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believe it should be her jones church in new delhi who took mari babyhood to carry collection for mother clothes and. made. part of the movie the medicine shift that was promised but they protested cut. back here with our t.v. here's a look at the top stories as president obama pledges with his british counterpart to increase pressure on the media peter there is growing opinion the defense of tandem has changed to offensive but only increasing something to. the sounds of georgian protestors press harder for president saakashvili to resign as many in the country struggle with jack poverty and corruption. and the war in the middle east moves from the front line to online as palestinians and israelis clash over facts
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and we can p.t.o. . the financial crisis of two thousand and eight hit america hard but song a lot worse than others in fact many of those that caused it are once again enjoying the high life while those that suffered as a consequence of it remain out of work and struggling to survive we sat down with investigative journalist matt tb who explained how banks have a skate scott free. party sitting down with author investigative journalist and contributing editor to rolling stone magazine matt thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me now let's get right into it you've dedicated a large part of your work and your career to discovering and investigating the events that led up to the economic crisis of all weights and the events that happen after and during that whole chaos and my question to you is where is where does everyone stand now it really looks like the politicians have moved on wall street
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has moved on certainly from that whole extravaganza and yet we have millions of people left basically cements for themselves what do you make of all about well i think we're at a period now we're kind of at a crossroads where the if the government moves forward and doesn't make major changes and does and press forward with wide scale prosecutions i think this is kind of like their last opportunity to do that for the last three years or so they really haven't taken anybody to court of all there's really been no law enforcement whatsoever and i think that's something that people are talking all about a lot on wall street they're kind of wondering when you know the you know the sure is going to dry up and i personally am hopeful that they actually will do something it's just it's too late but it's release it will come actually better than nothing right now it's interesting that you've been pointing out that you know bernie madoff the ponzi scheme are very famous case and you've been saying that the reason
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he ended up being you know basically the only one who ended up in jail so far for significant period of time is because he was the one who impacted the rich and the reason that everybody else is still held on accountable because they you know impacted people who don't really have a voice apparently you know that i think that's absolutely the case was a good target for a couple of reasons number one. he really had nothing to do with this is stemming corruption that led to the crash of two thousand and eight he was. just the street criminal who could have existed in any time period and so he was unconnected to all the really serious stuff that went on on wall street and also the scale of it was even though it was big for the people who invested in his funds it wasn't anything like the scale of the fraud that went on of the big banks for instance there was that and then of course the fact that his victims were actors in hollywood other than other people in manhattan and wall street. that was really the reason he ended up getting picked it's been over two years and
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a lot of people politicians people in the media are saying you know it's time to move on let's let's kind of start growing again and stop talking about the economic collapse are you still angry and or who is your anger directed at that whole attitude well it's already over let's not bother going back and stirring up you know the hornet's nest of you know all these troubles that are in the past i think that's a really dangerous attitude because the number one thing that came out of this whole period is that there were absolutely no consequences for any of the people who committed this wide scale fraud. nass of bailouts and there's an enormous amount of public anger about that if you couple the bailouts with the lack of law enforcement the lack of prosecutions there is really no incentive going forward for people on wall street not to commit crimes especially if they're incredibly profitable. you know people on wall street look at that and say hey if i rip off you know a pension fund or insurance company or a foreign bank. or
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a foreign hedge fund there will be absolutely no consequences basically the only lesson they have learned is that they can do anything and get away with anything and that's just right and even if it blows up even if we get completely wrong you know the worst case scenario is that the government is going to come in and bail us out with taxpayer money so obviously the c.e.o.'s are not going to go bankers are not going to tell much about homelessness joblessness. all that mess they've created but why don't all its missions really make more of an effort at this point i mean it's been enough time over two years to kind of start doing something to put stuff back together to put the puzzle back i think there's a lot of reasons for that and our politicians are completely isolated from what most people in america are really going through they don't spend a lot of time with people who are struggling they don't know what it's like to not be able to make a home payment or your house foreclosed upon and the horrible thing about this is that this isn't some small segment of the population we're talking about this is
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becoming a mainstream thing where what used to be the middle class in this country is now facing foreclosure in huge numbers and millions of people at a time are going into foreclosure or losing their houses or losing their life savings but i think people who are running this country don't really see that their entire experience is limited to a very small circle of people who see a very different america one that's very affluent so it got a little further if you could literally describe the relationship between wall street and washington in one sentence really what would that it's completely commingled it's it's. it's a revolving door of interests where. people on wall street are either directly effect sponsoring the politicians in washington with campaign contributions and soft money and that sort of thing or else they are actually politicians who are what can really change that who has the power to do it who has the force to do it
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and you know who would be interested in changing that will voters obviously have the ability to make those changes they have to have the ability to not choose politicians who are beholden to wall street theoretically but the problem is wall street heavily sponsors both the republican and the democratic parties so automatically no matter who becomes the front running candidate for the presidency is going to be a creature of wall street that look at barack obama personally admired or on during his campaign of two thousand and eight but if you look at his his his record goldman sachs was his number one private campaign contributor what about a third party is you know is that even an option or is that never going to happen in this country. no seriously i don't see it becoming a major having a major impact i think you might see the occasional politician who is who is really not part of that world not run so you know if people are obviously understanding at
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this point that democrats and republicans are different sides of the same coin but we're not just saying that they don't know really because. i think your average american does doesn't see that i think you know ordinary people are very seduced and mesmerized by this you know phony media created division between blue and red and left and right and democrats and republicans and people are are conditioned to believe that there are enormous profound differences between these two parties whereas the reality is their differences are mostly superficial and on the important questions of how the economy is run and how to regulate the economy they're exactly the same but i don't think ordinary people know that what about the village between the media and russians and like you say they represent either one or the other really these days the mainstream media where does the take us what kind of a really situation does that create in the us and who is supposed to kind of revamp the way people who have this image of. american news media being.
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some kind of top down corrupt good energy that is pumping out propaganda that's not really the way it works it's really sort of nihilistic. purely for profit entity that is just to make money and in the process of doing that they're completely they have absolutely no interest whatsoever in doing social interest reporting it will just do whatever it is that's going to attract the most advertising and so as far as politics goes that means playing up this whole reality show narrative of you. left versus right and so that's our problem there's there's you know these are for profit companies and there's no money in doing the right thing so that's what that's how we get the media we have some kind of situation does that create you know if what you're saying we have washington out to please wall street wall street out to make profit these corporations and the mainstream
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media out to make profit who is out there to do something to you know maybe do something for the american people for example they need to help right now there are a lot of good people in government there are a lot of good people in media the problem is systemically. they're never going to be able to get it take hold because the forces that work or are are powerful and they're entrenched and they're also very efficient i mean the media companies they do make a lot of money and so it's going to take an awful lot to to move them off their commercial model and i just don't see that happening so real change is not coming anytime soon you know i don't see it i mean i think you could have incremental change and i think you know if there are a big enough crisis you might even see significant changes but. for the most part the way it's set up it's just really an uphill climb for ordinary people to. get their issues in front of the right politicians and get real change. made do you
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think a crisis of oh wait wasn't big enough is that just the beginning should we kind of expect something worse to happen you would have thought that that would have been big enough for me you would have expected a crisis of that magnitude would have motivated to government to make significant changes but they really didn't i guess it will have to be something worse before they be before they you know make those rule changes if we switch gears a little bit and talk about you know go from the people who are pocketing all this money to the way the money is being thrown around the globe. first of all militarily of course because that's a serious issue with the wars ongoing in the u.s. i mean that the u.s. is participating and listen on this a little bit why isn't this money being poured into creating factories opening up you know manufacturing jobs really picking up the middle class back up from its knees. that's just not the way. the american political mainstream thinks i mean field if you look at the what happened when obama passed a seven hundred billion dollars stimulus that was ostensibly to create jobs it
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was it was a government program to help put people back to work there was an enormous you know coast to coast out reject the idea that the government has any business trying to put people back to work on the other hand when we spend ten or fifteen times that of bailing out wall street after two thousand and eight. there was nothing like the same kind of outcry or when we spend a comparable amount fighting pointless and idiotic and bloody wars of conquest in faraway places when we spend enormous sums of money on an endeavor is like that again there isn't the same kind outrage when you call the wars idiotic why do you think you know the politicians feel to see that what is it really do you think the underlying purpose of libya for example for you libya i don't know i mean i think this wasn't this was in a situation like iraq where the united states had a clear long term plan to go into this country.
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and went in there with their eyes wide open in if you look at their iraq and afghanistan to me those are more. indicative of what we look for in what they're thinking about in terms of foreign policy they have these long. military stalemates deployments that are going to go on forever and ever and ever and that are going to cost one hundred two hundred billion dollars a year and there are the official policy of the united states is through is to keep these things going in to have a presence in that region i think it's political inertia at this point you know if you look at afghanistan for instance. clearly i think the main reason that we're there is because the democratic party views afghanistan it's our war and it's their way of going into an election season and being able to say to you know we're just as tough as the republicans it's not that we're against war per se we just didn't like the iraq war so look where we are in afghanistan that's really the only reason
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we're there so that you know barack obama doesn't have to take criticism that he's weak and limp wristed all right thank you very much for your time thank you. wealthy british scientists. for. the market. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on the market.
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as president obama pledges with his british counterpart to increase pressure and believe to be a leader there's a growing opinion that offensive tandem has changed to a sense of pride only increasing conflict zones. thousands of georgian protesters pressed harder for president saakashvili to resign maybe the country struggled with object poverty and corruption. the war in the middle east moves from the front line to long lines palestinians and israelis clash over facts and we keep pedia. this we have lines here in our she'll be back at the top of the hour with more updates and meantime the talk show will tell us what's happening in the world of sports.
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thank you marina well that's right unless i look at what's coming up in the program safely through my deal set up a bar of ballads all of them are you all going to places in the second round of the french open box which is out in the open stage. race against aa of course the rush to get salons and ahead of the champions league final a day early out there on the originally planned. and former russian fittings as he is happy in his current flow is taking a manager and has no intention of taking over chelsea. tennis fans but is sort of a book club place in the second round of the french open on tuesday following a straight sets victory against gracious lady on a loose change the russian who is looking to win the french open for the first time made the next one start taking by cig's games two three and she continued her good
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form into the second and shock of all would go on to win mind games in a row in a thirty three set to go. through in less than an hour she will now play scaring garcia of france in the next round all. beginning because she is third off serving really big and i didn't get too many looks on conserves and and once i got a good rhythm felt like i started playing better and better so it's a good way to start first tricky when you don't know your opponent to. there's so much good news for another russian even the risk in our out and while kim clijsters and safely through this french open in five years after that meeting in the sci fi mob i. was excited to go out there and i felt that i was moving good i was you know playing aggressive tennis and you know there's obviously a few little. few little things that. have to be better every match and i play.
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the first sound to be when it's all sold for a lot of girls champaign on avon of h.b.o. out crashing to fifty two sweden's johana larson economists had dropped the first time. so i consume all the same emotions we decide the book is marcy finished strong but taking the six to the second round me to move russia as you can see in the uk i don't know. how the men's side five time champion rafael adult was taken to the limit by american john these are before the spaniard eventually prevailed in five sets and world number one hasn't been his domain and south on the red clay this season the last ones to know the djokovic in the build up for longer also look to the sad by the big serving american lead back to take the next two on time breaks the defending your longer also champion however have been all for result of the grind out the narrows in five sets big three six four six seven six seven six two six four the final score in this poor much.
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made while ended already sent another local favorite packing by disposing of very strange sounds the french veteran unable to put up much resistance against the city squad losing in straight sets more eagerly a colossal bargain that six four six one six three victory the twenty five year old now faces a tally and lucky loser someone polemics. and two more russians were involved in first round action on tuesday and will be leaving paris early after going down to german florian neuer in force says well make your pursuit of to belgium have all these to the limit but also failed to prolong his stay in france he lost in the five setter. in football barcelona are in london the catalans arriving for the champions league final with manchester united. and due to the volcano eruption in iceland the original plan was to travel to the u.k. on thursday but managers decided to avoid unnecessary travel headaches in play as checking into one of london hotels early wednesday morning seven. final will be
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a rematch of the two thousand and nine decide the in row when the likes of me are no mess and the rest of the school would be to united on the same coach for a deal. in the meantime former russian had goose hating says he's happy in his current row as turkey manager. with a vacant chelsea job off the car launch a lot he was sacked the dutchman is committed to his role until the end of the twenty twelve european championships however things haven't been going well for the sixty four year old so far defeated belgium in two weeks' time though but and their hopes of making those finals he says he's not ready to take the chelsea job yet but perhaps one of the likely choice could be that says style boss and slow skate with an english newspaper saying the fourteen year old russian he's on a full man shortlist. now basketball miami one step away from making the n.b.a. thought also off with taking a solid three one lead in the best of seven series with the chicago bulls behaved
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beating the bulls in overtime in game for one a one nineteen three they brought in james spark the heat with thirty five points and also held the showdown darry crows . take pride in the face of it doesn't matter who it is derrick rose or. you know as it is whatever it takes for myself and for a team you know and if that means me but if this image is going to be rosy then i'll do it and i don't have a problem with that a player goes on the floor i love the i love the first. much more than i do office and i just take pride in a side of for now staying with basketball with along the infix a little over one year away the russian women's team hoping to qualify for the games at the upcoming european championships among course or if reports now on how preparations are going. russians are usually one of the main contenders for a podium spot in european basketball events since nine hundred fifty the women's
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national team has listed the european crown twenty one times as the soviet union and since two thousand and one russian players have made it into every single final winning two out of five that have taken place in poland and the team will perform under a relatively new coach who began his tenure influence its end just before the world championship in turkey where russia failed to impress losing to bellerose in the quarter final however the national basketball federation is optimistic about the team's chances we'll see after the championship of in the results will be good and the be a not good you know. the lies of them. make some of the decisions that the moment is helpful to the russian women's national team and we hope with the team culture the team and the with basting we can just. top of results. at the moment only two of this well qualification spots have been filled for the london olympics another team will surface after it runs the european championship
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in poland next month russia considered hot they were it's a bad event along with the defending champions france bless and other continental powerhouse spain. who it's hard to say who will make it into the final and who will hopefully become all rival whether it's france spain or the czech republic going to roost can't be written off either and we'd love a rematch after the world championships last. is moving forward everywhere these days becoming more or less equal a new team has any secret technologies still i believe the teams i mentioned will be the key opponents in contrast to the management the core of the team has remained intact over the last few years their roster is quite impressive but with the two thousand and eight olympic bronze medalist and two thousand and seven european champions all present one of those is grossing about who is big team captain. moments before she came out to speak to archie usually a year or two years before the olympics if you were and it's human eighty percent
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you going to make the olympics so as long as you stay healthy and you know you're good shape you're going to make it simple for us we have to call if i fall into it's first and obviously it's our dream everybody's hoping to get to gets along in a couple of days after this training camp and also region russia will be traveling to the czech republic for a warm up tournaments now that's going to last for a couple of days and then he will be back here in moscow region suppressed there for the european championships which will start on june eighteenth in poland and russia will be hoping to want to play the london olympics in twenty two all in the first place remark offer of r t moscow region. now athletics trade you're saying bald is going to make his season debut at the golden girl meeting in rome this week the world's fastest sprint is due to compete in his fast one hundred meter race since losing to tyson gay last august and afraid that and the balls to year on beacon street the jamaican superman was forced to look cool last season due to killers down and problems but according to both himself he is fully recovered now
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and in good shape although a bit nervous after a lengthy layoff. for me is never pressure i would say for the first down a bit nervous because i've been so i've been doing good in training everything has been covered by slowly but surely so for me i'm just looking forward to going out there competing just to see a bit to get terrorists without injury so feel free for me is just i would just get into the series but i still feel good now in golf tiger woods will miss another couple of weeks due to injury but he's hoping to take part in jews here is so fun and eighteen nineteen national tournaments he also co-hosts the basque aren't they ranked well he's still keen on baiting jack nicklaus's record of eighteen major titles. well that's certainly it's one of the things that drives me in this game is that that eighteen is our our benchmark our sport i mean it's no one's played the
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major championships better than jackass and you know i think i've had a pretty good run of fourteen and i think fifteen years is not too good. looking for the future and it took jack over. twenty four years twenty three years to do what he did not think i'm our meanwhile has wronged a player's player of the year award and it's when it's an us p.g.a. champion and the man with all the rankings for a while he's preparing for another battle for world number one status either him also although he was two and could move by the end of the week following the european p.g.a. championship at one worth. he would become and you don't want to do it with the wind so i just tried to play this always leave it always going to win in my career . i haven't won here yet but i try to come back every year to raise a trophy and sunday afternoon you know that this overhaul of the european tour will
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be nice to see when you one day and that's all the sport coming up shortly the news headlines with marina but first is the world weather. issues that so much in it is a huge decision on the markets top speed more talks u.s. president barack obama's most recent attempt to broker a peace settlement between israel and the palestinians fault.
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