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trip your resume. barracuda build a magickal here's a renaissance return ok rule suites hotel room for city children resort and spa. in this room blue cheese available in cinnamon hotel to have various sullivan who killed your recent. welcome back here with our t. here's a look at the top stories memorial bands are underway to mark twenty five years since the world's worst nuclear accident the explosion aventura novel power plants and radiation across many parts of europe and is being remembered in some of the most affected areas in ukraine russia and belarus. nato nations are being accused of arming libya's rebels even before the uprising began meanwhile findings reaching deadlock as to often forces contribute to a siege to the city of misrata while nato airstrikes target occurrence compound in
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tripoli. now the international monetary fund predicts the american dollars dominance work and within five years forecast blames a weekend currency piling debt which will see china overtake the u.s. . now more on the anniversary of the turn of the tragedy r.t. talks to a member of a cleanup crew who was deployed to the disaster zone immediately after the blast. mr serai of thank you for being with us where they seem to be specific for advisory let's just pause ask them was not you know what you were going to face when you received orders to go to your novel. you know where you're going to win or cede my
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order i did have a full understanding of what was happening there we had very scarce information at the time i was on a business trip in budapest was told to leave it within the next twenty four hours i flew to moscow and arrived at the ministry where the chief department head told me take a special flight from the colver airfield in two hours to figure out what happens once you get there and so i went to the airport immediately there i met my friends and colleagues design engineers who had taken the same flight to deliver project documents and we went together with it and at the. time i thought what information did you have on the way there thongs call a deal and for most i knew that an explosion happened the site was in ruins that's about it. did you realize it was a nuclear catastrophe i certainly thought it was. according to these data idea in the first six months following the accident with proximately three hundred thousand people worked in the area of the chernobyl nuclear power station what was the most
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difficult challenge for as one of the leaders short everything was difficult the work tempo is difficult each day were facing new tarsa had to result somehow using all our experience to empty towns and villages were the ones that made the most depressing impression on me people were back away from chernobyl a surrounding areas of the villages and towns were abandoned that was very dismal it wasn't even the fact is my first time crossing the site in an armored vehicle then we were taking measures in relieving the after effects of flew over all those ruins in a helicopter i was also impressed by that because i as a director and chief engineer put the same kind of energy unit from scratch of small its power station up to space in the entire process and it's all done in front of my very own eyes i see it all destroyed like that was very difficult pete abandoned towns made a most dismal impression. three quarters of workers who died bounced
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a one hundred fifty meter tunnel under the reactor and died only for turning forty six hundred solid something toxic and brigades were exposed to strong radiation were those human sacrifices really necessary. i'm not familiar with least as for helicopter parts of mine is there a spirit or was with individual lives of the where she stands at the time some were exposed more than others who were trying to stay within limits and avoid overexposure couple when miners were digging the tunnel i visited myself in the tunnel itself the background radiation was natural was strong exposure was outside with the mind cause of taking up one load together with a camel troops that were brought to the site we tend to deactivate an attorney's orifice to reduce the irritation asked for justifying any sacrifices were not justified we were doing our utmost to keep the number of victims as low as possible and those conditions. were you apprehensive about another possible explosion of
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us later on early may be did have such apprehension by the way the tunnel that you mentioned was intended to prevent further explosions from that without cooling the remaining nuclear fuel reactors could heat up and cause an uncontrollable chain reaction that it will melt the foundation plate of the reactors main body and go down to the ground zero therefore the decision was made to dig that tunnel urgently it's established a cooling system under the foundation plate study of us what is to knoebels legacy for some people like for instance academicians legacy who committed suicide later couldn't live with it. honestly do. as an atomic energy professional is primarily very concerned for the subject of the atomic energy i didn't hate my whole life to it and i have always believed as a do now it's a rather prominent and necessary way of producing electrical power. working
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conditions as a clean energy production in terms of its impact on environment and mankind therefore as word that energy will be wound down thusly returned to coal furnace is the poorest nations in every building and so on the way used to be in ninety fifties or sixties a part of the present that's when this you know will catastrophe happened the information on the explosion was publicized late which resulted the loss of many lives for the fact that the same thing happened in fukushima they worked very hard to conceal data on the explosion and to keep it from becoming public can we now believe nuclear experts more than and you know everything about the shima today was one off. under such circumstances it is impossible to know everything every tiny detail and we should believe me if nation we kept those responsible for this information may also be silly partially adored why become tree disclose all
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the facts and make them public for months inform us of facts differ sometimes it's possible to present them in a way that will so panic among the population and that is fraught with harder consequences only accident itself as why this information should be truthful but well weighed his presentation should be proportionate to real actions look hard circumstances. how can you say that acting on and to passe can all be adequate. it's hard for me to judge just like you i get all the news from the t.v. in the first days following the tsunami great destruction was cause and judging from the news secondly facilities responsible for the places operation had been damaged those were energy supply units in the first place but the reactor itself remained undamaged by the tsunami at that moment it was necessary to post all the efforts of resuming energy supplies to the reactors cooling system that is unfortunately that wasn't done on time and the whole process became trapped in delayed only ten days after the tsunami the japanese started supplying water
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cooling system from hoses and far hose barrels that was ineffective and even harmful resuming energy of supply and restoring the cooling systems normal operation was the priority task for the liquidators a forty day last time had they done that the damage would have gone further than steam discharges and that would have been the end of it three matthiessen in the united states but since the reactors active zone was left without cooling temperatures kept rising as a result a few melt down occurred it was followed by her george's loss at the pressurize ation of the reactors containment and consequently discharges not only papers or gases radioactive materials but elements of nuclear fuel into the atmosphere. well typically put this is she may disaster has been followed by the rise of criticism towards nuclear energy should we continue developing heat or better to give it up nuclear energy being one hundred percent safe. no human activity can be absolutely
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safe. any kind of activity including political and public activities in any society when whatever people do should be considered from the point of view of safety science and technology progresses machines become more complicated we develop new forms of energy which used to be unknown and unclear in the past and found scientific research a measure in the stages of development design and construction so we can live with it and we should trust that. looking back what we have done differently intern or trying to party chairwoman by the president. could have been done differently it's hard for me to say today after twenty five years of the past i think that everything that was done at that time was right and rational it was unnecessary to attract so many who results it's a vast area we could have done the job with fewer people the time we had known what
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to do and house to do it some decisions of the state commission to carry out certain works which later turned out to be unnecessary were also superfluous you've just mentioned a tunnel for miners there but those were attempts to hear ourselves and worse troubles and they were justified. the people who did their heroes they did a very big job as wise experts began understanding a degree of hazard they just had to work so carried out at the chernobyl nuclear power station until late tonight in eighty six when radioactive background has been high at the entire site within a range of five kilometers it was very difficult to approach a site without changing transport but in june when experts had obtained clarity with regard to what was left in the damage reactor and how they should act the solution was simple difficult for simple helicopters dropping eight hundred cubic meters of seizing agents on the damage reactor for seventy two hours that fix the radioactive dust and prevented from rising from the reactor along a ventilation plight of those one hundred fifty meters away natural circulation
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pulled off all that dust and dispersed it through the neighborhood naturally we were breathing in that dust we had to suppress all that when the operation was completed the radioactive level at the entire facility dropped four hundred times that's not only help the liquidates to approach the station ok at seattle patients a few expenses also enable them to climb down into reactors roof to clear away the radioactive discharge on the top from. house plants the situation in chernobyl today i've heard the containment over the fourth damage power unit he's gradually deteriorating what's going on there was a young first of all this constant engineering observation over the state of his containment since his happiness to all parts of the four unit of measure to contain its destruction. this observation is constant as i know there hasn't been any significant destruction of the containment and look at any construction facility
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there are cities and pockets there's nothing catastrophic second there are some radioactive discharges they can easily be measured and i mix of these charges are also under control i don't think there's a threat containment is deteriorating it was built as a very high engineering level it has thick walls with a high degree of safety overhead covers were also built more of the walls and overhead covers were built around the damage reactor units well concrete was pumped inside the reactor helicopters dropped metal i think inside the reactor well pumps pumped in liquid concrete it's fascinating everything there are some minor cavities with says he left all in all liquid a huge hundred thousand cubic meters of concrete but a passive construction the reactor of the first power unit required four hundred twenty thousand keep it meters of concrete almost half that amount was pumped into the reactor and that concrete number is resting is solidly reactor and it's
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a vision of form. thank you very much for they seem to be you're welcome thank you thank you thank wealthy british style. thank you thank you thank you. thank you. the markets trying to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with ranks concert there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our keith. she
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. is a seamstress this is not a prohibition but warns of. forces that we shall soon see everybody is sure to suppress the trees feel they have no idea about the hardships to face. plate one it's this is it all of them to listen. to any are made to life something using them is the most precious thing in the world. of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand
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it fully you have to live a. real life stories from world war two six. thousand nine hundred forty five dollars r.t. dot com. the moral events are under way to mark twenty five years or so as the world's worst nuclear accident explodes in aventura novel power plant sent radiation across the man parts of the world as we remember some of the most affected areas in ukraine russia and delegates. nato nations are being accused of arming the view's rebels even before the uprising began meanwhile filings reaching down long as gadhafi forces continue to lay siege to the city of misrata nato air strikes hard at arles compound in tripoli. and the international monetary fund predicts the american dollars dominance will and within five years forecast blames
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a weakened currency and piling debt which will see china overtake the u.s. . time now for a sports update with andrew good morning to you andrea the morning it doesn't seem to be a very or stuart's man to a sportsman these days as carl is less not right in the brazilian scoring in the russian premier league for the first time not bad for a thirty eight year old i have to say now about it all and the players do seem to be able to go on a lot longer these days don't they and it's true i mean just this week andre taken off came back to play the spot at moscow if you remember he's aged forty so there is hope for to get married. is up next. good to have you company you're watching the sport and this is what he's coming up . brazil legend roberto carlos gets his gold in russia as angie claim the point
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against unarmed. munched united prepared to fight a shelf in the champions league semifinal. branding the game so what you reveal is in the news for the twenty fourteen winter olympics that it will. long in the man. former brazil fullback color says that his first goal in the russian premier league he scored from the sport ranji during that see two draw with unama on monday the thirty eight year old joined the side ins in the summer i'm a showing his worth at the back for angie nearly stages of this game but it wasn't until the second half the match really came to life in arms eager senshi of was given a second yellow card to hand bowling in n.g. free kick he claimed the ball and but the replay shows the referee got it right and sam shove could face a lengthy ban after arguing with officials as he walked down the tunnel anyway steps reverted carlos a slot in his first goal for angie and gave the seventh of his long career but that
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lead only lasted five minutes or so up at the other end. control before finding a bottom corner to make it one one. angie day responded getting his toe on the end of a cross the noma fail to clear. just as angie with thinking they had all three points to none i got themselves a penalty under a foreign in this foul here in the box. and the seam of each plank home with just two minutes left and you stay safe while the number nine and still without a manager after me the right version which we sank last week. well as any back on top of the lake after their three nil win every pretty severe at over at the weekend both spartak moscow moved off the bottom after only their second win in six games let's look back now at all the action again week six it is goes below.
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live. live. live. live the limits. the live . live. live
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. live . live live. play.
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i. well tonight is the first semifinal in the champions league and i can travel to the gym inside shell but will be without their top scorer dimitar berbatov he has a growing strain and if not take part in the training session develop in his arena say wayne rooney and have a hand as i said to lead the line for united who are the favorites it will be the twelve i hate played in a champions league semi final say plenty of experience underlined by the fact they keep edwin van desire will be playing in the last four for a record thirteen time a tally any match by former chelsea midfielder cried michael ailing. i think the
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present group were. people of experience know in europe. and i think that's where we should be i think that the expectation from my point of years old and high in regard to the european scene because. you do get envious of other clubs who are regular in europe and we try to. i can to part it through a thought you know it or real madrid and you see by your means and acts were all we really need to. progress quickly to get to that where we're going no you just. enjoying it so just reduce your so it's nice for you when you know you've all seen in a winning team and. a lot lately. you can become keep on doing other stuff circle games if you have to play a. decision well in contrast fellows who are making their first appearance in the
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european cup semifinal they have struggled domestically this season and a tenth in the bundy's league however new coach ralph running meek has revived their thought chains and they impressively not that defending champions into milan seven putting in aggregate in the previous round. the reason the most important thing is that we concentrate on our own guy we are focused on the way we are supposed to mean if you look at the game against him we want behind off the future for seconds he didn't look good in the team dealt with that in a fantastic manner and that's what it's all about at this level. back in england manchester city have improved their chances of playing in next season's champions league one their win for them in last night's amazing fourth spot in the premier league both he and. i got his first the city since his forty million dollars move from wolves and that gives his side a four point cushion over tottenham who are in fifth and also after that last champions league spot. they only say i could be ready ready geisha on goal
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difference tonight f.a. cup final second bottom wolves in the midlands darby the partisan selves i thought points above the relegation zone modules are the worst away record in the top flight that well we would see them back in big drops out. one more point through the. jury for him really. dogmatic about it is because he really wants me to do well in this race in the last two games. and that's enough because i don't know what's going to be. i don't forget about it so. i know nobody else knows it was going to be. let's get the latest from the first round of the n.b.a. playoffs where the memphis grizzlies have gone three one arpanet best of seven series against san antonio led by mike only fifteen points they one hundred four points to eighty eighteen game number for that house where the mavericks defeat of the portland trailblazers ninety three eighty two when dallas to link a c three to
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the top scoring twenty five points in that one while denver live to fight another day they pulled back their series to three one against oklahoma the hundred or one hundred one thanks for. that. the man in charge of organizing last year's commonwealth games is g to appear in court today over claims of corruption. was the face of the games all guys in commuting is alleged to have favored a swiss company when buying equipment for timing and scoring events spending thirty one million dollars of government money when the equipment could have been poured elsewhere for much less than marty's arrest comes a month after to see whether officials of the organizing committee were held a live bar not an v.k. version where accused of financial irregularities cost overrun so the games budget jumped four hundred twelve million dollars to fifteen billion dollars the indian government says it regrets what has happened believe. the indian because of the.
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being proud and being proud but up from drugs it was unfortunate. and what has happened is something which i. and finally organizes that the sochi winter olympics have revealed a design they hope will live long in the memory it's a mix of cultural images from russia that will be used to brand events and venues in twenty fourteen the concept is based on a traditional want to work will understood brainchild of sports leisure group or scope sport the passion is a combination of sixteen designs representing the most famous russian crafts along with some of the different cultures traditions and ethnic groups that make up in russia. little russia will soon celebrate the beginning of the one thousand campaign until the games it won't be as simple celebration we are planning an all russian marathon it's the visual design of the games has to appeal to every russian
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and then some think you should look like we realized it had to stem from tradition you have a novel side to it. and that's it for me for now i'm back in two hours time i think . hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our t.v. .
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