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kuwait's top stories america's most wanted terrorist is killed by its troops bringing cheering crowds to the streets but leaving some puzzles blind consistencies in the united states version of that. they say members look at siphoning support for the libyan rebels the exact these frogs and said britain russia wants the alliance is involved and is getting dangerously close to a ground invasion. troops at times under arrest in syria with new signs of an end to the financing. the e.u. deploys sanctions to force the regime to end its violent crackdown on its citizens
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of its. paper roll out the big guns for the annual ground victory day parade as he puts it want to defeat the nazis and how it's not just straight. to her room but welcome she this is the life from moscow with me alice has now we have been dominated by the death of the world's most notorious terrorists after ten years on the run a solid bin laden was eventually tracked down enough through in pakistan and so. there's unease and now we reports the world's medicines will seek out a new torchbearer for terrorism. the man wanted dead or alive for a decade is gone the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin
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laden for some it was a moment of victory years of caring for others a moment of embarrassment resident obama is in fact dead it was us. but there's one thing analysts say should not be overlooked as some of bin laden may be dead but the threat of terror is very much alive frankly doesn't make much of a difference that it's dead people here working in still long lines at least for the last two years to be very convinced that the. figures or people in this region who by the way cannot number more than one hundred are incapable of carrying out any major attacks it's been years since bin laden has claimed responsibility for an attack instead it's russia now kind of terrorists that have made the most recent marks moscow's metro blast an airport bombing two of the latest global attacks were masterminded by domestic chechen terribly their doku umarov for years has been
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trying to use third and modern drole as the face of international terrorism they are kind of leaders demise is expected to remain a significant symbol of having little or no fact in the fight against terrorism it could create waves elsewhere in two thousand war and right. george bush's approval rating was going around fifty percent twenty four hours he shot at a neighbor said so watch for. a new poll shows obama is up more than ten percent since bin laden was killed and now of course an opening has been made for the new face of evil. first it was a soviet union and was it was the russian federation it was some of been large and saddam hussein and these days of course we have none of the parallels have been made this week with how the u.s. armed groups that later evolved into al qaeda and the taliban with what they're doing now in libya the new public enemy number one is just beginning his journey
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it's time to work out and he said no way are my. weapons he has released a five hang video. they were among material scenes from the compound where he was killed well the video offers a glimpse all of the life is a fugitive in hiding but on tape shows the kind of leader preparing a message to the u.s. many so have been produced late last year when the end of the video bin ladin is seen watching a programme about himself all arabic television barack obama has been criticized for failing to deliver prove all that the president broke the release of photos of the bodies sizing national security risks the exact circumstances of his death remain unclear have raised questions about the legality of the killing of portnoy how small. the week began with an international news bombshell proudly dropped
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by the united states there was a female who was in fact in the line of fire. that reportedly was used as a shield to shield. from the incoming fire by tuesday a big blunder and major backpedaling in a room with bin laden a woman bin laden's what a woman rather bin laden's wife rushed the u.s. assaulter and was shot in the leg but not killed america grabbed the world's attention after announcing the assassination of osama bin laden here failing to get the facts straight the u.s. has also. priscilla tate it a rapid rise of conspiracy theories what they did is they told a bunch of different stories they took some stuff. and that's just the conspiracy of machine if there were oil on a fire a blaze that inflamed after failing to deliver on promises of providing the public
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with proof we're going to do everything we can to make sure that nobody has any basis to try to deny that we got somebody i don't think there was any question well it's a really a photograph or would be presented to the public we have no need to publish those photographs to establish that with some of the in line was killed us president barack obama refused to release any visual evidence confirming bin laden's death for fear it would be used to spark anti-american violence critics say this leaves the public with more questions than answers and when they say we don't want to show the photos because we don't inflame people well fine how about bringing in certain members of the press along with a panel of unrelated forensic identification experts who can come out and say we've studied this the world was able to study the execution of america's other enemy in two thousand and six when the hanging of saddam hussein went viral on the web shortly afterwards meanwhile bin laden's expedited sea burial has been the target
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of conspiracy and acts u.s. officials say was done in keeping with muslim tradition it was returning to. here is the requirement in islamic law of the individual vary but in twenty four hours as many have noted washington broke its own rule when the bodies of saddam hussein's sons were embalmed and held for eleven days after being killed by u.s. forces but there are so many in consistencies in all of this that it's incumbent upon the obama administration to be as forthcoming as they can be about exactly what they do and do not know and did and did not know or in this case know what to . ok before you speak. just one week ago it was brock obama at the center of a two year conspiracy that die down once america's leader released his birth certificate but now obama's actions surrounding the killing of osama bin ladin have
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paved the way for a whole new set of missing questions surrounding the transparency of the u.s. government. r.t. new york. of the fight against al qaeda inspired terrorism continues in russia militants were killed on sunday in an ongoing operation in the one caucuses one policeman died during the raid while earlier this week a senior al qaeda operative was killed in the southern republic of chechnya the turkish or militant known as of the kurds is the need to have been the key financier and organizer of terrorist cells in the region they said to have played a leading role in major attacks in russia as well as assaults on police he had only recently assumed the leading role after his predecessor was killed by security forces while fortune say their two deaths have roku the caucuses may link with the international terrorist organization. believed r.t. coming up a grand parade to the victims of. sixty six years old russia is
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getting ready to celebrate victory over nazi germany will have more not later in the program. to libya now where the rebels have tracked on claims they'll be sold weapons salie a rebel official heard said on saturday that they were expecting a shipment of arms very soon denied the claims that it will provide equipment for self-defense supplying weapons to libya is banned by a u.s. embargo the ongoing civil war there has reached stalemate with over two thousand nato coalition airstrikes having so far failed to topple colonel gadhafi. well thursday the allies international contact group agreed to set up a cash fund for the rebels but russia's foreign minister says this demonstrates how far the coalition is stray from the u.n. resolution on the air. assault school but a contact group has established itself and now is trying to take responsibility for
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the international community's policy towards libya should be watching us and not only libya we're hearing voices calling for this group to decide what to do in other states in the region we believe that all sides should be focusing on the peaceful resolution of the situation and not supporting one side in an internal conflict what is essentially a civil war. and the fighting in libya has been dragging on since february has reportedly claimed thousands of lives professor alan experts on the bed they say that coalition has taken the wrong approach to solving the conflicts. if their rebels were strong then a little bit of outside assistance to them might have been enough to topple the government but the rebels were extraordinarily weak in fact the war would have ended more than a month ago if not for intervention the rebels simply feel the killing would have stopped. and more people would be alive than are alive today so what the
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intervention really did is just to level the playing field this is actually quite common intervention that is intended to end the violence and sometimes that's killing it's the violence and that's exactly what's happened in libya and so could offer you it's security in tripoli his forces are loyal large parts of the country support him and so a little bit of intervention is not going to compel him to step down but there are tribal differences between the west of libya in the east of libya this is mainly a regional war between those regional tribes west and east and that would not change with the killing of one man old ahmed solution in libya is going to be a peace agreement and it's going to be a peace agreement between the west and the east power sharing in this part of the world are very familiar with those sorts of deals where tribes that are killing each other one day then share power the next day and so that's really where the effort internationally should be focused. in syria times and security forces have
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reportedly moved into the central city of homs and something that's how fast making arrests along the way with this comes a day at least six people were killed a syrian troops swept through a coastal city suppressing demonstrations and officials blame terrorists groups for the rest of the protesters say they want an end to decades of oppression and corruption one thousand rights claims eight hundred feet up and killed since the uprising began almost seemed months ago on the back of the u.s. sanctions the e.u. has also agreed to a freeze on a travel ban thoughts hopes to. area officials thought more on me arab uprisings now with. this president who is facing and should. be what us what's not how one syrian how the us and the. sanctions who kind of power does sad actually have left within syria. well i think still has
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a very strong grip on power he has the baath party the majority of the baath party behind him there is quite a substantial body of people behind him i think the idea that if the west begins to apply pressure it would be probably. counterproductive it would be seen as again the west is interfering in internal affairs this is how it would be viewed but i think that the present moment i said is in control i think you should do something about it before the world begins to around and try and support his opposition as they have done in libya we're talking about pressure the u.s. and the e.u. have frozen the assets of top government officials in syria and impose a travel ban on the do you think they're wrong to be getting involved in speaking such actions against syrian officials well everybody is talking about taking
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human rights protection measures but in fact i think the west very clearly europe generally speaking the u.s. particularly britain is certainly one of the people who are actually looking for their own national interest under the pretext of protecting human rights secondly i think these measures which are now being peddled every now and then through the u.n. and outside whereby the u.s. and international community is being reduced from an international organization into a domestic police authority whereby you begin to freeze us. so for individuals sometimes the individuals don't actually have us it anyway but it's a it's a gimmick which is needed used in most of the instances and this being made in fun is counterproductive because it just make noises but it does not have any effect and i think it does this for a bit when i'm away from these countries that you mention are often i write
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interests when getting involved in the country well i think principally that trying to show the people of these countries whether it's libya or syria or other countries that they are behind and of the same time entertaining their links with the raging against whom the people of prizing so that they are really playing both cards playing both hands and telling both sides that they are with them so they make peace gestures about freezing assets and on the same time continuing the communication with the state this is it may be justified from a national interest of say france or britain or the u.s. but it certainly is not a way to deal with international conflicts. eight hundred s. reportedly in the islamic crackdown say fall when do you think that a party like iran might take a strong stand. and i think it's time that the u.n.
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should take a stronger measure that stands shouldn't be trying to penalize rather than trying to mediate finding a way out. making the facility facilitating the ability to try and result this getting the arab countries involved getting their neighbors turkey russia can play a major role it's one of the countries which is respected in that region and specially in syria these countries could play a role by taming down the rage and at the same time giving them advice putting pressure on the regime rather than. making nice gestures of freezing assets which probably doesn't exist because none of those people who have a sense of abroad will have assets in their name it is usually in the name of companies and others so you freeze the assets of the person where he doesn't have any money in his name and he anyone who was city enough to keep the funds are vast
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in his personal name then he deserves it but i think that is not all that can be played and i think that all is right now this pressure must be maintained on syria serious pressure i think international community should be sending a mysteries to syria to try and convince the government of syria that there is an uprising and they cannot just continue to close their eyes and assume that it is only agents from the outside and what have you but the proper reforms should be made ok let's look at libya now the rebels said it's only that she was given the weapons and that's been strongly denied by rome there is of course a un oh and some are in place so where are they getting their weapons from do you think. frankly i think if you sentries are not being honest and dealings because maybe v. government itself of italy is not supplying the weapons but these weapons are coming from italy being the nearest country they are coming from france they are
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coming through other countries through the neighboring countries but i think the west have made it very clear that they are going to take these steps and this is not only contrary to the ban on the supply of weapons to libya but it is exactly contrary to the resolution which is one nine seven three that says that no intervention will be taken place only measures that protects human rights shall be taken so the idea that you begin to assess assist the rebels militarily but a popular uprising will never be able to use force against the state because the states always have a much bigger. firepower and the present moment i think unfortunately the popular revolution in libya has been reduced to fighting a military fight between some people in libya who are backed by the west against gadhafi and that just turning some of the libyans against their revolution because
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it's no longer religion it is taking this step that is being propagated by nato by europe by france by britain and the rest of the country it's not just turkey there is a year and own simple case in place for his regards to libya but as you've been saying coalition air strikes all decimates internal cafes military potential wiping out hardware in the country so why don't i see that how do you think maybe it's going to defend itself with any can any military capability will do you think then regime selling weapons to the region where you can bet your life that this is this is where whoever is going to be in charge in libya be it's gadhafi or be the revolution is going to turn to europe for their weapons because europe is supporting both of them in one way or another they're making the just as against maintaining the relationship look at c.n.n. and the rest of them they are all operating in tripoli and in the same time italy
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and france and britain are sending advisers they're sending weapons they are bucking the their evolution and maintaining the relationship with the i think both of them will turn to the west unless some of the countries like russia like china actually step in and play a bigger role. ok it's about a mug shot by the the arab lawyers association in the u.k. many times speaking to us. now for most europeans maybe eight marks for no also germany surrendered sixty six years ago so in remembrance ceremonies have been held in several capitals this sunday in moscow is also the on the back story ahead of the grand celebrations on monday. for russia victories marked a major night for the traditional military parade through red square ahead of the event the country's political elite with
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a monument to the war victims by the kremlin meanwhile everything starts on monday as the strong. preparations are well underway ahead of what with the exception probably of the new year's celebrations here in russia is the biggest celebration of the calendar year here today a massive celebration in russia marked by a huge parade across red square just behind me over my shoulder you'll be able to see same puzzles cathedral of course behind red square itself i've been having a look at there plenty of people all busying themselves around making sure everything goes off without a hitch tomorrow to commemorate sixty six years since picture in europe victory over nazi germany in which so many people lay down their lives in order to we have the freedoms which we take very much for granted in our lives today you know this is a huge holiday as they say here in russia and very much one that is celebrated
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a widely here in moscow as well as across the whole of the country now the reason that in russia they celebrate victory in europe day on the ninth of may is due to the fact that the actual surrender of nazi germany was signed so late in the day on the eighth and it actually fell on the ninth in moscow time so that's why. it is in russia and the rest of russia it is celebrated on the ninth where in western europe and some parts of america in america as well it is celebrated on the eighth and we can now hear from my colleague laura enmities in london about some of the evacuees from great britain who had to flee germany bombings during the second world war a trip down memory lane perception to nine year old james roffey it was this street where he was born and where his family lived until war broke out frightened and forced to evacuate to the countryside james was just eight when his life with changed forever. you were sent to school every morning with you with things you
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told to take with. enough sandwiches and things to last you for the day and that was it i don't need to get to school beater. now evacuation to die and be sent home again until one day what i didn't say that we went to school. different happened started. with hundreds of others including a sister and brother he walked from school to his local station their parents weren't allowed to walk with them parents were issued with a list of the things that their children could take with them when they were evacuated they all had a little suitcase like this and in it they were only allowed to put a spare pair of shoes inside the house some toiletries a toothbrush a handkerchief and a towel they also had to take their own cutlery and a plate and
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a mug with them they also took their charm. and of course a change of underwear. and with a label tied around their neck and the ubiquitous gas mask they made their journey into the unknown neither they nor their parents knew where they were going they had a stamped postcard to send when they got there to let their parents know they were safe for james that place was pulled a village of around two thousand people near the south coast here and in other reception areas villagers were legally required to take the children in although somewhat thought from welcoming. the woman. for yet another fierce woman. could. push for. trouble pushed.
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really rod. it was an unhappy put short lived placement and james ended up living happily here in what was then a sweet shop his four year evacuation became a positive experience but that wasn't the case for everyone some of these people were not very nice. these children some of them have their own agenda which is just another person to work the farm or work. or to work in the bakery. some of these people were very cruel according to some of the evacuees both and it was such a wrench that the children couldn't stand it many went home to london and accounted for one in every ten deaths during the blitz schools were closed and they ran wild those who stayed were terribly homesick but when they did get home they felt there was little to come back for most evacuees.
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side of. the road. back to. get. but after about four days. james finished school in london but never settled after the war he moved back to pull as soon as he could evacuation changed not only the lives of the children but also the communities they went to here in pull back he is erected a plaque in the local church thanking the villagers for taking the mean it did tear families apart but it also brought people who would never ordinarily have met together in
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a city of poverty drug soldiers with rural affluence and vice versa and the deep. stream those times still remain today in the memories of those given kindness and shelter far from home in wartime lore and its party pull west sussex. well some stories making headlines around the world this sunday egypt's parents are going to the streets of been tested for sectarian clashes overnight that killed at least twelve people and injured over two hundred the violence erupted when muslims the times a church to release a christian woman who they say was being held against her will because she wanted to convert to islam hundred and ninety people who were arrested will now face military trial so during religious tensions been growing since egypt's military rulers assumed control following the angsty of president mubarak. and attempted revolt by inmates turned into a gun battle inside a high security prison in baghdad leaving at least seventeen dead six of those
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killed were prison officers the government officials of the detainees all linked to al qaeda being moved to another building when they tried to overpower the guards and seize their weapons. street fighting in kandahar in southern afghanistan has continued into a second day following the taliban attack on the government's compound for the shooting broke out after security forces began targeting militants holed up at a hotel in the city center the afghan interior ministry says three civilians and twenty three militants have been killed dozens of people in it. and i'll be back with a recap of the week's top stories shortened does stay with us. download
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