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once again fled. these are the images. from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule today. well i'm tom hartman here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. president obama expressed his support for immigration reform in the star state toadie performance as an economic heritage sort of money hungry g.o.p. controlled house to take the bait. from the problems at our borders to our classrooms teachers on both coasts are staging sit ins to protest education cuts political demonstrations prevent their salaries mean for this life. and the days of
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spending idle time on the net downloading music and video may be coming to an end how companies are cashing in by expanding bandwidth at the expense of your bill. you need to know this what's been on president obama's to do list recently by the osama bin laden check created nearly a quarter million jobs last month check so what's next on president obama's agenda . immigration reform today the president was in el paso texas to deliver a major policy speech on immigration and to encourage congress to get to work drafting immigration reform legislation here's what he had to say. first we know the government has a threshold responsibility is secure our borders enforce the law and that's what
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janet and all her folks are doing. that's what they're doing. that it businesses that to be held accountable if they exploit undocumented workers . there are. those who are here illegally. they have a responsibility as well so they broke the law that means they've got to pay their taxes they've got to pay a fine if you're learning what they've got under go bright background checks and unlink the process before they get in line for legalization that's not too much tatts so far this president president obama has done more than any other president in recent memory to secure the southern border perhaps more than any history yet he has received the harshest criticism from the right wingers like arizona governor jan brewer whose only ideas with regard to immigration reform are you poor anyone whose skin is browner than hers so what does the president need to do to squash
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radical immigration reform ideas and advance common sense ones and what exactly is the best way to address this problem in the united states. there are real really two dueling philosophies is almost too strong a word to do wing groups in the republican or conservative camp there are the corporatists those who love the fact that they can make money off illegal immigration and there are the racists those who are scared to death of people whose color skin color is different from them who speak a different language and come from a different country with any kind of difference with regard to ethnicity these two dueling groups the corporate is versus the racists the corporatists they were other white the current system they got cheap exploitable labor the they've in fact they very much like the status quo here's for example what the president had to save the day about the corporatists. because undocumented immigrants live in the shadows
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where they're vulnerable to unscrupulous businesses that skirt taxes and pay workers less than the minimum wage or cut corners with health and safety laws this puts companies who follow the rules and americans who rightly demand the minimum wage or overtime or just a safe place to work it puts those businesses edit this advantage ok and end the racists are freaked out i mean fences and moats here's what the president say about this now they said we needed to triple the border patrol or now they're going to say we need to quadruple the border patrol or they'll want to hire fence maybe they'll need a moment. or maybe the one alligators in the bay. they'll never be satisfied and i understand that that's politics band will never be
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satisfied it's not just politics it's races but you know let's just review some of the realities here just basic econ one hundred one first of all you have more workers it depresses wages so this is one of the legitimate. hits on illegal immigration before reagan but we saw in historically in the united states in fact before the reagan presidency about a half a million people would come north from mexico during the picking season and about a half a million people would go south every year there had been a verity of programs to try to accommodate them or legalize them the berserker program for example back in the sixty's was essentially exploitative but it was an attempt but that's how it was then reagan did two things number one he granted this amnesty the brought you know millions of people three million four million depends on whose number you're looking into the workforce but in addition to that he basically stopped enforcing the law against employers who were hiring illegal immigrants the consequence of this is no president since then has started in
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forcing those laws actually throwing employers in jail and i say this is somebody who was an employer before during and after reagan and i can tell you and and i've had immigrants working for me and i've had to go through what used to be called the ins and convince them that i wasn't exploiting this worker that i couldn't find somebody else and things have really really changed so anyhow after after the amnesty more people stayed. basically we don't have an illegal immigration problem in the united states we don't employ illegal employer problem it's like we've got this giant magnet illegal employers are using people who aren't licensed or bonded it makes union busting super easy food processing construction industries if you look at these industries for example they used to be places where you get a good union job and you could you know get a pension work for thirty years now they're not because these employers are exploiting illegal employees behind oil the largest mexican industry behind the
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export of oil is money being repatriated back to mexico for people in the united states working illegally this is by the way propping up both the corrupt employers in the united states and corrupt governments in mexico frankly we need these best and brightest who have come to the united states you know either a to become u.s. citizens or breed to go back to mexico and become mexican citizens and participate in a political process now certainly there are some compassion incidence of somebody sick we should care for them we should provide schools for their kids and we should help them with the immigration process but on the other hand there are some concerns about labor we need to reduce you know the what we have already has happened is if well actually what it what will happen if we have conference of immigration reforms that will reduce the number of people in the workforce which will raise wages and that and then slowly will reintegrate these people back in via immigration bottom line we need a good comprehensive immigration policy that states. the
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days of unlimited internet access are over fifty six percent of internet plans in america now cap just how much information can be accessed on the web telecom giant eighteen thousand recently introduced caps on their d.s.l. customers charging them fees for any new data received over one hundred fifty gigs and the advocacy groups have now written a letter to the f.c.c. in response to this new policy of capping it was the f.c.c. by the way that allowed caps in the first place as part of the recently passed net neutrality regulations and the letter reads these caps perniciously undermine each of the goals set up by the national commission or the commission of the national
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broadband plan stifling the competition in innovation that has established itself in the internet economy so well yes c c do anything to stop mega corporations from meddling in our internet and screwing us in a huge fees here to offer his take on the issues dan gainor vice president free market fellow the business and media institute could see again and to see you don't need less is. through the resorts and so i heard they were my bosses would prefer through i've ever done that on t.v. deliberately what's wrong with the internet as it was for the last decade wide open the wild west slash you know. if you go back to last decade you actually do find. a graduated policies well and a lot of the other original dial up was based on how much you use i thought it was mostly based on a. lot of nine hundred ninety five a month period one way or not it will go into rural and regional does the work for those people who can i use a growing up in arms in congress or it was when did we get. you know is there some
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sort of a living for men really approve of you know camembert and i didn't know about that you know they'll show have flat rate internet because this is this is ridiculous we have great this is we handle a lot of things phone you know utilities ok you know gas electric use more of it you can eat more food use more you give you pay more food gas all sorts of things in our economy why is this a problem and he would talk about how much people you know think i mean this the end that you have to. your argument is not unreasonable except for the fact that the internet is now part of the information commons a and b. what we've seen in a bunch of other countries and in france is probably the best example is they are forcing competition among companies and we've got five companies right now in the in the united states of basically own the internet the local speed as you know units or service providers and there are the majority of and and and so what's happening is they're starting to throttle down when they see people downloading video their their their their you know capping for example and other things like
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that so they're not there as in france what they say is regardless of who owns the wire that comes into your house any internet service provider can provide over that so there's over one hundred internet service providers in france and a typical internet bill for one hundred megabyte. upload and ten meg or download ten meg by upload which is twice what the average american consumer gets or ten times what the average american gets or gets typical bill in france is over thirty it's about thirty dollars per year it's over one hundred the limit that you're talking about here pending on where you want to hear all of these one hundred fifty gigs or two hundred fifty gigs at one hundred hours of t.v. and thousands of e-mails that's not exactly a limit an old saying is above that you can't even it's the principle down it's what once was a fine print once how we all know we don't stay here once they start saying ok you can have this much the next month they'll say well actually you can have this month with their transit you know he's like the first time i signed up for cable t.v. they said. it's only twenty nine ninety five
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a month you signed up and how much is it going to be after the end of the three month period well we can't tell you that actually we don't know well turns out it was one hundred thirteen dollars or something like that i mean there are business here trying to keep from having to do massive build outs because of a few users a few power users who have become i see this not only as somebody uses owns of internet who downloads video downloads audio who actually gains on the internet but so what if i do that if i end up copping out and looks like eight hundred thousand some of those are going to be very nice and say ok we're going to get e-mail when you get to have it when you get there when you get the half usage so you don't have to they're already throttling dan i mean you've got comcast or you know right now saying we'll sell you a five five megs of download but if you try to download the video that you're watching i'm sure if you have come because you're in d.c. you could you know you can just watch on the meter as soon as you pass about four seconds of continuous download of five minutes it drops it down to three or down until it holds of there would have reasons we thought it was generally speaking
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it's not your average i think you're consistent in most things i would always agree but i think you're consistent this is one of those times where i'm really just amazed and you're not trying to look behind the curtain this comes out and if they win two groups come out and launch this little command public knowledge the new america foundation and you always look behind the scenes who funds what well let's see who finds the new america foundation well let's see microsoft you bill gates right at the time that microsoft also purchased skype so now they're making a campaign about how much of it down the internet at all and they have and then people spend a lot of money just up to a microsoft operates and then there's also edward sorts of folks abilities organise a lot i mean what i'm looking at the end is is that in the european countries and in south korea in the countries that are just beating our answer in terms of the quality of internet service and general access they the force competition to companies that were were basically said you know monopoly circumstances and the internet is why. but i think that that's just better i got three different
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companies i can get internet from i would choose the ones i like and i'd probably have more but three that i would submit to you that those three are all offering essentially the same thing and therefore it isn't i've certainly viewed differently because it was a pretty easy choice what you know why i ended up with horizon and not comcast which i've been with for years so don't know why is it when france went to a program where you get unlimited internet access fast you get some over one hundred t.v. channels plus you have phone service over fifty countries and it's all under thirty five dollars a month i mean that was the reason for all of that it was enough additionally they had a bunch of companies that are going to be lean and mean it's also known as open source with their government controls the regulations it's not government for it what the government is saying is you must compete you know the government saying you must do with the government owes you that which is not the same thing and i'm going to ultimately found if people if you were to start a company and so you would somebody want to start a company it was offering better service and cheaper they're going to do it you
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can't do it because you don't control the pipes into the house and that's where these guys are establishing their monopolies and that's where other countries are saying the pipe into the house is different from the david we also have a very unique situation in the world heck of a lot bigger than france so the we're actually realities you know that companies have to go through building out if they have them then then we need to do are the r.t.a. any advantage we're. agreeing to disagree as a. thank you for dropping but it was only a matter of time before the big transitional corporations turn the people's internet into their own piggy bank i frankly think we need to fight back to make sure that the greatest informational source in the history of mankind isn't taken advantage of by million or c.e.o.'s and their money grubbing hands. coming up more on the teacher budget sit ins live interviews from california and.
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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime. i think. either one well. we never got the says there's a few safe get ready because their freedom. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse
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something else and you hear see some other part of it and realized everything you saw you don't. welcome to the big picture. education education education this week schools are public issue number one as
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teachers students and parents are holding demonstrations from new york california to protest cuts to education projects and what they're calling a week long state of emergency if you will for new teachers association is holding a sit in at their state capitol in response to governor jerry brown's proposed seven billion dollars cut education in the last three years california has seen its education whittled down by twenty billion dollars and more than thirty thousand teachers laid off now the teachers union is saying enough is enough but also inspired by activist teachers in wisconsin new york city teachers are holding a march this week in opposition to mary bloomberg proposed cuts to education it will lay off thousands of educators and that city tens of thousands of people are expected to join in the march from city hall to wall street to demand that the banks stirrers not the teachers. pay up for what was done to the economy so elise
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genuine grassroots movements across the nation put an end to the teacher eighteen and teacher bain that's been going on for the last four months since republicans took power and state governments around the nation to talk more about this issue from california david a sanchez president of the california teachers association and from new york allison kokanee independent journalist at the nation and co-host of the progressive political pod cast citizen radio david and allison welcome each of you. thank you thanks for it thanks so much for being with us david first to california if you can describe this state of emergency movement what are you going to be doing this week and what's the goal but we have over five hundred teachers who can't hear or to participate in a week line activities passion here at the state capitol to draw attention to the state of emergency that we have declared is happening in our public schools through higher ed and it was
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a mandate from our state constitution during body recovery teachers association telling us and directing us to plan a week long event of activities called by state wide rallies to draw attention to the severity of the cuts that are currently being implemented and that potential if you don't deeper cuts should together not you know the extension taxes that east looking forward asking to continue so we're here to educate the legislature as well as the public about the seriousness of these threats in our folks. are student sounds like a good plan allison in new york what what is being done there and what is the what is the specific goal. well thousands of people are coming out to oppose the mayor bloomberg recent announcement that he plans to fire six thousand teachers. a massive group that's operating under the banner of on may twelfth their official
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website is on may twelfth org it includes a variety of different unions including the united federation of teachers of different grassroots organizations their supporters they'll be marching on wall street and the reason they have selected wall street as a target is because you know the big banks bankrupting america they cost millions of jobs caused millions of foreclosures and now there's a two tier operating system in america where the poor people are expected to sacrifice are already meager means and huge corporations are permitted to run off with you know trillions of dollars of money david in california to what extent i can understand schwartz an egg or you know sort of like reagan you know did away with free public education at the college level when he was governor and you know schwarzenegger cutting back on public agenda to republicans do it they don't like the idea of educated people you know it seems but jerry brown i mean isn't this
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really a symptom of a ballot initiatives that have been passed that require supermajorities in the legislature to raise taxes to pay for these kinds of things and if that's the case if my guess on this is right what are the possibilities that jerry brown can actually get education funded in the state is he fighting hard to do it. yes beck you know unfortunately jerry brown don't care it has big huge financial mess that we are in right now and he has going to need possibly could to not. pursue additional cuts to public education in fact he came into the surplus traditional understanding that public schools are already being cut and there are any additional cuts so you know there's no army on this bone looked at that what's left is out station so he's been working hard to try and solve the budget cuts with half cuts and the other half up in it having any extension of the stats that we're
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talking about that we're currently name whose taxes ended in june when he try to put this on initiatives through the ballot in june of this coming year and unfortunately the republicans have their own special interests and chose not support is proposal to put it before the voters like he wanted to do what we're currently trying to do right now is that we're trying to get less to pass extensions legislatively in other words as you mentioned we need two thirds vote to get their past well they need twenty two republicans in both houses in order to get the two thirds to do just that and that's what we're trying to get next part of the week that we're here and s.s. if we are already problem is there is that requirement is two thirds of that and that was put there by right wingers getting a ballot initiative driven into the california constitution you have a different situation allison in new york you've got a mayor who is not responding to a constitutional problem in the state not responding to. the constituency of
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teachers certainly he is just unilaterally doing this to have this right here where he just decided ok here's my budget these teachers are gone and we're not going to raise the taxes on wall street. well this is sort of a case of passing the park mayor bloomberg points to our pain he says oh they're cutting their own cities funding and then albany points a finger at mayor bloomberg and says now this is your decision to make essentially what this comes down to is it's the at the elite politicians and their cronies on wall street versus average americans and on may twelfth is saying the on may twelfth movement is saying that justice doesn't look like closed schools or fire teachers just as looks like businesses corporations the paper banks paying their fair share. and now for the billionaire mare's and enough with the billionaires on wall street david we just have a few seconds left but a minute left. to what extent are the billionaires inserting themselves into
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california politics you know trying to trying to advertise against the thinks of the jerry brown is trying to do actually are trying very hard to influence the direction of the legislature they're trying very hard to see idea that enough is enough with the extension of these taxes that we're asking prosecuting you doing because we're doing it right now anyway but you know also essentially correct you know big business should be a spiritual taxes and they aren't and so we can we do our tax structure you know when you make it more fair for everybody they should be their fair share and they're not the money's not there for education and it's a tragedy all the way around david allison you're both doing great work thank you so much for being with us thank you great to have you both on as our more rowdy decayed in the united states so much that we rejoice banks tears on wall street making hundreds of millions in bonuses yet yell and scream about teachers earning fifty grand
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a year to fight for the teachers who are preparing our kids for the future and that the banks toure's who are selling our future off to saudi princes for huge profits . it's time for a daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's today's question has our morality decayed so much that we rejoice in banks making millions while yelling about teachers or any thousands and choices are yes i support teachers students and parents holding demonstrations from new york to california this week or no twenty billion dollars in cuts in the layoff of over thirty thousand teachers in california that's just the start of course every one of the last one of you has so far as voted yes you can log on to let us know what you think the poll will be open until tomorrow morning.
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crazy alert are you really that thirsty that company willing age to zero is selling bottles of water that cost twenty six hundred dollars each and those not in this water is not coming from the rarest glaciers in the world and melted by therapy therapy stones and it's actually the exact same bottled water that's already sold in stores across the country including cracker barrel restaurants for two dollars and forty nine cents of our bling age t.-o. justifies their high price because the water is acknowledged in a crystal studded bottle as founder of the company having boyd no it's not just selling water it's a lifestyle. but lifestyle for the rich and famous and the financially naive then again it can be the official sport drink of wall street to drink and style and excess while you're rash in the nation's economy. got it up one in seven americans
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currently rely on the assistance of food stamps for the cost of food skyrocketing across the nation and a food crisis be on the horizon. the latest in science and technology from. the future covered.
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he. says. talk about the big picture on our been coming up in this half hour koch brothers are in best in their millions in a higher learning but not exactly is donations are actually molding the economic department at florida state university and there's this one little.


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