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tune in to cause a report on r t. tonight tsotsi a government and media conspiracy of law by the french to monitor the truth about the conflicts they're involved in which threaten the country's international staff . a game with a game kartik schools where the fighting in the middle east and north africa is actually part of an american strategy to slow the rise of china. on the sick russian prisoners request for a mercy killing prompts fresh debate about whether the youth amaziah should be legal.
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this is the artsy international news channel my name's kevin i would welcome to see if you just joined this it's now eleven pm here in moscow our top story france is one its nato allies and their campaign in libya could be doomed to failure unless ground troops are deployed to the country but that would be against the existing u.n. resolution and indeed the image of french soldiers marching off the war could be a fatal political blow for president nicolas sarkozy back home. reports. france is now fighting in three wars the first four states to go into libya the laws just force in ivory coast civil war and this just sent more troops to afghanistan but supports the french media and this is what you get the americans are responsible for the rising civilian death toll and there's no mention of the french contingency the locals welcomed their western liberators with open arms. we're being for propaganda beers no relationship to the truth we're told the
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community is behind us but france just wants africa's resources. this reporter explains how the french government dictates national coverage you will basically follow our editorial line on foreign policy or you will not be invited or included to come back and ask questions or press conferences but we will not be cooperative with you when you seek interviews but if you turn to the internet the view of president sarkozy's policies a much more critical frige people are growing increasingly worried about their country being labeled as imperialist with little regard for its victims opposition to the war centers on the rising number of casualties and the damage it does to france's reputation activists say france's media coverage is one sided but the real story will eventually get through of the almost a decade of war in afghanistan news of the dozens of french soldiers and thousands
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of civilians killed is finally hitting home born of god. although the media treated. quite positive. the invasion of iraq the biggest and she will rallies in history there were experts say libya could become soccer's easy raw and disappoints government's efforts the. current rules is also coming out of the new push to see paris. russia's foreign ministers also join the criticism of nato strategy in libya the alliance wants colonel gadhafi out it is supporting the rebels with a. circular process toppling that our fees not sanctioned by the united nations. the u.n. security council never change for regime change in libya or any other country the forces that are now using the security council resolution to justify regime change
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are clearly violating the you would mandate. the opposition in libya is struggling to lift the weeks long siege by colonel gadhafi forces this thousands flee fighting in western cities figures from libya's transitional national council suggest ten thousand people have died since the beginning of the conflict and elsewhere in the arab world syria is lifting its nearly half a century old state of emergency giving into one of the main demands of the protesters earlier in the day security forces opened fire to disperse an anti-government demonstration in the country's third largest city this video data was taken of the streets of homes during heavy gunfire before dawn on tuesday human rights campaigners say movement two hundred people have died in the lethal crackdown since the demonstrations began all this comes as new disclosures the tape by wiki leaks suggest the u.s. has been secretly financing some syrian opposition intent on toppling president bashar al assad.
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many share the opinion that washington is pursuing a larger goal than just regime change across the arab world. fish from the institute of world economy and international relations he told us at r.t. that he thought the uprisings are being instigated by washington to undermine china's influence in the region. ultimate goal of the region is to change. regimes even applying for instance you know regime. change the. egypt and how the contras they were quite quiet or world to the united states but no bombers administration wants to feel even more pliant regimes and this striation many countries including russia including china if it's true they feel the interest are being threatened because of these are going to be more a world of the united states and are not likely to fulfill. all the commitments to
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talk about policy of china towards the whole situation china has always advocated noninvolvement policy but what we see now is a general change of china's policy china is going to play a more active role and as we see now americans are trying to remove chinese competition for mainly regions of the rules south asia middle east and africa not all the north africa but also central african region resources so china has quite a lot of options to. first of all of course march she was from china china is the major creditor of the united states and today the financial rating of elected states was changed has been changed so i guess that china for this quite a lot of levers still painful the situation both economic and political.
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times correspondent per escobar spoke to be investigating the rivalry between the u.s. and china over africa he told me more governments will fall victim in this race for power. it goes way beyond libya in fact i'm working on a story at the moment fixing the pentagon against china this is the big story in africa for the next fifty years i would say it starts in the beginning of the two thousand creation of the african union gaddafi was a very important end in this mechanism it was a mechanism to give a political force to africa in terms of a better unified africa in terms of political decisions and not you know of course economic integration and then china started investing much more than he was investing two hundred ninety nine is for african at least thirty countries we have more than nine hundred projects all over africa and then came the reaction from the
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pentagon two thousand and seven two thousand and eight with the african command which has just launched its first african war when they launched their tomahawks three weeks ago against i guess tripoli basically so this is the chess board and step into gunfire at african i guess the chinese investments. i will say at least fifty african governments and scrambling to see ok we're going to go down. so serve a purpose speaking to me a little earlier on the autopsy still ahead in the program kidnap tab on european a cash flow while the plane criticized over how chooses to spend its a seven billion euro aid budget. also come these men who fought for the country say they're now being neglected nords over pork coming up from georgia and.
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for. the russians soon which brightened if you knew about song from feinstein christians. who threw stones on team don't come. down to your official antti ugly cation jawing phone on called touch from the choose ops to. watch all she life on the go. see video on demand fox she's mine gold coast's an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. questions on the call to calm wealthy british scientists on. both sides.
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markets try not to slow down the. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. if.
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past eleven pm here on the r.t. international news channel from moscow thanks for being with us next a russian inmate who suffering from severe diabetes has asked for a mercy killing a convicted murderer cannot even minsky can't get the treatment it needs while in jail so far the judges have refused to free of though from prison on grounds of ill health and his requests for euthanasia as a legal to here in russia at his brief nationals got the story. in artie's forty five einstein and insulin dependent diabetic his last six to ten months. now own most lines he can hardly distinguish objects in the backyard of the jail where his second sentence for murder his gang going as planned parenthood and doctors forecasts he want the truck traced much longer only the wheelchair. i can't live without pain. but i'm always on drugs or if you're if i didn't take
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them i'd be unable to walk at all or be. there for most soldier and war veteran energy no longer has the energy to fight for life and instead he said bitterly fighting for death. in that is health has not always been so bad it deteriorated rapidly after he was pulled behind bars in two thousand and seven he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison cannot be needs specialized treatment and care something he just cannot get here you're going to die but only what else do i need i used to be a manager now look at me. i'm not even half of them. a doctor to help him die is officially forbidden in russia. but when i started being who could kill you could facilitate a suicide nobody even the most zealous euthanasia supporters very said that they
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would do it themselves because they would become murderers of a good lawyer from the point of view of russian legislation from the point of view of international law if it moves commuter naisi be justified cos if there is a huge debate on whether the terminal patients have the rights to and their own life to escape chronic pain those against euthanasia and they are the majority claim among other things that even hopeless cases can sometimes be the recklessly killed but a voice from behind bars where miracles rarely happen may change their perspective sure its usual warning if they know that the rest of their lives will be suffering was the reason to prevent them from doing that especially those sentenced to life in prison and a good many letters from these people they ask for death as life becomes unbearable conditions there are affable so why not. fulginiti
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a strong orthodox the labor is in asia has been a hard decision and it won't be without its victims on the other side of the prison bars. no i will not allow him to die or i will not. enough his mother can understand what's pushed her son to sick dad that she country can sell herself with the reality of that decision. if he dies or die with him what would i leave for. good ninety he's still alive but he's waiting wishing for death whether it's natural or ask. me if not now to central russia. the world news for the truth are neither helicoptered curry. more than twenty people crashed in northeast india and at the border with china seventeen people have died and six others have been taken to a local hospital for treatment an official said the helicopter hit a wall and burst into flames minutes before it was supposed to land the chopper was
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on a regular flight between a popular buddhist pilgrimage site on the path little of the state of assam. a place of reportedly open fire on protesters in the capital of yemen killing at least three and injuring hundreds of others the latest violence comes as the u.n. security council meets for talks about the country's crisis for the first time i will this is a riot police fired at demonstrators who threw stones and set alight a security vehicle the demonstrators are demanding that president ali ability steps down almost one hundred twenty protesters have been killed clashes with security forces since january. clashes have broken out in southeast turkey for a decision to ban some kurdish candidates from running in the country's upcoming election activists threw molotov cocktails at the police and fought back tear gas and water cannon pro kurdish party described the bad as a political move in a blow to efforts to seek peace in the southeast tens of thousands of people of
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their lives since the kurdish party began fighting for ethnic ohman twenty seven years ago. cuba's former president fidel castro made a rare public appearance during the country's communist party congress in havana he finally resigned from his post as the long time party leader with his brother raul placing in meetings approved sweeping economic and political changes including limiting political positions to two five year terms and a decades old ban on private property deals such as the buying and selling of houses has also been lifted. to japan because their work is that the quake of atomic plant have begun removing highly radioactive water from the basement of a nuclear reactor building it should give workers access to carry repair work to vital cooling systems that were knocked out by the march tsunami the plant operators said it expects to bring the crisis under control by the end of the year emergency workers been unable to enter any of the damaged reactor buildings that
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were planned since the natural disasters struck. war veterans are traditionally honored with medals and respect in their community but in georgia many former soldiers say they've been neglected by the country they fought for and they're left to survive on a pittance from tbilisi. as the story. there are memorials like these all over the world set up to honor all those who fought for their countries a sign of respect and remembrance but many of the veterans here in georgia feel that they have been completely forgotten captain bayley and sons are went through war and highs in the one nine hundred ninety s. a decorated officer he now has to survive by just fifteen dollars a month so i don't get a pension now and i won't until i'm sixty five but will i live to see that money we used to have some sort of support the hospital the free treatment social benefits
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the big old got taken away in two thousand and five and i got fired in two thousand and three with no explanation whatsoever. lives in a house that he claims is unfit to live in yet to send his family away because he can't provide them with food. or my house has no gas no running water i can't pay for any of it i can't get a job the only reason i'm still alive is because of my friends i live in what they can. and their heat is not alone is like a more and more veterans in georgia feel the lack of support from their government when they try to draw attention to it by calling a hunger strike recently show. some or even arrested according to officials for refusing to comply with police orders and being under the influence of alcohol. was the most outrage among veterans and the international media was that those detained got slapped with a two hundred twenty five dollar fine not one of them as that kind of money. for
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the police came and break up our protest the president drove by he stopped load his window looked at us one hour later we were pushed out of the way like we were nothing of a dozen n.g.o.s and human rights groups demanded an official investigation into the actions of the police and the batterings who've already sacrificed so much for the . largely ignores them are being drawn into this war. can't you know there is a righty e.c. ga. he used to criticize for failing to truckload spends its aid money and it's been accused of squandering billions of dollars on unnecessary projects and corrupt regimes you're wimpy david campbell bannerman says that brussels is incapable of controlling his zero budget level of money it sends abroad to the system isn't working i think this report makes very clear but it is no surprise i mean from our point of view here you have the european union for sixteen years in
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a row they haven't signed off their own account because of auditor's you know so much fraud in their cars they can't even sign them off so it's not a surprise that you know there's a allegations of private jets being bought by certain country leaders shortly after receiving this kind of the u.s. aid the whole thing is a mess it needs discipline i think it's better done by nation states but our paltry two thirds of the it actually goes to non-poor countries i mean the biggest recipient is turkey which is doing pretty well economically and a lot goes missing i mean some is going to terrorist groups like hamas in palestine . you've got credible figures like a. job creation scheme is costing one point five million pounds for each individual they actually find a job for thorough there's a huge amount of waste here. just remind you all the details all the stories we're
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i'm carol lin thanks for being with r.t. tonight more news twenty four seven for you of course at our dot com also coming up shortly financial analyst mark skies reveals how bad investment advice could be boosting process profits for some companies the report on shortly is the day's top finance headlines right now from dmitri. welcome to business r.t. good to have your company global markets are catching their breath after taking a big hit on monday out of the stand and pause cut the u.s. economic outlook from stable to negative of the country's spiraling that rolan mass from verna capital believes investors in russia and abroad are still most looking at the european debt problems. the big key right now is spain visit very large economy and the markets are worried that what's happening in porsche with greece is going to impact spain as well and if that happens then once again they'll be a big increase risk perception and russia will sell about russia in that sense in
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that their sense is it is safe compared to compared to a lot of other places but a lot of the money that's been coming into russian markets over the last three or four months has been quite short and whenever there's an increase in risk of people trying to sell risky assets and the world still views russian equity russian markets as being risk and. the russian markets as they could at the closing picture for choose the exertion and they did manage to recover after a massive selloff on monday the r.t.s. and the two percent my thanks to. take a look at some of the individual stocks banks were pretty strong as burbank up one point three percent polish gold managed to gain two point four on reports it's in talks with newmont mining and anglo gold ashanti and a possible merger now that deal could make the washing company one of the world's top gold miners despite roiled being down throughout most of the jews they session the share price of russia's biggest crude producer ross now was up it was gaining
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four point eight percent at the close time monday from a previous bank says russian i probably has already digest the downgrade of the u.s. rating outlook. we had a very sharp selloff in russian rockets towards the end of the trading day yesterday after the ice and p. downgrade of the u.s. . credit rating outlook that's right it's russia trying to absorb a lot of bad news yesterday so today this morning even though asian markets are trading down russia had a little bit of a rally. some of the losses yesterday so i think the market actually felt quite comfortable ultimately with a downgrade from the u.s. ross now one of the outstanding performance of tuesday's lesson seems to be preparing itself for share swap with the. the company did accumulated stock in one of its subsidiaries in the hope it could push the deal but consolidation on the thirteenth of april cording to a company that's
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a day before the initial deadline for the equity exchange with b.p. according to the proposed to you ross notes was expected to exchange nine and a half percent of its shares or five percent stake in b.p. but the deal was blocked by b.p.'s russian partners in the russell british joint venture and pay b.p. to claim the pact breaches shareholder agreement. and that's it from the business team this hour coming up next on out see the headlines to stay with us.
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we have seen the damage it has done to work our environment mark chemicals with the power props we do not want any more of new g.m. owns. a core system a system that was abysmal experience and i'm just i'm just appalled that that's allowed to go on or. are getting this unfortunately because we don't know what's in it there's no labeling there for the music they come aboard for the experiment the music is getting. old now we have more questions than we have the answers to guards in like.
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bringing you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered. wealthy british scientists i. asked on such.
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markets why not. come the. why not what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. lines in russia would be soon which crisis if you knew about song from finest impressions. please for instance on t.v. dot com. they faced it this is not a provocation but warned that. they forced it and we should stop steppers are you sure it's a pretty picture it should be so they have no idea about the hardships to face. some day one it's business is it yeah open to new things for any army to
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