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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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question on the job com hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. though they're trying to look at the headlines not here not in egypt sets out along the path to democracy hearing up for election since september warnings there islamic radicals linked groups that the muslim brotherhood could take root in existing held back a. year after the explosion of the deepwater horizon rig spilled millions of gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico b.p. has filed to go since the damages for those whose health is wrecked part exhausted but still struggle to get the help they desperately needed. and russian police keep
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a constant vigil to prevent terror attacks in the volatile north caucuses with more than ninety minutes unskilled in recent months the countries are anti terror committees says the region remains the main train terrorists. all the extra public leader talks to r.t. about how the battle is progressing and what needs to be done to win it. thank. you mr president thank you for finding time for this interview will serve thank you it's my pleasure that was recently you've had a major success in dating back to stanch option and most wanted militant network can rush back does this mean you're winning a war on terror. heroes and of course this is a very important event
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a big group of militants have been killed along with their leader which is a great success i think this is going to have a positive effect on the general stability throughout the republic this is not the first rebel leader killed in republic recently this in the case of the performance of law enforcement bodies in the republican has improved the military operations have become more accurate and effective some of the militants are willing to engage in dialogue they reject us when we urge them to lay down weapons and return to a peaceful life having committed so many murders and terrorist attacks they now only understand the language of force and of course such operations will continue until we have eliminated the terrorist underground in our republic i mean those militants who are not willing to go back to a peaceful life this however is not the only method we use to fight terrorism this is just the coercive aspect we also need to strip extremists and terrorists of their base stop the inflow of new recruits and that requires solving
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a wide range of issues. how can it be achieved in fact you're saying exactly what the president's representative in north caucasus alexander said that the problem is not that there are a thousand militants they keep repeating their ranks how do you break this vicious cycle that. this is a more complex task that requires a systemic comprehensive approach terrorism is a glow. normal and it is not limited to our republic or our region and methods to fight it. first of all we need to change the social and economic situation in the republic we must restore the economy create new jobs and get the youth involved in normal life we need to give them education and jobs they are busy and if they have good prospects they are unlikely to engage in criminal activities or join the militants and that's the most important thing. that say we can favorable social situation that feeds the militantly thousand. yes exactly this is exactly what is
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feeding the movement the extremist audiologists are exploiting the problems we are currently facing they are trying to convince the youth that the current or thirty current regime is bad and employable day it appears want to live in a different state with totally different laws our task is to prove that we can develop successfully to do that we need to implement those major investment projects that we have started in the republic there are many of them and if we meant station of those who allow us to make the required new jobs to get the economy boost required to solve our key social problems yes this facial problems modernization is the campus where in russia we are trying to create a twenty first century economy in a trench century state what is modernization means attack a span does it mean economic development of the region have all or also war of ideology that must be what. you are right this all must be done together with the
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economy being the foundation of everything of the republic has been trailing behind the rest of the country in terms of both regional g.d.p. and living standards we have great shortage of kindergartens schools and cultural schools when you suffer if we create this infrastructure and that alone will give us many opportunities for the youth to apply themselves this is very important with the matters of upbringing and ideology are just as as essential. generation of people who've grown up who are not familiar with the soviet era traditions and armies don't have any new ideas or values to replace them you know what this vacuum is being filled by various radicals and extremists is archy concerning the fight for the minds the sympathies of young people is essential enough fight is going on everywhere these days especially in the media hostile forces have been very active will need to know for example we are trying to oppose them with their own ideology of peace and friendship. oh you perpetual pets need to terrorists.
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yes i am i am willing to talk to anyone if that helps ensure peace and well being in the republic we do that there is a special commission whose main task is negotiating with militants and bringing back to peaceful life those who by ignorance or by mistake found themselves in their ranks we take other actions to that effect to the last year we had a congress of the peoples of dagestan attended by over three thousand people from all over the republic we gave the ford to everyone including members of the opposition those who didn't agree with us who those in attendance unanimously condemned terrorism and extremism and those who do it to get back to a peaceful life but these are the real steps we are taking i don't advertise it but i also personally talk to those who can influence the situation and i have lots of people working on that as well in fact we have bought over thirty people back to normal life through that commission already. back in chechnya in two thousand and
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six you already planned amnesty for the militants who are not implicated in grave crimes how she has atom a life if cave the public way to accept them right away and even f. ammeter garden enemies of the people how can you help them integrate into normal society and start living a normal life again. a muslim ask the right kind of question because coming back isn't enough or it. turning militant must have an occupation we offer them an opportunity to get an education they're young enough people they should get an education in a normal profession it will lead to let them have a job and earn a living and we are ready to give them jobs for this purpose we maintain contacts with business people and employers we will help them become educated and find employment. considering a level of corruption in law enforcement where is the guaranteed kill safety of both the pavlik and the militants that have lay down arms. amnesty is declared
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by the decree of the president of the russian federation is not something that we do we just help we consider applications and help people go back to normal life but we keep a measure of control over further proceedings we will let some law enforcement agencies go back on our own promises we do control now that size there has been quite a shake up in the top echelons of our law enforcement agencies we've appointed new offices or in the mood for normal work not corruption based work or persecutions motivated by their own private interests know any constructive work employing that they are ready to protect a person to help them and so on personally i am doing my best not to let the pakistanis face some persecution or unlawful acts on the part of the law enforcement agencies these agencies are also doing their best to work anyway so i think we'll be able to guarantee the performance of all the obligations we've
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assumed. is there some international organization that finances the terrorist underground untaxed dam. of course there is i can name many organizations right now but in our republic we've arrested quite a few emissaries of all kinds of organizations al qaida and others people from many countries used to come to day to stand today thank god the situation is more under control of all. more reliably protected but nevertheless in some cases they are able to smuggle money and weapons in this type of work that we should go on with we must cut their supply lines but unfortunately the terrorists all have a domestic source of funding they have no shame they act like common gangsters or extortionists they extort money from business people and this is dangerous this hampers the development of business in the economy we see this as the biggest obstacle to our economic growth. how safe a people in the mountains as i understand him are as men recently attacked
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a road block how safe is it for civilians in the mountains. is just in some districts or areas that the situation is dangerous for most of pakistan is a quiet and safe place where people live and work knowing no such problems by law enforcement agencies function normally in the entire territory of the republic we don't have militant controlled areas or talk will it since can just launch isolated attacks or engage in some of the art of terrorism but you won't find them publicly or legally controlled anywhere this kind of situation is out of the question is we who control the republican party reports both of you have agreed more or less i know that america had survived eighteen attempts on his life how safe do you feel in dagestan as its president because. those are tense took place long ago have been no attempts on the mayor's life lately that's for me i feel safe as do the rest of dagga stern is of course i do have a need for special security measures and these measures are practiced as our life
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regrettably but a much more important thing for me is the safety of our citizens the citizens of data stand the whole of my heart will be at peace when we can guarantee security which although stanley's budget was that was mr president when you came to power after a long period ruled by mr i.d.f. you were looked upon as a kind of pakistani obama people associated with the empath didn't the head. so rational changes are you able in your view to secure these changes and the rest of russia needs a much. more. a lot must be done what we've already done is just the beginning and i agree changes will be made because otherwise we won't get anywhere and will always remain a backward and problem ridden region we on the contrary want to be an advanced prosperous and peaceful region you things are taking root we've had elections to the people's assembly more than half of the legislators are new people the public
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chamber has many new members as well almost fifty percent of them changes there and it's going to continue but it takes time to assure a mask inflow of new people firstly we don't have that many world trade people to be ready to come and start working immediately in the executive branch or in the legislature it's a problem how we find our personnel today i've seen many able people so we'll be inviting them on the other hand i don't think we should be too quick when conducting reforms in dagestan we have a special situation a special mindset we have many ethnic groups in our republic and we should take into account the interests of all the ethnic groups this means we need to be careful and considerate when dealing with personnel decisions and hiring or firing people but anyway it's not a motive for tarrying we need change and we will make it come into this is not about football i know you've gotten better and in chechnya next door got it has been added to catch do you want to make the north caucasus
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a world football center. i can't speak for the entire north caucuses i am happy that our own team and she has a new owner who is very active in rebuilding the team he is a major investor and has invited many famous people i mean roberta carlos for one who plays for our team is a good thing of course i hope for victories and they are coming our young people root for the club with great pleasure. they're getting more interested in football and school in general and this is a good alternative to all those negative things some are willing to foist upon us is whether team success is a success for the republic as a whole. no i don't do other sports now thank me. rank you.
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listen to has been to the chile of inspiration for the long lost secret of john must steal it discovers. now archie goes east of lake by calm for the longest russian railway line runs. through the sunday desert lies among siberian mountains of where people follow the same routes as hundreds of years ago. welcome to the trancelike. russia close up on a party. line . would be soon which brightened if you knew about someone from files to question some. news from stunts on t.v.
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don't succumb. to. the. egypt sets out along the path to democracy gearing up for elections in september but there are warnings islamic radicals thinks he can stop the muslim brotherhood could take roots in the existing power vacuum. and they're off the explosion of the deepwater horizon rig spilled billions of gallons of oil from gulf of mexico b.p. has filed two lawsuits for damages those whose health has been wrecked but it's off to have some struggling to get the help they desperately need. and russian police keep a constant. vigil to prevent terror attacks the bullets are north caucasus more than ninety minutes since killed in recent months the country's ninety terror committee
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says the region remains the main culprit training extremists. for the sports news with which. problem open source close good to have you with us all tell us what the blogs. arena of the lloyds was a wins its first trophy with real madrid they prevailed in extra time against barcelona. overbuying campaign's response like fruit of the russian cup semi before stepping down. rumble in hamburg audience as opposed to the klitschko and david barrett is finally going to get his go ahead in july. it was sort of a bill in real madrid of rome a couple of rain there when over archrivals barcelona next time it was
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a bad tempered game christiane or rivaldo got the all important goal to get them adrift of their first trophy in three years went close to breaking the deadlock has two minutes before half time break over the plays. both. is of course inge perfect cross with penalties looming cristiana real now got the opening goal of the game in extra time which is bring out rising highest in the area. stoppable past keeper. greatly for the game united time rio reduced to ten men to enjoy the money i was sent off for a second vocal offense however that mattered little as ray are more able to hold out for the final few seconds of a game as was a marine your claims his first trophy in charge of madrid cloud boss alone as charged over trouble. spots a moscow of one their russian cup quarter final but lost their manager in the same
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i believe he carp in saying goodbye to the red and whites following this small run of form recently sponsored as well supported clubs the bottom of the premier league and the big city of the roper league last week an embarrassing passion to also but we do have a russian cup semi final to look forward to at least five to one when i see class. city rival says of the arguments offending champions the need to miss in petersburg a lot softer care of gennaro to set up a meeting with alarming about the cup cars the other semifinal we were firm sponsor at moscow a possibility katherine says even though he's quit his post. until they find a new head coach. really shows until there is a new head coach and players they will be hoping to get the team ready for its next game just like it did for each of these welsh against closed the door it's not an easy or quick process to train a new manager certain sure it will take some time to find one person in your beastly. also saw their fanes english premier league title hopes of operators they
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were held for a draw on trials tottenham were dollars said all three points which were to close the gap on leaders munched ninety two to score points of failure three one zero the spurs were locked in their own battle with manchester city on all champions league spot responded brilliantly tom huddlestone made it free to just before the half time break down got our penalty was twenty minutes to go then the share of the spoils also will now try united by six points just five games left chelsea then i level on points of the gunners blues city three one forearm grabbing a brace. the other all and shot inside. so we thought all among well neuer has announced he intends to create german club childcare at the end of the season shocker a confirmed on wednesday turned down and you can trying to pave the way for him to move in this league or royals boy munich wilson here. is certain to sell the twenty
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five year old at the end of the current season rather than risk losing neuer on a free transfer in two thousand and twelve it's on track comes to an end nor is considered one of the best goalkeepers in europe of germany spanish world cup last year. the two thousand and eleven europa league trophy has arrived to dublin had made eighteen final there anyway the chief michel platini taking time to praise the free portuguese teams he made all the way to the semifinals and saying rather wins are certainly deserved it is. written into the beginning of the competition as if you winter's. on the field beaten by use of the clubs think that is the footballers football is irrational you know and. the end is the end of this completions of this team would win because it's a very very long the. competition. a person even made his way across the irish sea to win believe the champions league toilets or war find its way follow me
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but twenty eighth after london has been one of the six time european cup or the seeing the sights in the english capital over the next few weeks in a month long london told starting on thursday in the meantime though host of mars said hello to the manager fabio capello one grows to joining points me in the company of practically all whole grains whole bunch united the only english team who could lift the cup next month it had to get. to get through to the final at wembley. the hot summer waits for heavyweight boxing fans of david haye and let me clear cho finally to go to head to head the reigning w b a world champion haye putting his crown on the line as he goes for the younger klitschko as i.d.f. i.b.o. and w b o belts on july the second hamburg germany named as a location for may get much out of the ox is finally starting official preparations of the numerous schedule changes bad blood between the the say the least he's seen
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. holding the heads of both klitschko brothers on the show which he made a full two years ago for the acts only didn't go down well with the evil bros and i have no idea where as he also a chance to make britain eat his words he also stays in his dream was to fight and be both brothers before he retires in october when he turns thirty one. we're going to be n.b.a. and san antonio all the very first round series playoff with memphis at one one after the spurs run out ninety three points eighty seven winners but it takes time they were indebted to a seventeen points for my knowledge you know billy martin trying this game longer than albert strain but he was instrumental in helping his side level the series of personal problems put oklahoma city as they ran to denver to take a two mil series lead kevin durant's weighing in with twenty three points and the l.a. lakers were currently on course against new orleans as the bryans and code looks a little odd but series of one of these which is sort of the third quarter where
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sort of the screens. orphanage was talking over the continental hockey league you know i still holds after some of these are plants of two thousand and eleven guarin cup i mean you missed anything from that cage of final series really got it right here for you know the greatest moments of your current cup finals.
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the. little. body enjoyed by a small school coming up in our. studio is coming up next kerry. for the full stomach we've got it for us has the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers. who live in a country that got to understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one night in desperation beyond their racial. bias against them is from us from rome for a. crowd gathers no moss. down the street the big news. in the united kingdom all she's available in philly house the unfaithful she won her town the old waverly hotel because in the millstone hutto some country house holiday inn the pull. downs the rim brands the creamy riches to feel the montague
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the town the local the rubens hotel.
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