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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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in the. counting of the cost following the day of defiance syria's government faces it up to a new arena new just threats of sanctions approach a crackdown on protesters which sort of dozens. of tanks and armored vehicles get rolled out of the streets of central moscow as military brass polish up ahead of the big three day celebration. finally. getting on better with their part of the most important. if you can't even. find some from the u.s. pro gun the lobby of pushing to extend their freedom to carrying weapons in the
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schools and on play. a very warm welcome to you this is artsy live from moscow where it's not just after two pm on saturday now the u.s. is threatening to take a new steps against the syrian government in response to the latest bloody crackdown by security forces troops and tanks are reported to have swept into the northern syrian city of a bunny yes a day off a huge anti-government demonstrations across the country that left thirty people dead officials armed terrorist groups for the rest while protesters say they want and two decades of oppression and corruption is now thought more than five hundred eighty people have been killed since the uprising began some seven weeks ago following on from the u.s. sanctions on the threat of more to come and the e.u.
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has agreed on assets frozen. at the top of the syrian officials correspondent eric margolies says western countries have ulterior motives behind that. there's great excitement in washington to try spectacle overthrowing the syrian government that's been on the front burner in washington or since the bush stray should be ideas that would deliver a massive blow to iran cincher as if. syria were collapse that the government fell the israelis would like it because of any syrian military capability and would assure that nobody's going to raise the issue of the golan heights which israel still illegally occupied the sixty seven there is if the right wing governments in europe germany particularly so sir cozy in france was. challenged from the further right when i become very militant very militarized in their policy and it's very popular now to go after arabs and what we're seeing is
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a sort of a counter revolution where the european powers made to the united states have seized on the revolution to try and bend it to their will and they're using the humanitarian intervention as the new reason for sending troops in humanitarian intervention usually lies to places resources or strategic geography. attention from syria libya where the rebels are bracing themselves for ground. forces on the city of misrata nearly two months later as bombing campaign is failing to break a stalemate. with coalition is interested in making the conflict last. their objective is not to save civilians it's to break up the country and to turn it into another somalia another afghanistan a failed state that they can take advantage of and manipulate and take all the resources the biggest companies corporations or africa all happened to be in libya
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libya was pushing for the african union to unite under its wing and it was the financial backbone of africa until these bought this bombing started libyan banks were amongst the pig just investors across the world in fact the first step of this war was to take libya's money by freezing its billions of dollars of assets in north america in europe they've already set up. an oil corporation in eastern libya based in benghazi a national bank based in benghazi they want this conflict to last they're no rush to end this war they are keeping a strategic stalemate between benghazi and tripoli they are doing this to make them both dependent on the united states the e.u. and nato as the arbitrators of libya who will decide the fate of the libyan people . i would also you live from moscow and still have for you in the program but many
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times and see the ruins of an underground nazi come on something in ukraine or at the center of the storm some want to be a world war two memorial others fear it could become a shrine for skinheads. from rehearsal to reality a russian rocket is being prepared for liftoff from a european space port after a successful simulation. has value take revenge on the u.s. for the death of osama bin laden statements attributed to the terrorist group that appeared on several online she hardest forums but also suggest that a successor is being chosen to take over as leader blogger danielle belton says america made a mistake in not putting the terrorist leader on trial the reality is that american politics is just very ugly right now and things that normally wouldn't be politicized have been politicized something that's natural saying hey we have a person who's committed crimes against us let's use the american justice system to bring them to justice has now become a political issue it's now become debatable whether or not our system should be
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used to try people to try terrorists to people who've been accused of attacking our country and you get all these ridiculous arguments about how if we try them on our soil it's going to attract more terrorist attacks to what happened want to. attract us to tears to get in this debate where the american justice system isn't tough enough to try you know international terrorists we've tried international terror before we're trying them now on u.s. soil so this argument that we can't handle it because of the what the perceived represents might be is merely a political argument used to drive as a wedge issue for votes meantime u.s. president barack obama has paid tribute to the commanders who carried out the mission against bin ladin persian going on a quote job well done to use military contributor says the white house is handling of the aftermath was fumbled and is not fueling conspiracy theories. the u.s. president obama has expressed his frustration about the media coverage of the u.s.
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special mission against osama bin laden he has nobody to blame but the u.s. administration itself the way it managed their media conference of the u.s. special operations the us administration has committed one cardinal sin somehow the white house decided that this is a unique opportunity to take a political advantage of this particular mission and it has backfired and feel not only conspiracy theories but it also demonstrated that credibility gap oh the u.s. administration in general and white house severely and dwellers in particular barack obama should have thought not as the u.s. president as the u.s. commander in chief when it comes to special operations of this magnitude you had better keep your mouths shut and instead of provoking control over c. you'd better withhold b. information as long as possible that's why there are political knee jerk reaction
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from the white house not only robbed of the deserved praise but also of the credibility trust between the united states administration international media and the public at large in the united states take a stand ever again to stand then other countries when americans are rejoicing at the news i saw monotonous being killed resident in new york people that what made them celebrate his death. was the killing of osama bin ladden a major victory in the war on terror this week let's talk about that we definitely think it was a victory i don't know if i'm necessarily agree with everyone rejoicing in the streets but i mean i think it's a good positive step for the country so how is the positive bad if it's making us celebrate it someone's that well positive just from the perspective that it's one
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less horrible person out there in the world one less terrorist in the world that we have to worry about i think there'll be affect on their side and for us we just of a lot better why do we need to feel better about it what do you think that does for us closure. closure the whole psychology they are psychology about it like a. man is dead. so but don't we need to put the man isn't there always kind of a need for that in society is donald trump i just spoke with seems people are saying some people are saying might not be i hope they did. do you think that we the president owes it to the world to approve it or do you think that you know how easy is right in saying you know i did what i had to do. i think there's certain things they shouldn't the paper they don't tell the general public because i think sometimes of course you know some some of the government things could cause
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a panic probably is you know maybe one of the prime anime's of the u.s. but it's it's hard to. know you can't celebrate you know. someone died you know so what do you think of the people that are celebrating and waving the flag and cheering you ition do that you know even though i mean i'm a i'm not sad. to hear that they killed you know but i'm not going to be celebrating i think it's some progress. it's retribution i think. you did some bad things and you had to pay for it so do you think that it's going to make a difference in terms of terrorist actions from this point out. there might be some more rich gruesome from. then is it worth it is it worth killing someone if it means more killing you have to it's take a stand. so then was it worth it.
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in a way yes. in another sense it's a bit of a negative. but you could say to kill him well i don't know that's always the best start for a new beginning whether or not you think the killing of osama bin laden was a major victory in the war and terror the bottom line is at least now there is one less terrorist in the world's. coming to life from the heart of the russian capital final practice for victory day parade has been held here in moscow two days time the anniversary of the soviet soldiers trial for the great patriotic war. preparations. but in one of the most.
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educated. on. display of russian military might. in the wait wait. lists here teachers. whistle. least a sense of. please please please as they watched. television. cameras let us live. with their parents and a radio station with. which he's. like to take the earth. and. making their way
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to her and. her but. there were. similar. can't. underestimate the. world on a controversial heritage and a world war to this record by my calling. anyone today can enjoy a good walk in the forest near the central ukrainian solving it so it's equal it's yours the area maschine butler to hear seven decades ago. these peaceful woods were once the site of a top secret and highly guarded nazi command center the werewolf bunker them we'll call it was a huge complex which had everything germany's cologne could need it was an
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officers' club a sauna a gym a swim hall and barracks some sources claim it went seven pools underground above the ground there were several wooden houses including it was still being adult hitler ordered the construction of this bunker to control the nazi war effort on the eastern front it is believed the nazi leader himself was here three times with his personal swimming pool thought to be about the only thing to remain intact at the site the rest of the huge complex was destroyed in march nine hundred forty four this was believed to be the main entrance to the bunker which was exploded by the retreating german forces when this story troops arrived they went inside the facility and realized it was rigged with explosives they took no chances and there donated the other two entrances bury there were all the secrets forever to this day it is not known what remains underground as no one has ever managed to get inside
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the nazi era facility after the war many attempts have been made since then to gain access but have failed the walls are massively thick and the site is still subject to top secret cause if occasion the director of the local military museum believes the complex was deliberately preserved to prevent any intrusion it is natural as the bunker was built by soviet prisoners of war that's why its blueprints don't differ from there of still puncturing bunkers across the former u.s.s.r. nobody will crack it open in the near future because it is still classified so early. it may only be a pile of rocks but now the local administration wants to turn the world wolf's ruins into a morial to be opened in june this year. and fourteen thousand some people that build and word to the world will facility was loaded by the fascists that is why you want to put a fancy around it and make it
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a memorial to the victims and fashions and preserve their memory. that despite this being a seemingly patriotic idea ukraine's communist party is not too happy about it staging tickets to protest against the plan that's what would have been your own would of the authors of this would you should you find one hundred kids launched against them and they're building a monument to hitler just to create even official narcan for neil fascist movements struggling in the crimean you know only with notices that they were will conquer has been a meeting place for right wing skinheads in the past as well as the target of endless speculation some claim it is radioactive others say this cursed as all the complains commanded from here notably the bottles of stalingrad and cursed two crucial nazi defeats but seventy years on this seemingly goal the ruins of a top secret shelter remain a continuous source of public curiosity and the mystery looks serious ascii art see
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reporting from vignettes out in ukraine now decades after the end of the second world war many held captive in german concentration camps can still remember the joy and relief that arrived with liberators the events of the spring of one hundred forty five is the focus of our extensive report today. diety you. look forward to be held don't see. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of not ration. your spring of nineteen forty five on r.g.p. . i know that special report is coming away in less than fifteen minutes from now
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right here on out. the number of shootings in the schools and streets of america has done little to dampen the enthusiasm of thousands to assert that second amendment rights the movement to publicly bear arms at all times is a significant and growing as a party is for found out some even see their semiautomatics as a last line of defense against the government. thanks record for it spent years carrying a banner in the balkans and in iraq as a defense contractor thanks when he came home to virginia he didn't see a reason to put it down being a former deputy sheriff i felt that it was necessary to. obtain a concealed handgun permit to protect myself but craig doesn't want to just conceal his gun he wants to carry it out in the open to me it's the constitutional way to carry a firearm. and i think that. if you don't
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exercise your rights eventually you will lose them. his way if you drank leave the house without her magnum three fifty seven pistol his. checked into this special handbag for packing he encouraged i was thinking. big. even during the war you know it was. close. when i came here and i think. it's like a wild west and like i was watching me. walk in with a gun on my hip there are two hundred fifty million guns in the hands of american civilians and rutherford estimates he spent more than twenty five thousand dollars on here. i mean how many purchasers do you have.
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guns i wanted you to read each one brings back memories. this was. my grandfather saddam. we used to go hunting together when i was little boy rutherford carries his gun everywhere he legally can and even encourages his daughters and nephew as well and they would just rather original citizens took on three pounds two thousand five hundred members they organize events like this one at parts restaurants and other public places where they openly carry loaded weapons in an effort to normalize their critics say. i believe that you should be able to. carry a firearm in any manner you choose on an airplane and in schools virginia tech and columbine there are some serious things and they don't allow guns it's always a criminal that because of guns and you can't have a gun in a gun free zone so guns in to be allowed in campuses every genius citizens defense
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league is part of the greater open carry movement a well organized network of gun owners in forty three states three bills kamora to mean everyone it makes you know makes it basically makes it easier to screw up but the message that prepares it's. first some in the open carry movement it's about more than security it's about forming a militia defending themselves from government tyranny and even organizing an insurgency killing ford artsy carrollton virginia. more than us is going to get most of what you see dot com also much more to explore with some of the items that are lined up for you today the russian bomber quits the country's majority party country's first african born politician props for a different political direction to go to sleep on a regional council to find out about his election. and the new york captures in on smokers lighting up in public will now leave your pockets and why to just pick up all these years that he finds to make money for the city that are much more at all
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to your home also check out the best videos those always something you can watch at our you tube. it's. the official policy allocation. from the. video on demand. old girls.
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on the comb so let's look at some other international news from around the world now this hour a plane carrying twenty seven people has crashed in eastern india means you are killing all on board the country's transport minister says the jet which was on a domestic flight went into the sea harbor colombo from the astra bad weather conditions on the port there's ability are thought to be the cause of the indonesian archipelago as one of the one of asia's worst safety records. rumors of that greece is considering dumping the euro as the value of the single currency and article in a german magazine suggested if the greek government could return to its own currency her court was denied by the greek finance ministry and officials from other member states however a meeting of ministers from foreign bureaus and countries in luxembourg the striker . voters in in the u.k. have overwhelmingly rejected plans to change the way m.p.'s are elected over two
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thirds said no to proposals to scrap the first past the post system and a country wide referendum british prime minister david cameron had suggested a yes vote for form would be. bizarre stat ruling coalition members the liberal democrats who had pushed for the referendum almost lost half of their councillors in local elections. there are reports that a knife body has been found inside a coal mine in northern mexico following a gas explosion earlier this week another five workers are still unaccounted for and the by that has only been operating for some twenty days rescuers are continuing to dig to try to reach the remaining victims with families have missing they haven't given up hope of finding them alive mexico's worst called by accident came in two thousand and six sixty five people died. right now a russian soyuz rocket is being prepared for launch from a spaceport in french guiana after a simulated at liftoff proved successful part of
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a joint project between russia and the european space agency the spacecraft will carry satellites for europe's navigation system galileo into orbit he said this program. with more than one and a half thousand launches far more than any other this soyuz is the world's most successful rocket and now for the first time it will be fired off from a non russian space board over the last eight years the european space agency e.s.a. and spend more than half a billion dollars on building a launch and adopting the soyuz for a surf american space center in ku. this was all done by our engineers and designers we have to adapt to the climate here and to the different safety standards but we have proven ourselves with this you didn't modifications and crews will chose a location the soyuz will be able to be great the roads into space than ever before but lower prices than any competitor with the seas makers in russia also stand to
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benefit more than four decades after its first launch the soyuz should really be showing its age patrol means one of the world's most reliable rockets and in fact orders of some are a plant going up from. yeah yeah. twenty so use launchers will be produced here by the end of the year several years ago the numbers were in single digits its chief engineer says the rocket remains popular not just because it's record well and it might look similar to the earlier models but inside the cell use is being constantly upgraded as the reason we still use the basic model i believe it's the perfect market in its fundamental design we predict that they will be used for another forty years at least the constructors are saying that the transition from prestige driven space race of the cold war era to a new way of doing things is complete. this is a project that makes solid financial sense to us it isn't just a political gesture and we're hoping it's just
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a springboard. the first so hughes will be launched from the group in the second half of the year and eventually the spaceport will handle fall on just annually the russian side hopes the success of this project will encourage other space agencies to adopt the stories but for either an artsy some are. just a little bit later but i research shows you around accusing the cafe's designer shops . russia's main street here in the capital trying to pass the torch. will be exploited breeds even lost its best i. also have the russian originally a way out of the medieval city. today in the center of the cities like entertainment and from century old statues to more daisuke cafes take it from me to diverse students first sky will impress the most. tourists the street is packed full of interesting facts and figures for centuries it was the official route for the sas
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procession with your visits to moscow the pews of the street has fundamentally changed over the centuries from a narrow many people within surface pro to today's slightly overwhelming eight lane highway. come here. and i must go outtakes you want to tour of the capital shortly here on t.v. just before that i'll be back with a quick recap off the top stories at this time to step across. the.
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world. bringing you the latest in science tends to come from a realm for sure. we've got the future of coverage. twenty years ago this country. to survey six of. us have been itching. to teach began a journey. where did it take them. a mission three cretaceous.


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