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five gold achi top caught. fish. fish. fish. caught off the hour here in the russian capital about the headlights out. air strikes hit the center of the libyan capital leading to more civilian casualties at least three people reportedly killed as production forces are pushed out of the rebel held city of misrata who claim they'll be replaced by tribesmen. india's latest census reveals an alarming sex ratio exposes a rise in abortions it's discovered that having a go to poor families sons are considered pronouncedly far more attractive than
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daughters. in the u.s. costa infamous for burning the koran is and looks from holding an anti islamic rally in a city described as america's on this inflammatory because of the protests that are threatening to incite religious hatred and provoke violence. coming up next to. moscow out this time the team shows us some of the matching flavors of the russian capital. i love i love to surprise them on this christmas laughs i would say that everything with feeling funny and impressive so fun to listen to the same size of someone
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else's letter says he's a disappointed when it comes to fiery emphasis listen i remember my style. to choose from cuba is u.n.c. the roots here he's giving it john's cost in russian is key to being a popular holiday to summation for mr vice many of the time she continued and just moves back in mr finale krypton's cost a cost three hundred and fifty rubles that's around ten dollars but should buy in blank amounts and these guys are freely brought to church. in the us to do so this is in our school with each dances that are confirmed for real by the people of lebanon are good and which represent its culture and history group a species q two and i'm a school is cuban and we also have teachers from brazil venezuela and haiti the i think there are still people living in moscow athena jones is like a victim of the joy and happiness ah.
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yes i'll come a fast there are many that are yeah. ok let's start the south across pennsylvania ok. ok i can't we can't i don't speak fool so i shouldn't be taking basket another choose to play. you know it's my partner she takes classes here every to say i'm friday nights in english. is a simple. matter because it was. really a housekeeper says and don't worry if you're not an expert as the boss accommodate people of various levels. that. are going to see if i enjoy the music scene a spirit is in the company. and out of the sex. i'm moving on to speak and
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staining use. the laces commissioned by one of the most famous for some designs he should pour in he has been showcased and most crippling his clothes for the next four months season were inspired by st petersburg design it holds visions of the former capital as a launch on some jets with it striking architecture parks and canals is a parade of the cap mission dresses he has jersey combined between and will fabrics cheering describes his designs as minimalism and such colors as ply clay and dog glue germinating to the collection somebody get chic reminding us of the city where the weather is not only is sunny. french luxury brand of leather goods around so hasn't been the largest to outside of fronds located in the old mansion in the center of moscow to be cheeky hides the hallways of the house which is an architectural monument of the capital there is little bags
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and accessories for vice man and woman or in sale of the store is also a display ministrations from the brands catalogs from the beginning of the twentieth century taking the history of fashion house. keys in a way behind an old moscow late is an absolute gem of a restaurant the wonderful top but to commute to. the chariot is simple and deliberately shabby. the tiny table says odd to fit a couple of glasses on the plate for snacks three story mansion is completely devoted to a stylized spanish restaurant with a ground floor is a small top spot. while very nice for the food here is excellent in the south this is when quite affordable for the average neophytes who is say around a few thousand roubles thousands from sixty and seventy dollars plug ins i spend several times i know what good tapas food tastes like you're trying.
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to say. no wonder this is one of the most popular restaurants. peaking at one of the places architecture with stainless in america disadvantages instituted mustard is the latest on the reservation specializing in spanish language classes with an eight thousand students study spanish at the institute every year founded in spain not too much you want to from it despite his language and latin american culture around the world there are more than forty solicits his own full confidence. polish passion flamenco regions and it's by the popular time cheap seeking some real together in the musical sorrow which is currently running in the russian capital named after the fictional black moscow to czar which means folks in spanish it is going to become a great success of the moscow palace of youth which performs almost every night.
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thank you and your village is a real piece of mexico in the russian capital when you not only serves a regional mexican cuisine but also stays true to the atmosphere of a gangsta mexican village full of fun. every night is a lot considerably to the music a little so must the cost of lessons also breaking the old allies. it's a restaurant. various latin american jobs easy is very few people can measure which is a fiery flamenco always results in full houses in most cases international house of music. moving in small next venue this man should be seem pretty safe to say the least mr
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president something mexican ambassador and with first a gross of celebrities and politicians it's easy to see the social see it is not just because of the residences calendar it's also will meet the same space guests let's meet your guests just last week. and i welcome a legend tell me having been living here in moscow well it's going to be almost three and a half years for right now it's time to swan so fast. and tell me about the various latino events festivals activities that take place here in moscow. it's you know so well this is always a big city and a very exciting city and will say there's a lot of going on and you sometimes you don't have enough time to attend everything because of the already had you do you want to also alternate with your with the russians with the local people that will i mean love it and we like it very much because there are so we're it's a very interesting country it's
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a beautiful country all first a lot so we try to explain to expand let's put it that way i mean of course we had to in all our latin american activities from you know cultural activities either organized by the embassies or by the associations to the so yes it's funny i mean it's a load co you know and i think every year more and more russians actually visit mexico it's become a place very popular destination for them to travel to yes it's becoming very very popular despite the distances because of course it's very far for you know it's but i'm glad they are really you know calling train to go out because they know that i mean of course out of spain nor you know it's very popular as well over there and everything and now i know russians they travel a lot to southeast asia thailand all these places but i'm so glad that they are now turning their heads of the other side you know to the atlantic and then just take
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you know that things are to go all the way there because not everybody speaks english or spanish or so east not easy but they just they just arrive there and they're just so happy so please you know they feel like home because there's like letting american touch in russian culture to think a way of being his fashion this christian soul but you know spirit knew so well that's perfect you spread that way and behold. it's made you think you. can finish this week's program have been sort of spaced it off plus art gallery here to showcase in an exhibition of photographs by spanish artist isabella miss but the biggest names in stylist contempt for so great a work to see it in the most prestigious institutions around the world the altar school in barcelona in the two hundred fifty one lives and works in madrid. a
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french grocer pursued tried to win the world press photo war in two thousand and four these pictures taken in places from cuba to point out is played on highlighting the most characteristic shoes of every place human bodies and frames of light also first a child of three. people who love to describe their world people who love their real photography and the people who love the nature of. pictures and the nature of human being because in her works as she shows the they begin a far world the beginning of our series ation of the things about we always forget sometimes you know if we could a way of life. the city maybe thousands of kilometers away from spain and latin america the capital as an international hub still absorbs culture from all over the world by the ridiculous dance class with tina rhythms or
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a delicious tapas bar you're after the service multicultural city of moscow always in the case on file if you want swing through it let's see i think lights out and stuff but certainly here on pushkin sky scroll step may be hard to remember well of course the that's what's on the streets part of all so you get the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew are by saddam. listen to has been to the chill ya been screeching for the long lost secret of thomas steel has been discovered. now archie goes east of lake baikal with the longest russian railway line runs. for the sunday desert lies the
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most siberian mansions. for people full of the same routes as hundreds of years ago . welcome to the transplant. was a close up on the part of. a living in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. then one night in desperation the young man breaks are. limits to the mr. cohen. crowd gathers momentum beyond. the streets of the.
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twenty five years of fallout. from the most devastating nuclear disaster in history. a quarter of a century ago and has mankind learned from its mistakes. the legacy of chernobyl. on the arctic.
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strikes hit the center of the libyan capital leading to more civilian casualties at least three people are reportedly killed. the forces of pushed out of the rebel held city of misrata they claim they'll be replaced by tribesmen. india's latest census reveals on a. ship exposes a rise in abortions when parents discover that having a go. sons are considered financially far more attractive than daughters. and the u.s. pastor infamous for burning the koran is blocked from holding an anti islamic rally in a city described as america's muslim capital of course than the protesters that threaten
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to incite religious hatred and provoke violence. sports news next with richard. oh malcolm sports there it's good to have you as always were i once. tabletop was just vulgar and one that all of ours on saturday were the winner of the top of the russian premier league. moves to within a win of a career victory on the point under the most alone of. all rivals to square off since come last go between key points in team b. as both clubs have to win a trophy often disappointing seasons. and style of football and it's an unlikely early season top of the table clash russian premier league with the two new
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promoted sides both having the chance to go top of the table at least for twenty four hours although the north girls' team could have won across both teams from nine points a point on the leaders and sponsor needs to be about in the table play room full it's tearing both sides of the runway noni so form a campaign under sea cross no doubt will be looking to maintain their unbeaten record of the cannot keep. the military hoping to welcome one of the world's oldest and most decorated clubs the town which will mark a new beginning for the club italian joins you ventus or expected to get a feel for the caucuses hospitality. it opened a new stadium or maybe eleventh we are made clear of the remainder of the republic spurs president will open two days after the sun on the poster in this picture of a nation because vice-president idea of talks are ongoing with a twenty seven city are champions four million euros closer amount paid to using
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the heart of says nothing has been signed and other options are still being looked at. so with local munched united will look to consolidate a very good. on top spots in english premier league speak on everton at old trafford and also alex ferguson says he now believes chelsea i'm not arsenal be any team that can stop them from winning a record nine hundred title the american is both a six points behind us with a challenger. i just have a straight preference for chelsea doing. it because i think the fixtures were sort of easier. for the come to withdraw from there is no reason for them. combined is not a bad thing to do with the experience. what we were taught in france was brought white hart lane spurs are just two points off fourth place manchester city hold the final champions league spots. to avoid the drop and over harry redknapp knows it'll be tough for top manager hasn't given up hope of making it into europe's premier
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competition next season. when a position to get a chance is going to be choice recently we were going to keep keep going really when you know because we got rich off we should only give them a rest it was a main city there's no doubt about it we go to the main single liverpool go to go to chosing. a whisper in good form turn a good job and do so they'll be a tough game again but we're in the early season it's a good into decisions so to look forward to him will fly in for two to achieve something again and it's going to host. also asked the military on stoke freeform via paul are in desperate need of all three points against newcastle little paul their inaction against birmingham city sunderland need a wind to help ease van relegation fears even some who can sides are also battling to secure their premier league status following a visit mauling you and chelsea all of to keep their faith in hopes of retaining their title alive against west ham. avoid by their first trophy in four years real
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madrid was thanks spanish league title hopes alive on saturday when they travel to the lens also millionaires team trail leaders bounce alone or by eight points but victory. could come back this pursuit just five points or least twenty four hours however the real boss said he has not given up hope of winning the title. mañana will take tomorrow's game seriously in the league it doesn't matter whether you're in eighth fourth tenth or twentieth a little able to morrow will be a difficult game against a brutal who will probably finish third behind barcelona and real madrid this is a great achievement the legs are very good we might not be in our best tomorrow with injuries and exhaustion we obviously have problems but we've got to play tomorrow and concentrate. tennis and world number one rafael nadal has now almost halfway to a thousand wins the spaniard watching out victory number four hundred ninety nine
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more freeze is pretty sunny finals in barcelona and world number nine ne's appearing ready to slug it out of a side of the fiercest hit is burger roaring home crowd watching a local hero easily absorb french and special it's price he went on to take the first set six. little change in the second set as more feasts could do little to slow down the raptors quest for his six title in seven years here. six two six two the final score. even dog each tried to hold out the seven month win streak next. possible and says come moscow will meet perennial rivals hindi in the final b. to be after both sides were victorious in their second finals in the final for him because it's been about five years here in the blue ice may fail miserably in the season's you're really failing to get past the group stages however there will be at least some chance to win a trophy and retain the league only convincing victory over as of march such
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account he would have done made three seasons in ravaged by injury in poor form he would eventually enjoy a game sixteen points and seven rebounds shareholders weighed in with the troubles make the game safe down the stretch as the only one with ease to six nine points to the seven victory. says he will play him here in the dark blue for the start in the region. a much closer match out weeks ruled on by partisan home crowd opening up a slender lead going into the halftime break. this in key responded wells on planning to travel to triple kelly mccann the inside in touch with this layout however there would be no stopping the tally for the zone. and keep point guard in a game high twenty seven points this is eventually won eighty four seventy eight. got to be n.b.a. and it wasn't
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a wholesome move to one up in the first round of playoff series real wonder jamal crawford weighing in with a game high twenty three points and he was also here over the home side this is free pointer which is five seconds left on the sea of victory for the hawks boston accent for the next rounds the celtics eased a big one on the road in new york paul pierce with a game five points for visitors from the l.a. lakers are two one up in their series of new orleans kobe bryant of scoring the visitors with thirty points. and minutes more news before miller wants. graham curry is currently at a red light for two thousand and twelve event is likely to be called into financial disagreements between the organizers and at once a pretty one sided media reporting that the government rejected a course in speed to double the payment of a raise for twenty six million dollars istanbul chamber of commerce stating it was simply not enough if one cheats had a ridge and said be bent can remain unaccounted for tendencies his brain has to
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take place on the eighth of may which current deal runs out. well the end of one race may mean a new beginning for another u.s. drone preez making a return to be one cow and also in two thousand and twelve circuit of the americas in austin texas has been your venue. which can be a number of radar since two thousand and seven the developer is no stranger to the sporting world to n.b.a. squads and one n.f.l. team are trying which will also be used for moto g.p. races as one of two to be added in the next three years and two thousand and fourteen season will see russia host person race and saatchi. overturned martial arts now where russia's mix part has produced a further proof of their dominance of the sport sambo seventy team went head to head of the spanish warriors side here in moscow which saw the hosts. of above anyone as. the outcome may have been very different if the nations had met on a full peach although as soon as it comes to the man green. russian select often
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tend to have the edge over their space royals them out one of russia's strongest explained clubs somebody seventy per test the best spin had to offer in the sport. each with the completion of this tradition starting with a lightweight the first we saw seeing thirty books in specialist. spanish jujitsu champion vs. the visitor came to take the fight to the ground but left took his chance with a sudden peek out of the clean white over russia one new on. the host's hand to hand firing champion undertaker to one of the other day next can scoff at securing a perfect submission for the spaniard to give up the fight early in the first round with two other clashes following a similar pattern it's who came through the most anticipated battle of the night in
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one global champion bitches love with celeste give facing a no solace the men booted spain's best weeks choir of last year this much closer than all that came previous and the only one to us all three scandal rounds the city of skippering his glares dominating the entire fight to claim victory by a unanimous decision however solis had every reason to leave the ring with his head held high the girls were girls and it was a tough fight i was always seeking a knock out but failed it may have even will be boring us that's not what either me or my fans expected i'm sorry i promise i'll do much better next time. if five nil sweep for the russians something they've got four of the sports for that humiliating would fully prove. robert quality on forty. sets her entire time what's next or having to carry.
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hungry for the full story and we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on r t.
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twenty five years of fallout. from the most devastating nuclear disaster in history. a quarter of a century on his monthly learn from its mistakes. the legacy of chernobyl. on the arctic.


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