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to children of each college you know told you big but you know who to put you know so chilled to make it chills your body will do. and you look times. lucy's availability in most clinton plant regency begun in. the us slap sanctions on syria's political elite is the brutal crackdown on protesters in the country continues some analysts say washington's policies are only aggravating the situation. russian activists sound the alarm over a vicious bullying in the army which is claiming more and more young lives. plus new york authorities cash in by policing the people thanks to a series of new regulations and fines for petty crimes.
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four pm in moscow good to have you with us here on our team match reza our top story there are eyewitness reports of more deaths in syria as army troops backed by tanks and helicopters try to gain control over the besieged southern city of daraa at least four people were killed there just this morning it's just a day after the biggest anti-rejection rally ended with more than sixty people killed across the country government troops allegedly opened fire using tear gas against demonstrators with snipers and officers in plain clothes helping crackdown on the opposition and un human rights council is condemning the bloodshed in a u.s. led resolution calling for an international investigation washington is going further preparing sanctions against syria political elite at a freezing their assets political writers on birth mom tells r.t. the west is now playing a role of human rights advocate of violence as a result of its failed policies in the region. what is collapsing in the eye is the
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west i'm going to see the worst i'm going to see has been. a nice oakland county they can find out of the counties like saudi arabia. and other regime which were not better hormonal cutting and then you hand the disapproved at them because they were friendly to the west of twenty three israel friendly to our own interests or whatever and also the region working in fact i would only say that once you start. doing things for d.c. it's going to backfire and now it's backfiring and the whole police is collapsing banking the only way we can do is to stay out of that future no matter how bad the events i don't think we can we are able to fix what's going to happen because what's happening is to some extent of result of our previous parties and the united states has actually greeted itself unique i mean everywhere in the world if you hand intervenes in syria they consider that as an acceptable they didn't seem it in hong with them intervening everywhere in the world including in the in the nothing
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carry in riyadh world in your hand it's a calm and of course having wars going on right now there is a culture of syria and potentially hand the problem is that those enemies i'm much bigger and stronger than libya so i didn't have a period of intervening in syria in the hand because they were already had enough problems in iraq and afghanistan and so on the logic of their intervention in libya is that they should intervene in syria also and everywhere and potentially we would be led into agenda is a war in the middle east. in a later year colonel gadhafi has called on the nato led coalition to stop bombing his country and hold peace talks but a nato official says gadhafi must first stop attacking the rebels and u.s. initially led last month's assault on libya but are his military contributor says washington has failed to justify the intervention. barack hussein obama passionately lobby it and manipulate it and world public opinion that in the lead in the only way to prevent the looming humanitarian
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disaster was a humanitarian intervention despite the contrary it could be painted absence while the hard core evidence or even the dispatching fact finding mission for only you and us or the european union three's no doubt that was a very successful lawyer and maybe some critics are prone to call him a liar but one thing is for sure until american president will realize the growing gap between his lip service to grant and principles and he's actions based on political existence ease and convenience there and to american feelings we'll only become stronger all across the world stay with us here on r.t.
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still to come a new way to balance the books and new york city authorities come up with a simple solution to their budget problems by creating a new set of rules and fines for minor offenses. first the military service isn't an easy task in russia young recruits often face horrific bullying upon entrance into the army human rights organizations have been lobbying and it's had to help eradicate the problem but as arky jake agrees reports in some cases it's just too late or just a warning you may find somebody images in this report disturbing. it's a disturbing so it's one that's on the rise in the russian army. it's called hazing and the latino is all too familiar with its consequences you can hear that in the reports about forges suffering physically and mentally are coming in every day. she runs the committee of soldiers mothers an organization partly funded by the government on
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a day to day basis her job is to protect soldiers from the harsh realities of service and you've been there now protection rackets when it would have to pay and now the soldiers say seventy dollars a month to be able to serve normally to be freed from boiling unfortunately as we met one more cases added to her workload serving kind of died at age twenty is suspicious circumstances the military claims it was a road accident but his family want to know why forty minutes passed before medical attention was sought his loved ones now join a list of other brief families awaiting out as over a year ago very until his attention returned to that of circulation because of it died just a week into his service is a loss his mother still for is hard to bear. which. is. your good that you were.
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there to meet. the official explanation was pneumonia but pictures of his body appear to tell a different story you know my son's body was covered with bruises all over. his was carefully cut out of his skin it was so cynical still unresolved sergei's is a rare case common of those who receive beatings that leave them hospitalized and with lasting injuries soldiers such as dmitri after serving just six months he was little a coma for three months following a run in with the senior squad member. of i can't remember what happened but when i woke up i had a severe head injury next there followed a long and tedious rehabilitation process which is not yet over. the rise of such crimes has led some to find new ways to raise awareness and those right fund is one such group they've created a web page where families can post personalize the celts of what happened to
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soldiers missing anything for their rank and years of service to how they died today there are seat of a four thousand three hundred quests for every family members wanting their story told. the abuse is acknowledged by the militia defense after asking them to comment on the situation they gave us this response. the two major reasons behind the phenomenon of hazing and bullying in the russian army are the following an increase in the number of draftees mistakes of individual commanders. last year the energy initiated two thousand military hearings as a response many will feel is left wanting nonetheless hazing is no longer an issue russia can ignore the army is looking to modernize to turn away from ask ascription to professionalize force to do this they were lie on new recruits meaning in the future the health of individual soldiers may be central to that of the nation's
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armed forces degrees r.t. . crossing the atlantic now to new york where authorities have come up with a novel way of dealing with the city's budget deficit a string of new regulations and skyrocketing fines for petty offenses are bringing in much needed revenue but as artie's marine important has been fighting out locals say officials are violating their freedom of expression cashing in in the process. marjorie silk is something of a smoker's rights champion. living in a city where a pack of cigarettes cost thirteen bucks and the freedom to puff where you please grows ever more limited. down in our basement this retired new york city police officer nurtures our garden of rebellion this garden is about reacting and defying their attempt to control my behavior hundreds of home grown tobacco leaves hanging to dry before silk shreds and smokes are nicotine we're talking about
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products here to back it was legal if they don't want people to smoke they should go to congress and lobby to have it criminalized the big apple's new smoking ban comes a bit close very soon it will be illegal to light up in new york city's parks beaches and. like this one in times square violators caught blowing smoke can be slapped with a fifty dollar fine. if that's so dangerous why do so probably make the law because they want to morning america. just like we socialists are bad girl how come you can smoke pot officials say the ban aims to limit harmful public exposure to second hand smoke this is the latest avalanche of restrictions rules and prohibitions being aggressively enforced under a shrinking economy among them a one hundred dollar fine for putting too much personal rubbish in public we
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spassky it's and taking something from the garbage is also a violation costing up to three hundred bucks this winter a new road rule was born drivers caught in bus lanes one hundred fifteen dollars fines this diverse melting pot ponies up ninety four different vehicle and parking violations arguably the bread and butter for big revenue instead the big apple broke records by issue we need to. one thousand parking violations in just one day i think a blitz that generated a reported five hundred thousand dollars for new york city but the crackdown on working class americans followed weeks of snowstorms in which parking rules were suspended and a means of income for new york city was brought to a halt critiques like gerald celente sake policing the people is becoming a means for city and states to deal with budget deficits and economic hardship what are these cops still going is this why we have
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a police force to check on every minor infraction that we make they become goon squads they have to bring in revenue to keep their jobs through every day thousands of cash strapped new yorkers visit manhattan's finance office to pay the city for forgiveness this is getting ridiculous i mean i don't know since the city has tried to make money wherever they can get people to you know it's interesting. you know bicycle in the city two hundred thirty tickets at two hundred seventy bucks each have reportedly been issued to cyclists in central park this year compare that with just eleven tickets issued in all of twenty time we've just had just got on the sidewalk and some guy started yelling out that it's you know it's legal you can get arrested and we weren't even cycling we were just standing over our bike meanwhile our two silk may eventually be the last smoker left standing these are the remnants of last year's crop here in
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a liberal city filled with debt and a rising tide of finds. new york. and there's more complaints of official heavy handed handedness still to come this hour this time in london where police are fleeing from a controversial arrested protesters out of sight of the royal wedding. plus for a date for paying for sex a new web sites are diversity in the u.s. over whether people are looking. love or just lust. first though leaving your homeland in search of a better job is a basic human ambition but with a big demand for foreign labor israel seems like the perfect option for thousands of chinese but some criminal israeli employment agencies offering the world for a fee deliver a lead the life of hardship. takes a look. in china mistily was a big shot he owned a textile business had gotten thousands of dollars a year but he gave it up on the advice of a friend and forked out
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a small fortune to travel to israel hoping that the promised land would full his pocket. it was not worth it for me because for years all over only managed to save twelve thousand dollars i would have made more than that in china in those years for many years is well welcome chinese laborers with open arms they and other foreign workers provided a much needed workforce replacing palestinians who were finding it more and more difficult to work in israel amid a deteriorating security situation today most of the nearly eleven thousand chinese laborers work in construction many are illegal and were lured here by the big promises of fly by night employment agencies this is one of the employment agencies that says the process is visas for foreign workers but it stands accused of keeping at least a seventy percent of the field charges we asked a few times for an interview but they refused the israeli government says it can do nothing to stop these companies that are set up to purposely to for unsuspecting foreign workers mr zuma paid thirty one thousand dollars for
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a five year work visa but it turned out to be fake and after a year he found himself illegal in the country he now works fourteen hour shifts pockets less than half the israeli average salary and is always afraid of being picked up by the authorities in large in this caravan we don't even have a conditioning we cannot sleep in some of these small rooms there are four of us in there the conditions are bad. many of the employment agencies have since closed down but the money people borrow to pay the fees has made returning home to china not an option i've heard of many times when people tell me if they go back now i can go back because they lose their house they lose their parents as they owe money said to so many people that this they just don't show their faces and i know of people who went back to china and india. to the hometown my also got caught she'd only just skipped off the plane when she was fired for not speaking english or hebrew she's not only worried about the money shows back home she also fears for
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the future of her son who was born in israel and knows no other life is a she doesn't like speaking chinese although he understands trainees he speaks hebrew all these friends are here and he has to be deported he won't see them in recent years the israeli government has been trying to stop the flow of foreign workers it wants them and it doesn't want them leaving many caught in the cracks point c. r t tel aviv. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe the outbreak of tornadoes that ripped through the southern u.s. has now claimed at least three hundred forty lives president obama visited the twister ravaged state of alabama worst hit with the seven states that have suffered at least a million homes and businesses still without power there is the second deadliest storm catastrophe in u.s. history. a senior nuclear adviser to the japanese prime minister is resigning allegedly alleging the government ignored his safety advice pushes so close sako
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said the wrong radiation limits were set for schools near the crippled fukushima nuclear plant endangering children's lives the japanese government denies the claims insisting it followed expert advice the plant has been releasing radioactivity since being hit by an earthquake and tsunami in march. tens of thousands of people from poland are heading to rome on trains planes and automobiles for the edification of pope john paul the second many more are expected to fill squares in towns across poland following the ceremony on larger video screens pope benedict is external data high his predecessor in a special ceremony sunday it's the last formal step before the possibility of sainthood. and millions watched the new royal couple tie the knot in london yesterday and there were a few dozen who were unlikely to have caught the ceremony on t.v. they're the people arrested preemptively by police across britain to stop them from causing any trouble during the wedding but former m i five intelligence officer and
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a can says the approach was far too heavy handed. they have to take measures to protect the event from any such terrorist groups particularly irish republican dissidents or middle eastern terrorist groups and i don't think anyone complains about the fact that they're trying to stop stop protestors xor exercising their right to freedom of expression around the world waiting is of much greater concern because the police are talking about such squads raids and in fact this is the sort of measures that are indeed used in countries like syria but we used against u.k. protesters including notably leading peace activists charlie reached yesterday as a preventive measure and has apparently just disappeared into the system his family his girlfriend can't trace him they're being blocked and lied to by the police even his lawyers can't find him so he seems to have sort of in disappeared in a rather cath caressed way and i think it's dangerous dangerous path to go down because this man hasn't done anything he might even suspect he might want to go and protest but you haven't done anything so effectively what we're looking at is an
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orwellian thought crime within what is a notional u.k. democracy. not as much money floor of opportunity these days but it's. of a few world a world if you. visit new york the people there are well. economy continues to cause a lot of people a lot of difficulties and yet the rich keep getting richer are you ok with that this week let's talk about that well i mean we have to talk about what is actually defined rich i mean for people to say that families making two hundred fifty k. year combined being rich as some people define rich is completely absurd lower middle class although we don't see it there's a lot of work they have to do you don't get rich overnight you think do you get the bum all working harder than you are no i don't but i think they might be working smarter. so do they deserve money for that you know millions of dollars of your
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taxpayer dollars i don't know that it's my taxpayer dollars well they got. bailed out they got millions and millions of dollars rightists agree i disagree with the bailout completely so why does the governments keep bailing out the banks. because a lot of people in their government go to work for the banks the colander trius after the. after they. when you consider that a conflict of interests because the government's supposed to represent the little guy yes i would but they both so and that's why that they can keep doing they knew that they were betting against being foreclosed on and mortgages were kind of calm and people started losing their homes is that still ok people who couldn't afford it either homes or you think it's their responsibility i do but they should have read the fine print when you borrow three or five hundred thousand dollars you need to understand what you're doing i'm not ok with the rich are getting richer but guess what this is america more power to even at the expense of other people i
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would sponsor of other people well people are losing their homes because of bomb mortgages law lost their homes because they bought mortgages that they couldn't afford the mortgage companies. i didn't do anything about it you have no doubt. my nose is going into foreclosure too but guess what i don't win the rich or being rich that's why they're here you blame yourself for that yeah right i thought would you be ok with profiting off of someone else's loss. i want and i think some of these people don't think it is true what they are profiting and i'm not saying that they. intentionally set out but i think it's. generations perhaps. it heritage or accumulated wealth. you're born into these families and. you go to. what have you and it keeps
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growing and growing and growing whether or not you think the rich deserve to keep getting richer the bottom line is it's going to continue to happen unless something drastically changes. for love may now have a price in the u.s. if only for a first date a new website aims to put together couples based on one person agreeing to pay for a date and the other agreeing to take the cash critics say it doesn't sound like a new kind of transaction instead maybe the oldest one going or he's an assassin churkin records. remember the days when real life courtship was the ticket to romance if you do websites like this we feed those memories fast what's your price dot com is a new dating service launched in las vegas where intelligence or a sense of humor apparently don't invite a deep but a big fat does members are split into categories generous and attractive but
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generous ones are for the money the attractive ones get the cash and the deal is sealed the idea came about from my own frustrations online dating i would join a website looking. for girls i think i have high standards and i would. norris. brandon wade grounder and see your website as well as a sofa attractive member this is a business transaction lures a new girl of your dreams and ensures she would stand you up but critics ask isn't this prosecution this generous entrepreneur has provided us with an event a four hawkers i think the chances of this girl not actually being a hooker are. negative five thousand percent this girl is a professional and i don't mean a paralegal or gun repair expert the web site mastermind disagrees how is this the same from prostitution it's completely different you're paying for the
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chance of falling in love you're not paying for sex on the first three you're paying perhaps for the chance that you might save you a track and potentially have road as the congress member you can pay me prices for that chance generally range from twenty to one hundred dollars to make finding the one easier personal profiles are available i'm down to earth outgoing very funny i consider myself as being a nice conversation. as well as in a real photos leaving very little to the imagination it's true the girls are scantily clad but there's a reason for that because a truck that value themselves and they value their time they're going to drawing i think attractive member and they're going to mind if you're serious sure me how serious you are so money's on me just because the component of showing how serious a person really is and the seriousness of a potential relationship is somewhat disputed by member nicknames double trouble
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the us infers and stephanie be among hundreds of others when i'm looking for a serious relationship i don't initially introduce myself by nicknames like kooky fare and come here i generally say hi my name is sarah it's nice to meet you some twenty thousand people have signed up to the websites with two thousand deeds for cash already negotiated this leaves one wondering if this new is dating trend could become a symbol of american free market consumerism tikkun to the extreme and r.t.e. york it's only been a couple of weeks since moscow's winter finally melted away and the science of summer already trickling across the capital this weekend sees the launch of the season of fountains artie's where if you know if you watch the city spring into life. spring has been india in moscow for more than a week old ready the temperatures are warm the sun that's trying as you can see now that's the time usually to visit as many fountains as an amazing and impressive and
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spectacular display imagine five hundred sixty watercraft being switched on similar thomas mithral to the capital many of them with law it's a music with streams of different colors and trades listening to the different sussex side i'm not surprised a lot they fall into this very macho every year they fall into the season opening ceremony roles in many people's specially families with children from the most fascinating fall into and so here they've been ha exhibition center in the sun so most right where we are now it's time to this time for our followers and for instance the colossus that's the biggest of them all is the one that you can see behind me now their friendship all the people's fountain let me give you some stats the size of baseballs is facing is about four thousand square meters which is
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office tons of google ph used their water shoots from eight hundred sprouts with the highest rate in principle me just it's just a breathtaking shire when it starts blowing all these phones is here out of it and how exertion friends are in most they were erected in the nineteen fifties and all the poles soviet symbols this one as you can see is the crater with practice for presenting the different nationalities on republic the soviet union symbolizing their friendship it's interesting but most goes first fountains appears in the palatial residences of the talk and menorah a state that was at the time a private privilege but not only by the nineteenth but is that collins and started to be used to decorate the city but most to functions can be more than just the huntsman's when he gets to march maybe. and unofficial six tons for according to as we saw it during last summer's stick rethinks place now that moscow gets to enjoy
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a five month long collinson season good chong's for some time socializing leaving the winter chills a distant memory. and i'll be back here with headlines in a few moments stay with us here on r.t. .
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the official anti up location join a phone the i pod touch from the i choose option. video on demand g.'s minefield comes an r.s.s. feed now in the palm of your. question on the culchie dot com. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world.


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