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it's not in our teenage so allies agreed to send a military team to advise libyan rebels despite warnings and strong opposition from libya's government. tripoli says the action is a britain france and it's illegal to prolong the fighting and destroy any chance of peace small reactions from me in just a moment. also as the world bank warns of a new crisis finance experts say it's high time for america to step but for which the dominant role of the global economy and concentrate instead of juicing it so colossal. class with more than half of the population living below the poverty line really georgians are falling and hard to put food on the table right government
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money just doesn't reach them. and in business news russia will become one of the top five global economies in the next decade says by mr putin as you outline the calls for the country's government and parliaments what should be the school it's in for the details in about twenty minutes. for a good evening this is our team my name is kevin over and it's now ten pm here in moscow how top story france has promised to intensify airstrikes in libya at the request of the opposition there it comes as nato allies are getting ready to send military officers to the war torn country to advise rebels on how to break the stalemate with progress duffy forces. reports. we've obviously heard that the u.k. france and now it's early as well are going to be sending what they're calling military advisors senior army officers who are going into libya we understand that
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there are going to be arrested. this from each country numbers not exactly clear that they are going to be apparently in order to protect themselves but they're currently not going to wear uniforms and they are there to balkanize the rebels apparently according to foreign secretary william hague and it's not just to train or to own them hake says that they're going to be performing and they're going to be helping the rebels to aids their intelligence gathering also to improve their logistics and to improve their communications facilities along with this we heard the foreign ministers obviously. reiterate that they've got no intention on the back of this all sending in ground troops but nevertheless this still significantly not the contributions of all the three countries in this intervention in libya and of course what we're hearing from the our team all of us from those members of parliament and of the people who were opposed to intervention in the first place is that this is the most significant move us towards sending in ground troops into
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libya which is something that these governments have said that they are not going to do but this is been a day course of heart from that of really paying the contribution of various nato members into the intervention in libya sarkozy the president of france he promised the rebels that he would increase the intensity of the airstrikes that france is performing and also we've seen the united states pledge twenty five million dollars in aid to the rebels now that they say is not weapons but it's to be spent on vehicles and medical and communications equipment well tripoli obviously is not pleased the libyan foreign minister said that this would worsen the situation now significantly prion the fighting there by putting any kind of peace deal significantly verger into the future he said that it would be encouraged defiance in the rebels that they would perceive themselves to be getting my. much more support from nato than they'd previously been getting which would make him keep on fighting for longer and he says this is a clear violation of the u.n.
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security council resolution that only allowed for the protection of civilians in libya we've also seen division inside the u.k. parliament people are calling this mission creep they're saying also that it was outside the bounds of the u.n. security council resolution and that it contributes massively to the ultimate worry that ground troops would be sent into libya they're comparing this situation with afghanistan saying it could turn into another afghanistan where of course british forces have been involved there for ten years and counting and also the u.k. has learned nothing from iraq or afghanistan that they're applying to this conflict and in fact a prominent liberal democrat politician has gone one step further in this talking about vietnam he says that the first step that the u.s. took before it went into vietnam and got so in broil there was just this to send in military advisers but correspondent laura reporting because more analysis of these latest developments crossed brian burke of the interval coalition in our washington studio frankly with the search tonight in one of your recent articles you write
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quote that all the targets imperialist invasion and regime change strategies are fully demonised to aggression that's an interesting thought are you therefore so. bad after all. well i'm saying that there's selective demonization of if if the united states government of the british government of the french government wanted to demonize any number of leaders who are not being attacked they certainly could but the demonization strategy which we saw with noriega when the u.s. invaded panama nine hundred eighty nine or saddam hussein for iraq or later milosevic and yugoslavia those campaigns are did are designed to prevent public opinion from having a full debate in the united states if with demonisation with the criminalization with the marginalization of the leaders of the targeted countries it makes it impossible for there to be a debate over the policy if you were to say for instance that the united states
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should invade or drop bombs on libya or should have invaded iraq then you were somehow an apologist with the demon and this is a well worn tactic by the united states it doesn't mean that you the government is this or that it just means that the united states government has determined that that government must fall and we saw last week barack obama sarkozy david cameron they all said you can't imagine a future of libya with gadhafi well who are they to determine what the future of libya is shouldn't it be up to the libyan people but that the process of demonisation is the deal it generalized the government so bad the people in this country or britain or france will accept and i don't think they will but it's designed to accept have them except dropping bombs in a criminal war against libya or moving a thought for you goes just so you have toppling the leaders of the region libya is part of a bigger plan and if so what is that end game. well i
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don't think this is just one big conspiracy i think the the flame of rebellion that was literally spread to egypt certainly was a popular revolt led by sparked by young people then joined by working class in those countries against us back containerships but i think that the united states is trying to take advantage of the revolt in libya which immediately manifested not as a popular revolt for democracy but as a civil war between different factions within the libyan establishment both of which had a popular base i think the united states is trying to take advantage of that situation to be able to go into libya and create a proxy government as it had with mubarak in egypt or is it had with ben ali in tunisia or it as it has with in yemen the u.s. is trying to manage this it's not simply a conspiracy but in the case of libya they're trying to put. a government in this oil rich country libya has the largest oil reserves in africa they want to control those oil reserves yeah ok the u.s.
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also says he's putting his money where his mouth is it's well today it says it's giving twenty five billion dollars to the rebels this of course is britain france and italy preparing to send military advisers to benghazi but you know they say they're doing this to protect civilians and those civilians request so why is it causing so much criticism. well of course the resolution nine hundred seventy three which was passed in the u.n. security council with six abstentions we should add including russia china india germany that resolution was designed to authorize the beginning of military operations against libya but the real goal from the beginning has been to topple the regime they never say we're going in to take the oil that would not be very hard because they have to give the mission some sort of noble cause in this case protecting civilians in other cases protecting democracy or freedom or stopping terrorism. i think a lot of people see through this in the american people by the way they see the war in afghanistan ten years in the war in iraq eight years in another war in
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a muslim country the american people don't want this they are being told that there's no money for nurses and teachers and firefighters because the country is broke but since seemingly endless funds for another war in another muslim country grows you think the duffys proving a tough nut to crack in the law would do they think that have this much opposition even if france has no problems with this strikes against him and how much pressure is going to take to force the libyan leader from power do you think. well i think that's why precisely there's a logic for a military invasion because bombing alone will not likely oust gadhafi they're hoping khadafi would see uncle and run away but he's not doing that both sides in the civil war have a popular base and khadafi has a popular base in tripoli and elsewhere and he's determined to stay apparently so if they can't succeed with the army and both or all three of the leaders can ruin sarkozy and obama say khadafi must go and if the bombing doesn't work doesn't that
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then mean in order not to feel that there has to be endless escalation and escalation ultimately leads to a military invasion if they can't stop or oust gadhafi i think that's where this is going even though they say it'll never happen for a brownback of the answer coalition in los angeles said the watching to the top that. the program thank you. we will know what you think france italy in the u.k. says he's decided military advisers to libya's to do check a facebook opinion poll lead to comments there's always good if you know what i was interested to hear what you think you can also catch the ladies that they send videos there at facebook dot com slash.
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this is our team from moscow ahead in the program we report on the spare room lost hope in the court and since. i have known hunger come down sharply from now on money and no social support spam at all i can deal with the nasty detergent makes making feed my sick child impoverished georgians vent their fury of the governments they claim isn't helping them get by despite promises of oppressive welfare system . global finance ministers of the morning urgent action to avert another devastating economic crisis the world bank and i.m.f. driven primarily by the us are usually the first port of call for ailing nations looking for financial support but as artie's marina poured her explains now washington is of no position to advise others while it struggles to cut its deficit . and you will spring gathering about the world economy produced
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a dreadful financial forecast we are one shot away from a food crisis critics say through the establishment of the international monetary fund and world bank america has positioned itself as an economic dr to the world using the institutions to retain global domination and fulfill the business interests of large corporations creating resources belonging to cash strapped countries what they do they very often pressure governments to what we call prosecco the economy is weak or a recession and they want to cut spending or raise taxes that could be very very dangerous you could slip back into a recession worse by tale all too familiar to latin america the middle east. and most recently greece. where tens of thousands storm the streets protesting
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austerity measures public spending cuts and tax hikes. as the largest financial contributor washington also wields the largest voting power at the i.m.f. the furn of the i.m.f. it is run program by the u.s. treasury department and with some input from the european countries that right there tells you most of the problem this is supposedly you know a hundred eighty something countries and it's run by just a handful or maybe just one and american has always served as president of the world bank since its creation in one nine hundred forty four but now with its own backyard in disarray america is hardly in a position to hand out financial advice to others in two thousand and eleven america's financial management is best defined by a nonstop borrowing binge seat up to talk over there it's a running ticker of u.s. debt which has surpassed a ceiling of fourteen. point three trillion dollars now the u.s.
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may want to consider investing in a bigger clock with a few more digits on the display a problem so bad the u.s. president can't ignore it and the government can't seem to solve it we have to live within our means we have to reduce our deficit republicans are refused to support measures such as raising taxes on the rich or cutting defense spending we're approaching arsenal that on a par with the total g.d.p. of the country this is very serious because most economic research suggests that countries tend to decelerate in their growth and have more and more severe economic problems once the debt to g.d.p. ratio gets above about ninety percent we're about to go through the rubble all eyes are now on the nation that sets the bar for others to see if it could clean up its own bad debts at home. r.t. new york. coming up in a program jobless in italy young people they seem say they can't find
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a decent source of income at home but we asked that question during one of the cover story. georgia says it's doing all it can to help people through tough economic times but not everyone is feeling the government's support thousands live below the poverty line struggling to afford to put food on the table. reports next from tbilisi. this small sunni country of georgia has long been known for its fresh organic raguse recently it seems the fruit of georgia's economy has been rotting away. people come to the market and don't buy anything because they can't afford it out of all the goods here only i knew them potatoes a local everything else is imported from greece and turkey and iran and it's so overpriced still year anyway because we have to try and sell something so we can eat here get it done knows all about having nothing to eat she hasn't even been.
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able to afford apples for a handicapped daughter too expensive you know the money i have no home. no money and no social support all i can do is sit outside a church and beg so i can feed my sick child the only money we get is my pension around thirty u.s. dollars a month and miriam's pension altogether comes out to about seventy five dollars a month with that we have to eat pay the bills and buy medicine from the area which is impossible but he has cerebral palsy and is in desperate need of surgery it can only be performed in germany but her family has no hope of raising the money are very early on the books she's already had eight operations needs five more but i've almost lost hope i even went to a charity t.v. show but it turned you down a good one and her family live well below the poverty line and in this there not a lot. for.
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that in percent of the population. you can learn. thirty four percent. for the georgian government has a growing social welfare system that includes cash benefits free or low cost health insurance pensions and souters for day care the social benefits are aimed at the poorest of the poor however i two thousand and nine world bank poverty assessment showed that only thirty percent of those citizens actually received cash assistance and it seems qualifications don't help either. it is run as a professional singer and in these tough times music is all she and her daughter have. the only real music to their ears would be an offer of help something neither has much faith they'll hear any time soon. the government is claiming that it's joining everything possible in the current financial climate to help its
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people. or george is claiming there's no money for even the basics like food medicine and living like this it's clear that the poverty line is very evident enough parts of the georgian capital. cashiers are. georgians elsewhere around the world tonight clashes have broken out in eastern turkey of the ruling was passed preventing a number of kurdish town that is from running in national elections there riot police fired tear gas and water cannon at mass demonstrators who responded with stones and fireworks several people reviewed in the violence in the wake of the unrest turkey's top local body said it will review its earlier decision now. there's renewed violence in yemen and separate incidents an anti-government protest there was killed by motorbike gunmen and then a policeman died in clashes becomes a day off the security forces opened fire on demonstrators in the capital sanaa killing at least five victims died of gunshot wounds and nine others were in critical condition meantime the un which held
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a meeting on the crisis in yemen failed to agree diplomatic response. european union's executive arms asked for a significant increase in the annual budget risk a new route and with member states and european commission once the rise of nearly five percent well above inflation last year the approval of the twenty eleven budget saw a lengthy standoff between britain and several other member states many countries argued they could not pay more while also imposing austerity cuts back at home. coming up in our see the governmental groove their head find out what president recruitment better verse to say about this particular video of him cutting loose discotheque. tough economic times of live two million young italians doing nothing statistics suggest that they're not in work or studying even the highly educated of being lifted only these days forced to rely on their parents' party to go to his can offer poor son a lost generation. sure over
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a year now element has been trying to find a decent job with displaying having a degree in linguistics and fluently speaking german french and spanish the only word she's been able to find short term gates says hiring interns is simply cheaper for companies well many of those with a higher education are left behind if i can find it. if it doesn't improve it i don't see how it can the only way to find a job is to look for it bright and too tired of looking for a career and read italy. but while many can't find a job this guy doesn't even want to start looking for your name he is twenty five but still lives with his parents who cover all his expenses we going up after midday then playing his guitar and video games to him illness problems or as unfamiliar as a job application roman passion and nobody to get work is boring and neither do
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i care about politics or the economy this is a free country and everyone can do whatever they want somebody will respond. italy's national statistics agency counting ways that one in five young people in the country is either unemployed or not steady that's over two million people so many are unable to find a long term more and some not wanting a drop at all these statistics are quite grim to such an extent so basically you're financially has been dubbed the last generation something totally incomprehensible to their elders. to learn to spend his whole life working at a post office you know in retirement he says that back in his day it was much easier to find a job and thinks the current situation is absurd young to one party. is what life is there for it doesn't matter why they don't want to work what's important is that the government has to do something to provide we're. and make them interesting.
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about you know the hero essentially says that the entire economy is in need of all the major religious leaders. especially since the young it's no use we do good work . in those doing the east and production out which is in decline to one of the world's eight biggest industrial wisely shoots the last thing it needs is a future generation that's floundering while finding a job with one king out together. or from the younger generation to the middle generation to get its political moves in the kremlin dmitri medvedev has been called showing off his moves on the dance floor a video of russia's president shaking stuff under a union with university friends last year's become an exhibit they look for yourself. i am. very jealous of could be seen here getting down to the russians night to be
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a russian night he said american boys and what interested me about track was one twitter user less well presidential prowess describe the status quo dancing like it has been cruel isn't it russia's leader said here to spend with just a good time though admitted that his news maybe a little stuck in the bank i just. want to check it out really yourself you know already so it's also a. lot of these stories as well getting a lot of hits from you tonight it's going to be a very special easter for christians this saturday night because as it falls on the same day as all catholics and orthodox believe this violent airbrushing is preparing to celebrate it will also the moscow metro daily be more tourist friendly these days with every piece of underground text that we translated into english because about that political way is what r.t. dot com.
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it's ok we have twenty four minutes past ten now here in moscow when some of sport few just over twenty minutes time russia's most successful football team of parted ways with their manager eunice got latest on that for you but it's the latest business next. because i have a company you're watching business starting prime minister putin has been outlining russia's twelve month economic record to the parliament with the clear push to boost the country's output through modernization and by attracting foreign keys not only know it has been listening to what the prime minister had to say. well it was all about summing up and setting goals during russia's prime minister's annual address to the country's law makers last year prime minister putin has promised that his government is going to do everything it can just speak out the truth is
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over the recovery of the russian economy from another global financial crisis and here are some figures for you on that as russia's g.d.p. it's more percent in two thousand and ten that's more than in any of all the g eight countries around the forecast for this year's growth is a four point two percent of the price for the bulls the prime minister has said that to the russian government and parliament was indeed increasing foreign capital into the country out to sixteen seventeen billion u.s. dollars a year from a supply stressed the need to diversify russian economy from oil and gas sector is not so good judging by the figures that he's presented today indeed russia has recovered from the global economic crisis with much lesser losses than many experts contradict it's. so good of the markets now and so with commodities oil continues to recover in losses this is in the back of the for the dollar i'm expected drop and supplies to the u.s. brant crude is up for almost one hundred twenty four dollars per barrel lights with
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one hundred nine. gold futures did advance to new all time highs over the fifteen hundred dollars per ounce mark its just a tad lower like now silva is trading about forty four dollars per ounce and this is its highest level yet again and three decades worldwide inflation and debts concerns are bolstering precious metals which investors turn to for those of the cells where democrats in front of over gold says the trend will continue the up which are. obviously when you look on the screen you see nominal prices a nominal prices are what we pay on every day basis for tomatoes or apples or for gold for the nominal price of gold is going up however the real issue is if you want to preserve the purchasing power of your money make sure that purchasing power you have years out ten years ago i was at a whatever you want to find an absolute store a well and that's the traditional function of gold and of course what we're seeing right now is basically gold telling the world that the dollar the valuable dollars following. continuing with the markets now stocks u.s.
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stocks are positive on an upbeat forecast from intel sales and results company stock is up more than six percent also better than expected home sales data is boosting investor confidence european stocks gauge on wednesday pretty hefty gains that sees up to two percent that's almost three percent carmaker was up four point seven percent of the close in paris after a reported ten percent rise in its first digit revenue and in russia the market saw a second consecutive positive session on a global pull the picture on rising oil prices that's reflected in the top stocks take a look at that right snapped it was up one point seven percent i think close gazprom two point one percent and that's always produces were also on the rise what is gold gaining four point three percent as it reported output and revenue up sixty percent in the first quarter of. a u.s. there's a move was with their rebound from
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a sharp sword all far off to be so i wouldn't don't agree to the us that from or some of the side. and actually could be we will see in the computer a continuation of this revolt mostly on the very core of good results so if you were a succumb to slide to your. top for the first quarter. fall in the future of the crisis or the oil and there should be so short covering in the russian market was taking place to be the major winos were the oil companies like ross there we sure was supported by the fact that the management will be doing the share buyback it wasn't like the reason but it was because for our performance now our business out see we'll be back next hour with one final wednesday business news update kevin is next with headlines.
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if. you. can reach for the full sleep we've got it for us has the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers and r.t. . the.


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