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tv   [untitled]    April 24, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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stupid question these. stunts on t.v. don't come. to. this week's top stories here in our t.v. after over invasion western military initiatives in north africa have backfired home with the french president already losing public trust over what's described as used colonial ambitions to. shape interim the war turkey you know the more power warrior or. one year after a major oil spill in the gulf of mexico coastal residents exposed to toxic chemicals say they've been left to deal with severe health problems all on their own. and christians around the world are united in easter celebrations with thousands flocking to a service at russia's main orthodox cathedral. nine
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am in the russian capital you're watching r t with the reno joshie welcome to the program after more than a month of allied operations in libya the world stalemate has frequently been used to describe the situation there and for those countries involved in the action it's beginning to cause political trouble at home especially in france where the president's feeling the pinch they know bushell reports on how the country's intervention and maybe at its former colony of ivory coast as backfired for nicolas sarkozy with accusations of imperialism. if nicolas sarkozy hoped intervening in libya and the oil every coast would boost his popularity it's backfired he's now for the most unpopular president in the history of france's fifth republic
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according to the latest opinion polls at the weekend the main beneficiary has been marie le pen head of the national front party she's expected to knock him out of next year's presidential elections because he wants pledge france will never again kill people in africa the pen told me he's broken that promise so that this will be seen as a possibility of a action by france by behaving like a well it's policeman deciding who's bad and who's good the president's policies a myriad of former colleagues one inflexible personal style x. finance minister. lift the ruling party this month admitting they called to work together to form a human rights minister remi yet they has quit too so it is a little colonel gadhafi use france she said as a door mats to wipe the blood off his feet by hosting him in paris and now he's
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hunting the same man down sarkozy also sacked his integration advisor for disagreeing with him direct man that man told r.t. the president doesn't know how to compromise. there's no place for twentieth century colonialism today but there should always be room for negotiation it's all leaves nicolas sarkozy with few friends just when he needs them it's become a lonely life inside the presidential palace but mr sarkozy will tell your political opponents pulling apart is for policy even formal allies like nobody has been the talk of his serial. division pounds work with the president for over seventeen years the former premier fears libya turning into another afghanistan a deeply. with no clear deadline we cannot go in any country without knowing when we will look out i think this is the listen that we did not do
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from afghanistan in its global diplomacy it's the same problem list war france is facing criticism for what some see as heavy handed intervention in the ivory coast the result is a president say experts mort at home and abroad for his very goods personals monarchical popular trailing both pain and the socialists in his bid for reelection in twenty twelve so as he looks on likely to mellow leaked memos from it voices claim his only chance of winning is to make his policies even more extreme and you will see paris you know while a massive flood of migrants from tunisia and libya has made france think of suspending e.u. border free travel agreement last weekend the country temporarily shut its border trains carrying african migrants from italy nicolas sarkozy is expected to address the issue next week when he meets with italian prime minister silvio berlusconi
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thousands of people have been fleeing the violence with italy claiming it alone has received over twenty thousand refugees. this week britain france and italy and else they'll be dispatching military advisors on the ground in libya russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov warned against the move saying only cause more bloodshed. with those are the latest developments in libya not making us happy it's a clear launch of the ground conflict we consider these music streaming risky which could lead to unpredictable consequences there's been cases in history when it all started we say media and military advisors and then it drags out for years and resulted in hundreds and thousands dates on both sides we call on everyone to respect the un resolution in solving this conflict. jim brann from the stop the work has the spidy official who had a tear in pas of this intervention the latest developments expose that it's all
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about regime change in media it's very clear that they have intervened. in order to decide who shall not be the government of libya and even if they from time to time refer back to united nations security council resolution nineteen seventy three it doesn't change the fact that they clearly are going for the overthrow of the tripoli government and then you have this announcement that they are sending military officers in plain clothes and that's clearly because some lawyer has advised them that you have to be very careful but the fact is that war consists of component parts which is attack and defense or as it was known for laughing a thousand year thought in this field and if you increase somebody's shield if you give something back to shield it makes their thought more effective so they clearly are intervening in the in the civil war itself by these men who has been taking
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great care to appear to abide by the nonintervention causes of the resolution. and there are fears raging unrest in the arab world my jeopardize the global canonic recovery as we report later in the program. one shark away remove gracious. find out what the world's financial system is facing including some coming from washington just a few minutes here in our team. there was a major breakthrough in the fight against terror in russia this week the country's security forces killed two top terrorists in the north caucasus both had links to al qaida and were believed to be behind many attacks in russia north caucasus corresponding with you know question of reports this week russia's north caucasus witnessed a number of successful and to terre haute rationed last sunday a key militant leader is that you'll believe john up was killed in an aerial strike
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in that russia until terrorists committees the most wanted the market has personally points of what is done as the hat of militants in dagestan in the last year now it's also believed that the village on up was the wolf in almost every terror attack that happened in the region and was also linked to the most school month trouble makes last year he was among the four terrorists that were killed a week ago and the hailed the operation a success and sad that the militants only understand the language of force. some of the militants are willing to engage and they reject us when we urge them to lay down weapons and with some sort of peace with. how we committed so many murders and terrorist attacks they know you understand the language of force meanwhile and nothing the tourist terrorists figure out was killed a saudi militant also known as smug i was so identified as a chief agent in the north caucasus he was also received by the militants as the
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absolute religious authority as well as an influential field commander now russia's terrorist committees that he was involved in almost every terror attack that happened in russia in recent years now despite the strength of high profile success russia's security forces still say there is no evidence that russia's most wanted terrorist model has been killed hopes could be eliminated in one of the operations in english it's a way shot when d.n.a. tests found no presence of him among the dead meanwhile he has claimed responsibility for a number of terror attacks that were russia including the most school math row between suicide strikes and the bombing of the capital's made airport still there is no clear information of just where russia's most wanted terrorists might be hiding in the north caucasus. but due caution is reporting there in two weeks ago
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terrorism once again raises this time of the bell russian capital where a bomb attack on the city's metro killed thirteen if you go to our website or to the conference all the reports and opinion into that latest atrocity and more details about special operations. well wednesday marked the first anniversary of one of the worst and bar now accidents in history the gulf of mexico oil disaster killed eleven people and caused millions of gallons of oil pour into the ocean while b.p. is trying to shift the blame by suing some of its contractors it's the local people who are still suffering the aftermath of the spill. five million barrels of oil in combination with almost two million gallons of highly toxic chemical dispersants used to fight the oil spill a cocktail that contaminated not just the water in the gulf but found its way into people's blood a year after the disaster an environmental group tested the blood of dozens of
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cleanup workers as well as residents of coastal areas they found levels of bandying thirty six times higher than normal or call for. are shaken truly want to work in an open problem or even. clayton mathur and worked as a boat engineer he says he was in perfect health before he was exposed to the toxic chemicals in the gulf now he's fighting a bouquet of illnesses carcasses of food you know the part of the lecture military operations for clayton is not alone in his fight george price owns a small boat yard in louisiana perfectly healthy just a year ago he has lost thirty pounds in the last few months george was diagnosed with severe anaemia our son and myself all the story and we. know you really know dr michael robbie chom who's been practicing medicine in louisiana for forty years says he's never have such an influx of patients with respiratory and
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blood issues he fears the worst it's a distant stream and authorities for calls robbie cha is one of a few doctors who is outspoken about gulf coast residents sometimes connection with the toxic chemicals that they've been exposed to many other doctors refuse to recognize the cause as dr robert shaw says either because they don't have the necessary training or they don't want to be caught up in court. requires an environmental justice group told residents in several coastal communities almost half said they had experienced health problems like coughing skin and eye irritation or headaches that are consistent with common symptoms of chemical exposure it's very clear when you look at the ingredients both up which is considered so. it is considered as rather a hazardous material coupled with the ingredients in the toxic dispersants and when you mix those together it actually creates
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a substance all times more toxic and these are exactly the types of chemicals that are truly literally in people's blood many of the fact that gulf coast residents and those involved in the. cleanup of the gulf say they are alone in their fight with the consequences of last year disaster moring biologists are saying it's going to take at least twenty years for the gulf ecosystem to recover president obama signed the country's environmental agency to investigate health effects of the spill but many gulf coast residents are sure it will do its best to sweep the findings under the rug i'm going to shake i'm reporting from washington our team. or you're watching are the live from moscow still ahead for you this hour just standing rooms own around its paralyzed nuclear power plant as a number of exposed workers grows find out more about ten minutes time. the convicted killer campaigning for released from life on jail coming to you soon. the e.u.
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has come under fire for how it spans its aid money and new report reveals billions of dollars being pumped into unnecessary projects among them dancing classes in two african countries euro m.p. david campbell about a man says brussels is incapable of controlling its own budget let alone the money it sends brah. this system isn't working i think this report makes very clear but it is no surprise i mean from our point of view here you have the european union for sixteen years in a row they haven't signed off their own account because of auditor's you know so much fraud in their cars they cannot even sign them off so it's not a surprise that you know there's an allegations of private jets being bought by certain country leaders shortly after receiving this kind of the way the whole thing is a mess it needs discipline i think it's better done by nation states but unfortunately two thirds of these actually goes to normal poor countries i mean the biggest
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recipients is turkey which is doing pretty well economically a lot goes missing i mean some is going to terrorist groups like hamas in palestine and you've got incredible figures like in the. job creation scheme is costing one point five million for each individual they actually find a job for so there's a huge amount of waste here. global finance leaders warned of the looming threat of a new konami crisis at the i.m.f. and world bank annual spring meeting and while some blame turmoil in the middle east for standing economic recovery washington also came in for a fair share of the criticism its failure to tame a huge public sector debt and budget deficit has triggered calls to strip the u.s. off its right here financial advice to others as artie's marine a fortnight reports. an annual spring gathering about the world economy produced a dreadful financial forecast we are one shark away from
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a full grown critics say through the establishment of the international monetary fund and broad bank and there has positioned itself as an economic dr to the world using the institutions to retain global domination. and fulfill the business interests of large corporations craving resources belonging to cash strapped countries what they do they very often pressured governments to cut spending or raise taxes that could be very very dangerous and could slip back into recession we're tail all too familiar to latin america the middle east. and most recently greece. where tens of thousands storm the streets protesting austerity measures public spending cuts and tax hikes. as the largest financial contributor washington also wields the largest voting power at the i.m.f.
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the furn of the i.m.f. it is run program by the u.s. treasury department with some input from the european approach but there tells you most of the problem this is supposedly you know. something countries and it's run by just a handful or maybe just one and american has always served as president of the world bank since its creation in one nine hundred forty four but now with its own backyard in disarray america is hardly in a position to hand out financial advice to others in two thousand and eleven america's financial management is best defined by a nonstop borrowing binge see the talk over there it's a running ticker of u.s. debt which has surpassed a ceiling of fourteen point three trillion dollars now the u.s. may want to consider investing in a bigger clock with a few more digits on the display a problem so bad the u.s. president can't ignore it and the government can't seem to solve it we have to live
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within our means we have to reduce our deficit republicans have refused to support measures such as raising taxes on the rich or cutting defense spending all eyes are now on the nation that sets the bar for others to see if they get clean up its own bad debts at home marina r.t. new york. later today in our special report we reveal the difficulties and dangers of living in bladder ghettos in the u.s. where rival gangs continue to incite violence on the streets to live in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets in this country than there are in the streets of baghdad.
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now for the story of a convicted killer who once das himself a russian prison or worse has racked with pain from illness is pleading with the authorities to be released from his misery the case has reignited the debate over assisted suicide a practice that was illegal in a country where if an option reports. an r.t.s. forty five and he's dying and it's an independence diabetic he's not sixty killings in ten months now only next blind he can hardly distinguish objects in the backyard of the jail where he's serving his sentence for murder his campaign is transparent and doctors forecasts he want need crutches for much longer only do wheelchair if.
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i can't live without pain killers. i'm always on drugs if i didn't take them i'd be able to walk at all or be sure you'll work if for most saugor and war veteran and i do you no longer has the energy to fight for life instead. he said bitterly fighting for death. in that his health has not always been so bad he did to aerated rapidly after he was behind bars in two thousand and seven he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison he now he needs specialized treatment and care something he just cannot get here or to die or anything what else do i need i used to be a man now look at me. i'm not even half of them. a doctor to help him die is officially forbidden in russia personally but when i
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starting who could kill you could facilitate a suicide nobody even the most zealous euthanasia supporters say that they would do it themselves because they would become murderers of a did you know that from the point of view of russian legislation no from the point of view of international law the epic moves can you from a zero be justified. there is a huge debate on whether the terminal patients have the rights to and their own life to escape chronic pain those against euthanasia and they are the majority claim among other things that even hopeless cases can sometimes be the recklessly killed but a voice from behind bars where miracles rarely happen a change their perspective sure it's usual wall if they know that the rest of their lives will be suffering was the reason to prevent them from doing that especially those sentenced to life in prison and that many letters from these people they ask
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for death as life becomes unbearable conditions there are awful so why not. fulginiti strong orthodox believe or euthanasia has been a hard decision and it won't be without its victims on the other side the reason bars. no i will not allow him to die i will not. you know his mother can understand what's pushed her son to seek death she country consult with the reality of that decision. if you die or die with him what would i leave who for. histon and why but he's waiting wishing for death whether it's natural. to central. well as we japan xterra the exclusion zone around a paralyzed machine a plant to thirty kilometers twenty kilometer zone was declared an official no go
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area because of radiation risks those who enter the zone could be subjected to fines or even detention meanwhile workers at the plant continue to pump highly radioactive water from one of the reactors a key step towards easing the crisis three people have already been exposed to maximum radiation levels at the facility the spy the ongoing crisis professor perry reagan from the physics department at the university of surrey says japan has little choice but to stick with nuclear arijit. it's a boil depended very limited natural resources which is the reason one reason why it's because relatively reliant at least a significant loss of its power comfort. from the nuclear sector. and i personally i think it doesn't have a choice i think it will have to continue to have nuclear power there let's not forget there were over fifty to react if indeed the operational. since the very beginning of the nuclear crisis in japan parallels have been drawn where the trend
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of disaster as a twenty fifth anniversary of the worst nuclear accident in history nears stay with r.t. for more reports on its aftermath on monday we'll be bringing you a special documentary on the legacy of the catastrophe i. twenty five years of fallout. from the most devastating nuclear disaster struck. culture of the century. this month. the stakes. legs. are two. christian believers are united in easter celebrations and this year the event falls on the same day for all of them for thousands of worshippers in moscow a service was held in the main russian orthodox cathedral artists are firth
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witnessed a grandiose ceremony as over five thousand people have attended the service this year including the president of it and prime minister and also families inside bringing the children it really is a family of a religious event that's marked by thousands and thousands of people every year but plugs to the cathedral and celebrate not only in fife but also lined the streets as well with candles just a take part in the ceremony. to celebrate easter it's a russian christian holiday which is always been celebrated all over russia were in moscow want to business trip and we just couldn't help but come here. is the first time you've had a chance to celebrate this festival in moscow so we came to see the service here it's a joy to be here in this new really interesting. the comprising i came here straight after work it's a great holiday. now will go to another church after we've seen. those sides the
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cathedral it's absolutely beautiful the service has lots of candles and flowers and letters by patriarch kirill really a major celebration here in russia and this year marked on the same day by both the orthodox church and the catholic church some of the russian traditions that include making the cakes and also eating a type of curd called patch and that's actually the original name for the easter celebration itself that we saw all the big procession from christ the savior cathedral it's traditional christian that goes around the cathedral grounds with patriarch kirill leading that they carry the crucifix and thousands of people joining that before they get back inside to continue the ceremony all around russia families will be celebrating the religious holiday churches and cathedrals throughout the country will be marking with their own ceremonies and of course for
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everyone celebrating it around the world very happy easter from us here artsy so for us there and i'll go on to our web site to read the russian people express in full at r.t. dot com you can also find more r.t. coverage of this and other top stories. watching r.t. and this week we're going to be out of prove that he is a mover and shaker not only in the political arena but also on the dance floor a video of the country's top am feeling the view has become an internet sensation. video with snap that are you can party with the president's university friends one twitter user described his style as dancing like her dad adding that watching the
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video have made her day forty six year old beater tweet a bath with smiles admitting that the music the party and not surprisingly his dancing skills were totally old school. already brings us up to date and i'll be back in just a few moments with a recap of the week's top stories.
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the russian republic blends historic diversity we see economic diversification oil drilling industry pushes for tomorrow's pressure chemical products traditionally the issues of the focus is on one pilot proof the government experience to come and sit by going online to understand at the heart of russian innovation on technology update we've got the future covered. more news today violence is once again flared up the phone these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of china that. china shop.


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