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sure is that similar to the familiar to you that is on the market is the arab spring interesting six months it appears to be running for some serious help to somebody. with such a fantasy to be a commoner and then come out of this as a princess so is that why everyone is so obsessed with this real life fairy tale or are they will take a look at the media machine behind the mask. and reality bites in the big apple this as the city charges the big fines for so-called petty crime so is the government preying on the public to refill the piggy bank. and its online dating gone wild there's a new website that could guarantee you a fun night out on the town just as long as you're willing to pay.
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it's friday april twenty ninth five pm in washington d.c. i'm christine for as now you're watching our t.v. . something's happening today something newsworthy. i just can't remember what it is because i better consult the mainstream media that will be sure to know this week or two we need to. join anderson cooper piers morgan and richard quest. will spirit when william's father and grandfather at the wedding they may well wear lobs handmade shoes costing close to five thousand dollars a pair. i can't see thirty years and this is a piece of the wedding cake she gave on her wedding day there she is. the
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value would more likely to break if not here to stay would it change does it weigh in does it become unpopular absolutely a big get your u.s. dollar. and you saw it there folks so sorry if you were hoping to hear me talk about catherine middleton's dress or the royal wedding cake or the kiss on the balcony instead i want to talk about the madness behind the monarchy and that is in the u.k. but right here throughout the british royal family was everyone's family today the site other newsworthy events like i don't know that are stating tornadoes or the latest violence in syria so while the world seems to be ignoring real reality for
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royalty turns out some of the most hard core wedding enthusiasms are right here in washington. for as more. is the morning the royal wedding and all through d.c. the hundreds and hundreds sat glued it's the t.v. . americans over. through them as colonists two hundred thirty five years ago time heals or moves i don't think anyone here is actually still fighting the american revolution but today they were throwing their heart. and that. it's the vets from all over london any reason they had a. lot of money into the british monarchy so everybody thought it was insane i had a lot of tea party backed princes to my and my children said they would be seeing a problem with me but that's ok but while no one would admit it one of their own american loyal family they're not our royals. but it's not happening here and we
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have to get up at three thirty this morning so what are we like why are we doing this special is a good example i mean you always remember that picture of the princess writing that harry gets two hundred fifty americans at the ritz to watch the royal wedding look it was like our cousins or something across the water so how could you not celebrate with more than five hundred tried to get in people showed up just to try to crush the pressure. from british media stop televising the royal wedding american media switched on an american staff nation the royal wedding is a classic example of the chicken or the economic is us media coverage twice what it is in britain and driving us into war is us interest driving media however still people here say they can't get enough nobody does spectacle like the english you know this is something that we would never ever ever do here and for those here for whom money is no object they can recreate the royal wedding in washington just for a couple million dollars the lucky couple who chooses will get the ultimate royal
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wedding where we will actually take the entire hotel the hotel will be yours for a week and we will actually recreate westminster abbey for your ceremony we're going to recreate buckingham palace for your dinner. and plenty of people are cashing in on key and will from whiskey to airsick bags to royal way. jelly donuts we felt awful doesn't today right oh yeah even going i mean it by the end of the night we want any more i'm sure shelves packed with royal memorabilia were emptied within a few days for lynne clarke this was the second best day of her life the first one was diana she like many here took the day off from work to watch with her home shopping channel replica of kate's ring this was a gift from. william it was from his mother and he gave this to kate middleton as a token of his love oh it's such a fantasy to be
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a commoner and then come out of this as a princess and a royal and it's just special for many it was also a chance to relive princess diana through her son we have watched the boys grow up . from babies and watched what they went through when they lost their mom and we sort of took ownership of them and the hundreds of fans that waited outside of shops like this one for a chance to own a piece of the royal wedding are gone and whether america's obsession with the british monarchy will remain after the royal wedding well that's a tough call healing for the arts washington d.c. . all right so here's something interesting a new york times c.b.s. poll found that just six percent of americans have been following the royal wedding very closely and twenty two percent have been following somewhat closely to those numbers surprise you and they might if you've been watching any television at all
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over the last month now nielsen has been tracking coverage of the world wedding in the last few months ever since the engagement became public take a look at this pairing the u.s. the u.k. and australia turns out the u.s. that green line that you see there the u.s. far surpasses both regions when it comes to the coverage by some estimates the u.s. has twelve thousand journalists at the royal wedding i mean the entire african continent has maybe a few hundred western journalists at any time mark often homer is joining me to talk all about this from new haven connecticut he is the author of this book lies in homer a childhood subject to debate. all right mike you also had an article in slate called boycott the royal wedding americans are supposed to hate monarchs not worse of them and you wrote quote if you have it at three am on friday to watch the wedding on television you are a traitor to your country all right so i didn't get up at three but i'd survive part of it why am i
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a traitor. well i should say that i was being slightly tongue in cheek i don't actually think that you should be shot or sent to the stockade. but so so we're good there but i do think that there's something noble and wrong about americans focusing on monarchy it is one of the great parts of our nation's history that we were founded by our ancestors or it's not our ancestors to civically our antecedents as americans to be a place free of monarchs they were in rebellion against a monarchy they thought was a tyrant and it's in our constitution for example that if you're an american office holder you're not allowed to accept titles of nobility so to spend all of this time slobbering over these foreign monarchs just seems to me a little bit beneath us but i do have a theory part of part of being american it means growing up in a culture maybe more so for me than you but growing up in a culture of disney movies where the princess is always sort of the hero and always
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gets her man so why would we not as americans want to indulge in the closest thing we've ever seen to a real life fairy tale but i think that's a strong argument for why twelve year old girls would be interested and i have three daughters the eldest of them is four she's very princesses right now and had she been awake at that hour this morning which sometimes she is though thank god not this morning but she would have to did it but the princess was was gorgeous but of course we're adults now and perhaps we give up on this fairy tales and spend time doing other or fruitful things i'm curious what you think about the whole media aspect of this i mean i some estimates twelve thousand journalists at the royal wedding as i mentioned before i mean if you look around the rest of the world nothing compares to that and i talk about aspects of the thought oh he. you know i'm i'm. was and enough to realize that of course journalism is to a great extent a for profit business and they've obviously decided this is where the ratings are i write a by weekly column for the new york times about religion and i think my own newspaper
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will ask the royals on the cover so i don't i'm a realist about this at the same time there's obviously something i chat about but that there are as you pointed out so few western journalists covering very very important things in much of the world and so many of them are looking for people with commemorative cupcakes and what i mean you just said my journalism is in many cases it's a for profit business but these polls and i think they're maybe a little understated but only six percent of americans you know deeply care about this so if that's the case or even twenty two percent why have at these media networks invested so many resources and so much money and by the way many media networks they've said at least that they've been strapped for cash and. we do know for example that when people magazine puts princess diana on its cover even many years after her death she's always on the cover at least once or twice year there's newsstand sales are extremely high so i don't think it's necessarily that so many
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people care but those who do are very very passionate about it and her ties are so i suspect that so passionate that they might also sort of be engulfed in not only the programming but the advertisements as well that make sense you know what we wanted to kind of get the course on the street to find out for ourselves so we have more harshness of the resident done that share the streets of new york city to see what people there thought about the royal wedding and also about the seemingly endless coverage. i used think of the media's month that coverage of the royal wedding this week let's talk about that this country ran away from england because of royalty and queens and queens it was just because they're born into. with stupid family if the british want it i can do it but the americans to be. fascinated is so ridiculous get a life already american but honestly i don't really care about the royal wedding
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why does the media do that why do they cover these fluffy happy stories. kind of experience leftist personally i don't really have any faith in big media do you think maybe the news is making up things for people to be interested in and that people really aren't interested in it it's possible i think it goes both ways i think sometimes you want it you know the media gives it to you. something good we may want to give it to you give you some. and then we eat it exactly mindlessly i see people just stare at the t.v. what's on i don't know. but it's pretty. and they say the same thing five times in one of the say the same thing five times people tune in and out you know you know you're watching. the same thing five times eight holy dear and. right now it's all about her stupid trust and i don't care. do you care about the royal wedding yes i care about you need. not publish
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because we have a nice a bit of a scone ne our prime minister. takes it all the scene so so you have your own big media story yes this brings our thoughts for reform such things like. something like. in my opinion really we don't need is that good for people to have thoughts away from serious things or is it just that just that isn't good because if you always think about the problems you have. you could have in your life then. but is it good for our culture does it enrich just as a people i don't necessarily think it hurts us as a people to know what the queen or the future queen is going to we're to haul
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a wedding it doesn't hurt me it doesn't hurt me any it doesn't take anything away it doesn't turn you down it doesn't go it does not do you think it might dumb other people down on the planet well i think i think like like anything if you take it and you kind of like run with it in you you know that's all it's about or you think yes it probably will dump them but they're not you want to be inundated with the media's vapid fluffy news stories the bottom line is they're not going to stop with them any time soon the only real answer is to keep that remote control close at hand. all right so we just saw this piece and something that struck me this one woman visiting new york from italy and she said you know they're they're not getting as much of this royal wedding coverage because well their prime minister is already in broiled in a scandal so what do you think or do we just need some sort of distraction and it doesn't really matter what it is. i've got to go suffice to say that what we need
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is for president obama to behave like a minister of the study but. you know perhaps god gave us a distraction in the tornadoes that killed three hundred people in the south yesterday you know i think this too will pass if you know the the the sad and ironic thing about this is that of course we really only to pay this much attention every thirty years when it suits your royal wedding i don't think most people do care that that woman in your first segment said oh we watched these boys grow up we watched wayman areas kids i mean how delusional is she we didn't watch them at all we periodically saw them on the covers of magazines obviously there was a burst of compassion when their mother it was very sad but we know next to nothing about it if you told people and said it was princess margaret it was princess and it would be fairly clueless which is the but i think the question for me really was you know i don't fault any media for covering this but the extent to which they've done so i mean i will say you know n.b.c. news anchor brian williams as soon as he landed on the ground was actually turned
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around to come back to cover the tornadoes but you know looking around to see what moammar gadhafi is there not to these days or looking to see quite a few different things about any of the wars that we're involved in or a lot of things going on more about the economy it's very very hard to find unless you do some deep deep digging i'm just curious why we needed so many documentaries about everything related to the railway. look i think the television media in particular is into the times financially as you said and there probably were some people who had had to change hopes this would resemble the ratings that came in one thousand nine hundred one i think you'll discover that that does not turn out to be the case and let me be clear i'm not opposed to it for a holiday i think i want to vote in my state he says that look if we're going to pay attention to that at people getting married let's have them be crashing and at least they're american and we don't give them silly royal titles and certainly an interesting article titled wake up the royal wedding mark oppenheimer thanks so
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much for joining us he also wrote why isn't homer. that sounds good but how does act as a thank you so much. well the man behind wiki leaks says his website revelations are just the tip of the iceberg the publication of confidential cables proved deeply embarrassing to the us and other countries as well and in an exclusive interview with r.t. joining us on she said it's only a matter of time before more damaging impact information becomes known if we look at our work over the last. twelve months think about that for all the stories that have come out actually happened in the world before two thousand and ten people didn't know about it so what is it that we don't know about now today there's an enormous the hidden world out there that we don't know about until much much later on it exists there right now you know release
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a diplomatic cables we only released secret constant confidential material we didn't have any top secret cables they really about i think something really serious stuff wasn't in our commitment to me when it is too up there so what is it that people need to not be confortable that what they receive from me from the media. is all that is happening united states is trying to get out the next edition case for me to united states united kingdom wants to keep at the various levels and sticking to a good relationship with nightsticks and so if you came was to reject us six additional water that would pose terrible problems for it so any country which used to be harboring. trying to duck. status
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political questions if the united kingdom. does it seems to excite me to the united states then the difficult position politically which is the vocal people who support us and that was wiki leaks founder julian found sitting down with our own laura emmett. and from government secrets to government ploys to get more money that is forget those rumors about everything being bigger in texas leave it to the big apple that have the biggest of all just about everything big banks big jumbo trons in the middle of times square and now big fines for what most would consider petty crimes are you correspondent marina for and i is live in our new york studio with more. marjorie silk is something of a smoker's rights champion. living in a city where a pack of cigarettes cost thirteen bucks and the freedom to post where you cli's
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grows ever more limited. down in our basement this retired new york city police officer nurtures a garden of rebellion this garden is about reacting and the flying they are trying to control my behavior hundreds of home grown tobacco leaves hanging to dry before silk shreds and smokes are nicotine we're talking about products here so back it was legal if they don't want people to smoke they should go to congress and lobby to have it from allies to be our bills new smoking ban comes a bit close very soon it will be illegal to light up in new york city's parks beaches and pedestrian plaza like this one in times square violators caught blowing smoke can be slapped with a fifty dollars far right. if that's so dangerous why do so they probably make a lot of because they want to good morning america good. like
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we so so much the bad company can smoke in public officials say the ban aims to limit harmful public exposure to second hand smoke this is the latest avalanche of restrictions rules and prohibitions being aggressively enforced under a shrinking economy among them one hundred dollars fine for putting too much personal rubbish in public waste baskets and taking something from the garbage is also a buyer be costing up to three hundred bucks this winter a new group rule was born drivers caught in bus leaves one hundred fifteen dollars fines this diverse melting pot ponies up ninety four different vehicle and parking violations arguably the bread and butter for big revenue in sevier the big apple growers. records by issuing ten thousand parking violations in just one day i take a blitz that generated a reported five hundred thousand dollars for new york city for the crackdown on
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working class americans followed weeks of snowstorms and which parking rules were suspended and a means of income for new york city was brought to a halt critics like gerald celente say fleecing the people is becoming a means for city and states to deal with budget deficits and economic hardship what are these cops still doing is this why we have a police force to check on every minor infraction that we make they become goon squads they have to bring in revenue to keep their jobs through every day thousands of cash strapped new yorkers visit manhattan's finance office to pay the city for forgiveness is going to get is i mean i don't know since the city will try to make money wherever they can get people to you know it's interesting. you know bicycle in the city two hundred thirty tickets at two hundred seventy bucks each
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have reportedly been issued to cyclists in central park this year compare that with just eleven tickets issued in all of twenty time we just had just got on the sidewalk and some guy started yelling at us you know if we can get arrested and we weren't even cycling we were just standing over our meanwhile our tree still may eventually be the last smoker left standing these are the remnants of last year's crop here in a liberal city coupled with that and a rising tide finds. artsy. and from paying fines pain fines to paying for love turns out these things that's an option or at least finding someone to go out with and it's becoming more and more clear after all that you know the traditional ways of courtship they are over and in an age where you can do just about anything over the internet we wanted to show you a website that you could say well fills the playing fields and i'm not talking about you harmony or match dot com this web site once been called by some online
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prostitution but for others it's simply a way of cutting to the chase artie's honest i see it takes a look. remember the days when real love courtship was the ticket to romance if you do websites like this we feed those memories fast what's your price dot com is a new dating service launched in las vegas where intelligence or a sense of humor apparently don't invite a deep for a big fat does members are split into categories generous and attractive but generous ones are for their money be attractive ones get to cash and the deal is sealed the idea came about from my own frustrations of online dating i would join a website like match dot com i would write all beautiful girls i think i have high standards and i would get nor a sponsor brandon wade founder and see your the website as well as a self leave old attractive member so as a business transaction lures in the girl of your dreams and ensures she will stand
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you up this generous entrepreneur has provided us with an event a four hawkers i think the chances of this girl not actually being a hooker are moving at negative five thousand percent this girl is a professional and i don't mean a paralegal or gun repair expert the website mastermind disagrees how is this the same from prostitution it's completely different you're paying for the chance of falling in love you're not paying for sex on the first you're paying perhaps for the chance that you might save you attract and potentially have sex on the road as a curious move where you want to make campaign prices for that chance generally range from twenty to one hundred dollars to make finding the one easy or personal profiles are billable i'm down to earth outgoing very funny i consider myself as being a nice conversation. as well as in
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a real photos leaving very little to the imagination it's true the girls are scantily clad but there's a reason for that because men are attracted to that if the value themselves and the value the time they're going to join as an attractive member and we're going to vermont if you're serious show me how serious you are some money just becomes a component of showing how serious a person really are but the seriousness of a potential relationship is somewhat disputed by member nicknames double trouble venus in furs and steffi be among hundreds arbiters when i'm looking for a serious relationship i don't initially introduce myself i need names like kooky and come here i generally say hi my name is sarah it's nice to meet you some twenty thousand people have signed up to the website with two thousand deeds for cash already negotiated this leaves one wondering if this new is dating trend could become a symbol of american free market consumerism tikkun to the extreme and they see r t
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. so could this be the wave of the future and what would the implications be is this simply a way to become more honest about the game of love or are we making prostitution more prevalent and more accepted earlier i spoke to dr darcy smith a licensed clinical social worker she gave me she gave me her insights from new york city. you know i'll be honest with you i really don't have a problem with it why not. you know i think that. i don't i don't know that were necessarily introducing a new element here i think the new element is the honest thing for me i think people been doing this forever. people been going on dates there's an exchange for the time that people learn that date and so typically that sort of the order of the day you go out somebody and one of the two people picks up the
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paper that the it or the tab and that the part of that that is a perception there i think that's an interesting point i mean to an extent you are sort of throwing political correctness out the window but on the other hand you know this class system on the website you know you have to write yourself with either generous or attractive but let's be honest here i mean most people think about high school most people rank themselves and those categories anyways right based on who they hang out with and how they see themselves that's great and if you want to be proud of your your whole range then they're just sort of an exchange for that if you sleep or walking down the street and you see two people who are both. well matched on the attraction meter you don't question if one of them has more money than the other but when you're when you're walking down the street and one incredibly hot button not the person mediately what comes to mind is the not the person to have money or she's got to have money certainly here in the in washington
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d.c. i think a lot of people with you see a lot of that and you always wonder i wonder what the other person's job is or you know where they rank in terms of the political scale because this is a town of that but what about those critics who say you know what this could do serious damage on the psyches of people who feel like you know maybe they dreamed that they were equals at one point and now they're realizing you know what in order to go out with somebody that i'm attracted to i've got to pay for it. you know i think there it's a bit i get a lot of reading about the site myself and i saw a lot of our allegations regarding whether or not this constitutes legal prostitution or maybe not so legal prostitution the whole issue of prostitution in and of itself. is one that's exciting and one that we all want to talk about but i don't know that it's relevant to this particular argument while it is very interesting that's for sure that was darcy smith licensed clinical social worker and that is going to do it for now for more on the stories we cover.


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