place making to no shortly after the break. and with six minutes to go robin's day went from bad to worse after december salvatore but setting it up to quick yellow cards to see red because i said to seventh. there is a need to have temporarily gone sought after going through once struggling lexically almost making the most of some suspect the standing with the visitors ahead after twenty minutes and didn't take them long to double their lives just four minutes in fact danny crowning his mazy run with a fine if you go. and wrapped up victory with ten minutes to go as
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alexander you cut off strolled around the fence to make it three no. in the army hallett did grab a stoppage time consolation for the home side transfer alexis well that was to victor's states that dawson. new boys gold missed the chance to regain top spot after they lost to a late goal locomotive by them yet as they have strike with eight minutes remaining the so-called goalie off guard had their second rate of the season isn't that into the top half vulgar search. and finally he inflicted their first ever defeat on second buttons to give more pressure on coach larry copping moscow sides took the lead after six minutes through to me to come back off of the underline that requires on the half hour then one hundred watt scored the winner with fifteen minutes to go so to want to run the rise to sixth spot sack stay in the bottom two
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. i remain and also most title hopes were left hanging by a thread after they conceded a late penalty draw one moment little call in an extraordinary finish on the other it's due to injuries there were eight minutes of stoppage time and the gunners thought they'd snatched a vital brain when robin van persie slotted home and ninety eight minute penalty case spearing brought down some scrapper grass but swiftly off the emmanuel it buoyed fouled because labor allowed jack caps to grab a reds equaliser from the start of the one hundred two minutes the gunners and i have six points behind united with six games left liverpool stay six. one at wembley state produced the first five f.a. cup semi final victory since nineteen thirty nine as the potters thrashed bolton goals from matthew robert hayes and kenwyne jones within the first half an hour and given the chance of a mountain to climb for john walters late second half brace with nice in on the cake the potus will meet match the city in the final the may the fourteenth when
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great. tennis and russia are through to the third cup final after white washing italy five nil in the best of five series here in moscow the victory sets up a final against the czech republic back in the russian capital going back to host nation needed just long wins on the remaining three matches and here is gonna lead them to victory with a straight sets win. of the robots i mean change the world number three hundred few problems taking the first set six ball and the second six to russia's place in the finals and she said kate was one of the most emotional wreck trace of her career. definitely in a very emotional in for me because i knew that this would give my third point and will go into the finals would have only was a tough match in. tough opponent to play trigger point and i knew when i was going into the merge i think i did well because i could well be key points. that i want this marriage and therefore be one of the most emotional wins in great career so i
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remind them of how the tie on folded rushed up with the cells into a strong position after winning by opening singles matches on saturday and russia completed the whitewash on sunday afternoon anastasio part a chunk of that tight battle to start ironic but edge her opponents seventy six seven six the doubles also went the way of the high side. i mean has remained unbeaten on clay since two thousand and nine after beating fellow spaniard david ferrer in straight sets to win his servants one to carlo masters title down one six four seven five to extend his winning run in the tournament thirty seven matches despite and inconsistent moments while both players in the world number one say to find out a six break points brought twice he's going to take the first set then after sharing breaks in the second encounter broke in the eleventh game in doubt for the match. i saw he and newly crowned champions. say they performed
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like a machine to win the guarin cup for the first time you are side these outlands three two at home the best of seven series for one and there. sea world i guess that we will definitely win today since our city will be celebrating the much we hard but enjoyable a chance yet we still have a chance and then we have she got a spec sheet on my top and knows how to lead his team he knows the team and its potential the best to florina so the home side getting off to fast and furious starts and they can was quick to smash it home just eight minutes in one nil no rest for the other one goalie as the hosts give their all to settle the tie as soon as possible and quite often the second the mission accomplished bridge of a tuesday little matters but one three and the american promptly took his double gold lee jones one one. one it was so what who had their dreams night five minutes
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from time underage taken right from the line to make it to one. inspired by their cheering fans the host one week to extend their lead oleksandr speed up with a strike three one. however long we used to give all three minutes from time when it's a group of blood own formula for jeez man retief. but no and when the final whistle sounded it signaled a new name escape chill ten pounds. hey i know three years i'm going to place your hard work and take that hammered out why no reward but i think. he's. going to help. everybody sauce everybody knows that we have
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a very strong squad all four lines were working like one machine and the results came myself. and i can find the words this is incredible with the best and we proved that there were a lot of critics and speculation but we tried to ignore it i want to thank everyone the played and those who didn't those who were injured also the wives of all the halakhic that all the fans in the last off with the best we've come a long way for this and now just look around this is why we play hockey this makes life worth living. so i bought him probably deserve this victory more than any other he choked up as it was then thrown to some canvassing boards all the way to the finals. the lot like the most important victory in my opinion is that the act was because one is a very strong opponent a tactic reverse team which plays hockey that may not be so elegant at first sight but their game is really efficient it's only logical that they've won the cage
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tails they're going to come for two years running and it was the hardest series. nevertheless the making it to the get go in cup finals is what every team can be. used for to get his men living do for with their heads held high. levels of the most of my guys were fighters against good players i think we played a morally i'm proud of my team we fought until the last minute i want to thank atlanta old the people who've done such a great job i want to thank my players it was a pleasure we almost did it. robert gordon you're on our team in full something rush. to formula one now lewis hamilton is trying to strolling first victory of the season so much laron as he chased down red bulls championship leader sebastian vettel in china that all started on pole but how to answer teammate jenson button pass the german with a brilliant getaway that's the long line to come out and lost his position in the
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first round of stops the briton made one more stop in bethel it's fresh tires work the past button and paymasters ferrari estate is the prospect for overtaking bethell with four laps to go button was picked to third place on the penultimate that spread mark webber simply couldn't fall back eighteenth under bridge. patrol is ninth in his red no one hundred and is now just eighteen points behind vettel in the championship. one of the best races are i've experienced where this year you know guys are out for a minute have to do quite a lot of overtaking but real from the looks of the guys back in the factory in the garret they really put their hearts into their car and making the car the best they can be every weekend and it was amazing to be able to bring it home and bring home the victory. finally to the london arson and russia's world number one book about
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was beaten into second place by many cuts money of kenya who ran the fourth bosses martin of all time while the men's race was won by fellow canyon emmanuel who time also set a new course record the twenty six year old broke away of a twenty one mile mark i'm finished in two hours for minutes and thirty eight seconds to beat the previous best by thirty two seconds three time without moss and there was second patrick mcconnell third make it to the sweep for kenya while in the women's events in time it broke away after fifteen miles around an unofficial time of two hours nineteen minutes and seventeen seconds ending champion and favorite should think about the second for the personal best time while another ten thirty one year old david sent edna if i get this that. and that's all this was.
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the. piece soon which brightened if you knew about the sun from the front stoop. these stunts don't come.
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