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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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three. three. three. three. the old three bronze deals for your media trial against. time. we did it it's a vessel ron paul is running for president radio's night first joins us to see if the g.o.p. establishment will be as dumb as they were in two thousand and eight to alienate their only hope at a youth base by resisting the constitutional platform of congressman paul we've got a special announcement in exclusive interviews from a look at ask if you're from prodigy from up the larry flynt and fed chairman ben bernanke fellow former e j deliberately joins me for a new segment this one time at boot camp and for our permits and i will be covering don't ask don't tell me more sensitivity training and don't ask me to take my shirt off anymore and i won't tell anyone that you've been watching adam versus the ma'am
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. at ten am eastern time this morning in new hampshire congressman dr ron paul made it official his campaign is no longer in exploratory mode he is running for the republican nomination for president of the united states he was able to get a double tap on the announcement by first breaking the news in an interview with george stephanopoulos on good morning america the sad thing about this is that george would always ask the most ridiculous questions about what used to be some of ron's most unpopular positions but as ron himself said the reason he's running for president. now is it would seem as if the people of america are starting to come
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around to the ideas he's been advocating for over thirty years it was as if stephanopoulos was stuck in two thousand and eight but he's playing what i mean by that here is a new and improved history of ron paul. first they ignore you from when he was first elected in one nine hundred seventy six as it was then known as a traditional barry goldwater republican so when he ran for president in one thousand eight as a libertarian to even when he was the two thousand and eight when the two thousand and eight campaign was gearing up in two thousand and seven didn't invite him to one of their debates claiming that polling had him out of the running when he had just taken ten percent in iowa to julian his four percent but fox decided to let rudy the conservative cross dresser giuliani into the debate instead then they laugh at you two thousand and seven two thousand and eight sometimes
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literally you're basically saying that we should take our marching orders from al qaeda if they want to stay off the arabian peninsula he said. thank you i'm saying i'm saying we should take our marching orders from our constitution this was generally how he was treated during his two thousand and eight presidential run the things said behind his back were even worse but the next part then they fight you two thousand and eight two thousand and eleven now that ron paul's ideas have become mainstream and establishment can no longer deny ron paul and he's been getting more and more media exposure since the campaign ended but it hasn't always been pleasant by the way ron paul cannot get elected i'm sorry . but i was going to get someone with some credibility for that example well you know what comes next. then
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you win i am very very pleased that i am once again on able to say that i am a candidate for the presidency. joining me now for his take on how the g.o.p. will be receiving the ron paul two thousand and twelve campaign is none other than nationally syndicated radio talk show host night church and my church was the first ever produced toxo on sirius satellite radio before it came sirius x.m. his best known as the king dude and can currently be heard daily on sirius x.m. radio sirius patriot one forty four and america rights one sixty six mike thanks so much for being with us tonight thanks for having me that you're famously known for your allegiance to the constitution your faithfulness to those principles and you even refer to yourself at least on your website as a paragon of founding father virtue is there anyone running for president today
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besides ron paul that has a platform that's constitutional that you can get behind. the only one it's even close if you think what happened r.p. would be gary johnson and gary governor johnson doesn't cite the constitution nearly as much as ron paul does ron paul bases almost everything that he does and says in a constitution as it applies to to his run for the presidency a matter of fact adam today when he announced he got a big roar of applause when he said well you know people they want their president to do this and any other but it seems to me that they want all the wrong things my job as president of the united states will be to keep the government off your back to follow the constitution and to start executing the law as faithfully as i was supposed to do and i think that that is probably the most refreshing thing i have heard from a candidate since ronald reagan in one nine hundred eighty and president reagan you
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know god bless him was not able to accomplish the things that he set out so let's wish ron paul godspeed and one thing we know about ron about ron paul adam is that he does not change there is no wind blowing through the ron paul campaign so stick one's finger up and see which way they should go you know today we see it in an almost only in america kind of irony it's the use of the g.o.p. the grand old party but the younger members of the republican party that are turning to this most traditional of conservative message is going some say back to the constitution i would say forward to constitutional ideals but we've seen the republican establishment resisting this message resisting the candidacy of ron paul and in a way that a lot of us younger voters find demeaning almost losing faith in the party do you think that the g.o.p. leadership is going to receive this campaign in this candidacy better than they did in two thousand and eight if they realize that their only hope for
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a future is the party is with ron paul in the youth. let me think about that about you not also about all. well i don't think that the establishment views itself as open to debate establishment is going to pick who they're going to pick they're really going to choose between temple lennier or mitt for brains romney in my personal opinion and you know you just have to make gets to be the establishment by establishing a rules adam and they're not going to let some some ten horny little upstart from texas who's got as little going to shoot it as you know not going to let him come along and say well you know the constitution says this the better together i think that the most salient point that you just made and i hope you continue to make it often as young people because you guys and you're a little younger than i he's or that i am you guys have the most at stake you have the most to lose from this law by up on continuing to grow continuing to consume social security money medicare money continuing to rack up debt in your on board
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children's name you have the most at stake my friend and i think that's why the young people are so attractive because they see the future you know taking the blinders off and they see the future and they don't want anything to do with it we don't want to do with that either but over he said he said the establishment is setting this up as between how leonti and romney both people who have advocated for health care is the only reason they're doing this because when they have santorum the baby next to paul and you can't tell them apart. well rick santorum i think you can tell them apart for from all the other ones because by the time to get to an end of the end of a debate in i think there will be another one in new hampshire in june the number of countries that are located in the middle east that rick santorum has not advocated a balmy jesus belt of he is few and far in between so he seems to be on an island out there by himself but what i mean by the way your status may choose a new candidate it's mitt romney's turn you know remember in two thousand and eight
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that he took a backseat he fell on the story he dropped out doors john mccain he did everything that big wigs in the party told him to do an eight. would you just need to go back to michigan to make a couple hundred million dollars actually well there's only two thousand and twelve batch writing to go to bed so the g.o.p. works which you know i would obviously i would really appreciate come on and that's that's what we're saying that our generation is going to take that on and challenge that system of patronage and waiting your turn to be president was in the republican party not going to happen and not of if we have anything to say about it we get ron paul nominated in two thousand and twelve mike thank you so much for joining us. that was nationally syndicated radio talk show host mike church and now you the viewer starting with our comments of the week this time from felix lazaro ricardo via facebook if you drop acid ron paul girls a wizard beard gold coins out of this thing are tense and gary johnson is the head of ben bernanke you with his bare hands and a colorful rainbow comes out of the neck. wow oh i've never dropped
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acid before but i got to be honest suddenly. really open to trying it we had a lot of great feedback from wednesday's episode with the cops segment with luke and i from facebook joe placentia had this to share great show adam i've had several confrontations with police and given them notice that they are in fact violating the trust of the people by enforcing unconstitutional laws i've been assaulted by police and i've even had a police commander tell me i have no constitutional rights i'm glad for groups like oath keepers who i have tremendous respect for i've spoken to a dozen cops about their organization and if you agree with me in regards to civil rights and the precarious position they will be in if the people turn against them i tell them they are either with the people or they are against us i asked a black out this is a really interesting story i asked a black cop there in a traffic stop during black history month
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a simple question remember this is from someone who looks a spanish we suspend extern aim i can tell you from facebook what's the difference between this stop and one in one nine hundred fifty four mississippi he let me go amazing we've also heard from some cops who are fans of the show this from trey reid also via facebook first things first and i'm on a fan of your show in the constitution and the truth movement i'm also a police officer in the state of georgia that being said i thought you might like it from the other side we're not all thugs for the government i was exposed to what horrors the globalists do by another police officer most of us are just out here trying to earn a living to support our families i for one am not out here to violate every one civil rights and either are them and neither are the majority of the officers i work with well it's always the majority also on wednesday's episode is this comment from you tube from anarchy logic then obama do a whole big thing on bullying the police themselves on the real problems the hiring practices of cities and counties the cities and counties look for people that will do as they're told they are also now training police that everyone is
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a threat so treat them as a threat at all times don't think just do a sad turn of events for america we also got an email this week from the other side of the world. well what i've seen so far on you tube with your show awesome stuff you guys so should put it on r t international so we can watch it in new zealand regards daniel from outland new zealand email that outward we've been getting e-mails from all over the world including a few from our northern neighbors including this from have a call for asa law laming adam just wanted to take a moment say great show i mean really i can't stop watching this you know back in the early mid ninety's the government of comeback would take forty percent of my pay into this very day it is still the province with the most taxes and what i mean by that is in canada we have g.s.t. government sales tax p.s.t. provincial sales ice ages the harmonized sales tax come back as those two but that wasn't enough we have a come back provincial taxed add on top of the already existing provincial tax and used to say i haven't been home in ten years because there's no point in giving
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them just about all my earnings lol highway robbery i say no wonder so many backers are on welfare because you actually make more cash on welfare they want to work we need adam vs the man out here there's a lot of this going on in this country too it's just kept very quiet unfortunately and i don't keep fighting the man and i want to know that your message reaches way past the borders of america cheers frosty the law lamey. i know i haven't had a chance to respond to every e-mail myself but i've read a lot of the e-mails at least that have gone to adam adam vs the man dot com so let me just personally thank a few of you that have sent e-mails that really said that sit out that martin jewel cameron sending a send is dead man first of all the new jake will be filled most excited greg nickels goodrich and so. moon the julian date was not him but the fellow didn't vote or didn't support him stephen any isley obama such martin johnson variant being alex raven lamar williams like to get across an. alchemy night that biomarker order to move the price low draw when crossed out west and then get matthews leads
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to be anonymous crush the girlfriend then it's the same mcclelland's a paying job blow dryer crossed and sam's call the word of michael to understand it's not the first time that's probably stephen best or ryan price danny danny the sollie to the rise to power of the dollar vigilante wesley woods as a comical johnson elizabeth mary rosado next to studs you know angela belts on advisement also peter g. andrew ross and i thought this when craig krista stasio saying was little arles steve robinson thank you so much for writing and keep the feedback coming when we come back we'll have exclusive interview larry flynt's prodigy of mob and fed chairman ben bernanke thanks to average the main contributor luke and jake and i will premier the latest spawn of our war adult brains this one time at boot camp say to you don't want to miss this you're watching adam vs the man.
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and health. care. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok and you don't i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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welcome back to adam vs the man i'm happy to present to you now the world premiere of three guards that is myself and adam vs the man contributor jake neo-con nancy deliberate zero in this one time that prove. i'm joking why did you go on my blog. so you're coming. now the thing you are i. mean i think you're right you are right. you know gary parker.
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so take adam what's on your mind today do you remember that one gave marine a bouquet. just one ok fine you remember the camera moved him. yes this is ok but i had this guy and i might come up with two and i never did abbott every time he was and every time we had to go run of the bathroom whatever one of the head this dude had to sit down he could never piece they were mr and he always had to take private showers and all night not only that but he was always commentating on people shoeshine like but not in like the cool way is and oh shoot his stuff and make up it's then oh geez nine or just a little bit ten shades lighter than yours a lot of marines are kind of reluctant to admit this but i'm pretty sure that in the marine corps we have a higher percentage of gay service members than any other branch and it's because the record is a place if you go to prove yourself right there is more one more of a citizen of marines and where else i've ever seen in my life well now with the repeal of don't ask don't tell reserving subject to more inane training it's
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ridiculous and he said you seen this right yeah i mean it's been pretty bad yeah we're going to try this train for a second i knew jake has major it was marine major daniel bartow said capitalism that was giving these. sensitivity training classes so let me ask you if you saw two male marines in a mall food court quote kind of petting each other putting their arms around each other kissing each other what would you do who i don't know would you go to the papers marry jeff chiesa ok you know if there's a right answer here and it's they're not in a work environment sort of so i can't exactly tell them that's not a priority or i've got another one for you. what would you do if you were to junior marines joking in the locker room about showering in front of ok holly. oh i don't the answer is that's inappropriate in any situation but marine major did
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say that when you see these kinds of situations this is the this is what marines are being taught now you supposed to think of it as two members of the opposite sex . we just don't need this crap i mean these do turn into it like it's elton john right and they're rude paul i mean or jeff quixote or just keep remember what jeff he said about marines yes i do and what would it would shift key said was that if you've ever been on a football team or if you've ever taken a shower at the gym or if you've ever been at the military in the military. you've already showered with a gay dude. so take he have any problem with game rings come into the service now i mean i don't understand i don't get it you know serve your country do what you do like just hold tell me about it you know exactly as far as exact no that's that's it man as far as i'm concerned i mean that their militaries all over the world that
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have gay service members it is unreal and i'm. sure i got the standard of conduct for sexual behavior in the military to be the same whether you're into guys or girls or he will leave it will leave it at that. present. well they very much. glad to be part of it. educational well thank you lou joining us now in studio as promised lucrative luke . you got something for some i only got you had a couple big interviews yesterday which you want to do you want to start with one from larry flynt tonight yeah i talked to the man the legend himself larry flynt he's a freedom fighter and first amendment advocate and this is what he had to say about
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nine eleven truth. there's a lot of unanswered questions. as well thank you will probably never get. more kind of. patriotic show me the fact you know when i got. to run everybody. and so perry said it's ok. we do have a wide. guarding against our privacy. rights we've got again and. i don't. well you with their looks free press patriot act vs nine eleven truth what's more important. both i think both they correlate and they all go together so jake here. correlates yes they do know they don't we wouldn't lose our freedoms if it wasn't for nine
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eleven what are you left all right mr bill o'reilly you want to be this and i'm sure it's i'm sorry you just love a liberal you need a system like gave you that comment not i gave you because and i did use really love you in my life something's wrong with this and this is this is an absolutely hogwash nine eleven truth god bless those people for thinking that you and i mean you're in you're in for a new investigation into yeah i specially support investigation but i don't believe that somehow it's a criminal conspiracy caused because of zionists promoting israel but i will also hold on i will still put repeal of the patriot act getting to that point where people want to respect their civil liberties and want the government certainly more and getting back to a real free press absolute anyways now you had a really amazing interview to with with prodigy from. well this is only a small tease the full interview is going to be on my you tube and on adam versus the man dot com but this is only a short tease with the grammy award winning rapper prodigy and this is what he had
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to say about ron paul. you know i love the old poem in a low we represent you know i've raised books wild locked in the fed in the way. i would like to see that happening because i would like to like i would like to see him shake things up a little being only i like to take a little shake these people up a little so we need it out here so he was reading ron paul of prison it's amazing you know we just heard from one i guess i interview the carson self last week that if he was a look at present he would pardon all nonviolent drug offenders in federal prison you think it would get a few more people read his books and it is pretty exciting but prodigy was amazing he was very much like minded he was very smart he was very intellectual and it was in our interview and i know you got you i mean you landed an incredible interview yesterday as you said you got you got an exclusive one on one with ben bernanke well it wasn't kind of what i wanted but i did get the job done i kind of snuck into a private gala where by the verdict he was added. i just had very little information
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from some knowledge some new insight from the feds and i told them what i had to say here's a clip. what you do at the two thousand and eight build a burger i'm not doing any press today it was just because that's where they just wanted to destroy the economic merry get american economy do it i mean what you do with a bill burger but doing press today no questions no what you do with it we want to know when are you going to apologize for the straw in this economy mr bernanke you see. i actually was loaded does he think you are credible media i wish i had more time with him but as i was asking the question one big security guard grabbed me like this is. what you already know the second a second security guard came in they literally had to drag me out your bio are misplay worse i could tell you good luck you know you get all right take if you can get them all the. time right here ok we'll see what we can do but you know
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we have to say unfortunately for audience one thing we have to let you know tonight we're going to be losing luke for the next month that i have no come out in a month and half of what he wants now maybe i will tell us what you're doing you're going on tour and you know it was a very well if you're very blessed and i have a screen opportunity i'm going to take full advantage of it i'm going to be speaking in atlanta next week with cynthia mckinney. and richard gage then i'm flying to france for the g. eight and if that was enough trouble for me i'm going over to the build a big meeting of course in switzerland and i have talks lined up in ireland scotland england from there i'm going to prague after day of germany poland greece and if that was enough for me i'm going to be running with the bulls in spain and come back here to washington d.c. they then say well. you know we just like the gnome. look i don't know man i'm going to there you actually i'll be able to live with a little bit less blood pressure but that's nonsense i'm going to miss you two of my establishment narrow minded neo-con bootlicker when are you going to be joining
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us by skype and you're going to be giving us regular updates and will still have exclusives from luke without skiers and goes. travels throughout europe because you going to be traveling try to leave each trolley of each we are change greece is going to be there we are change france although we are changed members are going to be converting and going to be is going to be a lot of fun and i can't wait to be outside the bill the conference at the g eight meetings and which has given taishan sit in the meeting hang out. how much have you been back to europe since you moved to the united states not only been there about three years ago only visiting family in poland but never really before you had this massive international network yeah so it's very exciting very exciting take oh sorry man well friend godspeed you come back change and realize how bad socialism is thank you i'm going to. go now to get a study of the way you are your other all that is we called on a liberal you are pro draft pro military defense spending time marijuana you voted
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for barack obama how do you make any sense at all what's wrong with this conversation will be continued by a lot of. other robot our eyes so we're not going to have luke with us for the next one now hopefully not a full three months but we will be doing this company remotely at least so we've given this exclusive some euro all right so now i. i'd like to leave you with a thought shared by loyal viewer jimmy beings from a discourse of voluntary servitude by then then. out of him saying they're right in the sixteenth century very important site here the oppressor has nothing more than the power you can for upon him to destroy you where has he acquired enough eyes to spy upon you if you do not provide them yourselves how can he have so many arms to beat you with if he does not borrow them from you the feet that trampled down your cities where does he get them from if they are not your own how does he have any
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power over you except through you how would he dare assail you if he had not cooperation from you the power to be free is within a saw the man has only the power that we are willing to give up on monday will be covering a dangerous act of civil disobedience in the u.s. capitol grasp that on the hill has organized a rally in protest of the aggressive treatment of peaceful dairy man band alger where they plan to milk in actual cow and drink the fresh milk yeah believe it or not selling raw milk is illegal in this country that's our show to have sight out of vs the man dot com in only adam adam vs the man dot com you can also get luke and jake had moved pat and jake that had a versus them and have a great weekend this is out of focus from washington d.c. where your leaders are hard at work protecting you from the dangers of wrong though .


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