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market. why no one should really happening to the global economy with much stronger or no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. that are getting this is on to try to have. a zero on the u.s. stumble upon its time as prime minister netanyahu rejected president obama's proposals on the middle east to continue after it says you are so awesome for the palestinian state building israel's nine hundred sixty seven boundaries is in the sound indefensible. the glass luncheon in the house is it sixty day deadline without congressional approval which makes a complaint certainly a need for
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a few on capitol hill or the white house seem to be concerned. thousands of protesters take to the children such as to demand president bush really his resignation would records police have died of demonstrators beauty fears that repeat over think this violent confrontation is could take grades. supermarkets and supermodels as guys at three of the best shopping and square. i was the shell of the space program hobby exploring the recent castles something
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balls as supermarkets for the races for simply hundreds of new still isn't complete site but here the spaceship project after a while was the last dose of beach hollering skyscraper area so while it is something like today in london they must start from the mosque andrews as he finds out the elsa spreads the most her shopping guide today is the triumph of capitalism you can see on this map how many major shocking senses the role in a city. full trust brackets muscovites with sean it's just that for a long time the most anything to buy different century different story plus christmas famous shooting gallery which stands to state diplomas still show business resemblance to the nineteenth century stools of coombes the early days today design is that she's armani coming client and their russian counterparts to fill the office building. their city to live is brand new seems to be making a push patricia already. since september i might be shipping santana long with
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finance one son visited many animals in the capital so we can actually compact it specious new and beautiful and there are new crowds here which is nice. sparkling you most like this x. as many cities and such you can see what's to enclose you complexes have been welcomed with open arms limited so taking into consideration mosquitoes extreme temperatures times traffic problems. we saw next location we arrived at the mega and it's easy to see how they came up with the name as one of the largest shopping malls in new york they'll close the maze like entertainment and shopping complexes. get a minute i can't post with a high to market stockmen's an ikea attached to the mall the two hundred fifty million dollar project has proved a great commercial success there are now twelve mega moles in russia being plant
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based gigantic shopping mall is that the minutes north of the sense of the city that's without any traffic in here in two thousand and four i'll see hundred fifty one still is a literal side see what other similar complexes on the outskirts of moscow take three mostly from a space spire middle cost you five just it's a pole a western high street chains i'm still poor or something while i'll try out the eyestrain cinema omegas impressive collection of paris restaurants to make the most celebrated in the south east of chicago so they're very easy to get to see the buses take shop to see the closest metro stations and oh how excellent access to the major highways. electronic clothing and furniture stores to stay under one roof when the millions of muscovites misses just come here every year so what makes this so it. may go with bringing new browns into the russian market. for example
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reason to open up the american eagle in may i didn't give. him a good deal about shells were both open up when this made up the stuff. media is probably from me in a room with fine big playgrounds and a wide range of activities and stores for kids and of course ikea which will find no words. and pausing to take a look at this weeks and stay. when the use of the city's construction sites has become for the world's supermodels. crazy unusual roadway created by a russian contemporary fiction piece russian designed the famous took place in a neatly finished leaves us residential and business complex feels very much at home the. less he.
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speaks people he was. the favorite instrument of the people the french movie cars the car beams printed in the russian capital on stranger tides the film stars johnny depp compelled the crews to bring the suit must go creating a real buzz in the council. to fuse. fury. building machine can most homes with such a ration point is the city losing its identity when some places questions let's meet this week's guest. to tell you listen to you the specifics of this impressive
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sounds in here yeah i did some of the posts in the wall really ended up on the roof wow you know lots of information about shopping malls. i'll shut this up thank you the special favors a special good bit of all the russians and the special love muscovites. that russians love shopping and they spend almost all that money in this shopping for buying things into buying clothes food in the same manner and some other things. many people do not favor mind you put the case of their kids right many of them cannot afford to buy a house or apartment that's why they don't have to do the savings for future and then you'll definitely belong to a save in the future and they just spent all day and all that. was it englishman spending time in both london a most for one thing that is the parents here are the prices it is more expensive here and. it is difficult to say fix the problem with our reality and the
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children most of the russian but the customs of this thing and this through the crisis are really sometimes twice higher than in europe but still look many people when they can move away broke for example even though they can you point languages english so france to move to something from paris to london this is why they stay in the us and the last something and they have no choice but jeez think it's losing the russian slave of the russian soul so it's a western you know imports and russia has some own flavor as for example will they head to the whites of the one so on so they head to the for example in case it is windy and they have their cars put in restaurants with accommodation for the russian have been with russian food with russian kind of you know fast food even because as a kid differs from europe we don't have much faith in a hunger strike example of french fries the more helpful i believe the russian sailors they're also possible to put into it and the same with entertainment. and
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the same with cinema so we do exhaust european finish and into what russians. thanks very much for your time and may go to your supper most projects thank you think it went. on where else should be called sounds but it comes to shopping in most. cities continent is a good shame is supermarkets just an excuse in the russian capital transit in my. she not you fool no it's one of the leaders in the bush market providing its customers with a wide range of foods and other goods the supermarkets are right around the clock but if you don't have time to shopping even after midnight to complete also has an online store with a quick delivery service available. crocuses email is a large shopping center with dozens of beauty chs of well famous brands including celine a molly and i mean appreciate the process the launch purchase she projects founded
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in two thousand and one more than one hundred thousand people a day visit to city with their city schools has a little under six dollars that exhibition concert halls hotels restaurants and even golf clubs. fashion and lifestyle galleries them in your gold or mini seasons is a lot shocking and stayman sense of trendy keeps the prospect spaces of the mall as probably the price spikes of its various betakes keep the venue from busy here you can shop just international brands such as barbara chanel and concierge and relaxed and also free atmosphere. shopping in moscow doesn't have to break the bank however a little research can lead to some truly original and unique liberation purchases located next to keys di station this is where the largest problem is markets in the country it's a wonderful exciting place to visit the colors the noise the characters oh sorry
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the smells. of moscow's glitz and glam of the welcome to the dugout moleski market it's very old opened here in nineteen thirty six and having survived the small business history of the country today you'll see an impressive collection of price colorful displays of various parties from russia and think former soviet republics says aviv has better sound data on the ukraine as it was of course. see the. price is a much cheaper here than in the city swanky supermarkets the good stuff fresh oil but it's not a good news with a devastating fire as of last summer and prices of many every day public goods have considerably increased now said douglas the market still attracts many businesses if only to look at the various interests of kids on just like. the smell is how the
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fresh goods are still pushing the service of course is very good and friendly but the most important thing is that our products a fresh and tasty care piece senator. from soviet style kill some farmer's markets are expensive few cheeks i love fish new moles most certainly cases for me well stressed foods as i love price i love us unfortunately that's all the time we have on the street small squad program on something in the recent episode i'll see you again at the same time next to him sell them for me and the stickers and i.
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didn't start all of a sudden. it's a long story i'm destroying the living under how much auction. there are constantly . something leaks down here when they get done like that it's just that if you took every fisherman out of the water and you don't do something about that water in the habitat protecting the habitat the fisheries it's going to collapse nature's steps back making. way for the talks are just if you look around louisiana and say that all the solar system obviously everybody here must be well off the income to speak road systems be great none of that's true. and yet billions of dollars oil and gas state. real baby drill. one needs fund their to cross himself and one type of pressure will consider
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potential areas for development in south atlantic and the gulf of mexico. please . to lead. to some. of the. it. took it was on the. streets junction. with. field issues in the soviet files.
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for the. we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. he's running was stumble out of the side as prime minister netanyahu rejects of president obama's proposal on the middle east if any office says they dress in the last minute of the palestinian state there is an israel is trying to fix it seven foundries easing of the possible. last option maybe abbas is it the sixty day deadline without congressional approval which makes the campaign so many illegal but feel it capitol hill or the white house saying to the concepts of. the causes of its mistakes in georgia cities to the man's presence up the street is resignation whether falls police are provided demonstrators killing the is a repeat of thought it was caught on tape shows great takes place. after i had
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skated with this force and the weekend's big fight here and also between it roy jones jr and dennis. hello and welcome to this course and here are the headlines. battle of two empires russian up and colonies lebedev not cite boxing legend roy jones jr the big fight here in moscow. was splitting stones champions in a failed to go top of the russian premier league after a surprise defeat at saumur. under the pressure lead westwood goes out of the world match play championship and could lose his world not go on ranking. but there's only one place to start boxing legend roy jones jr has been stopped in the final round by russian chinese labor day in
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a non-title cruiser right back here in moscow and with all the details which of course fleet. well this fight almost went the full ten rounds just fourteen seconds before the final bell did his libya produce a great flurry of punches saying roy jones jr spaulding's of a canvas and the referee had to stop the thoughts on what had started out as being a very cagey affair with both boxers really checking each other out split ready by the third or fourth round didn't leave it ever took taken control of the votes and really had roy jones jr in a lot of trouble all coming under fire. as of one the roy jones jr still had a speed which made him such an excellent pass for best pound for pound fine in the world but it was so evident that he didn't he didn't have the speed he wouldn't was unable to trouble a body of and really live as one of the stronger punches in the cruiserweight division had rogers union all sorts of trouble and really could have ended up point earlier but it was really a shame to watch roy jones jr struggle so much he's been what a great his fight is boxing's probably ever seen in his heyday but of course he
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just had no arms so the strength of live and of course he wants his speed is gone he's certainly not the point terry is nevertheless he has no plans to retire and says he wants to carry on i hate to just give you a feel for good in the ring. but i don't know you have to think about it. if there's a demand for five more i will not you know after all is a strange decision from the roy jones jr it was so i plan to stay in today's vote but he wants to carry on fighting again but i can in a way you can understand him he's won. four different categories ranging from middleweight roid fruit to heavyweight i mean only title belt we can't really saluting him so far as the cruiserweight division but why is pointing this morning title vanes against inflated to try and have a shot at winning this elusive cruiserweight title but unfortunately he didn't and it's quite difficult to really see how he'll be able to carry on but nevertheless within his leave it if it was an excellent when i was one of the greatest wins of
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his career but she said. it was a very important fight and then it is. if in his career because he beat a very good boxer it's the kind of schooling for denise that will help him to climb to new level in the sport baldwin is limited now confirms his status is probably one of the best in the division at the moment in the cruiserweight division and he'll certainly have a chance to fight for another cruiserweight title in the not so distant future remember six months ago he took on marco hark cruiserweight title division was in germany when she lost in very controversial circumstances on a split decision but now he can forget all about concentrate again on fighting for the cruiserweight division title belt but more important this big jones jr will get a lot of confidence yes it was heavy favorite coming into the bios he was a favorite of bookies of course and one on favorites and certainly this will lift a lot of pressure was expected to win this pirates so it's lifted a lot of pressure of live
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a need to now concentrate on trying to win this cruiserweight division title. which of important reporting there now to football and there was a shock result in the russian premier league on saturday as champions an eight loss to want to talk and missed the chance to go top in penny started off open for a time with a powerful header after thirty six minutes go. to the russians to follow it but this story was short lived within four minutes they defied soon in their day long past alexy on off and disappointed and so i think is your call however and it's going well in the second half of the fair fail to collect the ball after a scrappy corner people going to shift the focus to the rebound in time but if you scout the season so far. that elsewhere three second part goal saw stop pommel and can turn around about nothing and somewhat surprising opener strike his head hit the woodwork. and xander got scanned then double believe his pinpoint strike into
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the reef out of reach for such a kick that the snake would. he went on to commit a glue gun taking full advantage to handle stuff the three nowhere victory to take a game so far. i mean was an hour passed away with with a wonder we're not going to clear so that's obviously boston having granny provided the on the line pinpoint crossfire and revolving in that it went to three minutes after the interval. and finally breaks a piece from our way out of a sponsor a comfortable formula high winds and when it was clear that. so it's like that much if you remain at the summit this weekend by a single point in the middle of the saddle rockies without a moment the moscow side hung on for a point been on friday night in hindsight the better chance is to go get a drink or getting a bar. and second in the league down the trust used to bomb really against the same
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spot right now chick rainiest i thought they were going to court volleying home his first goal of the season. for the interval. but they under the level of the game one all very similar manner in the design minutes one did go second though not a second bottom. a while earlier it was o'connor says and he missed the chance to go track after the last one will not turn back. netted for a free kick on the stroke of half time to hold a lot of england defeats after they'd lost five of their opening knowing games but its route to its side march the eighth mainly match at the new stadium in style and she dropped to fifth. and on sunday to scour play second year yet in the final of the russian cup on paper this is a one sided contest and in the stands two as a line has sold only five hundred tickets for the showpiece. bizarrely atlanta how to reach the final without scoring a goal in i can play getting through the previous round on penalties but that
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doesn't bother their coach. he's been taking notes from. his father and club director the larry he's coached. the minnows have no injury concerns for the game though his defender should take off when messiah is. over an england united manager sir alex ferguson has said he will feel a strong team against relegation threatened blackpool in the last league games of the season on sunday despite next week's clash against barcelona in the champions league final blackpool are locked in a battle with black wolves birmingham and wigan to avoid being relegated with west ham but the seasiders have the hardest task of the five as noted has grown at manchester united in the premier league all season however despite having one eye on next saturday's european final at wembley and says he wants to be fair to all the sides and won't take inexperienced players he also hopes to end united's to mistake season with a victory to give retiring dutch goalkeeper edwin van der sar the perfect send off . and elsewhere in the football manager kenny dalglish is prepared for any outcome
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as his charges travel to aston villa resurgent reds are sixth in the table just a point behind tottenham went to the same burning and so liverpool's hopes of clinching a europa league spot don't rest in their own hands. the emotion pulled breakthroughs through in a game machine. perseverance which were there for sure. there is were more and more murchison remember it is sunday in hoops on the birmingham this is are very good. for all of what is going over. the president sepp blatter has denied any allegations of corruption within football's world governing body at a press conference in germans where the former chairman of england's football association lord treason claimed full fee for executive committee members improper conduct during the bidding for the twenty eighteen world cup it's also been alleged to fee for executives who are paid to vote for that are successful twenty twenty
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two bid inquiries findings were released ahead of the fee for presidential elections on june first blatter is being challenged by now how many been hung up and he says he is yet to receive any evidence to back up the allegations. somebody against the gentle. correction if you. didn't see the story just a bit earlier you can find links to tell us if there is something or not feel safer for to see them so far. thank you for the assertion of the association and now the state. so there is a principle in life this is. formula one now and mark webber has beaten his rebel teammate sebastian vettel for
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the first time this season to grab pole position for the spanish from free the german has been on pole for all the season first thought races and i used to have a second by the australian record in a league of their own there was hamilton and jenson button of mclaren the third and fifth is ferrari's fernando alonso in fourth and i spent six but his teammate nick heidfeld fared much worse after his car was pulled up in flames well this was where his first goal since last august belgian grand prix he's already thirty eight points behind the thought in the championship . a lot was pretty good a lot just obviously praying that why not but we. are number one what of course we go into the start finish we would not. have put it was more than fine it's a goal for england's luke donald and germany's martin kaymer will play each other in the semifinals of the world match play championship in spain the pair keep up their chase for the world number one ranking after lee westwood crashed out the
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thirty eight year old was he in for player after winning both his previous formants but he lost i want holt so his ryder cup team mate ian poulter in the last sixteen that's risqué at the top of the rankings only if neither donald kind of triumphs and the loose here however both advance into the quarterfinals and then into the last four donal's defeated force masters champion charles schwarz all products through her finals climber overcame soaring. and local favorite looking at us. and that's all the sport i found.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science to take knowledge from around russia. we've got the future covered.
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