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suffice and heroism with those who understand it fully you have to live a. real life stories from world war two so. victory nineteen forty five dollars r.t. dot com. the week's top stories you are special forces assassinate a solemn bin laden in pakistan bringing cheering crowds on some arab in the streets leading questions over the contradictory accounts afterwards and why the world's number one terrorist was killed rather than arrested. fighting has intensified in levy a near the city of misrata the loss of rebel stronghold in the west of the country this comes as nato considers funding the rebels with cash from qaddafi's frozen assets with russia warning the alliance against taking further steps in breach of the u.n. security council motion to protect the billions. of fear in tongues and troops there resisted by defiance protests and sestak your forces surgery to more cities
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and forcing intensifying government suppression of nationwide demonstrations in while washington and the e.u. deploying more sanctions against the regime but the brutal crackdown with human rights groups claiming around eight hundred have been killed. and welcome to the program this is archie's weekly review. thanks for joining us so the weeks have been dominated by the death of the world's most notorious terrorist leader after ten years in hiding the trail to arsalan bin laden finally ended at the heavily fortified compound in pakistan where he was shown and i commando raid by u.s. special forces but as and he said now reports his assassination will not kill off a kind of but will merely need global militants seeking a new torchbearer for terrorism. the man wanted dead or for
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a decade is gone the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden and saddam it was a moment of victory if you use them in cheering them on. for others a moment and embarrass won't president obama is in fact dead it was a usa strategic i'm sorry but there's one thing analysts say should not be overlooked and some of bin laden may be dead but the threat of terror is very much alive frankly doesn't make much of a difference for bin laden is dead people here working bin still long run at least for the last two years to be very convinced that the al qaeda figures or people in this region who by the way cannot number more than one hundred are incapable of carrying out any major attacks it's been years since bin laden has claimed responsibility for an attack instead it's russia now kind of linked terrorists that have made the most recent remarks moscow's metro blast an airport bombing to have
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the latest global attacks were masterminded by domestic chechen terribly there doku umarov you for years has been trying to use third been montreuil as the face of international terrorism you know kind of leaders demise is expected to remain a significant symbol of having little or no effect in the fight against terrorism it could create waves elsewhere in the two thousand war and right. george bush's approval rating was around fifty percent within twenty four hours he shot up to ninety percent so watch for obama to get a little bump from there's a new poll shows obama is up more than ten percent since bin laden was killed and now of course an opening has been made for the new face of evil. first it was a saga it was the russian federation and it was on a large hussein and the use of more. parallels have been made this week with how
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the u.s. armed groups that later evolved into loctite have the taliban with what they're doing now in libya so perhaps the new public enemy number one is just beginning his journey this time in north africa and he's now a r t. the pentagon has released five home videos that was son of bin laden seized from his pockets tiny compound and they offer a glimpse of bin laden's life and joy and familiar image of the l a times in need to despite a public image of a confident leader has shown we have to say his speech is reading off paper and looking to the side of passing for advice and not of the job bin laden is seen sitting on the floor watching a programme about himself the release of the footage shows criticism of president obama who blocked publication of photos of the al qaeda leader's body and while conflicting official white house reports out of the operation have helped fuel conspiracy theories. the story. the week began with an
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international news bombshell proudly dropped by the united states there was a female who was in fact is a line of fire. that reportedly was used as a shield to shield a lot from the incoming fire by tuesday evening wonder a major back pedal in the room with bin laden a woman in law who's one of the women rather bin laden's wife rushed the u.s. assaulter and was shot in the leg but not to kill america grab the world's attention after announcing the assassination of osama bin ladin yet failing to get the facts straight the u.s. has also facilitated a rapid rise of conspiracy theories what they did is states hold a bunch of different stories. some stuff. and that's just the conspiracy machine they were all in on a fire a blaze that inflamed after failing to deliver on promises of providing the public
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with proof we're going to do everything we can to make sure that nobody has any basis to try to deny that we go to some that i don't think there was any question but i also believe a photograph where would be presented to the public we have no need to publish those photographs to establish that was some of bin laden was killed u.s. president barack obama refused to release any visual evidence confirming bin laden's death for fear it would be used to spark anti-american violence critics say this leaves the public with more questions than answers and when they say we don't want to show the photos because we don't want to inflame people we're fine how about bringing in certain members of the press along with a panel of unrelated forensic identification experts who can come out and say we've studied this the world was able to study the execution of america's other enemy in two thousand and six when the hanging of saddam hussein went viral on the web
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shortly afterwards meanwhile bin laden's expedited sea burial has been the target of conspiracy and acts u.s. officials say was done in keeping with muslim tradition in returning to. here is the requirement in islamic law. individual vary but in twenty four hours as many have noted washington broke its own rule when the bodies of saddam hussein's sons were informed and held for eleven days after being killed by u.s. forces but there are so many in consistencies in all of this that it's incumbent upon the obama administration to be as forthcoming as they can be about exactly what they do and do not know and did and did not know or in this case know what to say before you speak and not just one week ago it was brock obama at the center of a two year. conspiracy died down once america's leader released his birth certificate but now obama's actions surrounding the killing of osama bin ladin
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paved the way for a whole new set of missing questions surrounding the transparency the u.s. government. r.t. new york. the fight against al qaeda inspired terrorism continues in russia eight militants were killed on sunday and their own going to terra operation in the north caucuses one policeman died during the raid earlier this week a senior al-qaeda operative was killed in that southern russian republic of chechnya the turkish will militant known as a bit of a kurd is believed to have been the key financier and organized terrorist cells in the region code is also said to have played a leading role in major tykes in russia as well as assaults on police had only recently assumed the leading role after his predecessor was killed by security forces. you're watching r.t.l. coming out later setting their sights on the next target with french troops deployed in a range of foreign conflicts where report of whether there's room for more in syria
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plus. sixty six years old russia is getting ready to celebrate victory over nazi germany we'll have more another later in the program. to leave you now where fighting between pro and anti-government forces has intensified near the city of misrata the last the rebel stronghold in the west of the country insurgents have meanwhile backtracked on planes they've reached a deal with italy to supply weapons after claiming on saturday that they were expecting a shipment of arms very soon italy denied the claims but said it will provide material and equipment for civilian self-defense supplying weapons to leave by u.n. in bargo the outcome of the ongoing civil war is no clearer get over two thousand nato air strikes which have not had any decisive impact on thursday that allied international controversy agreed to set up a cash fund for the rebels but russia's foreign minister said this to our straits how far the coalition was straying from the u.n. resolution. that's going to move
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a contact group has established itself and now is trying to say it was sponsibility the international community all the seeds rules libya should be actions not only libya we're hearing voices calling for this group to decide what to do in other states in the region we believe that all sides should be focusing on the peaceful resolution of the situation and not supporting one side. conflict which is essentially civil war. because also moving to release billions of dollars of colonel gadhafi has frozen absence and give it to the rebels and charles glass is an expert on the arab world that will only do more damage. yet remember that money belongs to the libyan people and there's a civil war going on in libya and it may not be fair to distribute that money to one side or the other in the civil war might be better to preserve that money so when the war is over and the country needs to be rebuilt they can go in and go to the benefit ill of the people not to some of them it will certainly escalate the
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conflict as we remember from the united states financing limited in an atlanta stand against the soviets simply raise the stakes much and increase the numbers of casualties if they give it to the. transitional national council in libya who are fighting a war against gadhafi surely they're going to go to international arms merchants and other on the black market and buy weapons there calling for regime change and turning it over turning the country over to this rapidly creating t.n.c. which. is composed of a lot of ex regime members and clearly saw the window in the other way and want to be on the winning side in their commitment to democracy historically has been absolutely no. in syria military crackdown on protesters hasn't brought in further tanks and troops have stormed the city of homes and three of the seven towns this comes just a day after the country's forces shot civilians in the coastal city of bunny is in the latest violence against anti regime demonstrators according to human rights
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activists at least eight hundred people have been killed so could brutal suppression of nationwide protests began seven weeks ago meanwhile the u.s. has threatened to impose most sanctions against syria on friday be you also approved of weapons in bargo as one of the travel by reason and targeting senior officials the president of the arab nor is a safe. says that despite international pressure these measures are gamble which could prove pound productive. everybody is talking about taking human human rights protection measures but i think the west very clearly europe generally speaking the us early britain is one of the people who are actually looking for their own national interest and the pretext of protecting human rights secondly i think these measures which are now being told every now and then through the u.n. and also whereby the u.s.
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and the international community is being reduced from an international organization into a domestic police authority whereby you begin to freeze assets of individuals sometimes the individuals don't actually assets anywhere but it's a it's a gimmick which is being used in most of the instances and this gimmick is counterproductive because it just makes noises but it does not any well i think trying to show the people of these countries whether it's libya or syria or other countries that they are behind and of the same men. painting their links with the regime to i guess to people laugh rising so now they're really playing both cuts playing both hands and telling both sides that they are with him it may be justified from a national interest of say france or britain or the us but it certainly is not
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a way to deal with international conflicts. in several conflicts around the world you don't have to look far before finding french military involvement in libya and france's former colony ivory coast's highest profile engagements which president sarkozy has driven his nation ain't it daniel bushell explains why syria could become next line. cause i was shot by troops during syria's protests his parents there now live in hiding because he fears france will make things even worse in his country on the pretext of stopping the violence i don't wish to have. an air force in syria but i but. you know it's the same chain of events that brought to war with libya and now on full doing its whole first syrian leader bashar al assad was invited for talks in paris
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as was colonel gadhafi but at the same time france reportedly was funding opposition groups in both states now nicolas sarkozy's government is slipping damascus with sanctions the precursor to the version of libya humanitarian aid says one also will again be their excuse to go in the logic of their own going to the media is not the same thing going to be in. syria was once on the fringe occupation but certainly safe roles behaves as if it's still in control brands they've had their spies there for decades now and the religious movements have had their people there for decades so they're going to do whatever they can influence the regime in a way that they see fit intervention would leave france fighting in four walls that hasn't happened since it was a colonial power for its defense ministry hasn't been this busy in over fifty years
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already fighting in libya the ivory coast. is now turning your sights on another former colony syria but expose think the real target is syria's key ally iran france is growing increasingly angry at tehran's nuclear ambitions and is part of international moves to stop that program the most because it would become a springboard for the sarkozy administration as it pushes east events in syria progress according to the libyan scenario we will probably see a similar development in iran unfortunately that is iran will repeat the syrian scenario russia watches western military interventions with rising along it warms the fueling boil and across the middle east. deliberately escalating the conflict is an invitation to a series of civil wars outside forces should not interfere give advice or take sides in internal conflicts but russia's foreign minister adds there could be
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a sting in the tail he says only chaos in the region helps the very extremist the west wants to stop gaining power there you go short r.t. paris. but we can expand the jurors found has laid into online social networks helping the united states collect information as pio citizens and during an interview with the likes of facebook and google plays the controls and uprisings. pace in particular. is the most appalling by being in facebook google yahoo always made us. have. to pay for you with intelligence everyone should understand up. when they. look they are doing free work. they think i wouldn't.
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and you can hear more than a song has to say when we bring you a full interview in about ten minutes time. for most europeans made a mark so a nazi germany surrendered sixty six years ago solemn remembrance ceremonies have been held in several counties on sunday masters also making and marking the anniversary rather head of the grand ceremonies on monday. victories now actually made the nine conditional military parade a red square head of a band the country's political roots and they turned him down and soldier by the questionable meanwhile everything is set for monday for a start he's in charge of. preparations are well underway ahead of waltz with the exception probably of the new year's celebrations here in russia is the biggest
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celebration of the calendar year here victory day a massive celebration in russia marked by a huge parade across red square just behind me over my shoulder you'll be able to see same puzzles cathedral of course behind that red square itself and i've been having a look up there plenty of people all busying themselves around making sure everything goes up without a hitch tomorrow to commemorate sixty six years since victory in europe victory over nazi germany in which so many people lay down their lives in order to we have the freedoms which we we take food very much for granted in our lives today now this is a huge holiday as they say here in russia and very much wanted is celebrated a widely here in moscow as well as across the whole of the country now the reason that in russia they celebrate victory in europe day on the ninth of may is due to the fact that the actual surrender of nazi germany resigned so late in the day on the eight that it actually fell on the ninth in moscow time so that's why. it is in
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russia and the rest of russia it is celebrated on the nights where in western europe and some parts of america in america as well it is celebrated on the eighth and we can now hear from my colleague laura enmities in london about some of the evacuees from great britain who had to flee german bombings during the second world war a trip down memory lane for seventy nine year old james roffey it was this street where he was born and where his family lived until war broke out frightened and forced to evacuate to the country's guides. when his life was changed forever. you. every morning we're told to try with. enough sandwiches and things to last you for the day. i don't need to get. back. home
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because i'm going to one day what. we went to school. things different happened started time. with hundreds of others including a sister and brother he walked from school to his local station their parents weren't allowed to walk with them parents were issued with a list of the things that their children could take with them when they were evacuated they all had a little suitcase like this and in it they were only allowed to put a spare pair of shoes for inside the house some toiletries a toothbrush comb a handkerchief and a towel they also had to take their own cutlery and a plate and a mark with them they also took their pajamas and of course a change of underwear. with a label tied around their neck and the because it's gas mask they made their journey into the unknown neither they nor their parents knew where they were going
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they had a stamped card to send when they got there to let their parents know they were safe which aims that place was pulled a village of around two thousand people near the south coast here and in other reception areas villagers were legally required to take the children in although some were far from welcoming. not called the door and the woman. turned out to be yet another fierce woman. to evacuees we. need not the second time. she. put his foot in the door so she couldn't charge pushed. so you got to take a mini right race car driver it was an unhappy but short lived placement and james ended up living happily here in what was then
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a sweet shop his four year evacuation became a positive experience but that wasn't the case for everyone some of these people were not very nice to these children some of them have their own agenda which is just another person to work the farm or work. or to work in the bakery and some of these people were very cruel according to some of the evacuees often it was such a wrench that the children couldn't stand it many went home to london and accounted for one in every ten deaths during the blitz schools were closed and they ran wild those who stayed were terribly homesick but when they did get home they felt there was little to come back for mostly back. to sleep well and several. sided i should leave was. battered. gaps where bombs would fall in
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the house and. but after about four days. james finished school in london but never settled after the war he moved back to pull as soon as he could evacuation changed not only the lives of the children but also the communities they went to hit and pulled evacuees erected a plaque in the local church thanking the villages for taking the men it did staff families apart but it also brought people who would never ordinarily have met together in a city poverty rubbed shoulders with rural affluence and vice versa and the teeth for which from those times still remain today in the memories of those given kindness and shelter thought from home in wartime lore and its auti west
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sussex. the price of freedom from the most precious thing in history. those who fought to win that stand. against the tide of history be reburied. sixty six years of victory on our team. and if you want to know more about made a nice head to our home for more victory day coverage of that worries there are moving fast and accounts of living through second of all war plus dozens of pictures and videos of the parade preparations right here in moscow and in your work mind that mine are online galleries. plus two russian billionaires a make it to the top three of a british annual rich list find out who they are and how they got there at r.t. dropped.
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that's now check some international news in brief that egypt's military government has vowed to apply down on sectarian violence after twelve people died in clashes between christians and muslims in cairo violence broke out when muslims are tied to church believing a christian woman was being held inside against her will because she wanted to convert to islam and religious tension has been rising since egypt's military rulers assumed control following the ousting of president mubarak says he died of interplays violence and large. seventeen people have been killed during an attempted revolt inside a high security prison in baghdad six of those killed were prison officers a government official said to cheney's all links to al qaeda will be moved to
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another building one that times guards and seize their weapons. up and government forces have defeated taliban insurgents and recaptured areas of kandahar city after a two day battle and fierce fighting eleven fighters were killed and services side bombers blew themselves up as the taliban launched a wave of coordinated attired some government buildings are saturday they are getting teary ministry says three civilians and two officers have died in the operation to free this is heaven saturn's. our local big headline shortly followed by our interview with the world's most famous whistleblower jay leno sunshine state we're back here in our city.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia. we've got the future of coverage. a cluster mission. and inside the container you have. and you can have anywhere from dozens up to hundreds there's a huge market right now for battle area clear it's because there are
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a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordinance. but you've got these companies and n.g.o.s that have basically sprung up that have an expertise to get rid of these weapons. what they do is they go to these places they will hire local train the locals how to do the clearance they'll let the locals basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their homes and they're putting themselves at risk every single day when they go out there to clear areas of. a. big. block. mission. couldn't take three storm.


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