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tv   [untitled]    May 6, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in the room. funding wars over pensions frauds is accused of forcing the elderly to scrimp and save while the government spends a fortune on creasing its military presence abroad. a russian couple of sentence for murdering a human rights lawyer and a journalist in central moscow two years ago. peculiar is a hundred lengthy jail terms in one of the biggest convictions of its kind in russia and that's unavoidable join me for more details in just a few moments. the tide turns on waterboarding as american officials claim torture helped capture osama bin laden but human rights defenders say violent interrogation
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achieves nothing. plus a show stopping performance courtesy of russia's top flight aerial displays courts . for twenty years these planes and their pilots while the world with their amazing aerobatics stunts it with our teeth to see exactly what the russian threats can do. the top story in business b.p. shares swap deal with rostam can proceed but only on condition ross they have consents to signing the arctic opportunity to take the b.p. that's the latest ruling of the arbitration court in london and we'll bring you the details in our business bulletin and it's. international news live from moscow this is r.t. with twenty four hours a day french leaders are being accused of funding an ever growing war chest while
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its most vulnerable citizens live on the breadline france is a problem player nato is intervention in libya and has troops stationed in other countries are reports of help french military ambition is leading to the neglect of it's needed. heat or eat that's the choice faced by murder kids so instead of supporting the elderly francis government is accused of using that money for war . france says it doesn't have enough funds for time and attention as must try to their belts now spends over thirty billion euro a year under france france has more than twenty thousand soldiers currently on foreign soil in lebanon kosovo a new military base in the united arab emirates is fighting wars in libya every coast and afghanistan each french have a missile costs hundreds of thousands of euros so just five months into twenty eleven the forces of broke even with madame kitto his pension that's pretty much up
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for operational budget for the year military excess snaps france's reputation as a careful spender investors now plan to scrap the country's prized aaa credit rating which lets it borrow on the cheap because if you have a country which is very rich. can afford it but france has been named as possibly losing its aaa status so everyone you shoot is a one cruiser to losing to a status france should have stuck to the un peacekeeping remit in the ivory coast and libya wants x. premier dominique de villepin and now pays the price of gunning for regime change and for each. for integration it's important to follow strict principles the one of the international community the street mandate of the united nations costs are
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reportedly hidden from the public this military advisors back from libya he says for months france has set soldiers on the ground there contrary to its claims we have gone troops and i think by the way. we had. already called for to sue to find someone but it was not revealed but says she worked all her life for a decent retirement no politician or if she wanted money spent on campaigns abroad cost of war pensioners forced to cover up because they can't afford the heating they ask all the military campaign is worth it if the government can't take care of people at home when a bushel r.t. paris. russia's foreign minister has weighed into the nato led coalition to put money into the libyan rebellion. criticism comes a day after the international contact group on libya decided to set up a fund to support the insurgents in their fight against colonel gadhafi moscow has
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come down hard on nato as intervention saying the alliance is taking sides in what is a civil war it was not sanctioned. which was designed to protect civilians regardless of their allegiance. kodesh has been supporters for nearly two months now and there are growing reports of dead civilians russia and china both abstained from supporting the u.n. resolution in march both countries foreign ministers met in moscow on friday the driver was there for. the russian foreign ministry at a press conference today what people thought about the idea of including russia in this international concert. towards their galadriel serbia in russia's view. which is intrusted with their adopting resolutions and one is hearing the implementation of such is the u.s. security council and that any country member to the u.n. which signed under its charter is supposed to follow all other resolutions and the foundational haunted with believe me or any other world is simply not needed is
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available speed. so it's confidently group the contact group has established itself and now is trying to take responsibility for the international community's policy towards libya should be and not only libya we're hearing voices calling for this group to decide what to do in other states in the region we believe that all sides should be focusing on a peaceful resolution of the situation and not supporting one side in an internal conflict which is essentially a civil war those comments were made at a joint press conference by the russian foreign minister and the chinese foreign minister very often we see that russia and china are coordinating their voices in major international advance and the most. recent example of that was in march when the ball abstained in the no fly zone. and what the two countries feared might happen as a result of an international intervention is happening now we see casualties and what started as an arm rest appears to be
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a bitter war between get out his forces and rebels but russia and china and again the stressed it today believe that nato is going far beyond its un mandate by even considering an on ground operation in libya and minding the rising number of casualties and leave it's likely that both russia and china would be any u.n. resolution which would place ground troops in libya well to discuss the ongoing war in libya is geo political analyst. joining me live good to see you here or to you know the coalition has carried out something like a two thousand air strikes on libya what will they achieve in their objectives. they are achieving their objective and that's to brew to break up into into a state of chaos their objective is not to save civilians it's to break up the country and to turn it into another somalia another afghanistan a failed state that they can take advantage of and manipulate and take all the
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resources what i mean they could afford that they've got a lot of their hands with afghanistan all the problems throughout the world wide earth with a what libya to be a chaotic state after all they're saying that they want to help the libyan people who want a regime change signals a. libya how it can still be a country a leader in africa i actually called libya the crown of africa the biggest companies corporations in africa all happened to be in libya libya was putting pushing for the african union to unite under its wing and it was the financial backbone of africa libya was the germany of africa until these but this bombing started libyan banks were amongst the biggest investors across the world in fact the first step of this war was to take libya's money by freezing its billions of dollars of assets in north america and europe that was the first step in this war
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that's how the war started financially when the store libya's money put the be nothing left if you probably a country in the way that you say they are doing what's a rich country no longer if you want it to bits so should it be a broken country if that's the case once they try to inherit it it will be broken for the people who don't care about the work they do care about is the financial assets and resources of libya which still appropriate they've already set up. an oil corporation in eastern libya based in benghazi a national bank based in benghazi they control these just like how they controlled the national bank in bosnia. and let me just ask you clearly you see the situation as chaotic anyway but if let's say the next step is a deployment of troops on the ground what would the implication be if that were to happen. i like to say that troops were already on the ground because a lot of those targets could not be gone without. troops there you need troops on
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the ground to map out positions there i believe there's mercenaries there too they've also been bringing in jihadists from all over the world facilitating them through egypt clear in fact there's reports of people from egypt saudi arabia and possibly even afghanistan fighting now amongst the rebels against the libyan government so if gadhafi does go if he is killed you see the conflict going on and on like as you say we've seen in iraq and afghanistan the they want this conflict to last they're no rush to end and this war in fact the have been deliberately bombing the rebels themselves channel four of great britain has actually documented need or bombing the rebels and it actually looked like it was deliberate they are keeping the strategic only between benghazi and tripoli they are doing this to make them both depending on the united states the e.u.
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and nato as the arbitrators of libya will decide the fate of the libyan people kora let me just broadness now to syria america's already slapped sanctions on the country the e.u. is imposing sanctions next week do you see western interference there affecting the crisis in syria. serious something that has been. there has been objective. for quite a while now regime change isn't is it a stated objective in libya the united states after two thousand and three was actually thinking of attacking. damascus sending tanks there after baghdad this business is this isn't part of the public record of what the bush jr bush white house was saying that he wanted to go into damascus they are moving eastwards we see the attack libya they broke up sudan now they're looking at syria and lebanon pakistan is destabilized they're looking alternately at the. there's
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a lot of gas near near syria in the east and seriously are you saying that this movie is with is actually ultimately this is really a battle between china and the us and western interests are bringing china into this factor usa and if you look at world war one what happened before the attack germany all the chess pieces were before the war broke out all the chess pieces were put into place they were talking about the ottoman empire the baghdad constantinople railroad. right now they're positioning themselves the child was just like these problems i'm sorry this is why you have these problems right now in pakistan truth this is why the pakistani government the u.s. government are at each other's throats about osama bin laden they are moving towards china this is why they're going after any energy sources that are going towards china and there's a lot of on tap gas and you're syria and lebanon both syria and lebanon are are connected and they are looking at confiscating that gas through regime change they
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will not attack syria syria will syria is in year a year now and we have a non incorrect they have a mutual defense pact if they attack syria you're going to see a war that involves iran as well iran will intervene tapes a great ran out. right just quickly i want to ask you you paint a picture complete chaos throughout the region of this foreign intervention happening and yet what we're seeing though in palestine many are saying this is a result of the arab spring uprisings where we're actually seeing fatah and hamas proposing to unite the palestinian government in the west bank and gaza what are the implications there is that a sign of potential stability in the region something positive happening or not you know i see it is a managed at a bus in fact which are morally bankrupt would never unite with hamas it would never you know. the united states and the e.u. all and israel allowed them to do this they gave them the green light for this of
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course the palestinian people want to unify government and that's. what mahmoud abbas is such a client of the united states and israel think he would have not taken this there who felt their permission there's something in the works and if i was a member of hamas or part of their government or their political party i would remember what happened with america chords how saudi arabia and tracked them into forming a government with mahmoud abbas in fact and then after the removed they diligent they took the legitimacy out of guys or they try to get as government has or the hamas government the there is something in the works here ok we'll leave it there as a row of very interesting to hear what you have to say thanks for joining us live there in canada. always question. well coming up at this hour here a lot see the u.s. of indicates it's torturing techniques by saying it helps us on the bin laden but a former interrogator said part of questioning defense of american detention
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centers only serve to fill al-qaeda ranks with details for you on that in just a few minutes from now. but first quarter sentence a nationalist one of the human rights lawyer and a journalist to life in prison his accomplice was given eighteen years in jail. as this report. well it is a very unusual case because really it's one of the first times that the perpetrators of hate crimes were not only tried but also convicted and given quite lengthy prison terms now crimes extremely difficult to investigate and prosecute and this was one of the reasons why people implicated in hate crimes are usually tried on odd their charges ranging from homicide sometimes hooliganism and as a result they got away with lighter sentences but these cases different because one of the defendants nikita who was convicted of two murders last fall for
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us in his life mark caliph a prominent human rights lawyer and all the necessity of a border by a freelance reporter all of for nobody has ever die killer was sentenced to a maximum prison turned out as a lot of imprisonment now he's associated and girlfriend you give me a hassle. who was found guilty of acting as an accomplice to the murder of martha caliph she was sentenced to eighteen years in prison now that's a big lauzon the prosecution was asking for but that's still quite a lengthy prison term not be nice really plan to kill only it's the newest law for calico was a very well known human rights lawyer here in russia he was walking down a street towards a numerous natural station and asked to see about bora kompany if you ask a couple of questions and that was one both of them were approached by and killed
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in broad daylight in a very cold blooded manner now the only point i would like to add is that despite being called the russian born inquired and they actually use these a moment cried a bit during the trial they showed a lot of affection for a child are holding hands kissing sharing jokes but this was very painful for the families of the victims and they. they're really asking the media not to remember size these crimes because if these two individuals killed two very bright people and they committed the crime in a very callous manner. fulls apparently seized in the raid that killed osama bin laden suggest that he remain closely involved in all kinds of terror plots it's one of the justifications from the u.s. government over its handling of bin laden's killing it's going to kill explains the violent questioning of terror suspects is also being lauded for helping america get its most wanted. putting a pretty face on years of torture and law u.s. officials talk about the efficiency of enhanced interrogation techniques as they
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call them in locating bin ladin we have changed that information through waterboarding and some of those you say that waterboarding there's a word you say that should be stopped you never use again we got vital information would directly where as to why are you denying that waterboarding was in part of the tactics used to extract the intelligence that led to the successful mission and i think some of the detainees clearly were you know they used these enhanced interrogation techniques against some of these detainees no tangible proof has been presented as to how torture helped obtain valuable intelligence on bin laden although a detainee named kelly cheik muhammad was reported to have provided information on a courier that led to bin laden's capture intelligence sources say he repeatedly misled interrogators about the couriers identity and stalled the quest for years he was water boarded one hundred eighty three times what we're saying is that
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waterboarding enhanced interrogation techniques just like professional interrogators have been saying for years always result in either limited information false information or no information the laying of the groundwork if you will of these techniques basically i believe wholeheartedly slowed us down on the road towards some of bin laden and numerous other members of al qaeda not not just bin laden and i'm convinced we would have found them a lot earlier had we not resorted to torture and abuse but tends to justify torture seem outrageous to those who have been unjustly subjected to inhumane treatment at u.s. prisons overseas or at cornell's was captured in pakistan in two thousand and one he was working for n.g.o.s that helped the youth there to quit drugs and adopt a healthier lifestyle he wants. to guantanamo and torture it for five years it will be made. very greedy the crime remember and of course has to start
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of. course it's. a. very old. walker. or a strong work and that's why it's time. for the regular source never charged with any crimes more it's now back home in germany the vast majority of the hundreds of individuals who have been held at guantanamo since two thousand and two like more art are said to be of no intelligence value whatsoever some of them were children when they were captured like canadian citizen omar carter who was just fifteen when he was taken into u.s. custody he said because he was tortured he was ready to say anything the torture is running from here to start the pain the international community has wisely condemned the unlawful practices that the u.s.
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prison amnesty international called the gulag of our times and matthew alexander has carried out more than three hundred interrogations in iraq and helped track down a number of terrorists he says torture that was used by the u.s. authorities in guantanamo and other prisons overseas like the infamous abu ghraib in iraq contributed to more terror when i was in iraq i oversaw the interrogations of foreign fighters and those foreign fighters the majority of them said time and time again the reason they come to iraq to fight was because of the torture and abuse of detainees and both are great and when tom obey and this is now in my opinion the department offense tracked the statistics and they were briefed every interrogator right there that the. torture abuse was arcade is number one recruiting tool and so this policy of torture and. use did not make america safer what it did was it caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of american soldiers recently in the wake of all the cheering about bin laden's there when asked about
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torture the cia director said. we would have gotten the same information through other approaches so i think it's always going to be an open question just a few years ago when brock obama was running for president on promises to shut down guantanamo and stop but torture it was presented as a done deal but now with bin laden's death it could seem the ends justify. the means which has many experts say not only have not made americans safer but have motivated more terrorists i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . more international news for you here analyse the twenty two minutes past the hour pakistani officials said american drone aircraft as far as near the afghan border killing at least ten minutes and suspects the strike targeted a compound of the vehicle in the al qaeda taliban stronghold of north is the first such attack there since american commandos killed osama bin laden on monday august
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herbals the u.s. to stop your source because the civilian casualty risks a damaging public support in fighting terror on the border. the u.s. agreed to extend sanctions against syria for next week the twenty seven country block will impose travel restrictions and freeze the assets of syrian officials over the volley crackdown on anti-government protests it comes as demonstrators take part of what they call a day of the fall it's really seen a reported twenty one people die the rest began nearly two months ago and it's caused hundreds of deaths. japan's government is shutting down a nuclear plant tokyo because of the continued high risk some earthquake and tsunami the whole loka facility has been a target of nuclear campaigners for years because it's located in an area that's almost certain to see a major quake in the next thirty years it's been closed as a precaution for the crisis the focus shima plant. well for the post twenty years two russian aerobatic teams have been wowing crowds worldwide with their stones from the other boats washing through the clouds in celebration of the start as are
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of a watch the show in the moscow region. this is truly a spectacular sight one of the most famous aerobatic teams in the world in the sky doing what exactly what they're famous for the russian swifts are in the sky today to celebrate their twentieth anniversary and that is why they have taken their make twenty nine over their home base in just outside the russian capital and thousands of people have gathered here to watch them perform their amazing aerobatics dance with skills and grace that have made them famous all over the world the barrel rolls the looping loops oval sounds and many many more are exactly what this team of skilled men is performing up in the sky and yet another famous russian aerobatic team the russian knights also celebrating their twentieth anniversary this year are known all over the world for performing a stunt that no other team has ever accomplished but they're flying in formation
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nine planes together two different types of planes this with make twenty nine and the night's s u twenty seven's very close together an incredibly complicated stunt very dangerous but they pull it off beautifully every time and of course as the pilots say this is. not their twentieth birthday the sky is the only place they want to be. but to project that for them over twenty five minutes past the. talking five minutes from now with about those we'll bring you stories on the way next that's the business update with korea. hello and welcome to business has here in our two thanks for joining me b.b. sixteen billion dollars share swap deal with russia or for afghan proceeds but only on condition ross everlasting katie peek into the exploration of the arctic that's the latest ruling from the arbitration court in london that's being overseeing the
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dispute between the parties are the study of color takes up the story the decision appears to have put the ball firmly in boston at school and essentially what the board says is that b.b. and ross never can go ahead with the share swap but only if. the call to get separation is done through t n t v p and that decision is down to ross live alphonsus reno bibi's partner in the russian joint venture t.n.t. b.p.t. had a chance to be busy even his lawsuit to look through the oil in the arctic moochers it said the deal broke it's a shareholder and remained with b.p. and a lot more to the order in britain blocking the deal now the demand has been lifted with certain conditions levy says it will reduce negotiations with iran so it was never a man's proposing to include seeing p.b.b. in the projects there is something that al assad says renault but has a suit all along maybe also sees it through the order as
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a step in the right direction and says that it will continue looking for mutually satisfying solutions however real snit has previously rejected the ball to speech and also seeing p.d.p. in the baltic exploration and out so far it hasn't given any chance that it will change its position. and equity markets in commodities got a significant boost late on friday following stronger than expected economic data in the u.s. the latest job say to suggest that the american economy is in better health than some economists had feared despite the slight rebound it has been a particularly bad week for commodities which have seen their biggest sell off for nearly two years. now taking a look at the numbers now all prices are bouncing back like you have to seeing losses of around eight percent overnight what sweet is currently trading around at around one hundred dollars per barrel while brant is one hundred thirteen dollars about now gold is holding for him and making big losses in previous sessions silver
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is kind of the up nearly a percent since its most recent fixing but it's fallen almost thirty percent from its high from its highs a couple of weeks ago now looking at the markets here and we're also the markets have closed higher friday the obvious vanished over the sun to the black and i'm isaacs is over two percent higher energy majors were among the leaders of the lies exposed have gained over three percent and look and two point nine percent higher u.s. stocks trimmed trimmed gains after a week of nearly daily losses energy stocks are high on a turnaround that's up for the better than expected u.s. employment report true biased into the sector and european equities business high on friday as well the rebound in the price of major wrong materials pushed european stock markets up by nearly a percent banking stocks slipped to the footsie with royal bank of scotland gaining over six and a half percent. that's all the latest i have for you this hour but i'll be back with more in about fifteen minutes from. now.
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