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son you'd be true to the result you said do. suffer till some years. the risk. growing too many as you call it a full season so it's the sultan who turns. six thirty pm here in the russian capital you with art see now the top stories international war crimes of prosecutors are requesting the arrest of colonel gadhafi for crimes against humanity and comes as the head of britain's on forces says nato should intensify its campaign in libya focusing on attacks against the regime. and. the e.u. need to scrape together more cash and greece portugal and now possibly spain line up for financial support
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a fifth of the spanish population is unemployed with no signs of improvement on the horizon. and demonstrations are marking today the palestinians were expelled by the foundation of israel turned deadly after israeli troops shot at least sixteen people dead the country's borders were stormed as thousands try to cross over on what's known as a. nazi we talked to a radical american and see war campaign who says the country's conflict addiction is making it as much of a terrorist as those it claims to be fighting and you are watching out. archie is in chicago sitting down with longtime activist former leader of the weather underground radical group that operated back in the sixty's and seventy's and now clinical law professor at northwestern university and director of the children and family justice center. thank you so much for joining us today pleasure
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now you obviously have an extremely diverse biography hated by so romanticized by others from being on the f.b.i.'s top ten most wanted list to now being a law professor and dealing with children's rights which one of these stages serves your purposes the most i don't think of them is that distinct i feel like i've been obsessed with a couple of things my whole life certainly the question of justice and certainly he swore in peace you obviously throughout your career have received so much criticism of. your kitties and actions were very radical that this group the weather underground. did some things that were you know later do you terrorist and you say this entire time that you were really fighting for peace we've become used to really since nine eleven as an example of american terrorism but we were never terrorists in fact i think the whole. war and
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black freedom movement in the united states were militant had militant edges but really were always restrained and if you look around the world at the time we in fact were tactically very restrained our rhetoric was sometimes a little inflamed and hyperbolic but our actions really were quite restrained. in that revolution and insurgency takes is constantly changing we just saw the mideast uprising kind of a mansion back before it happened when those events broke out a lot of people in the united states were. sort of fearful that the same could happen here on that kind of scale do you think that's possible of course it's possible and you know we grown up in an era of american exceptionalism right last seventy years where the united states somehow isn't bound by the other lies of history and of course we are bound by the loss of history militarily the united
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states is obviously still in full swing with iraq afghanistan libya military power still what do you make of that and what do you make of these particular wars and also what the peace movement where is it all this is there a lot of sniping at that well i think that the u.s. economic down and spoke with globally hundred seventy four military bases you know all but three five wars three shadow wars i think that it's you know a great danger to the world i think that the militarization at home is also quite significant since nine eleven and the and raveling of all of the theories of the sixty's whereas the peace movement i think that you mainly see the peace movement in the veterans coming home and i'm not sure why that is i think that people oppose the war there's no question that the american people oppose the iraq war continue to oppose it and think we should lead they oppose the escalation in afghanistan they supported it you know the day after nine eleven and have opposed it ever since
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and and they already oppose the libya and so i think the american people are not in a funny way are the peace movement right they haven't been able to change the tremendous military control of this democracy so we haven't been able to stop the wars but i don't want you to i don't think we should minimize how much the american people don't like these wars and then i think the second major force people i work with are the veterans coming home because as in vietnam and. as in every war they come home and see the truth about what they've been asked to do and i think this current glorification of the troops can't hide the reality of what happens when these young kids women and men come home and they are the real truth tellers but us imperialism we've touched upon a little bit yourself as well as quite a significant number of other people believe that the u.s.
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power is dying down both politically and interaction with other countries economically where does it really stand now realistically well i think that it's destroying itself american hegemony is no longer to be we have too many rising other economic and cultural powers in the world i think that gives us here in the united states tremendous opportunity as well as a tremendous risk the risk of course is we've seen other countries other empires decline but where their military state is very strong and that is a tremendous danger and you can turn everything into a military opportunity instead of as a social and human opportunity do you think that. that decline economy is also like a very significant large contributor to the fact that the united states is losing its power abroad just the fact that so many people here are struggling and are not contributing to the economy or the country as a strong force the tremendous acceleration of that gap of income in the united
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states in the last decade says it all yes most of us are getting poorer i kind a handful less than one percent of the population are getting extravagantly wealthy but you know you look from nine eleven till today and you say you know yes but the people who perpetrated the tragedy of nine eleven to justice there are many ways to do that. right the front of an international tribunal you could have had a police action but war. millions of people being displaced separations of countries accusations of three countries to prison for in the united states many were appropriate and it certainly has imposed a tragedy and that's just one of the latest developments to the war in terrors of course the death of bin laden i want to ask you as a law professor under what legal basis was that committed by the united states i
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heard a legal commentator yesterday on the radio when i was driving home and i was laughing out loud because. he claimed that under the u.n. charter the grade of self-defense was in operation here so defense yes maybe after nine eleven the operation that was carried out against this terrorist cell would have been justified under international law ten years later you know invade another country with your military and let them do it. on the other hand we could take this moment i think as an opportunity for peace really ok now it's time to declare an end to these wars which came at least a rationalization by u.s. presidents was to you know to prevent nine eleven from happening again why don't we see this is a moment to withdraw from afghanistan and iraq just for do you think that's
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possible or is it also possible that this could this moment could be taken as an extra opportunity to really intensify efforts in afghanistan well of afghanistan's not going to go well no matter how you define going well it is not possible to win these wars whatever that means and everybody knows that but the lamb is you can hear the drumbeat now for pakistan you know against pakistan and there's always going to be a ran there's always available for the military aggressors seem to dominate you know we've seen the united states. people want an end to these wars they voted for the current president as a peace kennedy and now we've got two more wars so let's have an end to this this this the death of bin laden should be a moment where we can say yes now withdraw american withdrawal from iraq a patient what are the chances of that really well i don't we don't know until we
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do we insist on doing we don't know until we insist on it and i think it's our only hope was be militarizing the entire american economy so was that result your patience going on because politicians look beyond confucians i think that they serve the interests of you know. the late empire of capitalism if you will there about oil you can't say well we didn't intervene in bahrain but we did intervene in libya why. and you had there's reasons why it will stay under it was very technical standards of course that will stand it's we have the fifth fleet and bahrain libya has oil and is near to europe and has no air defense system yeah there were very practical reasons why we pick and choose to declare a state of war on the us government is sort of genes you were on the top ten most wanted fugitives list and you were known to say that the real terrorist is the us
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government yes i do you still maintain these sorts of statements i think we were rebellions i think that we were. we were dissidents american dissidents in the classic tradition. you know we were we thought it was possible to join the global struggle of revolutionary war at that moment in the sixty's so i understand how we thought about it then. i think now as many old people do that the war metaphor is just so terrible it's just so carol that inflicts so much suffering on everyone. that i wish we had kind of kept the rebel. rebellion metaphor instead of war and metaphor but the other things that we said and i stand by them about the u.s. government being terrorists i didn't come that long ago from what i read this was only in ninety three so just you know decade ago do you still believe i do believe
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that i think you know bombing from the air in order to save people is a terrible idea and goes bad people don't like it was it terrorism it usually is terrorism because it's killing civilians. i think that you can call it you know a message of. war to free people but i think that of course you know the wars and wars of empire of always been wrapped in. paper and ribbons of democracy and bringing education and freedom to people terrorism when you yes i mean civilian populations occupying land to make sure i understand correctly in this war on terror the u.s. is also a terrorist is that what you mean that is what i mean i think if you look at the terrorist act of nine eleven. which created tremendous suffering and hardship here
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and around the world i mean it wasn't just americans who died in the world trade center and moderns activities certainly made. thousands and millions of arabs and muslims suffered as well for doing dorn thank you so much for your time with us today. from the. cultures that so much of the taxpayers' money but maybe you would like to have a real mystery as to what do we mean to use the word quest is it a place a state of mind or even a specific time in history also. wealthy british soil. sometimes the tireless money.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images go holdings and seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are the day. the official policy of the commission. called touch from the i choose our.
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video on demand. keys of mine. with the palm of your. top comb. the headlines here on our t.v. and international war crimes prosecutors are requesting the arrest of colonel khadafi for crimes against humanity it comes as the head of britain's armed forces says nato should intensify its campaign in libya producing on a side against the regime. the e.u. might need to scrape together yet more cash greece portugal and greece spain lined up for financial support a fifth of the spanish population is unemployed with no signs of improvement on the . demonstrations marking the day the palestinians work spelled by the foundation of israel turned deadly israeli troops shot at least sixteen people dead the country's
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borders were storm busy thousands tried to cross over on what's known as the day. and those are the headlines here we're not seeing outside for union with the sports . thanks for joining us this is sports today i mean in the mail on these are some of the stories we're covering this hour. long time coming maria sharapova. reason to celebrate after winning her first w t a crime in twelve months i'll try. to play off up the fears k.j. choi plays it cool to claim the richest prize on the call saying the calendar. pick of the bunch we've got the each and every goal from the weekend that was the question that really. let's take
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a going with ice hockey where finland's are the new world champions after hitting sweden for six in the final the flying fins of setting the all to rush the eighth time champions by six goals to one filling themselves left to celebrate their second success on the world stage the winners fighting back from a goal john as well to overwhelm their neighbors a dozen different stories getting in on the act profane land in what was one of the country's biggest ever sporting achievements. before that russia were denied a place on the podium losing the bronze medal clash to the czechs the red machine going to seven for. the incomes none of them up shaft and having a trick for the way. it's taken a while but maria sharapova is yet again a tennis champion the russian and beating some other shows are in the room masters decider on sunday sharapova well never really left for a street opponent into it all taking the title and straight said six to six who
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want to secure her first title in twelve months her twenty third try in an old siberian native previously so off world number one car line was in the arche on way to the final great timing of the second round some of your. next week's french open . stores are switch spots in the world rankings with the new champion moving from eight to seven. it's great to be the champion around. this tournament for many years and been a semifinalist before and to come back and to win on clay especially to this my second title and right clay means a lot this is a tough draw many great players here and said to be a champion. meanwhile there's absolutely no stopping novak djokovic show in the men's tour this season the serve closing in on here more below is all time record winning streak of six matches posting his thirty ninth victory
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in a row in rome rafael nadal beaten by joker for the second time on clay losing his fourth consecutive masters final in the process six four six four hundred finished though that's all remains favored for which he's won five times djokovic showed few signs of fatigue as he wrapped up a quite incredible seventy titles. this so named fifth major of the golf season have a suitably grandstand finish this weekend k.j. choi the man topping the field at the piers championship the richest events on the greens sunday schedule included both third and fourth run option after severe rain had caused a lengthy delay the day before troy propelling himself into the driving seat on the thirteenth but he moved within a shot of believing david. corinne choi then pulled ahead following a birdie on the seventy however tom stayed in touch closing out the four runs with the same. choice forcing a play off thomas promptly missing a three and
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a half foot putt on the first extra hole while troy chopped in for the championship the thirty year old pocketing one point seven million dollars. the biggest win of. the world. has been rocked by a limp dick more thing gold medalists some real one juror who found dead after falling from a balcony at his home in kenya police say they are investigating whether it will suicide or an accident it's alleged the twenty four year old hunted involved in the mystic to speak with his wife and another woman one zero secured his country its first ever gold medal and olympic north and in two thousand and eight setting a world record in the process you follow that up by winning the london chicago martha and setting for small extreme both events a point of note was the insurance and i was charged with assault illegal possession of an a k forty seven rifle and threatening to kill his wife and his december.
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football now and with the spanish title already safely in the by barcelona took the chance to rest some key men on the ultimate day of the per murray league season and it showed a pep guardiola side boosting deeper tivo days after clinching their twenty first domestic championship the visitors creating chances after chance in the first half there were a few regular essential for boxing tweeting call keeper victor bell days and he was the busiest man on the second period but it didn't stray too far from the strip with tea party people coming close on a number of occasions especially here right at the death but no know how it would finish the champions with a european cup final with manchester united to look forward to the end. and then they were for the semi final iraq in this year's n.b.a. championship is complete oklahoma city booking their berth in the western conference decider on sunday the thunder taking her memphis one hundred five ninety
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in game seven all-stars kevin durant's and russell westbrook with another huge game for the visitors strong snowy thirty nine points out alone oklahoma well if you battled with the dallas mavericks the series starting at texas. the finals already took off in the east which cargo seeing off overall favorites miami at home for the opening game one hundred three eighty two points point guard derrick rose top scoring for the bowls with twenty eight. players the biggest game and we were i'm sorry the forums but i agree players are going to be. sure of being on gagne open shots consist of live shots and make sure that all gets along. with making sure they see more of these same bars and i mean just because they're a great team we make sure we try to go to the shooters. some are you just one or. let's talk baseball where boston now have as many wins as the two losses this
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season reaching the five hundred mark after sweeping the yankees the red sox sunday new york a seven five loss that's their fifth straight home defeat but yankee starting off well enough though against their arch rivals curtis granderson making it one in favor of the home team with a two run homer but the sox answer but just as the big apple fearful were getting comfortable having you close with a three run homer off the top of the third to tie proceedings out for four big papi david ortiz will go on to make it five four plus than at the top of the fifty yard mark here wrapped up the win for the visitors with the solo home run then solti as he's known putting the icing on the cake as boston sweep all three teams on the way soiled the sox not sit a twenty wins twenty billion a major league baseball but it all let's finish things that pitch side with a gloss of strikes from the russian premier league it's been an eventful weekend ending with local t.v.
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moscow as the team to count so said part relax it's week nine schools galore. live. live. live live live live. live live. live live. live. live. live. live live. live.
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live. live. live live live live live. live
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i'm not sure law for this hour i'll see you soon world weather though it's coming up in just a second. for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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