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hi guys welcome michel it is hell on the a lot of show we've heard our guests not to say on the topic now i want to hear from our audience does go on to you tube the video response or the twitter for part of the question that we've posted on you tube every monday and on thursday even though the responses we've played your voice . so. far. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you get something
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else here's some other part of it and realize that everything you say you don't. think. all right it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight former massachusetts governor mitt romney is the winner since his defeat in the two thousand a g.o.p. presidential primary romney has kept from my low profile he's avoided most requests from t.v. and newspaper interviews and instead he's been focusing on a new strategy of writing our bets then strategically placing them in newspapers around the country and he's using those opinion pieces to target president obama and challenge him on both domestic and foreign policy issues and this week he
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placed an op ed in the new hampshire union leader so as usual he was being critical of obama spending that's when he said the following he said obama is facing a financial emergency on a grander scale yet his approach has been to engage in one of the biggest peace time spending binges in american history. gee that's a really interesting there may i mean did you have anybody in your inner circle proofread it did they catch little glaring error in this op ed the u.s. is not at peace we haven't been of peace for nearly a decade maybe mitt has been too busy trying to backtrack on his health care record and hasn't paid attention to the us his military engagements so tonight we have a little us wars one o one for mr romney see on this round you can see iraq and afghanistan and we've been in afghanistan since october of two thousand and one we've been in iraq since march of two thousand and three we have spent billions of dollars in these analysts
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wars of not trillions we've lost thousands of u.s. soldiers and aside from those two official endless wars we have things to also have missed the headlines here last month when the u.s. and nato launched another military conflict in libya the u.s. is helping impose a no fly zone over that country but the white house is really adamant that this is not a war that again just today nato increased their air strikes over libya the conflict has reached a stalemate i nobody can is convinced that this is going to be a limited humanitarian intervention whatever that even means now while the u.s. doesn't like to talk about it let's also not forget that we currently are trying to shadow wars in yemen and pakistan drone attacks or special ops inside these countries the u.s. is fighting wars with the american public doesn't even fully know about or understand till that romney is one two three four five wars the us is currently involved it now in question about the mistake or wrongly spokesperson said he meant
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to say since world war two i'm sorry but felt like he blurted it out on t.v. really quick and then fix his mistake this is something he wrote something he should have edited re read a few times that's a big mistake if you ask me so maybe next time you state comments would show next time when you say comments that show that you don't grasp the american military situation especially in an op ed even next time have somebody rufe read it then again if you didn't even write the thing yourself fire your writers mitt romney is tonight's told time where first saying that the us isn't peace when we've been at war for ten years and the time just keeps ticking. and now a few weeks ago we told you about a slut walk in toronto some three thousand people protested after a police officer told a group of students that they could avoid being assaulted if they quote didn't dress like sluts so those stupid comments started a movement. i think i could dress in a song of some types or maybe nowhere do i want to run or skirt and that not be
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a concern for me to get raped. but now here is a slut walk movement has gone viral flight while groups are popping up on facebook around the world events are being planned in major cities all across the u.s. and many of these events are going to take place over the summer months in fact one is actually planned for right here in washington during made and if you click around on the web sites of the people organizing the events some of the slut walks are being spearheaded by sexual assault survivors and many of the organizers say they hope these slot walks are going to help and help women embrace their sexuality but the embrace of the flooding this has also attracted a little bit of backlash post slut walks facebook group in toronto a question if the girls and fishnets chanting were here were slugs get used to it is really a way to prevent assault and when she no it fox news also wasn't impressed with the protest greg gutfeld to host the show weekdays at three am had this to say march or
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slide it is there's nothing really brave there you're certainly not going to get flack from my guess is they'll be right behind you shouting we love sluts like they did at the march but we can't see the lowered expectations in all of this at least that your parents they wouldn't like it and that the idea keeps you from doing many things including marching down sixth avenue in fishnets well that of the cops getting to grab you. i can see why greg's program is on at three o'clock in the morning when most of america is asleep but i am all for these girls and the guys that are taking part in the slut walks around the world women been sexually assaulted should not be blamed for the attack ever it's two thousand and eleven when a woman says no she means no no matter what she's wearing. now twenty five years ago today the world watched in horror as a nuclear meltdown unfolded before their eyes but your noble power plant began spewing a radioactive cloud that eventually. spread across several continents and a city of people that was near the power plant remains
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a ghost town even today art is a theater she has visited the region turn port on a toxic legacy of the chernobyl catastrophe. twenty five years ago that's out of people that it was a place any soviet person could dream off high salaries great standards of living and impressive infrastructure and restricted sound for the employees of the children or go nuclear power plant week it was regarded as the pride as the pearl of the soviet union and was not only constructed to look like a perfect socialist city but the people who live here were also the best of the best the best musicians sports man the best professionals the nuclear energy all of them live here all of that changed april the twenty six nineteen eighty six when the chernobyl reactor exploded the result of an experiment carried out in the wrong hands with. the reactor was almost completely out of control in april from the fifth and it could still have been saved and management pushed for
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a completion of the experiment personal hesitated and were reluctant to use it eventually couldn't go against the authorities we'll there is an old video meanwhile the town's population had no idea about the disaster people were enjoying and then usually sunny saturday outdoors with me and my friend we ran away from school the pleated beach we returned to normal cauldron in mud and my mother asked me where i had been i lied that we were cleaning the school yard and she was shocked as she had already heard rumors of some action in the nuclear station. that shock was easy to understand ambulances with sirens had a large population of this small town in the middle of the night they delivered the severely injured plant workers and firefighters to the hospital but it really didn't different directions and the radiation most of them had food or fourth degree radiation burns one of them going to instantly the others had to wait twenty four hours to be evacuated to a hospital. ironically those were the lucky ones others stayed in the town exposing
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themselves to deadly bills of radiation and many died or suffered radiation sickness afterwords nowadays people it is described as a death town nobody lives here and never will again the fall out period of many nuclear cells reaches twenty thousand years this has not been a skeer from out there on the gurney unka who returned here straight after the u.s.s.r. collapsed we can begin and the pension but i found it impossible to supply. here and have a council and a grow every clean creation yes there is a little here but you can find a place without it anywhere we are not scared in the wake of the fukushima disaster the words are noble echoed again world wide just about when everyone thought all mistakes have been learned another crisis with the nuclear energy issue through serious debate with the former journal to say they are ready to fly halfway across the planet to help japan just like they did in their own backyard twenty five years
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ago all they want is to make sure nightmares like chernobyl and thought she might never happen again alexey resets the oxy reporting from chernobyl and here in ukraine. while much of the attention these days is focused on our national debt woes and grand plans for deficit reduction the battle over whether spending or cutting is the way out of a recession sometimes it's better to look at the problem from a smaller scale state and cities across this country are facing budget shortfalls as well and the ways in which they choose to address those problems could give us a clue as to where the country is heading that is where tax cuts take priority over keeping police and fire fighting units police tapped or public services and infrastructure projects are being privatized it's something you could call reaganomics but is it really a good model or as our guest argues in his latest piece will this municipal dystopia just bring our cities to ruin when we discuss it is david sirota radio host and author of the book back to our future how the one nine hundred eighty s.
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explain the world we live in now david thanks so much for joining us now for starters tell us about the to say that you chose to focus on in this piece here that people think are examples cesspool noddles you chose colorado springs and chicago. right colorado springs is it the second largest city in colorado it is a city. very very low tax base it's a city. is military it's kind of one third of its economy is basically scotch or buyer were connected to the government but it's municipal policies have been all about cutting taxes and cutting services so this is a city that is shot street lights cut police and firefighters it's a city that clearly maintains its parks anymore it's a city that is seen as crime rates go up psyche in light of all of this chicago is a is a much more democratic city electorally chicago has facing no one billion dollar
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budget shortfall and it's sort of a different way to go down the same path it's now electorally or politically like colorado springs or republican. it hasn't sort of gone straight ahead and cut taxes and cut services in a conventional way it's in kind of a kind of it what you might call a secret way a way using complex transactions to hide what it's doing specifically it's actually privatized sold off huge pieces of its missile infrastructure so it sold off the expressway called the skyway it has it has sold all its parking meters to foreign private corporations and now the new administration the democratic administration rahm emanuel former white house chief of staff and he has stopped his administration with people who have experienced pacifically with privatizing to destroy infrastructure both of these cities are examples of which has been pointed to as examples of cities that are dealing with in a proactive way the budget problems facing cities all across the country but how is
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that going to turn out in the long term i mean first tartars let's let's go to chicago privatization sure if you start selling things off in the short term parent punish or term and i bring you some financial gains but what's that going to look like down the line who is that going away now is it these private businesses or is it actually you know the population that live in a faith well i think it's a very very good question and i think the first before you can answer that question should we need to look at the data about the transactions what's scary about what's going on in chicago is that according to the city's own audited data. for instance the beside the city parking meters were sold off. at a price that was deeply undervalued based on the revenue that the city projected forward so you have an intersection i think between a corrupt political system and deals to the point where you have people interests putting money into the campaign finance system to get the price of the public
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infrastructure to become hawkers up to be artificially low to bear or guarantee that when a private company buys the public infrastructure it's a guarantee of inflation. profits gian what was your projected who's left holding back the city of the new deal new service recently reported that this city is now burning through faster than a thought it would be one time cash that it got on the sale of this public infrastructure but it is now of course this is a self-perpetuating process now the city gets to look for other pieces of its useful infrastructure to so now i don't think you know if you ask the majority of americans and you can look at these cities as examples of what's happening across the country and of course our congress right now is having a larger budget debate as to what think you i really don't think that most americans want their police and fire fighting units not to be fully staffed and adequately prepared to respond to you know if there's a type of emergency they don't want their street lights to be out they don't necessarily want everything to be privatized the prices just keep rising every time
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that you want to pay for a parking meter but what it is is a good example better example that we can show prosper us well i think first you get you can look at the fact that in book most recent election in colorado springs a place it's been even further ahead of chicago for instance the voters said no the voters said that the slate of candidates that represent this kind of policy they basically crush them at the polls so i think colorado springs may have drawn a line and say that's good news i think other cities and states that have simplicity there is a way out of this it's cold raising public revenues it's called having an honest discussion about texas what we're really seeing here we need chicago and the colorado springs example another number of cities that have thought have followed us bottles is the fact that america's political system just will do anything in many cases to not have a discussion about raising taxes and therefore raising public revenues yes the way
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to avoid this and i will give you an example of a city that i did right now at denver colorado is that in a much different direction a couple of years back. it's mayor webs of voters and simplicity i don't this is going to be good but you're going to have to wait to hear this message order to preserve our public services at the level that we like that we're going to have to raise taxes and you know what the voters in this city voted for that because that mayor baited tangible good case for it and now you have we don't see a lot of that raising taxes seems to be the taboo issue across the us here a lot of people say that is the only way to solve these problems david want to thank you very much for joining us tonight always intrigued to see what else we can learn from the one nine hundred eighty s. now defies today. as you. now still to come tonight we'll say get a one state move closer to banning teachers from talking about homosexuals in school flood well around that issue in just a moment and then it's time for happy hour if you know that liberal women are neutering american men stick around for some fun on that topic and more when our
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team producer jenny first on outside her border and blogger for think progress joins me in just a moment. let's not forget that we are in a park right right. i think. even one well. we haven't got the live shows here for keeping safe get ready because of the freedom. they charge in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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a. new web site with twenty four seven live streaming news counts what to do about the ongoing financial crisis unlimited free high quality videos for download. stories you never find on mainstream news. media so. the political. posts. aren't. you guys welcome to shower and tell me you're going to show we part of our guests have to say on the topic now we want to hear our audience just go on to you tube
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video response or the twitter first part of the questions that we've posted on you tube every monday and on thursday the show longer sponsored. your voice. i'd like to take a quick moment tonight to call out a tennessee lawmaker republican state senator stacey campfield of knoxville appears very close to victory in a measure that he's been pushing for six years senate bill forty nine would make it illegal to discuss any sexual behavior other than heterosexuality was students in the kindergarten up to the eighth grade and heard me right i mean teachers would not be allowed to discuss homosexuality at all even if the subject of gay civil rights came up you know opponents of nickname this measure they don't say gay bill and state senator stacey campfield says the move is needed to protect the families of tennessee personally i wasn't aware that there was a huge problem breaking out in tennessee of teachers teaching gay subjects how
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could i have possibly missed that now the g.o.p. senator is trying to get this bill passed for years and he's always strongly deny that he's homophobic but our friends over in progress did a little digging into stacey campfield past and from the comments that he made he does appear to be quite homophobic listen to him defend this bill in a radio interview from two thousand and nine you teacher the civil rights movement why not teach about the gay rights movement if you. will really want to talk about . so he basically compares homosexuality to beast yeah that's not all the call we get all you know that's an old line of attack that conservatives have been using for decades to compare gay people to animals and quite frankly the g.o.p. really needs to find some new talking points when it comes to bashing gay people a poll released last week by c.n.n. found that for the first time ever
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a majority of people in this country approve of gay marriage so while americans are evolving on the issue tennessee states that other states he can't bill seems to be one of the few who is not and i guess that he's hoping that if you don't talk about the people who just go away if you don't tell kids that they exist tell never find out sorry but that's not going to happen you can't just wish away an issue an entire group of people just because you don't like them so let's hope that the people stacey campfield district a wake up realize that he's making them in their entire state look like an embarrassment with their jones they gave bill and maybe maybe if everybody in his district would just stop talking about him he might go away too you would not be nice. all right it's tuesday which means that it's time for happy hour and i joining me
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as our g. producer jenny churchill and alex cites la blogger reporter and blogger for think progress dot org thank you for joining me guys. apparently it liberal women and women rights advocates are really just a horrible terrible force that are ruining everything for men in this country that's according to allen west that first want you guys to listen to this new sound bite from. actually need them to come into law chills that's rash trip to the fray and i will point to the five or so that these are the web and all the other side of these plaques fairweather the co-pay women and all of these women who are bad about neutering an american man that brings us to the point of this incredible we let them know that we are not going to have bad because subservient. i mean alex i will let you talk on this when you're the only man in the room at the moment i had no idea that the code pink the planned parenthood supporters that people i guess like myself are new i don't know powerful it's really tragic and you know personal i'm
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a little bit uncomfortable talking about it but in all our secret liberal meetings we always like the way bob barker signs off the price is right with you know make sure to get your cat spayed or neutered we saw an awful lot about how to make sure you get your men screened in neutered so you know it's not really has been out there the public but one of us is going insolence of the liberal men are in on this do you guys want to be world reluctantly i mean you know with the foreman asked you to do something you're going to go along and that is the right. crazy thing about this here is we actually saw the clip of pat robertson to add a little more fuel to this fire said the progressive support access to abortions because they want to make straight women equal with lesbians i just don't understand why are all white men so scared of everything are just old men in general to blame the way made if you can't blame the women they have blame to gays what's so scary about this world i think for sure in this situation it's a confusion of equality he was trying to make a good point by saying it's about equality but really it just doesn't work i was
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unaware that lesbians were running around like we can't have kids. i don't. either abortion advocates and really just ridiculous all right now let's move on to someone else that made a fool of themselves rhode island state representative robert watson got busted for pot and the funny thing about this. family values republicans are always the ones that get busted you know with them the guy that supposedly his bodyguard that really turned out was his lover he's a big anti weed advocate he said in february that it's his state has its priorities all mixed up and that they're only right if you're a guatemalan gave man who likes to gamble and smokes marijuana well it was defense he was high when he said. that he was opposing you know marijuana. legalization i think it was high the whole time so you know you can really take that for ok so maybe the guatemalan gave manage to gamble is also his body. but you have a little
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a little thing with. me the most amazing part was his excuse for having marijuana in the car and a pipe in his jacket was that he was helping his friend move is he described really think connecticut i feel you don't understand this sort of cox like you know mine is that my mother my friend lives in another dimension and you know you get there is by using the stars and their want to. now i think if politicians are stoners that we can actually hold them to their word because anything they say they price that while they were high handed you just actually make an anti legalization argument by x. i know you know what i mean. let's move on to something that i mean i don't know if it's a little more serious or what but a lot of americans out there don't have passports obviously if you need to travel you have to get one i had to get one you know when i became a citizen as well but the state department wants to make it more difficult for you to get these passports and so now they want you to lift your life time employment history and information and this is one that really gets me you have to talk about
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your mother's prenatal and postnatal care as in right the exact address of where she lived one year before you were born and one year after you were born who the hell knows that kind of stuff they think so possibly that in forty five minutes any american can put all this together well first of all i've been really interested about how the story's been covered because the whole point is to make passports available to people who don't have proper documentation to get a passport in the first place so there's these extra questions that if your not able to prove you know that you are a citizen that you were born here that you know whatever that you can answer these questions and hopefully get a passport so i don't feel like the story is kind of been mis read as i you know how does this help people i had no idea i was. going to catch your i mean it's going to be like let's see occupation terrorist to you know is it true that. doesn't suit organization al qaeda i mean you know what is this really going to if you're if you're involved in the furious deeds if you're a drug dealer terrorist you're going to police it on the form that you're going to send into the state department for your house for what i think this is i think the
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state department is hopping on the further bandwagon that's what they want to do is they want to know where obama is ma spent the year before he was born i where she spent the year after he was born i don't know if you saw two circumcision was on there and that that was something that came up through do you think is this a good plot by hillary's that she's running the state department's malcolm out for twenty twelve as you can step right in i don't know all i know is i love we get all conspiratorial i know you are here but your spouse want to complete in forty five minutes i can't even complete a job application in forty five minutes because i'm sitting there thinking what was the phone number there oh my gosh i don't think it's going to help anybody get a pass i got to wrap it up but thank you guys for joining me happy today are absent at night so thanks for tuning in to make sure you come back tomorrow ben bernanke he's going to hold a public house conference with reporters making the first bad chairman ever do so for him to bring you all the details and meantime don't forget to become a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of
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tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it on you tube dot com watch the lower show we have next is out versus the main. rachel martin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. chunk operations around the day.


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