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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from russia. we've got the future. if you're just joining us for a welcome this is our team if you live from our studios here in central moscow top stories now this hour nato airstrikes have once again hit the libyan capital but while rebels hope to cash in on their country's rich resources if gadhafi goes there are warnings that that action isn't over zealous support of nato could invite a chain reaction of civil wars in the region. it's almost twenty five years since the chernobyl catastrophe and a possible new radiation leak at the site is attracting increasing concern after the distress of pushiness showed how vital it is to be prepared for the repeat all
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uncleanness sandstone. and culture clash an infamous russian greek police controversy after winning a state award for one of their works they say what they did was artistic protests the critics argue it's nothing more than obscenity and vandalism. well the back of another summary of. the main news stories in about fifteen minutes from now in the meantime we also one outspoken british journalist why he thinks the country got involved in libya and whether it should have done so in the first place that's our exclusive interview next on lottie. today i'm talking to kelvin mackenzie format itself we saw newspaper columnist he's spoken out against the military intervention in libya saying that maybe it's not worth an ounce of british blood count mackenzie that's a very strong position to take i mean the government reckons that as strikes
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prevented a massacre in benghazi easily that's worth a few persons bold and insulting well first of all we don't know whether there was going to be a massacre a big godsey this was the p.r. this was the government push this was cameron's personal spear. of the day that this is libyans fighting libyans and who we are sorry who should be running their country i thought when i lost that i didn't notice any of the libyans interfere when the cavaliers and the roundheads took place in a revolution or that as far as i could see there was nobody from tripoli one of her in the french revolution this is a revolution quite normal the other side of got garlands mysteriously they seem to have rocket propelled grenades they sing to her and profile ability these people sitting there with the spad the gun leaning over a friend saying your did
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a fairly sophisticated if you take the other aspect is that the rebels themselves who i wish well although i feel very unsure about what our relationship with libya is going to be at the end of the lips we have al qaeda. how do we know that at the end of the they don't end up running the country we don't know anything about this there is a justification for us doing much more than for no fly zones there is a justification when they blew up a passenger. over lockerbie killing our people on the ground and killing people for america it was a justification to do what i suspect russia might have been under the same circumstances which you said right we're coming in we're taking you out would probably lead hell out of the place and then there would be a change of regime and that would be more justifiable than this but libyan rebels did offer to intervene they also may say to intervene to me not that will have
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a duty to go in and help the maps you know we don't. want you to do we go to a side in a revolution who is trying to grab you decide what the outcome of that war is going to be and i say we have no duty while we are out there wandering around the desert there was a justification it was not debate there's no justification i prefer the russian position i prefer the chinese position i prefer the german position all of which is the same as we wish you well and we're not firing any guns and we're not sending in any planes but now that means you're finishing that we put out a need for libyans to walk essentially be a bloody civil war is a bloody civil war that's what happens in civil wars there isn't the point the reason that you have the word war involved in civil war is it's when the course of war negotiation it is a fight and in the end i expect the rebels they were when they don't need to win.
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blubber now money but what if as he's looking increasingly likely gets afy in fact when c. does outgunned the rebels at the moment what if now that the international community has irreparably fallen out with him he actually stays in power and well first of. i don't care about the international community and secondly they haven't but you know they don't like him but there's lots of people they don't like i mean why they're after you why don't they go in while you're at libya just go down the road a bit and go we're literally under a thousand people being wiped out why haven't we gone there why don't we go and protect the minority troy in the zimbabwe there's a lot of injustice in the world there may be injustice even in this country who knows but the issue is that there is nothing that can be done the international community is a big fact rials wary of what happens to the politicians is that they look around at themselves to look at this their ratings in the polls and they say you know what
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i'm not doing very well here the people who vote for me think i'm going to be a big of a charge you know. what i want to run north africa wander around the middle east why do we go into saudi arabia where they've banned march is the king as announce they would be severe repercussions for demonstrations and in the east they started firing at everybody what are we going to d.m. in why don't we go in everywhere what's your answer to all these questions why don't we go and see them and why don't we end theory because it's nothing to do with us we have neither the power the fire power nor the will nor as we learned from iraq where one hundred and eighty of the. people died and probably forty billion forty or fifty billion quid went out of our coffers which we could possibly plus i was up with that right it. has nothing to do with this things take time and yet we have still going into libya which by your logic all think has nothing to do that is because we could have been open about gadhafi you know really is where we're in nation trying to relive the old days of the empire with cameron keep on
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shelter where of all the pink bits gone yellow strolling around the middle east you know without a sight and without an exit plan we know how to go into these places we have no idea how to get out you pay institutions played a big role in rehabilitating. the gadhafi regime not so long ago say that for they got a nice spin in the global media now that the media has turned on him again how important is it for legitimizing an intervention like this and indeed regime change will be i think we should divide the up into two points first of all the governments whoever they are going on now for forty odd years we have been licking gadhafi his backside now for four decades whether we supply arms or we embrace them like they're disgusting things that were blair but actually these people that you know
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the same from politicians move either way so one of we're kissing could off his backside and now we're trying to kick it it's ridiculous so the media do have a role in the robbery of the mv. it is to expose that we are trading with dictators now so what does the government say they say we have to deal with the reality the political reality we have to we have to trade with these people and then somebody wakes up at seven thirty words though trading with problems that are eight is pathetic absolutely pathetic but at the same time it every so often the government changes plan r m when the government changes for how they view changes panel so there's no consistency to my mind actually the media have been pretty good they've been pretty good the problem we face now is we're now at war with people or i we don't want so we actually have to support our troops we don't have to support ideas like cameron got nothing else to
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do can't decide whether we should be wandering around all spittle in the u.k. or should we wander around the battlefields of. of the middle east but we have to have to support our troops so the media gets caught in a difficult position its troops or its readers and all the center of our world. but government they're idiots and the libyan regime and their scarfs thing so the media gets caught in a very difficult area and you were the main notorious that it's out of the u.k. from a tourist happen oh it's very kind of you to put it on do you make threats that it with tabloid culture is that the that made wars like this easier to sell and popularize with the british public. except the first. except that the sun did spectacularly undermine excellent editorship i think that they didn't actually make any difference to government policy i mean you know. the
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issue about the media is is it is it's like the sea it's always with us you simply got to put up with it if you or a policymaker and it all right there will be oh there will be a lot of. i gratian about libya now i mean it started off all right we thought we were going to blow blow them all out of the water we'd all be home for having having a cup of tea at the ritz but. there we are down there a month later and the whole thing is still going on so the nightmare is is is still to be faced in my view but i don't think it's fair to blame the media for it i mean i'm personally massively hostile to the libyan infraction mainly because i saw why up and in iraq these things take peculiar. really work out intellectually nor guess. nevertheless. you know i'm very much in favor of our soldiers and so you get toward it but the media is stronger i think you're right
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about that they're the media's stronger because of what happened in iraq i mean that the trouble was that a million people marched against the iraq war blair blair was not telling his cabinet and the things will be revealed now because he was scared they were going to leak so basically they were deciding it as though you and i were having a nice chat another glass of so we said oh yes we're going to get what you think given the office he was is a bit of a go yes good idea it's almost and then they went to write so the million were ignored that people say that's the government's various governments not nothing from iraq and afghanistan but do you think what in fact what you learned was how to tell another military intervention no absolutely the issue is quite clear. we didn't want iraq it was numbered on us by a vain glorious prime minister. cameron is now wandering around in the desert of to brook trying to work out to get out he will look at the idea of the end of all this but the the deep underlying issue is with libya. there have been no deaths on our
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side just why if i only caught a crash and god forbid we lose ten people all all by the way they use those heat seeking missiles which you can basically just walk in and take according to today's papers. if that happened we saw i've been blown out of the sky don't even think about it so the issue is we haven't dropped any blood yeah we've dropped tens of millions of pounds which we haven't got but not one single one of the people is as died where that happens the game and the p.r. game or train politically what does someone like david cameron gain from waging a war in africa a military overcome and so or what was in it for him or for our country he's a pro for he is unfortunately a professional bleeding heart and so he's one of those guys who rush around endlessly he's a total political animal by the way rush around endlessly saying something must be
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done the answer is something mustn't be done this lightly needs brown to send off a really stinking is. on the night before to your boss right. don't send that a mile go to bed wake up in the morning decided it was a good idea or not cameron hasn't got that ability basically i think he's gone mad bay's gone mad very early he's only been in power a year now call me is he gonna be as long as blair blair was such a follower of the end of it. my suspicion is that the pressure is just. kelvin mackenzie in fact he very much. twenty five years of fallout. from the most devastating nuclear disaster in history. a quarter of
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a century on his monthly learned from its mistakes. the legacy of chernobyl. on arctic. down the official on c.m.t. cation kewaunee phone on pod touch from the i choose option. life on the go. video on demand r.t.s. mine comes an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. questions on the dot com wealthy british scientists.
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market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with might stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars. report on our. top stories this hour nazi nato airstrikes have once again hit the libyan capital while rebels hope to cash in on their country's rich resources if gadhafi goes there are warnings that their actions and overzealous support of nato could invite a chain reaction of civil in the region. it's almost twenty five years since the chernobyl catastrophe and a possible new radiation leak at the site is attracting increasing concern to be distressed fukushima should have bottled it is to be prepared for the repeat of the disaster. and a culture clash an infamous russian armed group breeds controversy after winning a state award fought one of their works they say what they did was artistic
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protests but critics argue it's nothing more than obscenity and vandalism. with more on those stories more developments in less than fifteen minutes from now the meantime sport is next with cash. hello welcome to the sports sees the headlines. are a tackle russian premier league keep it they are rad it has a kidney removed following a bad challenge. plus it turns out more big names not the transfer money sponsor moscow to play the second when live off the bottom of the table. top of the world in this lee westwood becomes colts new world number one as luke donald is picked to victory at the heritage. says to football and the russian primary goalkeeper is recovering in hospital after having a kidney removed following a bad tackle serbian day and read it was injured during rostock one know when it's
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time to head on saturday thirty year old was hurt following a challenge from telex striker zone so they of the forwards picked up a yellow card until since apologized saying he didn't intend to injure the keeper of manager alex the pass of also believes that was my modest in the sack or rather it is still in intensive care not to say it's too early to know whether he'll be able to play football again. spartak moscow is still looking for a new manager after being turned down by former italy coach marcelo lippi club chairman leonard for dune says he's also approached form a buy in coach louis van hall but without success it spots like have at least moved off the bottom of the table after one will find when there was also no trick bizarrely valarie coffin who resigned as coach last week was in the dugout again this estate on the club's general manager is also helping in the search for a new coach anyway. netted the winner five minutes into the second half will start
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acting to eleventh place sounds delighted. quality of the table doesn't eat up until it's safe to say that's an accent because of course became list of can just pick sides all time top scorer speaking ringing this time it's a sudden feeling goals and two quick fire strikes from danko last of each in the last nine minutes came to rest afterwards as the coach in china select he said he was pleased because of course this is paid to school. elsewhere this guy missed the chance to go top themselves they were held for surprise one one draw a lowly tome say to do india opened from a corner for the army men after twenty seven minutes but it's a new nichols beat the visitors defense level just within the hour and that's just how it finished this guy remain unbeaten the first african the table. meanwhile rubin's winless streak continues because onside and now without a victory in four games after being held to
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a one one draw by striking home cook abusee for an exam that is unserved but from being ahead just before the break only four teammates should all of them butcher his own net to deny his side three points being here and say can and eight because of the eighteen hundred table. and one game taking place this monday night stand i was cooperating angie in a new table battle which could prevail either side of the table the muscovite team are themselves still without a manager off them near the gaza beach was sacked following last week's quarter final defeat against ross stuff in the russian class and school after an hour. to underachieve. time a run in england ask the manager alston vanga says he's to blame off to his side's premier league title hopes that all was ended by boys and beat the going to see one of the last minute winner of the reebok stadium last night could have gone within six points of leaders not united with full games left to play including
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a showdown with united at their at the emirates and. sunday however daniel sturridge but the home side head in the first half was some hope for the gunners when robin van persie grabbed an equaliser after the break tommy cohen's ninetieth minute header in the victory afterwards banga said his players have given their all this season and if anyone should be blamed it's him. and he has just one game to look forward to on monday for space manchester city are chasing a champions league spot and struggle to struggling back then they'll be without scholars to make a richards were injured. on tuesday if make it funny stoke host second bottom waltz who had the worst away record in the top flight but the passes themselves are just five points about the relegation zone and still remain with an outside chance of becoming the first step a cup winners and so you're going to qualify as you want to get it in the same season. and over in scotland there was a dramatic end to the old firm on sunday rangers goalkeeper allan mcgregor saved a late penalty to ensure the game against celtic finished goalless
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a result which keeps the title race alive and victory for second base celtic would have seen them leapfrog rangers and go top of the scottish premier league by two points with a game in hand and they had their chance to in the dying minutes stephen davis was judged to have fouled anson stokes. droste summer as stepped up to take the spot kick but greater push the shot wide and true it finished milner will however the hoops can still take this high ball if they win all five of their remaining fixtures. and elsewhere months united will be without already we saw berbatov or tuesday's champions league semifinal first leg a german side shocker as the ordinary in has a growing strain red devils manager has the right spokesman says he has no other injury concerns ahead of the encounter at the arena charkha are making their first appearance in the european cup semi final but have struggled to mystically this season and languishing in tenth place in the bundesliga however they do have champions league all time top scorer all in their ranks the thirty three year old
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spaniard has scored said. she won goals in one hundred forty two games. that lee westwood is the new world number one englishman took the top spot after he won the intonation masters and compassionately donald failed to win in south carolina and least of all west words he was also celebrating his thirty eight birthday he started the day five shots clear of the field and showed his intent not to let up right from the start rounding of the shock close to the painful birdie on the first hole. and when he did not pull slightly by the time he reached the eighteenth you have to come to believe it's around sixty nine people who are nineteen and are overall enough for a three shot victory over one child joy of tile and more importantly this will impart you also enough to not in climbing from the world number one spot if you haven't decided to take recall off. the world rankings or listen when you don't
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really think about it and concentrate on the individual things that fall back together to try to turn a based on a given back you know police going to come this week it was well the journal had the chance to get the number one's got to but he let it slip through his fingers are losing three branches in a decade in a playoff at the heritage event in south carolina the american rally from six shots behind during his final round of great times like this finish some of the past sixty four to match donald's twelve on the overall englishman had another study round of seventy so it went to a playoff where they were tied after the first two holes but after spending part of next donald chip off the green failed to find the hole only just that's made a second fly ball on the p.g.a. tour. and getting his first title as a pro is nickelback oh say after playing the china right now by four shots he's the first belgian in thirty seven years to ruin an event on the european tour. however
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no stranger to winning is rafael nadal. the band's world number one tennis player taking the bosler open title it's victory over fellows and your dad farah this was no dollars thirty fourth pretty in a row on clay and the sixth time he's won this title and in the first that you can see why you breeze through it six to farah who lost last week in rome to kind of masters did respond and went forty one up in the second but that are back with four straight games to take the match and even the twenty four year old can quite believe how well the clay court season is going so far head start next month and try to. sort of started with his legacy is a grin from. everything we're doing my little. thing with the not. for some. seconds a. few games but always just. i was like it would be the end of the second set but finally i had to go here. if i
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go from here because here is a. good months so i have a very. well while that final was predictable there was a shock for the women's world number one caroline wozniacki losing in straight sets to germany's unseeded year gurgles in the final of the stuttgart grand prix the local favorite took the first set on the tie break. sailed through the second take the same take that six three twenty two year old collapsed at the end before picking up the winner's track of a hundred eleven thousand dollars porsche the father of pretty faces up to the lift into the world's top thirty for the first time i. think it's huge some of my best moment in my carrier so far and then the crowd was amazing there were just cheering for me and standing ovations and just amazing standing here on the on the center court in front of that home crowd. and finally the sochi olympic organizing
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committee have revealed the brand. thing for the event which we used at sporting events and venues at the winter games in twenty fourteen the concept is all the traditional patchwork quilts all the main charge of sports leisure sport apple has a combination of sixteen designs representing the most famous russian crafts of the different cultures traditions important greats modern russia. will russia will soon celebrate the beginning of the one thousand countdown until the games it won't be a simple celebration we are planning an all russian marathon it's the visual design of the games has to appeal to every russian and as we were thinking about what it should look like we realized it had to stem from tradition you have a novel side to it. and that's all the sports these are back in a couple of hours with another update.
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hungry for the full story we've got it's. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the ground floor. we've got the future covered in indonesia and she's available in hotels coming down the resort and spa my good results in small up only come up come down upon the mode of being turned on sentry and the resultant.


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