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the points pushers and i would print certainly the splined the original entirely true windsor tell me touch your room the picture of a good girl international. the chief every green killed in total. annoying the other guy in the. navy. rebels might be hoping to cash in on their country's rich resources experts warn that nato is off to a share of the spoils we'll hear from aussies our own correspondent who's just back from the front line. the site of the world's worst nuclear accident threatens a new radiation with progress slow placing the coming china mobile coverage some. of the most active organ of our russians the ministry of culture is under fire for awarding slanders of vandalism by some in the press seen as a sign of censorship in free society by others. and moscow's government sells its
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stake in this in europe's top story breaking united connection possible fires that graph that journey for more business stories the president said. it's just after three pm here in moscow on a monday he would not say now libya is in a deadlock his forces are continuing to see each of the rebel held city of misrata while fresh nato air strikes rained down on the capital while more than a month into the allied intervention there's been a lot of discussion about the real aim of the action but there's little said about what the rebels actually want. this kind of trying to discover for himself their hopes and whether they'll ever come true. for years saleem has been struggling to keep his motorsport shop running he claims even opening band pain thousands in
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bribes to beer u.s. officials all linked to either gaddafi or his family. i won't even begin to describe how hard it was to start his business could obvious his hands on everything for decades he's been taking money from ordinary people but now it's time for him to be rhetorical. question sure small private business does exist in libya with the colonel and his close allies controlling all sectors of the economy it's a huge struggle for any businessman to make decent profits the idea that the revolution will open the floor cares for everyone can enjoy is backed by rebel informers to the military command we have as a country. as we have. in this. economy we are not. and i would invite you.
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to reason and you would see what some analysts don't share this often isn't and doubt nato is the guardian angel it promises to be it has nothing to do with humanitarian aid nothing to do with democracy nothing to do with helping the people and. exploited to steal your resources over forty one billion barrels of oil reserves or the war just in africa and the ninth largest in the world there's so much oil feeling about gas tank on a midsize core costs less than ten dollars in two thousand and need to go even promised every libyan will be paid eight hundred dollars every month to share that revenues but failed to keep his word we have the resources to do big business it's just that in the past for decades it was done only by us. circle of chosen people the elite and now here in the rebel stronghold the local cd are ready to
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fight to the end to build a free and prosperous society but is the opposition strong enough to build a whole new regime or can it be that the future of the libyan people has already been decided for them you go to school authorities in guys the libya. well fresh from libya you go to share with us his experience on the ground that's a bonus. i spent two weeks there. talked a lot with the rebels themselves myself and they are pretty badly organized many of the more you on many of them are teenagers who just got their hands on intelligence . constantly shooting just in the air in the city itself when they're either celebrating something or commemorating something it seemed to me it was actually. more dangerous to be inside because of that rather than the front because everybody just sporadically should be and to be here it seemed to me that any of these people never really used forms they got these guns from got
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a few troops and when they retreated one of our teams was feeling at the front page they got caught by a mortar attack so when they were he was running back. from the front they saw how the rebels were actually running faster. than our team so that shows a lot about their organization and plus. a european countries now saying that they're going to send trainers to help organize the rebels it's really hard to see how. many free and the russia game i recently talked to the libyan prime minister so look we are ready to meet mediate this but all sides have to abide by the u.n. resolution the fighting must stop. the civilians which are killed every day there all this must stop and this is the only way for some sort of a cease fire to be possible. other coalitions are open siding with the libyan
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opposition could lead to dangerous consequences that's according to russian of foreign minister sort of the aftermath. of what was the we suspect believe be an opposition's rejection of the cease fire and we should see is connected with nato is implementing the u.n. security council resolution and it's soon way and here's sided with the rebels and probably the rebels rely on western help to overthrow the regime and seize power and it's a very dangerous mood unfortunately it came to contagious these could lead to a serious of civil wars in the region. you and i will be getting some expert analysis on that in the coming minutes here on r.t. in our meantime a columnist and former editor of the sun newspaper calvin at mackenzie says there's no reason britain and france should meddle in at libya's internal affairs here's a preview of what's to come up next well. this is libyans fighting libyans and who are we to say who should be wearing their country after all when i last
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looked i didn't notice any of the libyans interfere with the cavaliers and the railheads took place in their revolution or that as far as i could see there was nobody from tripoli wonderer in the french revolution. you get our team now russia's art world has plunged into controversy after an award for innovation went to a giant piece of graffiti that many viewed as obscene nevertheless it bagged radical art a group of i know there are fifteen thousand dollar price after work on a drawbridge opposite the federal security service in some petersburg and while most people were angered at the action others say it's the message and not the form that matters parties after bennett reports. this is award winning aren't according to russia's ministry of culture the sixty five metre phallus whitewashed on a draw bridge in st petersburg has won the twenty ten innovation prize for best visual
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artwork self-styled terrorists vyner meaning war in russian are the unpopular wins. i think it's essentially vandalism a bridge is a cultural and historical monument and anything on it has an act of vandalism and it should be punished not rewarded. here in the center of contemporary art you can see the other entries for the award nothing is stimulating or shocking or innovative as viner's and according to the jury that's why they won purely artistic merit but now it's not as simple as that the same symbol the ministry rewarded is now being brandished in mocking protest this russian youth group is angry four hundred thousand rubles of taxpayers' money we given to a group it calls vandals for vine or the protest only legitimizes they're out. of the woods it's a very awkward situation when the state award goes to
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a group that in fact organizes an action aimed against the state but this is a very important signal artists always express society's pain and a healthy society accepts these. but there's been no acceptance of vinyl as art until now two members still face trial on hooliganism charges because this little stunt british graffiti artist banksy did bail them out but they could still face seven years in prison. so why this sudden show of state support. the minister of culture was afraid of being accused of political censorship and i think he was great in america entry is better being afraid of impulse and political censorship than to actually import your brizard. a sea change from four years ago this image of two kissing policeman was banned by the culture ministry from the international exhibit fearing embarrassment the curator of that exhibit was andrei
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uniphase back then he lost his job but this time he was on the jury so why is our then. during is a graphic and expressive example of how an artist reacts to a social climate he doesn't specify the target of his protest he simply says that strong protest is brewing in russian society for having draw the line between saying this. and vandalism because this is just painting. their street art is minor vandalism but it's not who it is i'm the disorder it may cause it's compensated hundreds of times by the meaning of their pictures which is painting could be restored on the bridge to become a symbol of some petersburg's culture because it's the first work that is proof of a civil society. vine learn courts controversy usually at the expense of the authorities whether it's not all they want. to write they say
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they'll donate the prize money to political prisoners i didn't it. and the more controversial stories like that ignite debate you can logon to our website that's artsy dot com a couple items you'll find out right now are russian buses return to the past for a new look by being decorated for victory day with portraits of. his mixed legacy remains a prickly issue. no one. the anger over the decision to whisk russian government officials to a moscow airport by helicopter while the public struggles to get their own traffic showed the streets full of so much more party dot com.
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with r.t. let's go back to one of our top stories now and libya fresh comments from the russian foreign minister who said that nato siding with the opposition could lead to dangerous consequences now to discuss these new statements and russia's role in the situation surrounding now joined from the it's a good of what the quantum international relations are high to you so we're hearing some statements from the minister. chastising of nato for siding with the opposition and going well beyond the u.n. resolution that russia could have vetoed that this is so far the toughest official reaction you think it could go any thought. of that took place in security council or the talks about potential solutions even though there was no talk about . supporting ones. sides. there. in their civil war and what we see now there are native plants. they are
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propagating civil war in libya they're supporting one party in this internal conflict and you know russia in accordance with. the united nations charter has always have been catered for their noninvolvement into our companies internal affairs so of course. many people in russia are feeling that russia has been actually stamped into the fall of pharaoh because when they voted to play as they do was to protect civilians to stop while at the same libya but what was seen now while i'm still here is escalating and never cancers are supporting one party or the civil war that is they can place in libya as you said you were saying you know the initial purpose of this so u.n. resolution one ninety seven three was that of a humanitarian mission but now it becomes clear to many of the alliances is that intervening for regime change you suggest a civil war taking place but also you say there are perhaps some moscow's expectations have been dashed what implications you think this could have on
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relations between the alliance and russia you know i don't think it will influence russian. alliance relations there in march because there are many other issues there to russia and a major have to call the rage you see this is fighting drug trafficking and fighting terrorism and so on barges off cause this way of conducting international relations doesn't improve. the whole atmosphere in this type of relations you see because both in european countries and in the rush of the different forces the different political parties are different our forces and of cause i'm a new russia now feel there you know russia has been actually basically scamps especially during the years u.n. resolution and of course now. russia's going tough on to the whole station leave it because. you know regime change taken once inside the civil war in the
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country and of course it's absolutely except by. the international case so you're saying this this will not improve relations between this western alliance and russia but there are other realms for these parties to work together on up an hour so we left off you talk to the libyan prime minister on saturday calling for the violence to stop and proposing a mediation for the first ceasefire do you think russia can get involved and actually help the situation there. you know or i think there are neither russia nor any other country in the world should. being there they could. improve those kids in libya themselves basically you see their future of libya the political future of libya is the destiny of the whole country and that's the business of libyan people and where our foreign partners are trying to play a role in these internal civil conflicts usually you see it there to the extreme is
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terrorists take. care of what we saw in iraq and what we are now seeing in afghanistan so russian position has been always been very prudent first of all it's not all went into all the cancers internal affairs that's the cornerstone of the united nations again is a ship and russia cares about borders are supporting these basics of international law that's not. said. of course russia as all the other countries tried to do their best in stopping the bloodshed taking place in libya by what we see now their position of many punches nation members he is absolutely destructive what they're doing they're not preventing large shares but they're increasing. the bloodshed in libya big ego and popular from the is a futile for world economy and international relations thank you. well it may have
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happened almost twenty five years ago but the dangers of china mobile vote still very present on the eve of the tragic anniversary of ukraine's seeking funds and so we can to complete a new containment shelter over the remains of the destroyed reactor alexy yourself he has been dangerously close to the disaster site on frequent occasions. the exclusion zone around the chernobyl nuclear power plant is very diverse and its levels of radiation some parts of the area have very high radiation levels for instance the area known as the red forest that is the part of the zone which was burned by the wave of radiation and and the trees turned red in the first minutes after the blast well that area holds levels of more than three thousand michael rowland and it is not advisable to be there for a human being for more than ten minutes because you might get a serious dose or for instance the roof of the tallest building in predicting that goes down next to the chernobyl nuclear power plant where we've been filming there for many times that we never had an idea that the levels of radiation reach almost
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two and a half thousand micromax per hour there so this is also quite a dangerous level so all in all generally the zone the exclusion zone is not advisable for humans to live but there are certain recyclers a living around the thirty kilometer area who have returned ever since the collapse of the soviet union and some of those recently villages the levels of radiation are still very high radiation still doesn't scare them off they say they can still live there they have their own natural habitat they grow their own fruit and vegetable they have their cows and cattle and they still live there for twenty years none of them none of them has died yet still the main danger of chernobyl are lies under the circle for the sound of the steel structure which is covering the chernobyl reactor the one which is explode which exploded twenty five years ago now in my report i compiled the facts about the significance and what is being done now to safeguard the area for the next century. japan's ongoing struggle to contain the
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fukushima disaster is fuelling the growing anxiety over nuclear energy safety the last time the world was this scared was in the shadow of the chernobyl reactor explosion in nineteen eighty six but this latest accident to get more straight back despite the great progress made in the last twenty five as. more these could be done to ensure that sci fi patched approach becomes fully entrenched among nuclear power plant operators government and regulators to plan hopes to seal the site within nine months but back in the days of chernobyl a quicker solution was needed shutting the gap and hole of the exploded reactor was the immediate way out of a deadly mistake scientists were quick to react to the unfolding catastrophe and managed to build a steel structure over the devastated power station protecting europe from further
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spread of radiation as a core focus was build the nine hundred eighty six just months after the disaster back then experts said that it would last for twenty years until two thousand and six no there are fears that the course of this night collapse and there are several cracks all in the wall of the building and experts believe that this may cause serious danger and serious threat if a circle because did collapse the whole of the european continent could be contaminated by the radioactive fuel which is still thought to lie under the circle for us this new arc is being billed by a french company in arca work has been in progress for months but it only recently became clear that this billion dollar project lacks financing a week before the disasters twenty fifth anniversary keefe managed to attract an additional half a billion euros in aid from europe at a dollar conference. we have now been granted a real chance to complete the new shelter by the year two thousand and fifteen.
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spirits are confident it could even happen quicker in just two hears and that the new protective layer would last for generations to see their life time for their new seat confinement is suppose to be a harmful. that is to develop technologies. to manage fuel containing masses how to manage not only act of making goals radioactive waste whether that means that your global nuclear power plant could one day be dismantled under the new dome is unclear but as japan's nuclear crisis keeps the planet on alert there is now a new focus on ensuring should know it was dark past can be kept at bay to look serious ascii art see reporting from your novel ukraine. and the continuing crisis in japan has renewed the discussion on whether nuclear energy is needed at all the global debate is coming up in about ten minutes from now in a quest. in my view if you're
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a tri carbon dioxide in your anti-nuclear you're just pro blackout and with global demand for electricity expected to grow by eighty percent over the next twenty or twenty five years we simply don't have an option but to continue to work hard at getting good at nuclear. but you stay with me for extensive coverage of the twenty fifth anniversary of the chernobyl blast with the life reports from ukraine expert assessment of the disasters and i can see you can also watch a special documentary from the exclusion zone throughout the day. where you are with us you live on what's going to check out some other headlines from around the world at this hour eight nazi jailbreak kind of star has seen almost five hundred prisoners escape many of them alleged taliban militants. they made their bid for
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freedom through a tunnel that had been dug from the outside in officials say some of the ethiopians have since been recaptured three years ago there was another job break at the same prison when a suicide bomber blew the gates off running around a thousand suspected insurgents to flee. the opposition in yemen has rejected a plan for the president's resignation chordal invalid to step up street protests earlier the country's ruling party accepted the gulf states brokered deal that would see president saleh going in thirty days while giving him immunity from prosecution that had been hoped for two months of mass demonstrations that have claimed the lives of around one hundred thirty people. in syria at least five have been killed in the southwestern city of daraa as troops and tanks stormed the town it comes after more than one hundred was shot dead over the weekend when security forces opened fire at the funeral processions of those killed in earlier
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clashes it's been the worst escalation of violence since antigovernment protests began more than a month ago. all right time now for the business news with carrie. they're welcome to business news good to have you with us russia's largest economy get off the bus is cutting its investment program so twenty twenty by one billion euros the move me undermine be ambitious plans of after partner rate only to maintain a market share of around forty percent the reduction will come from cutting one assembly line and streamlining indoors the districts for the investment review also means that instead of an annual one a half million cars by twenty twenty meeting alliance may end up with just the many of the boss and its partners plans invest five billion dollars in the next twenty years says a source close to the company. tell us take
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a look at how the markets are doing markets in the u.s. and europe are closed for easter holidays the r.t.s. is up over a percent here in moscow minimize it is up point nine percent energy shares are gaining on a high of oil prices let's take a look at some index movers on the rise in gas promise gaining nearly half a cent this hour pulling metal is rising sharply amid high precious metals prices transnet is up on the steps of the company announcing it will not postpone the launch of the pacific or pipeline. europe's largest lender h.s.b.c. is pulling the plug on its retail operations in russia the move comes less than two years after announced a two hundred million dollar expansion plan the company says it will focus instead on corporate and investment banking. despite a slight decline on monday the russian currency still retains its high against the dollar eager provide relief several sectors of the country's economy would benefit from a further strengthening up of a. as for stronger rules i would say that well actually this is not true will
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strong is strong is the u.s. currency is very weak so if you look at the baskets of dollar in europe so the trade is not so significant of course or high all the prices is very supportive and severe strengthening the ruble there's no doubt of this but i still would think that. the safe of five percent or strengthening of ruble about five percent is not really bad for russia and talking about the circus which will benefit from ruble strengthening you that see is definitely consumers and especially retailers so you will see further strengthening your frugal will be absolutely perfect for mark meat and even better for the torture which is the gold in there to death and so the payment for these debts will be much cheaper so that's the primary beneficiary and the will actually companies who are working locally say them tears will call on these companies so that will be probably be. they will benefit for it. and oscar's
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government is selling its stake in eastern europe stops we make a united confectioners all of the possible buyers of the world's leading food groups kraft and nestle ask the guy who owns around twenty six percent of the holding which controls so well known brands inmarsat has crossed their time and got stopped. russian tycoon alexander made by the british book chain west of skulls from h.l.v. he's offering forty million euro for this for the hour so that's half as much as you asians however the may still take the offer as it needs to raise funds to reduce its head except for. that's right this hour tony join us in about thirty minutes from now for more business news here on out. of.
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the. culture is that so much it could be a very good image if a lot of people here in america twenty five years ago is coming to grips with the catastrophe unfolding in chernobyl today the same could be said about the sheep what is the future. if. someone from
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feinstein. train starts on t.v. dot com. we'll. bring you the latest inside stream technology from around russia. we've got the future covered into it i know she's available in the. square photo super to look three hotels bangkok's on all the landmarks are told by nicole. a search on. marriage called shot hotel panko by yogi suites hotel one called the imperial queen's park might result in spa its own shores and photo new supply is fun just had fun golden cliff results and fun photo a one world cruise or child a discovery peach children. disease.


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