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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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pinski waco twenty two kids talk of scum fog in the sky now so it's. in the home. on out see the u.s. sanctions on syria's political elite has the brutal crackdown on protesters in the country continue but some analysts say washington's policies are only aggravating the situation as we report. russian activists sound the alarm of a vicious bullying in the army which is claiming more and more young lives. plus new york authorities cash in by policing the people thanks to a series of new regulations and fines for petty crime.
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for good morning from moscow when it was kevin oh it's just after midnight here now this is the r.t. news channel on our top story at least four people have reportedly been killed the syrian troops reinforce their attempts to take over the besieged city of daraa i witness is say the southern hub of the unrest was the target of heavy shelling gunfire it came as residents began burying casualties after a friday of rage that saw a woman sixteen civilians killed across the country and what was the biggest breaking bad of. you and human rights council condemned the bloodshed in the u.s. led resolution calling for an international investigation. and washington's going even further preparing sanctions against the syrian political elite and a freeze of their assets also iran's revolutionary guards set to be penalized two for allegedly providing material support to damascus i spoke to american blogger steven learn when he told me to rand is the end game as he saw it for the u.s.
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operation in the region. i think it really is the end circuits in the game leap be to dealing coteries in terms of it what's going on in syria. is regime change if you're not conservatives free to give the syrian people they are in the pit at least or a new regime in syria. can accomplish its objectives a regime change record will go into war but if it doesn't work then what you're going to reinstate them in the idea is to change what's going on and it isn't working too well here in new faces they don't think very many proces in syria so you can be separated. do you linked from the other. they took to gether with libyan rebels have dismissed and offered me time from
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tripoli for a cease fire in the staging of peace negotiations the coalition insists there be no thought until colonel gadhafi stops the bloodshed the libyan opposition says it's too late now for any talk of compromise caffie earlier warned rebels in the besieged city of misrata to lay down their arms all face and full scale offensive during a speech nato bombs struck a governmental building in the capital tripoli libyan officials said the strike was meant to kill the leader the unrest which started to move is already claimed more than ten thousand lives according to the rebels. let me give you up to date all the latest from the middle east to rival palestinian groups fatah and hamas agreed earlier in the week see unlike the governments in the west bank and gaza that move comes ahead of a u.n. vote on palestinian statehood due in september but the palestinian front affairs minister spoke to us see told us that he'd prefer to negotiate independence directly with israel but is finding that difficult right now. this
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release had been avoiding. committing themselves into serious negotiations they have refused requests of the international community to seize to stop the settlement activities as international cricket will. create a condition for the resumption of negotiation and since then you know we did not have any kind of negotiations with those rulings so i want to position is. by certain bush we should have you can see the state as it was promised to us by present obama by the international community by the court. of appeal says we will be ready still years in building our own situations and so you know september should yield to you can still state i did through. negotiation with the israelis and this is really our preferred choice or if that's not the case you know we
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should seek. you on a commission. just some thoughts there from brit al maliki the palestinian front of minister and they will be much more from him as the mentioned in the interview gave to us wearing that in for early next week on this channel. and so look over the program back to the present a new way to balance the books york city authorities have come up with a simple solution to the budget problems by creating a new set of rules. for minor offenses as we. next the military service isn't an easy task but in russia young recruits often face a rethink bullying when they join the army human rights organizations have been lobbying in an attempt to help eradicate the problem result says jake agreed to reports next in some cases it's simply too late i must warn you this report contains images that are graphic in nature. it's a disturbing sight one that's on the rise in the russian army. it's called hazing
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ability and it's all too familiar with its consequences here in the ads in the reports about thought is that frank physically and mentally are coming in every day . she runs the committee of soldiers mothers an organization partly funded by the government on a day to day basis her job is to protect soldiers from the harsh realities of service knew that they're there for protection rackets when it would have to pay and now the soldiers say seventy dollars a month to be able to serve normally to be freed from boarding unfortunately as we met will more cases added to their workload serving coffee died at age twenty in suspicious circumstances the military claims it was a road accident but his family wants to know why forty minutes passed before medical attention was sought his loved ones now join the list of other brief families awaiting arts as over a year ago valentino's attention was turned to that of circulation because of it
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died just a week into a service is a loss as the mother still for as hard to bear. is that which. this just. gives. you. the official explanation was pneumonia but pictures of his body appear to tell a different story deal mrs gandhi was covered with bruises all over. his was carefully cut out of his skin so cynical still unresolved sergei's is a rare case common of those who receive beatings that leave them hospitalized and with lasting injuries soldiers such as dmitri after serving just six months he was literally coma for three months following a run in with
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a senior squad member. of i can't remember what happened but when i woke up i had a severe head injury next that followed a long and tedious rehabilitation process which is not yet over. the rise of such crimes has led some to find new ways to raise awareness and those right fund is one such group they create a web page where families can post personalized accounts of what happened to soldiers missing everything for their rank and years of service to how they died today there are sort of a four thousand three hundred quests for every family members wanting their story told. the views is acknowledged by the militia defense after asking them to comment on the situation they gave us this response. the two major reasons behind the phenomenon of hazing and bullying in the russian army are the following an increase in the number of draftees mistakes of individual commanders. last year the enmity
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initiated two thousand military hearings is a response many will feel is left wanting the less hazing is no longer an issue russia can ignore the army is looking to modernize to turn away from ask ascription triple pressurize force to do this they were lie on new recruits meaning in the future the health of individual soldiers may be central to that of the nation's armed forces to greaves artsy. to new york next tour authorities have come up with a novel way of dealing with the budget deficit a string of new regulations and skyrocketing fines for petty offenses are bringing in much needed revenue but as it is very important there's been fighting locals say officials of violating their freedom of expression and cashing in in the process. archie silk is something of a smoker's rights champion. living in a city where a pack of cigarettes cost thirteen bucks and the freedom to puff where you please
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grows ever more limited. down in our basement this retired new york city police officer nurtures our garden of rebellion this garden is about reacting and the flying they are trying to control my behavior hundreds of home grown tobacco leaves hanging to dry before silk shreds and smokes her nicotine we're talking about products here to back it was legal if they don't want people to smoke they should go to congress and lobby to have it criminalized the big apple's new smoking ban comes a bit close very soon it will be illegal to light up in new york city's parks beaches and pedestrian plaza like this one in times square violators blowing smoke can be slapped with a fifty dollars fine. if that's so dangerous why do so probably make the law because they want to their morning america. it's like we socialists are
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bad how come you can't smoke in public officials say the ban aims to limit harmful public exposure to second hand smoke this is the latest avalanche of restrictions rules and prohibitions being aggressively enforced under a shrinking economy among them a one hundred dollar fine for putting too much personal rubbish in public wastebaskets and taking something from the garbage is also a violation costing up to three hundred bucks this winter a new road rule was born drivers caught in bus lanes faced one hundred fifteen dollars fines this story first melting pot ponies up ninety four different vehicle and parking violations arguably the bread and butter for big revenue insead the big apple broke records by issue. ten thousand parking violations in just one day i took a blitz that generated a reported five hundred thousand dollars from new york city but the crackdown on
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working class americans followed weeks of snowstorms in which parking rules were suspended and a means of income for new york city was brought to a halt critics like carol slinky say policing the people is becoming a means for city and states to deal with budget deficits and economic hardship what are these cops still doing is this why we have a polish force to check on every minor infraction that we make they become goon squads they have to bring in revenue to keep their jobs through every day thousands of cash strapped new yorkers visit manhattan's finance office to pay the city for forgiveness. i don't nor so this city will try to make money wherever they can get people to you know she would assume you have you know a bicycle in the city two hundred thirty tickets two hundred seventy bucks each have reportedly been issued to cyclists in central park this year compare that with
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just eleven tickets issued in all of twenty time we just had just got on the sidewalk and some guy started yelling out. you know it's legal you can get arrested and we weren't even cycling we were just standing over our meanwhile our two silk may eventually be the last smoker left standing these are the remnants of last year's crop here in a liberal city. in a rising tide of finance. new york in a few minutes money. but you dating websites controversy in the u.s. over whether looking for love. israel's or for foreign labor attracts thousands of chinese people looking for a better job abroad but some criminal employment agencies offering the world for free to live are only a life of hardship. story. in china mr lee was
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a big shot he owned a textile business had bought in thousands of dollars a year but he gave it up on the advice of a friend and forked out a small fortune to travel to israel hoping that the promised land would full his pocket. it was not worth it for me because for years all i've only managed twelve thousand dollars i would have made more than that in china in those years for many years is well welcome chinese laborers with open arms they and other foreign workers provided a much needed workforce replacing palestinians who were finding it more and more difficult to work in israel amid a deteriorating security situation today most of the nearly eleven thousand chinese laborers working construction many are illegal and were lured here by the big promises of fly by night employment agencies this is one of the employment agencies that there's a process is reserved for foreign workers but it stands accused of keeping at least seventy percent of the fear charges we asked a few times for an interview but they refused the israeli government says it can do
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nothing to stop these companies that are set up to proceed forward unsuspecting foreign workers let's presume paid thirty one thousand dollars for five year work visa but it turned out to be fake and after a year he found himself illegal in the country you know works fourteen hour shifts pockets less than half the israeli average salary and is always afraid of being picked up by the authorities and the logic in this caravan we don't even have a conditioning we cannot sleep in some of these small rooms there are four of us in that the conditions are good. many of the employment agencies have since closed down but the money people borrow to pay the fees has made returning home to china not an option i've heard of many thousands of people told me if they go back now i can go back because they lose their house they lose their parents as they owe money said to so many people that this they just can't show their faces and i know of people who went back to china and didn't return to their hometown. my also got
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caught she'd only just stepped off the plane when she was fired for not speaking english or tipu she's not only worried about the money she owes back home she also fears for the future of her son who was born in israel and knows no other life is a she doesn't like speaking chinese although he understands trainees he speaks hebrew all these friends are here and if he has to be deported she won't see them in recent years the israeli government has been trying to stop the flow of foreign workers it once him and it doesn't want him leaving many caught in the cracks policy r.t. tel aviv. seven people were killed when a suicide bomb of moods of the citizens in the north of iraq it takes a place near army checkpoint with four of the dead believed iraqi troops. target soldiers in the area accusing rubin collaborators. a massive cleanup operation started after a tornado outbreak caused half the station across seven u.s. states at least three hundred forty people now confirmed to have been killed making
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it the second deadliest storm catastrophe in u.s. history and only a million homes and businesses are still without power in alabama tonight alone many buildings that would have been used as rescue shelters full blown away including an emergency center. one of egypt's most powerful political forces the bosnian brotherhood has set up her party to contest up to half the seats in september's parliamentary election the head of the group says it will not be religion based and will in coptic christians can become members election follows the removal of president hosni mubarak in february after his thirty year rule was ended by massive protests the muslim brotherhood was officially banned for over five decades. tens of thousands of people from poland heading to rome for the beatification of pope john paul the second many more are expected to fill squares and towns across probably before the large video screens the sixteenth will be at a friars produce a certain special ceremony on sunday it is the last formal step before possible
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saint. bizarre as much money flowing through the land of opportunity these days but it's still ending up that it is in the hands of the same wealthy few web journalist laurie half of this is in new york for us to ask people where why. economy continues to cause a lot of people a lot of difficulties and yet the rich keep getting richer are you ok with that this week let's talk about that well i mean we have to talk about what is actually defined rich i mean for people to say that families making two hundred fifty k. a year combined as being rich as some people define rich as completely absurd lower middle class although we don't see it there's a lot of work they have to do you don't get rich overnight you think do you think the people on wall street are working harder than you are no i don't but i think they might be working smarter. so do they deserve money for that. millions of
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dollars of your taxpayer dollars but i don't know that it's my taxpayer dollars well they got. bailed out made out millions and millions of dollars right disagree i disagree with the bailout completely they knew that they were betting against homes being foreclosed on and mortgages were kind of bomb and people started losing their homes is that still ok people who couldn't afford to buy a home so you think it's their responsibility i do but they should have read the fine print when you borrow three or five hundred thousand dollars you need to understand what you're doing i'm not ok with the rich are getting richer but guess what this is america more power to even at the expense of other people i would sponsor of other people well people are losing their homes because of bomb mortgages lost their homes because they bought mortgages that they couldn't afford the mortgage companies didn't do anything about it you have no doubt. my house is going into foreclosure too but guess what i don't blame the rich for being rich
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that's why they're here you blame yourself for that yeah i thought would you be ok with profiting off of someone else's loss. i want and i think some of these people don't think it is true what they are profiting. i'm not saying that they. intentionally set out but i think it's. elides generations perhaps. it inherited or accumulated wealth whether or not you think the rich deserve to keep getting richer the bottom line is it's going to continue to happen unless some think drastically changes. more for the resident next week or so the states next in fact they say that money can buy you love but it may spoil your first date now a new website in the u.s. aims to put together couples based on one person agreeing to pay for
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a date the other agreeing to take that money. could exert doesn't sound like a new kind of transaction but the oldest one go in he's in a sincere churkin no reports. remember the days when real life courtship was the ticket to romance if you do websites like this we feed those memories fast what's your price dot com it's a new gene service launched in las vegas where intelligence or a sense of humor apparently don't invite a deed but a big fat book does members are split into categories generous and attractive but generous ones are for the money the attractive ones get because and the deal is sealed the idea came about from my own frustrations of online dating i would join a website like the actual com i work for girls or have high standards and i would get nor response brandon wade through and see your website as well as a self labeled attractive member so as a business transaction lures
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a new girl of your dreams and ensures she will stand you up but critics ask isn't this prostitution generous entrepreneur has provided us with an ego a four hawkers i think the chances of this girl not actually being a hooker are. negative five thousand percent this girl is a professional and i don't mean a paralegal or gun repair expert the website mastermind disagrees how is this the same for prostitution it's completely different you're paying for the chance of falling in love you're not paying for sex on the first you're paying for health for the chance that you might signals attract and potentially have sex long road as the recently you were expected prices for that chance generally range from twenty to one hundred dollars to make finding the one easier personal profiles are
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viewable i'm down to earth outgoing very funny i consider myself as being a nice conversation. as well as in a real photos leaving very little to the imagination it's true the girls are scantily clad but there's a reason for that because the track that figure out the value of themselves and they value their time they're going to draw in as an attractive member and they're going to demand if you're serious sure me how serious you are some money suddenly just becomes a component of showing how serious of course from the early years but the seriousness of a potential relationship is somewhat disputed by member nicknames double trouble and lead us in first and stephanie to be among hundreds arbiters when i'm looking for a serious relationship i don't initially introduce myself by nicknames like kooky fair and come get it i generally say hi my name is sarah it's nice to meet you some twenty thousand people have signed up for the website but two thousand deeds for
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cash already negotiated this leaves one wondering if this new is dating trend could become a symbol of american free market consumerism to the extreme and r.t.e. in europe but you get your own thoughts on the story let us know about it r c dot com you can comment on anything you see on our channel i also heard the other stories go a lot of hits tonight these rushes in the orange and laughter ahead of the victory day celebration this if you want to find out why it's a very good cause log on to our web site our to talk home. pushkin that preserves passion the museum of fine arts to be part of the all retrospective look back a decade style history interesting piece that is a virtual tour as well. others are going to you tube. it's.
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the. this is our team from moscow so we've got a couple of weeks since the city's winter melted away all the snow disappeared with signs of summer already trickling across the capital this very weekend sees the launch of the season of fun things. watch the city. spring has been india a moscow for more than a week old ready the temperatures are warm dishonest strawman as you can see now that's the time usually to visit as many fountains it's an amazing and impressive and spectacular display imagine five hundred sixty watercraft being switched on similar targets me throughout the capital many of them with law and some music with
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streams of different colors and tastes listening to the african sussex frog and most boys law they fall into the very macho every year the fountain season opening ceremony roles that many people especially families with children some of the most fascinating fall into and so here they've been ha exhibition center in the sun so most right where we are now it's home to this time flower follies and for instance the colossus that's the biggest of them all is the one that you can see behind me now the friendship of the people's fountain let me give you some stats the size of baseballs is facing is about four thousand square meters which is office tons of google ph used there was issues from eight hundred sprouts to the hottest person trying to pull me just first just a breathtaking try when it starts blowing all these fountains here of it and how is
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that mission center in moscow you were erected in the nineteen fifties and all the polls soviet symbols this one as you can see is the crater where that is the presenting the different nationalities and republics of the soviet union symbolizing their friendship it's interesting but most goes first function's appeared in the collation residence of the far and minority the state that was at the time of fraud the privilege of not only by the nineteenth to fall into and started to be used to decorate the city but most to function so it can be more than just an congressman's when he gets to march they get. and unofficial fifty five chance for according to abby so if you're in last summer's fourth degree heat face for now there is also gets to enjoy five months on fountain season good chance for some i first go socializing leaving the winter chill a distant memory and you come on about that most sunday morning spoke with richard coming up in just over twenty minutes times
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a night he's called weekends football results from the russian and english premier league one is covered on thanks for being with us elevate the headlines from artsy before that in a very short while. millions
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look forward to be held don't see. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of moderation. here a spring of nineteen forty five on our team. russia would be so much brighter if you knew about sound from phones to impressions. for instance on t.v. don't come.


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