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say to those families who have lost loved ones mr justice has been done tonight with some of been loving reportedly killed in a u.s. special operation questions are already being asked if his demise will make a difference and who will inevitably become the next face of global terrorism. outrage across tripoli gadhafi supporters attacked western embassies and forced u.n. staff out of the city following the deaths of the colonel son and grandchildren and then they struck also. and you hear a reward at the start of the past fifteen years. has been
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a result of your wife julie to sarge tells us that r t who he thinks is to blame for letting international conflict. and following the fish and we get inside a nuclear power plant to take a glimpse of its workings and the safety provisions in place to prevent another fukushima. another you watching r.t. it's nine pm here in moscow monday may the second one is kevin zero in our top story the most high profile manhunt in recent history is over as washington confirms it's a limited number one terrorist osama bin laden the al qaeda leader was killed following a raid on his hideout in pakistan earlier my colleague my treasure spoke to r.t. correspondents and it's now you've got it you can give us
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a broader perspective from both sides of the atlantic. there has been a lot of cheering here in the u.s. since the president announced the news the obama administration is that an ugly and complex kind of mood american officials are saying they have a d.n.a. confirmation that it was indeed osama bin laden who was killed in the shootout u.s. authorities said they buried him at sea many say if americans didn't bury his body at sea they probably said that to avoid some place of pilgrimage for their sympathizers to those many who were waiting for photographs bin laden's death there was a bit of a disappointment because there is no credible image to show according to president obama bin laden was killed by american special forces in pakistan in a relatively luxurious compound not in some cave in a cave in afghanistan as some would expect the president said he had known about bin laden's whereabouts since last year which would you suggest that he had been preparing this operation for months what's interesting everybody knows that the u.s.
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has been chasing beyond of ghana's then borders in yemen those have been covert drone strikes in pakistan we've been pretty overt the u.s. has been widely criticized for those strikes for the scores of civilians that they killed in pakistan it's been it's been an especially sore issue and the question some ask now is could the success of killing bin laden in pakistan give the u.s. more of a carte blanche for carrying out strikes in other countries or to justify those strikes some analysts point out that america's war on terror so far has been double edged sword that involved fighting terror and provoking terror at the same time bin laden was the embodiment the symbol of america's war on terrorism these nine eleven . similar greatest villain he was invaded afghanistan to chase him down and him and his associates the chase took a phenomenal lot of time and resources down and thousands of afghan civilians died . forces and led by the united states is left again to stand as unstable as every
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it's now a hotbed of extremism. the u.s. administration now of course hail so some of the lodges death is a great victory on the war on terror front but the bigger question is how much more terror has that war instigated ever since the u.s. has a track record of policies that backfired like arming and training the afghan mujahideen in the nineteen eighties and you know in their fight against the soviet troops subsequently the same guy who the militants turned their weapons and training against the u.s. among those supported by the u.s. was also on the bin ladin who's been potentially involved into al qaida but like i said i said there is a lot of cheerleading going on in washington right now and it seems many find it more comforting to think only in terms of justice is being served an evil punished rather than also look at the other side of the double edged sword which is america's war on terror and turning to a nice and now russia is no stranger to al qaeda linked terror movements tell us more about that. matter russia most certainly is no stranger to the threat of
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terrorist specially in its color tile north caucasus region where special forces there are constantly on the offensive against domestic terror networks and internationally wanted terrorists like doku umarov with that said moscow has of course and understandably helped the death of osama bin ladin say that it's a major step and soon fall to the global terror prices also say that it hopes that it would be to further cooperation but the country very much understands that even though osama bin laden is dead the fight against terror is far over the man want to demand for a decade is gone the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. years of it cheering going on right now for some it was a movement a victory for others a movement there are some and president obama is in fact did it was a u.s. strategic. there's one movement analysts say should not be overlooked. some of bin
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laden may be dead but the threat of terror is very much alive frankly doesn't make much of a difference that riden is dead people here were convinced a long run at least for the last two years have been very convinced that the al qaeda figures or people in this region who by the way cannot number more than one hundred are incapable of carrying out any major attacks instead it's russia now kind of linked terrorists that have made the most recent marks metro blast an airport bombing two of the ladies school ballou tax were masterminded by domestic church and terror leader doku umarov for years has been trying to third bin laden's role as the face of international terrorism they are qaeda leaders demise is expected to remain a significant symbol while having little or no effect in the fight against terrorism it could create waves elsewhere in the two thousand war and right.
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george bush's approval rating was going around fifty percent within twenty four hours he shot. so watch for. and now of course an opening has been made for the new face of evil. first it was a. russian federation in king. hussein and these days of course we have the. next one coming for you whenever the need arises speaking of libya you're going to hear a lot of parallels in the coming days about the fact that the u.s. and nato are training rebels there and it was the u.s. troops that then became al qaida and the taliban back in the one nine hundred eighty s. during the soviet can for. before the consequences of. the most eager to depend a journalist a peace activist based in paris. going to quoting to media reports been loved have been living in a village just some photos from the pakistani capital islamabad for least the last
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eight months what you think it wasn't killed soon do you think that's right. well one can't be so sure particularly since there's been so much deception and outright lies on the part of my own u.s. government for starters but i would suspect that i think there's some suspicion here is some of the other speakers may have mentioned that bin laden was killed today rather than arrested and put on trial which would have satisfied the international community and international justice i think because mr obama has been low in the ratings and he and his cabinet and wall street have failed to rectify the great recession in the united states this may be the circus you know this this was a circus it's a very good point you bring up but indeed we don't know all the details of what i'm
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to die details are still very sketchy but why wasn't he captured why was he killed why didn't america want to take him for questioning about only knows about this terror group. well there are many questions and result and under investigation by independent investigators ever since nine eleven about the true nature of the real involvement of all the actors and characters in the nine eleven incident ok so that's one thing number two there was just simply a blurred vengeance need on the part of the americans and number three what my obama say in an international court that would under american involvement with obama and with other actors in the region that they don't want the american public good international public to know about why would they be wishing to hide by killing the man so let's look at the evidence that we do have today shortly after
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the news broke a picture was circulated in the media was not showing what was purported to be a servant. the phrase that was then rejected is a fake the originated in pakistan and for its part the u.s. is saying it does have d.n.a. evidence confirming bin laden's identity but i guess most human nature is not to want to see the evidence what you think an official picture hasn't been released so far. well that's probably a good question i mean that certainly is a good question that i think millions of people around the world are asking i don't have an answer to that because again. they're only does it make sense from the american military point of view. but there's such a lack of honesty and transparency they have the american government american military ever since they went into afghanistan and iraq and pakistan that. they would want to be withholding evidence now. that we masterminded
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this is a hoax and it's discovered mr obama will lose the upcoming election. now. we take everything at face value as what we're seeing here the u.s. celebrating the success but of course the big sting in the tail here as well that everything talking about the increased risks of possible revenge attacks against americans. well. of course i think so many of your analysts and said earlier today has been four years of peace and for allies organization people who call themselves. members simply voluntarily engage themselves in the ideology of jihad warrior terrorism and follow the name al qaeda so it was senseless and rather insulting to the american public your listening audience and the world public for hillary clinton and for barack obama
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and david cameron and mr karzai in afghanistan to say that the leader is now you should put your tails between your legs and come on in with the taliban and remnants of al qaeda can surrender yourselves to the western region because the asians unsettlement it was completely an insult to the world community to think that killing. was in fact the solution to the crisis the u.s. the american power is created in inclusion with the taliban in that region most a growing life in paris and i think your thoughts on r.t. . is there a tension in libya now that the bodies of gadhafi son and three grandchildren portably killed in a nato air strike have been shown on state t.v. says they intercepted military communications from the target site before launching we attack the incident caused outrage over the use of cool to be the angry mob
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storming foreign embassies in the capital tripoli the british an italian offices suffered the most damage with the u.n. deciding to withdraw from libya after its buildings were also attacked brian becker from the group now to stop war and end racism says stop the coalition campaign in libya people in nato countries have to take to the streets in protest. the u.s. is escalating the military pressure on gadhafi because they're not winning the civil war and their side is not yet winning the war and so they're using aerial terror against the khadafi administration and against his family with the hope that he will cry uncle be intimidated or be so afraid that he will quit the u.s. has been guilty of miscalculations in iraq and afghanistan underestimating the opposition underestimating the resistance underestimating the colonial or anti colonial sentiment the people who are being targeted by under occupy and clearly in libya and other to darfur regime no matter how unpopular it is in some parts of the
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country and perhaps in benghazi in the east it also has a popular base in tripoli and elsewhere and the nato thought the bombs drop would cause the regime to collapse it isn't in fact they were escalating their own capacity to strike back at the rebel forces so this is an effort by nato to up the ante start killing qaddafi orkut khadafi families with the hope that will change the political equation inside the regime unless the people in the united states or britain or france go into the streets and take serious action i don't think anyone will hold them back the russian government and other governments have stated clearly that the killings of khadafi or his family is far beyond the resolution one thousand nine hundred three but the protests at the u.n. or at the diplomatic level won't be sufficient to stop nato they have a license to do they think to do whatever they want. when the coalition driving forces from says not only become
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a key player in libya but in other conflicts in the region having sent its troops to come in the ivory coast paris is not showing strong interest in syria to. cousin was shot by troops during syria's protests his parents there now live in hiding but he fears france will make things even worse by told me in his country on the pretext of stopping the violence i don't wish to have. an air force in syria but i. you know it's the same chain of events that brought war with libya and now on full doing its home first syrian leader bashar al assad was invited for talks in paris as was colonel gadhafi but at the same time france reportedly was funding opposition groups in both states and the nicolas sarkozy's government is slapping damascus with sanctions the precursor to the invasion of libya humanitarian aide
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says one north will again be their excuse to go in the logic of their own government in the media is that the shooting there we in. syria was once under french occupation but certainly say france behaves as if it's still in control france they had their spies there for decades now and the religious movements have had their people there for decades so they're going to do whatever they can influence and change the regime in a way that they see fit intervention would leave france fighting in four walls that hasn't happened since it was a colonial power for its defense ministry hasn't been busy in over fifty years already fighting in afghanistan libya and the ivory coast is now turning its sights on another former colony syria but expose think the real target is serious key ally iran france is growing increasingly angry at tehran's nuclear ambitions and is part
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of international moves to stop that program to must because it would become a. springboard for the socceroos the administration as it pushes east it wants in syria progress according to the libyan scenario we will probably see a similar development in iran unfortunately that is iran will repeat a syrian scenario russia watches western military interventions with rosina law it warns the fueling violence across the middle east and all the deliberately escalating the conflict is an invitation to a series of civil wars outside forces should not interfere give advice or take sides in internal conflicts but russia's foreign minister has there could be a sting in the tail he says only chaos in the region helps the very extremist the west wants to stop gaining power the usual r.t. paris people in europe and the us have been repeatedly duped by the media into
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backing foreign interventions that's the opinion of you in a sound you found of the wiki leaks site who spoke exclusively the us at r.t. is a taste of what's to come for the next hour. our number one enemy is ignorance. and i believe it is the number one it in me of everyone is not understanding what is actually going on you know chris and yet here with promoting ignorance. it really is by my opinion that the media in general so bad there is no distortion of. how the world actually nearly every war that is thought of in the past fifteen years has been a result of media while it in the media could have stopped it if people are basically populations like. populations have to be fooled into walls
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population of them willingly and or lives common to all so if we have a quick media environment can also have a place for right. next to ny tree is on for the financial crash of two thousand and eight millions of americans are still mired in debt and unable to get back on their feet again but some stand to gain from the situation and spare no extra to squeeze as much money out of the downtrodden as possible from death threats to public humiliation that is more important i has a story about predatory debt collectors. imagine a call coming to your home you pick up and the stranger demands your money and threatens your life they have said that so we know where you live we know your wife is you know going to get away with this before they are. indoor bryant's case he wasn't dealing with the mafia and i called them back to find out exactly who they
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were they were the voices of debt collectors harassing the fifty year old music producer over a small debt belonging to his son. with a record number of americans drowning in unpaid bills losing homes and searching for jobs i've used in the us debt collection industry has reached record highs and one hundred forty four thousand complaints were filed with the federal government last year among them collectors resorting to regional slurs anti-semitic remarks and threats of rape certainly any threats of violence or clearly illegal contact with third party and somebody other than the consumer is illegal under on less it is on the very specific circumstances however dekho life is routinely violate the third party disclosure rules and contact me and relatives as
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a means of putting pressure on consumers to attorney joseph morrow says most collection agents work on commission only getting paid when i debts they recovered a climate of economic justice parisian intensifying the use of illegal and aggressive tactics just to net our bounty paycheck there are you know my knowledge about four or five cases of suicide coming from the collection harassment that's also been hard at times and strokes ironically like why it is always extended to the biggest of them all the us governments with an exceptional debt. well fourteen point three trillion dollars america standing money printing more cash and relying on creditors like china who own one point one trillion dollars in u.s. treasury bonds i want to make it perfectly clear that congress will raise the debt ceiling washington gets a safety net wall street gets bail out and the working american facing financial
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hardship gets harassed is it unfair yes there's economic environment disasters right now yes it is there's been traditional ways to work your way out of these situations and those mechanisms are working at a record. a sound unlikely to be heard on wall street where the rich and powerful have lost billions in past years while poor americans on main street continue dealing with the consequences are enough r t new york. but. we've got free online tonight and. the latest news their views even political games tonight without a second is a taster anyway the truth wife of a man governing a remote russian region gave notoriety for a dramatic bank balance rather on stage i'm thankful for that more about one story is all about what is so much money also hated for your opponent stabbed in the back by your colleagues and songs of pieces but the press well stepping from the virtual
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shoes of a politician as they. see it tried here is it our home tonight for you. if you safety's come on the first scrutiny following the shocking events of japan's fukushima the recent anniversary of the chernobyl disaster is a further highlighted the fears. it's been trying to find out if lessons are being learned as new reactors come online here in russia. this is the reactor which is of course part of the power station here the rods heat up the water with the process of fission and then this water goes on and then turns the turbines which create the electricity normally if there is an accident if anything goes wrong this reactor
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shuts down the some special control rods they stop the process of fission in japan when the initial earthquake took place there was a successful shutdown after the water circulating system was damaged but even on the issue of the rods down enough to stop the spread of fission it doesn't stop straight away there is a remaining process which goes on for several days. in japan as a special backup system at these lawbreaking backup systems which are supposed to start the rods from overheating with this leftover fishing which is happening of course this system was damaged as well. which followed afterwards and this is what has led. to the rods causing a buildup of buildup of pressure and eventually the explosions which are staying shaken over the past few days this is the control room obviously the brains of the operation now the project the station was initially approved in the early eighty's all of this equipment was different it was analog before now it's digital. i think
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to compare this to the sort of technologies that we use and should know ball is totally inappropriate the system is also makes it in these computers can do millions of calculations every second so a repeat of that is impossible all the same we can only hope that accidents such as three mile island. and this. will not be repeated any time in the near future. r.t. . station. prefer to some of the stories from around the world the death toll for extreme weather the southeast americas which three hundred forty now with thousands of people injured missing left three. conditions made the springs wave of tornadoes and floods the most deadly devastating since the one nine hundred thirty s. officials say that while the risk of new storms remains they will be nowhere near the magnitude of the disaster said last week. in germany the traditionally peaceful may day rally turned violent as police used force against protesters water cannons
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was used to disperse angry crowds and how but we threw stones and bottles and shots and banks across the country may demonstrations attracted more than four hundred thousand people demanding fair wages and better working conditions. the closure of a major cereal factory in rural russia's left as workers the majority of the local towns population on the breadline production came to a shuddering halt when the company was swallowed up by the global giant kellogg's sarah firth reports. family breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. and kellogg's cereal has made its name as a wholesome family brand built on strong ethical values. yes but for one small city in russia that perception of kellogg's is difficult to stomach. more generations of families that work here grandmothers margulis hardest stance
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daughters we've all been left feeling devastating. a few years ago kellogg's to caver one of russia's leading cereal brands including this production factory in go to vets in the vladimir region as a global giant of industry it should've been an exciting time for the workers and the reversal but on march the fourteenth we came to work and were told that the company would be liquidated this year it would have been the company's seventy fifth anniversary despite a generous redundancy package job single vets are scarce and for generations of families the factory has been the economic heart of the city yet it was more than just a job the plant was everything for the people it was our way of live now with the plant closed and showing no signs of reopening people here is struggling to find even low paid jobs crowds of people are being sent to the same places and those
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jobs come the blackmailers they'll say there are five hundred people wanting this job. so people are forced to take what they can now there's simply isn't enough work. in response to the sudden closure colloq said the decision was not related to the performance of the work is all the plants management and admitted that the work is contribution i think valuable for the business but that's a little can't fit the work is now the regional administration is looking for another investor for the factory tatiana tells us a little seems to be happening in the ethics profits but this time it seems profits of one outs. dark of but the real person line is that with the factory play thing it's the people who are left paying the price. say. thanks for being with us tonight here in moscow a headline of vote with karen o. in just a minute or two. hungry
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for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the party.


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