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tv   [untitled]    April 29, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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again flared up. these are the images the world is seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule today. the day of rage the syrian opposition calls for more protests while the u.s. urges sanctions over the crackdown but as the uprising spread it's iran that could be next in line. the world's biggest oil producer feels the petrol rush it because exports to keep the fuel running at home. a life behind bars on the cards for a russian pilot after the u.s. finds him guilty of conspiring to smuggle drugs his defense insists there are critical flaws in the conviction.
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two pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story syria's opposition is planning a day of rage after friday prayers in the face of violent crackdowns on protesters the u.s. is calling for sanctions against syria blaming president assad for turning to iran in a way they could unite the two against israel washington's closest ally in the region or he's really delusional looks at the potential for the arab uprisings to spread further east. some like it hot but this spring things have heated up perhaps too much in the arab world is ips libya now syria more than african region and the middle east and often brutal civil wars with the western powers playing an important hand some believe this won't start anytime soon so who is next in line for the greater evil in the region the answer may lie on the surface. that
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president assad is disingenuously blaming outsiders while at the same time seeking a rainy in assistance in repressing syria's citizens this need to be a thinly veiled hint it's where exactly the united states is looking to get involved i think iran has been targeted for some time now and if you watch the propaganda about syria washington is now claiming. iran is helping syria oppress protesters which different about syria. protesters in both cases really know for a fact. the united states government was supporting our position groups and so only those two countries where washington has an interest in going to t.v. ron has been a long standing alliance with syria in this strategically important region right
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next to iran's arch nemesis israel syria syria isn't the same as libya geopolitically we've always realized that syria is iran's springboard in its fight against israel this is why it will eventually make a powerful signature to impact on iran's positions this brings us back to the question what country will follow syria events in syria progress according to the libyan scenario we will probably see a similar development in iran unfortunately that is iran will repeat a syrian scenario iranian ships have dropped anchor in syrian ports. enormous proximity to tel aviv but damascus crippled by a crisis iran may lose its footing in the region this is again a continuation of the idea that you use the international machinery to achieve your national objectives under the pretext that you are actually trying to protect human rights should the u.s. and its allies decide to go through with
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a habit of meddling in aiding revolutionary forces in the region the result may be catastrophic that if there is foreign intervention in syria yes iran's intervention in response that is a definite and very real possibility just as much as it interfered in iraq when the u.s. invaded that country and if suspicions proved true the world may be in for an entirely different ballgame if iran in the u.s. get involved in the real hunt confrontation. e.u. officials are meeting later in brussels to discuss sanctions against the syrian regime a former belgian deputy speaker says any sort of international action might work in the long run but europe's main aim should be to stop supplying weapons to syria. this is not a regime that's going to feel the pressure of sanctions on the contrary he did the question is why so fast now after we see that the libya it's a mess in libya why do it again if this is about human rights or about them about
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the massacres why not start with the most cruel medieval regime in the arab region saudi arabia if this is about preventing massacres one will do something about the illegal occupation of palestine i mean the e.u. could do so much for example to stop supporting these. in the first place let's not forget these dictatorships are suppressing their own people. with the support that the arms of their boat from europe i mean let's stop doing that in the first place of course that is not going to have a short term impact on things but maybe this might be a time for reflection over what we have been doing for the last forty fifty years in the middle east and in the north africa recent sanctions can work yes in the long run like if we see what happened with apartheid in south africa. yemen's president has been speaking with our ears the standoff in his country gets even more entrenched demonstrators continue to madding his immediate resignation despite
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a deal to step down within a month but president saleh he says his opponents can't see the dangers of making major changes too quickly. that. the idea of holding presidential and parliamentary elections because they're aware they won't be able to get a majority as a matter of fact what we're having is an unconstitutional coup they are trying to. and are against the constitutional transfer of power until at least thirteen we're even ready to agree to their plans so as to avoid bloodshed in. some countries in the region and so must two nations connivance its tendencies currently being seen in the so-called new middle east it is this the controlled chaos and areas are prepared for it's a move to have a look at what's going on in egypt tunisia and other countries the scenario cannot be called anything other than a plot against the region i believe. they would stoop to anything.
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in a few minutes how the world is just scratching the surface of government's dark secrets with of war in chief tells r.t. how there are many more embarrassing revelations than those just published by wiki leaks. and we'll look at how solving america's trouble making ends meet could be achieved by having the country's investment in intervention. first the russian security forces have killed at least ten militants in a raid in the south the operations being held as a major success and part of a series of staying across the volatile north caucasus in recent weeks our correspondent in a culture of. as more. a group of militants. in a residential area by russian security forces and now says they refused to surrender and opened fire at the police five back and at the end several militants including at least two women were killed in that help aeration now russia's security forces say that among this militants were the local leaders of terrorists
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in that area and they also that this operation was one of the most successful in recent weeks and stands in the same line with the not the old race and that also happened this week when militants were killed including close associates to russia's most wanted terrorist still of this area russians north caucasus remains of the main training ground for terrorists in russia and though russia's north caucasus has witnessed a number of successful anti terror operations and dozens of militants have been wiped out in recent weeks including a chief. of the leader of the militants as well as close associates to the still this region remains the most volatile area in the country and the challenges and search operations are going on across the area at this very moment are to go through a reporter from russia's north caucasus. and behind wiki leaks says his group safe
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revelations are just the tip of the iceberg publication of confidential cables are proof deeply embarrassing to the u.s. and other countries go yet assad has been speaking with r t and says only about of time before more damaging information comes to light. i think about all the stories that have come out actually happened in the world before. people didn't know. so what is it that we don't know. so there's an enormous hidden world out there that we don't know about until much much later it exists there right now and i wouldn't release of diplomatic cables we only released secret classified confidential material we didn't have being top secret cables and really embarrassing stuff the really serious stuff wasn't in our
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collection. but it is still there so what is it. people me to not be comfortable. what they receive from me from i mean you know it's all going to happen you know i'd say it's try to get up next additional case for me to the united states the united kingdom wants to keep like the various levels going to keep its good relationship with states. so it's a u.k. was to reject the u.s. extradition order that would pose terrible problems to any country which he used to be harboring. as a place of trying to rockets and. faces legal questions is the united kingdom. does it came to extradite me play united states then it faces a difficult position politically. people.
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watch the full interview with julian aside on monday your argument. russia is cutting petrol exports after a fuel shortages that hit the home market as a result pump prices are burning a bigger hole in motorists pockets are going to tell you no because that's why the world's biggest oil producer is finding itself going without. russia with no oil sounds ridiculous yet. we want to five different gas stations that were closed here will be waiting in line for hours what is this isn't supposed to be an oil rich country overnight fuel prices jumped twenty five percent in several russian regions as the actual runs out the prize goes up even more their supplies are not only for two weeks all prices skyrocketed at the beginning of the year but russian authorities made an effort to get actual costs as a consumer friendly level as a result foreign markets became much more attractive and profitable for russia will
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producers. or we understand that people have the right to demand for oil prices awards for it's a loss today in russia potential is thirty to forty percent cheaper than in neighboring countries earlier reuss ukraine want to mention the baltic states the outcome of fixing a fair price has had a questionable outcome for buyers and sellers as a result of the oil companies pulling out of the domestic market what's left is becoming more and more expensive as battle becomes a scarce resource that the price is going up and no one likes it and we're free prices will rise even more and then work meanwhile in the russian capital it's small gas retailer stations that are under the threats of being closed down it simply became not profitable for the oil giants to self-heal to them down this road alone we saw three county gas stations no petrol no lines. in the russian capital there are thousands of other petrol stations to choose from but regional
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authorities are beginning to find pieces against oil companies and. all companies illegally limited or stopped supplying fuel to independent as filling stations in the region who are going to take them to trial prime minister vladimir putin has ordered an increase in x. produces on russian oil starting from may so that companies can't make extra profit selling for higher prices abroad leaving them in a no win situation and those in need of fuel have been promised thousands of tons of petrol are on the way ok i'm going to go r.t. moscow. remember you can find all the stories we're covering and a whole lot more a click away on our team dot com as what else is online right now california's change of fortune what was once the land of the gold rush is now a desperate to die as job hungry residents pack up and move on. and getting europe's leaders to face the naked truth over why they're bombing libya
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these scantily clad sleep experts suggest it's because broady governments aren't getting good enough that i can find out all the more about this at r t dot com along with your i pad video reports on are you trying to travel. from. is he. the official. called touch from the top story. on the. video. old girls.
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are in a sense feed now in the palm of your. comb a new york jury has found a russian pilot guilty of conspiring to smuggle drugs into the u.s. constantine yara shango was arrested in a sting operation in west africa last year and brought to the u.s. he denies all the charges are he's anastasio churkin a reports from new york. words not deeds landing foreigners behind bars in the u.s. russian pilot constantine you're shango has been found guilty by a manhattan federal court jury of conspiring to smuggle drugs across borders the man was scooped up by u.s. officials in liberia last year and promptly taken to america along with three other suspects from africa what he or she faced in the u.s. was a ten month wait for a trial a month long hearing and now a guilty verdict the pilot and his family maintained his innocence. part of the
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facts were fabricated all the tapes were distorted by the prosecution of u.s. officials played a leading role in the arrest of the russian citizen posing as drug dealers american secret agents conducted meetings with the four resulting in hours of recordings the prosecution then put forward as proof of the ocean goes intends to conspire to smuggle tons of cocaine to south america and later into the u.s. in liberia he was surrounded by five agents the second he stepped off the plane he was a country by cards he spent day and night in his room only during the trial did he find out that all he had around him were agents they introduced him to some man who transported drugs that's it nothing else happened they wanted to jail him and they did he or she calls defense team echoes this defendant did nothing. other than wish you for me. and still. suggest. that he was with the united
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states meanwhile your shango has never even set foot on american soil that is until he was handcuffed and brought to america by force in may of last year russian officials were not duly notified of his arrest the man was effectively missing for a month and moscow cited a breach of international law we have. apologized to russia the state department's excuse me press the wrong button on the fax machine. to be brutally honest. notifying romania instead of russia to observers this seemed a joke on the day of the guilty verdict the most important question why this trial is being held on u.s. territory remains unanswered still who is an issue that was decided before a trial. related to the concept of manufacture jurisdiction which to judge decided pretrial against. the state.
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can be the basis. of. an appeal cannot be filed until after the sentencing but hopes are dim us appeal courts are generally reluctant to reverse decisions made by jury court the sentencing a senior sometimes expects of the supreme months on july twenty eighth he will find out his destiny on u.s. soil russian pilot faces ten years license at sea hindmarsh country where he committed no crime that's a trip you know. turn it out of some world news and grief this is the moment they've all been waiting for the million t.v. viewers watching the kate middleton and prince william getting married in westminster abbey there it is you can see the ceremony of prince william is just a ring on her finger these are live pictures from westminster abbey in the presence of the queen members of the royal family and a host of celebrities and v.i.p.'s tens of thousands cheer the royal couple as they arrive here newlyweds will then take an opening an open top horse drawn carriage to
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buckingham palace. from these lies servants of this woman whom we bless him by name . but living for a future gather they may surely perform and keep the covenant between the made aware of this ring given and received as a token of courage. and ever remain in perfect love peace together. the company will henceforth be known as the duke and duchess of cambridge. those who go through it together. for as much as william and catherine have conceived of consensual together in hollywood look and have witnessed the same before god and this company. to have
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given them the pledge the truth by those who although i have to clear the same by giving and receiving of a ring and by joining us i pronounce the lady a mountain wife together in the name of the father of the son of the holy ghost. god the father. god the so. go to the holy ghost in this preserve and keep you. both mercifully with his favor look upon you and so fully with all spiritual going to diction and grace but you may live together in this walk as in the world to come you may have the life of the last to. stay with us here on our team will be following this story throughout the day. for me to other world news the number of people killed by powerful tornadoes sweeping
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through the southeast united states is rising rapidly nearly three hundred have now lost their lives most of the victims were in alabama where the storms were described as the worst ever two major cities have been decimated by the deadliest tornado outbreak in nearly forty years many people are without homes or electricity dozens of roads have been rendered impassable. and investigation to a deadly bomb attack that killed at least fifteen has been launched. it happened thursday at a cafe in the capital's main square which is popular with tourists most of the casualties were foreigners no group has yet admitted responsibility for the bombing ross major attack in morocco was impossible two thousand and three forty five people were killed in. a ceasefire between thai and cambodian troops has been broken as fresh border clashes were broken out the latest exchange of fire hopping near a temple in disputed zone one thai soldiers have been killed while others were wounded
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the violence has displaced tens of thousands of people and summer is on the way which for many means it's time to work up a sweat coming up martin andrews tries to fight the flab. you know dozens of swanky gyms in the center of moscow although expensive. swanky interiors and swimming pools thrown in it's going to be so good here in the russian council now on the field floyd sybase luxurious spatial fun most of the equipment you need for a good workout train is the hands and you never know what russian hollywood celebrities you might bump into. and surely. that's what i see. it with martin enders warming up for moscow coming your way in five minutes here on
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our team here in the melican is up next we'll have the latest business news stay with us. well come to our business report here on r.g.p. thanks for joining me the cost of borrowing is going up in russia the central bank has increased its key interest rate by twenty five basis points to eight point twenty five percent it's the second hike this year after the bank increased the refinance rate by the same amount two months ago the bank cites higher inflationary expectations and the uncertainty on the financial markets as a main reasons behind the decision consumer prices in russia have risen over four percent since the beginning of a year japan's nuclear crisis coupled with retraction of europe's atomic energy programs is pushing demand for gas alexander the south bank says sales of russian fuel like pizza fill and become. now russian gas becomes more attractive than it was just twelve months ago more or i would say outlook for asia to munt
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is is very good and i didn't see any seam go because we just use less than cars percent annual growth of gas demand in asia and once again they don't have any option other than by analogy guess including russia now and she saw as a result of that there is there is some free space in the e.u. there's a balance we should needs to dispute and need to be sued probably with a pipeline gas from russia so as a result of that i would say that now currently you share all four russian gas industry and it's a beauty to compete to al and she is significantly more even taken into account to high prices which leads to the high gas prices closer to the end of the year. and russia's gas monopoly gazprom has reported pumped up results for last year net profit rose by a quarter to over thirty five billion dollars as higher than the price of the
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pre-crisis level gas falling benefited from strong local demand and sales up twenty seven percent sales in europe slipped one percent however analysts expect demand to pick up partially due to supply disruptions from the middle east and africa. russia's most popular search engine yandex is hoping to raise up to a billion dollars in its upcoming i.p.o. in new york the company will start marketing the listing next week the number of shares is yet to be determined yandex his placement comes six months after the one billion dollars london float of its biggest russian rival may. take a look at the markets now europe is trading flat on friday weighed by. the market's activities somewhat muted by the absence of london markets closed for the royal wedding national holiday terminal to make a dollar is the top decline on the dax it is higher this hour its shares are down one point eight percent the company reported a ninety three percent gain in the first quarter net income and
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a friend targets for the year by reading seventeen percent here and also equity markets are trading lower the sound the out says is a point two percent lower than my six is losing almost eight percent let's take a closer look at some individual share moves energy majors are trading in the red and lower crude prices rawson after russia's largest oil producer is losing one percent despite reporting a sixty percent increase in net profit for the press corps for positive financial results fail to prevent gas pumps as declining over eight percent and banking stocks are also on the downturn is shedding the stock. it's been a tough second quarter so far for the russian stock markets the stronger or prize did little to encourage investors in april with both. ending the month lower than where they started davis from world cup asset management explains what's putting off investors both domestic for as long as we have weak dollar as long as
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we have persistently high quality demand which seems to be the case russia in general is is actually in a very good position from that standpoint the problems with russia are related not to. business and religion individuals it's related to the policy it's really an absence of judicial organs and systems in place which make it i think in general much less attractive for. for investors to put money in russia which is why our s.t.i. is just completely the minister and that is change and that's our latest for this hour but don't go away we have headline news coming up for you stay with us. to.
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this time i saw the for decades. twenty five years ago the entire fifty thousand population over ukrainian town prepared for the microwave to within three hours. but now it wants to be heard recently some people started receiving post notices telling them to pick up letters at this post office ingredients are. the stories of
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the world long gone. doesn't have to be chosen. reading the diaries of ghosts of our choice. more news today violence is once again flared up to find these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada and giant corporations are all today cleaned up and. in moscow ots available in fixed marriage grounds for china which colson. renaissance could go on maria profiles of all of the encircled.


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