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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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and i think i'm just from. them. tonight on r.t.c. million deaths go unpunished polish soldiers a clear the killing of innocent afghans because of a lack of evidence to support war crimes charges. nato is implementation of the resolution on libya undermines u.n. authority russia's foreign minister calls on the alliance to stick to the original documents or move to moscow's trust. and fear of europe's killer cucumber spreads across the world with some countries including russia banning imports over a deadly bacterial infection.
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this is r t it's eleven pm thursday evening here in moscow it's kevin zero in with you this hour with our top story and seven polish soldiers an escaped punishment for carrying out a deadly attack on an afghan village four years ago they killed a group of civilians among them children but according also ruled there was not enough proof to support charges of war crimes. reports next people on the ground in afghanistan losing patience that civilians killed and nato soldiers go free the same old story in afghanistan the threats and for a moment to be different polish soldiers put on trial for deaths including a pregnant woman and a child. on the sixteenth of august two thousand and seven mortar shells that were fired by polish troops in the afghan village of niger as a result six people were killed three were severely wounded but the soldiers were
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cleared of all charges one of the accused told r.t. it's all been a big mistake but we didn't see the. surveillance that this oxygen was because of our. it was. something new and it was also a problem with. a grin a malfunction and taliban target by five hundred metres claims the shits the prosecutors alleged it was revenge for which killed another polish soldier earlier in the day experts say it's unlikely anything could go so catastrophic leigh wrong this is not logical. to them or could not make such a serious error with such a large distance the question is did it is safe to fire themselves or did they receive this command from above but there is no doubt they were. shooting at the village not the nearby hills the defendants commanders ordered the attack and these
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should be the one standing trial one tick is clear for me not those people should be accused maybe maybe. but activists warm while the conflict continues civilian deaths from nato bombing or inevitable will only rise you know the longer the war goes on the war situation is so the answer is i think quite simple to withdraw troops from afghanistan as a beginning of any process of studies ation of this country because the troops western troops doesn't bring stability to afghanistan just the opposite as the death toll goes up on both sides support for nato mission plummets the majority in europe say opinion polls now think the conflicts going in the wrong direction. this was already unpopular in the e.u. there's one hundred billion euro because while services are being cut a hole the size of our boys coming back in coffins is even worse leaving the death
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of civilians on punished for the week of the case to stay in afghanistan even the afghan president's turning against nato after the latest fourteen civilians were killed how many calls i delivered his strongest words yet giving of point warning and threatening war if it happens again. r.t. . the way the resolution is being implemented in libya undermines international law that was the warning from russia's foreign minister has called on nato to adhere to the resolution or lose moscow's trust. the minnesota gala brawl suggested that a lack of trust was in danger of forging a wedge between russia and the al the permanent members of the un security council enough to cause the way the ship to seize nato is implementing the agreed un resolution number one line seventy three it was the folks who don't get mobbed when
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the russia abstained and that allowed to the no fly zone and see implemented over the libya however russian out of these today's actions in libya go beyond that and maybe implementing it may surprise a that in fact now a known regime change and allegedly actively supporting the opposition and that swindling of trust lavrov today suggested only escalated following the very recent visit of saddam's broken president jakob zuma trip pretty soon talking trying to go see a with colonel gadhafi visit which was then almost immediately followed by a resumption in they say strikes and today lavrov warned the data growing a lack of trust could cause russia in the future to cause i think twice before agreeing to any such resolution again. couldn't assure everybody involved in the implementation of the bridge solution must show maximum responsibility before international law and the united nations keeping in mind the authority of the u.n. security council to say otherwise god forbid next time anything of the so what
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happens we will act differently because no one will take what's being said at face value figs like creating a new front essentially statements of course come in the wake of a very recent u.n. report which says i sit it's a glimpse of trust the team is that being committed it may be on the both sides albeit less numerous on the possible position and of course it comes very shortly off the walls weekend's g. eight when the president did agree to send over russian envoy to bring gaza to its have suitcase existence by going on syria minister lavrov reiterates its moscow's position that they are staunchly. against any attempts by the international community to force regime change within the country warning that any such change could set destabilize the country and would be catastrophic for the region however that prof did say that russia still still supports president outside said so you can see the school and the kids safe within the old position within his own their
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country and also encouraging their president assad to move swiftly it implements in the reforms that he's promised to do within syria. well let's talk more about all this with you know is every you always a middle east scholar at club university in new york thanks for being with us on r.t. so as you just heard there from our correspondent a clear message from russia's foreign minister but that trust in un resolutions is being undermined by nato his actions what i think nato is likely reaction is going to be that. well i mean as we know russia from the beginning was not really keen on having these resolution passed they couldn't veto it so they just abstained. mistrust of need talking being involved in in these kind of intervention and replace musically the role of the u.n. i think russia has never really accepted the fact that we need to replace in defacto the un in these kind of issues now i think nato on the other side is trying
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to appease russia's fears so they can. be less critical towards the the operation but at the same time i'll think that the nato. countries there's a are willing really to change their plans even if russia itself its criticism over turkey regarding a cease fire a liberal in russia has agreed to mediate ceasefire efforts out of president made very it was asked by g eight leaders to step in but now only yes they want has extended the operation for three months don't even want to see a ceasefire do you think when you know this is fire actually the libyan regime has the russians to intervene as for a cease fire without conditions or but at the same time the g eight during the g eight summit in france the g eight leaders basically david cameron and sarkozy asked the russians to intervene and try to broker a cease fire but at the same time what do we mean by cease fire is that it's fire
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without any conditions or it is fired with the leader. down i think it who are not speaking the same language here i think for france the u.s. and. really your k. they want the libyan leader to step down and the condition for a cease fire connected with by russia's trust after this. excuse me how can they go when back russians trust after their stuff the way it's interpreted nine hundred seventy three i think it's very hard it's like we would you would i don't think there's a lot of trust between nato and the russians. actually if russia is this is and it's because they're afraid that this president would be used somewhere else we've seen it in afghanistan nature is involved there instead of the u.n. and then we see the libya and they are afraid it might this case might happen also in syria and other places and then russia will feel marginalized so i think there is a problem of trust between both sides the us and of russia is not happy not everyone
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is up in the u.s. congress either there are criticizing voices there criticizing the u.s. role in the conflict in libya is this war becoming the next in the line of long lasting and unpopular wars do you think well there is a criticism of this the war in libya for the super reason the mystic reasons first of all there is a law in the u.s. that asks. the executive president to ask for permission from congress before involving u.s. troops abroad and the this time barack obama did not ask that the mission just went ahead i understand there in the end of this week that the congress will be voting on a resolution drucker's rouge introduced by democrat dennis kucinich directs the president to remove u.s. armed forces from libya i don't think that this will pass but this is again a way to play domestic politics because we're getting closer to a presidential election next year and president obama doesn't want to appear as
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launching new who wars in broad as his trying to get out of iraq and afghanistan he does have a we're very grateful for your time in the scholar of columbia university if you are thinking thank you. still to come on the program tonight picking up the load how they will look at where the better russian authorities of this time and its. tackle the economic turmoil the country is plunging into. has a car pays its last respects to its late president surrogate the gaps we look at the path he took to believe the republic the long awaited independence. russia's planned all imports of a vegetable so after a deadly outbreak of e. coli bacteria although some are wondering whether the threats being overstated causing the latest out of health risk hype i think sean thomas investigates that. it really is a question of is this the attack of the killer chill congress or just another case
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of mass hysteria on an international scale this all started within the past month in germany where a new strain of e. coli bacteria was discovered about a thousand people have been killed from that strain germany came out almost immediately and said this new bacteria is coming from cucumbers from spain it's been more than a month and at this point time they cannot find the origin in fact germany came out and said to spain we're sorry we did not really mean we jump the gun we don't really know where this the choli has come from there's some speculation that this could all be mass hysteria and now one official in russia said this entire incident is bringing into question all of europe's food safety laws and watchdog systems in place this is what he had to say silica mitchell was going. to do on the twenty fifth of april so it's now every month lease of the crew insists officials still can see will cause the outbreak was to transfer the front of the disease and the main thing that the situation is still under control is to discredit the european
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health stores it is a big economic hit it's a big political hit but there's also some speculation that this could be the next big health fiasco from the pharmaceutical industry if you remember there was the bird flu the swine flu sars a whole strain of things that people needed to get vaccinated for needed to watch out for and so there's some speculation that this could be the next big cucumber flu if you will to give people something to scare them into getting the next big medical test now we are here at facility in moscow region with roast keepers we're told that these are safe and they're saying all of this over just a simple cucumber. sean phillips as ever more public is rapidly swept through europe as well exporters losing two hundred million euro a week because people are afraid to buy their produce on a facebook page are you afraid of the never to take before bacteria. it's a real threat or do you think it's a stone's throw for pharmaceutical companies interesting question more on a facebook dot com slash obscene instant.
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this is r.t. the president of the european central bank trish a hose from cedar an international prize for his contribution to european unity meanwhile the e.u. struggling to come up with another aid package for greece even without second ever pay off the first one economist and author william engdahl told me that the president's done nothing is easy is it deserving of an award. but the basis of the euro is it is a. misbegotten construct going back to nine hundred ninety nine. the
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admittance of greece and italy and into the eurozone was it was a huge huge political mistake and it was done under pressure from its pressure from the banking powers and large international bank from wall street from under the and so forth but the basis of stability in the euro. based on the golf course in shape has been nothing to me to announce that we have simply decided to supervise bailouts of the largest banks the european banks the french in the in the german banks the leading among them who were hugely exposed to the debts the sovereign debts of greece and other such countries and i think europe. really needs a rethink of the of its overall grand strategy and its economic strategy in terms of export orientation in terms of currency stability reserve the other emerging
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currencies such as the chinese yuan the russian. and so forth because that is where the economic future lies for europe and lies in the east and no longer across the atlantic in the west the united states is in a deep depression it's going to be far far deeper over the next five to ten years so that is not going to be an end of stability perspective for europe. belarus is desperately need time trying to restore its crippled economy and tackle the currency crisis selling us the eurasian economic community for a loan the government's now gone begging bowl in their international monetary fund but as it is alexey rejects the reports from minsk the current political situation will make getting our money from easy. a rare scene for a usually car minsk people physically prevented a policeman from arresting a student who had not paid for their bus ticket many said this incident was visible proof of after waiting transition in delhi. circus that if you want to live in this
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country you looking to run away from here in the suv even in the country are now living is a joke empty shelves in stores food shortages and hundreds besieging currency exchanges those have been the all too familiar scenes of the last month in bellerose since the country plunged into financial crisis the russian ruble devalued to hold sparking people to get rid of it quickly euro goes to a bank in central minsk every day in the hope of swapping his money for u.s. dollars and we could go he was one hundred fiftieth in the queue now he's closer to getting what he wants i have to pay for my daughter's education which they can only do so in dollars so i've been standing here for a week to buy three hundred dollars now i have a chance to do it legally this is a disgrace what's happening in the roost experts say the current financial crisis is down to the government's lame economic policies of the last decade as well as an over reliance on imported goods and foreign loans some also point to last year's
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presidential campaign our government tried to increase. our very short window of school five hundred dollars. fifty per cent. of selling. as a result was. this well i was since or currency and. it took three weeks into the crisis before the national bank of baroda was finally admitted something was wrong in the eyes of the leadership in minsk everything had been fine and when president alexander lukashenko decided to speak out everyone bought his government . if you see someone buying things in the stories to the workings of the plethora of them immediately the people working hard in this that's why we're in this crisis the russian media inflates this situation or do. you agree to
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these statements came a week after moscow agreed to provide an emergency loan from minsk at the euro sex summit having received business sure insists the bill the russian government also turned to the international monetary fund asking for an eight billion dollar loan it's delegation started working to determine whether it is eligible to receive the help but many wonder if the decision is already been made especially since only a few months ago shankar was openly cursing brussels already because asians of human rights violations in the best possible scenario minsk could receive the first one point two billion dollar loan from the you are sacked by next monday the international monetary fund is expected to deliver its decision by june the fourteenth but with all the harsh rhetoric often coming from the russian leadership it is hard to say who if any would be able to drag this country from the financial abyss let's see russia still hearty reporting from minsk in belarus. and off the
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back of all the you know about ten minutes time r.t. is financial guru max kaiser looks at other ailing economy so turn to the help of his latest program he discusses how multibillion dollar bailouts of the sovereignty of nations is quite tasty. the country of greece is not bankrupt the i.m.f. is bankrupt george part address is bankrupt who knows what money our some casino or some key. lord somewhere truck cavities guy was going to sell us frank and country for a few quid the objective of the outside forces that being me which is controlled by the us which is controlled by wall street is to simply grab all of greece's for pennies on the dollar. and that they should forego their sovereignty and their independence now they're just one more disneyland congratulations you're now in significant entire five thousand euro history just got flushed down the toilet.
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more than a new stories tonight yemen's capital fighting is raging on between government troops and tribesmen at least forty people killed on wednesday according to reports peaceful protests turned violent last week but despite the escalation in battle leader. fuses and. general has been fighting cancer since two thousand and nine that's according to his lawyer who claims to have documents proving that a child surgery and the sleeping with the serbian hospital years ago he's waiting for his trial at the hague war crimes tribunal to start with his family say he's not fit for no other crimes during the ninety ninety five bosnian war. the late president of a cause he has some good gaps has been made to rest in his home village following his death in moscow last weekend a farewell ceremony in the republican capital so who was attended by thousands of mourners so again the gaps died at the age of sixty two the major one said remember
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complications i think there's been all skips of how the republic changed during his term. there was no missing the polling booth shoulder to keep his overpowering presence brought his whole one to the world stage a long way from his humble beginnings because in president always kept in touch with his roots so he will go to was born into a family of teachers here in a smaller cause in village of get out of the most locals knew him personally they say he always cared about people's needs and that was key to his success as president the villagers are stunned that his left them so early moose local men generally live well into their eighty's mostly if i knew that you awful war comes here later in ruins he helped rebuild everything and we will always remember this man of the small caucasus republic struggled to get international recognition following the war against georgia in one thousand nine hundred two hundreds of
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people were killed thousands of oppositions were forced to flee their homes but gosh was first elected in two thousand and four a difficult time for the republic during his presidency across the game recognition from russia managed to avoid another open conflict with neighboring georgia and established diplomatic ties with several states that if there were flaws in president was greeted as another guest. by firstly interviewed sergei volkov in the west time we spook i asked him what's changed in the republic so my view our mission we knew was the main thing that's changed is people's mood to do it now they are more certain about their future spoke with because of the operational doing and that feeling of stability is something sergei volkov will always be remembered for them a small ski r t two home. because reportedly always promised info but his time tonight in r t v let's look at the business with dmitri before the.
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warm welcome to business our team building a world leading financial district in moscow is one of the key ambitions of the government so where better to study what's required than with one of the established champions are things that i look over reports from the russia calling forum in the city of london. one of the key speakers the british minister of state for trade and investment lord green predicts london will remain a main financial center for years to come markets will be joined by new hawks in the emerging economies such as china and russia sergey grieve from new academic school is equally optimistic indicator of moscow's become in the international financial sector is a get. a ruble emerging as international. which means inflation should be lower should be predictable. this should be
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a long term yield curve. and for that. and the exchange rate should be dictated by the market known by political intervention russia's underdeveloped financial system as they know they keep on looking moscow's potential for legislation and a lack of financial instruments through them for cash in that can shut down the insurance problems being invested in the markets we're now working on a program which will be sure it's going to be first in a country structured notes i'm sure. which would actually fit the criteria that pension funds insurance companies and some of the regulations investors have in the country and therefore would enable them to have access to a much wider set of products a much wider set of underlying this is it wasn't built in a day or even a decade they have to climb out of it's a big capital horo he'll think the efforts to promote small school loans pay off in
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the. second season now while most global stocks we're seeing a different. matter come back at the close of the session to end point three and half a percent respectively. point three percent off the positive production company crease the number of assembled trucks in the first five months of the year gas problem is . down point nine percent worse than the market that's despite news of will it is and they supply up to seven half million tons of liquefied natural gas a year to india. russia's largest private oil company lukoil says it has a war chest to expand operations both at home and abroad they have the company's investment of cotton spoke exclusively to business a local has a lot of problems. at the moment it's one of the largest investors in russia we do have a great expansion plans and we do have plans to do that increase our investment in upstream in russia to stabilise production. this is a barrier we have for
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a large portion such as was pointed to iraq that will require really is a new best ones will serco there are large investments that are required in those biggest for our gas projects we are going to be field expanding production in north just being the north coast is going to become one of our most important areas so for production growth this year we are going to preset less from program time period to the previous year probably by one and a half million barrels that's all the business news for now the headlines are next on to stay with us.
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twenty years ago in the largest country in the book to certain places of. what had been determined to teach began a journey. for where to take the. wealthy british style science has no time to write. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report. for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. for a shelter all day.


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