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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines fueling cars a report. broadcasting live from the heart of moscow this is archie would have been with us a circle to talk to. the state of expectation of the libyan opposition on voice in paris france has more to offer than washington after they left empty handed and without official recognition rebels are said to be in desperate need of food and medical supplies in the seeds city of benghazi. while back in washington nato and the u.s. call time on foot off the ball as they push forward with
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a stall air campaign but could all be himself remains a defiant this comes as more airstrikes hit the capital tripoli of the libyan leader says news yards of each of coalition bars. under starters orders russia begins the official countdown to the next winter olympics which will kick off in just under one thousand days that is the biggest sporting event be hosted by the country since the summer olympics and right. now art is something of it splits opinion a lot like martin and he's up with the moscow team that's coming up next hour here on three.
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hello and welcome to the program on this week's arts and culture show will be taking a look at russian contemporary art galleries constantly opening up in the capital such modern day creativity has exploded onto the country's art scene i always thought of one of the most famous innovative art spaces in the capitol garage house in a wonderful example of twentieth century russian architecture is set in a former. founded by that is you who are simply cogs on the garage presents a program of exhibitions by international and russian artists and serves as a catalyst a meeting point to moscow's emerging policy. one of the current displays is cool news listen to three main themes street punks configuration and you abstraction so how does gas health content because he must first say you go we have a big program which goes parallel with each day exhibition we print catalogs mate in russian in english all we know is another thirty years occasional classes and special lectures and explanations for children new york minute speeches out of
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fifty artists that was asked to capture the drama danger as being off by a half in this exhibition also brings the best of the downtown humility a close knit group of artists that for years have collaborated on numerous innovative contemporary art projects and there are some images of alternative street signs to draw insisting this cartoon character is this exhibition was designed to grab the public's attention off the rule is in moscow the new york decision is at times shocking providing an overview of the most exciting new trends coming out of the city this extended network. yes. general admission here is two hundred roubles around seven dollars a gallon is open until nine pm during the week and ten pm weekends there are also hosts special on such events including schools screenings performances and creative activities to children. on a scanner is making bold steps in the world of contemporary art the appetite for
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this kind of boss is growing as an experiment in class of wealthy russians move from classic to more modern works also it's still very affordable compared with russian classic art an international concern for the art so it's being poured by the growing middle class as well as by the wealthy. who knows that cheap piece of pot sitting inside here today could fetch millions in the future. for documents one of the leading smaller contemporary art spaces here in the city center because seeing edge exhibits on this play range from controversial photographs to work with military clothing they have around seven hundred paintings in their collection and they pride themselves in educating society while at the same time pushing all boundaries controversies of discoveries life and also his rival expressing themselves in the most dramatic sexual political way. each week the center holds art classes for children exploring all areas of art young people are
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encouraged to create visionary and bold he says. in business world it's very exciting here for both adults and children i come here every wednesday because there are classes for children of my age and we are tired to see and understand contemporary art and we started traditional art to a country where collecting foreign art cease in one thousand seventeenth and picked up pace again only recently galleries like this are now in the front line of that mix of passion and creativity that gives the russian market its particular current buzz. understanding the arts doesn't really seem to matter this is great now contemporary art some of it is wonderful sensational with great hidden meaning that subtext behind each piece but on the flip side of that some of it is simply out there and it is just plain we are.
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moving on from kitsch to princeton and even a whole host muscovites have home a mother who has been for ten roubles and one hundred thousand rupees most sculptures and paintings who have a simple office and meanings well with that food brings this to this week's guests as owner of the our gallery in the capital touches shifrin drives an extravagant pieces make statements. let me see you again so tell me your experience regarding russian kids have brought. young company we opened the only year and a half ago on the russian market. and we have two departments are dealing selling promoting arts young artists and there was an exhibition hall in moscow used also doing our own exhibitions independent. concerts
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gallery. is there money to be made out of it. and it's always checking that such a key industry. is easy of course to work with a well known names. on the market already it's easy to pick someone all for example . number all works he sold old radio on the auction and already has some stable price and already has a well known name i mean some people in the muscularly to all the dogs for example it seems that concern isn't just about the art itself but it's more about having a party you know the social lives more probably image of it. arts becoming fashion it's very very close. very close and very deep into each other for the last let's say five ten years. especially contemporary arts. now it's a session. there are many magazines as you know who are doing arts and together and
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that's. what they working on there are some people who all come in just to have fun just to tell friends that they saw in the freaky piece to have fun and there are people who appreciate. that lifestyle so there are many sides of each of them both if you chief will receive them. they will be developing i believe i believe. it will be growling it will be developing and it does and it looks quite promising and there are russian artists more and more each heel in different exhibitions and names on all sins and on the day becoming walls well known still sell for a bloke comes it looks to be a good little boy a work here in the us and capital. some where else can
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you find contemporary art in moscow this is modern art space one of the first exhibition venues in the capital which he drops the trend of turning old into still buildings and the cultural and its name in complex is visible occupies a number of buildings constructed at the end of the nineteenth century and served as a factory producing desert winds and bottling spirits in the crimea and caucuses now the film factories with the famous bad brick lose house galleries and exhibition pools with dozens of contemporary art displays running at the same time. the master museum of modern the past is the first state museum in much of the holy dedicated to the art of the twentieth and twenty first centuries opened in my funeral she nine now there are several branches of the museum all created in the historical sense of the capital cushion standing brushing up and going artists as well as templates editions of contemporary our pieces around the world are on display and
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not so worried tools in english are also available. we decided to share and tell a wider audience about new forms and contemporary arts in an easy to understand way and he is in practical elements the log an item of submission such a way that visitors can not only look at the display and also try to create something themselves so we have several holes some that exhibits other serve as workshops several major contemporary art of and so often organize in the russian capital the most can be in ali was first held in two thousand and five and since then has become an important international festival of the lake stevens on the world. ah seen the shoes the fifty nollywood run from september to october and it's the repricing worlds as the events amos show explain how life you see through the prism of an office mind and creativity. is an architectural festival held each year in the kaluga region on the banks of the grow river the tuna club which is the russian capital for guest architects at events trade also
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objects from natural materials like goods strew or ice the objects on just one to look good as many can also be tried out by the festival's visitors. of course contemporary art isn't just confined to the capital's museums there are numerous places outside here in the city where you can find commissions graffiti sculptures and street art stars you proceed see visuals realize that art can be easly constructive way to brighter musters it's really great of a non-strike and a number of housing blocks in the center of the capital these bold new worlds of creativity to see outside pieces and they seem to be liked by many of those commissions as cause an arts festival the busy images we'll see here are said to represent what was once in the area. recently became too far as we create has started to attract attention and people get stronger stance treat our spirits or we
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started to receive orders to create a range of different cars were other also being invited to various galleries and museums but the skills imprint me temporary believe me will still be on these buildings in ten years time and so many new contemporary art galleries and. i personally think so and from an office to the local artists are keen to create sensational world famous owls my guess is that the next damien hirst's could possibly come from russia. well there we have it unfortunately that's what's how we have on this next program. contemporary art here in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the crew i'll buy it out.
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for the full slim we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. for some this is just a parliament building in berlin. but spend sixty six years ago it was the final targets. and the last major offensive for the red army. its capture became the symbol of the fall of the fascists is out. and the victory over nazi germany. the fall of berlin r.t. .
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the. russians would be soo much bryson if you knew no bounds to move from funds to transient some. news from stunts on t.v. don't come.
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state of expectation libyan opposition on voice in paris hope france has more to offer than washington after they left empty handed and without official recognition the rebels are said to be in desperate need of food and medical supplies in the besieged city of benghazi. back in washington nato and the u.s. called time off his rule as they push forward with the stall their campaign for gadhafi himself remains defiant this comes as more airstrikes at the capital tripoli although the libyan leader says he is beyond of the legion of coalition bombs. under starters orders against the official countdown to the next winter
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olympics which will kick off in just under one thousand days it is the biggest sporting event he hosted by the country since the summer olympics in one thousand nader. and staying with sports if you are a sports fan you're in luck because union is here and update you with all the latest. thanks for joining us this is sports today i'm eating on the line these are some of the stories we're covering over the next ten minutes or so. nothing between them and gee i don't feel takes sole control of the russian premier league meaning it's a lock on the t.v. to leapfrog to the summit for twenty four hours a week. thinking green only greens the richest events on the golf calendar reaches its midway point with american david holmes on sixty.
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one thousand days to go russia marks a milestone in the continent to sochi twenty fourteen with festivals taking place throughout the country. let's get going with football we're the table salt was at stake when i. went head to head on saturday evening lots expected but the sides feel to find even a single goal the early running coming courtesy of the home side really should have broken the deadlock through coming i call out off here and she continued their dominance in the second forty five minutes but nil nil was how it would end up really a missed opportunity for both squads and not one. of your supporters feel to rise off some of whom to vote get the home side up on the board first the early in the second half bog down the military firing off a good work and see leandro montenegrin clearly over the moon after netting in what
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was a rare appearance for the twenty three year old. to be his side's highlight though nothing some say raining on sports parade in injury time the georgian finishing on on tidy sequence for one. meanwhile we're seeking their first win in five weeks on the day on the new boys went out it's against f.c. solomin the right way you can eat shit pizza is open or forty minutes in out it's two on the half hour mark by the shiites trust. the second period proved cautious tale first the corner was given away cheaply which led to chums. and then disciplined in the penalty area left the referee with little choice but the point to the sport eighteen minutes from the time that was shift the non-earning the chant side assured all the points to each but ended.
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who are now looking jawing on the rest after a. crushing of. the win meaning jump over the trio. zanies however can still finish the weekend at the summit. on sunday. not helping crawl into premier league champions alex ferguson side doing what they needed to against blackburn avoid defeat to wrap up the championship game early united fighting pot from a first half deficit level proceedings from the penalty spot wayne rooney demand for. important matters down the other end of the table on the day to blackpool stay in the relegation zone despite winning a seven goals with the. wolves have reached the forty point mark after beating something on the way from home but they aren't see if yet. are safe finish their final home much of the season with eating habits and. also enjoy in the blue half
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of my chester mon city trying to f a cup champions for a one nil win over stoke city. dominating the wembley clash but the breakthrough would only come seventy four minutes in david silva instrumental in the ball finally feeling to you. three writes his name and city folklore with. the winners first major piece of silverware for thirty five. french monitor at full monitor laura blank was recently cleared of racism allegations after he was heard discussing possible team quotas for jewel nationality players and while the forty five year old seems to have cleared his name blank has said the whole situation made him consider quitting a one point. they have resigned would not have been the right solution although it's true that it was briefly something i thought of but the desire to continue was stronger first for me then for french football then for this team they were
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building and also for the technical staff and for all those who have put their confidence in me when you're ok let's leave football behind and move to goal for kris wood is within reaching distance of his first ever european tour of crime in new york at the englishman extending his lead to four shots ahead of the final round at the pool a club would starting things off on the right foot rolling in a birdie on the very first proved to be one of only true perkins he made on the day though a putt for par on the sixteenth however helping the twenty three year old one under score for the runs arse machine laurie is meanwhile tied for second with the northern irishman darren clarke laurie six birdies on one eagle on the day putting the twenty four year old into prime position ahead of the final round. thing on the greens where it's midway through the big money players championship in florida david psalms the man leading the way up the soon in fifth major of the year
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with a one stroke advantage the american moving into the driving seat after the thirteenth hole where a birdie propelled him to ten on a par the school with which he would finish the day overnight leader nick watney is alone in second shot behind after shooting a seventy one on a group of form and sure third spot mcdowell so a little strip here and clover are all eyeing up the largest slice of the nine and a half million dollar prize while martin timer is just five shots from the front a win could move the german back into the top spot in the rankings. and more g.p. casey stoner as put himself in prime condition for a first ever victory on a legendary racetrack the two thousand and seven champion securing paul for the. french grand prix hopes to finally crack the world famous circuits the twenty five year old faced fierce competition from fellow underwriters though still maintaining
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his case to pep markel some and cheli by just five hundred of a second suppose it's highly in some and shelley with a great run but he'll have to settle for a second place on the bridge andrea to v.c.u. so well he runs like the top three also in the honda pulled down he could prove i'm reeling shopping for gala renzo this mistyped in the front row for the first time see here the spawning will start from fourth and fifth. and finally the build up to the twenty fourteen winter olympic games in sochi has reached a significant landmark we spoke earlier to r.t. sports correspondent roman cluster of who explains all from the russian capital. that wasn't a countdown begins right here today and we have a very important milestone we have there is that said being held all across a rush i included right here in moscow at the moscow state university university said chemistry department blotch just want to talk about some of the cheap loans
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that the russian organizing committee has already made now social investment into the russian winter olympiad is about six point five billion u.s. dollars and over sixty percent sell that money will come from a government funds and out such it's once the fourteen organizing committee has announced that it's already breaking all store so records including attracting over one point one billion u.s. dollars from the private sector right now that's a number that's a balance to increase over the coming years over the next three years because the organizing committee wants the russian games to become not the only most innovative ones but also most profitable ones not you know the area where the russians have already excelled in comparison to other a host nations in the past is they deliberate infrastructure was something used already been in place now hold the venues that will be games that says states in the year twenty thirteen that's a whole year ahead of the olympic games and that's already quite impressive now
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back to the one thousand day yet countdown it would have been say happening all across russia today and the only dance have to do with the number one thousand that sell one thousand olympic paintings one thousand olympic a tourist pays those events very similar to what's happening at what's been happening in honor of host nations in the past including by goober and to including the future summer in the capital of london and bar russians as always they decided to do something original and created something all their own and that's one thousand olympic unless and so that were held over the last few days and the last one will be will be held today and those are the lessons for school. children will probably have the opportunity to become one of the twenty five thousand strong pick volunteer force i met with some of those they're in tenth grade they will sell those kids a little bit earlier this is what they had to say there is that station some of the upcoming games off of this lesson i have to take with me. it's
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it's breathtaking and i really want to be able interior on all the games in sochi to fourteen i think everybody knows that are russian submarine hospitable and honest and also i would like all foreign people to try. this new foods like. me and. the young ladies got me hungry thankfully i'm finished for now the world weather though is coming up in just a tech.
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some. of it. if. you want to order. just street still cheap seats eclipse the balance times and veal versions of the soviet files on oxy. contin moskos oh geez available in hotels for course i'm going to know a little as a whole toto keep a promise it is congress moto east west of it's almost a.


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