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the old leaving the hotel because in the middle section of the mill stone it's no country house holiday inn the blue cheese guild which holds the regrets is really the choose the feel the answer to the tell the world the ribbons for itself. is a game of musical chairs for obama's national security team so all americans have worn the commander in chief shifts the roles of his key players. and they say there's a first time for everything and today's that same for the federal reserve this as chairman ben bernanke he needs the press so what's behind that and why now after nearly one hundred years of near silence. chinese buffet leader refutation of yours you were. making some good work and. some fastest growing economy and. in the history of the world. all right so mark your calendar for twenty
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sixteen because that's when the i.m.f. predicts the world's fastest growing economy will surpass the united states so is the free market calling. as wednesday april twenty seventh four pm in washington d.c. and christine friends out there watching our team. well our top story today musical chairs and multiple changes in terms of who has some of the country's most powerful institutions. president barack obama is expected to announce the major changes this week he's known for quite some time that secretary of defense robert gates will be leaving turns out his replacement the most likely the leon panetta currently the director of the central intelligence agency now in terms of who will fill his position look like general david petraeus the top american commander in afghanistan is the man for the job so what do we make of this shake up i'm joined now by
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investigative journalist wayne madsen wayne i think it can be argued that the cia and the pentagon have a close relationship but they're pretty stuff that i want to start with this potential movement of leon panetta what do you think it means well what it may mean and it should be pointed out that panetta will be the first democratic secretary of defense since one thousand nine hundred seven william cohen of course republican was under clinton and we had rumsfeld and then we had gates who just a sickly very close in the bush family what this means show is that obama's trying to get the white house in for monitor stand more heavily on the pentagon and how this can play out with policy we know that gates has been reluctant to commit u.s. ground forces into libya yet another war that the obama administration has had mercy united states and we may see more white house control over pentagon
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policy as a result of what about betray us you know on one hand he's highly respected highly esteemed for his work in iraq and afghanistan and he doesn't criticize the cia for some of the holes in the operation sometimes disorganization miscommunications i would think president obama was thinking by putting general petraeus in this role well to trace is only highly thought of by people like john mccain and joe lieberman he's the neo-cons guy i mean he's a he's a war hawk he he was responsible for the surges in iraq in afghanistan some people . say that resulted in a lot more u.s. military deaths as well as civilian deaths so what we have with petraeus is yet another military person after bush put general michael hayden over at the cia after he was deputy director of national intelligence and n.s.a. director at the cia as a civilian institution and this is yet another move to militarize the key u.s.
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intelligence agency and many people at langley would look very of scans at that i would point out that the president want to militarize the civilian institution well i you know it goes back to where and when bush put hayden over there hayden was actually walking around the cia in his uniform and and it was it was gates who actually told him you know you should really take off the uniform and retired from the air force now what happened traders at the cia i guess we'll have to see whether he's going to be walking around the halls of langley in his army general uniform but i think this again is just another indication that obama seems to be the third administration of george w. bush in many respects because he's carrying on almost the same policies on national security issues foreign policy issues and some other issues as did bush and now i got to bring up that maybe this is just inside washington talk i'm not sure about a lot of people talk about general petraeus as
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a potential challenger for president obama as someone who is planning on running for president whether it's in twenty five or twenty six here we don't know do you think there's any way that the president was trying to just keep him satisfied a little longer so he didn't have a challenge and i don't know of course petraeus the support for him came from the neo cons in the republican party they really were pushing for up a tray of presidential run but i think and i think it's also important to point out petraeus is not liked by many many troops and served under him in iraq and afghanistan as a matter of fact his name is general betray us. and i and here's the other problem with him going to the cia not only the militarization weaves we saw on her hayden but under his predecessor porter goss he brought in a lot of his cronies and we had a lot of a lot of contract fraud at the cia after all the executive director kyle dusty foggo went to prison he still serving
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a prison term for all kinds of financial fraud petraeus was also involved in financial fraud when he worked for jerry brown under the coalition provoke provisional authority and contracts to train iraqi security forces is this going to be a repeat of porter goss well let's talk about i mean general petraeus love him or hate him i mean you've got to say that this is somebody who knows what goes on on the frontline and he knows the impact that good intelligence and bad intelligence has not only on this country but on the military in the wars do you see any benefit to having somebody with that military background heading up the agency you're shaking your head no because he's going to get off to a very good start with afghanistan after all he suggested to president hamid karzai that when the u.s. forces killed some afghan children that the parents of the children burned their own children in order to get compensation from the united states this guy is that way out there where the buses don't run as far as this military this guy's a he's a pencil sharpener general he's had very little experience in the front lines
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unlike his predecessor in afghanistan love him or hate him general mccurry staley mcchrystal by the way is coming back to he's coming back to that and bizer own military families real quick i want to get to this last question because it's not just an amateur as we're talking about the president also expected to nominate ryan crocker as u.s. ambassador to afghanistan to replace karl i can bury also marine general john allen to replace petraeus as the commander in afghanistan i want to talk about afghanistan right now certainly some big news out there some tragic news eight u.s. troops killed a u.s. contractor killed this by a. told apparently afghan military pilots what does this replacement what do those taking over in afghanistan in leadership roles what do they face in the months and years ahead well retired general eikenberry or investor there of course has had a cool relationship with the white house putting crocker in there isn't bassett or really he's he was portrayed as his partner in iraq as u.s.
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ambassador and is this an indication that betray us at the cia crocker in kabul will be sort of a repeat of that old alliance that they had friendship in and that certainly has not turned out to be anything great and as we know afghanistan is a quagmire it's the graveyard of empires all right r.c. contributor and investigative journalist i mean that's and as always interesting perspective there so if you're here is now a from what's going on with a shake up to the economy and it has been known as the temple of secrets palace of mystique so what i'm going to day was meant to shed some light on what has been for nearly one hundred years dark impenetrable crisis speaking of course about the federal reserve bank and today fed chairman ben bernanke he did what has never been done before by anyone in his position he held a press conference the markets because karl then injured joins me now from niceville florida hey there karl you know
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a lot of people watching this pretty closely what chairman bernanke you say today that most americans should care about. well the most important thing that he said from the standpoint of everyday americans is that the dollar is going to be sacrificed in order to serve whatever purposes he chooses. the reaction that's you know that's not what of course what he said out loud but it's what the market said when you look at the reaction in the dollar that's great if you have to go in stocks. also there was a while just for those who didn't i think you're talking about the dollar going to a three year low against other major currencies what do well. what could he have said to prevent this from happening the decisions that he's made have all been to help a large banks in this country cover up the fact that they made a bunch of really terrible loans and they should have to eat them and rather than
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do that he's allowed the federal government to run an enormous deficit which is then in your back to the benefit of these very same banks so as long as the policy continues when you to lose something you have more of it the value of it goes down and that's what's happening with the dollar while then was speaking gasoline prices in the futures market went up six cents. i think that's a lot of solace for those who may have been waiting to get gas till they got home from work today they're going to of course asked a lot of questions by reporters i know there's one man who some call the fed's biggest enemy has called for the fed to actually be abolished i'm talking about type of congressman ron paul chairman of the house subcommittee on monetary policy he was all over the cable networks today and i want to play something that he said and then we'll talk about it. monetary manipulation is is actually opposite of what capitalism is all about and you can't fix in such rates and if you look at the last three years no new jobs bill thirty three million people unemployed the money now
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sits in the reserves and now is leaking out and going into commodities and now we have the inflation he doesn't talk about the exit strategy anymore all right a congressman ron paul there on fantasy this morning does today's press conference carle change anything in terms of how the fed operates absolutely not the fed is not an independent this is one of the wildly mistaken revelations of people have including mr paul controls the federal reserve is unable to. take which started to borrow the idea that. on its own is just absolutely. let's talk about quantitative easing certainly a lot of people are sort of learning about this policy watching what was going on today q.e. two of course the fed program of buying up assets and also trying to flood the market with money this will end on schedule according to ben bernanke and what he said today but it seems that the unemployment rate with sprint and he is also in
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the path you know the fed should have some sort of relation to that has not moved do you think that this six hundred billion dollar program what effect of seeing that at least on the human barely move. it was destructive because when you raise the cost of food energy to people who get hurt to the largest degree by that are those people in the lower end of the economic structure and who are those people are people who are unemployed so if you need to drive work and you're sitting for a job yes going from two down to four dollars a gallon is extremely damaging let's talk about this kind of historical precedent being sent that today though the fact that bernanke has always said the fed should be more transparent don't you think that it was a little bit helpful and that it is perhaps setting a positive trend but he at least had a press conference took questions from reporters i mean do you see this at all as
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a beneficial thing what we saw today only told the truth and the record is that he doesn't own a regular basis so he testifies in front of congress twice a year to any he says things that are later proven not to be the truth and certainly we will keep our eye on this as always karl going into with the market her joining us from florida thank you. well twenty years ago it was regarded as the authority on the post cold war world the end of history and the last man presses fukuyama theory that new york the world economy is the only way forward but this week and the world are forced to reconsider some of these ideas as the i.m.f. announced china well overtake the us economically in just five years parties can win for the story. with china waits it will seek the world says sydney two centuries ago. when american politicians and economists thought they would have
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a little more time to this news but twenty years ago francis fukuyama declared that economic and political liberalism was the end of history the democracy is really all there is now the final and most advanced stage of societal development what i was referring to was really the growth of a kind of universal consensus on the you know the just as justice of the rightness of the principles of liberal democracy was really remarkable about our world. the world much different just eight years ago. three times the size of china but new data released by the international monetary fund this month shows the chinese overtaking the u.s. by two thousand and sixteen that's just five years china is a authoritarian you know half capitalist country growing like busters they do all these big infrastructure projects very fashionably high speed rail airports
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cynical comparison to other u.s. and chinese economy use currency as their basis but using purchasing power parity at the i.m.f. says that the chinese economy will grow seven point eight trillion dollars over the next five years the u.s. economy on the other hand will only grow three point six trillion this leading to the looks world economic output by the united states in its history just seventeen point seven percent and. center economists say twenty sixty is a conservative estimate in real more realistic terms trying to pass is a little bit sooner than that but that's only five years and i think this is huge implications and that it's those new liberal policies such as deregulation and tax breaks for big corporations that have created a huge wealth gap in the u.s. and held american development back to korea and you need to. cry because you can go your economy to the maximum extent. the average is and they say that china's rise flies in the face of food bigamist theory china is definitely
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a refutation of the idea that your liberal economics is what works and here is an economy where the state controls not only the banking system but mostly the large corporations the control investment which is you know twice as much as a percentage of g.d.p. as it is in the united states and. so fastest growing economy and in the history of the world. an economy that has lifted three hundred million chinese out of poverty while the number of americans living in poverty increased from thirty one point one million to forty three point six million in just the last ten years so would fukuyama revise this theory it's hard to say i still will bet on a system of checks and balances over you know even a good quality of oratory and system healing for an artsy washington d.c. all right so we will talk about this issue a little more of
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a first we want to get to a story about this magazine time magazine they ranks of the world's most one hundred most influential people and we decided to take a look on what it all means work. top one hundred influential people in the world time magazine annually mixes matches and puts together an eclectic group of folk and anoints them with award influence this year's group has been announced with great fanfare but how prominent are these figures and what is this list for anyway it's. so stupid it meanwhile real news interesting news you say would actually sell more magazines it's not getting sold. the ground lady on the list remains media mogul oprah winfrey this is her knowing for appearance way ahead of a u.s. president who trails are just six so this must make her the world's most consistently influential person right well he would argue that the american president has far
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reaching impact with some of the other picks out right bizarre three time winner south korean pop star and actor rainn. along with teenage pop sensation justin bieber this three. and fresh faced hollywood gossip girl blake lively while their influence on world affairs is a bit early to speak of making the list could have a great influence on their own careers the most important thing is for the people who are on the list to be celebrating life and use it as a sound bite about themselves no doubt there are many well yeah great people probably a larger group who are angry about their placement the west the prominence in the west or absence from the west particularly if they were in the west last year is this now include sarah pailin kicked off the pedestal by pailin number two michele bachmann. just to be really. really michele bachmann really like a theist insulin shock these people are not influential you know i mean you know
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he's going to be a musical launched by justin bieber pronounce his name you know michele bachmann is a weirdo she's next. could it influence any one world influence also requires somewhat of a global reach and that's another obstacle time magazine's chosen ones are thoughtful well mainly american u.s. mayors school chancellors comedians and t.v. personalities some of whom might not be recognized by many americans let alone people throughout the rest of the world they used to go out and actually generate original stories from now they just make a list of these people who are influential to do what and how you know the sheriff in l.a. is as important as the president of the united states creating an echo chamber for current and want to be celebrities being famous has become a full time job and a serious obsession for a lot of people around the world in the united states for certain and the way you get on t.v. in the way you get noticed and seen as important is by getting on t.v.
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and to be noticed and seen as important as we all fast peace and recyclable culture some of the people listed are likely to come and go in the blink of an eye well the tendency to generate lists not stories could be here to stay we're soon more and more of this you know even on on the left you know mother jones pop you know bad grammar or general or whatever it's sort of is part of the whole celebrity cation of our culture it's about like. who's in who's out in fact it's eminently forgettable with some of the magazine's top staff admitting to having to google some of the nominees in order to figure out their significance lists like times are bound to lose the interest of the reader who wants to think and not just memorize names after a light frothy and gone the next day and they said turn our party. all right certainly interesting justin bieber a lot of interesting names one that wasn't mentioned mark wahlberg i think that he
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was actually inciting people to go stop eating and doing more service because of his amazing arabs will maybe you could say that he was influential but some of these you just got to ask who are these people that are choosing the top one hundred and how much are they really in touch with the rest of america important question moving on now back to a more serious issue we told you before about china getting ready to surpass america in terms of its global dominance financial global dominance in two thousand and sixteen as according to the i.m.f. here's a question what system would you bet on system of checks and balances or a good quality authoritarian system for some answers we go to sao paulo brazil more i'm joined by pepe escobar correspond to time. there have been a pretty interesting we showed a report just a few minutes ago about very respected in a lot of circles author francis fukuyama i'm wondering do you think that he'll be eating his words anytime soon especially in light of this announcement idea the
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i.m.f. . the caesar salad sure it's not really it's but it's absolutely stupid. civilization the saying is this is about the letters. the chinese they have a medal but it's used well so far i see them under five stars and your coach are in of course what happened in the post imperial times we know and think and what fish realize that's the lead here for the graphic system to say two thousand and thirty remove the street called truce what the chinese society should do and. the fellow meant we in the west may say ok this is not meant through western democracy of course not but if we look at the results and if you ask me head of government in any developing country to play interest of the chinese more the best results oriented novel so of course we can empathise with good. or better and
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that we get people from following. the so-called minority or not so-called minority china or us especially that weren't democracy before but still under movement according to their model it's working six only over politics i think that's a really important point that they are i mean that's a lot for example on what's going on in these two countries right now the u.s. still working to jumpstart the economy the u.s. is involved in three wars and where the war is over are over who's going to be where where our president was born but then isiah and i think billy and of projects including many and africa from you know hydroelectric dam in ethiopia talk to me amount to sort of the strategies and what's going on especially you know back to the three wars that we're involved in here we're fighting as a country is and then you have a china just investing in investing talk about the differences there. oh ok if you're a spark example. in iraq may have cost more are going to trillion dollars perhaps
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two trillion dollars what is the u.s. accomplish except a string of this only for your rock absolutely massive because the money. of the contracts will be exploited by russian chinese japanese companies only exxon level that huge chunk of a contractor in iraq china do it went to the truth many stunt government he built a fine i guess pipeline from leicester china and without spending a single penny for good sense you know where they get it going to get at least thirty percent over because the me that actually so this proves to you but the difference between a first sexual problem and spent on the. woman fallacy medal. by the chinese was his mother comparisons i mean couple you are in brazil right now when you're president dilma rousseff she's changed that her political thinking has
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evolved from marxism to prague pragmatic capitalism but she certainly has communists for it and you know some have argued that little was the same that the present proceeded her results are pretty well right now things are moving i think on up and up where you are talk about brazil's approach and compare it to the approach in the us. yes it's very important lucas prior to brazil. doing what they were not communists they were never marxist in a traditional marxist sense all marxist leninist sense or even communist sense they are leftist progressives and they use they may use some cost seven marxism but basically they are in favor of our parliamentary democracy the are in favor also are not ruling it working class for the betterment of the group president so. back to clearly no liberalist sometimes lula played a very skillful game of being
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a progressive and being a new liberal as well to brazilian financial elites. as much as well street level as well so it's different to compare brazil and china i traveled over china for years and that my comparison between brazil and china is no good for the world left to have a more chinese model in terms of brazil enterprises developing national development bank were just equivalent after block racine injecting a lot of cash into the economy so the more state oriented model the brazilian side of the neutral free market capitalism is not touched so it's a mix of systems in fact that's happening with having you know in this announcement by the i.m.f. came out of this twenty sixteen day i think a lot of people were pretty skeptical even people who know that the day will eventually come that china you know will surpass the u.s.
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they were saying you know this is decades if not you know fifty years away what do you say to those people who really think that it's much longer than twenty sixteen . you know it if you look at the numbers and the i.m.f. it's crazy because the i.m.f. after the release to the request they said no look we both agree with numbers it's going to be later oh no in fact i said do you want to remain beat so undervalue that it could happen even before two thousand and sixteen so we'll see is there some cookers you know relative to the crying of the american empire absolutely relevant there to sort of passing of china the american economy right because it's a morning clues if michael as much as we disagree with the political system china be. less cultural though you clearly migration viejo are so fruitfully anybody if
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you don't find a job in your presence you would look at it why not approach robinson subsidies right you know there is a campaign for twelve years now in china but you can move last of last you pick recall nice that there's they're going to have no distinct problems and. he's from the eastern provinces weaker their own mask that's one of the reasons where we have the circle ashes you know seeing can. develop an indigenous developed market looks for china and at the same time china is good to go answers all over people to go isis and sausage peter he went to africa to be struck thirty countries that's one of the reasons after they can have an african command you know africa counter act china but the militarized service structures are so different one strategy in china is economic development first and then. years are going to house and political. stances. if you stick around through better national
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security agencies the sixteen of them the cia the pentagon the state department. you many which i rather expect does not go. anybody would want to ricans themselves i think if that is an important point per day that you made you know you can disagree with their human rights record with the way they run just about everything but the fact is china is on to something when they were when we talk about the way they run their economy but they ask of our correspondent at the asia times. and that's going to do it for now but for more on the stories we covered with r.t. dot com slash usa also check out our youtube page at youtube dot com slash r.t. america and christine we will be right back here in thirty minutes. in total we would. do the work to bring justice to the table but. i have every right to know what my government's true if you want to know why i do.


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