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it's created shared discussed at every level of the progressive movement and that has to be in place before the next crash look we didn't have one so the tea party came up with one they came up with this idea that somehow if you slash government you're going to create you know new jobs for people if you deregulate wall street somehow life supposed to get better i mean they're there they're all totally off the wall but we don't have an alternative we meaning the broadest sense of the progressive community that's our task right now we need to build something like that shared amongst ourselves kick it around the sky with the bait so that when the the next crash comes we're prepared and you're leading the charge and i'm so pleased that you come on our program and share that with us leslie of old thank you very much thank you so much for having me by the way you can watch this conversation again as well as other conversations with great minds at our website conversations with great minds dot com. coming up reporter of water's edge lani conservative columnist brian darling and conservative blogger chris mel as you see
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all join me for after the break for tonight's we're on the. phone. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcomes the big picture.
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wealthy british scientists on. the. market trying to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's reports. are you ready to rumble on the panel for tonight's big picture rubble chris mallett g c the political blogger with the washington examiner and president of the young conservatives coalition. reporter a blogger with think progress dot org and brian garlick director of government studies at the heritage foundation and columnist of
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human events and contributor to red state dot com and big government dot com polling up quite a bit a c.v. ok let's get started. yesterday president obama went to ground zero to bring closure to families of the eleven victims of nine eleven signaling that in the wake of bin laden's death it's time for all of us to come together and heal but conservatives have a different agenda in the wake of bin laden's death it seems that they think that it's time to give credit to george w. bush for torturing people so that really what we should be doing right now bush's own national security adviser john brennan said torture did not lead to finding bin laden dianne feinstein chair the senate intelligence committee also says that torture now play a role so why are republicans obsessing over war crimes. so thoughts well i think george w. bush did do a great job in starting the process that led to the capture and killing of osama bin laden oh well first of all i'm going to anymore he doesn't invading afghanistan
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this mission was launched from afghanistan. and starting guantanamo bay going tony mowbray if the president had his way president obama had his way you wouldn't shut it down preemptively and we didn't get a say in the intelligence that we got other got a grant of a bit in the last two years and the fact that we have military bases in afghanistan but it possible for us to go to pakistan and i thought we had gone into pakistan from a base in germany we had to you know you can't take away from the fact that president bush helped start the process that president obama finished both deserve credit and enhanced and interrogation techniques did help get this information is curious should you take i think it's too early to say what exactly got the information we've heard a lot of conflicting things and what i would say is this is george bush spanked here is waging a multiple war isn't even that close to catching osama bin laden if he had focus purely on sort of smarter intelligence sort of good sort of counterinsurgency good counterterrorism i think that maybe could have gotten him i'm i'm obviously not
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some of the men and women in uniform who didn't like it that yeah i mean when you hear that and chris you know george bush shut down the bin laden unit in two. thousand and five that because bill clinton put it together in ninety six and basically you know said we're not going to look for individuals anymore we're going to look across the world for terrorism i think if we're going to see respects i think president obama deserves credit in george w. bush because reserves credit to i think george w. bush put the strategy in place to help find been osama bin laden the president obama would used to have the right tactic in order to actually catch him so i think they both deserve credit what a lot of what obama did was fundamentally a police action it's what bill clinton did after tim mcveigh blew up the are building and what george bush did was a war action and i don't see how that led to twenty two twenty four guys going into a comma you have to remember that osama bin ladin was in afghanistan he had safe haven with the taliban and because they are headed to what not to us but to
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a third country well you know that was before you talk about before george bush or tell him we're going to play no right after nine eleven mullah omar said if you can prove if you can give us any evidence that this guy's and we will arrest him and send him over to a third party then when bush started dropping bombs on afghanistan momar held another press conference and said we don't even need the evidence anymore we'll just turn him over to a third country now this is also he said no i want to have a war well brawl at the same time we're supporting al qaida and have been for years i don't know if he's the best credible person to rely on for this this information but i think it without going without going into afghanistan i don't think we would have been able to have captured osama bin ladin in pakistan there because you from afghanistan we were able to squeeze al qaida to the i don't recall you think bill clinton could have gotten some of a in six months the george bush if he had decided to use the navy seals in the intelligence operations in a police strategy rather than a their army strategy that he could have gotten bin laden and he were talking about
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americans versus people who are not americans who have declared war against we declared war against al qaida in two thousand. it is not a country where you can ok i know you can really work as if you know you can declare war against al capone in the mafia he can declare war against a lot of you know what you can do is wage very surgical sort of military police style operations and intelligence operations and get in line which is what bush would have done if he could negotiate with the taliban to get or i've been lied to mentor of war president bush disappointed to death there is on wednesday announcing he would not be releasing the pictures of bin laden with his head waterpark this is how the president justified his decision in an upcoming sixty minutes or. it is important for us to make sure that. very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head. are not floating around. as. an incitement to violence as a propaganda tool. though that's not who we are. i was president oh excuse
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me meanwhile sarah palin thinks that is that is who we are she tweeted showing photo show photo as warning to others seeking america's destruction no pussyfooting around no politicking no drama it's part of the mission so which america are we resident obama's where we don't trot out thought as trophies or sarah palin so we don't pussyfoot around and we show that america can be just as brutal and violent as our enemies i think you know a lot of this talk has been about the sensitivity of the muslim world i asked what about the sensitivity of the nine eleven families and victims this picture could help put closure on this horrific tragedy a good many of them calling for why i think a lot of people would want to see this photo for rudy giuliani said the other day it's just it's going to get out there anyway there's a lot of conspiracy conspiracies that are out there thinking that this didn't really happen but i'm going to show we did this with hooting and qusay hussein i don't see there was any and that was the bush you know i'm going to show the
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trophies well at the same time same thing with think of the message that would send to potential future terrorists they have actually were brutal killers i didn't think that that was america i mean i think the fact that you see the ruins in afghanistan and iraq so so the world that america can be brutal when i want to get what we need to show others that we can be wise you know i don't think it's going to make a huge difference either way whether released the picture or not but i don't think we should let sarah palin with her grand canyon terrorism experience from a still alaska be dictating what we do you. think there are people in the right and the left that want the picture to come out i don't think there's any doubt on the part of americans or to some of the ansted but when you talk about a brutal killing i mean i hope you're not arguing that president obama didn't have the authority to go into pakistan and kill osama bin laden no i'm not what i'm arguing is what the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee said it multiple television programs day before yesterday that he had been on the house intelligence committee back in two thousand whatever it was when the when the abu
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ghraib pictures. came out and he and he had personally talked with commanders in the field who said that they had had men die because those photos were released and he didn't want to see any more of our soldiers well actually that was misconduct by american military officials were talking about a successful mission on the part of american soldiers american navy seal seal members who went in did the mission and i think it's historical it's something that either he or she wasn't around are judy said and. i just don't think publishing is necessarily something that we should do we shouldn't do i don't think it going to make a big difference either way but what i would say that you know be being triumphant about what you did is a lot different if we're going to do things in the world we should do them in being translated about them and so they're much prepared to listen is that enough of the right while at the same time you have to think about the message that the sons to the terrorists is that america is willing to go to any length to do it to go after somebody who harmed american prey and we hear so little value that we're not even
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sure damn picture right i guess it's a message to potential future terrorist you guys are going to do this you know that's what that's what obama saying basically that bin laden he's nothing you know we're. any that's my take i will move along the next thing one thing we learned from the fighting and killing of bin laden is that the president didn't need to her one hundred thousand troops into pakistan on sunday night it only took a few dozen or so doesn't that prove the actual boots on the ground war was unnecessary for the so-called war on terror shouldn't we listen to afghan president hamid karzai and a growing voice is in congress who paraphrasing from on senator george a concern comment to l.b.j. about vietnam say it's time to declare victory and bring our troops home. why why not just say you know where did you hear this thing as a country with a two billion dollar a year g.d.p. and we're spending fourteen billion dollars a year there isn't the same kiddo was more than osama bin laden there's a large organization of the taliban one hundred of are often afghans tell of mine
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was a threat and we toppled to tell. for a reason in afghanistan so there still are threats in afghanistan the taliban was the group the george bush the forty million dollars to just stop the opium poppies they did it all maher took the forty million dollars in march of two thousand and one and burned to the fields and you can see the cia right on their website you can see the drop in opium poppy production don't you think that if he had said help us with this police operation was five hundred million dollars i was fined and well more would a chunk of it were harboring terrorists i mean they were harboring al qaeda they were harboring osama bin laden in their country feel free to jump in guys and when i would say you know i am i and one of my favorite previous jobs i worked as a counterterrorism role player for their partner homeland security and one thing we learned about al qaeda is that they're everywhere they're everywhere in cells they're in seventy or eighty countries putting one hundred thousand troops in a country spending one hundred billion dollars a year killing great deal number of civilians that antagonizing a large part of the population getting involved in domestic political problems the
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taliban their primary concern the domestic fighting other afghans not fighting with americans but they will take up arms to fight americans doing that's a really stupid way to deal with terrorism the best way to do it terrorism is a very surgical manner using military as a last resort primarily using police and special forces and basically dealing with these people in a way that doesn't bankrupt our country doesn't end up killing a lot of us and what doesn't kill our own soldiers and chris isn't there a reason why they're not burning canadian flags over there. i mean sharing some good learns sure no i think you make some good points i think we've gotten to a point where we're able to step back but it's because of the surge in afghanistan just very much similar like iraq they were able to get to this point were you know what we can probably pull out of research and you know if the sunnis well. you know why don't we just take that fourteen billion and you know the average income in afghanistan is five hundred dollars a year why don't we just give everybody three thousand dollars a year which would be the fourteen billion saying you guys go you're richer that's part that's part of the problem but you're still going to have insurgents you're still going to have an active force that's going to be going after him it's kind of
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like this of the marshall plan that's what this is because it's ironic the. your hero the lefties hero president obama is still has troops in afghanistan he has not pulled out all the troops from iraq he's just initiated hostilities against libya he has not closed down guantanamo bay yet the leftist side of the people of all of has pretty much prevented him from close it wouldn't they wouldn't threaten the closing of guantanamo bay the last point. is that everything progress a little more often here they were giving them a pass on the war as. you know it finding me disagreeing with a whole lot of that focus has been a lot of republicans in texas are trying to sneak through some ritual welfare legislation and that state's governor bill would give tax breaks to people who buy yachts that are worth more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars after two hundred fifty thousand dollars no sales tax says republican house way ways and means chairman harvey build a brand said texas house republican it's one of those things you have to do but it seems like an odd time to pass it major tax people to rich people since the state
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of texas is dealing with the largest budget deficit since world war two republicans are petain same time slashing nearly eight billion dollars from education in texas so it's jamming as many millionaires and billionaires on a luxury yacht as they can the republicans need a strategy to stimulate the economy. i don't think you can tie to education i think there are two different entities if you're trying to make the argument that because we're going to lessen the tax burden the taxpayers to pay for other things i you're also makes is our exhaustion tax i thought you guys like to consumption taxes the sales tax you're making the argument that there's no you're no waste fraud and abuse that are already taking place in a budget that i'm talking about yachts and this is a i mean there's nobody knows about a five million dollar yacht they'll have to pay sales tax on the first quarter million some of these people got to somebody has to build of some of these so the fact that this is texas is plan to build a building industry but you've got to think of all the people that build the yacht you have to think of the people that sell the and the people who might even work at
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it but i'm going to put out of business people so. building yachts in alabama mississippi here's one thing i don't think we should be heading off tax breaks. and at same time cutting education it all comes down to save money it was a budgetary impact if you're going to get a million dollars for the tax base that might be a million dollars with less for education for investment for a really good infrastructure for police for firefighters and honestly those things are a little more important than the tax base pay high. school liberal fashion liberals think that if you there's no economic impact of raising taxes and decide you're going jobs yeah you know it's very hard a lot of jobs that i'd tell you schools create new jobs yachts pay a lot of this is a republican worldview and i want to elaborate you believe that only go money to government spending money and i knew the private enterprise you know i'm not a communist because i oppose a special tax break for you it's i got to say is that i get i think you're connecting two separate things here you're making the case that essentially there's no waste fraud abuse in the government the going away the end of it because i'm moving now to believing that you're absolutely right. that we're going to get them
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probably wasteful but less likely to get more money i. mean they're missing two trillion dollars i did you. can find that there are just like our federal government there are certain hard choices that governments need to make what can we live with what can we live with and what would those just as well be looking out for if you were at war and the afghan war they have that we live without the tax base but let's fund the schools let's on the firefighters those things a little more you know there's there is no you know if you and others if we seem to be coming close to a consensus last question quickly or to extremist right wing groups the oath keepers of the john birch society were among some of the sponsors of the rally preceding the fox news republican debate last night they had their own booth set up to throw their conspiracy literature head to the tea partiers and the question is what are some lesser known sponsors of last night's republican debate could they be a spray on hair or push box can have a million dollars to be pj's jerky tasting tasty treat straight i'm sure it's shotgun into your mouth or see jihads tot. i peruse indorsed by congressman louie
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gohmert as the only defense against terror babies what you think you picked on louie gohmert they're. going to get it he's in ours a good movie i mean fruit we're going to mean the debate was was fascinating it was good to have at least five of the candidates there yeah i thought ron paul's hate let's legalize heroin was the story of ma he got the biggest applause. honestly you know that was it that was a funny debate there seem to be more questions about the serious issues on the other hand i was glad to see you're gay john said let's bring up the criminal justice crisis we have this country i was glad to see temple of the law is cut off about his support for cap and trade in the past as bad as he came as a backing up and he was bigotry so i'm glad the american people got to see these people about for it and i was i was frankly led to see ron paul talk about the criminal in the insane drug war on drugs i just think it's funny you mention that because i was watching the debate last night i had to pinch myself a few times to run myself i was watching
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a republican debate you know the ramp up with all the interludes of plenty cain and santorum i mean you could have thought you were watching a democrat or libertarian debate on there you know libertarian i mean most of those guys i hear you don't like this in favor of ending sherif labor laws we want him for an outlet all right we got to wrap this up. my thought my take is that it's going to be torture kids do do it yourself torture kids now you can bring all the fun of waterboarding your kids play room including a bucket of wooden plank with first white tile and crisp elegy see got it right brian darling thank you thank you guys very much for sure. coming up a daily take on where so-called global free trade. and where it's taking america.
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you know sometimes you see the story and the scene so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize everything you saw you don't i'm sorry there's a big. wealthy british style.
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market trying to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at mobile financial headlines to cause a report. welcome to america a would you like fries with that kind of nation yes we won world war two we won the space race and our economic empire outlasted the soviet union but today those accomplishments are all in the distant past belonging to a nation that is wildly different than the one we live in today new job numbers released show that we added about two hundred forty thousand jobs the economy last month barely enough to keep pace with new job seekers and short of the three hundred thousand a month needed to fill the massive hole blasted into our job market by the great bush recession but have no fear what dollars will save us early stuff you last week
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after reviewing over one million applications from the desperately unemployed but donal's announced it's going to hire sixty thousand new people flip burgers sixty thousand new hires a one million seekers have a better chance of getting into harvard they getting a job at mcdonalds right now that's just how bad things are for the unemployed in america. so how did we get here how do we get to a point where america doesn't make anything anymore except for war machines that are called the can be exploded once and burgers and french fries that can only be eaten once what happen to building things the last bridges schools roads the whole over again you know things that add wealth to arco for the answer to all that we have to go all the way back to the dark days of world war two in one nine hundred forty four the war was finally turning against hitler and he was away amping up his extermination of the of the jews in the concentration camps against germany
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economists and financial representatives of forty four nations arrived in bretton woods new hampshire to have a meeting they want to figure out a way to make sure the entire world doesn't again suffer a great depression as it did in the previous decade depression a gave birth to hitler's germany and out of that meeting an agreement was reached that spawned the international monetary fund the world bank essentially laid the groundwork for a new global economy and for something we know very well today so-called global free trade. but it would take about fifty years for this agreement to be fully ratified by the united states congress that's because lawmakers for decades were worried that the bretton woods treaty this in particular republicans by the way was part of a worldwide communist conspiracy to create global rule there were also worries the treaties are inherently dangerous since our constitution says the treaties trump federal and state laws and thus the minute the sovereignty of the united states he's taken very seriously and after enough time corporations with their newfound
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personhood are gaining more and more influence in the halls of congress and when these corporations look at free trade they saw nothing but dollar signs you cheap labor pools neumar emerging markets who cares of america was for outsourcing these corporations would be reeling in nassif profits and profits not patriotism or the name of the game so after fifty years in a member of one thousand nine hundred four with heavy pressure from trans national corporate campaign donors our congress ratified the bretton woods agreement and the final pieces of it and most members of congress not even reading the treaty and the world or it is asian the world trade organization was created and is ross perot famously warned in the one thousand nine hundred two presidential debates about free trade there would immediately be a giant sucking sound of jobs leave america and ending up elsewhere around the world in just two years after america jumped into free trade with the w t o more
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than four hundred twenty thousand jobs vanished and twenty eight billion dollars worth of business was lost it's pretty clear early on we got ourselves in a bad deal we kept right on with more free trade agreement agreements and more bad deals today more than twenty million jobs have been lost as a result and we currently have the second highest trade deficit as in we're buying more things in the world than we're selling ever recorded in the history of the world. the highest recorded trade deficit by the way was in italy in one thousand twenty four and the economic damage that did to italy lead right straight to fascist benito mussolini taking. another consequence of these free trade treaties is that foreign governments and corporations could sue us and force us to change our laws to their benefit so not only do corporations have the rights of people you have none of the vulnerabilities as in they don't need to eat they died they can go
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to jail the corporations all are also now more powerful and sovereign governments they can force us the united states of america to change our laws to maximize their profits federal and local laws against products that exploited choice child labor products that exploited the environment and nature and products that exploited the health of those who made or used them like us presidents all were struck down after we joined it of. giving foreign corporations and governments free rein to race to the bottom to see who could sell the world more toxic junk for the lowest prices and the highest profits that's free trade free and america is quickly becoming the bottom we can only offer of cruise missiles and fighter jets now meaning that our economy is dependent upon perpetual war which is a problem even our fourth president james madison warned us of when he said no nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of perpetual warfare and aside from
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weapons of mass destruction our only other option is making french fries and thankful and thought i was a step enough to hire a few thousand workers to help our economy i guess will overlook how rob becoming obese and developing hypertension and diabetes and fast food to look on the bright side once things get really bad all the corporations that used to build things in america will come crawling back because we'll have plenty of desperate low wage workers. but let's hope before that happens a political party will stand up in america and i sure are wounded nation out of these so-called free trade agreements a political party that will protect us industry again with tariffs that will close tax loopholes for job outsourcers and we'll reinvest in a new american infrastructure that makes all u.s. businesses more profitable a party that a man's we make things in the usa again it's what we used to do for more than two hundred years from the founding of our nation until we fell for the scheme of free
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trade sold to us by greedy transnational corporations only when that happens when that party rises up when people wake up when real people stand up to corporate power and say no no no only that we once again become a nation that knows how to go to the moon and not only that those that go to the moon and not one that only knows what temperature to fly fly to fry french fries. and that's the big picture the more stories and one more international stories are covered visit our website it's on our blog and our team also check out our you tube page at youtube dot com slash picture and entire show is available for free podcast on i tunes and don't forget the barber said he gives with you when you show up your cinema.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm sorry for the big picture.


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