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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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to the be. fully burn the ground in florida and now head to ignite what could behave very in the heart of the muslim community is this perceived as america vs the muslim world . and in the world of finance our golden opportunity the result of the dollar losing its shine. the government has. jet fighter planes they have machine guns they have i would serve so if the government gets out of control how do you keep it in check a group of americans are using their second amendment rights and forming a militia. afternoon
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it's thursday april twenty first four pm here in washington d.c. a moralist or you're watching r t well he's the florida pastor of that seemingly ignited the world when he first threatened and then did her side over the burning of the koran now what are three days of protests in afghanistan they turned violent when protesters killed eight united nations workers it's our condemnations from u.s. officials and questions over the limits of free speech in the u.s. now pastor terry jones is at it again he's putting a protest against a real law and jihad in dearborn michigan outside the biggest mosque in the country artie's christine is on the ground and has this report. dearborn michigan is a suburb just about thirty miles southwest of detroit home of the original ford motor company in fact i'm walking along ford road right now but here in the midwest
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of the united states a lot of people say it looks more in times like the middle east because here in dearborn out of the one hundred thousand residents forty thousand are arab american there is the largest muslim population in the country and also the largest mosque you can see it here right behind me people who live here say it's a peaceful place but many are concerned about what is scheduled to take place right here tomorrow remember florida pastor terry jones the one who threatened to burn the qur'an on september eleventh cancel that ribbon and a burning one last month well he has scheduled a protest here says he's protesting against radical islam also on good friday where many christians who attend church and the mosque is set right between two churches and see one of them right here a lot of people are concerned and are asking many questions today they're wondering will there be violence will there be riots and many are you asking even
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a bigger question how will the actions of one man reflect america across the world and dearborn christine frizz now r t. now preparing for that will be bringing us the latest from what's going on there in dearborn michigan with that protest planned tomorrow in the meanwhile we want to talk about this joining me now to do just that is haroon moghul he's the director of the islamic center and why thanks so much for being with us now what i really want to get to is for you as a muslim and as an american that qur'an burning was something that was very offensive to the muslim world at the same time in america free speech is constitutionally protected and the supreme court has gone to great lengths to continue to preserve that right so what's more important to you in this case honoring the koran or honoring free speech i don't think the two are separate really i think that americans we respect
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everyone's right to do and say whatever they want within obvious limits and at the same time that same right gives us the freedom to live by the koran and read agron and explore the koran and teach the koran so. being a muslim being american or god or god they are all but how can you ignore the fact that burning the koran set off protests in afghanistan that resulted in the death of eight united nations workers they turned violent crowd chanted death to america i mean the actions of burning the qur'an and exercising free speech do seem to be at odds in terms of what the outcome the fallout. well i would actually disagree i think that what happened in afghanistan really doesn't have to do with terry jones and burning the koran i think that was just a pretext for trying to understand why out of the dozens of countries and significant a muslim populations only one of them saw violence we have to look beyond just
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islam and beyond the koran burning i think the reality is that enough on its on there is a war there are civilian deaths there is a corrupt government that our government is backing we don't really know what we're trying to accomplish in afghanistan right now people in afghanistan are losing hope in nato and in the mission and that's the kind of environment where a gesture like terry jones a gesture can easily be manipulated by unsavory elements and used to further an agenda but it doesn't have to do with anything inherently in islam or any sort of inherent hatred of america i think it's very much the product of what's happening right now on the ground but that's the reality that that's what's happening on the ground we are at war as lindsey graham said a member of congress he said maybe we need to consider that when we look at free speech and these kinds of actions because that is the outcome regardless of you know what the intentions are. of the religion of islam there are three outlets so in that reality which is more important protect free speech or protect the
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koran. i think as americans our first responsibility is of course of hold a constitution and again i don't see those two things as as i was i think the challenge really for us as americans is to show what is the reality in the united states and that's that terry jones is not important he really didn't generate a lot of publicity most people charged their shoulders and moved on most people were not preoccupied by what he did or said and most people in the muslim world again really did not seem to affected by his decision to burn the koran so then when we think of reports of people on the ground in afghanistan saying death to america thing we condemn that america burn the koran and we want these people brought to justice you think that that's inaccurate or that's a distortion or. you know of course it's happening and it has to be acknowledged it is happening and these are how people on the ground are behaving
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and it's not excusable it's not something that we can simply walk away from at the same time i think we have to understand that the war in afghanistan is the actual cause and the koran burning is just a pretext i'm sure people who are opposed to america's mission in afghanistan would have found some other pretext if not the koran burning in order to get people riled up and get people angry and say the same war that's happening here is a greater war against islam and that's the kind of thing that gets people riled up and that's where we have to do a better job as americans of explaining that freedom of speech is not meant to insult religions it's meant to protect religion whose job is that what needs to be done. i think more american politicians need to step forward and make that clear i also think american muslim leaders can do more work to make that clear and to make people understand that the purpose of freedom of speech and freedom of religion is in part to protect religion because when religion and politics get mixed it's bad
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for religion it's bad for politics and if people understood that about america then i think they would have a different image of america not a society that's opposed to religion but is this idea that gives people freedom of religion in order to protect religion is that optimistic in a world where as you mentioned the united states is at war and several muslim countries now i don't think that's overly optimistic i think that if we look at what's happening on the ground in many muslim countries such as egypt and tunisia and libya and syria and yemen and back reign what happened just about ten years ago in indonesia the world's largest muslim country we saw similar movements i just hating for democracy for freedom of religion for freedom of speech and by no means are these perfect by no means are these conclusive but at the same time it seems like the overwhelming majority of arabs and muslims want freedom of speech and freedom of religion and they want to end the dictatorship all right well i want to thank you for kind of making that tough call as to which in this case that you
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think needs to be protected more of that with a room mogul director for the islamic center in new york university. and from free speech actions targeting muslims on u.s. soil to what could be fresh attacks on the muslim world abroad u.s. president barack obama has approved the use of predator drones in libya this according to secretary of defense robert gates who made this announcement just a short while ago at a pentagon briefing now this first drone mission was supposed to be scheduled for today but was scratched due to poor weather you may recall the use of drones has been appointed contention a major sticking point between washington and islamabad. meanwhile precious metals are getting more precious but why gold prices have been soaring to record highs take a look at how those prices have soared after jumping above fifteen hundred dollars an ounce for the first time yesterday gold is still trading it fifteen zero three
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today silver has surged copper rose meanwhile the u.s. dollar is falling to multi-year lows you can see that red line is the dollar there's a kind of flat line goes down so is this trend is this all about the decline in the u.s. greenback the global reserve currency well joining us now to talk about that to answer that question is scott carter he's executive vice president of gold mine mr carter i want to thank you for joining me now so much is going on in the market these days so much volatility so many different factors so please break it down break it down for us what do you think is going on with gold right now how much of a factor is concern about the u.s. dollar. oh absolutely it's a concern about the dollar lauren and thanks for having me by the way you got it clearly you have inflation concerns you have a decline of the u.s. dollar and there euros the buying power of the average consumer so gold is often referred to as the canary in the gold mine and it's certainly screaming right now there are a few currencies around the world are declining in value and commodities and gold
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and silver being a commodity and viewed as a currency currency are reaping the rewards of that paper currency so it's actually the dollar which is not backed by the pulled standard by anything else but worth whatever is given to it by the market and by different financial policies so how much of a role does the united states monetary policy play by the federal reserve is quantitative easing and what's going on with the dollar right now it's plays a signal significant concern obviously the idea of keeping interest rates low the idea of throw throwing cheap money into the economy has an impact on our commodities but it also as a currency plays a role in the buying power in alternately fuels inflation so when you see gold and silver which functions not only as a commodity but as a kind of currency going up to the extent that it is i think it's a wake up call to investors in the world that they have to diversify their portfolio to preserve their buying power and that's why you see such a run up in gold and silver what should it be
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a wake up call for in terms of policymakers in the united states do you think that they should be connecting that their policies are creating that. absolutely i think when you see the markets adjusting to our debt issues not only in europe with the e.c.b. but in the u.s. with our deficit spending and our long term there at an unfunded liabilities the general wisdom is that we will continue to print money to pay these future bills so monetizing that debt basically making current dollars less worthless in the future because of that process only drives up commodities so i think it is a wake up call to politicians the s. and p. gave them a wake up call by downgrading the the rating if you will or the indications are negative all of these factors play a role in why you see many things happening in the market not only the equity markets but certainly in the gold and silver market as well and i don't know what
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you think that impact of that athan p. negative outlook is because a lot of the analysis of benefits is that political move less about fundamentals and more about making a statement over washington's inability to deal with the deficit do you agree there with political or do you think that fundamentally at people should should look at this in terms of what people think of the united states get situation and fundamentals i don't believe it was political i think when you evaluate the united states deficit spending and its debt in relation to other countries whether it's spain or portugal or ireland and all the other countries that have problems you could make a strong argument that the u.s. is in a difficult financial position right now the plan right now is to have deficit spending for the next decade and therefore our debt at fourteen trillion is estimated at the moment to go to twenty trillion so i think the s. and p. has accelerated the conversation to politicians to leaders to say you have to get
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your fiscal house in order or you're viability in being able to pay your debts without increasing interest rates is in jeopardy so not political i think it was fundament. i think it was surprising but i think it was an important step what does this mean for the u.s. dollar as the reserve currency what we're seeing have happen with the dollars decline and with the rise in not just gold but gold silver copper a number of precious metals. well i think you hear the drumbeat from the world the world bank bob zoellick i think you hear the i.m.f. and other sovereign nations discussing whether the u.s. dollar should be the sole reserve currency in fact many conversations are around should there be a basket of currency and i think that when you look at how oil is performing which has to be settled in dollars when you look at the treasuries that are on the books of our partners like china and japan there's a very real concern that if our monetary policy is to lust in the value of those
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dollars then should we have a reserve currency that is more stable maybe a basket of currencies that includes not only paper currencies currencies like the the or the euro but maybe hard assets like a modified gold or silver standard that's incorporated into that basket but still sixty one percent of reserves are dollars u.s. dollars and really when you talk to people there there is a political will for a few countries developing countries that have really taken a hit as a result of u.s. monetary policy with overheating american image but aside from that i mean is there really any practical way for the u.s. dollar to not be the reserve currency or for there to be a basket of currencies or at the asset as has been proposed through the i.m.f. do you really see anything changing. well i think that if you look at store italy you've seen reserve currency exchange the british pound was the coin of the realm for for hundreds of years and then the u.s. dollar became the reserve currency i think the u.s.
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has a responsibility to protect the value of the dollar for those individuals that are buying the treasuries in the bonds and to that extent if we get our house in order and we function not only as the currency for the u.s. economy but also as the global reserve currency then you're right it's a limited chance of change but if we continue on this path where other countries are being severely impacted by the reserve currency then i think you're going to see pressure mounts in the world order whether it's the g. eight or the g. twenty to somehow create some balance in the reserve currency that is a basket or just something that is more stable and any while are we going to see gold continue to increase and the dollar continue to go down if that's going to continue on its direct trajectory well i think the u.s. right now has a stated policy of a weak dollar policy i think the incentive to have a global economy where our goods that are made in the u.s. are worth or less expensive in the world is a stated policy to try to create
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a me and to correct try to create g.d.p. growth so as long as the u.s. dollar will be weakened in interest rates will remain low i think you're going to see an inverse relationship or a positive relationship to the price of gold and silver and many analysts are predicting that that will continue to see but we're pressure in the price of gold and silver as a result of that policy and you predict and i keep going at well obviously it's a it's an asset class i don't think anything goes straight up in this should be viewed as diversification of the hedge. and has a chance of going out. on that. still ahead right here on our team how do you protect yourself from an out of control government while a group of militia men think they have the answer coming up next. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse
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something else some other part of it and realize that everything is ok you don't. charge is a big issue. what drives the world the fear among great news by politicians who makes decisions. made who can you trust no one. is your view of the global mission to see where are we cutting state controlled capitalism is called back when nobody dares to ask we do our t.v. question more.
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of. the world we go. through. and yet. there's no media that we can afford right. i think. you'd want to well. whatever the government says for keep you safe get ready because of your freedom.
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inside only a military mechanism to do the work of supreme justice or. i have every right to know what my government should do it want to know i feel taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. welcome
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back yesterday we took a look at americans who openly carry their guns wherever they go to exercise their rights and normal life guns but for some going on gun owners arms aren't just for carrying they're for keeping government tyranny and check court has a story of. travis fox never leaves home without a loaded gun if it is between someone else or my family someone else is going to die carried openly on his belt. for fox militia is a state of mind and gun control a carte blanche then government has absolutely no fear of repercussions and they
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can essentially do whatever they want and government is meant to be kept in check the definition of tyranny is that which is lawful for government but is illegal or unlawful for the citizenry the government has jet fighter planes they have machine guns they have howitzers they have tanks they have nuclear aircraft carriers of the militia today. we are left with semi-automatic handguns and semi-automatic rifles back as part of the three percent a militia with its own flag plenty of guns and a manifesto that proclaims it only takes three percent of gun owners to overthrow the government. they gathered last year on the banks of the potomac with a warning to those in power quote attempts to further oppress us by your own paranoia people here to send you will then begin. where you are. it failure to comprehend the real situation that we are all in and sent
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a message that they won't back down americans are. increasingly. free citizens. more what subjects. more and more of america's eighty four million gun owners say they're tired of compromising on their right to bear arms three percent refuse to follow any new gun control laws we all have. every president we've lived here recently moved closer to three percentage when he refused president obama's invitation to even discuss new gun laws saying quote why should i or the n.r.a. sit down with a group of people that have spent a lifetime trying to destroy the second amendment in the united states president clinton with the last president to tackle gun control with the one thousand nine hundred four i thought weapons bear which might have own estimate the cost of party twenty feet in the subsequent election i went to thousand and twelve presidential race women tackling gun control now i don't approve
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a misfire for president obama and ford are the fucking to d.c. now earlier i spoke with jim stick oh yeah he is a militia man himself and host a freedom fighter radio he told me how the government is making him pay for his god given right that's what he has an issue with. my county columbia county georgia requires you to have a in order for me to carry a concealed weapon in my case it's my choice forty five to us only five ninety five dollars for a concealed weapon permit that means i'm having to pay for a god given right to a gym your website says that it's becoming clearer and clearer that if this country doesn't wake up soon life as america life in america as we know will cease to exist it sounds like this is about more than just guns it's about a bigger perception of threat to a way of life what are you concerned about what i'm concerned about the redistribution of wealth our concerns about how america is becoming a socialized nation and then i ask you about that let me ask you about what
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redistribution of wealth because this is that if this is a socialized nation all of the data coming out shows that the income distribution is the greatest divide it's been in eighty years that the wealth of the top one percent and a divide between that income and everybody else is the greatest in eighty years and there's a redistribution of wealth going on it doesn't really seem to be. no there is it like ok for instance if you look at the reagan administration when the rich and more tax rate jumps lower from being wealthy they were more jobs out there has been a rich and penalizing you for being is not the solution in fact if you want to as you said everybody under thousand dollars or more at a hundred percent rate butyl the gable to run its government for forty five months but what is the solution well the solution is that i believe in budget cuts we've got to put america first i mean i know it's hard to see what happened in japan but for
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a has become secondary to the needs of america well at that i mean the biggest problems are you know some of the biggest chunks of the budget are entitlements and defense spending when you cut defense spending on hold this in spending i believe in actually because and still keep the same amount of weapons because i'm alive. worked in the defense industry for harris corporation with government contracts under still palmer programs for weapons in the eighty's and i can tell you the ways that they put in there i mean you could look like you've heard a few thousand dollars this is not far fetched i personally witnessed that they can be more efficient with their spending and maybe they can actually reduce the sense spending and increase the amount of weapons the jim jim let me ask you want to question just to get back to the idea of moving towards socialism so is your real concern that they're going to raise taxes on the wealthy and that that's the move towards socialism that they're and bush tax cuts for the wealthiest americans it's not just. the ability to criticize your government how again being limited ok
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well for instance government agencies coming after you using local agencies suppressing our first amendment right to speak out that is happening on a continual basis is that got on the local level or do you think on a broader level because we see even this weekend this friday a rally to the highly contentious in dearborn michigan where someone who was burned a koran is going to have a protest against what he perceives as the threat of shari'a and jihad and chances are he's going to be able to do it regardless of how people feel because of free speech because free speech in this country is so protected but with not being reported but you didn't address it may not be aware of the you're referring to pastor terry jones of gainesville board of the christian outreach center and i was not on the phone at the office the other day they were trying to make him pay for the dish will security that's what's not being reported making him responsible for
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the additional security being very you got to pay for the right to speak out you have to pay because it's costing us all because though you know the burning of the koran does not boil an egg is the book i do i believe in the bible i'm not going to tell one from. but in the bible the violence does go that would attack the one for merely burning it and it all just don't go to dangerous people but terry jones is being pressured by michigan dragged into court being forced to pay a bomb on the line not being forced i don't think that that's happened i know that there's that issue but that they're trying to put that pressure on them ok and the state department i mean the pentagon the state department labeling him a threat endangering american troops overseas because these burn the koran you know there's nothing we can do that will make us hated any more unless we commit to shari'a law and shari'a law is a threat to america and we already see what's happening in europe england should be the canary in a coal mine under threat of shari'a law well that's not
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a highly debated issue and i don't think that i think a lot of people disagree with you there but i just it sounds like a lot of this boils down to money that you feel like you should have to pay money to register your guns you should not to pay money to protest that the right there in the constitution are being limited because you have to pay fees too but they're not waiting right in a privilege that's the bottom line right for becoming the cliff just like we were the government we're going to give you the opportunity to carry a good though i like an open carry fifty if you're not a felon you have a committed a violent felony every american citizen should be allowed to carry a firearm ok we're strong places that do that. firearm are there liberties that people get always that again and again the safest community in the world is in my state have just ikoyi at host a freedom fighter radio and it appears there have been a ruling on that bond issue with pastor terry jones we're going to have more on.


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