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tv   [untitled]    April 29, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. cause a report on r.g.p. . syrian protesters challenged day of rage while the u.s. calls for sanctions over the violent crackdowns but the spread of the arab spring puts all eyes on iran. the world's biggest store producer finds itself running short of some helpful exports to satisfy them on the. russian products faces life in a u.s. jail convicted of conspiring to smuggle drugs is known as insists it's a miscarriage of justice and his trial in the polls. at russia's gas monopoly gazprom has reported pumped up profits call last year that reached thirty two billion dollars journey for more on that in our business paula time everybody.
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around the world and around the clock this is our table straight talk top story now syria's opposition is planning a day of rage after friday prayers in the face of violent crackdown on protesters the u.s. is calling for sanctions against syria naming president assad thought turning to iran in a way that could unite the team against washington's closest ally in the region israel teens when it was called next a potential for the arab uprisings to spread further east. some like it hot but this spring things have heated up perhaps too much in the arab world is it's too easy a libya now is syria northern african region and the middle east and often brutal civil wars with the western powers playing an important hand some believe this
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won't stop anytime soon so who's next in line for the great upheaval in the region the answer may lie on the surface. president assad is disingenuously blaming outsiders while at the same time seeking a rainy an assistance in repressing syria's citizens this need to be a thinly veiled hint at where exactly the united states is looking to get involved and i think iran has been targeted for some time and if you watch the propaganda about syria washington is now claiming. iran is helping syria oppress protesters what's different about syria and read about protests in both cases we know for a fact the united states government was supporting opposition groups and so it's only those two countries where washington has an interest in.
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tirana has been a longstanding alliance with syria in this strategically important region right next to iran's arch nemesis israel. syria isn't the same as libya geopolitically we've always very lies that syria is iran springboard in its fight against israel this is why it will eventually make a powerful sunni jet impact on iran's positions this brings us back to the question what country will follow syria events in syria progress according to libyan scenario we will probably see a similar developments in iran unfortunately patti's iran will repeat the syrian scenario iranian ships have gone up. syrian ports enormous proximity to tel aviv with damascus crippled by crisis iran me lose its footing in the region this is again a continuation of the idea that you use the international machinery to achieve your
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national objectives under the pretext that you are actually trying to protect human rights should the u.s. and its allies decide to go through with a habit of knurling in aiding revolution you forces in the region the result may be catastrophic but if there is foreign intervention in syria yes iran's intervention in response that is a definite and very real possibility just as much as it interfered in iraq when the u.s. invaded that country and if suspicions proved true the world may be in for an entirely different ballgame if iran in the u.s. get involved in a very real hot competition it involves quantity. well russia as opposed to any international interference in syria saying it could spark a civil war global policy analyst women dole says this experience shows how easily a sovereign state can be attacked the guise of protecting civilians. well if you look at what the u.s. did to engineer the. un resolution on libya this was one of the most.
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brazen transgressions of the rights of a nation national sovereignty and international law that we've seen in the post world war two period the responsibility to protect is an insidious doctor and that's been developed by various think tanks connected with circles in the united states to justify a need or definition of an intervention in a sovereign country there's been no attempt to have a have a peaceful conflict resolution before this thing escalated in fact rather the the west the u.s. france and britain have been called virtually according to the evidence that's leaking out covertly arming the opposition to gadhafi in hopes of grabbing control of the your oil and the different parts of libya fortunately this time russia and china are playing a reasonable role in blocking any u.n. security council sanction for. strong measures against syria so i think they
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learned from their deadly mistake on the on the libya case when they saying that the state has no when we if it's allowed to pass. oh yes means president has been speaking to r.t. as the standoff in his country gets ever more entrenched demonstrators continue to demand his immediate resignation of the spring to deal with a step down month since sunday says his opponents can't see the dangers of making major changes too quickly. our opponents reject the idea of holding presidential and parliamentary elections because they are aware they won't be able to gain a majority as a matter of fact what we're having is an unconstitutional coup they are trying to force to muster plans and are against a constitutional transfer of power in twenty thirteen we're even ready to agree to their plans so as to avoid bloodshed. some countries in the region and so must the nations connive that such tendency is currently being seen in the so-called new
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middle east it is this the controlled chaos and i was a prepared for this enough to have a look at what's going on in egypt tunisia and other countries the scenario cannot be called anything other than a plot against the region i believe did not end they would stoop to anything. but a few minutes how the world is just scratching the surface of governments dark secrets and whistle in chief tells out there anymore about whether they should use that those others or with a takes. a look at how solving america's trouble of making ends meet can be achieved by tapping the country's investment in the intervention. i guess. the world thanks bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realm of russia. we've got the future covered.
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wealthy british style like. this. market finance scandal. find out what's really happening to the economy global. to me with max kaiser there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report an arche. line. would be so much brighter if you knew all about the song from first impression means. please start totty dot
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com. rush or is cutting a petrol exports out of fuel shortages hit the home market as a result prices are burning a bigger hole in interest rates i said it never happened except why the world's biggest oil producer is finding itself going without. russia with no world sounds ridiculous yet change what you did we went to five different gas stations all of them are closed here will be waiting in line for hours what is this isn't supposed to be the oil rich country overnight fuel prices jumped twenty five percent in several russian regions as the battle runs out the prize goes up even more their supplies are not only for two weeks while prices skyrocket at the beginning of the year but russian authorities made an effort to get battle costs at a consumer friendly level as a result foreign markets became much more attractive and profitable for russia will
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producers. anywhere we understand that people have the right to demand for oil prices or what's fair to us today in russia potential is thirty to forty percent cheaper than in neighboring countries valorise ukraine i want to mention the boat experience and what it was the outcome of fixing a fair price has had a questionable outcome for buyers and sellers as a result of the oil companies pulling out. of the domestic market which last is becoming more and more expensive as natural becomes a scarce resource that the price is going up and no one likes it and we're free prices will rise even more and then what meanwhile in the russian capital with its small gas retailer stations that are under the threat of being closed down it simply became not profitable for the oil giants to sell feel to them down this road alone we saw three am to gas stations now petrol the lines. in the russian capital there are thousands of other petrol stations to choose from but the regional
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authorities are beginning to find pieces against the oil companies and. all companies illegally limited all stopped supplying fuel to independent is filling stations in the region who are going to take them to trial. prime minister vladimir putin has ordered an increase in expert duties on russian oil starting from me so that companies can't make extra profit selling for higher prices abroad leaving them in a no win situation and those in need of fuel have been promised thousands of tons of cash on the way and then let it go r.t. . the man behind wiki leaks says his web site's revelations are just the tip of the iceberg publication of confidential cables perhaps deeply embarrassing to the u.s. and other countries during a song has been speaking to r.t. and says it's only a matter of time before more damaging information becomes now. if we look at our work. twelve months think about that so all the stories that have
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come out actually happened in the world before two thousand and ten people didn't know about it so what is it that we don't know about now. there's an enormous. period that we don't know about until much of. it exists. and i really shouldn't. we only released. secret classified confidential material we didn't have any top secret cables really embarrassing stuff the really serious stuff wasn't in our collection tree roots it is still out there so what is it. people need to not be comfortable. what they receive from me from the media is all that is happening you know it's gates is trying to get up an execution case for me to stay united kingdom wants to keep at the
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various levels once again it's going to stay. so if the u.k. was to reject us the execution order would pose terrible problems for any country which he used to be harboring. dockets and. faces political questions as united kingdom. does attempts to excite me to the united states then it faces a difficult position politically which is the bulk of people who like him support us. the full version of that interview with john in a sound on monday here not. there's plenty more america's economic roller coaster online that's also a dot com california is a change of fortune a small tours once the land of the gold rush is now desperation and presence of
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hundred residents supposed sticks from also along. why there are flashes of problems and blood on the streets and rush brought into the corner to learn about a special brain that is also an eye catching video reports on the you tube. it. is easy to get. down to your official auntie obligation to your own phone or pod touch from the i choose ups to. launch all she likes on the good.
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video on demand she's mine old girls. and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on archie dot com. a new york jury has found the russian pilots are guilty of conspiring to smuggle drugs into the u.s. house and see an error sankoh was arrested in a sting in west africa last year and transported to america he denies all the charges the same churkin reports his lawyers say it's underhand undercover agents and should be in the dock. words not deeds landing foreigners behind bars in the us russian pilot konstantin your show has been found guilty by a manhattan federal court jury of conspiring to smuggle drugs across borders the man was scooped up by u.s. officials in liberia last year and promptly taken to america along with three other suspects from africa what your shimko faced in the west was a ten month wait for
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a trial a month long hearing and now a guilty verdict the pilot and his family maintained his innocence. all the facts were fabricated all the tapes were distorted by the prosecution u.s. officials played a leading role in the arrest of the russian citizen posing as drug dealers american secret agents conducted meetings with the four resulting in hours of recordings the prosecution then put forward as proof of your cousin tends to conspire to smuggle tons of cocaine to south america and later into the u.s. but in liberia he was surrounded by five agents the second he stepped off the plane he was a country by current peace spent day and night in his room only during the trial did he find out that all he had around him were agents they introduced him to some men who transported drugs that's it and nothing else happened they wanted to jail him and they did he or she was defense team echoes this. over the wish
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to be it for me. to get asked if he was with. me while your show has never even set foot on american soil that is until he was handcuffed and brought to america by force in may of last year russian officials were not duly notified of his arrest the man was effectively missing for a month and moscow cited a breach of international law we have. apologized to russia the state department's excuse we pressed the wrong button on the facts. to be brutally honest. notifying rumania instead of russia to observers this seemed a joke on the day of the guilty verdict the most important question why this trial is being held on u.s. territory remains unanswered still use the issue that was decided before trip. here can and should give manufactured jurisdiction which the courage
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to share it is pretrial against. that i believe the state is. the basis. for an appeal cannot be filed until after the sentencing but hopes are dim he was appeal courts are generally reluctant to reverse decisions made by jury court the sentencing of sinjar some physics sets of three months on july twentieth still find out his destiny on u.s. soil to choose russian pilot faces twenty five years or life sentence behind bars country where he committed. such a trip in our hearts. in this case has been likened to that of another russian that extra got us from a third country i think to boot he was arrested in thailand on arms trafficking charges was on trial in new york and a journalist when madsen says america should stop interfering in cases which should be investigated internationally instead. the problem here is the extra territorial
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imposition of u.s. law. on people who have really no in both the victor bouquet selling even if you believe he was selling weapons to the colombian fark what does that have to do with the united states now that the federal government says well the those weapons would be used to target american citizens that's that's kind of that's a giant leap to that cocaine was coming from the colombian fark and making its way through africa into western europe but where's the connection of the united states and whatever happened to interpol in these matters why is it that the united states is trumping interpol there's many things about this case that are strange first of all we know that the irish name to apparently was offered a deal by federal prosecutors to if he would testify against her boot they're actually in the same prison in new york the southern district of new york is notorious it's one of the places but the cia. records and addition to the u.s.
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military court washington d.c. and the u.s. this year courtney's from virginia there the price cia of course to try these cases and i think we have to look at the impartiality and i don't think the impartiality is there. when russian security services have killed sixteen minutes in a raid in the south it happened on the border between this major russian republic of korea a group of gunmen were hiding in a village and opened fire on security forces among those killed several militant leaders thought responsible so. there are reports of these casualties. and some names in brief. well it's all eyes on the other in london today is britain's prince william progress to take kate middleton's had a few hours in what's likely to be the world's most watched reading is a live pictures from the british capital tens of thousands of people are really not
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in london streets to see the royal couple make the journey to westminster abbey prince william and kate middleton or to see the titles the duke and duchess of cambridge. the possibility of rain then travel to buckingham palace in open topped or strong plenty of witnesses for the wedding around two billion years are expected to see the royal couple try that. the. number of people killed by a powerful tornado is sweeping through the southeast united states is rising rapidly and the three hundred have now lost their lives most victims were from alabama where the storms are described as the worst ever major cities have been decimated by the deadliest tornado outbreak in many years many people are without homes or electricity or dozens of roads are being rendered impossible. to go into a deadly bomb attack that killed at least fifteen has been launched in morocco happened
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on thursday the capital's main square which is popular with tourists mr casualties were foreigners no group was yet you had responsibility for the bombing the last major attack in morocco was in casablanca in two thousand and three when forty five people died. the next day kareena brings you the latest business news just different. i don't want. to pass nuclear crisis coupled with a retraction of europe's atomic energy programs and demand for gas exemption as gas from banks says sales of russian fuel likely to fill that gap. now russian gas
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becomes more attractive than it was just as well months ago more or i was looking for asia two months. is very good and i didn't see any seam go through because we just use less and applause percent annual growth of best amount in asia and once again they don't have any option other than by analogy guess including russian original so as a result of that there is there is some free space in the e.u. gas balance we should needs to be food and needs to be food probably with a partner in gas from russia so as a result of that i would say that now currently you share all four russian gas industry needs a beauty to compete just to her and she is significantly more even taking into account the high prices which leads to the far gas prices closer to the end of the year. russia's gas monopoly gazprom has reported count up results for last year net
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profit rose by a quarter to over thirty five billion dollars that's higher than the three classes level cast on benefited from strong local demands with sales twenty seven percent sales in europe slipped one percent however analysts expect demand to pick up partially due to supply disruptions from the middle east and africa. russia's most popular search engine yandex is hoping to raise up to a billion dollars in its upcoming i.p.o. in new york the company will start marketing the listing next week and number of shares is yet to be determined and gathered his placement comes six months after the one million dollar london float the biggest russian rival r.t. . is take a look at the markets in asia the hang sang is losing point three percent on concerns china may tighten its not trade policy over the weekend shares of china overseas land and investment truck around two percent and just real and commercial bank of china and trying to construction back. around one percent despite each of
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them good morning first quarter profit. expectations the nikkei is closed for the college. here in moscow equity market started the day in the red the artist has half a percent lower than why this was in point eight percent let's take a closer look at some individual shann moves energy majors are trading in the red of lower crude prices plus nafta is losing around one and a half percent despite reporting a sixty percent increase in net profit profit for the first quarter positive financial results fail to prevent gas crunch as probably decline and the stocks are down around zero point six percent for the gold is on the positive territory with shares of more than one percent of stronger precious metals prices. russia's largest diversified financial corporation is eyeing china and india to develop its high tech business the company plans to set up joint ventures with chinese partners
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including leading telecom manufacturers. training sofas that is a very he's a very large market so we want to you know sort of them to explore opportunities and then potentially build on them we're looking at number of their countries some shows to do with developing microchips not including the old microchips would be the one else new ignition system and also producing we have a ninety nine in your market you project which were executing no together to the last man on the end we're looking for some of the trainees partners to basically build a joint venture in the design and produce microchips where currently we'll present the things we already exist in business but the indian train are clearly two priority markets suffer. that's what the business is for now but you can always find all stories just log on to websites r.t. dot com that this is.
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this type of side project it's. twenty five years ago an entire fifty thousand population over ukrainian town a preview of what the market waited for this three hours. plus now it wants to be heard recently some people started receiving posts notices telling them to break up letters at this post office embryology. the stories of the world long gone. doesn't have to be chosen.
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instance. otoh for a luxury hotels bangkok silence the landmark hotel bangkok watergate hotel. marriott could. buy a key suite hotel one called the imperial queen's park hotel resort and spa hotel. new supply and spawn disinfo on the golden cliff resulting spawn. a one world cruise hotel for a brief the show some children. this is.


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