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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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camillo to show you look at the real headlines with none of the mercy me live in washington d.c. meet the press for the first time since the fed was founded in one thousand and thirteen the federal reserve chairman took questions from the media so let's tell you what the wise men then bernanke he said about the future of the u.s. economy and then a shakeup in the obama national security team the cia the pentagon are getting new leaders so how will these changes affect u.s. wars taking place in the middle east and north africa then berger's de vocht again
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president obama surprised everyone this morning when he released his long form birth certificate but should he have kate for the birth or crowd or will they simply move on to the next eerie and then does the crime fit the punishment oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill that would mandate up to a life sentence for anyone convicted of converting marijuana and hashish later in the show but first let's move on to our top story. so a federal reserve chairman ben bernanke he held a press conference and it was the first of its kind since the fed was founded in one thousand thirteen and supposedly it was the first of what will be for annual news gatherings so did the earth rattled or the winds blow did the world change well not quite as usual dr he said a whole lot of not that much did q e two work yes but it didn't fix all the problems will they do it again now because they don't want inflation to become a larger concern although the rising gas and food prices we're seeing now are just
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transitory and there's nothing of the fed can do about those unemployment yeah that's still a problem too so why is the credit suddenly opened up to the people and will it really make any difference join me to discuss this from our studio in los angeles is nomi prins senior fellow at demos. author of her latest book it takes a pillage behind the bonuses bailouts and backroom deals from washington to wall street and we thank so much for joining us tonight now what did you think of this first ever press conference coming from the federal reserve did you hear anything groundbreaking coming from ben bernanke today because i sure didn't know any there the earth certainly didn't move i mean i think. the. excitement for his speech and much as the media was actually larger than any impact after the speech there wasn't a lot said in fact he spent about ten minutes going over what the f o m c had just said earlier in the day really just confirming that he agrees with his own
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committee. and then went on to answer really tepid and tame questions from the media and it was all over within an hour why do you think of that they decided to make this move mean it's always been this secretive organization right it's always been out of the public eye view do you think that they're starting to feel some kind of pressure that there's you know there's resentment from the public if there's a desire for transparency more political pressure for that. i think there is a sort of extra no message that says we want to be transparent but again there were no secrets that were brought out in today's meeting nothing earth shattering came from or nakheel there's nothing that he said that we didn't already know in fact all he did was confirm that you know the fed is doing the right thing always does the right thing as a little higher but if you don't count gas and food then it's not really any even if it is it's only transitory jobs are still an issue but we are trying and we've done some work on our party basically has really said what he said before in other
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forums this is a man who's been in front of congress before answering questions this is been a man whose press conferences with their private forms are actually made public and put on television he's been on sixty minutes so it really wasn't the sort of be all end all open up the secret chest fed in really show everything that's going on and show their hand it was really just a kind of ok i get it there is a little bit of negativity on the part of the public who thinks that we are too secretive and are doing the wrong things except for and so we're just going to come out for time we're not secretive we're going to talk about transparency but not really say anything that we don't already say and then we're going to sort of check that off or listen to what we do anyway but i guess makes sense right if he's the one that's making these policies then i guess he's not going to come out to the press and say that he thinks that they're bad policies but let's break some of those policies down you and i for example you know he was asked if he thinks that quantitative easing two was a success and he said you know it definitely was
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a success and the people who thought that he was really going to fix every single problem they were wrong regardless that works do you think he would you weren't. since killing eighty of the dollar has devalued. the commodity prices particularly in the metals market and an oil have increased the stock market is certainly increased in some of the balance sheets of the bank's books and some corporations are looking better. but in general that doesn't necessarily mean it hasn't meant that anything is been fundamentally different for the main street economy was still housing problems so job problems were still bawly general and a recovery situation that we have anyway so it is not going to come in and say that what he decided to do didn't work he basically spun it as it did work we did do the right thing everything you talked about was the fed doing the right thing but if you look at it in terms of main street measurements. it hasn't helped but then he had an answer for that it wasn't supposed to nothing can change in
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a day we all have to be patient and anything that he has done that has worked a little bit will sort of show us its magic at some future date it was all the right decision now of course he was asked and you mentioned earlier too about rising gas prices and basically acted like everyone else is going crazy and perhaps they're a little too worked up over this he said don't worry the prices will go back down turmoil in the middle east will also come down i don't really know how he has a looking glass to be able to see when all of that is going to end here but in terms of inflation like you said he's saying that you know rising gas and food prices are just transitory that those aren't really things in the long term that's not typically what the fed looks at when they think inflation but should it be a larger concern for us. well of course it should because it's what it but defines how we operate each day gas prices have gone up on the consumer price index so twenty seven twenty eight percent in the past year energy services in general are up thirty four percent that's real that's what it cost people to get to work when
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they do have jobs that's money taken off the top of what they could earn when they are able to earn it so it's absolutely a problem and it even just talk about the fact that it was transitory he use the sort of made an economic answer to everything that supply and demand that you know what there is there's a lot of international of peculiar emerging market demand for oil so it's gone up there's this unrest in the middle east which is going to go away so there's reasons it has nothing to do with speculation it has nothing to do with the fact that the fed's keeping rates around zero there's a lot of cheap money pumped into a system that's looking for investments in oil it's pretty good because you do have the screen of this kind of supply and demand stuff around the outside and he didn't address any issue any any potential concern that relates to the rising gas prices and how the fed might actually be causing that was all sort of like happening outside of any type of policy now are for not controllable by the fed lastly to you i think that he tended to put
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a little bit of pressure on congress on the white house especially when he was asked about the s. and p. and kind of said that while he really didn't agree with what they did in terms of the u.s. bond rating that maybe that would be a good kick in the butt for congress to actually start acting on this issue do you think he's right there. i think that there is obviously probably asked of people in it i think it's a little bit passing the buck again from the federal reserve they're actually part of the reason we have a debt problem there's been a four point something trillion dollars worth of treasuries at the treasury department issued that the fed boss through q e two went through cheap in rates and through one point four trillion dollars of excess reserves from the banking system that the fed pays interest on to our banks that's parked at the banks the fed is an awfully big part of this problem and and again bernanke didn't acknowledge any of that it was all sort of yeah congress should like work on that deficit thing we have nothing to do with it and yeah it's a big deal or it's a potentially big deal sorry it was mentioned but yeah we need to work on it so
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maybe we like burning he better when he was secretive and not talking to the press . or the difference i want to thank you very much thank you very much for joining us and yeah definitely nothing earth shattering here with his very first reserve press conference thanks so much. now twenty years ago it was regarded as the op already on the post called world world the end of history and the last man was francisco prion mysterious neo liberal economies were the only way forward for this week. and the world were forced to reconsider those ideas as the i.m.f. announced that china would overtake the us economically in just five years artie's kalen porter ports. with china waits it will shape the world so signal two centuries of. american politicians and economists they would have a little more time to this news but twenty years ago francis fukuyama declared that economic and political liberalism was the end of history the democracy is really
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all there is now the final and most advanced stage of societal development what i was referring to was really the growth of a kind of universal to. you know the justice justice of the rightness of the principles of liberal democracy that was really remarkable about our world. today the world looks much different just three years ago the u.s. economy was three times the size of china but new data released by the international monetary fund this month shows the chinese overtaking the u.s. by two thousand and sixteen that's just five years trying to sort of you know half capitalist country growing like. they do all these great infrastructure projects very fresh high speed rail airports chemical comparisons i mean u.s. and chinese economy use currency as their basis but using purchasing power parity at the i.m.f. says that the chinese economy will grow seven point eight trillion dollars over the
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next five years the u.s. economy on the other hand will only grow three point six showing this leading to the lowest world economic output by the united states in its history just seventeen point seven percent and some economists say twenty sixty. he is a conservative estimate in real more realistic terms charitable purposes are a little bit sooner than that but that's only five years and i think this is huge implications and that it's those new liberal policies such as deregulation and tax breaks for big corporations that have created a huge wealth gap in the u.s. and held american development back. open or been proposing a corner of it to the maximum extent. the average is and they say that china's rise flies in the face of fujiyama theory china has definitely a refutation of the idea that you were brought. in arms his works and here's an economy where the state controls not only that they can system but most of the
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large corporations the control vestment which is you know twice as much as a percentage of g.d.p. as it is in the united states and. so first is a growing economy and in the history of the world. an economy that has lifted three hundred million chinese out of poverty while the number of americans living in poverty increased from thirty one point one million to forty three point six million and just the last ten years so would fukuyama revise this theory it's hard to say i still will bet on a system of checks and balances over you know you don't get all that you for terence kealey and ford artsy washington d.c. . still ahead tonight despite efforts to shut down the site wiki leaks is raking in some major donations that story just minutes away and then panetta to the pentagon and petraeus to the cia president obama shakes up his national security team so
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what are the moves mean for the u.s. military operations around the world are discussed but just in my. view we. the hard part of the leg doesn't. even want to call the legs. we haven't got the chance to her him safe get ready because her freedom. hi guys welcome michel ancel on the about a show we've heard our guests talk to say on the topics now i want to hear the audience has gone to you tube to video response or to twitter for part of
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a question that we've hosts on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is going to leave your voice because. for the. first. fixed. see the story and see. if you understand it and then something else here's the part of it and realize that every. time.
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the u.s. government. and its founder julian assange are enemy number one the sun just portrayed as a betrayal of u.s. national security interests somebody who is circumvented the power of both the us media and the government to expose the american government secrets get a new report shows that julian assange has caused does have a large base of support even after the massive smear campaign launched against them and the government pressure on private businesses to shun that the german nonprofit group while holland foundation who oversees donations to wiki leaks has been keeping track of how much money has been coming in for the site the route two thousand and ten i believe it or not there's a pretty significant number of supporters enough to donate one point nine million dollars despite having its pay pal account shut down in december now let's take a look at this chart that while holland has created documenting the influx of
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contributions throughout the year if you notice in april of last year there was a huge increase in donations and i would like to point out why it was the same month of songs when we could be released their first major leap it got international attention collateral murder where members of the u.s. military opened fire on civilians and children. right. so i think that you can say that this video triggered something in people all over the world that made them want to donate to the cause of transparency then let's take a note at the end of this graph in november and in december the site took in almost seven hundred thousand dollars in donations and if you think about it guess what wiki leaks released at that time you remember that massive dump of two hundred fifty thousand diplomatic cables revealing what goes on behind the scenes of u.s.
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diplomacy keep that in mind so looking at his dad i think that there is an obvious correlation major dump major donations and although it's becoming clear that the wiki leaks mission has a large amount of support the f.b.i. is still working overtime to bring them down according to reports i'm going greenwald and salon dot com the f.b.i. has just issued a grand jury subpoena on a cambridge man who's publicly linked to the whistle blowing web site and the subpoena specifically indicates the suspected man is in violation of the espionage act and we should note that up until now no non governmental worker has been accused of such acts so while the wheels begin to turn within the obama g o j we'll be keeping an eye on the unfolding drama in cambridge and continue to monitor the situation in alexandria where a grand jury could be forming to try to prosecute julian assange but regardless of efforts it's obvious of the world has caught on to the power of this whistle blowing web site and whether or not people agree with what they're doing i think one thing is clear they are at least paying attention but i would even go far
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enough to say that the influx in donations proves that people are and are tired out there enough people are tired of failed attempts of government transparency they want change and i think they're thinking we can weeks for the work that it does. now looks like the rumors that we heard over recent months are true president obama is expected to make an announcement tomorrow nominating general david petraeus to take over as the director of the cia and to name leon panetta current cia director as the replacement for robert gates as the new secretary of defense and you bastard afghanistan is also expected to be announced with all signs pointing to ryan crocker of five time embassador who last held the diplomatic role in iraq and the timing here couldn't be more important troops are scheduled to leave iraq supposedly by the end of this year this summer troops are scheduled to begin withdrawing from afghanistan although no details have yet been given as to what that's going to look like in size and scope and add to that the news today an
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afghan military pilot opened fire on u.s. troops killing eight as well as security contractor that makes it the seventh time this year that we've seen afghan forces turn on the coalition troops or seeing the taliban impersonate that and according to afghan officials pakistan is also amping up its pressure for karzai to ditch the u.s. and build a long term strategic partnership with pakistan and china instead so it's easy to say that there are a lot of troubles a lot of tough decisions ahead for obama's national security team so will these changes make that situation better or worse joining me to discuss it is lawrence korb senior fellow at the center for american progress and jack rice former cia officer and criminal defense attorney general i want to thank you both for joining me tonight now lawrence i'd like to start with you if you don't mind i want to know you think of these changes specifically we're talking about both betray us and panetta good moves bad move i think they're terrific because secretary gates has
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wanted to leave not being fired yet to leave it's very hard to get someone from outside the administration with all your weapons for the election you want someone who is going to be cool what the pentagon house who would present a watch to the pentagon by. panetta sloman director but when be i know you want someone who when you make the reductions understands the world this is coming from the cia he's been looking at it we want someone who's going to be able to work with congress he's a former congressman and he was a republican before he became a democrat so i can't think of anybody who would have better experience to carry out. president obama's agenda similarly i think by building general petraeus to the cia we've had some differences between the cia and the military about what exactly is happening particularly in afghanistan hopefully general petraeus will be able to bridge that gap now jack i want to get your opinion here what do you think of these news that i think a lot of people are describing this as
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a shakeout but if you really think about it it's it's the same faces that are just being put in two different traditions and you know given a new tire. you know you're absolutely right i mean if you think about it robert gates again former boss of cia for part of the time that i was there what we saw from your bio administration in general was a continuation in some ways of what we've seen from the bush administration and if we think about this so-called shake up you're absolutely correct that you really isn't changing very much it really is the same of voices the same faces the same approach and so we should simply shipping some of these people around and i think one of the benefits that the president has right now and again our of our other guests here is absolutely correct that they don't really have to deal with the problems with congress here because both of these men have power he essentially been anointed so nobody is going to turn around now and say well you were fine when you were commanding all the troops in afghanistan or you were fine when you were controlling the cia now we're going to shift you about and all of
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a sudden they're going to have problems and know that part of the reason they're doing this is because they are not going to have those problems as we get closer to two thousand and twelve which is you are a huge part of the component here so you think that panetta perhaps as former director could get budget cuts passed through congress and it's one thing to have a good relationship with congress it's one thing to have this on your track record but even robert gates himself just fight saying that he wants defense cuts to happen hasn't been incredibly successful on that measure no he has never tried to cut defense budgets he slowed the growth and this is different we're talking about real cuts and i think it all be part of a deal when which congress and the administration are going to put everything on the table and defense has to be part of it the advantage of having prevented bulan is he understands how to deal with projects in an era of constrained resources and he brings that skill to the to do the job the other thing is having served in the pentagon they like people who've been in the service he's been in the in the
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military so i think he brings things that to the table as well which i think is very very important and one of the most important appointments he. ryan crocker to take over for general i can bury you know afghanistan because if there's a leak of bob woodward's book people go with it i can very did think of cars i you know and ryan crocker has been in pakistani knows the area and how he's worked with the military in iraq so i think that will improve the climate in you know afghanistan as well since you mentioned ryan crocker here we had a number of new stories coming out of afghanistan and pakistan today first in afghanistan there is an afghan pilot who for twenty years has been a pilot who then ended up opening fire and killing eight u.s. troops killing a contractor and this is something that we've seen happen many times before either someone who has decided to turn against the international coalition troops or someone who's been a taliban impersonator then the wall street journal is reporting that the pakistani foreign minister is now pressuring karzai to give up on the u.s.
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not really sure how he's going to do that and stick with pakistan and its ally the chinese so i do think the ryan crocker israel is going to be really important here what do you make of that report from the wall street journal here jack. well i think this is huge i mean the fact is that afghanistan is an unmitigated disaster and in some ways it's getting worse not because of what's necessarily happening just you know i can understand but what's going on in pakistan because every time we talk about this issue every time we talk about the region you can never do it in isolation it has to be the two side by side i think time in kandahar kabul of herat other parts of the country and if we look at what's going on right now in pakistan it's fascinating to see what the pakistanis are going to do they're pulling back from the americans regardless but we have to really pull back further and look at what it is the pakistanis are always been interested in if you think about the
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pakistani i.s.i. their intelligence service they've essentially created the tell again drove the taliban into afghanistan for one purpose it's to gain control team influence in the region the idea that they would actually go to karzai and say come to us is frankly pretty credible pretty honest when we look at what they've always tried to do they want to control this area they want to ensure that they are the ones who get to put their stamp on it and they're driving forward makes a lot of sense based upon what they've done in the past i'm just wondering with petraeus now going to the cia does that kind of give him an easy way out of this war in afghanistan that he was asked to take over there is supposed to start a scheduled withdrawal in july we still haven't heard any type of numbers in that respect we still have no idea when this war and i and it is a client my it's a mess and now he just gets to wipe his hands clean of it or perhaps make an i.e.d. they are adding their own terms of drone there i guess the real significant thing
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is for obama because he has said that he writes a significant drawdown this summer given the fact that general petraeus with his strategy he's invested in it he may not be happy about that whereas he's not there anymore so i think it will be much easier for obama thinking that perhaps there's a strategic move by obama i guess i'll go i mean listen everything. politicians there was is a first for changing benefits so here's a does help you know it does help obama you're going to have a new commander there and given general petraeus stature in this country because it's about happened in iraq it would be very hard for a president to go against him if that were his position so i think this is a good sign in the sense that jack points out that you want to get out of afghanistan while you can i think this would be you know what if i there's an additional angle to this that i think we have really discussed here the idea of moving to train us over to cia does something else too and we have to go back to really just after nine eleven and you saw this through donald rumsfeld the former
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secretary of defense where you started seeing more of a militarization of the intelligence community even to even state department too but the idea of bringing somebody like tray as into the agency really drives them closer in that direction to essentially being something at the hip with the d.o.d. be now there is a benefit to that and there is a detriment to that because frequently right now what you have nothing but intelligence that students driven for the purpose of giving the military what they want you miss a lot of the other advantages and requirements that the intelligence community really has and that's really to provide intelligence to a lot of these lawmakers in washington and if all they're doing is essentially giving targeting and giving a site selection it doesn't really do all the other things the intelligence community may need so we have to be really careful and keep our eyes on that one too but how much of the intelligence do you think of a trace really might be passing on to congress or how much more might we see of
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this fusing right and even sometimes role switching that we've seen between the military and intelligence agencies lately i mean is this also a strategy to wage more shadow wars use more drone strikes in places like libya like me like yemen like can happen stand so that we don't any longer have to commit any type of ground troops and. i think the day. i get it if you take it away i think i mean it's very quickly i think that is one of the biggest concerns that i have here i think about what it actually might mean if you see the intelligence community and specifically cia absolutely controlled from that perspective it's one of the problems we've had in the past it that's sort of the philosophy you're going to take now it may cause serious problems down the road it will be as you mentioned yemen of course going to stand pakistan somalia and the list goes on and on and they're like ok well that i think that basically we have worked on a new strategy secretary gates a large land go obviously into you know
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a sure the middle east or africa and so the future of dealing with this threat will be drones and special forces and cia agents on the ground like yemen and pakistan so that means petraeus essentially probably will still be somehow controlling and leading whatever his future and feel as might be gentlemen i want to thank you enough tonight now we're taking a break but coming up he's been bashing china for weeks in the media but it turns out of his business man is a clothing line made their. hair and furthers our eating for president obama released his long form birth certificate today again proving he's a u.s. citizen but you came to the birth of a crowd and asperin host of the young turks university joins me now we come back. let's not forget that we are in a park right brooke.


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