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tilson to kill this you still destroy the ski lift you can see on this column if you visit. activists in syria holding a day of nationwide protests against the government with reports demonstrators have been fired upon the u.s. is threatening action slamming syria's alliance with iran. russian security forces killed ten armed militants including in the south responsible for a number of contacts. at a russian pilot faces prison after a new york court fives him guilty of conspiring to smuggle drugs into the u.s. constantini or shackles defense team says he committed no crime against america.
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six pm in moscow i'm mad tresor good to have you with us here on r t our top story syrian security units use force against thousands of protesters across the country as people are poor onto the streets for a friday of rage there's reports at least five people have been injured as agents in plainclothes fired on demonstrators in the coastal city of la taika the base of the ruling elite in the capital damascus police used tear gas to disperse a crowd of protesters opposition promised president assad the biggest rally yet following a series of killings of demonstrators. the bloody crackdown has caused international condemnation with the u.s. even pointing at iranian interference on the side of the government parties are in a delusional look at what those accusations could mean for iran. some like it hot but this spring things have heated out perhaps too much in the arab world is it's
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too easy a libya now is syria more than african region and the middle east and often brutal civil wars with the western powers playing an important hand some believe this won't stop anytime soon so who is next in line for the great upheaval in the region the answer may lie on the surface. president assad is disingenuously blaming outsiders while at the same time seeking a rainy and assistance in repressing syria's citizens this need to be a thinly veiled hint that's where exactly the united states is looking to get involved i think has been targeted for some time now and if you watch the propaganda about syria or washington is now claiming. iran is helping syria oppress protesters what's different about syria. protesters in both cases we know for
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a fact the united states government was supporting opposition groups and so it's only those two countries where there's an interest in intervening to iran has been a longstanding alliance with syria in this strategically important region right next to iran's arch nemesis israel syria syria isn't the same as libya geopolitically we've always realized that syria is iran's springboard in its fight against israel this is why it will eventually make a powerful sunni jessica impact on iran's positions this brings us back to the question what country will follow syria. in syria progress according to the libyan scenario we will probably see a similar development in iran unfortunately that is iran will repeat a syrian scenario iranian ships have dropped anchor in syrian ports enormous proximity to tel aviv with damascus crippled by a crisis iran may lose its footing in the region this is again
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a continuation of the idea that you use the international machinery to achieve your national objectives under the pretext that you are actually trying to protect human rights should the u.s. and its allies decide to go through with a habit of meddling in aiding revolutionary forces in the region the result may be catastrophic that if there is foreign intervention in syria yes iran's intervention in response is a definite and very real possibility just as much as it interfered in iraq when the us invaded that country and if the stations proved true the world may be in for an entirely different ballgame if iran and the u.s. get involved in a very real hot confrontation it involves quantity. e.u. officials are meeting later in brussels to discuss sanctions against the syrian regime russia has warned against any foreign intervention saying there is no grounds for that little east expert says if western powers do step in the whole
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region could go up in flames. right. from the libyan piece for example i mean we've seen that there's been a strategy a military strategy that has many people loved and beat you know what you can see it also will be a guess and nobody can talk about that in success or. strategy contrary to what prevails in syria very sensitive country be disclosed at least relative to those that have been and we also know that the syrian regime has been actions as well as we have been you know how has he been he says but look and that is why acting or pressure in syria to restrain radicalize allies and open and you generalized by in a situation in the region. yemen is another arab state where a nationwide uprising worth fuses to go away new killings have led to demands for the president saleh is immediate resignation despite
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a deal with the opposition to step down within a month in an interview with r t the later set leader says the dangers of rushing into change are greater than his opponents of magic. our opponents reject the idea of holding presidential and parliamentary elections because they are aware they won't be able to get a majority as a matter of fact what we're having is an unconstitutional coup they are trying to. and are against a constitutional transfer of power in twenty thirteen we're even ready to agree to no plans so as to avoid bloodshed. some countries in the region and some western nations connivance its tendencies currently being seen in the so-called new middle east it is this the controlled chaos in ariel's are prepared for it's enough to have a look at what's going on in egypt tunisia and other countries the scenario cannot be called anything other than a plot against the region i believe to that end they would stoop to anything.
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stay with us here on r.t. coming up russian road rage. down this road alone the saw three am to get spaces now that's all. i know why or the world's largest the well producing country of suddenly valuable selves running on empty. but first ten militants have been killed in a special operation by security forces in russia's north caucasus authorities say among the terrorist was the head of an extremist group and others responsible for a deadly attacks on the region or his media coach and other has the latest. in other successful un ttyrec operation has been carried out by russian special forces on friday morning after a thing happened at the border between the region and you know about cairo republic when a group of militants were cornered in a residential area and after the civilians at the scene were evacuated to safety and militants refused to surrender and opened fire at the end of the shooting turn
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militants including at least two women were killed now russian special forces i say among those militants were some high profile terrorist and regional investigation committee also. among them were some leading figures in a so-called buck son game in the republic of khobar. they were not regular bandits but high profile ones they're responsible for one hundred crimes in the republic of little korea and the other regions we were reading a piece in the house where they were killed cause big fuss sure if was among those militants who were killed in that operation and he was believed to be involved in a number of terror attacks not only in that region but across the north caucasus including a terror act the hydro power plant and of the terror attack on the racecourse or a last year now in another figure among terrorists as you have job was also among the killed militants investigators accused job was again of attacking tourists from
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moscow in february twenty eighth levon and russian security forces also at the further d.n.a. tast would probably be required to identify some of the militants and as this identification process is under way at the scene of the special operation at the moment we're going to explore julian assange and his bride to continue revealing the world's secrets exclusive interview with a controversial whistleblower says the media could help prevent many conflicts around the world. one of the hopeful things that i discovered is that nearly every war that had started in the past fifty years has been the result of media a lot of. the media could have stopped it if it had searched the people that had an . interim government were going to eclipse them but what does that mean. that means
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basically populations that are not. populations have to be fooled by the world's population is that we only and only we can open our eyes going to war so if we have a good media environment then who also has peace from the time when it was smaller demonstrations in egypt that use facebook and twitter if people are going to look up front of things so facebook in particular. is the most appalling spying machine because they're being put into. he we have the world's most comprehensive database about people all cd we know that's great it's all excess of all us intelligence so we can watch our full interview with julian assad one day here on our team of russian oil producers will have to come up with a new plan to make a big profit as authorities are cutting their exports much lower prices on the
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domestic market had many of them selling our broad and forgetting about local demand as a result petro stations have been drying out and pump prices have skyrocketed artie's that's how you know because i find so why the world's biggest oil producer is running on empty. russia with no sounds ridiculous yet what it is we want to five different gas stations all of them were closed here would be willing to lie for hours what is this isn't this supposed to be the oil rich country that overnight fuel prices jumped twenty five percent in several russian regions as the battle runs out the prize goes up even more there's the plies enough only for two weeks while prices skyrocketed at the beginning of the year but russian authorities made an effort to get battle costs as a consumer friendly level as a result foreign markets became much more attractive and profitable for russian wilburn easterners. we understand that people have the right to demand for oil prices
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a lot further to us today in russia petrol is thirty to forty percent cheaper than in neighboring countries ukraine not to mention the baltic states the outcome of fixing a fair price has had a questionable outcome for buyers and sellers as a result of the oil companies pulling out of the domestic market what's left is becoming more and more expensive as natural becomes a scarce resource that the price is going up and no one likes it and we're afraid prices will rise even more and then what meanwhile in the russian capital it's small gas retailer stations that are under the threat of being closed down it's a good again not profitable for the oil giants to self-heal to them down this road alone the saw three am to gas stations now battle lines. in the russian capital during thousands of other potential stations to choose from but the regional authorities are beginning to find pieces against the wheel companies and. companies illegally limited all still supplying fuel to independent against filling stations
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in the region who are going to take them to trial prime minister vladimir putin has ordered an increase in expert duties on russian oil starting from me so that companies can make extra profit selling for higher prices abroad leaving them in an on win situation and those in need of fuel have been promised thousands of tons of national are on the way i think. must be. if i am much more allied at all the stories we're covering here is what's ready for you what r.t. dot com. the reality of the situation in syria far from the picture painted by the media according to an eyewitness in the country our interview on why. the new partnership promising to be a winner at this year's cannes film festival as russia and china take on the international movie scene.
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a jury in new york has found a russian pilot guilty of drug trafficking konstantin jarosz and co was arrested last year in liberia and extradited to the u.s. accused of moving drugs around the world and trying to bribe senior liberian officials as artie's honest r.c. church in a reports he insists on his innocence. words not deeds landing foreigners behind bars in the u.s. russian pilot constantine your shango has been found guilty by a manhattan federal court jury of conspiring to smuggle drugs across borders a man was scooped up by u.s. officials in liberia last year and promptly taken to america along with three other suspects from africa what your shimko face to me west was a ten month wait for a trial a month long hearing and now a guilty verdict the pilot and his family maintained his innocence. all the facts
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were fabricated all the tapes were distorted by the prosecution u.s. officials played a leading role in the arrest of the russian citizen closing as drug dealers american secret agents conducted meetings with the four resulting in hours of recordings the prosecution then court forward as proof of your shame goes intent to conspire to smuggle tons of cocaine to south america and later into the us in liberia he was surrounded by five agents the second he stepped off the plane he was accompanied by guards they spent day and night in his room only during the trial did he find out that all he had around him were agents they introduced him to some man who transported drugs that's it nothing else happened they wanted to jail him and they did their sham cause the defense team echoes this that the senate did nothing. other than wish it for me. and still. suggest. that he was aware that the united states meanwhile you're shango has never
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even set foot on american soil that is until he was handcuffed and brought to america by force in may of last year russian officials were not truly notified of his arrest the man was effectively missing for a month and moscow cited a breach of international law we have. apologized to russia the state department's excuse we pressed the wrong button on the fax machine. to be brutally for a toilet. notifying romania instead of russia to observers this seemed a joke on the day of the guilty verdict the most important question why this trial is being held on u.s. territory remains unanswered still is the issue that was decided before a trip. related to the concept of manufactured jurisdiction. which the judge do simulated pretrial against. the state if.
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you can be patient because. an appeal cannot be filed until after the sentencing but hopes are dim he was appeal courts are generally reluctant to reverse decisions made by jury court to sentencing a person to your simple suspects if it's three months on july twenty eighth he will find out his destiny on u.s. soil if you for us in thailand faces ten years license and see hindmarsh country or keep committed no crime is that's a tricky part see you are. the world's eyes are on london today is prince william and kate middleton tie the knot in a larger ceremony at westminster abbey thousands of police officers have been deployed in one of the biggest security operations in the u.k. during preemptive action more than forty people were arrested we're joined now by a friend of one of those arrested protesters so he carlo joining us from cambridge good to have you with us so scotland yard made a number of arrests in the run up to the wedding your friend charlie was arrested
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for conspiring to posit public nuisance and breach of peace what do you make of the police approach to the protesters against the wedding. well essentially i think it's cautious i mean does a strong word but i don't use it lightly it's been around one hundred pre-crime arrests which is not something you come to expect a democracy and these are people who really planning on just voicing their opinion and opposing the morning kate. unprecedented that millions of pounds of taxpayers' money has been spent. these preparations security emissary monium the government's austerity cuts have left many brits as you probably know are struggling financially do you think the scale of the ceremony was appropriate given the economic situation facing the country but it is really bumps in the face of the public that we do live in a very hierarchical system a very unfair system one that promotes inequality in public i mean it's thought that the cakes at the wedding costing around one hundred thirty three gold is per slice there's been about twenty four million british pounds just spent on security
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by public funds and yet at the same time there are cuts being made for disabled students so it really highlights it illuminates deep deep problems that we have in this country but how much support is there for the british monarchy at the moment certainly this waiting in the spectacle around it has also affected. the feeling of the emotion war of the royal family at this time don't you think. i think for some people perhaps it does i think it's a bit i think it's been a little bit overestimated i think there are a lot of people who don't care and who are taking your bit unity to have street parties and come together and that's a nice. but also understanding they just feel that nationalism is maybe something that people can cling onto to hold us together because what else is there at the moment holding this country together very deep deep cultural problems and what does that money symbolize when i think of the money king i think of poverty of
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colonialism imperialism these are not things i think should be continued things that need to be changed. so that the marking of something that's keeping the british people together at this moment has been a day of celebration rather than one of protest well keeping some people together clearly the picture shows that it's been incredibly divisive and the police rather than listening to those who oppose the monarchy are shutting them up and that's why my boyfriend's been arrested and is now and under an undisclosed location we don't even know where he is it's like a snatch and grab and there have been many of the so the police are more concerned with shutting up the opposition and promoting this idea of great unity and support for the monarchy which is which is far worse i mean there are only about three or four there are very few people out in london today protesting and i think there are
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about twenty five protests twenty five arrests of breach of the peace now law million protest in london you will see hundreds of thousands of people protesting running through the streets make themselves heard on this occasion not many it's eerie and the reason is because there's been precut pre-crime arrests and people turned away at train stations and fear tactics used by the police what do you think it's also because at the same time in a general sense it's a wedding that's going on you're this were your wedding for example wouldn't you prefer that there not be people showing up to protest. well i'm glad that there are people tend to protest because we specially put it look i see it was supposed to support free speech and it's not just a celebration of love i'm liberal full of that's why i'm a kiss believe it but it's actually a great symbol of wealth it's a very popular thing so it's it's a lot more than just the wendy. so he carlo joining us from cambridge thanks for
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the. turnout as some other stories making headlines across the globe at least seventeen people have died five more are missing after a ferry accident on the nile river in egypt some reports say the victims were on a bus that slid off the ferry but other reports say the boat capsized transport accidents are common in egypt and often blamed on poor maintenance and lack of regulation. the number of people killed by powerful tornadoes sweeping through the southeastern united states is rising rapidly nearly three hundred people have now lost their lives most victims were in alabama where the storms were described as the worst ever two major cities have been paralyzed by the deadliest tornado outbreak in nearly forty years a state of emergency was declared in seven states with many people left homeless. interpol says attack on a cafe in morocco that killed sixteen people was most likely a suicide bomber this happened in the capital's main square with most of the
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victims foreign tourists no group has yet claimed responsibility officials say it's too early to place blame for the explosion although suspicion has fallen on cells linked with a party that is the deadliest attack in the country since two thousand and three. and we should have been close up next with all the latest business news stay with us here on our king. hello and welcome to business r.t. the cost of borrowing is going up in russia the central bank has increased its key interest rate by twenty five basis points to eight point two five percent is the second hike this year after the bank increase the raw finance rate by the same amount two months ago that it's out of if you're from going to be capital outlines the reasons for the move. well the time for a bank is obviously concerned about inflation and particularly they mentioned in the statement that they are concerned about one trend privately the central bank. note is that mentions that they see
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a decrease in savings rate this means that people are going through banks they are boring they are going to spend more and this will drive inflation high and so to central bank is trying to prevent this by rise in rates the making deposits more attractive so being in savings more attractive for people. so they're going to be markets now and they are mixed in the united states the dow is up zero point two percent driven by better than expected to happen for the results nasdaq is down to . endure flat trading day pretty much on the royal a day that's why the footsie is close to the other markets driven by shares of time to sal the dax is trading point three percent but died as one of the biggest losers is down around percent. here in moscow fifteen minutes of trade to go the r.t.s. m i six still in the red the second look at some of the main drivers of the
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movements energy majors which are waiting in the red on lower crude prices rossini after russia's largest oil producer is losing one a half percent despite reporting a sixty percent increase in net profit for the speech and positive financial results failed to prevent gazprom shares from declining around the world point two percent a look at that and more to zero in the second the banking stocks are also data shedding more than a percent this hour. it's been a tough second quarter so far for the russian stock markets the stronger oil prices little to encourage investors and i feel with both the r.t.s. m i six and the month lower than where they started john wenzel davis from work with asset management explains what's putting off investors both domestic and foreign. as long as we have weak dollar as long as. we have persistently high body demand which seems to be the case russia in general is is actually in
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a very good position from that standpoint the problem for the russia are related not to do. business it's related to individuals it's related to policy it's related to an absence of judicial organs and systems in place which make it i think in general much less attractive for for investors to put money in russia which is why or if the guy is just completely dismissed and then his change. in other news russian gas monopoly gazprom as reported pumped up results from last year net profit rose by a quarter of a thirty five billion dollars that's higher than the crisis level gazprom benefited from stronger loco demand with sales up twenty seven percent but sales in europe slipped one percent however analysts expect the month to pick up partially due to ride functions from the middle east and africa. these were better than we expected actually much much better and as
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a result the revenues were brother expectations that income was also government speculations thanks to below are going to be interesting experience and probably gains from a sales this year seems to be a very good year potential for the forecast from in terms of sales but i think there's a fair chance that in terms of revenues guys probably will not suffer from the seasonal slowdown that's new wolf with second quarter fund thanks to higher prices in europe russia's most popular search engine yeah that's it's hoping to raise a one billion dollars in its upcoming i.p.o. in new york the company will start marketing the listing next week the number of shares is yet to be determined yandex its placement comes six months after the one billion dollars london biggest russian rival may mail dot oh you. with the royal wedding fever gripping the u.k. one russian companies taking advantage of the different russian helicopters has placed an ad in the british newspaper the times that really graduating prince
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william and company wants to draw attention to its upcoming initial public offering on the london stock exchange which i hope so attractive to five hundred million dollars nationally copters is a specialized management company set up in two thousand and six and controlling thirteen manufacturing subsidiaries across russia. he will be back next out with nothing coming up next on the headlines with matches and stay with us.
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twenty years ago in the largest country in. the suitcases of the. one hundred. fifty each began a journey. where did it take. in mosco elegies available in hotels course i'm going to do know a little something those hotel people call this it is congress hotel east west never told because since.


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