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if you want. to. call them. welcome back here's a recap of the main stories we're covering today on r.t. israel has a blog only rejected president obama's view of the borders of a future palestinian state based on previous hundred sixty seven lines in an unusually sharp rebuke to his closest ally prime minister netanyahu said the proposal will leave israel quote indefensible. the u.s. action in libya is now formally unconstitutional after congress leaves the sixty
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day long campaign to build on that without the social approval but at the white house insists the operation is on solid legal footing. and a religious group in the u.s. claims today the world will end they say the apocalypse will start with a giant earthquake about roll across the planet. and next march of alger's guides you through a range of moscow supermarkets for any budget. welcome to the cell the space program hobby exploring the recent capsules something falls on supermarkets with the recent construction boom hundreds of new still isn't
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complete site but yet the spaceship project after a while until last the city scouring skyscraper area if someone has something like to say in a moment they must start from the loss of andrews as he finds out the elsa that's the most shocking died today as the triumph of hope still isn't even see on this map how many major shopping center is the role in city catering full time sprockets muscovites with people who want to show off it's just not for a long time the most anything to buy different century different story musters was famous shooting gallery which stands for state department store to show business resemblance to the nineteenth century stools of coombes the early days today design is that she's armani carbon klein and their russian counterparts fill the office building. their city limits brand new seems to be making a push in traditionally ready. to sell it i don't mind the shipping santana long
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with fans who also does it many animals in the capital so we can actually compact it specious new and beautiful and the new clowns here which is nags. spawning the most like this act as many cities and such accounts you can question because you complexes have been welcomed with open arms to macau to so taking into consideration most of those extreme temperatures thousands trying to trouble him. moving to a next location we arrived to make plans it's easy to see how they came up with the name of one of the largest shopping malls in new york they'll close some amazing like entertainment and shopping complexes don't get the money to get post with the housing market crash on stockman's an ikea attached to the mall the two hundred fifty million dollars project has proved a great commercial success there are now trials in russia with me being
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a plant based diet can take shopping mall is that see minutes north by car in the sense of a city that's without any traffic in here in two thousand and four hundred c. one hundred fifty one still is a literal side see what other similar complexes on the outskirts of musk are catering mostly from moscow inspire middle class to five just the typical russian all western high street chains and if you're poor or something while probably eyestrain cinema omegas impressive collection of paris restaurants. you want to make the most celebrated in the south east of chicago so the room very easy to get to shoot the buses take shop to see the closest metro stations and all have excellent access to the major highways. electronic clothing and concern to students to take under one roof to win the millions of muscovites this is just come here every year so what makes the show so popular. may go with bringing new browns into the russian market. for example reason to open up the american eagle in
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may i didn't give. him a good deal about shelf we're both open up when this make up the stuff. media is from the from maybe we always find big playgrounds and a wider a certificate is a store for kids and of course idea which will find the worlds. take a look at this weeks and still. one of the city's construction sites has become for the world's supermodels. crazy. created by a russian contemporary fiction piece by a russian designer the payments took place in a neatly finished leaves us residential and business complex feels very much. less at slate. speak speak speak.
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to instruments of the people the french movie part of our team is pretty good in the russian capital on stranger tides the film stars johnny depp compelled to cruise the birthplace of moscow creating a real buzz in the council. to sift. through. her. bills in michigan most times with saturation point is the city losing its identity . bases questions let's meet this week's guest. sally listen to you the specifics of this impressive fountain here yeah it's one of the highest in
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the world really and it goes on to do. you know lots of information about shopping malls. i'll shut this up thank you for the special favors a special good bit of all the russians in the flesh of the most polite. russians love shopping and they spend almost all that money in this shopping for buying things and for buying clothes food and defaming and some other things. made to go below save money put the case of their kids right many of them cannot afford to buy a house or a pot that's why they don't have to move the savings for future and one young girl from the old do you save in the future and they just spend all day and all the head . because it englishman spending time in both london i'm lost for one thing that is a currency here are the prices it is more expensive here yes. yes it is difficult to say fix the problem with our reality and the children most of the russian both
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accustomed to this think and it's true that prices are really sometimes quite higher than in euro but still look many people tend to tell move away broke for example there's an old feet the new foreign languages english so france to move to something of various along done this by the state in the us and they love something and they have no trouble with g.'s think it's losing the russian flavor the russian soul such a western you know imports in russia have found own flavor as for example will their head to go bust the whites of the one so on so they head to the for example in case it is windy and they have their cars put in restaurants with accommodation for the russian had been with russian food with the russian kind of you know fast food he was because this kid differs from europe we don't have such faith in congress for example of french fries the more help like leave the russian sailors they also fast but it wouldn't be right and the same didn't ataman. and the same
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with cinema so mean to exhaust the european tradition into what russian law. thanks very much for your time and i think you know who your supreme law protects and thank you think i've been. on when i should be called towns when it comes to shopping in moscow city comes in and is accomplished in the supermarkets we just in the stews in the russian capital transit in. she not you fool no it's one of the leaders in the bush tell market providing its customers with a wide range of foods and other goods the supermarkets are right around the clock but if you don't have time for shopping even after midnight complete also has an online store with a quick delivery service available. for crocuses email is a large shopping center with dozens of beauty example famous brands including celine a molly and i mean you're pushing the most is a possible launch focus city projects founded in two thousand and one more than one
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hundred thousand people it's a visit to city within a city schools as a rule in the big stores that sell exhibition in concert halls hotels restaurants and even a yacht club. fashion and lifestyle galleries claiming your golden mean the season is a lot shopping mall and stayman center a muscular trendy kocinski prospect of all spaces of the mall and probably price tags in its various p.t.c. to ban you from looking busy ok you can shop julius international brands such as the concierge and relaxed and also free atmosphere. shopping in moscow doesn't have to break the bank however a little research can lead to some truly original and unique leave mission purchases located next to keys guy station this is where the largest problem is markets in the country it's a wonderfully exciting place to visit the colors the noise the characters and also
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the smells. of moscow's glitz and glam of the welcome to the dugout moleski market it's very old opens here in nineteen states and six am having survived the small business district of the country today you'll see an impressive collection of rights colorful displays of various parties caressa and think former soviet republics such as all media as pakistan multimedia and the ukraine is racist. see the. price is a much cheaper here than in the city swanky supermarkets and all the good stuff fresh oil but it's not a good news with the devastating fires of last summer the prices of many everyday public goods have considerably increased now said douglas the market still attracts many businesses if only to look at the various compressive goods on display. the smell is have the freshest the fluidity the service of course is very good and
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friendly but the most important thing is that our products are fresh and tasty here pete and in the. former soviet style kill some farmers' markets are expensive you cheeks i love fish you most most certainly cases for a while stressed through thousands a lot of price i love as well unfortunately that's all the time we have on this week's must watch programme on something in the recent episode i'll see you again at the same time next you can sell them for me and the stickers for now. you didn't start all of a sudden. it's
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a long story of destroying the live being under how much out. there are constantly still something leaks out here when they get done like that it's just if you took every fisherman out of the water and don't do something about that word politics and the habitat protecting the habitat the issues it's going to collapse nature the steps back. away from the toxic dust or if you look around you see that all the solar system obviously everybody here must be well off incomes because the road system must be great none of that's true. and yet billions of dollars oil and gas state. real baby drill. one names from there are problems and one of my blood pressure will consider
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potential areas for development in south atlantic and the gulf of mexico. please. wealthy british style. that's not on the. market right now to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the plumbers this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean
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combs discovers what makes sense arctic is so special and attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica is close if you live in the sons of. the expedition to the bottom of the earth on our team. israel has brought the rejected president obama's view on the borders of a future palestinian state based on creed one nine hundred sixty seven lives on the usually sharp rebuke to his closest ally prime minister netanyahu said that before the pozole would leave israel quote indefensible. the u.s. action in libya is now formally unconstitutional after congress leaves the sixty day log cabin things that go on without official approval but the white house insists the alteration is on solid legal footing. and a religious group in the u.s.
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claims today the world will end of a say the apocalypse will start with a giant earthquake that will roll across the planet. well up next it's all the latest from the world of sports with kate. well welcome to news from the sports desk until the latest headlines to let you stuns a bell to go talk to the russian premier league for a surprise defeat at the top. last weighing in these numbers that tips the scales in his favor at a saucepan not to clash with boyd jones jr here in moscow. and under pressure lee westwood goes after the world match play championship and could lose his wealth number one ranking. the first to football and there was a shock result in the russian premier league this saturday afternoon as champions an eight loss to want to talk and missed the chance to go top again he started off
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open for tom with a powerful header after thirty six minutes and let it go instant classic celebrations to follow it but this joy was short lived within four minutes big defies even if they don't cross two legs that you've gone off and disappointed terms because for gapers you cough however since goalie had even more work in the second half yes just love modify if fails to collect the ball after scruffy corner shows because of the events to be told because scout the season so far. well as well as a second half goal sort of stuff in public on current home turf of an auction outlands and i'm also welcoming bottom team clears that out of school this is partly the only world that spotlight moscow host new boys cross the path in the light fixture so it's not so much if you'll remain at the summit this weekend by a single point in the good it doesn't just mean it's the saturday left it's without a moment the moscow side hung on for a point of rubina friday night i wish i had the better chances we think of the.
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second in the league christmas c'mon they took the lead against misting spotted no change from a new striker to court. boy i hope this first go of the season one thousand years ago. that the silver levels of the game won all in a very similar manner in the dying minutes want to go second though it's a second bottom. player but a cause and he missed the chance to go top after the last one to. go again that if it were free it can strike a half time i hope to rex a long one defeat after that last five is the right thing mind games that's reach its side what's the i think league matches the new stadium in style. they say fourth. and on sunday to scour play second tier land in the final of the russian cup on paper this is a one sided contest and in the stands too as a line you have sold only five hundred tickets for the showpiece day jaroslava
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bizarrely a line you have reached the final that scoring a goal you know in play getting to the previous rounds on penalties that doesn't bother their coach with fire he's been taking notes from his father and club director larry was supposed allow anyone to discuss the minnows had no injury concerns with the game ok scouting and that they should take off for mr x. . and over in france are on the brink of becoming champions for the first time in fifty seven years the northern team made only a point for the next two games and struggled in christendom out of saturday when they beat in the french cup final last weekend just one point the first french title since nine hundred fifty four and their first double since ninety two forty six meanwhile for space opponents p.s.g. need a win to stay in contention for third place so the champions league qualifying round is that chief points behind that basically all the accounting we have said after the last league victory hedrick is needed here is clear. to them we have an opportunity tomorrow to conclude and if we can do this it will be two wonderful
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weeks for everybody for the whole club for the whole region because our supporters have been waiting for this for a long time so it will be a great pleasure i don't. would be a very good reward for all the hard work we did and. now there are just a few hours to go before tonight's big fight in moscow when denise lebedeff takes on boxing legend roy jones jr and of the way in the russian was just over half a kilo heavier than the a time world champion but like a there's not much between them but it's never that he's the favorite for the non-title cruiserweight back thirty one he's eleven years younger than jones jr and the record of twenty one wins and one loss so far in his career is impressive jones was named fighter of the decade in the one nine hundred ninety s. after holding seven belts one time at the american hasn't won a fight in say years and is considered past his best and it's heading for what world champion calls to suit his trainer has given him a know how to win as well but i don't know reports. who are jones jr
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versus venus livedin the sure keys of the upcoming event but all of the in parse is fully justified the outstanding good gifted and experienced. it gives the hungry and aspiring spirit intelligence. putting strength and durability. that clash of generations styles and personalities opposites like for a nice start with both sides having aces up their sleeves. and i myself had a very good record against left handers and i know the way that is works in the ring and how to handle him this means i can assume what roy would do against him that is the point as we know what roy would do we know what we have to do and what dennis should change in his game then is a very game for very strong is always incandescent and he's young and i was over we look for hard drive never. come to the ring on prepare for
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a fight nor start so far he's the right guy say music help help incoming. champ here and russell. the lesson is going to be using the strength. that spark smart entering that we know that. overhand rights. of our faces doesn't necessarily mean he's going to do the next friday we'll just have to just see what we see in the ring and make adjustments to. speed this is what has always been our g.'s essentially the question is if it still is sharp as it was in his prime. i think level of should just push forward and just try to break john's defense as in terms of skills and speed roy still superior i'm not saying the story is a factor but roy's for the mirror so. the hands. for exist time and move my
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stalled out for brewers is a fair amount of your age is definitely a factor would lead to defend eleven years younger than jones disappear. it's a seven eight years ago they had offered me the chance to prepare again as for the fight against roy jones of the time i would have refused because then in his prime he was just invincible. right israel will. be over the edge right now so he's trying to make you just take a side to make the statement but i think that is how one. has to still be me you know kind of spontaneous in that little ring of what i will be content with and that's what i've. been telling this is where they'll points show quite different approaches to all the mutual respect is always there but it boy my pre-fight attitude is always the same my opponent is my number one father to me
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but after the thought it was no matter how it ended i would hug him shake his hand you know but before you. no more no less you can get uptight people for. will you go to this guy's world number one of your guy give me a beer and we're going to take you to the best your ability to work out that nobody will see this is a be able to go you know worried because it will guide you toward be a very good nobody is the story of the order of the. all that's left is to win see who's got the way to arguments robert gordon forty the same with boxing and one of change juniors form of it has been out hopkins is also in the ring this saturday night forty six the american is hoping to become the oldest boxer to win a world title when he faces canada's john pascal for the w.b.c. light heavyweight belt the fight in montreal is a rematch of the bout last december which ended in a draw tennis now while the one caroline wozniacki has had
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a confidence boosting win header the french open again beat the defending champion francesca schiavone in belgium just two days before the grand slam starts but we have got the better of the italians who reached the final of the brussels open but it took three sets to do it the pair were on court over two and a half hours after schiavone level the match to settle to take it into a decider but isn't that sweet one that six three and in the final china's pinch why eight russians appearance on the way back in straight sets. i. was going on the draw for the french open is being made in paris doesn't ask you will open against japanese can make o'doherty cromwell's one robot is the number three seed and could face schiavone in the quarterfinals are maria sharapova could face kim clijsters in the last eight and a men's side defending champ paladar opens against america's john isner and could
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run into a russian. in round three second seed novak djokovic is unbeaten this year he opens against dutchman cino tobacco and is in line to do battle with argentina's juan martin del potro in round three then russia's mccall usually could be waiting for the serbian in the last eight and then roger federer in the semifinals. and it's a goal for lee westwood has put his world number one ranking on the line after the englishman went crashing out of the world match play championship in spain westwood was the in-form player after winning both his previous tournament's but he lost by one hole to his wide a top team mate in poulter in the last sixteen and some of the ranks only neither donald and all that inquirer trying to learn to see are however both advanced into the quarter finals and donald have to come from two down with three holes to play against your head falls when he was able to force a play off and when it's one of the first hollywood time that wasn't even three
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into the winner it was sorry killed some. i mean one in about thirty times he's an eight under our sixty for the second day in a row and that gives him eight seven stroke lead at the halfway stage of the crown plaza invitational in texas is passing was very solid throughout the day carving for birdies on the opening eight holes. in a chasing group of four all mine and. how we feel we go a quick update on the formula one where reigning champion sebastian vettel is leading the way in qualifying for sunday's spanish grand prix and that's all the sport sleazy.
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