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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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well jobs are going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture always concent governor scott walker pushed his school privatization plan today here in d.c. back home his republican buddies are scrambling to pass as many radical laws as they can before the state's voters try to recall them this summer will their proposed legislation hold the outcome of that vote plus some others do is not so happy some moms especially single unemployed mothers why competing in the workforce
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may be much harder for these women versus their married counterparts and american veterans who fought for everything are finding little to nothing when it comes to this country's loyalty to their service. wisconsin governor and scott and koch brother lapdogs scott walker is in washington d.c. today he'll be the keynote speaker at a summit to promote education privatization was right wingers call it school choice it's unclear if walker will also be signing autographs or posing for pictures or running his own kissing booth for the all the right wingers who are now falling over him since he had the so-called courage to screw over average working joes and janes in his state the last time walker was in d.c. was because chairman of a government oversight committee and were. just manning congress and former small
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time criminal. wanted to honor him with an appearance before congress for busting up labor unions in wisconsin meanwhile is walker is being treated like a rock star here in d.c. today his republican co-horts back in wisconsin are scrambling because they know their days are numbered this summer six republican state senators will face recall elections for supporting scott walker's anti-union efforts those elections could begin as early as next month so right now these guys are trying to pass as many radical laws as they can all they still have their jobs first up on the fast track agenda legalizing concealed weapons after all they need to give a nice kick back all the n.r.a. lobbyists in the state to finance their can paint campaigns will likely they defend against the recall campaigns to keep their jobs it will be interesting to see if any of the two hundred fifty people on the terrorist watch list were able to buy guns in america with ease last year will also now be allowed to carry those guns of the shirts when they go the more wisconsin is concert publicans also have to jam
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through their giveaway to the telephone industry but owing up a slew of regulations that keep telco md giants from screwing over wisconsinites i think i see didn't telephone fees coming down the pike in wisconsin considering many republicans will be facing tough elections they obviously have to do something to prevent progressive citizens from voting so they try to pass a law that would require voters to resent photo i.d.'s at the polls over one hundred seventy thousand seniors don't have driver's licenses and would be affected as well as poor people and college students who don't drive and don't have eligible college i.d.'s. and the republicans want to move the primary elections from september to august when most college students are on vacation or out of state so they can vote that bill by the way a loan will cost the state five point seven million dollars to implement it seems like a waste of money in a state that supposedly facing a massive budget deficit and therefore has to cut or at least says it has to go teachers' pay but then again five point seven million is a small investment for republicans to ensure students and poor people and older
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people can vote also on the fast track agenda a bill to end early release for state prisoners at will also cut down on progressive voters at the polls by keeping them in jail longer and it gives more business to the booming private prison industry faced with a sobering reality that we have the highest imprisonment rates in the world wisconsin republicans are doing their part keep people in prison you are and finally there's also legislation pending that would privatized more schools selling off the state's duty to provide free quality education to children a millionaire charter school c.e.o.'s who care more about the bottom line but actually preparing kids in wisconsin for the jobs of the twenty first century that means more teachers losing their jobs and good for the republicans the teachers union losing its political influence coincidentally the teachers' union in california is staging sit ins all this week to protest education budget cuts and the closing of schools there course this is really just an extension of the war on
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labor that scott walker started it beginning of the year and is now trying to finish before he loses all his republican foot soldiers to recall campaigns republican state lawmakers hope to pass all of these radical laws in the next eight weeks with little time for the people of his concert have a genuine debate over them or frankly even to read them and now one bill not a single one of these right wing dream laws will create one job not one job. but it's pretty clear job creation doesn't top the list for wiccans but busting up unions dishing out kickbacks to their corporate campaign donors that. joining me now to discuss this effort by republicans and the broader consequences of their war on organized labor and democracy is bob barr executive director of the industrial union council of the a.f.l.-cio bob welcome to be here great to have you here with us first of all what do you see as this agenda and to what extent is it metastasized nationwide well. interestingly enough we get reports every day because
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we're trying to track this we're working on it we're working on it with our members and all our allies and states across the country and you can take the wisconsin agenda and you can go to ohio and see that you can see what they just did in the state of florida you can see it playing out in the state of missouri so across the country it's a fairly concerted coordinated campaign by the right to implement this agenda it is a whole lot different than some of the things we face the national level in fact we can talk about this could couldn't it be argued i realize that there is the is an error the legislative council now like alec you know it and legislate it is changing how it's changing thank you. that's right in many of these laws there are other right wing think tanks that are providing them almost none of them have actually been written by republican legislators or elected officials but you could argue that this really began in one thousand nine hundred one rust when reagan busted package and openly declared war as though they were certainly i mean that you know you look at alec and you look at the timing of all of that it does go back
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to that or in some cases for people who are my age is a bit of deja vu here though it's more extreme it's more dangerous reagan didn't go as far as these people are attempting to go it wasn't as far and widespread at the state level as the current leaders in the country today we are more polarized today than we were back then and i think it is a very dangerous situation but i do think that what is going on in wisconsin today as a as a analogy for the rest of the states is that the things they're doing they're already angry there are folks are angry and the working people of that state are angry with what's happened this isn't what they intended what that will. action and this will i think further infuriate them i read. a comment the other day that. if this trend continues eventually all the transnational corporations that have shipped our jobs overseas will bring them back as will be the lowest labor cost country in the world you know people who make it i mean there you've got republicans who want to do with minimum wage oh yeah you know they want to go back
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to three dollars an hour or so and then they might they've already exempted a bunch of bunch of industries. you said we could talk about the national you know bigger picture here what is that but i think the bigger picture is really you could almost juxtaposed through agendas that came out the other day house democrats put out a making in america general how you create jobs and how we have to invest to do that and republicans in the senate put out an agenda that was you know get rid of regulatory problems and do a whole lot of other stuff that didn't have much to do with investing in creating jobs i mean that we seem to be in a specious debate that somehow we're going to downsize our way to success as a country that's not how the us your government employs firing government employees but not investing even in our private sector i mean we have huge infrastructure needs i've spoken with you about this before that can employ people right away we have things when we make those investments to make sure we make those things in this country by american laws and we're quibbling over this stuff it makes no sense why would the republican party which has. done such
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a very very good job of branding itself as the all-american rough and soft ready roll call boy marlboro man party. why would why would it be that a they would do for years now oppose made in america provisions tariffs and things you know. any kind of quote protectionist legislation that might bring american jobs back on. labor stand overseas labor standards overseas environmental centers and the that they keep getting away with it well i think for the first in the first in the first case it's that you you know. they put on this cloak of the moral man cloak in the yankee dream cloak and so that's what we are but when you take it off what do you find you find transnational corporate interests that want to take our jobs and where they can make money make things cheaper and ship them back and its economy taking away our ability to make those things and the jobs and the good jobs from this economy mean that this is what happens when they get to the point where
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government becomes exposed and people are really getting a good eye view of what that really means it's almost like it's all the t.v.'s you know it's all it's we've learned we've learned you know now since he left the presidency that karl rove was actually behind george bush by the ranch in crawford that bush didn't want to ranch as afraid of horses and so there were never any horses at the ranch does that make it a ranch i don't know anyway but but it's like it's all smoke and mirrors on the republican side these new voter id laws are these awards another way to screw workers certainly there i think you offered really examples of people that don't have driver's licenses and they have other forms of i.d. and things of that nature but i you know i think people really should be concerned about what this is and it it's clearly spelled out in some of the right wing pieces that have come out about how they have to target this because we don't want those people voting because they won't vote for us rightfully so right yeah and that's ultimately the bottom line. the recall election in wisconsin there's an effort in michigan to recall rick snyder. there are others around the country i don't know if
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there's any going on in florida but it is an effort in ohio to go with a ballot initiative against some of the things the governor has done right kill those so you know in a half a minute or a minute with what do you see this spreading as this and oh well as you know we had you know i don't know how many thousands of events that occurred nationwide in april fourth and we originally was you know was sort of in saw there with counsel but it rapidly spread people understood it isn't just about wisconsin it's about us it's about our community and you know you started with the term it's the war on labor well i want to be clear it's the war on working families. in the middle class yes and labor unions are our members are clearly part of that and we're the one line of defense and a voice that speaks for working people it's the proudly not just maybe the people that have contracts and agreements so that has really. drawn the line and made it clear and the cloak has come off as we talked about earlier so we think it is spreading we know it's spreading from the actions that have happened the things
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that are underway and how people are fighting back on their own terms of the state and we're working to help them do that may it continue to suffer this greatly in your great talking with you i guess that was causing republican party figures if they're going down they might as well take the whole state with them unfortunately a strategy is screwing over millions of workers not just in wisconsin but elsewhere around the nation. coming up why being the head of household is hurting single moms in the job search. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here.
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i think. even one well. we have the government says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you get their freedom. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear so you saw the part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't. charge welcome to the big picture.
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for. the. world your world. and you know. into little military mechanisms and do the work to bring justice for accountability . i have every right to know what my government would want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as
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a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. yes day it was mother's day so happy late mother's state all the moms out there and mothers around the country enjoy the perks of their day somewhere still facing the reality of joblessness in america the still struggling economically and hardest hit are the hardest working people among us single moms as of last year the unemployment rate for single mothers was over fourteen percent that's compared to an unemployment rate of just over six percent for married mothers who want to participate in workforce on top of that single mothers have a much more difficult time accessing unemployment benefits because most states restrict out benefits to people would quit their job to care for their child so
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what can we do to make sure the next year's mother's day isn't saddled with high unemployment and economic woes for single moms across the nation here to offer some answers as heidi hartman no relation and the president of the institute for women's policy research heidi welcome thank you pleasure to be here nice to meet another heart and i think yes i think we're thinking how just how bad is it for single moms who are really bad i mean first of all this is a horribly deep recession supposedly we're almost two years into the recovery and we have very few people recovering their jobs that we did a population last month men had recovered about nineteen percent of the jobs they had lost women overall only six percent i'm sure for single mothers that's an even smaller proportion this is a recovery that so far isn't giving us the jobs we need. to talk about the work for how does it work first her teens single mothers well of course work first was
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something that we did in one thousand nine hundred six one to find this yes when we tried to end welfare as we know it you might remember little phrase little time we did the welfare and what we do instead of helping very poor people welfare was essentially a system that i remember when i moved to new haven to go to actually first to support my husband through law school meant to go to graduate school myself but all my friends were working in the welfare offices caseworkers and if you were poor and you have children you can go to the welfare office and get money. back you know because of the war on poverty and literally cut poverty united states in half and for half years right and as it was we raising. a whole new middle class family believed in and giving people help them and what we did when we ended welfare as we know it and we created work first we decided that the job market is the answer to everything and of course when we did that in ninety six we were in the middle of a boom we didn't see employment for women top out until ninety eight thousand then
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we had that two thousand and one recession so it was a boom period and the single mom say hey we're getting the message you want us to work yes if you help us where we can if you give us subsidized child care if you subsidize our wages you know we expanded the earned income tax credit which allows women and men to who have low wages to get a check from the government in form of tax return even if they don't owe taxes they get that so we put in a number of things in place that essentially help the working poor the near poor so we shifted our money from the very bottom the very poor out of the income scale a little bit and those people did a little bit better under that working first system if they could work back when there were jobs when there were jobs now really since the last recession in two thousand and one we never really recovered fully then this really. big recession hit all of us when when the republicans and bill clinton and not a small number of democrats ended welfare as we know it in the ninety's the both
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the they were all fond of using was after yars from nine hundred thirty three after he was inaugurated he made the comment that the very best welfare program was a job but then what he did in his first you know ten days into office was the start of the civilian conservation corps and hired one hundred thousand americans and put them to work you know digging digging holes and put trees and up and and it seems like if we really believed in work first and that there are jobs in the private sector that we should be seriously considering the government as the employer of last resort why is there so much resistance to the great question i mean exactly in the thirty's f.d.r. created about four million jobs and we have a program but we eliminated just recently but it was part of obama's stimulus package and it actually created almost half a million jobs and in less than two years about thirty five states use this money it was called the emergency fund for welfare and they used about one point three
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billion to generate almost half a million jobs a quarter of a million jobs so that was very impressive that's that's what we spent in iraq and afghanistan a week and though it was subsidized jobs and they actually created more jobs than they thought at that so it's a good example of how you can create jobs using public money and these jobs were mostly private sector jobs often the money went to a nonprofit nonprofit got you a private sector job sometimes the employers themselves simply asked for the subsidy that is different states could set it up different data so i can be done back in seventy eight my wife and i search me for abused kids in new hampshire it's still there it's called the doing themselves children's village and it was a nonprofit corporation nonprofit organization still is and. jimmy carter had this program called seed effect i think maybe jerry ford started. and what it said was any nonprofit could hire somebody and the government would pay their wages for the
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first year and we hired a gardener we hired a janitor we hired we hired two or three people and two of them stayed with us for years after that you know they did such great jobs and it took people out of unemployment gave them a job and also help nonprofits you know were struggling tremendously has there been any discussion about bringing back like what makes the secret program was such a successful program it was successful and know it was kind of the villain. because it was also had a big section of it that went to state and local government and that was decided to be waste waste waste because you know as your guy was not going to we don't need government well of course people are learning in wisconsin that they do need government. government is very important i mean you know when i walk into a restaurant i don't want to be poisoned yeah well actually my local government check out those restaurants thanks for they're not letting me so i'm you know a pretty big supporter of government so the bottom line is that we're not seen anything now coming out of government's going to fix this no i mean we but we did
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it in the thirty's we give in the seventy's with the program you've mentioned and we did it in a small way with this emergency fund for town it just in the last two years of araa but we're not doing much now we have to we have to wake up our people we have to wake up more people heidi thanks so much for coming out of a talking point to be very shit very serious media. a lot of work to do a lot of work to do flowers a nice card breakfast in bed all things that mothers deserve our mothers day but let's keep up with big let's keep up with us but first let's make sure that our nation does what it's supposed to do and make sure the single mothers get the opportunities that they need to enjoy their lives and raise their children in a happy home this isn't just for their sake it's for all of ours by the way there's a history to mother's day that you probably didn't learn in school and. and i just i have to share this with you it's not apropos of the jobs part but i think it's fascinating and you should learn at the school we all should have learned in school
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and others that there is a woman by the name of julie award how she was born eighteen thirty nine she was an abolitionist she was working to end slavery she was a sufferer just she was working to empower women to give women the vote in fact she was the president of the american women's suffrage association she visited the white house in one thousand sixty one and met with president lincoln and afterwards wrote the battle hymn of the republic you know my eyes of seeing with that so i mean so people think of her as the author of the battle hymn of the republic as this very military woman but after after the war in eight hundred seventy cheese the person who started mother's day. and she started it as an anti-war you know looking at the horrors of the civil war as an anti-war effort ends and with her mother's state proclamation for peace and i share with you what she wrote this is this is just the first paragraph it runs for three paragraphs you can you can look it up in the first paragraph is incredible she said i will rise then women of this
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day are rise all women who have hearts where there are bad tism be of water or of tears say firmly we will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies our husbands will not come to us reeking with carnage for caresses and applause our son shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity mercy and patience we the women of those of one country will be too tender to those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure their use. to allow our sons to be trained in true there's this extraordinary the true history used to be called mother's day of peace before the greeting card companies got a hold of it and it's great the honor mom but wouldn't it be great if mothers all across the country said no we don't want our children trained to kill other people
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enough of the whole military industrial complex enough of the wars let's just and all. crazy crazy a large golf digest magazine is trying to organize a golf match it will shake the very foundation of american politics and magazine is actively campaigning for a face off between two avid golfers speaker of the house john boehner and president obama already more than ten thousand buttons have been made to advertise the dream dual on the links but considering how busy these two guys are it's unlikely the show doddle ever take place speaker the house been around as it up on his plate and when wrangling the tea party together and all those happy hours with lobbyists and president obama he's busy doing stuff like killing osama bin was. coming up a supply of jobs is being added to the economy can it actually meet the financial demand of american households.
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for. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything you say. i'm sorry because if we.
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go back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour two muslim passengers proved no threat at all the crew of passengers kicked off a delta airlines flight with no explanation as of yet no apology why is this type of discrimination happening in our so called all created equal country plus even though the unemployment rate crept up this last month the number of jobs actually did increase but are they pain the many job seekers are holding out for and getting a great education and a well paid career are no longer being promised to most of this country's most deserving and plenty of us. take our veterans are being pushed out of the american dream.
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last week ended with new job numbers released from the month of april even though the unemployment rate take back down to nine percent now that there are more people looking for work in america our economy did add more than two hundred forty thousand jobs last month highs again in five years good news right. as investigative journalism any crawl pointed out a recent article when you look a little deeper into the job numbers some troubling flaws are emerging in. american economy about a quarter of all the jobs lost in the bush great recession were nine to thirteen dollars an hour of low wage jobs like hamburger flippers and maids yet after the recession nearly half of the new jobs created have been these same low wage jobs on the other hand when it comes to nineteen to thirty one dollar an hour higher pain jobs forty percent of the jobs lost during the bush recession were in that category
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but since then only fourteen percent of the new jobs were created for those higher pain once so the new economy is bottom heavy with low wage jobs and poor in higher wage jobs and almost completely nonexistent among the new jobs are the middle pane jobs like work in factories building things work that was crucial to building a middle class america so even the ark economy created a lot of jobs last month are we in trouble in the future here to talk more about this issue is an equal investigative journalist associate editor of the website obvious patch and reporter for mother jones magazine andy welcome back thanks great to have you with us how is the american job market changed well it's slowly rebounding as we saw this past month with april's job numbers but we are scratching beneath the surface from we're actually analyzing what types of jobs are we getting what types of jobs can careers are filling that huge fifteen million job deficit from this recession we've seen that there are increasingly low wage.


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