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tv   [untitled]    April 29, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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you know it's a lot of this in syria olding a day of nationwide protests against the government with reports that demonstrators have been fired upon the u.s. is threatening action now is slamming syria's alliance with a rally as we reported. russian security forces killed ten armed militants including elite alpha charis south responsible for a number of attacks. and the russian pilot found guilty in new york of conspiracy to smuggle drugs was taken to america illegally and abused in custody according to moscow.
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bulk of this is r.t. from moscow it's kevin owen here this hour with our top stories eight pm and at least fifty people have reportedly been killed in clashes in the syrian city of deraa but among the thousands who poured out onto the streets across the country for a friday of rage eyewitnesses say around five been injured in the coastal city of latakia at the base of the ruling elite after agents in plainclothes fired on demonstrators and in the capital damascus police used tear gas to disperse a crowd of protesters the opposition promised president assad the biggest rally yet following a series of killings of demonstrators a bloody crackdown on them schools international condemnation by the u.s. even point be a radio interference of the side the government is really going to have looks of what those accusations could maybe now fall to the. some like it hot but
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this spring things have heated up perhaps too much in the arab world is hips knees or libya now syria northern african region and the middle eastern gotten brutal civil wars with the western powers playing an important hand some believe this well and stop any time soon so who's next in line for the great upheaval in the region the answer may lie on the surface. president assad is disingenuously blaming outsiders while at the same time seeking a rainy and assistance in repressing syria's citizens this need to be a human being with him and that's where exactly the united states is looking to get involved i think around has been targeted for some time and if you watch the propaganda about syria or washington is now claiming. iran is helping syria oppress protesters what's different about syria about the
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protesters in both cases we know for a fact. the united states government those who are opposition groups and so it's only those two countries where there's an interest in intervening to brown has been a longstanding alliance with syria in this strategically important region right next to ron's arch nemesis israel syria syria isn't the same as libya geopolitically we've always realized that syria is iran springboard in its fight against israel this is why it will eventually make a powerful sunni jesica impact on iran's positions but this brings us back to the question what country will follow syria if it vents in syria progress according to the libyan scenario we will probably see a similar developments in iran unfortunately patti's iran will repeat the syrian scenario iranian ships have dropped anchor. in courts in numerous books and to tel
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aviv damascus crippled by crisis iran neal lose its footing in the region this is again a continuation of the idea that you use the international machinery to achieve your national objectives under the pretext that you are actually trying to protect human rights should the u.s. and its allies decide to go through with a habit of meddling in aiding revolutionary forces in the region the result may be catastrophic that if there is foreign intervention in syria yes iran's intervention in response that is a definite and very real possibility just as much as it interfered in iraq when the u.s. invaded that country and if this is proved true the world may be in for an entirely different ball game if iran in the u.s. get involved in the real hot confrontation. e.u. officials meeting in brussels to discuss sanctions against the syrian regime the three largest countries germany france and the u.k.
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are all pushing for tougher measures despite yesterday's decision by the u.n. security council to stay away from the conflict but as you told us it's too late to take action to prevent uprisings caused by failed western policies. he was intervene in libya people we see why don't you intervene elsewhere. the first thing was why don't we deal being behind and why don't you intervene you know. about israel and so on but there it was against intervention you know against their allies and of course the and i'm not going to intervene against their allies but now there is a problem of syria and potentially at hand so they are asked to intervene against their enemies the problem is that those in the news namely syria and hand a much bigger and stronger than libya so i think the other field of intervening in syria media interest in syria in the hands of the already i do you know problems in iraq and afghanistan and so on what is collapsing india how is the west on policing the west i'm going to see i'm going to see
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a new deal and i certainly county they can hand support on the turn from space or behavior. group or how crazy the nanny and other fifteen into are not better on more than a cutting and then you hand they disapprove he's going to do all kinds of the last thing you can use mannequin throughout the entire history and you certainly do working hard i want to say that once you start. going to school to see it's going to back right now it's by crying and the whole police is collapsing thank you the only really can do is to see out there that's huge and no matter how bad the events i don't think we can we are able to fix what's going to happen because what's happening is to some extent the result of a previous party says so in those periods where he sees a failed. yemen as another out of state where a nationwide uprising refuses to go away new killings have led to demands for president saleh is immediate resignation despite a deal with the opposition to step down within a month in an interview that he gave to walk see the latest says the dangers of
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rushing into changes he sees it a greater than his opponents of magic. you know we're not that our opponents reject the idea of holding presidential and parliamentary elections because they're aware they won't be able to gain a majority as a matter of fact what we're having is an unconstitutional coup and they are trying to force a muslim plans and are against the constitutional transfer of power in twenty thirteen we're even ready to agree to their plans so as to avoid bloodshed. some countries in the region and some western nations conniver to its tendencies currently being seen in the so-called new middle east it is this the controlled chaos and i use are prepared for it's enough to have a look at what's going on in egypt tunisia and other countries the scenario cannot be called anything other than a plot against the region i believe to the end they would stoop to anything. coming up russian road rage. well that's really the lone result three am to
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gas stations now that's all alike but i doubt why the people of the world's largest oil producing country are suddenly further cells running on empty report on that shortly. first though ten militants have been killed in a special operation by security forces in russia's north caucasus authorities say that among the terrorists were the head of an extremist group and others are responsible for deadly attacks in the region that is within a culture never has the latest. another successful anti terror operation has been carried out by russian special forces on friday morning after a thing happened at the border between stoppable region and. republic when a group of militants were cornered in a residential area and after the civilians at the scene were evacuated to safety and militants refused to surrender and opened fire at the end of the same time militants including at least two women were killed now russian special forces are
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saying among those militants were some high profile terrorist and regional investigation committee also. among them were some leading figures in a so-called back son gang in the republic of course. they were not regular bandits but high profile ones they're responsible for one hundred crimes in the republic of congo the little corridor and the other regions we were reading in the house where they were to you as big clash with was among those militants who were killed in battle peroration and he was believed to be involved in a number of terror attacks not only in that region but across the north caucasus including a terror act at the hydro power plant and of the terror attack on the racecourse or a last year now in another figure among terrorist ask you have job was also among the killed militants investigators their cues jump with a gang of attacking tourists from moscow in february twentieth levon and russian
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security forces also add that further d.n.a. tast would probably be required to identify some of the militants and of the identification process is under way out of the scene of the special operation at the moment. corresponded in a question of are there russian oil producers who have to come up with a new plan to make big profit as authorities are cutting their exports right now much lower prices on the domestic market had many of them selling abroad and forgetting about local to learn as a result petrol stations have been simply drying out and pump prices have been skyrocketing the telly not recovered for r t fans of one of the world's biggest oil producer is running on empty. russia with no sounds ridiculous yet still watch it it went to five different gas stations all of them are closed here we've been waiting in line for hours what is this isn't this supposed you know country saying it overnight fuel prices jumped twenty five
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percent in several russian legions as the casual runs out the prize goes up even more their supplies enough only for two weeks all prices skyrocketed at the beginning of the year but russian authorities made an effort to get actual cost as a consumer friendly level as a result foreign markets became much more attractive and profitable for russia will producers. we understand that people have the right to demand very low prices but what's bad so us today in russia petrol is thirty to forty percent cheaper than in neighboring countries ukraine well to mention the baltic states the outcome of fixing a fair price has very questionable outcome for buyers and sellers as a result of companies pulling out of the domestic market what's left is becoming more and more expensive as battle become scarce resource that price is going up and no one likes it and we're free prices will rise even more and then what meanwhile in the russian capital it's small gas retailer stations that are under the threat
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of being closed down it simply became not profitable for the oil giants to self-heal to them down this road alone we saw three am to get stations now battle the lines. in the russian capital there are thousands of other battle stations jews from the regional authorities are beginning to find pieces against the oil companies and. oil companies illegal illimitable stop supplying year olds to independent guess calling stations in our region where going to take them to trial prime minister vladimir putin has ordered an increase in expert judi's on russian oil starting from may so that companies can't make extra profit selling for higher prices abroad. leaving them in a no win situation and there was a lot of fuel have been promised. national. the world's eyes are on london today is prince william and kate middleton tie the knot in
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a lovely sort of early at westminster abbey the guest list for the weather included a host of v o p's as well as controversial political figures and that's raise questions about britain's foreign policy let's explore that issue a lot more story with an emotional she's a former intelligence officer for m i five from the tonight. program. this willingness to include some controversial figures there's not representatives from iran bahrain zimbabwe all invited for instance they withdrew didn't they the invitation and this really sense of the syrian. foreign policy you think. well the policy of the foreign office is actually to invite anyone who's representing a country with which the u.k. has a standard diplomatic relations now obviously with the possibility of u.n. sanctions being imposed against the syrian government that made it slightly difficult for them to continue to offer an invitation to the army but it's also interesting as well that perhaps they didn't invite the former prime minister of the u.k. tony blair which caused quite an upset i gather but then you know if you're inviting
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people from places like north korea or bahrain where there's very repressive governments there are some of the races he put in place when he was pm in the u.k. scotland yard's most of number of preemptive arrests in the run up to the wedding in the last few days and there is that it would be nice to be sure everything went off peacefully today but there's been criticism from some quarters of that approach . very much so i mean obviously they have to take measures to protect the event from any such terrorist groups particularly irish republican dissidents or middle eastern terrorist groups and i don't think anyone complains about that the fact that they're trying to stop and did stop protestors xor exercising their right to freedom of expression around the royal wedding is of much greater concern because the police were talking about snatch squads and dawn raids and in fact there's the sort of measures that are you indeed used in countries like syria but we used against u.k. protesters including notably leading peace activists charlie veach who was swept out yesterday as a preventive measure and has apparently just disappeared into the metropolitan police system his family his girlfriend can't trace him they're being blocked in
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light by the police even his lawyers can't find him so he seems to have sort of been disappeared in a rather path caress square and i think it's dangerous dangerous path to go down because this man hasn't done anything he might even suspect he might want to go and protest but he hadn't done anything so effectively what we're looking at is an orwellian thought crime within what is a notional u.k. democracy and most of the principles of the cost of millions of those money's been spent on the preparations and the security at the ceremony itself the government's austerity cuts of those many brits struggling awfully at the moment financially because instead of the sermon it was it was appropriate given the economic situation of the u.k. or was the feel good factor of a probably worth of money. well of course there was that feelgood factor but it was incredibly expensive to host this is clarity time but it's not even the cost of the event itself it's also the cost to the economy with the additional bank holiday and people taking more time off so business sector has actually said that they estimate the cost of this edition of anything about thirty billion pounds to the u.k.
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economy because people are taking so much time off and this is of course is right on the cusp of the u.k. almost sliding back into recession so i can see that there are a lot of concerns not just for the event itself but for the implications for the whole economy and people will resent that and that's not forget about twenty percent of the u.k. people are republican and with a lot of people all of the support is there for the british monarchy at the moment but what effect if this were to go out as opposed to do. i think will give it a bounce of course you know the u.k. monarchy has been rocked by scandal that over the last three decades that this of course is the feel good factor but there is concern about the expense of the monarchy about the sort of hidden wealth that they own about the continuing extension of the civil list the financial allowance to a very expanding a very expensive family do you really get a bang for our buck to get value for money or should we think about perhaps having an elected head of state who can be chosen and ousted if not up to the job every five years or so at the moment we have a hereditary principle where you just have to accept to have respond first and it's
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a very archaic system perhaps not in in tone with the modern democratic country always a lot of perspectives and you story could be your views or form or diligence of. all of them. single online see we've got few there are tea dot com tonight well these stories the reality of the situation in syria is far from the picture painted by the western media according to eyewitness of a country's about an online. and a new partnership is promising to be a winner of this year's cam film first of all russia china taking on the international movies they've got details about that too with r t v dot com. today moscow says that the russian pilot found guilty of drug trafficking well jiri
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new york came of the psychological and physical pressure in the u.s. constantine got a shank who was arrested last year in liberia and then taken to america he was accused of smuggling drugs around the world and trying to bribe senior liberian officials result isn't a sincere charge in the reports next he insists she's innocent. words not deeds landing foreigners behind bars in the us russian pilot constantine your shango has been found guilty by a manhattan federal court jury of conspiring to smuggle drugs across borders the man was scooped up by u.s. officials in liberia last year and promptly taken to america along with three other suspects from africa what you're should go face to me was was a ten month wait for a trial a month long hearing and now a guilty verdict the pilot and his family maintained his innocence at least part of the facts were fabricated all the tapes were distorted by the prosecution u.s.
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officials played a leading role in the arrest of the russian citizen posing as drug dealers american secret agents conducted meetings with the four resulting in hours of recordings the prosecution then put forward as proof of your cause intent to conspire to smuggle tons of cocaine to south america and later into the us in liberia he was surrounded by five agents the second he stepped off the plane he was accompanied by guards he spent day and night in his room only during the trial did he find out that all he had around him were agents they introduced him to some man who transported drugs that's it nothing else happened they wanted to jail him and they did your show cause defense team echoes this the defendant did nothing. other than wish to be informing. suggesting that he was going with the united states meanwhile your shango has never even set foot on american soil that is until he was handcuffed and brought to america by force in may of last year russian
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officials were not julie notified of his arrest the man was effectively missing for a month and moscow cited a breach of international law we have. apologized to russia the state department excuse me pressed the wrong button on the facts which are. to be brutally honest. notifying romania instead of russia to observers this seemed a joke on the day of the guilty verdict the most important question why this trial is being held on u.s. territory remains unanswered they're still losing issue that was decided before a trial. that related to the concept of manufactured jurisdiction which the judge decided pretrial against. that i believe is still available if you. can be patient an appellate court and appeal cannot be filed until after the
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sentencing but hopes are dim he was appeal courts are generally reluctant to reverse decisions made by jury court the sentencing of c.r. some physics precedence three months on july twenty eighth he will find out his destiny on us soil if you for us and pilot faces ten years with a six at sea hindmarsh country where he committed no crime that's a trip in our hearts. elsewhere around the world tonight at least seventeen people have died of five more missing for a ferry a little bit of a gallon egypt some reports say the victims want to bus that's that awful ferry but other reports say the boat capsized transport actions are common in egypt and are often blamed on the lack of regulation. the number of people killed by powerful tornadoes sweeping through the southeast of the united states is rising rapidly nearly three hundred now lost their lives most victims are in alabama where the storms are described as the worst ever two major cities have been paralyzed by
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the deadliest tornado outbreak in only forty years a state of emergency has been declared in seven states with many people left home. interpol things like the attack on a cafe in morocco which killed sixteen was most likely have been a suicide bomber it happened in the bustling heart of marrakesh is old quarter with most of the victims foreign tourists no groups yet claimed responsibility officials though say it's too early to lay blame for the explosion although some suspicion has fallen on cells linked to al qaeda the deadliest attack in the country since two thousand and three. crew members on the international space station to be given some treats from earth could receive a russian freighter the progress successfully docked for the i assess and delivered more than two tons of cargo with the team up there got fresh fruit and vege as well as parcels from psychologists other more authentic or side of things they also got a new oxygen regeneration unit and equipment for biotech experiments but the most
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interesting gives included fruit flies but fungi musta been the longest flight ever for those birds that the team apparently will be using for experiments hopefully not eating them over the parcel from the psychologist looked like other than right for life support from richard in just over twenty minutes now he's got news of ice hockey as world championships which got underway just a couple of hours ago ladies are now becoming but the museum right now the business from moscow. thanks governor and welcome to the business side see the cost of borrowing is going up and russian the central bank has increased its key interest rate by twenty five basis points to eight point two five percent it's the second hike this year after the banking crease the refinance rate by the same amount two months ago alexander if you will from b.c. been capita outlines the reasons for the move. some for bank is obviously concerned about inflation and particularly they mentioned in the statement that they are
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concerned about one trick driver so we reach the central bank. note is that mentions that they see a decrease in savings rate this means that people are going to thank their boring they are going to spend more and this will drive inflation high and so the central bank is trying to prevent this by rising rates be making deposits more attractive so union savings more attractive for people. singing of the markets now the dow and nasdaq both positive the dow is up half of the same stream by half of the shares they're up two point seven percent on better than expected results. you're pretty flat today london is close for the a royal reading national holiday how the markets are driven by shares of two tile and day in the books logs one of the biggest gainers on the dax pushing it up half a percent at the close but they've closed down two percent. here in moscow
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a negative now it's on the closing of the friday session but for the r.t.s. and for the my sectors take a look at that more detail ross nafta is down to run a half percent energy majors were down pretty much all week despite world prices still remaining pretty high ros now it's also russia's largest oil producer is losing one off the said despite reporting sixty percent increase in net profit for the first quarter positive financial results failed to prevent gas from shares from declining over percent will get back to gas pump results in a bit and banking stocks were also down b.c.b. shedding point nine six. zero russian markets have been vulnerable to profit taking on lower trade levels of the past week you get a good few miles of adelphi capital believes however that this is simply due to that outperforming other markets. basically what we're seeing now russia is legging it's like however in the previous couple of hours it was our performance are the
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developed markets so i believe that it smell a consolidation of course produces some profit taking some segments where it would be stronger than the rest of the market for a person who still sector with. russia still majors being significantly lower this week however we still see the top players and toddler chips like nickel gas problems barrel bank and some others. and russia's gas monopoly gazprom has reported pumped up results for last year and their profit rose by a quarter's over thirty five billion dollars that's higher than the pre-crisis gazprom benefited from strong local demand with national sales up twenty seven percent but sales in europe slipped one percent however and this expect demand to pick up ashley judd's and supply disruptions from middle eastern africa place were . places where we expect the action much much greater and as a result revenues were about expectations that income was also about expectations
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thanks to lower and little interesting spends and high gains from the house sales this year seems to be a very good year potential for the forecasts from in terms of sales but i think there's a fair chance that in terms of good news gas pump will not suffer from the seasonal slowdown that's new wolf with the second course it's not thanks to my prices the e.u. in europe. asha's most popular search edging yun that is hoping to raise up to a billion dollars in its upcoming i.p.o. in new york the company will start not getting the listing next week number of shares is yet to be determined yannick says placement comes six months after the one billion dollars london float of its biggest russian rival male dog. and we will be back next hour with an update coming up next on our team headlines with carol is there something.
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