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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2011 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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before he was sure some would prince or to discipline the frito in touch with her tell me touch your rules of regional agree go how an international house flooded to achieve every green lowering her tone in tone. welcome back you're watching are you live from moscow these are the top stories on the side of the world's worst nuclear accident threatens a new radiation leak as a lack of fun slows progress on the placing of a crumbling turn all the support is build a quarter of a century ago. nato airstrikes hit the libyan capital once again targeting colonel gadhafi is compounds and while the rebels hope they'll benefit from the country's rich resources that office gone after its war and the block itself aims to suck up the wealth. and russia's ministry of culture is under fire for warning at
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innovation prize to work slammed by the majority as an act of vandalism but some praise a move saying it's a sign of the censorship free society. well on the eve of the twenty fifth anniversary of the church novel nuclear disaster we'll bring you the first in a series of special reports from the exclusion zone and ukraine. twenty five years ago the entire fifty thousand population over ukrainian sound of preview was evacuated within three hours. could you please step aside i'm
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working on you getting my short thank you they left what they had here as they were told. for a couple of days but none of them has ever. thought. what the poor. where are we going. to go to previous post office. recently i received a notification to pick up a letter here in three patch that's impossible post office hasn't been working for twenty five years i don't think it's for real. strange but according to the stamp this really has come from here do you know where this post office is yes i know the big.
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if. if if. if if you looked it was there were all these trees that you see they've all grown since the accident and right now we're going to be passing the house where i was born. it. was we came to the chernobyl exclusion zone to investigate a very strange story this place has been deserted for a quarter of a century but recently some people started receiving posts notices telling them to
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pick up lots is at this post office in previous i'm holding one of those here and indeed the stamp here proves that it came from the goes down the hill. frankly speaking i don't know what to look for. many of. these notices have no interest as nor names of those who had sent them. you know. you're going to be honestly speaking i don't think we're going to find anything here. most of the things that remains here and in the apartments were later buried. but i knew i didn't keep them because they were very radioactive.
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stuff. and the rest was stolen by scavengers. who said look here's a letter which someone for you to send from here. because there is a photo inside. with lucky you. all the times i've been here i've never seen anything like this. this is the first to do so phones were here. used they work at the nuclear power plant and sometimes they work here hello hello how i look for the who
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we're calling how i work tonight. from kindergarten comes running to scuse me who is it me calling and then pardon i miss about the wrong number. i don't get it you. are investigation brings us to one of the prints kindergartens and this one is truly horrifying scene most of the things one can see here have been left untouched ever since the catastrophe and this site which gives probably the best description and most dramatic one of the chernobyl tragedy is that children's toys i lay literally side by side with military gas masks. this is my kindergarten i used to go here. we
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used to be many children in p.t.s. . specialists from all over the soviet union came here to operate the nuclear power station. mostly young people going to store and they thought that they were waiting for a bright future. so this town experienced a baby boom. almost no one used the gas masks look out there because the catastrophe happened on a saturday but you could also they've been kept here and were left untouched. what was in that letter you found. so there's two photographic record there is a photograph inside. here have a look. look. it seems it was written by
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a child a small girl. just to try their story i was so glad having received your letter so i decided to reply at once my mom got me a new doll she's so beautiful that i'm sometimes afraid to play with her when i go to school in the morning i put her by the window and make a bet for her in the evening i love her dearly the weather has already been very warm here we'll be having a holiday soon my parents and i will go to a rally will be inflating balloons and after that there will be a concert in the house of cultural activities my sister will be dancing there even though she's small she's already a great dancer or missing you very much please come and visit us in this country we're missing you very much please release come visit us in the summer us written piecemeal women are supposed to get mentions the first may vents in the previous house of culture and kids from this kindergarten were to perform at a concert there. when was that letter written because there are so you posted all
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the date on the envelope so as it was meant to be sent and got to store for just the day before the catastrophe. not going to nobody on the eve of the catastrophe many celebrations had a new plan for saturday and sunday they always schedule wedding celebrations and children's concerts for the weekend but with even when the tragedy happened we didn't call off the festive events because the love the children were breathing the c.e.o. as it was a hard day of the events were out in the open many people were in the parks and i know that there were weddings in the house of culture in the end and we were informed that it was very serious and that we were to go home and pack up for
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evacuation. may the first was one of the biggest communist holidays in the soviet union the labor day people's house of culture still has a collection of posters with soviet leader they were meant to be carried at a traditional demonstration and the stage over here was meant to become a venue for a holiday concert. alexi they say it's not so course but look what i found i think one of the it's a fireman suit. could it be that it belonged to one of those firefighters who fought the blaze at the nuclear power plants then you hear them salute lina no question of where did it most of them died just about their dear was radioactive fuel thrown
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then it was destroyed almost immediately afterwards. let you know there used to be an amateur theatre here maybe it's there's got to change a little beyond us and i feel we're stuck with basically got any ideas where we could go next. well there used to be a library here you could check out the rangers profile cards. you know the city was very beautiful. and it was meant to be kind of a role model for others. like the best place communist society
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could ever build perfectly planned and constructed. was meant to be a paradise for those building communism. ready wait a minute i found a note inside this picture book it looks like a page from someone's diary. it is dated april the twenty fifth nine hundred eighty six we're preparing an experiment at the station we'll be bringing the reactor to a store where we have some heated debates most of us assure that we're doing everything right but still cannot come to a conclusion that the times it seems were talking on different languages from both make it come from nowhere was a confrontation with the world before more workers did not want to keep the unstable reactor in operational maybe even the flu from for control according to conversations and documentation that have been published already from the reactor was out of control. on the twenty fifth of april the employees were
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saying that it was faulty solution but the bosses were demanded that they should finish the experiment could it be that they were performing only unstable reactor. because then your stomach when i saw a picture in daughter's art book with a babylonian tower i joke that we have now finally built it that's been me on the gray of the story. i'm on top of the pits tallest building it is the best vantage points to see the chernobyl nuclear power plant straight after the disaster it was covered by steel lead cold the sarcophagus underneath it are still tons of radioactive fuel and deadly levels the radiation if you don't know that from here almost looks
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a life. quite a few of those now with the apartment we're looking for should be somewhere here with do you know where this drawing came from. it appears here several years ago actually i don't know the elevator shaft is open so be careful we need to go this way are you let's go. i turn shannon. i turn shannon. i knew my eye tension on one of the new hombre ads got up the council of the town i reports it was the usual saturday and it was a very warm day we did not feel like studying. after the second lesson teachers
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were called for a meeting and left us to ourselves. that time we heard that something bad had happened at the reactor. many of the children's parents worked there and they talked about what they had heard from them. from i learned that there had been a blaze at the station and several people were injured with some with a hole that will be could not imagine how serious it was sold at a fire was nothing to be afraid of at school we were told of atomic energy was the safest in the world. and the good because. it was still a kid when the tragedy happened we waited outdoors which of the rooftop and saw the blaze at the station there was smoke coming out of the building from the explosion radiation levels were already extremely high. horse everyone young and old was exposed to huge radiation doses. still works.
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there's almost nothing left here. the most when you look through your archives maybe there is some information about this person there yes just a second yes that yes i have something he was one of those who was supposed to be performing an experiment at the station which means that during the moment of the explosion he should have been there all of the workers who were working at the fourth block were immediately sent to a hospital as they were severely or radiated i mean from what we could go to the hospital maybe we can find something there. that is a good idea but a minute. what about his family. i don't know. i have no information on them to.
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move the injuries were different. but the majority were exposed to the fourth radiation levels. and received third or fourth degree burns and. one patient died of burns that me and the others were treated as a helmet equal facility. and then the abort to mosco. shows with the fourth level of radiation bring schalke disoriented but the skin on the wrist.
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last stop the injured are being brought here from the power plant they are all covered in radioactive dust and. we are receiving strong those the spiritual and we are completely i'm ready for what has happened i don't believe in all this at the it just cannot be happening this is real hell. what's that word because i know i found it inside with the i patient record card. we need to leave what's happening we are leaving.
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a. culture is that so much i'm not saying to me i'm going to make a lot of people yeah but look at twenty five years ago world was coming to grips with the catastrophe unfolding in turnover today the same could be said about the sheema what is the future.
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please make your decision quicker the radiation levels are very high here.
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just as if i lost the sucker please tell me what is this cross doing there it's all on the can just see it's a protective cross you there are four of them in the ukraine was and they form a square garden in the south in the east and in the west this is the northern one. is yourself a work you have a fever which has no there's no signal whatsoever. well that we're stuck. but there's a post here hold this book. there's a village not far from here. of course they are on the other side of the river a few elderly couples live their uniform they might have a radio phone afraid if not then at least we can stay overnight.
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person without as we walked through the field i saw a herd of wild horses where we come from very very little rock here straight after the catastrophe in the ninety's and it was an experiment to see how they would survive the radiation and now they've grown into a huge population the same happened to all the other animals on which there's no people here with us where they've. all safe walking out of.
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what is this village who lives here there's a couple of elderly people that live here but there's the wait a minute they really were evacuated out of the catastrophe weren't very dire they hear they were history so well they came back they resettled here in their own free will oh hello and material and you know i was not hello hello they're looking for how do you live here on your own there's no transportation or facilities that's paying it i know you provide us with the free bus to the city on top of the you they want when we need something from the market it used to be one some month of how often we were until now this is just a little but now it's less often. this course is used by everyone in this village and when they need to carry something or
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push was. not what you wanted to put up that must have gone to sleep over there near the stove maybe. that was i will give you blankets and pillows and at the time i did that control surge on a blanket or something and set ourselves up. i
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still don't understand those post notices. you remember the old man who appeared just across the river. apparently he's a post man. and once a fortnight you cruises up and down the river and delivers mail. so you think he did it for. you maybe i don't know. maybe somebody else maybe it was a mistake. it's interesting that a lot has a simple chemistry at first but there's such an easy solution. to the you apart from researchers we have seen do you think anyone will ever come back here. i don't know ok this is our karma guess they've built in one thousand nine hundred six was it temporary they said it was temporary because it would last for twenty to thirty years now they're building a new one. this one's supposed to last one hundred years and you know it's funny
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when they also call it temporary that means that both you and i and our children will be gone and it'll still be standing there after all the war. and haven't looked at these pictures i still don't understand why you describe this town as beautiful to me it looks like an ordinary saudi town typical buildings and planning there were thousands of towns like that across the country it was mutable because we've lived here you know i've been having this feeling that you just cannot let go of all that happened here. because if you continue fighting the zone ok now can i forgive it but i think you. well look this maybe you should try talking to the zone . it's not sending me letters well those i received were not directed to me either. if they were not meant for you. and you would never have found them. in the first place.
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