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ladies and gentlemen meet the new and improved oh those not interventionists g.o.p. tonight jake join me for a full recap of last night's g.o.p. presidential debate including a special appearance from none other than former new mexico governor bill richardson we've got an exclusive with matt dillon on osama bin laden and we'll pin down jake and lou all the world's smallest political quiz how the time flies when liberty is on the rise you're watching adam versus the man.
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last night's republican presidential debate in south carolina kicked off a long battle for the privilege of facing off with barack obama but this was not the g.o.p. a four years ago in the two thousand and eight presidential debates it was the big government interventionist neil cons against the not so big government social conservatives that was the quintessential divide between the candidates against that backdrop it's understandable why ron paul was cast aside as an outsider but not last night it would seem now the struggle for the soul of the g.o.p. will be between the libertarian or libertarian leaning constitutionalists and the social conservatives now this is not to say by any stretch of the imagination that mr universal health care for minnesota tim pawlenty and prescription drug plan apologist santorum didn't have their own neo con streaks but neither one of them is
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nearly as bad as john songbird crash mccain when it comes to you know representing the party of the constitution john mccain could get hit by a political metaphor of a nuclear bomb and the constitution would hardly notice the fall out. as much as ensuring for ron paul and believe that he won the debate by presenting the best platform with gary johnson in a very close second place to be honest i think the night went to herman cain in terms of getting the most out of this one of them more importantly i feel like the freedom movement has already won i was really overwhelmed to see how much the party has shifted since two thousand and eight ron paul has moved a mountain towards himself ron paul and now officially according to a c.n.n. poll is our best chance of beating president obama he just raised over one million dollars with his money bomb in less than a day and i believe that ron paul is going to be our next president but that's just
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my opinion joining me now for a full analysis of the debate is our adverse the main contributors take the libretto and luke would ask me who are with me last night for the young americans for liberty debate watching party development goes your take on the debate i thought it was very interesting i mean i love the hypocrisy of how these social conservatives are talking about family values i mean they support torture and war to me it's very much like an axe murderer supporting animal rights and peta doesn't make any sense there's no point of it oh look what i thought was really interesting about last night we're seeing this giant shift go in favor of ron paul and gary johnson and notice herman cain who this guy the pizza me and now all of the sudden he came out he's a respectable candidate spectacle very well and he's going to be on the program here to couple weeks so where i was a little bit well we have some calls i want to play the first one is going to demonstrate one of the ways that ron paul was able to set himself apart from the other the more traditional neo conservative big government oriented candidates on
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the issue of secret prisons let's roll that clip. governor for a couple of months ago the bullies respect strength not weakness is going to be wrong. strength is good but you have to have strength in doing the right things i think secret military prisons keeping people there for years or years without due process is not a characteristic of a republic that believes in freedom it is just not the process it's more typical of an authoritarian government to have secret prisons that's pretty heavy i mean what he's saying is that we've been living in what looks like more country for the last eight years you know oil and its. and democratic policies dealing with the afghanistan front going tonto etc and specifically barack obama doubling down in afghanistan this is huge for ron paul says it's only puts people in his favor if there's we know seventy three percent of
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americans are disapproval of afghanistan and guantanamo since huge fred in two thousand and eight he wouldn't have a chance to say this it would have been rejected it's common sense i mean torture doesn't work i mean that's why khalif shaikh muhammad is admitting to the newest terror plots and while he's been in jail since two thousand and three just doesn't make any a lot of the ron paul supporters when they see any kind of debate with ron paul after what happened in two thousand and eight are no matter what happens they're going to say he wasn't treated fairly but overall i thought ron paul got a fair shake if anything it was really gary johnson that got some some awkward almost the meaning questions what would your reality t.v. show be i mean he handled it but come on but we have that about back ron paul they did a they did a really good job i think of being fair and they actually won so far as giving him his due on the tea party so all that. congressman paul black let's consider you the founding father of the tea party movement now congresswoman michele bachmann had founded in had that the tea party caucus in the house actually eclipsed here. she's
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not here tonight so should i. say. we can't tea party loot made at meetings together of course the tea party movement was started during the last campaign when there was a special day where they raced six million dollars spontaneously the city. was to be was the beginning of it but no i don't feel threatened. i'll use it to threaten but what's really interesting about this is ron paul went and back this up because he didn't go to the fox news reception after he didn't go sit and be skewered by haddadi like last time you know but looking going on he went to his own event that he was it was a for you know there was a tea party you had organized ron paul jordan page was there playing veterans for ron paul were there he went to his own thing he backed out it's interesting on fox cause of the founding father which he is right after the movement got hijacked by
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haley back and you're right it looks right here but let's really look take a point of what he showed bachmann is the show bachmann really she really is a social conservative wrapped up in some tea party language she michele bachmann is not a true tea party constitutionalist like ron paul is so we make a she is a social conservative but she comes with tea party language but i still think she's a great album will wait to see how she does in hopefully she'll be in the next debate i will get the comment that i was. here last night anyways gary johnson i was really excited to see my former governor mazing job as governor i mean yes you had bill richardson as ok i know not everything that comes out of new mexico was he said he was just very calm and ministration because he was investigated by the federal government but no dangerously which is really enough i actually talked to the man shannon played say please. just one last question last time we
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talked you were kind of like setting up a storm when i brought up the grove is that the one with human growth. there was there was a bit that was the end of a log you that you had with him the whole time he looked so uncomfortable i would talk about an awkward you know i mean. if there really was nothing about the bohemian grove that bothered him that's not how we would have wanted i mean this is the third time i talked to him i mean more videos will be available and we just. try to destroy because he's a democrat let's just keep that's all right back to gary johnson is gary johnson got a chance to get his take on abortion which stood out last night this is and really amazing i when we play this i want you to listen very closely to the crowd reaction . governor johnson most republicans and everyone else on the stage but you would benefit by themselves as pro-life you have said that abortion should be legal until
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the fetus is viable how do you hope to woo conservative g.o.p. voters here in south carolina and across the country with opposition well i support a woman's right to choose up until viability the fetus as governor of new mexico i would have signed a bill banning late term abortion. did you hear that applause that was amazing i mean i'm not that i my position on abortion is slightly different but the g.o.p. base in south carolina gave him applause for that because the least you know he's sticking to his guns is a great this position it in a country down there to get this is amazing it's really amazing considering the social conservatives that rest really strongly in places like south carolina and so if i may just to be clear since it's about about my position here on abortion i'm pro-life and you know the thing is gary johnson has described himself as pro-life so kind of surprised he didn't counter and say well i am pro-life and here's what i believe policy wise but i believe life starts at conception but even the most
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strident pro-life advocates will say there's always there's always cases when it is a program is justified and as a man i don't think that i should have any say in what those cases are and what the situations are whatsoever because it always ends up coming down to the mother and her family and the doctor involved there and men if you're not immediately involved and especially if you're in government should have nothing to do with abortion and saying when it sort of happened what we did i agree to a point where is one small nuance sometimes where men are not including the debate that they need to perhaps if their parents if they're little other or smash it with like i said when they were directly involved it was herman cain last night what do you guys think. i mean i don't trust them as far as i could see him because he was you know chairman of the federal reserve in kansas city but i do look forward to questioning him yeah i want to know what we're out in a moment you know i want to play one of his answers i said his answer on immigration was really good. the immigration issue in america is not one problem
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it's full of problems it's securing the border in force and the laws that are there . promoting the path to citizenship that we already have we don't need a new path we've got to clean up the bureaucracy in the process and then number four this is where i believe you empower the states to do what the federal government cannot paint is not doing and he got a pretty good applause for that and what i was surprised is he was advocating a position where he's saying we need to clean up the bureaucracy we need to find a way to let more people in under the current laws that's a significant significant and not only that but he also allows those sort of more stern states like arizona allows for them to have their own autonomy to govern for in some places where immigrations a bigger deal than say minnesota or something like that so so his state is really good in terms of those border states texas and a lot of your constitutes rights advocates it's really definitely definitely good for them now we had some great one liners last night i want to share one from texas congressman ron paul he was asked
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a question about tort reform we put all the trial henri's out of business and they would get most of that money that comes from all these lawsuits when they're suing doctors and. you know i got to say the award for a one liner of the night goes to one of my second least favorite candidate on stage at least paul leonti let's play that. you can't be pro job and anti-business that's like going to take chicken it doesn't work a little out of the puzzle there but he's been getting. scored twice but i've been seeing that all over all over the internet get in repose today you know i like that poetry but you know really he's john mccain and sarah palin wrapped up in a new bag he's the male version of sarah palin so it's all i got for poland. he's interesting i don't like oh well you know it's interesting to see that him and santorum right next to each other fox put them in the middle and they almost look
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physically they just look the same similar to the city the same height same facial type same you know you know a little haircut oh yeah oh yeah but we can become a little older version of a dark haired can't. you know it's santorum was asked to defend his vote for the prescription benefit the drug plan under the big spending years of the bush administration for the republican party he looked so uncomfortable but you know he was also asked a question about newt gingrich specifically do you know what was it was almost like insinuated but then quite a bit one williams and come on quite say what do you think of the fact that he said three wives and was cheating on one of them when he was prosecuting clinton oh my gosh you look so uncover what answer i just can't wait for it to come out what he was hiding what he's uncomfortable about on that so we'll see all right when we come back. before we get to that this like ron paul picked up
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a little steam over the course of this debate it seems like with only half of the candidates expected to jump in at the actual debate last night i think the party itself is going to be gaining a lot of steam in the coming months and what we saw last night was really just the beginning when we come back we get a little help from the advocates for self government and the world's smallest political quiz. now in poster size and we'll pin down and take on this thing right here stateside when you're watching adam versus the man but first an adamant versus the man exclusive courtesy of lucrative matt dillon on the song of the not. he was wise not to show was picture you know i think something barbaric about that oh let's see his picture i mean. listen i mean i'm glad the guy's gone but. the truth loose. you know. are they celebrate the death of anybody really.
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i asked. her. parasol.
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a. welcome back to adam versus the ma'am at last night's republican debate we saw a significant shift in the orientation of the party but a shift from. where to where. do you think well i think that last night was really interesting dynamic because the whole language changed it was not just oh protecting america from joggers and you know the big bad enemy to go through your laundry while your mother it wasn't there it was a point it was in it was a push to the people to get the people involved in getting the government out of their business and it was all based on economics and it's very much more focused on economics and the foreign policy debate changed fundamentally which is really important to see i mean is that mean the republican party is moving to the left you know look the republican party is not entering your camp of anarchism anyways no
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really what i think i happen to move from moving to from an authoritarian type of dialogue into a more libertarian mindset already change of freeing the people from the chains of government well let's talk about that because i brought my wife who are in here just to get into this a little more and take a look at the political spectrum and how this left right model that we usually use to talk about politics in this country totally failed as you guys are on talking about and you've got typical left and right and a line and people are placed at various points on the line the left right spectrum are you a lefty or a righty but you know what that really doesn't capture much of what americans really believe in and it doesn't really have either of these has a really coherent political philosophy behind and the best explanation of how we got to this point where we have the sort of small liberal body of thought in the small c conservative body of thought comes from berkeley hyper liberal professor
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george laid off who wrote a book don't think of an elephant and he describes his opinion the moment in there as when he was looking at the conservative platform and go on this doesn't make sense there's no unifying principle there's no guiding anything that ties this all together and then he realized that a christian and a state with a big military bad could but yes the i think some of those contradictions became very apparent and then he is appears that he came when he realized wait a second. i believe in the exact opposite of all these things so whatever i believe in most also be equally disorganize or just you know lacking something that pulls it all together and he came up with the idea that these have grown out of the strict father figure model of family and he called it the two parent nurturing model you know you might have a little bias there but maybe a more motherly role or a more fatherly role and a big problem with this is our country is a republic not
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a family and our government is not a parent and should never act like our parents and what we get if we expand this into two dimensions instead of one is a much better way of looking at the political spectrum in the united states really in the world in terms of how people orient themselves politically and the way to do this we make this into a little diamond here and we put it this and a point at which people believe in no freedom whatsoever on economic issues or socialist total totalitarian states will put a big t. right there so we can break this down now these two separate axes and this is work it's really interesting on this one you can measure economic liberty and on this one you can measure personal. liberty and so you can picture the extreme at least on the silly left right the hypothetical if you believe in lots of economic
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liberty but no personal liberty you're a conservative although that's that's a bit extreme i know or if you're someone who believes in absolute personal liberty but no economic liberty you're an extreme liberal of course there aren't any real people i think that completely fill those corners perfectly but the more important thing to remember here is what this demonstrates is that this axis here is much more important because here for people that believe in personal liberty and economic liberty you know like from the declaration of independence and the rights that were supposed to be protected in the constitution and so on like that we have libertarians at the top and so what you can do then is a race this and break this down and see groups and you have in the middle your moderates you have in the right your sort of general body of conservatives. down here your status totalitarians people who want the government to take away
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your personal freedom and your economic freedom then you have your liberals or leftists over here that want more personal freedom and economic freedom and then you have people that want freedom more understand that they're really inseparable right here at the top so take a step back what this means is that the republican party leadership especially under bush and i'm not so much in what is what we're talking about was so exciting about watching the republican debate last night is that what we saw as if the republican party under bush was down here it's moving in this direction now and the democratic party now i think most people in democratic party oh i don't want to pass judgment here but there's somewhere in this area there's some rogue here or that's adding a whole lot of this that given too much credit i mean i really it was you know look at brock obama had the he's somewhere between you and mark so i will go back to the point though the leadership of the democratic party is i mean if anything down
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here those polls of the republican flosi reid and obama we can put them down there well right and part of the difference between this and where i think most people in america are who understand what freedom means is that the party leadership. doesn't represent them right and that's the problem there's a big disconnect here with both because the base of the republican party is a lot closer to this but what this really demonstrates is that this axis if you want to have a one axis description of how people are different politically this is the important one and this one is just part of the divide and conquer strategy it's just one of those things that's been imposed on us by those who are using the two party system to corrupt this country to exploit you for the benefit of the superclass in the world the banks stirrers the major corporations the people on wall street the politicians and pull the strings and then behind the curtain this is what's holding us back from moving from here to here and this is what i believe
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is really the progress of the species from the law of the jungle whoever could pick up the biggest rock was in charge to a libertarian society if you go past this you get to the extreme the voluntourism or a voluntary society that's a different ideal where we know that we are getting to the point where all of the things that lead us to call government a necessary evil. are not going to be necessary anymore and this is why it's so important that we get past this crap and last night and conquer stuff yeah and last night was about was really of watching the r.'s the republicans make our team move out of this author return my sense of where you're bringing us to right yeah absolutely yeah and it's really exciting to see that the republican party now the movement is from less freedom to more freedom and it would be awesome you know there's the rumors going around and nader is making some plays that he might be challenging barack obama in the democratic primary and that's really sad because
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that would be moving from i mean nader is nader is a small government left and much closer to i think the base of the democratic party than any of the elected politicians that have a dean x. in their name anyways take use of protests it was funny i took the test but. he did not what how did you score all remember a lot of our viewers think that i'm a neo con which would typically put me down in this camp well i took the test folks . and i am at the nice solid red dot right. i am there he cheated that's where you take all right well we're not of you a con small government small government school conservative who believes that the role of government has a little bit of role to do our will since luke has not taken the test we brought a special edition just for him lucrative ascii this is your chance to take the world's smallest political quiz so for those of you to understand we're going to
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ask haven't seen this before we're asking a series of questions that are going to measure how much lou good ouse you believe in personal issue freedom and economic issue freedom and then we're going to put them on the charts a real quick run through this on each issue you need to respond whether you agree maybe or disagree all right how do you stand on personal issues government should not censor speech press media or internet that's an agree i think it all right military service should be voluntary there should be no draft. there should be no laws regarding sex between consenting adults and her repeal laws prohibiting adult possession and use of drugs there should be no national id card i know it's an issue you're familiar with all right so congratulations that's five right answers a five agrees here that's twenty points each so we push out one hundred and puts luke at an artist level not yet not yet all right how do you stand on economic
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issues and the corporate welfare no government handouts to business. agree and government barriers to international free trade and maybe maybe where where do you where would you want to see barriers to free trade i mean globalist i've been using that so imports leave goods on me ok ok well we'll still a little good will cover that it was overcome by this let people control their own retirement privatized social security maybe. replace government welfare with private charity no that's a disagree with the disagree. well i get a lot like to cut taxes and government spending by fifty percent or more maybe maybe. not as not as strong on this one twenty thirty forty fifty in zero that's a fifty. or so on personal issues and you get a hundred or so we go up on this scale so there and we go on economic issues fifty and i was here right there lou and i'm right here so in other words we learn from
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the he has absolutely no political beliefs whatsoever and is basically trying to cause subscribe to an anarchist state thank you sir i don't think that's true at all lou i mean what replace government welfare with private charity you'd rather have charity done by by force of government do you want to believe you're going to be taxed on us so much i mean they might as well use the money for some of the made without also coming from a guy a group in poland who doesn't understand freedom of their lives are going to if you have a federal reserve and they're taking our money they might as well spend it right now as well when they're not taxing us a little are you talking about i'd rather have them take it all i read a little bit on the way they look at churches in the private sector do this review thing they do it is better yes they can successfully up until last fifty years with democrats should try to bring this socialized parasitic nonsense from the european communist states that you grew up with. excellent thank you very much that was adverse is the man contributors take the libretto and lucrative we didn't get
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a chance to get into it today but on monday we'll go over what the price of silver has been out so lately what it means for the value of your dollars and we'll be joined by. three domain radio dot com the wisest man in the room no matter what room he's in that's our show thanks for tuning into adam vs the man please check out adam versus the man dot com to vote on guests and topics and find me on facebook and twitter as always you can e-mail me at adam adam vs the man dot com you can catch this broadcast live as it airs at our t. dot com us. and on you tube and in case you were wondering about the life or why wildlife or chalkboards or so high school anyways this is adam co-pastor from washington d.c. good night.


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